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6 historical adventures for today

F inding true adventure in 2019 isn’t easy. The list of our remaining “frontiers” — space exploration, quantum physics, the darkest depths of the ocean — reads like an esoteric sci-fi novel. And no high-tech virtual reality will ever give you the same buzz as summitting that mountain, stalking that wild game, or even relaxing al fresco with an epic view and a glass of wine after a day spent pushing your limits. To solve this problem and find your next taste of untamed adventure, you need two t...
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Finding Hidden Gems and Unusual Things to do in Athens: Gold Beyond the Acropolis

Athens is an unusual city. With its eye-watering place in world history, the olive-soaked Mediterranean air breezing through and the Acropolis shining on a hilltop, Athens should be an easy city to fall in love with. Yet alongside the romance, Athens packs in skyscrapers, traffic jams, urban grit and edgy street art. And a visit there is all the better for it. Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
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Patras Greece: A Key Port City of the Peloponnese

Patras Greece is an important port along the Mediterranean on the Peloponnese. It has a beautiful harbor, a legendary annual carnival, and is worth a visit.
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Mediterranean exhilaration

Renowned for a generally relaxed vibe, the Mediterranean is an attractive yachting haven and reliable summer stalwart. The array of vibrant locations, each with their own distinct flavour, means there is something for everyone to enjoy. While many choose to just sit back and relax during their Med escape, the region also offers numerous options […] The post Mediterranean exhilaration appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Travel: Americans make a patriotic pilgrimage to Normandy

Our American gaze is turning again to the French coastline of Normandy. June 6 marks the 75th anniversary of the greatest wartime sea invasion in history. In what was the crucial turning point of World War II in Europe, about 156,000 Allied troops — almost all American, English and Canadian — invaded on a single day five Normandy beaches to begin driving  German occupiers out of conquered territory and start the end of the most significant and terrible conflict of the 20th century. In the three ...
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The best affordable beach escapes in Spain

Hoping to escape the heat, hustle, and bustle of Madrid, Barcelona and other big cities in Spain this summer? Spain is literally lined with seaside options, and as temperatures rise these sandy retreats fill up. However, not all of these summer destinations are recommended for travelers trying to keep their costs under control. Many are absolutely crammed with tourists, while others have become blighted with commercial development and sub-par restaurants. Meanwhile, many of those peaceful spots ...
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Capri introduces fine for plastics

The island of Capri in the Bay of Naples in Italy is one of the “most exclusive and crowded tourist destinations in Italy,” explains Agencia EFE. And such a popularity comes at a price, namely the abundance of unwanted plastic waste that ends up on the coastline and in the sea surrounding the gorgeous island. According to Agencia EFE, “Investigators concluded that the marine area between the island and mainland Italy contained the largest amount of residue in the southwestern Italian region o...
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Can Thomas Cook’s Airlines Help Lufthansa Group’s Eurowings?

Thomas Cook is one of the most storied names in European travel, but it has not been doing well financially. Now the company is looking to sell off its airlines to prop up the rest of the group, and Lufthansa is one of the interested bidders. Could an acquisition be the answer to Lufthansa’s prayers? Probably not, but you know, it also couldn’t hurt if the price is right. This may sound strange to Americans since tour operators just aren’t quite this big here, but Thomas Cook is a British ...
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Top 10 Luxury Summer Destinations for 2019

Virtuoso® Reveals Where Upscale Travelers are Heading this Summer With $49.5 billion in bookings, our Virtuoso Travel Network is in a unique position to understand the coming and going of luxury travelers. I find it interesting that this is the first year that my statistics did not agree with the network’s statistics. As you can see below, the United States was Virtuoso’s #1 destination for the summer of 2019, where we are still finding Europe, Northern Europe, and the Mediterranean dominating ...
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How to stay sober while traveling

Getting sober might be the hardest thing you ever do. And if travel and alcohol have always been intertwined for you, kicking the booze habit can be absolutely devastating. If asked before I quit drinking, I would have dismissed sober travel as not only unfun but pretty much impossible. How can I backpack around Ireland and not have a pint? Barcelona without vino? And how can I travel with my friends who still drink? Even if you’ve been sober for years, travel can shake your confidence in nav...
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The best things to do in Albania

Although Albania emerged from Communist rule in December 1990, its process of opening up to the world has been slow, and it has been overlooked by even the most adventurous backpackers. Yet, sitting as it does the shores of both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, between Montenegro and Greece, Albania has a lot to offer. It has stunning, near-empty beaches; ethereal mountains; a rich history. and budget-friendly prices. It’s hard not to be drawn in by this mysterious nation, the homeland of Mother...
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France by train: Paris-Bordeaux-Provence round trip

