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Hot sauces around world

Some people like to say that variety is the spice of life. Well, if they’re talking about the variety of hot sauces, the maxim is undeniably true. Hot sauce is so universally beloved that both Beyonce and Hillary Clinton keep it in their purses. True culinary aficionados know that most meals aren’t complete without a bottle of hot sauce. Some of us even keep bottles in our glove compartments in case of an emergency. Every dish from fried chicken to pho can be improved with a squeeze from a bo...
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Hysterical Journey to Historic Places

A PASSEL OF COUSINSIf you somehow find yourself bored and at loose ends with yourself during a visit to Natchez Mississippi drive across the bridge and take Hwy 425 a few miles up into Louisiana to a little place called Ferriday. It is a pretty
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State parks as COVID quarantine

State parks are stepping up to serve a useful purpose amid the coronavirus outbreak. On March 9, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced that one acre of Hard Labor Creek State Park would function as a place for isolating and monitoring coronavirus patients. Similarly, three Louisiana parks have been designated as quarantine zones where patients are brought to allow them to recover from the virus, away from more vulnerable members of society. As of Wednesday, March 18, 2020, two of Louisiana’s ...
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New York City to-go cocktails

Since bars and restaurants are now closed in New York City — and several other places around the country — some businesses are making the most of the “new off-premises privileges” granted by the New York State Liquor Authority. As takeout and delivery are still permitted in NYC, some bars and restaurants are going the way of Louisiana’s drive-through Daiquiri bars, and serving cocktails to-go. As long as the drinks are sold in a closed or sealed container, and purchased along with food, it’s ...
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Famous TV house locations

The running joke with Friends is that no 20-somethings in New York could ever afford that apartment. Of course, we’ve got no way to prove that, since the “apartment” was actually a sound stage, and there’s not exactly a Zillow listing for fictional addresses. But many shows shot their exterior shots at real live homes that you can go drive by and annoy the current occupants today. Many of which are valued at a lot more than their fictional occupants could ever afford. HomeAdvisor did some dig...
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States with strange alcohol laws

In an ideal world, we’d be able to show up in a new state, stroll into any establishment with a cash register, and purchase whatever type of alcohol our hearts desire. Happy hour would be at 9:00 PM on Saturdays, last call wouldn’t exist, and no one would look twice at you for throwing back Jell-O shots on the sidewalk in broad daylight. Unfortunately, this is not our reality. There is an abundance of rules governing alcohol consumption, and since this is the United States, these rules differ...
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Google once predicted the flu, now it's one of many tech giants the coronavirus has caught off guard (GOOG, FB, AMZN)

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Trending, the newsletter where we highlight BI Prime's biggest tech stories. If this is your first time here, I'm Alexei Oreskovic, Business Insider's West Coast bureau chief and global tech editor. You can sign up here to get Trending in your inbox every week. This week: Google's technology once predicted the flu, now Google and other tech companies are scrambling to respond to a surprisingly powerful epidemic Back when Google was still the "Don't ...
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Best US music festivals spring 2020

Hopefully, you’re not yet at the point where you’re going all Portlandia and attending festivals via drone. Because though the heat, crowds, and cost of a major music festival can be a little aggravating, it’s still the only chance to see your entire playlist live in one place, combining it with an epic vacation to a new city or a beachfront paradise. Spring might be even better than summer when it comes to US music festivals, offering cooler weather and bills with a little more variety. Rea...
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Amtrak is returning to Gulf Coast

Amtrak hasn’t visited the Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina hit the area 15 years ago. Given the abundance of alternative transportation options like highways and cheap flights, Amtrak’s return to the area seemed unlikely. But City Council members in Mobile, Alabama, just voted for the return of the Sunset Limited — the train that once traveled along the Gulf Coast — and those who frequently traveled on the old route are sure to feel a bit nostalgic. The vote would bring back a portion of th...
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Confusing, Popular Street Names

Read the full article on at - Confusing, Popular Street Names When it comes to streets in America, original names might be in short supply. In the U.S. alone, there are over 10,000 main streets. In Arizona, its most popular street is Apache. In Louisiana and Mississippi, it’s Magnolia. And in Delaware, it’s Holly. If you’re using a GPS to get around in Atlanta, here’s a... The post Confusing, Popular Street Names appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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Most endangered plants in the US

