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50 Photos that tell our 2018 story

Year in Review: 50 Photos from our 2018 travels Every year we have good intentions to write our ‘Year in Review’ posts before the year is complete. And, every year, we fall short of this goal. This year was no different. We had a wonderful end to the year and have spent the past week catching up and getting our lives back on track. 2018 will go down as the milestone year. We celebrated 10 years of marriage with a vow renewal ceremony on the beach in Mexico. We celebrated Cameron’s 40th birt...
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Top Places to Retire in Florida – USA travel

When you get to the point of retirement, you probably have a lot of plans in terms of where to go and what to do. It is almost a universal thing to have some exciting plans or at least relocate to a different city or country. When people retire, they are often ready for a change and the beginning of a new adventure. After all, we all have some bucket lists . When you stay active, you are one step closer to finding a new adventure and maybe even finishing your bucket list! This is a compiled lis...
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INDIE Confab: Miami (2/7) Announces Speakers & Sponsors from Independent Hospitality Scene

The Independent Lodging Congress today announced additional speakers for the organization's first event in Florida, INDIE Confab: Miami. Taking place on February 7, 2019 in Miami's arts hub of Wynwood, INDIE Confab: Miami will connect creative provocateurs and disruptors from the worlds of hotels, food & beverage, design, and finance. With topics ranging from climate change to the influence of Cuban culture in the South Florida hospitality scene, INDIE Confab: Miami will inspire and ignit...
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Our Offbeat Travel List: 11 Destinations You’re Not Considering…But Should

There is certainly no shortage of “Hot Travel Destinations” or “Best Places to Visit in 2019” lists circulating these days. But, we find that most of these lists include many of the usual or well-known travel destinations. As we field questions about our own favorite destinations, most memorable experiences and where we recommend people to travel, we thought we’d add a twist to the traditional travel destination lists and share some unusual, lesser-known or unconventional destinations that might...
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TSA Will Partially Pay Screeners in an Attempt to Get Them to Show Up For Work

With nationwide sickouts approaching Miami levels, TSA is making a partial payroll payment and bonusing employees despite the government shutdown that would appear to the legality of doing so questionable. Unscheduled sick leave hit 5.6% on Friday compared to a 3.3 percent who had unscheduled absences on Jan. 13, 2018.” Continue reading TSA Will Partially Pay Screeners in an Attempt to Get Them to Show Up For Work...
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Travel: No ship of fools for these cruise performers

Garry Carson has heard it thousands of times from cruise passengers before showtime: “I don’t like magic, but let’s see if the guy is any good.” Some entertainers would have bruised egos overhearing such comments, especially on a crowded elevator ride to the deck of the theater. But after 500-plus cruises over 22 years, the seafaring magician knows the life of taking an act on the road where there are no roads. “These people aren’t there because they love or even like magic,” said Carson, pointi...
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So Many TSA Screeners are Calling in Sick Miami Will Be Closing Concourse G Early

During the government shutdown most employees are furloughed. TSA screeners, however, are supposed to work. They won't be paid until funding is restored. Screeners have been calling out sick at a higher rate than normal with what's being referred to as 'blue flu' (screeners wear blue uniforms). At Miami the sick out rate is higher than average, and the airport will close the G concourse checkpoints in the afternoon to compensate. G primarily serves United, Frontier, Sun County, and Bahamasair...
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Two American Express Centurion Lounges Close Temporarily Starting Monday

For your strategic awareness, two American Express Centurion lounges will be closed temporarily starting Monday -- Miami and Las Vegas. Continue reading Two American Express Centurion Lounges Close Temporarily Starting Monday...
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Head South for the Winter: 5 Wonderful Southern U.S. Destinations You NEED to Visit

Brr… It’s cold outside! Do you want to escape the cold by vacationing somewhere a little warmer this winter? Some people even choose to spend the entire winter in a second home down south. Southern destinations offer sunshine and fun. Keep reading to learn where you might add a little sunshine to your life. 5 Wonderful Southern Destinations The snow won’t go away. But you can! Let’s look at some great winter escapes. 1. New Orleans, Louisiana For warmer temps and rich culture, visit New Orl...
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Norovirus outbreak sickens 277 on Oasis of the Seas

MIAMI (AP) — Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas is returning to a Florida port a day early and giving passengers full refunds of their fare after 277 guests and crew members were hit with an outbreak of Norovirus as it sailed to Jamaica. Cruise line spokesman Owen Torres told The Associated Press “we think […]
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Romantic Destinations Around the World

Love makes the world go round – and in that spirit, let's plan a trip to romantic destinations around the world. Our list includes everything from Miami to Marrakech. All are made for romance but they also make excellent vacation spots for families or friends or solo travelers. Romantic Destinations Our picks for romantic destinations are in no particular order. Click the name to find a cheap flight from your city. We also include links to useful tourism information. Canada & the U.S. De...
Tags: Travel, Florida, Colorado, Bali, Indonesia, France, Thailand, Canada, Hawaii, Morocco, Paris, Athens, Croatia, Miami, Vancouver, Venice

Love Letter on an Airsickness Bag: Woman Takes a Last Shot Declaring a Crush

A 21 year old woman named Andrea flew from Miami to DC. Inflight internet wasn’t working but her mind was on overdrive. She had a huge crush on her best friend. She showed up at the airport to meet him during his connection… before heading off to study in Australia for a semester. And she shared the teen romance drama on an airsickness bag, discovered by an aircraft cleaner. Continue reading Love Letter on an Airsickness Bag: Woman Takes a Last Shot Declaring a Crush...
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What are social community hotels?

