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How to Snag a Last-Minute Campsite Reservation This Summer

While there have always been people who enjoy camping, the limited travel options during the COVID-19 pandemic had people sleeping under the stars (or in a tent) who wouldn’t have considered it previously. Though we’re several months into the vaccine rollout, only about 30% of the country’s population has been fully…Read more...
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How Much Do Those Cabin Getaways Really Cost?

Some of the most popular vacations during the pandemic have been cozy cabin stays in the wilderness. These rural-style vacations have been popular due to their relative safety compared to other vacation options, with guests able to socially distance while they take advantage of outdoor activities like hiking,…Read more...
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How to Make Your Post-Vaccine Vacation as Cheap as Possible

With ongoing vaccinations, we’re close to reaching some semblance of normalcy (or whatever the post-pandemic normal will be), and you might be ready and willing to go anywhere after being cooped up for over a year. But given the financial challenges of the past year, expensive travel might not be an option for many of…Read more...
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No Flight Can Truly Be 'COVID-Free'

Delta is now offering “quarantine-free” flights to Europe, which, in a bold move they are also billing as “COVID-free.” If only it were so easy to guarantee that the coronavirus won’t be on the plane. The flights do use a testing protocol to reduce the chances that somebody with COVID makes it on board, though.Read more...
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Plan a Post-Pandemic Vacation in a Novelty Airbnb

Unique stays have always been a part of Airbnb’s selection, from tree houses to glamping, but if you ever wanted to stay in a fairytale, now you can: Current listings include stays at the North Pole and a gingerbread house in the woods. Now that we’re months away from a publicly distributed COVID-19 vaccine, you might…Read more...
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What California's Lockdown Means for Holiday Travel

If your holiday plans were going to take you to our nation’s most populous state, it’s past time to cancel. Roughly the whole southern half of California is under a lockdown order that prohibits nonessential travel, and it will likely remain in effect for the rest of the year. Read more...
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Get a Free Flight and Work Remotely From Hawaii

If you’re a remote worker who’s tired of the same grim corner of your home, why not pack up shop and move to Hawaii? The government program is offering out-of-state remote workers free round-trip tickets to Oahu for those willing to live and work there while contributing to the state’s economy.Read more...
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How to Prepare If Your College Student Is Coming Home for Thanksgiving

This year has been full of sacrifices and impossible choices, but it’s not quite done with us yet. If you have kids who are away at college, you may now be facing the pandemic’s latest conundrum: Do you have them come home and risk everybody infecting each other, or do you tell them to stay put and ride out the…Read more...
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How to Get Paid $1,000 to Binge Watch 9 Travel Movies

When the pandemic first began, we canceled our spring travel plans and looked forward to summer. Travel restrictions didn’t ease up that much over the summer, and now holiday travel is (or at least should be) off the table.Read more...
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It's Time to Cancel Your Thanksgiving Travel Plans

This Thanksgiving is different. Yes, it’s been a rough year. Yes, we all miss one another. But if you love your family, it’s worth skipping this holiday season to make sure they’ll be alive and healthy for the next one. Read more...
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What to Do About the Data Leak That Hit 8 Major Hotel Booking Sites

An improperly-secured Amazon Web Services (AWS) server left over 10 million hotel reservations logs from numerous Cloud Hospitality websites openly exposed, potentially putting millions of guests at risk. The server is now secured and there’s no evidence the data is being misused (yet), but the information is…Read more...
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Now Is Not the Time to Travel to Indigenous Nations in the U.S.

With the COVID-19 pandemic ushering in the return of the road trip, places like parks and other natural wonders have seen a lot of traffic. That includes many popular spots in Indigenous nations within the United States, like Antelope Canyon, Havasu Falls and Glacier National Park. Read more...
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These Airports Now Offer On-Site COVID Testing

Air travel during the holiday season can be stressful, so if you have the option of flying out of or through a few different airports, you may want to consider their amenities before booking your flight. In any other year, this might involve looking into the availability of lounges, or checking out the restaurants in…Read more...
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Why Do Hotels Have a Million Wifi Networks?