A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but what about a blackspore spillwort? Or cabbage on a stick? Do you even know what cabbage on a stick is supposed to smell like? A lot better than you think, most likely, but the problem is you’ll likely never get to smell either of those because they are gravely endangered. In pursuing NetCredit’s research on the most endangered plants in every state, you’ll not only notice the plant names are absolutely fantastic, you’ll also see how human ...
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New Orleans cuisine told by a chef

When it comes to food, the old cliche of the United States as a melting pot rings true. Nowhere, however, is it truer than New Orleans. There are Haitian, Vietnamese, Italian, Cuban, and Chinese influences in the food of this eclectic city. Classic French dishes get a Southern twist and are then punched up with spices from India and West Africa. This all makes New Orleans an exciting place for people like Phillip Lopez, the executive chef at Galatoire’s and the host of the PBS show Good Gumb...
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Iguanas fall from trees in Florida

Cold weather brings many dangers, like frostbite and hypothermia, but falling iguanas doesn’t typically crack the list. Well, a freeze warning is now in effect from Louisiana to the Carolinas, and the National Weather Service in Miami has issued a particularly rare warning. “Don’t be surprised if you see iguanas falling from the trees tonight,” they tweeted. That’s right. As if worrying about falling icicles wasn’t enough, now people have to look skyward to make sure green lizards aren’t fall...
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11 cool things to do in Mobile, Alabama – on my Deep South road trip USA

Arriving in Mobile on Alabama’s southern Gulf Coast, I immediately felt a relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere that was somehow different to the bustling feel of Birmingham and Montgomery that I’d visited earlier in my Deep South Road Trip. Colonised and fought over by the French, British and Spanish in the 18th century, Mobile is a cultural melting pot with strong Creole influences that hark back to the time it was part of the French colony of Louisiana. Although I only spent a couple of da...
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Where to travel in 2020

The 25 places you need to travel in 2020 Photo: Scott Sporleder W e are now at the dawn of a new decade. And though today might not feel much different than yesterday, for some reason years that end in zero always make us think a little harder about what the future will hold. Some think about marriage and children. Others wonder about their career paths. But nearly all of us wonder where the next 10 years will take us around this beaut...
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Tips for Attending Mardi Gras

One bucket list item for many people is visiting New Orleans during Mardi gras. But if you don’t have the insider know-how, the entire process can end up being a poor experience that lasts a short time. What makes this celebration famous is the wild parties and unruly revelers, but there is more to Mardi Gras than meets the eye. For the locals, it is about the elaborate parades, pageantry, food, masquerade balls, family and tradition. This time is for celebrating and bringing people from differ...
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American pie history

Pie is a cornerstone of American culture, as inalienable from the national identity as our fundamental rights. Every November, we argue not if we should serve pie but rather which pie, pumpkin or pecan, deserves to grace the hallowed Thanksgiving table. An American mouth is a “pie hole,” one that’s likely belted the lyrics to “American Pie” at a karaoke bar. The Declaration of Independence may as well read “life, liberty, and the pursuit of filled pastry.” Like America itself, however, pie’s ...
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The best and most famous pies in US

The United States is a pie-loving country. We eat it for dessert and the leftovers for breakfast. We argue about how and if to make homemade crust (and usually eat it regardless). We especially love pie around the holidays. We reached out to pie makers from across the country, dug through government declarations, and drew on our personal experiences to find each state’s signature pie. Some states share a pie style, proving that even though states have their differences, we’re also alike in m...
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What to Bring When Aboard a New Orleans Swamp Tour

New Orleans is a city in the state of Louisiana. This city is situated along the Mississippi River and is close to the Gulf of Mexico. They have an estimated population of about 391,000 people but attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. This city is famous for its culture, music, and food. The vibrant nightlife and the festival spirit in the city bring people to this place from all over the world. You can party here all night and all day. You can also meet different people and expe...
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LA-based gaming studio Scopely raises $200 million at a $1.4 billion valuation

The Los Angeles-based mobile game development studio Scopely has become America’s newest unicorn thanks to a $200 million financing which values the company at a whopping $1.4 billion. Scopely said it would use the capital to continue its strategy of developing and acquiring new games as it looks to continue its run of six consecutive mobile games that will gross $100 million or more in lifetime revenue. The new investment follows Scopely’s milestone of achieving more than $1 billion in lifet...
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The New Orleans Road Trip Planner The Easiest Way to Plan Your Itinerary for Driving Louisiana