Hostels, when you’re young , are great. Places where you pay almost nothing to stay and get to interact with like-minded young people from all over the world. Where you can share a cheap beer and discover a city with a group of strangers, staying out until sunrise with your motley crew of new best friends. But for most of us, as we get older, the idea of sharing a bunk room with a bunch of dirty backpackers starts to lose its appeal. The cheap beer tastes cheaper, and the idea of staying out w...
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Your Reputation Is Your Passport: 5 Reasons Why Company Reviews Are Important for Your Business

Reviews have become increasingly important to customers. Before they do business with you, they will at least do a quick Google search to see what people are talking about you. They may check your site for testimonials, visit your Facebook or Yelp page or scour Angie’s List or TripAdvisor. In fact, 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before visiting any business website. While customer reviews are important, you should also consider getting employee powered company reviews. Here’s why yo...
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The craziest travel stories of 2018

This year may go down as the year service animals finally got a little too extra. Though we’d tolerated dogs, cats, and even the occasional mini-horse onboard planes to help keep people sane, this year’s abundance of ridiculous emotional support animals culminated with Delta banning them on long-haul flights and Popeyes offering emotional support fried chicken. But ridiculous animals weren’t the only crazy travel stories to emerge from 2018. There was also a human heart erroneously left on a ...
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Best unexpected travel destinations

Classic destinations like Barcelona, Tokyo, and NYC rack up huge numbers of visitors every year — and show no signs of stopping. While those cities no doubt deserve spots near the top of your travel bucket list, sometimes it’s the underdog that really takes your breath away, particularly if that means getting somewhere special before the masses. From way up north in Finland to the American South, here are 10 surprising destinations we loved in 2018 and will continue to rave about in the new y...
Tags: Travel, Silk Road, Asia, Africa, US, Macedonia, Arctic, Angola, Finland, Kenya, Santa Claus, Uzbekistan, Miami, Napa, Lapland, Moldova

My Best Travel Adventures of 2018

As the saying goes “the older you get the faster time flies.” It certainly felt like 2018 flew by for me. While there were certainly highs and lows of the year, overall I consider myself very lucky. I think I did 25 trips in total, not including day hikes.  Here’s a look at my best travel adventures for 2018. Sleeping in the Sahara Desert We were late getting to our tented camp in the Sahara – because our vehicle and another got stuck in the sand. It was about 90 minutes before we were winch...
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Sushi speakeasy opens in NYC

The world’s first restaurant inside a hotel room has just opened in New York City on the 10th floor of Hotel 3232. Sushi by Bou Suite 1001 allows guests to dine on expertly prepared sushi in the cozy atmosphere of a Prohibition-era speakeasy. The unique dining experience is the brainchild of Michael Sinensky and Erika London of Simple Venue, a hospitality company that specializes in turning unused hotel spaces into dining and beverage concepts. Photo: Sushi By Bou/Facebook The journey to th...
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Black Americans $63 billion travel

In 2019, African-Americans are expected to be one of the largest demographics targeted by tourism efforts. According to a new study by Mandala Research during which 1,700 African-American travelers were surveyed, this sector of the population spent about $63 billion on tourism in 2018 — a number which has risen by a staggering $20 billion since 2010. The study is significant because it’s causing destinations to finally realize how important African-Americans are to their tourism numbers. The ...
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Brazil on a budget: top tips

Brazil is a dream destination for many travelers, with its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and not to mention its obsession with football. While it’s not the most budget-friendly destination, with a bit of planning you can make your real go a long way. Getting there When making a budget the most obvious place to start is with your flight search. Get this wrong and you could end up payable double for what you could have paid. Finding a cheap flight will go a long way towards adding more spen...
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Why you should visit Ft. Lauderdale

Usually when you see the name Broward County, it’s followed by something embarrassingly Florida. An election recount, maybe. Or a TV show where police officers arrest people who’ve been using alligators in very inappropriate ways. In reality, Broward County is a seaside, tropical locale with 23 miles of coastline and a population of two million, smack between Miami and Palm Beach County. It’s a vacation oasis to millions from all over the world — but somewhere along the line, Broward got an ...
Tags: Travel, Florida, America, Brooklyn, Miami, Venice, Oakland, Copenhagen, Travel Tips, Blondie, South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Pompano Beach, Broward County

