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World Renowned, Locally Loved

How many chain restaurants can draw lines everyday, from opening to closing, numbering well into the dozens on a “slow” day? What about an outpost that can claim a Michelin star? If you haven’t already heard of Din Tai Fung, there’s a good chance you’ve felt its impact on the overall culinary landscape whether you realize it or not. Born in Taiwan originally as a cooking oil purveyor, Din Tai Fung transitioned into the restaurant business in 1972 and has taken the world by storm ever since. Base...
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World Renown, Locally Loved

How many chain restaurants can draw lines everyday, from opening to closing, numbering well into the dozens on a “slow” day? What about an outpost that can claim a Michelin star? If you haven’t already heard of Din Tai Fung, there’s a good chance you’ve felt its impact on the overall culinary landscape whether you realize it or not. Born in Taiwan originally as a cooking oil purveyor, Din Tai Fung transitioned into the restaurant business in 1972 and has taken the world by storm ever since. Base...
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Culinary Craftsmanship At Its Finest: Four Seasons Surpasses Previous Record With 25 Michelin Stars At 17 Restaurants Worldwide

Long considered the highest honour for the world's very best chefs and restaurateurs, the prestigious Michelin Guides continue to map a sparkling path of outstanding dining experiences for travellers and gourmands. This year, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts earned a record 25 Michelin stars at 17 celebrated restaurants worldwide providing a gateway to the Four Seasons experience.
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Truffle Hunting in Tuscany: in the woods, with a dog, digging for tartufo

The truffle hunter, much like his cousin the porcini hunter, is a lone beast. Out at the crack of dawn with his faithful dog, armed with a spade and dressed in camouflage, he moves under cover of darkness so that nobody finds out where he searches for the precious subterranean fungus. He spreads the aromatic equivalents of landmines to throw rival beasts off track, doing everything to protect his livelihood, for bringing in a precious edible of sufficient size can feed his family for a week. Luc...
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Paste & Present: Paste, Bangkok

Chef Bee Satongun from Paste is one of the small number female chefs to appear on Bangkok's Michelin guide. Bee's focus is "heirloom Thai cuisine" and her modern interpretations of historic dishes gleaned from the worn pages of old cookbooks.
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Wednesday 6 March. Celebrated Chef Matthew Crabbe is joining Head Chef Alastair Waddell and forager Peter Hardwick at Harvest Newrybar for a one-off menu exploring Australia’s underutilised native ingredients with a Japanese twist. Through ECN Hospitality, Sydney-born Matthew, now runs the kitchens of three of Tokyo’s most popular venues; Two Rooms Grill|Bar, Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse & Bar, Septième Brasserie, and one in Manila (Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse & Bar – City of Dreams). Matthew’s stellar CV ...
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18 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Singapore

Updated: 2/27/2019 | February 27, 2019 Singapore is an expensive place to visit. There’s no way around it. The small city state is priced relative to the United States, which is a lot more expensive than its neighbors! On a small stop-over trip, this isn’t a problem. But on a big trip through the region, a trip into Singapore can elicit sticker shock, and it can turn people away if they’re trying to do the area on the cheap. If you still want to visit this country, though, there are still man...
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EHL Ranked World’s Best Hospitality & Leisure Management School

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) has been ranked at the top position in the 2019 QS World University ranking for Hospitality & Leisure Management Universities, after celebrating its 125th anniversary and earning the extremely sought-after Michelin star. Once more, QS rankings confirm Switzerland's central role in shaping the hospitality industry, and EHL's position as the world's leading institution.
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What Does Globalization Really Destroy?

Posted: 2/25/2019 | February 25th, 2019 While walking down the streets of Medellín, I came across a Dunkin’ Donuts, a donut chain from my hometown of Boston. (It’s the best. Locals are quite attached to Dunkin. Don’t mess with a Massachusetts resident and Dunkin.) As I looked at the store, a pit formed in my stomach and I got quiet and melancholy. For days, I had been coming across Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC, Papa John’s, and now, Dunkin’ Donuts! Medellín had been overrun by the chains. Anot...
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Paris: 10 tips to save on dining

