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"at your library" in the north island eagle: homeschooling? your library can help

Homeschooling? Your Library Can HelpOne of the many ways COVID has changed our lives is an increased interest in homeschooling. Of course no parents want their children to be exposed to the virus. But many families face health challenges that make the possibility of exposure much more dangerous. Parents may have many reasons for preferring homeschooling, and the pandemic has brought them front of mind.If you're a homeschool family, you already know that the public library is an invaluable resour...
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"at your library" in the north island eagle: an antidote to covid boredom: virtual book clubs

An Antidote to COVID Boredom: Virtual Book ClubsAs winter settles in on the North Island, and we continue social distancing to lessen the risks of contracting COVID-19, life can sometimes get a little monotonous. Boredom is bad for our mental health. Plus, it’s boring! If reading is one of your pleasures, perhaps now is the time to try reading with a group – a book club. The Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) is offering three virtual (online) book clubs with three different themes. Like a...
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"at your library" column in the north island eagle: homeschooling? your library can help

Homeschooling? Your Library Can HelpOne of the many ways COVID has changed our lives is an increased interest in homeschooling. Of course no parents want their children to be exposed to the virus. But many families face health challenges that make the possibility of exposure much more dangerous. Parents may have many reasons for preferring homeschooling, and the pandemic has brought them front of mind.If you’re a homeschool family, you already know that the public library is an invaluable resour...
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"at your library" in the north island eagle: new e-resources and new hours at the port hardy library

New E-Resources – and New Holl different areas – language learning, music, crafts, local history and culture, auto repair – and so much more. And like everything in your library, iursThe Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) has added some terrific new e-resources to our catalogue.The Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) has added some terrific new e-resources to our catalogue.If you read this column, you’ve read a lot about e-resources. VIRL gives you access to digital tools that focus o...
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"at your library" in the north island eagle: september is literacy month

 Catching up on my "At Your Library" column in one of our free local newspapers.September Is Literacy MonthWhen you hear the word “literacy”, you might think of reading and writing. That is the traditional definition of literacy, but did you know there are many different kinds of literacy?Numerical literacy is the ability to do the basic math that is needed in every day life – to make change, add up a budget, or read a graph.Digital literacy means having basic computer skills, being able to use ...
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listening to joni: #16: taming the tiger

Taming the Tiger, 1998Taming the Tiger is markedly different than Joni's previous album, Turbulent Indigo. Where Turbulent Indigo is dark, intense, and enigmatic, and the lyrics largely topical, this one has a light, lyrical feel, the music shimmering and weightless, the lyrics more personal. Many critics regard it as Joni's best "latter day" album, perhaps because it's more accessible. I wouldn't go that far -- Turbulent Indigo and Night Ride Home are both better, in my view -- but Taming the...
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what i'm reading: beaten down, worked up: the past, present, and future of american labor

Beaten Down, Worked Up: The Past, Present, and Future of American Labor by Steven Greenhouse is exactly what the subtitle says: a history and analysis of the rise, decline, and re-emergence of the labour movement in the United States. Although the context is American, the lessons in the stories easily apply to Canada, and perhaps globally, to labour movements everywhere. Greenhouse covered labour issues for The New York Times for more than 30 years. It's obvious that the research for Beaten D...
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art in our new home

When we were in Salt Spring Island, we went to the Saturday Market, and I instantly fell in love with this man's work.  Salt Spring artist Lorne Tippett uses wine-barrel stays to create a hanging frame, and carves the designs from reclaimed wood. We splurged and bought one. It's not like we're spending money on anything else this year! It's now hanging on our covered deck. We hung it where you can also see it from inside the house. I love the shape of the wooden base; it echoes t...
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cooking with cookie!

We had a bit of excitement last week, and I realized I shared it only on Facebook. I'm sure wmtc readers want an answer to the burning question, What is Cookie up to now? This is what she's up to! She Who Cannot Be Contained must have put her paws on the kitchen counter -- I had been cooking and she was looking for morsels -- and on the way down, hit the stove, turning on a burner. The Instant Pot lid was resting on the stovetop. I was on a zoom meeting with my door shut, but Allan (who has a...
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billy joe shaver, rest in peace, and in music