A memorable journey on some of France’s famous trains, through stunning countryside, cities, hilltop villages, gorges and along the MedThe high-speed train (TGV) from Paris-Montparnasse to Bordeaux is so fast that you could easily spend most of the two-hour trip queuing for a croque-monsieur in the buffet car. It also means that the Fontainebleau forest, the Loire’s chateaux, vineyards and medieval towns flash past in a very un-holiday-like blur. On a train tour of France, it’s best to take the ...
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10 of the best railway hotels in Europe: readers’ travel tips

A friendly welcome and comfortable bed are just the tonic after a long journey: our tipsters know the best hotels near stations from the Med to the TirolCerbère is the last village in France before Spain on the Mediterranean coast. It’s a quiet seaside resort with an international train station and two amazing hotels. The first is the stunning 1930s art deco Hotel Belvédère, which is styled like an ocean liner. Declared a historic monument in 2002, it is perched over the rail track, it has now r...
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Best Mexican food in Yucatan

When it comes to Mexican food, we all have a general understanding of the basics like tacos, burritos, and loaded plates of cheesy nachos. But one of Mexico’s most underrated cuisines, and one that you should get to know first hand, is that of the Yucatán Peninsula. Inspired by ingredients and cooking techniques used by the ancient Mayans, as well as those brought over by Spanish conquistadors, Dutch merchants, and Lebanese immigrants, this beautiful part of Mexico serves up fusion flavors fo...
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The 6 Best Things to do at Lake Mead, Nevada

Do you find the flashing neon lights of Las Vegas a little overwhelming and are seeking a natural respite? One of the best d ay trips from Las Vegas is to drive about 40-minutes south east from The Strip and discover all the cool things to do at Lake Mead. The striking desert scenery and brilliant blue waters of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a true oasis in the desert. Well, it is a man made lake, so maybe not true as in an oasis provided by Mother Nature. But she did provide the m...
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Tips for traveling with kids

Maybe you vowed to keep traveling after becoming a parent. You know travel broadens the mind and makes kids smarter. When your oldest kid was younger, maybe you even let them miss school to make room for worthwhile trips. But if your kids’ ages span the spectrum from toddler to teen — or somewhere in between — planning a vacation gets more complex. Your kids may have diverse interests, attention spans, sleeping schedules, and the rest. Here’s how to make travel with different-aged kids work. ...
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Traveling Adventure in Malaga

One of the admirable life habits is traveling in an excursion. Sight-seeing and visiting exotic locations make your holiday memorable. Enjoy a great adventure on a road trip to Malaga in Southern Spain. Malaga is popular for the iconic Mediterranean city that has lovely shades of palm trees. You can enjoy the unique climate in Malaga on a road trip using the latest cars. The experience with Marbesol car services is splendid. Whether it is a day trip or night drive, Marbesol cars have GPS, WIFI,...
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The best Balkans road trip itinerary

If you want an affordable road trip that takes you through several countries and a diversity of cultures in a relatively short time, the Balkans are the ultimate destination. Unless you’re daunted by changing currencies or multiple languages, this area of Eastern Europe is the perfect place to have an epic vacation on a budget. Composed of Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, and Slovenia, the Balkans region might sound vast...
Tags: Travel, Danube, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Iceland, Kosovo, King, Mediterranean, Montenegro, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Eastern Europe

Guide to Portugal's top wine routes

Long eclipsed by French Burgundys and Italian Chiantis, Portuguese wine hasn’t always garnered the attention it deserves, despite the nation’s wealth of vineyards and praiseworthy vintages. Its most iconic wine, port, is fortified with an unaged brandy. Then there’s vinho verde, or green wine, a lightly fizzy, lightly viridescent summer staple from northern Portugal. Add in the fortified wines moscatel and Madeira, sparkling wine, and rosé, and you’ve got your glass full before even consideri...
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Cheap bus travel in France

French people are gonna be so mad about this. A country where the people aren’t exactly jumping up and down at the prospect of Americans visiting all summer surely won’t be pleased to learn that there’s a way we can visit, literally, the entire country for almost nothing. Which — while great news for any of us who’ve wanted to see the beaches of Nice, the bright lights of Paris, and the wine country of Bordeaux without having to make multiple trips — might not be the highlight of the year for...
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10 must-see Mediterranean cruise ports

