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Things to do in Flensburg, Germany

The northern border of the Schleswig region of Germany cuts right around the small city of Flensburg, known best as the final seat of Nazi Germany for a full week following Hitler’s death until the surrender of German forces in 1945. These days, many Danish people call Flensburg their home despite the city not being part of Denmark since 1864. Even though Flensburg chose to remain part of Germany when given the option, Danes and Germans living in the area have an extremely amicable relationsh...
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He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

  How funny that out of thousands of things at a brocante fair a charm that size of my fingernail could grab my attention. This green daisy or Margurite in French has two parts, a cover that turns around a stationary part the has words written on each petal. The finely printed words I could not read when I bought it, but I took a chance that it would convey a sweet secret and I wasn't wrong.  On the petals are written, "I love you with all my heart." It sure beats that game of plucking petals a...
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Visiting Budapest: Suggested Itinerary, What to See & Do, and Where to Stay

Posted: 3/13/2019 | March 13th, 2019 Before I first visited, I imagined Budapest to be this rundown former Communist capital with little to do. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. Budapest turned out to be a vibrant city with a rich history, beautiful parks and buildings, bustling food halls, cool underground bars, and centuries-old thermal baths. There was indeed a lot to do. Since then, I’ve been back many times and have even led tours there. I love how Budapest’s drab exterior hides an inner warmt...
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One of the Most Amazing Antiques I Have Ever Found

    After antiquing the entire morning at the brocante we went for lunch, we celebrated with our friend Joanne who had just received a copy of her new book (more about that tomorrow) plus we talked about what each of us had found during our morning hunt. Later with renewed energy, we went back to take a second look, I enjoy going back and walking the opposite way around at the brocante, taking it slow, looking under tables, in the back of the vans, looking at things I normally don't look at the...
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Call for Guest Writers Considerations Now Being Accepted

Want to be part of the Italian American Girl social media journey?  We are seeking guest writers/ guests for upcoming features on the site, and other social media platforms.  If you have a great story, brand, book, event pertaining to the Italian American journey, please send your submission for consideration to margaret at italian american girl dot comCiao~Margaret [Author: [email protected] (Margaret Fontana)]
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Foreign investment soars, owners to face fines for fake service animals, homeless qualify for Medicaid housing, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu ©2018 All Hawaii News Amid already hot housing market, foreign investment in Hawaii properties soars. Decades after the collapse of the Japanese investment bubble, foreign investment in Hawaii is making a big comeback. Hawaii News Now.Hawaii to roll out database to track school repair backlog. The Hawaii Department of Education is rolling out an online database to track the estimated $868 million backlog of repair and maintenance projects in the public school system. Associated P...
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Hut to Hut Hiking on the Charlevoix Traversé

A few years ago John and I included a winter visit to the scenic Charlevoix region located less than 100 kilometres northeast of Quebec City. On that trip we enjoyed a stunning drive, albeit a hair-raising one along Highway 381, through a dramatic landscape of lumpy mountains and frozen rivers that included Parc national des Grands-Jardins with its sub-Arctic taiga-like terrain. At that time I knew there were backcountry huts in the area used by cross-country skiers but I had no idea there was t...
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Margaret Island The king's wager of his daughter

King Bela IV promised God that if his kingdom survived the Mongol invasion he would offer his daughter as a nun. As a consequence Princess Margaret was sent at the age of 9 to live out her days in a Dominican convent on the island in the Danube at Buda
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Day 7 Full Day in Petra

Today was our very full day at Petra. Alana took our group minus Pierre Brian and Margaret who had decided to do their own thing at around 745am and she told us some interesting things along the way into the Treasury. We then continued on and she took
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A special lunch

Frank and Margaret are in Wales for their annual Easter trip and we met up with them on Monday despite the fact that snow had covered us once again during the night. Auntie Margaret had spent Easter Sunday in outpatients in Aberystwyth hospital as she'd
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My Latest Film/ Education Project - Generation Change Screening at Rider University