Dining out in Paris can be a difficult task on a budget, especially for first-time visitors. There are so many restaurants and recommendations to take in that just deciding where to go — or even which neighborhood to head to! — can be a laborious process unto itself. I’m not going to make individual restaurant recommendations right now (the list is long, highly personal and ever-changing!), but there are a few general rules for most eating establishments that will help you keep the bill in check...
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Woman dies after Michelin-star meal

A 46-year-old woman who dined with her husband and son at the one-Michelin-star RiFF restaurant in Valencia, Spain, on Saturday evening died on Sunday morning. Her husband and son were sick with what looks like food poisoning (diarrhea and vomiting). Officials later tracked down 75 people who had eaten at the restaurant between February 13 and 16 and discovered that 29 of them had suffered food poisoning. Food safety officers inspected RiFF on Monday but couldn’t find any apparent cause for ...
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Best places for solo female travel

As much as we love travel, there’s no denying it can be tough. That goes double for solo travelers. And double that for solo female travelers. Going it alone can make a trip that much more enriching and empowering, encourage you to take risks and make new friends along the way, but choosing the right first adventure is crucial to ensure solo travel doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth. For women, no matter how fearless, that probably means picking someplace safer than most, at least mod...
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Best places to travel in April

There’s an old cliché about April showers bringing May flowers, like that’s some kind of optimistic mantra to get you through four weeks of saying, “The weather really should be getting better by now.” But how about instead of finding clever rhymes to survive the unexpected doldrums of April you just get the heck outta town? April is the month where cherry blossoms bloom from DC to Japan, baseball gets back in season, and New Orleans isn’t yet soul-crushingly humid. And it’s Laotian New Year!...
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World's most sustainable restaurants

Farm-to-table dining is no longer a niche concept. Restaurants around the world are sourcing local produce, minimizing waste, and reducing energy use. Part of the drive to sustainability is because of flavor — fresh, local food simply tastes better than the same food out of a package — and part of the recent resurgence of sustainable practices in restaurants is because it’s what the people want. While there are locations where local and sustainable food has always been present, this new crop ...
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Things to Do in Nice – Charter Destination Tips

Those that charter in the French Riviera usually start their experience by flying into the Nice international airport. This does offer easy access to many locations where yachts can be boarded. With this in mind, it is always a good idea to consider spending some time in Nice too. When you charter a yacht at Vyra or another reputable operator, you can build your itinerary so you may want to consider some of the things to do in Nice that are available for you. Here are some tips that you should b...
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EHL: The Berceau Des Sens Receives Its Michelin Star

Le Berceau des Sens has become the first educational restaurant in Switzerland to receive a Michelin star. The Michelin Guide has awarded a star to Berceau des Sens, the educational restaurant of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. Already holding the highest Gault & Millau rating for an educational restaurant, the establishment was awarded this Michelin star, the ultimate culinary distinction, while EHL Group is in a healthy growth phase.
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BENCHMARK® to Operate Avenue Bellevue InterContinental Hotel

BENCHMARK®, a global hospitality company, is expanding its presence in the Pacific Northwest and will operate the newly announced Avenue Bellevue InterContinental Hotel. Part of a new billion-dollar condo, hotel and retail development in downtown Bellevue, Washington, the spectacular new property will be InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts' first venture in the Pacific Northwest. With construction set to start in mid-2019, the dramatic and elegant two-tower development will feature 332 lux...
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My 6 Favorite Experiences Sailing With Crystal Cruises in Mexico

Sitting here at my desk on a very chilly January morning, it’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was sailing along the golden coast of the Mexican Riviera with luxury cruise line, Crystal Cruises. Onboard their newly refurbished ship, the Crystal Serenity, I enjoyed an incredible week exploring new-to-me cities like Mazatlan, La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. There were many special moments, both onboard and ashore, that created a memorable travel experience, but today I thought I’d share th...
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10 must-try dishes in London

W hen it comes to world-famous eats, London’s European neighbors — Paris, Barcelona, Rome — tend to steal the limelight. What British cuisine may lack in acclaim, however, this capital city makes up for with one of the most diverse, multicultural food scenes on the planet. Not to mention you’ll find 70+ Michelin star restaurants in London, more than in most of those European neighbors. From pan-Asian bao and Peruvian ceviche to Mexican-inspired British classics, here are the dishes that are ea...
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Go Viking in Norway's fjord region