Hotel room floor plans from movies

Most movie lovers fantasize about stepping into the very places where their favorite movies take place, but often, those memorable spots are nothing but sets. Luckily, that’s not always the case. From the Caesars Palace suite in The Hangover to the hotel room in Pretty Woman, these are the real floorplans of the iconic hotel rooms where your favorite movies were filmed — and you can even book a room to truly immerse yourself in your favorite movie moments. 1. Pretty Woman — Regent Beverly Wi...
Tags: Travel, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Julia Roberts, Culture, Paris, James Bond, Bill Murray, Tokyo, Miami, Raphael, Las Vegas, Natalie Portman, Expedia, Art Deco, Paris France

World’s most sung-about cities

Anyone who listens to music regularly knows that songs are often inspired by specific places that are meaningful to the artist. These songs can become popular anthems for the cities themselves, and an expression of pride and community. There’s no doubt, however, that some cities lend themselves to the musical treatment more than others. Celebrity Cruises gathered data on all of the songs based on a real-life location, and used it to create an interactive map. The research analyzed the lyrics ...
Tags: Travel, UK, New York, London, California, New York City, Brighton, Miami, Iceland, Songs, All, Los Angeles Paris, Songs About Cities, British Institute of Modern Music Institute

Where to see sea turtles in Florida

If you love animal encounters but don’t want to support activities that lack a conservation angle, your options for compassionate ways to spend time with wildlife may be limited — but they do exist. On Florida’s east coast, the best way to see marine wildlife in a safe, ethical, and educational way is to head to Loggerhead Marinelife Center. About two hours north of Miami and open daily, the sea turtle hospital is a sanctuary for creatures who have been injured or are experiencing health issu...
Tags: Travel, Florida, Miami, Betty White, Burt Reynolds, All, Gavin, Intracoastal Waterway, Palm Beach County Florida, Jupiter Florida, Sea Turtles, Juno Beach, Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Dubois Park, Loggerhead Marinelife Center About, Loggerhead Marinelife Center Facebook

Latin American Destinations Where Business Class Flights Are a Deal

Most frequent fliers try to rack up points in a loyalty program so they can upgrade to the front of the plane instead of enduring a cramped economy seat. What if you could actually just buy that business class flight instead though, and rack up more miles in the process? Maybe even get into the lounge before your flight takes off or on the layover? While it can easily cost you thousands of dollars to fly business class to Europe, the Middle East or Asia, getting to the front of the plane for L...
Tags: Travel, Asia, Europe, New York, Mexico, New York City, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Canada, Chile, Alaska, Middle East, Delta, Antarctica

Red tide is now gone from Florida

Far from the palm-studded paradise of beach bums, Florida has been a veritable nightmare for the past several months. The red tide, a natural environmental phenomenon made worse by pollution and other man-made causes, struck Florida and caused irritation, sneezing, and coughing in beachgoers and significant loss of marine life in some areas. Today, the red tide is gone from most major tourist areas and Florida’s beaches are open for business. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conserv...
Tags: Travel, Florida, Miami, Gulf Coast, East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Naples, Panama City, Everglades, All, National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration, Marco, Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Sarasota, St Augustine

Miami Centurion Lounge Will Close for About Two Weeks in January

The (overcrowded) American Express Centurion Lounge in Miami is going to close for part of January in order to extend the lounge into adjacent built-out space. Continue reading Miami Centurion Lounge Will Close for About Two Weeks in January...
Tags: Travel, Advice, Miami, American Express Centurion Lounge, Miami Centurion Lounge

Airbnb and Major Landlord Settle Lawsuit Over Subletting Violations

The Miami settlement could have broader implications for Airbnb when other big landlords take it to task for hosts violating their apartment leases. And, it isn't a bad thing for Airbnb to resolve its issues with various regulators and to erase some of these legal irritants when it will likely solicit investors for a 2019 initial public offering.
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Why Brazil needs ecotourism

On January 1, 2019 , right-wing politician Jair Bolsonaro will be inaugurated the new president of Brazil. That is bad news for the planet. Bolsonaro, an admirer of President Trump, has called climate change a hoax, says efforts to curb deforestation of the Amazon — which provides over 20 percent of the world’s oxygen — are funded by foreign powers aiming to halt Brazil’s economic development, and wants to lift protections for the indigenous peoples who live in the rainforest. Bolsonaro also ...
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Cease-fire In City Of Miami’s Airbnb Battle Appears Likely After Appeals Court Reversal

An appeals court has sided with the City of Miami over Airbnb, giving the city the go-ahead to punish hundreds of Airbnb hosts accused of illegally renting their homes on the site.
Tags: Travel, Miami, Airbnb, Airbnb Battle Appears Likely After Appeals Court

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