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The proper way to drink Guinness

The Guinness brewery opened in Dublin, Ireland, in 1759. Since then, it’s become one of the most ubiquitous beers worldwide. With that popularity and ease of access comes a lot of mythology. We determined fact from fiction with studies and the help of Heather McReynolds, a social media correspondent with Guinness. She’s spent 10 years in the beer industry, from head brewer at The Cannon Brew Pub in Columbus, Georgia, to brewing manager at Sixpoint Brewing in Brooklyn, New York, to her current...
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The best restaurants in Miami

There was a time when there was no such thing as traveling to Miami just for good food. Restaurants were either flashy, expensive, and about as appealing as a corner table, or they were locals-only, hole-in-the-walls. Oh how things have changed over the last 10 years. Today, Miami is very much a food city. It’s attracted chefs from around the world, and restaurants are blending influences from the Magic City’s diverse population. You can easily find Thai tapas, Nikkei cuisine, and guava every...
Tags: Travel, Mexico, Argentina, Miami, Michael Lewis, Bazaar, Hales, All, Lee, Jim, Miami Beach, South Beach, Wynwood, Jose Andres, Popeyes, Magic City

Can there be too much competition between startups?

Competition is the core of capitalism. Competition between companies lowers prices — on average — and ensures that they are forced to innovate lest they lose their markets to others. Competition between workers ensures that people strive to do their best work lest their jobs go to more qualified or faster or cheaper replacements. Obviously, there is a spectrum here from lethargic monopoly to cutthroat competition that causes more problems than it’s worth (environmental damage in the hopes of cut...
Tags: Travel, Amazon, Ecommerce, New York, China, Nigeria, Africa, Palo Alto, Alibaba, Venture Capital,, Silicon Valley, Starbucks, Travis Kalanick, Naspers, Reuters

Where to eat in Kensington Market

It’s hard to keep track of the number of different languages and dialects you’ll hear in Kensington Market in downtown Toronto on any given day. Nearly half of the population is foreign-born, and some 200 languages are spoken in the city. The market area has historically been a gathering point for immigrant communities, and the diverse restaurant landscape reflects that. I see this firsthand as I wait to try a momo (a type of Tibetan dumpling) for the first time at the Tibet Café and Bar, one...
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Best TV shows set in every state

Forget the airplane , the automobile, and the iPhone. The greatest American invention in history is hands down the television. Not only has it given us a way to see the world without leaving our living room, but it was also an electronic babysitter long before the tablet and gave families something to do at dinner other than talk to each other. Over the 70-plus years TV has been around we’ve seen thousands of shows, set all kinds of places around our great land. We took a look through TV histo...
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The history of the margarita

No drink can bring the same energy to a crowd of people like a margarita. The bright and balanced drink hits all the right levels of sweet, sour, salty, and boozy. It’s the most-loved cocktail in the US, according to a Nielsen survey, and it has been since Nielsen started polling bargoers on cocktails in 2016. The margarita has, in nearly every metric, taken over America. It’s also been bastardized beyond belief. A classic margarita is made with two ounces of blanco tequila, one and a half o...
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Best Picture noms filming locations

Every year between November and February, all of Hollywood glams up for the red carpet, and the rest of us kick back on a couch with the television on to watch it all unfold and judge. The Academy Awards is one of the most prestigious awards anyone in the film industry can receive, and as the oldest entertainment awards ceremony, all similar ceremonies, such as the Emmy and Grammy awards, are made in its image. Of all the Oscars a film can receive, Best Picture is typically the race everyone ...
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DRT Malaysia 2019 Expo

The DRT Malaysia dive expo is back for the second time and this scuba diving expo is being held at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  This year's DRT Malaysia 2019 show will take place from the 15th to 17th February, and is the 30th DRT regional show.For this years Malaysian dive show, a total of 150 vendors will be participating to showcase their products while many other activities are lined up. Press conference during the official launch of DRT Malaysia 20...
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Travel News: November 23, 2018

