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Backpackers vs. Glampackers: What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Staycation, voluntourism, set-jetting—these are just some of the many travel buzzwords going around. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up and find the difference. Case in point: backpackers and glampackers. One shouldn’t use them interchangeably since these classifications differ greatly. If you’re unsure about whether you’re a good old backpacker or if you fall under a relatively new bunch called “glampackers,” we’re here to help you find out. Let’s start by getting a good grasp of these two distinc...
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Ask Yourself How Many Vacation Hours You'll Lose in Transit

Before you start booking flights and hotels for your next big vacation, ask yourself one question: what percentage of my total vacation will these travel and lodging options eat up? Read more...
Tags: Travel Planning, Hotels, Vacation, Lifehacks, Flights

Ask Before You Recline Your Airplane Seat

Last week an American Airlines passenger tweeted a video of a man repeatedly punching the back of her reclined seat. The video went viral, and once again sparked the debate of whether or not it’s ok to recline your seat while you’re up in the air.Read more...
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How to Avoid Paying United's New Higher Checked Bag Fee

If you have a trip coming up on United, you may want to consider prepaying for that checked bag. The airline announced Friday that it plans to raise the cost of checking a bag from $30 to $35 starting March 6th. The price of a second checked bag will also go to $45 from $40.Read more...
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How to Avoid Paying United New Higher Checked Bag Fee

If you have a trip coming up on United, you may want to consider prepaying for that checked bag. The airline announced Friday that it plans to raise the cost of checking a bag from $30 to $35 starting March 6th. The price of a second checked bag will also go to $45 from $40.Read more...
Tags: Travel, Lifehacks, Travel Tips, United, United Airlines

Create a Childcare Plan for Emergencies

Quick: You have two kids with you, one gets hurt badly enough to have to go to the hospital, but the other one isn’t allowed to ride along in the ambulance. What do you do? Or! You slice your finger up real good while prepping dinner and you know stitches are necessary but the kids are running around and your partner…Read more...
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How to Outsmart Your Hotel Room TV and Use Its HDMI Ports for Anything You Want

Hotels can be stingy about what guests are allowed to do with their TVs. For example, if you try to plug your own device into your room’s TV to watch your own content, odds are good that are nothing will happen. Hotel TVs are usually plugged into external boxes that track your hotel room’s TV activity and control what…Read more...
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Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Every time you buy a plane ticket, cruise trip or other travel tickets, you end up getting asked the same thing: Do you want to add travel insurance for just a few extra dollars? In that moment, you’re probably excited about buying your tickets and making plans, not thinking ways you can pay more for insurance…Read more...
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How to Do Disney Parks Solo

I’ve done three solo Disney trips in the past three years. Two visits to Disneyland, and one to Walt Disney World. Each time, I had an absolutely incredible vacation all by myself—and I’d recommend solo Disney travel to anyone who’s ever wanted the pleasure of experiencing a Disney park at their own pace.Read more...
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You Can Still Use Alaska Miles to Book on American Airlines

Alaska Airlines announced a new “West Coast International Alliance” today with American Airlines, an alliance that will bring with it a few solid advantages for customers.Read more...
Tags: Travel, Air Travel, Lifehacks, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Airline Points, West Coast International Alliance

How to Avoid Couples on Your Solo Vacation

I’ve been single for the majority of my adult life, and it’s never stopped me from traveling. I backpacked across India alone; I’ve gone on cruises alone; I visited both Disneyland and Walt Disney World alone (and will be writing about how to do a solo Disney trip later this week). Read more...
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What Travelers Should Know About the Coronavirus

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (as we’re calling it now) is still mainly circulating in China, with only about 2 percent of its cases in other countries. Still, if you’re traveling you may be nervous about the possibility of coming in contact with the virus. Here are the World Health Organization’s…Read more...
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Build In Extra Time to Clear Customs at Coronavirus 'Screener Airports'

If you’re traveling in or out of one of the designated U.S. “coronavirus screener airports,” you might need to prepare for longer lines and waits—especially if you’re traveling internationally.Read more...
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7 Tips on How to Find Cheap Flight Deals and Discounts

We all have that one friend who’s never more than two weeks away from his next sunny holiday, yet he doesn’t have a huge salary or mountains of credit card debt. His lifestyle often makes you wonder about one thing: How can he afford to get away so often? Usually, it comes down to organization, determination, and some good old fashion bargain hunting. This guide will teach you all about those things and how to find cheap flight deals. Do an online search Don’t just go directly to the holidaym...
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Book Hotel Rooms at Wholesale Prices Using This Extension

When it comes to booking hotel rooms, the site that you use to book that room can make as much of a difference in price as when you decide to travel. There are a number of great sites out there for finding a deal on a room, now a new Chrome extension can help you potentially find an even better one.Read more...
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How to Follow Your Passion and Succeed