Even though none of us should be traveling right now, there are still plenty of people who want (or need) to get away from their home base. I start there because it feels a little weird answering a hotel-related tech question in this week’s Tech 911 while we’re in the middle of yet another COVID spike.Read more...
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These Countries Have Shorter Residency Requirements for Citizenship & Passports

Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election, there will probably be the usual choruses of “I’m moving to Canada!” from those who aren’t on board with the results. And it’s not only voters: one of the two major-party candidates, current president Donald Trump, issued a similar threat/promise earlier this month.…Read more...
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These Countries Have Shorter Residency Requirements for Citizenship

Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election, there will probably be the usual choruses of “I’m moving to Canada!” from those who aren’t on board with the results. And it’s not only voters: one of the two major-party candidates, current president Donald Trump, issued a similar threat/promise earlier this month.…Read more...
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How to Take a Safe(r) Pandemic Road Trip

However you feel about road trips—whether you rack up the mileage on the regular or are still working through the trauma of family vacations that forced you to pack into a station wagon for hours on end—they are the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.Read more...
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Why You Need a Travel Agent (Sometimes)

While we may not be traveling much right now, someday (hopefully) we’ll be able to safely hop on planes and visit other states and countries with some regularity. In pre-pandemic times, you may never have thought twice about using sites like Kayak or Expedia, or simply googling to make your own travel arrangements or…Read more...
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The Beginner's Guide to Buying The Right RV

With travel by planes and trains on hold for many, RVs are having a resurgence. And it’s not just #vanlifers on Instagram: in June, The Strategist reported that dealers had seen a 170% increase in sales of recreational vehicles compared to the previous year.Read more...
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How Air Travel Has Changed During COVID-19, According to The Points Guy

Air travel has changed a lot during the pandemic, according to Brian Kelly, better known as The Points Guy, the CEO and founder of the travel website of the same name. Between travel restrictions, airlines cutting down on routes and the number of flights, and concern over the spread of the virus inside airports and…Read more...
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Live Out Your College Dream of Drinking Natty Light on a Private Jet

Travel in 2020 has been...not great. Trips have been postponed, plans have been canceled, and if we are lucky enough to make it out of our homes, traveling during a pandemic makes everything harder. But Natural Light—more commonly known as “Natty Light”—wants to help. Here’s how to enter to win a trip on their…Read more...
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These Are the Best National Parks for Stargazing

There are so many reasons to love our national parks, including the natural beauty, the history and the parkitecture. But the opportunities to take advantage of them don’t end when the sun goes down: several national parks are also great spots to take in the night sky. But which ones are the best? Read more...
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We're Still Not Allowed to Cross the Border Into Canada, So Don't Try

For a brief period, it looked like travelers from the United States would be able to visit Canada for the first time in months, starting on October 21, 2020. Then Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made some remarks during a radio show earlier this week that seemed to indicate that would no longer be the case.…Read more...
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Enter to Win a 2-Week Whiskey-Drinking Road Trip Through the US

If you’ve been entering—excuse us, applying for—all of the recent “dream job” travel contests lately but haven’t had any luck, we’re back with another one for you. This time, the “position” is “chief of discovery” and involves a photo contest, a van from 1978 and whiskey. Here’s what you need to know.Read more...
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How to Plan a Backpacking Trip

An outdoor vacation is one of the safest options for getting away during this eternal pandemic. If you love nature and are particularly ambitious (read: weather-resistant), try planning a fall or winter backpacking trip.Read more...
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Go Cabin Camping This Winter

Camping was a great way to spend a pandemic summer: you got social distancing as a matter of course, you didn’t have to spend time indoors with anybody you don’t know, and, provided you chose a place near home, you didn’t have to deal with navigating the risks of airports and mass travel. Well, here’s your winter…Read more...
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What to Know About Airbnb's New Halloween Booking Policy

Airbnb definitely does not want people to rent properties on their site for the purpose of hosting parties. First, they came out with a global ban on parties in August. Then, they instituted a policy that blocks people from making last-minute bookings in their hometown. Now, Airbnb has issued new guidelines for…Read more...
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Take This Haunted, Halloween-Themed Road Trip for Your October Pandemic Vacation

In this pandemic era, true vacations are few and far between. Flying to a destination is not ideal unless absolutely necessary, and some places are re-imposing stricter quarantines and business closures in response to rising COVID-19 case numbers.Read more...
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Take a 'Schoolcation' With Your Family

This pandemic has been full of tough moments, but some nice walks, too. I try to hold on to those nice walks, but for parents who are staring down the barrel of an entire school year of remote learning, the silver linings can seem pretty damn dim. Enter, the “Schoolcation.”Read more...
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How to Celebrate World Tourism Day During a Global Pandemic

Today is World Tourism Day, and while our travel options have been seriously limited all year, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t mark the occasion. Yes, we’re talking about virtual travel. (Again.) Like everyone else, we hit the digital travel pretty hard at the beginning of the pandemic, when it seemed like it was going…Read more...
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