Ciao Amici, as many of you know I heavily involved in the arts and especially media and film.   I've partnered with Seven13Films and Rider University to present a special screening of the documentary Generation Change.  Our event is coming up on April 19th at Rider University in Lawrenceville, N.J.  Learn more below:  Seven13 Films and Rider University Present Youth Symposium with Trenton Mayoral Candidates Thursday, April 19, 6:30 p.m.   Alicia Nieves of CBS 3’s Eyewitness News...
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John Ruskin Returns to Venice

Self portrait with blue necktie by John Ruskin (1873) (Venice, Italy) John Ruskin (1819-1900) was one of the first foreigners who tried to "save Venice," a phenomenon that continues to this very day. An English art critic, writer, historian, artist and social reformer with a tormented personal life, Ruskin arrived in Venice with his wife, Effie, in November 1849 to March 1850 to research what would become his most famous work: The Stones of Venice.Ruskin had been visiting Venice with his ...
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I’ve been hearing a lot lately about an exhibit of Dior, the famous French clothing designer. There were lines waiting to enter, even if you had gotten a ticket for a reserved time online which I had. Some people, even with a ticket, had to wait an hour before entering. It’s getting near to the time when the exhibit is ending and maybe there are fewer people because I arrived early and was let in 20 minutes before my reserved time. The museum, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, was packed with peopl...
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Never too much Chocolate

Never to much chocolate We meet Margaret and Yvette at Central Park Zoo to check out the animals and see if we could find the gay penguins. Although the zoo was small they had a lot of animals and was set out beautifully. Were in the rainforest area
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Finally a decent Coffee

During my holiday research I came across an article about a coffee festival and it was on the weekend Yvette and her mum Margaret arrived. I booked us tickets in the hope we will find a decent cup of coffee.We were amazed at the varieties of coffee and
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Exploring airports Madison to Montreal

900 am Up early to finish packing ride to the arport in Margaret's truck almost empty airport with no lines at the American desk and in the tsa checkin line. Sylvia and Mark just showed up. We are ready to go.Montreal After a two hour layover i
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Surprising Piedmont: A Medieval Jewel in the North

Travellers who come to Italy in search of art typically arrive in Florence, Rome or Venice, but one of the best-kept secrets of Italian art is to be found in a region of Italy that you probably fly right over in your search for the giants of the Renaissance: Piedmont, literally “land at the foot of the mountain.” This area of Italy is best known for the superb wines of the Langhe and the gastronomy of the Slow Food movement, but there is an incredible wealth of art and architecture here too (mak...
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Witney to Banstead

What a wonderful Thursday evening at lovely friends Charlotte and Tony where Mel and Kurt have been staying with Peter and Margaret and the four of us in Witney. A lovely end to a great week.Friday morning we all 4 had our final breakfast together w
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Lovely Witney

So Dom and I have arrived in Witney our next stop with the lovely Peter and Margaret. What a journey so far.....The conference finished yesterday was so fabulous heard so much great stuff got a little damprained on in the process and the rain mac
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Princess Margaret Marine Park Portland Island

Geo 48.7232 123.338We awoke after spending the night in Royal Cove on Portland Island and after breakfast cereals and fruit with ample quantities of coffee decide to go ashore to hike. John has equipped himself with a plastic bowl and lid his in
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The Sense of an Ending at Luna

The Sense of an Ending is a poignant movie that follows the life of the key character Tony Webster (played by Jim Broadbent). Based on the novel by English writer Julian Barnes it won the acclaimed Man Booker prize. As the movie unfolds, a surprising event leads Tony to reflect on his younger days, especially for his first love Veronica Ford (played by Charlotte Rampling). The story pans between his youth and time spent with his first love and peers at school, to his current life ...
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Things to do in Montréal: March 10 to 16

