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Did an Airbus A330 Have the Same Problem as the 737 MAX? (Ask Cranky)

It’s time for another edition of Ask Cranky and today, it provides a good excuse to write more about Boeing’s 737 MAX problems. No small talk needed… let’s get into this. Everyone is bashing Boeing right now, but is there any real difference in the growing pains of the 737 Max vs the computer glitches that caused the pitch down incidents on the Quantas [sic] A330s? -David I love a question that makes me do research. I vaguely remembered a Qantas incident on an A330, but I didn’t recall...
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In Defense of Not Grounding the 737 MAX… Even Though It’s Now Grounded

When the 737 MAX operating Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crashed on takeoff from Addis Ababa last Sunday, the pressure immediately began to mount. Since this accident happened during the same phase of flight as the Lion Air accident last year, the dots were instantly connected… even if they shouldn’t necessarily have been. Calls to ground the airplane mounted from all sides except from those who actually fly the thing. Everyone caved quickly except for the US and Canada. Then yesterday, the ...
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American Airlines Pilots Back the 737 MAX, as Black Boxes Get Analyzed We’ll Know More

I would love it if it were more possible to follow the facts and not the mob. We don’t yet know where the facts on the Ethiopian Airlines disaster will lead. American Airlines pilots have come out in support of the 737 MAX. Contrary to the Chinese regulator's lack of confidence in their pilots flying aircraft manually, they remain confident in their ability to operate the MAX, the performance of their planes has been exemplary, and their planes have a difference that they highlight from other...
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US presidential candidate calls for grounding of MAX 8

Lawmakers echo her calls for temporary ban following fatal crash
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TUI and Norwegian among airlines hit by MAX 8 ban

CAA grounds aircraft following fatal crash
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Don’t Read Too Much Into China and Indonesia Grounding the Boeing 737 MAX

Just as China's move to ground the MAX conveniently serves political interests (in escalating trade tensions with the U.S.), Indonesia has an interest in blaming the aircraft itself versus their country's largest privately-run airline for its tragic incident. Continue reading Don’t Read Too Much Into China and Indonesia Grounding the Boeing 737 MAX...
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Two Commercial Airlines Have Crashed Within 24 Hours

A four month old Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX lost radar contact six minutes after departure at 8:44 a.m. local time. No survivors among the 149 passengers and 8 crew from flight ET302 from Addis Ababa to Nairobi have been found. The one you may not have heard about is that a Laser Aereo Colombia Douglas DC-3 from San Jose del Guaviare to Villavicencio with 14 passengers on board declared an emergency at 10:40 a.m. local time on Saturday, and crashed into the ground bursting into flames....
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Travels with Tovah and Max

As I write this blog entry I'm recovering from cataract surgery right eye staying with friends near Quito. I am trying to limit my screen time to rest my eye which is my way of telling you that this entry is likely to be more photos than text so be sure
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Day 2

Day 2 Max and Emily went to school today and we walked with Sarah into downtown Los Gatos a little over a mile on a lovely walking path along the creek. We enjoyed delicious guacamole for lunch and were introduced to the Mexican drink called horchata
Tags: Travel, Sarah, Max, Emily

Return to Ecuador

Fair warning...this will be a blog entry of many photos and not so many words. I'm trying to get it written and published before the next big event in my life...the arrival of my niece Tovah and her boyfriend Max in Ecuador. I'm so excited to show them aro
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Monitoring Internet connection at Home using, Termux and CouchDB

For last few days we have been running a dog cam to watch Max. whenever we are away. Max is getting older, faster than I think. So even though he is very comfortable staying alone at home 1, we like to keep an eye on him for our sanity. The camera is nothing fancy, we switch it on (Power On) when we leave house and Switch it off (Power off) when we come back. We can watch him when we are away on a phone app2. But the biggest challenge has been tracking internet connection. The connection goes of...
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Family ski trip to Mammoth Lakes, CA

“C an we move here?” That was my daughter Layla’s first reaction, stamping through moonlit snow and into the Village at Mammoth, the gas log fires and twinkling holiday decorations making it feel suddenly as if we’d walked into wonderland. I’m with you baby, I thought. I had to admire her 11-year-old sense that anything was possible. Then again, over those 11 years we’d spent seasons in so many one-of-a-kind places (think Puerto Escondido in Mexico, or the Alpujarra region in Spain) that her s...
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So, Just What Is Wrong With American?