Airlines roll out Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales USA Today Looking for an air travel bargain this holiday shopping season? “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are now firmly entrenched on the ever-growing calendar of holiday marketing gimmicks, giving consumers a virtual cornucopia of deal-hunting opportunities timed to the Thanksgiving holiday. The travel industry has enthusiastically adopted the new retail tradition, with hotels, cruise lines and other travel providers all in on the act.   An...
Tags: Travel, India, US, Toronto, BBC News, Gatwick, Lapland, Santa, Usa Today, Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, News And Deals, Lee, Steve Lee, Meteorological Institute, John Allen Chau

Far East specialist ceases trading

Lee's Travel was founded more than 20 years ago
Tags: Travel, Lee

Jail for two after vandalization

It should go without saying that going around vandalizing 800-year-old walls will get you in trouble, but it seems like these tourists had no clue. 23-years-olds Brittany Schneider, a Canadian national, and Furlong Lee, from the UK, were caught spray painting graffiti on the Tha Phae Gate, part of a 13th-century fortress in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and are now being held at the provincial court. If found guilty, they could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $30,500. Schneider’s mother ...
Tags: Travel, UK, Prison, Thailand, Jail, Telegraph, Bangkok, Brittany, All, Chiang Mai, Vandalism, Lee, Schneider, CBC News, Chiang Mai Thailand, Furlong Lee

Samsung chairman indicted on anti-union charges

More problems for Samsung executives this week, as chairman Lee Sang-hoon is indicted on union sabotage charges. Lee’s not alone — twenty-seven other Samsung employees and partners are also being hit with similar charges. The charges are considered a kind of validation after years of concern over the electronics giant’s approach to organized labor. Lee has been in his current role since March, but previously served as Samsung’s CFO. During that time, the top-level executive was reportedly in...
Tags: Travel, Samsung, Policy, Lee, Jay Y Lee, Lee Sang hoon

‘Bruce Lee’s Chinatown’ tour offers a personal look at Lee, beyond martial-arts stardom

Seeing Seattle’s Chinatown through the lens of the martial artist reveals the community’s rich living history.
Tags: Travel, News, Bruce Lee, Seattle, Chinatown, Lee

Chicago Family Wedding day 3 Chill before Shabbat

Today was a relatively lazy day.After a late breakfast we visited with a few of the family. With the arrival of Lee all four brothers were together for the first time in years.We wandered out with Caroline but did not stray too far from the hotel
Tags: Travel, Chicago, Lee, Caroline

With $40 million for AuditBoard’s risk and compliance toolkit, LA’s enterprise startups notch another win

Daniel Kim and Jay Lee, the two founders of AuditBoard, a Los Angeles-based provider of a risk and compliance software service for large businesses, grew up middle school friends in Cerritos, Calif. It was from their hometown Los Angeles exurb, that Kim and Lee first began plotting how they would turn their experience working for PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young (respectively) into the software business that just managed to rake in $40 million in financing led by one of venture capital’s...
Tags: TC, Cloud, Business, California, La, Los Angeles, Tech, Risk Management, Economy, ERP, Software, Audit, SaaS, Venture Capital, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Michael Brown

Game of Death

I was actually angry while watching this movie. I’d completely forgotten that his was the “last” Bruce Lee film, using up a bit of footage (an entire 11 minutes) that was shot before his death, and then building this insanely dumb movie around it, using doubles to clumsily (with a beard, in shadows, wearing shades, from the back — with a fucking photo stuck on a mirror) replace Lee. It’s a horrible, horrible film, and I couldn’t believe what I was watching (I guess I was more forgiving as a k...
Tags: Travel, Movies, Bruce Lee, Lee, 1978, Debaser, Game Of Death

Stay in a dreamy treehouse inside an ancient English forest

A magical treehouse retreat has opened its doors in the village of Lee in England’s stunning North Devon region. Built largely by hand, this luxurious one-bedroom rental is dressed in a combination of reclaimed and modern materials. Set within remote woodland, the Treehouse Retreat immerses guests in a private paradise in nature without sacrificing modern comforts. Built to sleep two, the two-story Treehouse Retreat is clad in locally sourced cedar charred using Shou Sugi Ban, a Japanese tech...
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KY eats – Lala Meehun at Lai Foong kopitiam, KL

