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Market Perspective: Is Sri Lanka South Asia’s Hidden Tourism Gem? | By Kimberly Yoong

"Undoubtedly the finest island of its size in the world" proclaimed Marco Polo upon visiting Sri Lanka in the 13th century.
Tags: Travel, Sri Lanka, Kimberly Yoong, Sri Lanka South Asia

In a world of mobile lifestyles and remote working, what role will hotels play? | By Kimberly Yoong & Borivoj Vokrinek

At a time when many of the world's events continue to be plagued by COVID-19, making plans even a week in advance may seem difficult, much less 10 years into the future. Nearly overnight, the dialogue shifted from "where to for lunch?" to "can you hear me?". And as hotels emptied out and travel restrictions drag on, many may wonder, where lies the future of hotels?
Tags: Travel, COVID, Kimberly Yoong, Borivoj Vokrinek

ESG In Hotel Real Estate: Understanding ESG & The Hotel Asset Lifecycle | By Kimberly Yoong & Adrian Flück

Profit, People, Planet – the triple bottom line 'Holy Grail' that many companies preach – but how many practice it?
Tags: Travel, Kimberly Yoong, Adrian Flück

Inclusivity vs Exclusivity: How Social Clubs Have Been Reimagined | By Kimberly Yoong

In a world of increased connectivity and a heightened desire for social inclusiveness, the hospitality space has been abuzz with concepts like 'co-working' and 'co-living' in recent years. At the same time, social clubs, which have traditionally been built on creating a sense of luxury and exclusivity with joining fees in the thousands, have continued to thrive. While the end result of the two concepts seems to be at odds - inclusivity vs. exclusivity - their core purpose appears similar:...
Tags: Travel, Kimberly Yoong

Post-Pandemic Hospitality Trends & Economics in China | By Kimberly Yoong

The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt far and wide around the world and across industries. As one of the first hit but also one of the first economies to successfully slow the spread of the virus, China has already been seeing a gradual recovery from the impact of COVID-19.
Tags: Travel, China, COVID, Kimberly Yoong

Concept Design: Crafting Distinctive Hotels Through Storytelling | By Kimberly Yoong

Mention 'hospitality concept design' and the first words that come up in the minds of many is this: beautiful interior design. However, concept design in hospitality encompasses much more than that - from the story you are telling to the identity of the place; interior design is simply one of many parts in designing a hospitality concept. With a background in both hospitality and art, EHL alumnus Youri Sawerschel, Founder of Creative Supply, joined us in an EHL webinar, where he deep dive...
Tags: Travel, Youri Sawerschel, Kimberly Yoong

The Need for People Analytics: Driving Data in a People-Based Industry | By Kimberly Yoong

For many of us hoteliers who have long been inculcated with a firm belief in the value of the 'human touch', the term people analytics may very well come across as a giant paradox - how can cold, hard numbers be used to dissect and analyse the most intangible and invaluable aspect of our industry: our people?
Tags: Travel, People Analytics, Kimberly Yoong

European Hotel Investment Market 2020: Surprisingly Optimistic Results | By Kimberly Yoong

Nearly a year into our days of forced telecommuting and videoconferencing, the words 'impact of COVID-19' continue to ring in our ears. The hospitality industry has undoubtedly borne the brunt of this crisis, as many hotels across Europe continue to record single-digit occupancies, with average revenues per room down by nearly 70% in 2020. However, it would be hasty to presume that the long-term prospects of hospitality are all doom and gloom.
Tags: Travel, Europe, COVID, Kimberly Yoong

Kempinski Hotels: A legacy European brand in Asia | By Kimberly Yoong

With over 120 years of history, Kempinski Hotels is Europe's oldest luxury hotel group. Since 1897, Kempinski has been building its brand in the luxury hotel space and is well-regarded for its heritage hotels, luxury holiday resorts, and business and spa hotels around the world. With its long-standing reputation, the Kempinski brand has successfully weathered its fair share of ups and downs and global crises as it continues to stand strong today, operating 76 five-star hotels in 31 countr...
Tags: Travel, Asia, Kempinski Hotels, Management Board, Kempinski, Kimberly Yoong, Kempinski Hotels is Europe, EHL Michael Henssler

Building Economies: Stories from Singapore | By Kimberly Yoong

Having recently celebrated its 55th year of independence, Singapore is a relatively young nation. Yet, the country has quickly risen to prominence on the international stage, becoming well-regarded as a regional and global business hub. Several key factors have contributed to this success, including great foresight, a conscious push for entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as a vision to help other countries strive towards similar success.
Tags: Travel, Singapore, Kimberly Yoong

Cultivating Excellence: Building Brands With Banyan Tree | By Kimberly Yoong

"Brand building or icon creation is a long and laborious exercise that requires consistency and continuity - that is particularly important for the niche players, whether Banyan Tree in an unchosen space or Singapore in the world stage, because it allows the brand owner to punch above his weight to have an influence larger than an enterprise would have due to its size." - Ho Kwon Ping, Asking Why.
Tags: Travel, Singapore, Kimberly Yoong

The Alila journey: In conversation with co-founder Mark Edleson | By Kimberly Yoong

Alila - meaning 'surprise' in Sanskrit - was founded in 2001 on the back of personalized hospitality, private spaces and bespoke journeys. Today, Alila is one of the most well-known luxury brands in Asia and has 16 hotels globally, each in unique locations across 6 countries. In a webinar with EHL, Co-Founder Mark Edleson shared with us the story of how the brand came to be - beginning from his ardour for the Southeast Asian region, to his adventures scouring for new hotel sites with Aman...
Tags: Travel, Asia, Alila, Aman, Kimberly Yoong, Mark Edleson, EHL Co