I recently wrote about American CEO Doug Parker’s view on why things are on the right track at American, but that’s certainly not a view shared by many these days.  There seems to be something wrong with American, but it’s hard to figure out exactly what that is. Certainly investors aren’t happy, and the stock is in the toilet.  Doug has repeatedly explained his view on why Wall Street is wrong, but that hasn’t moved the needle.  (Go figure. Wall Street usually loves being told they’re wrong.) ...
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Travel News: November 8, 2018

Boeing Issues Warning to 737 MAX Pilots After Lion Air Crash Travel Pulse In response to the crash of a Lion Air plane in Indonesia last week, Boeing is warning pilots about possible erroneous data from a key sensor on its 737 MAX planes. According to Reuters, investigators handling the deadly crash of Flight JT610 found one of the angle of attack sensors on the new Boeing aircraft provided incorrect readings. The sensor issues can cause the plane to go into an aerodynamic stall.   American twe...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 2 November, 2018

An artist’s impression of the possible new airport for Mexico City. See item, below. Good morning I hope your Halloween was enjoyable.  My long dark driveway (and, ahem, German Shepherd) tend to keep the number of trick and treaters down to a very small number each year, but Anna always manages to score an impressive amount of candy as she does her rounds (as well as sweeping up all the non-taken candy from here too). We’re into the eleventh month of the year already; with Thanksgiving and then...
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Film Festival examines key Aboriginal issues: Culture and Ecology

The Kimberley is a vast and rugged region – 420,000km2 of unique landforms and species of wildlife, swathes of wilderness defined by rugged ranges, spectacular gorges, savannah, waterfalls, cave systems and a largely isolated coastline. It is among the world’s most ecologically diverse areas and home to the highest percentage of Aboriginal people living on country in Australia – all of which is threatened by the relentless expansion of mining, pastoralism and irrigated agriculture. The Aborigina...
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Apple’s Annual iPhone Release

Apple’s new iPhone XS Max (left) and XS, with an 8 Plus i the middle to show relative body and screen sizes If it is September, then not only is Fall making its transformational presence felt, but it is time for an “Apple Spring” with their annual event announcing another year’s worth of iPhones. This year’s event cast off still more of the Jobs legacy, with CEO Tim Cook in white sneakers, light tan Dockers style trousers, and an open-neck blue button-down shirt.  No hint of the black turtle-ne...
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Jet-setting pets of Instagram

Everyone knows about travel bloggers , but in recent years we’ve seen a new trend taking the internet by storm — jet set pets. Traveling pets are an Instagram phenomenon, with an increasing number of furry friends having their own social media accounts to document their worldwide travels. But which have traveled the furthest? We decided to find out once and for all, taking 15 of the most popular jet set pets on Instagram and tracking their journeys around the globe. Maybe you’ll find some insp...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Usa, UK, Kim Kardashian, Instagram, Colorado, Australia, France, Animals, India, Thailand, Paris, Italy, Burma, Miami

Last day in Newfoundland Labrador

Max and I will always have fond memories of this amazing province with their rich history loyalty to family history friendliness native foods artsmusic to name a few. The geography is breathtaking and introduced to some obscured locations and ex
Tags: Travel, Max, Newfoundland Labrador

Wild West Day 15

Started driving toward Mt Rainier National Park. Tossed around a lot of options touching the Pacific visiting friends etc. and around lunch time we decided on going to North Cascades NP. Maggie wants to go home Max wants to not hike and add to the nu
Tags: Travel, Maggie, Pacific, Max, North Cascades