After trying the beef noodle at Lai Foong just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to have dinner at KL the other day, and naturally the idea of having the lala meehun from the same kopitiam would be a sound one, and it was. Lai Foong kopitiam lala meehun The lala meehun stall usually operates from around 10 am in the morning and offers their various dishes, including Hokkien mee, lala meehun, and more all the way till around 8 pm. The famous Lai Foong lala meehun, opens for lunch ...
Tags: Travel, Kuala Lumpur, Food Video, Eats, Kl City, Clams, Lee, Petaling Street, LaLa, Jalan Tun H S Lee, Pudu, Lai Foong, Jalan Tun HS Lee, Jalan Tun, Pudu and Downtown, Lala Meehun

Don’t Become Overwhelmed – Follow This Los Angeles Weekend Itinerary

Don’t Become Overwhelmed – Follow This Los Angeles Weekend Itinerary | Written By: Lee Visiting Los Angeles can be overwhelming no matter how many times you’ve visited. There’s so much to try and take in and receiving a few recommendations is always appreciated, so asked me to share mine. Below I’ll tell you about some of my old standards and a few new things I took part in that I think you should check out. So, get out your walking shoes and at least one sparkly dress but no worri...
Tags: Travel, Hollywood, Parenting, La, US, Los Angeles, Expedia, Venice Beach, Don, Venice Italy, Lee, Pauline, Franklin Ave, Ventura Blvd, Reese, Donkey Kong

KY eats – Lai Foong Beef Noodle , Jalan Tun H S Lee

To be honest, I found out about the beef noodle at Lai Foong kopitam relatively recently via instagram posts of some friends I follow. Perhaps a bit of an embarrassment for someone who love street food, but better late than never, right? Lai Foong kopitiam, Jalan Tun H S Lee Located at Jalan Tun H. S. Lee (just across the entrance of Petaling Street), Lai Foong is wedged in some of the busiest areas in downtown KL. Parking is non existence, but luckily for those on motorcycle on a weekday morni...
Tags: Travel, Kuala Lumpur, Food Video, Eats, Kl City, Hawkers, Hawker-food, Lee, Petaling-street, Jalan Tun H S Lee, Beef-noodle, Tendon, Flank, Lai Foong, Jalan Tun HS Lee, Jalan Tun

KY eats – Lai Foong Beed Noodle , Jalan Tun H S Lee

To be honest, I found out about the beef noodle at Lai Foong kopitam relatively recently via instagram posts of some friends I follow. Perhaps a bit of an embarrassment for someone who love street food, but better late than never, right? Lai Foong kopitiam, Jalan Tun H S Lee Located at Jalan Tun H. S. Lee (just across the entrance of Petaling Street), Lai Foong is wedged in some of the busiest areas in downtown KL. Parking is non existence, but luckily for those on motorcycle on a weekday morni...
Tags: Travel, Kuala Lumpur, Food Video, Eats, Kl City, Hawkers, Hawker-food, Lee, Petaling-street, Jalan Tun H S Lee, Beef-noodle, Tendon, Flank, Lai Foong, Jalan Tun HS Lee, Jalan Tun

Week 6 April 12 Congress Arizona Prospecting for Gold

We had such a fabulous day with Lee and Dee... the MOST fun... Dee had given me the address of their camp in Congress Arizona... I packed a picnic to share lunch upon arrival and plugged the address into the GPS which indicated about an 1hr 40 min drive..
Tags: Travel, Lee, Dee, Congress Arizona Prospecting, Congress Arizona

An excellent home swap in the English Lake District

Wonderful home swap in the English Lake District "We spent a great one-week home swap staying at Becki and Lee's home in Cumbria. Their home was lovely and cosy; everything was presented beautifully and they left lovely welcome gifts for us too! The house is in a beautiful rural spot with incredible views. It is an ideal location to explore the northern lakes. As always we felt that arranging a home swap with a similar family really works well for us and we had loads of tips of...
Tags: Travel, Cumbria, Keswick, Lee, Cumbria England, Ullswater, Devon England, Becki, English Lake District, Whinlatter, Brockhole Cycling, Hazel Jon Devon Highlights, Becki Lee, Hazel Jon