Montréal adds a twist to the classics this week: Roger Waters’ The Wall becomes an opera, winter festival MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE has us ice sliding and zip-lining downtown, butterflies float through an indoor garden, and Arcade Fire’s Kanaval Kanpe brings the tropics to the city. Lights and action Arts, culture and fine dining festival MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE makes downtown even brighter until March 11 with an exciting program of performing arts, inspired fine dining options and the free and family...
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unesco world heritage sites i have visited

The United Nations Educational, Scientic, and Cultural Organization -- better known as UNESCO -- has created a list of natural and human-made sites that "are of outstanding universal value" and meet a selection criteria. UNESCO:Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.The list helps identify sites that are at risk because of war, environmental ...
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20 Canada Haunted Attractions

20 Canada Haunted Attractions Ghosts, Apparitions & Creepy Paranormal Canada. How spooky is that!? Do you believe in ghosts? What about monsters under the bed? Have you ever heard voices coming from the shadows? How about objects being moved? Did you blame it on your imagination at the time? Try visiting some of these 20 haunted attractions in Canada during the next full moon or witching hour and, yes, even during a power outage and see if you get spooked.Maybe writing about ghosts at night, in...
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Canadian in the US

Photo: Shandi-Lee 1. You get mocked for over-apologizing, all the time. And are genuinely sorry about that. 2. You’ve been asked over a thousand times if it’s cold in Canada. You know parts of the US are just as cold as parts of Canada, but you smile politely and tell them how glad you are to not live in an igloo anymore. 3. You wish the Canadian Prime Minister was running in the 2016 US Election. Enough said. 4. American Thanksgiving is way too late and way too close to Christmas. But you fi...
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Bargain Book Roundup

Bargain Picks The Cutting: McCabe and Savage Thriller #1 ($0.99 Kindle), by James Hayman [Witness Impulse / HarperCollins] The first novel in the nationally bestselling McCabe and Savage series—perfect for fans of John Sandford and CJ Box. Someone is stealing the hearts of beautiful women… Detective Mike McCabe moved from a top homicide job with the NYPD to Portland, Maine to leave his failed marriage and suspicions of wrongdoing behind, and to find a more peaceful life for himself and his 1...
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Western Australia: A Guide

Perth, Fremantle, Cottesloe….Western Australia has A LOT to offer. Let’s go! This post comes from our blog intern, Emily! Australia. A continent we all want to visit and a country many are lucky to call home. I envy Australians… the place they call home really is a dream destination. A place where people are keen to laugh, the weather is unbeatable, and it’s easy to enjoy simple pleasures in life. I have traveled to Australia a few times, and each time I’m closer and closer to cancelling t...
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Life Before The Taliban: Photos Show Afghanistan Before It Plunged Into Hell

In 1967, Dr. William Podlich took a two-year leave of absence from teaching at Arizona State University and began a stint with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to teach in the Higher Teachers College in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he served as the “Expert on Principles of Education.” His wife Margaret and two daughters, Peg and Jan, came with him. Then teenagers, the Podlich sisters attended high school at the American International School of Kabul, which ...
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2 More Ways to Talk (Casual and Formal)… in the English Language Part II

Introduction – Definition of Casual and Formal Language In an earlier article I wrote about how to talk using casual language and formal language in English. I defined the words “casual” and “formal” before discussing the topic, and gave some practical examples of words and phrases, what they mean,  and when to say them. This is a brief review in case you missed it: Ca·su·al/ˈkaZHo͞oəl/adj designed for informal use; relaxed and unconcerned; casual words are widely used with people you know and a...
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10 best pubs in North Yorkshire

Real ales, great food, handy for walkers with a thirst on ... Martin Wainwright, the Guardian's northern editor, knows a good Yorkshire pub when he finds one and here are his top 10Read more in our North Yorkshire holiday guideSmall, friendly and community-owned; you can glow with virtue in this beautiful spot as well as enjoying the locally-sourced food and a pint of Black Sheep or guest ales. The pub is a freehouse and runs a shop, internet access and allotments for the 200-odd locals, so ther...
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