You're reading How to Follow Your Passion and Succeed, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Both in the physical and digital world, people would describe me as a nomad. Some would even say I'm a troublemaker, but not in a mean-spirited way. The reality is that for me, it's all about the view. By that, I mean literally and figuratively in my perspective. Because my passions are trave...
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Why Only Some Flights Get Canceled for Bad Weather

When the weather’s a storm away from apocalyptic-conditions, a lump might form in your throat as soon as you realize it might affect your immediate travel plans. Instead of boarding your flight at its scheduled time, you can only envision delay after delay and more time spent waiting at your airport’s Starbucks or…Read more...
Tags: Travel, Starbucks, Lifehacks, Flights, Airline, Cancel, Delay

How to Avoid Sitting Next to a Crying Baby on a Flight

Back in September, Japan Airlines made headlines for changing some of its flights’ seat maps to including “child icons,” meaning young children would be seated in those spots—a change designed for other passengers to find seating away from those infants on flights.Read more...
Tags: Travel, Flight, Lifehacks, Airline, Japan Airlines

Just Print a Paper Copy of Your Boarding Pass

I fly at least four times a month these days, often more. While I always check in to my flights online the day before and have the app installed on my phone, I also always stop by the kiosk when I get to the airport to print a paper boarding pass.Read more...
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What to Do If You Lose Your Credit or Debit Card While Traveling

Imagine, if you will, Lifehacker staff writer Josh Ocampo standing outside a Tokyo 7-Eleven, clutching his gut while on waiting on hold with his bank. The chip on Josh’s debit card had stopped working mid-trip, which meant he couldn’t take cash out of an ATM. And the local clinic that could treat ”the worst case of…Read more...
Tags: Travel, Tokyo, Credit Card, Lifehacks, Debit Cards, Josh, Josh Ocampo

Create a Vacation Recovery Plan

Over on NBC News, writer Sarah DiGiulio described that imminent sense of dread you experience after taking time off, otherwise known as the post-vacation blues—by Monday morning, you’re back in the office, at your desk, and wondering if it was all a dream.Read more...
Tags: Travel, Nbc News, Vacation, Lifehacks, Jetlag, Sarah Digiulio

The U.S. Airports With the Best and Worst Food

There’s a reason why bars at airports are so common—it’s because the food’s terrible. No one loves a cold egg sandwich and watered-down coffee at 6am, after all, and beer might make everything taste a little better.Read more...
Tags: Travel, Flight, Airport, Lifehacks

Get a One-Way Ticket on Southwest for as Little as $49

If you’re having trouble staying motivated lately, you might just be feeling the symptoms of the post-holiday slump. Fortunately, we have an idea that might help you get through this difficult time.Read more...
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How to Track the Carbon Footprint of All Your Flights

In recent years, many of us have started to pay more attention to our carbon footprints, and one of the individual actions that can have the biggest impact on that metric is air travel.Read more...
Tags: Travel, Sustainability, Lifehacks, Carbon Footprint

How to Avoid Getting the Crappiest Seat on a Flight

In a column for the Washington Post, Christopher Elliott of Elliott Advocacy described every crappy seat you might encounter on a flight—there’s the bulkhead row seat that won’t recline, for instance. Or the seat with the entertainment console that doesn’t work, despite all your button-pushing efforts. Of course,…Read more...
Tags: Travel, Washington Post, Flight, Lifehacks, Airline, Christopher Elliott, Elliott Advocacy

Always Travel With Beer Koozies

Beer koozies, those little foam sleeves that hold 12-ounce aluminum cans, are great at keeping your bev cold when you’re drinking in the desert. (Or keeping your hand warm-ish when you’re drinking in the snow!) But they’re also excellent little protectors and organizers while you’re on the move.Read more...
Tags: Travel, Adventure, Lifehacks, Truck Yeah, Off Road

Pick Your Next Vacation Destination By Climate Using This Tool

Sometimes you just want to go somewhere, anywhere, that might be warm. Other times where you live might be an inferno, and you’d do anything to be somewhere less humid where a jacket is required. No matter what your climate dreams, Nomad List’s Climate Finder can help you find the right spot, or at least offer a…Read more...
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National Parks Are Free Today in Honor of Martin Luther King

If you’re looking for a way to spend Martin Luther King Day, you might want to put visiting a National Park on the list. National Parks in the United States are offering free admission today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.Read more...
Tags: Travel, United States, National Parks, Lifehacks, Martin Luther King, Parks, National Park, National Parks Are Free Today

You Might Be Able to Put Your Airline Elite Status on Hold if You Can't Use It This Year

Elite airline status can be great to have. Having status on an airline typically offers perks like upgraded seats, free checked bags, and earlier boarding groups. It’s a great perk for having flown with an airline a great deal the year before. But what if you flew a bunch this year, but something like having a newborn…Read more...
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The Best and Worst Airlines in 2019, Ranked

This morning, the Wall Street Journal released its annual ranking of major U.S. airlines, basing its decision on factors like the number of on-time arrivals, canceled flights, and delays (and using 2019 flight data, available from the Department of Transportation). Somehow, ranking below even low cost-carriers like…Read more...
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