Camera lost for 2 years, returned

We’ve all heard tale of message in a bottle findings and the often inspiring history lessons they teach. But what happens when a visual element is added to the equation? Say, a collection of photographs that allow the finder to not only read into the life of the owner, but to actually see into it? That’s exactly what happened in Taiwan earlier this week. A crew of schoolchildren were working to clean up a beach and stumbled across a wayward camera that had washed ashore. The Canon model G12 di...
Tags: Travel, Japan, Taiwan, Lost, Canon, Lost Items, All, Message In A Bottle, Lee, Park Lee

Lista de 10 Millonarios que fueron despedidos cuando eran empleados

Algunas personas se aferran tanto a sus empleos que con solo pensar en perderlos les recorre un frío por todo el cuerpo, por ello hoy quiero compartirles algunos casos de millonarios exitosos que perdieron sus empleos antes de conseguir su fortuna. Todos estos millonarios enfrentaron el desempleo como una oportunidad para salir de su zona de confort y comenzar a trabajar en aquello que realmente les apasionaba. Es bueno que ames tu trabajo y lo realices con pasión, pero nunca te aferres a una ...
Tags: Travel, Hollywood, Bloomberg, Ford, Vogue, Standard Oil, Chrysler, Madonna, Jk Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Anna Wintour, Oprah, Baltimore, Michael Bloomberg, Harper, Walt Disney

Lee's FerryMarble Canyon

We awoke to cool temperatures and stormy skies at our camp above Lake Powell. After a quick breakfast we headed out in Moby Dodge for Lee's Ferry to do some fishing. We drove back out of Page the way we had come in but we stopped at the horseshoe turn ov
Tags: Travel, Lee, Lake Powell, FerryMarble Canyon, Moby Dodge

Regional Style Guide: Dallas, Texas

Howdy! Check out this style guide to copy the Dallas swagger. One of my favorite things about fashion is that style varies from coast to coast. I lived in Fort Worth, Texas just about my whole life and probably around the age of 12, a realization hit me that not everywhere in the U.S. looked and acted like my region. Other regions have a mental picture of what they consider the typical Texas girl with big hair, a bigger personality, and cowgirl boots. Sure, I used to wonder how my aunt always...
Tags: Travel, Texas, College, Inspiration, Dallas, Macy, Lee, Fort Worth Texas, Dallas Texas, DFW, Dallas Fort Worth, Plano Texas, Billy Bob, Southern Style, Cowboy Boots, Dallas Fort Worth DFW

Madras Lane Yong Tau Fu Chinatown Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Madras Lane Yong Tau Fu Chinatown Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Whenever I have overseas friends coming down to Kuala Lumpur, I will bring them to ‘Madras Lane’ or Penjaja Gallery Jalan Tun H.S. Lee near Petaling Street or Chinatown. They can have some local food, I mean the real local food and they can do a walkabout in Chinatown or visit the Central Market later. Maybe I can be a food guide in the future, who knows. We love this place, Madras Lane Yong Tau fu and we blogged twice already. The first t...
Tags: Travel, Food, Featured, China, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Headline, Chinatown, Malaysia - Food, Yong Tau Foo, Lee, Klang Valley, Madras, Central Market, Petaling Street, Yong Tau

10 local Colorado ski mountains

C olorado is home to some of the top ski mountains in North America, if not the world. You know their names: Vail, Aspen Snowmass, Breckenridge…the list goes on, and each resort is worthy of its own dedicated winter trip. But in a state with so many peaks and cool little mountain towns, you don’t have to stick to the world-famous. And when you get off the beaten track, what you’re likely to find are shorter lift lines, lower ticket prices, and a higher percentage of locals with you on the slope...
Tags: Travel, Google, Colorado, US, Skiing, Switzerland, North America, Ski Resorts, Snowboarding, US Army, Denver, Steamboat Springs, All, San Juan Mountains, Outdoor Sports, Granby

8 Must Do Adventures in Rural California

California is known for it’s beautiful cities, San Francisco, LA, and San Diego. It’s also known for it’s theme parks – Disney, Universal, Sea World, Six Flags – where you can get your thrills on adventure rides. However, I don’t like my adventures manufactured, I want the real thing. So I went in search of real California adventures outside of those big cities. I discovered 8 authentic California adventures in regions that few tourists travel to.  Some of these are soft adventure and some a bit...
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