Wild West Day 12

We woke up at 6 today to get to Moraine Lake. As I said the parking lot fills up so we were able to get a spot The kids slept as we drove and Max and I slept some more when we got there rick cooked breakfast at a picnic area near the parking lot. On
Tags: Travel, Max, Moraine Lake

Wild West Day 12

We woke up at 6 today to get to Moraine Lake. As I said the parking lot fills up so we were able to get a spot The kids slept as we drove and Max and I slept some more when we got there rick cooked breakfast at a picnic area near the parking lot. On
Tags: Travel, Max, Moraine Lake

Wild West Day 11

Today was a day off. We drove to the town of Banff and I did laundry while Max did some work for summer school and Rick and Maggie did grocery shopping. Banff was crazy busy and a regular town with a Gap and Chilis After our chores we sa
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Max and I are anxiously awaiting our trip to Newfoundland and Labrador NF for 12 days. We typically plan our own trips but we heard about this 12 person tour through Atlas Obscura and decided to give it a go. We'll fly into St.John's head up the eastern
Tags: Travel, Newfoundland, John, Max, Labrador NF

Galapagos and Beyond day 16 Mexican Mother's Day in Cabo San Lucas

The family were due to come into town during the course of the afternoon. At lunch time Caroline and Max took us to the Indian restaurant very close to the hotel. We discovered that it was Mexican Mothers Day.
Tags: Travel, Galapagos, Max, Cabo San Lucas, Caroline

A Daytrip to Meet Some Senior Pooches

Note: This post is from fictionhead. So me == Anjana. We went on this day drip together. For those who don’t know me, I adopted Max nearly two years back when he was 11.5 years old. He has since grown to become the very center of my life and love. Max is not the only old person in my life. My grandparents (only my grandmother is still alive) have been a big influence on me. To everyone who continues to ask why I adopted an old dog, I say, “for the same reason we keep our grandparents around. ...
Tags: Travel, Life, Max, Labrador, Benji, Lalitha, Yelahanka, Maxmaxmaximax, Ammu, CUPA, Chintana Gopinath s Instagram, Mylappanahalli, Maxubee, Benjiboo, Chikkalingaiah, Blindy Ammu Latha Lalitha

Galapagos and Beyond day 11 Shabbat onboard

The yacht stopped for sightseeing at two spots on Santiago Island during the day Egas Port on the west coast and Sullivan Bay in the southeast. Caroline and Max again saw black sandy beaches uneven areas of vol
Tags: Travel, Galapagos, Max, Caroline, Santiago Island, Sullivan Bay

These 7 US cities are over

The problem with anything great is everyone else knows about it. That great new neighborhood restaurant you found before anyone else now has a three-hour wait a year later. Many places that were once cool, undiscovered finds are now borderline unbearable, with sky-high prices everywhere you look. The good news is that for every one of these overplayed, overhyped cities, new cities come along and fill the void they leave behind. That’s why we’re proclaiming these seven cities officially over f...
Tags: Travel, Florida, Texas, California, La, US, America, San Francisco, Austin, Hawaii, Miami, Nashville, John, Napa, Kingston, Oakland

The countdown to Max and Jill's Big Adventure

It's almost happening Though you'd hardly know it. Our Golden Chariot Max's 1960 Corvette is still in the shop with missing parts no seats and other stuff waiting to be fixedinstalledupgraded. But the guys at Fast Times promise it will
Tags: Travel, Max, Jill, Fast Times

Daily Show Mocks American Airlines New Miserable Lavatories

American's new Boeing 737 MAX interior has seats with less space between them than ever before, less recline, and no seat back entertainment. They are installing satellite wifi and bigger overhead bins, but to squeeze in even more seats -- they've gone from 150 seats to 172 seats on this size aircraft in just four years -- they're shrinking the bathrooms onboard. One American Airlines pilot describes these lavatories as the most miserable experience in the world. He says he'll refuse to deadhe...
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