A Mediterranean cruise is the Whitman’s Sampler of journeys. A taste of Santorini here, a nibble of Naples there, a morsel of Mykonos this day and a bite of Barcelona that day. And like with a box of chocolates, first-timers never know what they’re gonna get. That is, unless they do their research or take the advice of those both experienced and honest. Queue the discerning sea-legged travel writer with a list of his top 10 Mediterranean ports: Built nearly 2,000 years ago, the Roman Colosse...
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Where to eat and drink at DFW

Dallas-Fort Worth is full of good places to eat, and its airport is no different. While it’s primarily stocked with the barbecue joints that the Lone Star State is so famous for, even the pickiest of eaters won’t go hungry waiting on a flight here (although vegetarians and vegans might find it a little harder than most). Pull on your stretchy pants and get ready for your flight. These are the best places to eat and drink in every terminal at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Term...
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Best secret happy hours in New York

New York City is expensive . That’s a well-known fact that locals, tourists, and even people who’ve never been to the city are all too familiar with. If you plan your day right, though, eating and drinking (especially drinking) in the Big Apple can seem almost, well, affordable. Because for every fancy wine bar, typical Irish pub, and late-night bar in the city there’s somewhere nearby with a killer happy hour. These are the most underrated happy hours in NYC that’ll make you forget how expen...
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Sail Croatia – 5 Can’t Miss Croatia Islands For A Sailing Adventure

When you travel often, whether for work or fun, it can be tricky to find a destination and travel style that’s truly unique and beyond expectations. Introducing island hopping in Croatia on a sailing adventure! Image credit: Daluma Travel You don’t need to limit yourself to exploring the mainland (even though it’s incredible), and island hopping is one of the best things to do in Croatia. There are several ways to sail Croatia islands and plan a Croatia sailing trip like this and endless pos...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Croatia, King, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Dubrovnik, Destinations, Adriatic Sea, Hvar, Fort George, Dalmatia, Lokrum, Old Town Dubrovnik, Mljet, Mljet National Park

Tips for traveling with young kids

Being hesitant to travel with young kids is understandable. Maybe you’ve experienced a toddler screaming for the entirety of a coast-to-coast flight. Worse, maybe that was your toddler. But saying your kids are too young to travel is a slippery slope. When will you know when they’re old enough? The fact is, the sooner you start taking trips with your kids, the sooner they’ll adapt to journeying. And the sooner they — and you — will reap the benefits of that travel. Here’s why you should trave...
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OPEC+ Cuts Oil Production and Russia's Crude Exporters Win - Bloomberg

OPEC+ Cuts Oil Production and Russia's Crude Exporters Win - Bloomberg:An alliance of countries that includes Russia is cutting oil production to end a global glut. One of the big winners: the nation’s own crude exporters.The supply cuts from the so-called OPEC+ nations, coupled with U.S. sanctions on Venezuela and Iran, have reduced the amount of medium- and heavy-grade sour crude on the market. While Russia is part of the output cuts effort, exports of its medium-sour Urals crude -- the countr...
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Best Malta hikes to do this summer

The Mediterranean archipelago of Malta, just over 400 miles off Italy’s southern coast, encompasses multiple worlds. To visit here is to stroll alongside European, African, and Middle Eastern culture and heritage, typically in the same town and often on the same block — and all within just 122 square miles of land. The countryside is peaceful and colorful, especially in spring and early summer when nature is in bloom. The coastline is picturesque, offering paths that lead to historic cities, ...
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How to Choose a Luxury Mediterranean Cruise

Planning Your Luxury Mediterranean Cruise When you decide to book a luxury Mediterranean cruise, it can be both exciting and… The post How to Choose a Luxury Mediterranean Cruise appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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8 Best Places to Stay in Zadar

Located on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia, Zadar is a popular spot – and it’s easy to see why. It’s not just about the sparkling turquoise sea and chilled out beaches here; there are also fabulous Roman ruins and even exquisite Venetian buildings to explore. Couple that with incredible marble streets and delicious Mediterranean food
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Traditional Greek dishes and food

As the country’s culture itself, Greek cuisine is an amalgam of Eastern and Western influences with a prominent Mediterranean character. It’s famous the world over for its impeccable taste, ingenious simplicity, and use of fresh seasonal ingredients and herbs. Eating is much more than a daily routine in Greece, it’s a cultural experience that takes the form of a ritual. And if you really want to delve into local culture, the first thing you need to do is try some of the most renowned traditio...
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