When a state lives by the words Laissez le bon temps rouler, meaning let the good times roll, you know it’s the right place for a road trip. Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
Tags: Travel, Usa, Louisiana, New Orleans Road, Driving itinerary

New Orleans Road Trip Planner – Your Complete Guide to Driving Louisiana

When a state lives by the words Laissez le bon temps rouler, meaning let the good times roll, you know it’s the right place for a road trip. Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
Tags: Travel, Usa, New Orleans, Louisiana, Driving itinerary

The Surprising Story Behind Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World in New Orleans

What a Wonderful World Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong's voice drifts through the streets of New Orleans during Satchmofest every year. And nothing sounds more beautiful than What a Wonderful World.Satchmofest in New OrleansBeneath the sticky Louisiana sun, I lie back on the grass and open my eyes.I see trees of green...A low-slung stage stands behind 200 or […] Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
Tags: Travel, Usa, New Orleans, Louisiana, Louis Armstrong, Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong, Satchmofest

The Story Behind Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World in New Orleans

What a Wonderful World Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong's voice drifts through the streets of New Orleans during Satchmofest every year. And nothing sounds more beautiful than What a Wonderful World.Satchmofest in New OrleansBeneath the sticky Louisiana sun, I lie back on the grass and open my eyes.I see trees of green...A low-slung stage stands behind 200 or […] Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
Tags: Travel, Usa, New Orleans, Louisiana, Louis Armstrong, Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong, Satchmofest

7 US cities in pristine nature

W hile places like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite may hog the attention of nature lovers (and the resulting hordes of tourists), there are plenty of US cities with pristine nature right in their backyards literally asking to be visited — no long lines or shuttle buses in sight. And get this: Taking in the country’s gorgeous vistas doesn’t have to wait until you reach your destination. Leave the driving to Greyhound, and you can lean back in your reclining leather seat and let your sightseeing b...
Tags: Travel, Usa, Yosemite, California, Milwaukee, US, LSU, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cities, Nature, Louisiana, Grand Canyon, Backyard, All

R’Evolution NOLA aka New Orleans

New Orleans continues evolving with another renaissance featuring some of today’s top food trends and re-imagined old ones with respect to its past.
Tags: Travel, Entertainment, United States, New Orleans, Louisiana, Burlesque, Green travel, Destinations, Foodies, Vegetarian, NOLA, New Restaurants

Diana Ross Felt ‘Violated’ by TSA at Louisiana airport

Singer Diana Ross is not happy about a recent airport experience. The legendary songtress recently hit social media to express how she felt completly “violated” by a Transportation Security Administration screener during a pat-down at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Details below… (more…) Related Posts RUMOR CONTROL: United Airlines ‘Leggings Ban’ Applies to Employee Travel Passes Only…T-Boz & Chilli Celebrate ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story’ NYC Premiere w/Family & Fri...
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States by the most speeding tickets

Cops here are the worst. This seems to be the lamentation of anyone who’s ever been pulled over for speeding and not let go with a warning. Generally mumbling some kind of profanity and using the word “redneck” and “power trip” a few times before googling the phone number for the Ticket Clinic. In fairness, a cop giving you a ticket is doing their job, even if that job includes sitting 100 yards past a 25-mile-per-hour speed limit sign at the end of a highway. But some states are far more agg...
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The Creole Nature Trail

On impulse this morning we decided to drive the Creole Nature Trail that begins in Sulphur Louisiana and ends in Cameron Parish. The drive is a beautiful one with wild flowers marsh grasses and a variety of water fowl on display. Fishing camps and duck h
Tags: Travel, Louisiana, Cameron Parish, Creole Nature Trail

Things To Do In Florida This Summer

With summer around the corner you might be wondering what you can do for that upcoming summer holiday that will really make a splash with the kids, creating memories that will last a lifetime. While there are numerous awesome ideas for spending the summer downtime with friends, family and the kids, heading to a long sought after destination is probably one of the best ways to enjoy the warmer weather. Florida is one such place many people want to travel to and for good reason. With more than ju...
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