Many well-known rock and pop musicians have died lately, including Helen Reddy, Eddie Van Halen, and Jerry Jeff Walker. More names will be coming fast and furiously as the icons of the Boomer generation age. One such death came to the country and blues music communities recently, that of Billy Joe Shaver.  Shaver's songwriting epitomized the outlaw-country ethic and apparently so did his life. He talked the talk and walked the walk. He was outlaw-country before the movement had a name.Shaver wr...
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robert fisk, rest in power

  I was very saddened to hear of the too-young death of Robert Fisk, veteran war journalist, author, and truth-teller.Fisk was often criticized for "politicizing" war reporting, or for not being "objective". Most war journalists are little more than propaganda mouthpieces for the wealthy countries that invade and seek to control poorer countries, whether directly or by proxy. This highly biased view is said to be apolitical and objective, when it merely reflects the politics of the dominant p...
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 Honour the dead by working for peace. [Author: laura k]
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what i'm reading: our inner ape: a leading primatologist explains why we are who we are

When I scroll through my ridiculously long book list, the name Frans de Waal appears again and again. I read reviews of his books, they sound appealing, they go on the list -- and there it ends. This has been going on since the 1990s, and now in 2020, I had yet to read one of his books. Finally, my reading plan (originally here, with updates here and here) put de Waal back on my radar. At Russell Books in Victoria, I found two of his books, and I put two more on hold at my library. I've read o...
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first celebrate, then organize: good things that happened in the 2020 u.s. election

United States Vice Presidents After the positive result in the US election, so many of my fellow leftists refuse to find joy in the occasion. They seem determined to not admit that something good happened.The worst president in the history of the United States has been handed his walking papers. This is a good thing! Does that mean I expect anything but business as usual from a Joe Biden administration? Of course not! But will Trump's ouster improve people's lives? Absolutely it will....
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virtual walking tours of new york city, hosted by ny times architecture critic michael kimmelman

During the pandemic shutdown, there were so many offers of interesting things to do online -- cooking, crafting, indoor exercise, art classes, author readings, and on and on. I didn't do any of it. I began piano lessons with Pianote, read books, took walks, and generally (although somewhat guiltily) enjoyed myself.One online series looked interesting to me, but I kept forgetting to do it. The New York Times posted walking tours of different areas of New York City, hosted by Michael Kimmelman. Ki...
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how to move to canada

 How to Move to Canada1. Go here: Citizenship and Immigration Canada.2. Read everything that might apply to you. Find out if you qualify, and what will be required if you do.3. Trust no other source. The process changes significantly in a short period of time. Anyone who emigrated at any other time will have outdated information. Many people think they know how immigration works. Don't take a chance. Go to the only source that is correct and up-to-date. [Author: laura k]
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this should have been the biggest landslide in u.s. history. instead we are holding our breath.

To quote a headline I saw tonight, what should have been a landslide has turned into a nail-biter. No matter what the outcome of this election, we can clearly see that about half of all American voters have asked for another term of DJT. It is stunning, bizarre, baffling, and deeply depressing.You could perhaps explain away voting for him once. (I can't, really, but for argument's sake, we can say they didn't know, or they hated Hillary Clinton that much.) Now, after four years of this torture, ...
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center for public integrity: a brief history of voter suppression in the united states

This article was originally published by the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative news organization based in Washington, D.C., from their excellent series "Barriers to the Ballot Box". Analysis: New And Age-Old Voter Suppression Tactics At The Heart Of The 2020 Power Struggle Making voting harder is about grabbing even more disproportionate power and delaying the impact of shifting demographics.By Matt DeRienzo, Editor-in-Chief, Public Integrity, October 28, 2020 "You will no...
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all eyes on the united states: election day and beyond: the dark side laid bare

Election day in the U.S. tomorrow. My American family and friends are all quietly freaking out. The whole world is quietly freaking out. The massive turnout through mail-in voting and advance polling are very good signs. Thousands who didn't vote in 2016 have already voted in 2020. Personally, I think it will be an anti-Trump landslide in the popular vote, and a decisive win in the electoral vote. Not that anyone should put any faith in what I believe! In 2016, I told anyone who would listen t...
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apologies to sir elton: itch, itch, the itch is back

Remember the severe hives I complained about? That condition is now officially chronic idiopathic urticaria. Translation: long-term hives of no known cause. After struggling through our mini-vacation in Victoria and Salt Spring Island, I called the dermatologist's office and pleaded my case. They very kindly squeezed me in as an emergency, on the day we were driving through that town -- saving us six hours of driving. I later learned it was the doctor's last day before his own vacation. Thank ...
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africans were involved in the slave trade. why do you think that matters?