How to feed your inner Viking in Norway’s fjord region By: Jacqueline Kehoe Photo: Visit Flam/Sverreh Jornevik I n winter, shadows fall on Norway’s fjords. They get darker. Rawer. Grittier. And — most importantly — wilder. This is the land of Vikings, and this is their season. Are you ready to experience it? Are you ready to “Go Viking”? Fortunately, the region is much easier to access than it was in centuries past. In the US, you’ll find direct flig...
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Best vacations for introverts

Crowded tourist sites, shared dorm rooms, and big group tours are not the ideal situations for introverts when traveling. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there for those looking for peace, isolation, space, or to make deep personal connections, and many things in between. From staying in a monk’s cell in Italy to windswept walking in the Scottish Highlands, here are a range of vacations that might appeal to the introverted traveler. 1. Take a train ride through Switzer...
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Things To See And Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the visited cities in the world, being a popular spot for business and tourism. Once you get there you’ll soon realise that you won’t see everything you want in one visit. It’s best to go with a plan and just pick out some things you want to see, and know that you can’t see everything. Here are some suggestions of some cool things to see and do in Hong Kong. Climb The Big Buddha Tian Tian is a huge Buddha that stands at about 112 feet, or 34 meters tall. The world’s largest ...
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Dining at all-inclusive resorts

When I was 14 , the food at Club Med was the greatest thing I’d ever seen. Instead of the plates of carefully placed organic spinach salad and tabbouleh I was used to at home, I found endless bowls of spaghetti tossed in beef-filled tomato sauce. I had whole pizzas I could just take. Trays of cookies. A guy who’d cut me all the prime rib I wanted. Seconds? Try ninths. My sister and I would compete to see who could eat more, piling each plate a little higher than the last. If I hadn’t been 14, ...
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The best restaurants for Instagram

There’s a sizable portion of the world out there searching for the best spots to post on Instagram about their beautiful, well-curated life. Picking restaurants to visit based on their aesthetics is no exception. The food industry has been taken over by Instagram-friendly design — enough so that it’s a tough task to narrow down the most Instagrammable restaurants in the world. To be clear, we’re not talking about the most Instagrammable food in these restaurants, though some do have really go...
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5 fine dining experiences in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city where culinary opportunities are rising faster than just about any city in Europe. The multi-cultural nature of the residents plus the fact visitors come from all over the world has resulted in Michelin star chefs painting culinary creations with a unique approach. And the product is meals and creations that expand […] The post 5 fine dining experiences in Amsterdam appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Best winter day trips near NYC

Winter in New York City can be brutal; temperatures can drop into the negatives, and you’re likely to see people resembling the Michelin man with all the layers they’ve packed on. While there are plenty of activities to do within the five boroughs during this time of year, such as outdoor sports or cozying up somewhere to avoid the cold, sometimes you just need to get away and maybe even see some real, clean snow. Luckily, the Big Apple is in a great location with easy access to other places...
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Sonoma County, CA: 3 itineraries

3 travel itineraries that take in the best of Sonoma County Sonoma and Petaluma Heart of Wine Country Westward into Nature Photo: Wildly Simple/Sonoma County Tourism #wedge-0 { background-image: url('') }@media(min-width:560px){ #wedge-0 { background-image: url('
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American Express acquires restaurant booking service Pocket Concierge

The Japan-based service helps book quality restaurants, including those that are Michelin-starred and others that have months-long waitlists for reservations.
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How to Visit and Enjoy Washington, DC In Spite of a Government Shutdown

No matter where you live, by now you have no doubt heard about the shutdown of the Federal Government across the U.S. The effects of this closure are many and widely felt but today I’m not going to talk about the politics of it. No, instead I want to share why now is actually a great time to visit Washington, DC and what the city has to offer in spite of the shutdown. Believe it or not, there’s a lot to experience and since 1) it is January and 2) visitors may think there’s not much to experien...
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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants in Brussels, Belgium

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Brussels, Belgium, look no farther. We’ve rounded up our top picks from 15 years of dining in Brussels to bring you those with staying power. Don’t read while hungry! The Brussels restaurant scene is always changing. New hot spots appear and disappear seemingly overnight, especially in hip neighbourhoods like St. Gilles and Ixelles. While we love taste testing what’s new and popular, for us, the best restaurants in Brussels are those with staying ...
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