The Future Of Work: Navigating Shifting Workplace Trends | By Kimberly Yoong

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt far and wide; across industries, the global pandemic has pushed companies to temporarily shut their offices and shift to remote working. In particular, the hospitality industry had been hit hard and fast, with many employees placed on furlough or being laid off. For others, their job descriptions changed overnight from 'front desk agent' to 'part-front desk agent, part-housekeeper, and part-hygiene officer'. While the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on t...
Tags: Travel, Rosewood Hotel Group, COVID, Kimberly Yoong, EHL Shelley Perkins

Consumer Branding: Is Authenticity Enough? | By Kimberly Yoong

Brand authenticity - A flag all companies try to fly high to varying levels of success. What are the drivers behind perceived brand authenticity and how can it be achieved? How can service and luxury brands capitalize on authenticity to elevate the experience?
Tags: Travel, Kimberly Yoong

Mind the generation gap! Generational differences in hospitality | By Kimberly Yoong

A look at how to navigate the generational stereotype minefield that has some hospitality brands scratching their heads. With all the age-related differences and particularities that exist among Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Gen Z-ers, it would be tempting, but ultimately a mistake, to focus primarily one generation based solely on demographics. Instead, developing a clear brand mindset that includes more behavioral themes such as authenticity, community, transparency and li...
Tags: Travel, Kimberly Yoong

How Has The Hotel Development Scene Evolved? | By Kimberly Yoong

Hotel development, in a nutshell, involves the process of sourcing and negotiating hotel management or franchise contracts as well as investment opportunities, in order to drive the organic growth of a hotel business. As the tourism industry boomed, the term had earned itself somewhat 'vogue' status, especially amongst aspiring hoteliers. In an EHL webinar, EHL alumni Chris Anklin, Regional Vice President of Development at Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Ananth Ramchandran, Vice President of...
Tags: Travel, InterContinental Hotels Group IHG, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Kimberly Yoong, Ananth Ramchandran

Insights on the Private Equity Market | By Kimberly Yoong

Over the past years, the hotel sector had remained a hot market for investors, as hotel investment volume reached US$66 billion in 2019, with initially cautiously optimistic projections for 2020. Although the short-to-medium-term prospects of the market now remain uncertain due to COVID-19, there may be opportunities amidst these times, both for companies to innovate their models and investors with a keen eye and open mind. In an EHL webinar, EHL alumnus Min Su Sung, Head of Product Strat...
Tags: Travel, US, Middle East, BlackRock Private Equity Partners, Kimberly Yoong, Su Sung Head of Product Strategy Asia Pacific

European Hotel Investment Market: H1 2020 | By Kimberly Yoong

When Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway sold all of its airline stocks in April, it appeared as an affirmation to some investors that the future of travel was on the rocks - while for others, it reignited discussions on whether the widely respected Orcale of Omaha had 'lost his touch'. The travel and tourism sector has undoubtedly been facing tumultuous times in the wake of COVID-19, with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) itself announcing that air travel will not recove...
Tags: Travel, Berkshire Hathaway, Omaha, Warren Buffett, International Air Transport Association IATA, COVID, Kimberly Yoong

Industry Report: Hotel Investment Scene In Central & Eastern Europe | By Kimberly Yoong

Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) may have, in the past, been perceived as a relatively unstable investment region, especially for the risk averse. However, record hotel investment volumes in the last years have proven otherwise, as investors begin looking to hotel real estate in the region, drawn by the relatively higher returns of hotels and more attractive yields compared to western Europe, which are typically more compressed.
Tags: Travel, Europe, Eastern Europe, Kimberly Yoong

Serving up the future: Technology in F&B | By Kimberly Yoong

Even as the adoption of high-end technology became increasingly prevalent across industries around the world, the hospitality industry had long resisted indulging in automation, insisting on the value of the 'human touch'. But with COVID-19 concerns still rife, many hotels and restaurants have had to turn to technology, ironically, to keep the physical, human touchpoints to a minimum.
Tags: Travel, Kimberly Yoong

Reopening Hotels: How To Recover And Get It Right | By Kimberly Yoong & Borik Vokrinek

The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt far and wide across industries around the world, especially so for the travel and tourism industry. As the hospitality sector reels from the effects of this global pandemic, the million-dollar question has shifted from simply "When will we recover?" - to exactly "How will we recover?"
Tags: Travel, COVID, Kimberly Yoong, Borik Vokrinek

Recovery Readiness: Re-Opening Hotels | By Borivoj Vokrinek and Kimberly Yoong

The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt far and wide across industries around the world, and especially so for the travel and tourism industry. As the hospitality sector reels from the effects of this global pandemic, the million-dollar question has shifted from simply "when will we recover?" - to exactly "how will we recover?"
Tags: Travel, COVID, Kimberly Yoong, Borivoj Vokrinek

The Relevance of Brand Relevance | By Kimberly Yoong

iPhone, iPad, iEverything - the world of Apple has become a prime case study for brand marketers, as they continue to boast legions of fans around the world; many of whom would willingly brave the elements in a bid to emerge victorious with the latest iPhone in hand.
Tags: Travel, Apple, Kimberly Yoong

The Curious Case of Service Excellence | By Kimberly Yoong

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a time when excellent service was the hallmark of a luxury experience - one that was desired by the people and delivered by the best of companies. Today, it is an aspect of the service sector that has come to be expected by customers. Companies in the service industry have claimed their adherence to the words 'service excellence' since time immemorial, with brands such as The Ritz Carlton at the forefront with its famous $2,000 rule -...
Tags: Travel, Ritz Carlton, Kimberly Yoong

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