The statementIf you are exposed to any bigoted, right-wing media or social media -- whether by misfortune, sport, or a delusion that you must counter their arguments -- and someone raises the subject of slavery, you will doubtless see on this trope. They were sold by their own people.Africans sold other Africans.Slavery began in Africa, and was imported to the new world. In fact, you might hear or see some version of this any time racism is mentioned. Or as a complete non sequitur. It appears ...
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what i'm reading: all my puny sorrows by miriam toews

I've just finished reading All My Puny Sorrows, the haunting, heartbreaking, hilarious, and life-affirming 2014 novel by Miriam Toews. It's difficult for me to write about fiction. I don't like to describe plots, because for my own reading, I hate knowing plots in advance. I really enjoy letting the story unfold the way the writer intended. So I generally end up writing about themes -- which for many readers is not at all helpful.All My Puny Sorrows is about the family love, especially the bon...
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a little story about learning to play piano

Recently I was unable to play piano for three weeks -- a combination of the unbearable hives (now about 75% gone!) and being on vacation. Since beginning Pianote's "Foundations" course in March, for four months I never missed a day of practice, and after that never missed more than the occasional day, one or two days per month, maximum. So being away from the keyboard for three weeks, I thought I might forget everything! Really, I thought I might be starting over from day one.The first day,...
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"you guys": change language, do no harm, but can we please leave space for learning and growing?

First reactions: the language police I've recently learned that calling a group of people you guys may be considered insensitive to transgender people. My first reaction to this was an inner eye-roll, and thoughts along the lines of, "Oh come on, that's going too far." The same reaction I had to learning that the word crazy is not to be used -- in any context -- because it's insensitive to people with mental illness. Why are people policing my language this closely? Is this really important? W...
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international safe abortion day: abortion is healthcare

September 28 is International Safe Abortion Day , a day to reflect on how many women around the world do not have control over their reproduction -- that is, do not have control over their lives.  Abortion is the sine qua non of women's liberation. Without the ability to choose whether and when to have children, women are slaves to their reproductive organs, and to the governments that control them. We would all prefer contraception to abortion. But, like abortion, contraception is not u...
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what i'm reading: love: possibly roddy doyle's best book

Love, the latest novel by Irish writer Roddy Doyle, is a miniature tour de force. It's a story where seemingly nothing happens, nothing that you could really call a plot. Two men who have known each other a very long time, but haven't seen each other in many years, are having a pint at a pub. It's familiar Doyle territory. Roger Rosenblatt, reviewing Love in the New York Times, writes:When I tell you that Roddy Doyle's new novel, "Love," is about two 50-ish men talking well-oiled talk in a pub...
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interspecies love: it's been too long

I've been stashing these in a folder, but it's been years since I've posted any! I don't know about you, but I could sure use a break. [Author: laura k]
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ruth bader ginsburg, rest in power

  These highlights of Ginsburg's decisions and dissents on the SCOTUS are a joy to read. I used two sources, and decided to keep the overlap. Many highlight the reason she was affectionately known as the Notorious RBG.United States v. Virginia, 1996In United States v. Virginia,  Ginsburg  wrote the majority opinion that would serve as a milestone moment for women’s rights and university admission policies. The case challenged a policy by the Virginia Military Institute that barred wome...
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in which i implore the goddess of antihistamines to smile upon me

I am so grateful to be home, and to have several more days off before returning to work. All four of us are happy to be back. What a joy and a privilege to have a home that I love! Seeing the dermatologist in Campbell River on the day we were driving through town was an even bigger stroke of luck than we knew: it was the last day before the doctor's vacation! I would have had to wait another two weeks, in addition to another six hours of driving.Dermatologist:1. Ordered a whole whack of blood te...
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cpmvfsgu days 8 and 9: monday and tuesday on salt spring island; whether or not to leave a negative review for an airbnb

I've spent the last two days reading, blogging, scratching, and occasionally eating and sleeping. There were other things to do on Salt Spring Island, but I was too uncomfortable to do anything. It was very nice to have uninterrupted time to read and write.Tomorrow we'll take an early ferry to Crofton, drive up to Campbell River, take care of our appointments, then head back home. * * * * I've had a long running argument by email with the host of this cottage. I'd like to leave a negative r...
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