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Whether the MAX Should Have Been Grounded or Not, Boeing Finds Itself in Hot Water

In my post last Thursday, I laid out why I thought the 737 MAX shouldn’t have been grounded with the information we knew at the time. Some readers took that as me standing behind Boeing, but that’s not the case. Even if the airplane is safe to fly, it should be safer than it is. Boeing should absolutely shoulder blame here. Though we don’t know for sure if the same issue that caused the Lion Air crash last year caused the Ethiopian one, let’s look at that particular issue in more detail. ...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 15 March 2019

Stones (in both foreground and background) and sheep (everywhere) – we’ll see these in Kilmartin Glen, on our Scotland’s Highland Highlights Tour this September. Good morningWow, what a wild and crazy week this one has been, with the added dimension, for me personally but hopefully not for you, of (hopefully just) experiencing another kidney stone event.  These seem to be occurring with increasing frequency.The extraordinarily dysfunctional nature of Obamacare was driven home to me.  When it bec...
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When is an Airplane (ie B737 MAX) Too Dangerous to Fly?

Remains of the Ethiopian Airlines B737 MAX 8, in the crater caused by its crash. This question, very similar to “how high is up” has been much in people’s thoughts this week with the Boeing 737 MAX and its two recent crashes.In an interesting duality that reflects how public debate has not flourished in the social media era, there was first a clamor of people demanding all 737 MAX planes be grounded, and then, as each successive national authority duly did so, even more pressure was felt by the ...
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In Defense of Not Grounding the 737 MAX… Even Though It’s Now Grounded

When the 737 MAX operating Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crashed on takeoff from Addis Ababa last Sunday, the pressure immediately began to mount. Since this accident happened during the same phase of flight as the Lion Air accident last year, the dots were instantly connected… even if they shouldn’t necessarily have been. Calls to ground the airplane mounted from all sides except from those who actually fly the thing. Everyone caved quickly except for the US and Canada. Then yesterday, the ...
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Boeing to update control software

Five months after the crash of Lion Air Flight 610, and less than a week since the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 — both involving Boeing 737 Max 8s — Boeing has announced that the plane model will receive updated flight-control software. This is an effort not only to prevent future incidents, but also to reassure the international community that its planes are safe to fly. Several airlines have grounded their 737 Max 8 planes and several countries, including the entire EU and UK, hav...
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Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft safety

Following the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed all people on board — at least 157 — China and Indonesia have ordered for all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes to be grounded in order to perform necessary safety inspections. The same model was involved in the fatal Lion Air crash in late October. Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation grounded every Max 8 plane operating in the country after the Lion Air crash, but allowed them to fly again one month later. Now, in the wake of another crash, ...
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Eight Countries Grounding Boeing 737 Max 8

Updated: Everyone is talking about Boeing 737 Max 8. We listed 40 Airlines Flying with Boeing 737 Max 8 last night in our story and there are more countries grounding Boeing 737 Max 8 after China initiated the move. Seven countries now grounding Boeing 737 Max 8 until further notice and investigation. ( = || []).push({}); What happened to Boeing 737 Max 8? Last Sunday, an Ethiopian Airlines passenger jet crashed minutes after take-off killing...
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List of 40 Airlines Flying with Boeing 737 Max 8

Last Sunday, an Ethiopian Airlines passenger jet crashed minutes after take-off killing all 157 people on board and it was the Boing 737 Max 8. This is the exact same model of the tragic crash of Lion Air Flight JT610 which killed all 189 people on board last October. Two airlines accidents involving the same plane model prompt China to suspend all flights with Boeing 737 Max 8. ( = || []).push({}); We never flew with Boeing 737 Max 8 but on...
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3 Links I Love: The Lion Air Crash, An A220 Mini-Series, WOW’s Plan

This week’s featured link: Behind the Lion Air Crash, a Trail of Decisions Kept Pilots in the Dark – The New York TimesThis accident has fascinated me since it happened, and the picture is becoming more clear. While Boeing undoubtedly should have done more to make sure pilots knew this MCAS system was onboard, the accident still shouldn’t have happened. It looks more and more like pilot error combined with maintenance issues. Two for the road: ‘Best in Class:’ Delta teams prep...
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What the F*&@ Happened to All These Airlines?

I haven’t done an Ask Cranky post in awhile, and this one seemed like fun. Hi Brett,I was looking through the archive of “Who the F” articles you’ve written through the years, and I think it would be cool to see a follow up on each of the 19 airlines you’ve covered. Some have taken off and become extremely successful like Allegiant, and some are PeoplExpress. I’d love to read a where-are-they-now? Thanks! Great idea. I have looked at all the airlines in the Who the F*[email protected] serie...
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Lion Air delays mean fried chicken

As anyone who’s been to an airport knows, traveling is not all white-sand beaches and swaying palm trees. Crazy delays, unpredictable weather, and overcrowding can make even the most well-traveled feel a bit jittery when they head to the airport. In Philadelphia, the well-loved chain Popeyes Louisiana Chicken tried to ease some stress by offering “emotional support fried chicken.” How innovative, you might be thinking. How avant-garde of them! Brilliant as this Popeyes stunt may be, it’s not...
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The Ridiculous Reason We Haven’t Learned More About the Lion Air 737 MAX Disaster

Lion Air flight JT610 from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang crashed 13 minutes after takeoff on October 29. 189 passengers and crew were killed in the disaster. The aircraft's flight data recorder was recovered last month, and provided useful information to allow for a preliminary report. The cockpit voice recorder has not yet been recovered. Unfortunately investigation of the Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX crash is stalled. Continue reading The Ridiculous Reason We Haven’t Learned More About the Lion Air 73...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 7 December, 2018

An Emirates 777 covered in diamonds? See item on airplane updates, below. Good morning Today sees me traveling to France for this year’s Christmas Markets tour, this time what we are calling a “land cruise”, based in Lille in Northern France and traveling around the region each day, rather than cruising along a river.  I don’t expect a newsletter next week, but expect one the following week. I’m also just last week back from time in Asia, primarily so I could experience four business class flig...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 16 November, 2018

A stunning example of the Northern Lights over Iceland. See bottom article this week. Good morning A week until Thanksgiving and, of course, those other two events that many of us are equally thankful for – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Alas, I’m out of the country currently, so will be missing out on both the Thursday and Friday events, but return home in time for the last of the Monday specials. My guess is that Amazon will probably be discounting some of their Alexa devices, Kindle eBook r...
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Eye on Travel–Crystal Serenity in Bremerhaven, Germany–November 10, 2018

Read the full article on at - Eye on Travel–Crystal Serenity in Bremerhaven, Germany–November 10, 2018 This week, Eye on Travel broadcasts from the Crystal Serenity — dry docked at the Lloyd Werft shipyard in Bremerhaven, Germany. We’ll update on the investigation into the crash of Lion Air in Indonesia... Read More... The post Eye on Travel–Crystal Serenity in Bremerhaven, Germany–November 10, 2018 appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 9 November, 2018

A new US high-end airline startup has been announced. See final item, below. Good morning Is it time to start the count down of shopping days until Christmas?  Well, before then we’ve the excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to tempt us, of course, and this weekend, the more relaxing and retrospective Veteran’s Day weekend. With the thought of buying things in mind, this week we feature a lengthy analysis of the new range of Apple iPads, announced a week ago and already now on sale.  Som...
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Yesterday There Was Another Lion Air 737 Incident Following Last Week’s Crash

A week after the tragic crash of Lion Air flight JT610 on October 29 another Lion Air Boeing 737 has had an incident this time crashing into a pole while taxiing out to the runway for takeoff from Bengkulu to Jakarta. Continue reading Yesterday There Was Another Lion Air 737 Incident Following Last Week’s Crash...
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Boeing issues safety alert following Lion Air crash

Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft could have faulty airspeed indicators
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Travel News: November 8, 2018

Boeing Issues Warning to 737 MAX Pilots After Lion Air Crash Travel Pulse In response to the crash of a Lion Air plane in Indonesia last week, Boeing is warning pilots about possible erroneous data from a key sensor on its 737 MAX planes. According to Reuters, investigators handling the deadly crash of Flight JT610 found one of the angle of attack sensors on the new Boeing aircraft provided incorrect readings. The sensor issues can cause the plane to go into an aerodynamic stall.   American twe...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 2 November, 2018

An artist’s impression of the possible new airport for Mexico City. See item, below. Good morning I hope your Halloween was enjoyable.  My long dark driveway (and, ahem, German Shepherd) tend to keep the number of trick and treaters down to a very small number each year, but Anna always manages to score an impressive amount of candy as she does her rounds (as well as sweeping up all the non-taken candy from here too). We’re into the eleventh month of the year already; with Thanksgiving and then...
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Government issues Lion Air ban following fatal crash

Rescue workers think they've found wrecked aircraft on seabed
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Revisited: Why Do Airplane Crashes Receive So Much Attention?

When a Boeing 737-800 MAX — which operated as Lion Air flight 610 to Pangkal Pinang — crashed into the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia approximately 35 nautical miles northeast of Jakarta shortly after taking off earlier this morning, Monday, October 29, 2018, the media was all over the story. Only six bodies of the 188 people aboard the aircraft — seven of them as members of the flight crew — have been recovered at the time this article was written; and the fairly new aircraft was damaged b...
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Big spending Lion Air agrees another multi-billion dollar Boeing order

Lion Air buying 50 Max 10 jets worth $6.24 billion
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What are the Airlines that fly to Raja Ampat?

Due to the popularity of being one of the most beautiful places on earth, many have seen or heard about Raja Ampat in West Papua. And there are many who even want to explore this incredible destination in Indonesia.But where is this mysterious place that goes by the name of Four Kings or translated as Raja Ampat? This island paradise comprises of more than 1,500 small islands, and sits on the northwestern tip of West Papua.Yes, Papua is divided into two different countries, the east being Pap...
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Would You Fly with Malaysia Airlines?

To say the last few years for Malaysia Airlines has been difficult is an understatement. Many airlines fold after one tragedy (like Pan Am) but two in the space of a year – unheard of. With the 24-hour Media cycle, we haven’t been allowed to forget the tragedies which saw MH370 mysteriously disappear and MH17 shot down in Ukrainian territory on a popular flight route over Eastern Europe within a few months of each other in 2014. Again, the airline was thrust into the spotlight and across Austral...
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Lion Air announces big Boeing order for 50 MAX 10 jets

USD6 billion deal biggest so far at Paris Air Show
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Picking Pockets Flying Foxes

Geo 8.67063 119.572Took a flight in a small TurboProp of the brand new airline Lion Air to Labuan Bajo Tenggara also known as Flores. On the way to the harbor i briefly let the Taxi driver stop at the supermarket to get some stuff when he got some st
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