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How to Visit and Enjoy Washington, DC In Spite of a Government Shutdown

No matter where you live, by now you have no doubt heard about the shutdown of the Federal Government across the U.S. The effects of this closure are many and widely felt but today I’m not going to talk about the politics of it. No, instead I want to share why now is actually a great time to visit Washington, DC and what the city has to offer in spite of the shutdown. Believe it or not, there’s a lot to experience and since 1) it is January and 2) visitors may think there’s not much to experien...
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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants in Brussels, Belgium

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Brussels, Belgium, look no farther. We’ve rounded up our top picks from 15 years of dining in Brussels to bring you those with staying power. Don’t read while hungry! The Brussels restaurant scene is always changing. New hot spots appear and disappear seemingly overnight, especially in hip neighbourhoods like St. Gilles and Ixelles. While we love taste testing what’s new and popular, for us, the best restaurants in Brussels are those with staying ...
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Eating raw chicken sashimi in Tokyo

When it comes to eating sashimi in Tokyo, fish is by far the most ubiquitous offer. But it’s not the only one. Restaurants also serve shikasashi (deer), basashi (horse), and — perhaps most hotly debated of all — torisashi (chicken). The name loosely translates to “raw bird,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: thinly sliced raw chicken breast served with a flavorful salt or sauce. I never thought I’d order raw chicken sashimi-style. Like most Americans, I grew up deeply terrified of salmon...
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Best waffle shops in Brussels

Embracing the local food and eating traditions while you’re traveling is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to understand another culture. In Belgium, that means eating waffles the Belgian way — or, one might say, the right way. It’s not all about shoving a deliciously warm waffle in your face. While there may not be an exact set of rules, it’s clear when visiting Brussels that there’s a specific way to experience the “real deal.” Before explaining what that means, though, it’s important ...
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Best food markets in Europe

There’s something magical about discovering the local food that every country has to offer. Finding it isn’t always easy, though. You can search for Michelin-starred restaurants or try to find what’s popular on Yelp, but the best way to have an authentic, delicious, and cost-effective gastronomic adventure is to check out a local food market. Travelers to Europe are in luck as there are markets located in popular destinations all over the continent. Some are well known and have been establish...
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Michelin-starred Chef and Restaurateur, Fabio Trabocchi to Unveil Fiola at Dopolavoro Venezia, an Exclusive Epicurean Experience at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

W Marriott, part of Marriott International, Inc., today announced that award-winning chef and restaurateur, Fabio Trabocchi will take over the operations of JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa's fine-dining restaurant. Set to open in April 2019, the hotel's existing fine-dining culinary concept will be reinvented as 'Fiola at Dopolavoro Venezia,' featuring a sophisticated yet luxurious ambiance coupled with striking architectural details that date back to the 1920s.
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Best alcohol-free retreats

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of overindulgence over Christmas, but as the new year dawns, we often find ourselves looking for something to help us re-energize. Cutting out alcohol is one of the best ways to feel instantly refreshed. Going teetotal increases energy levels, improves sleep, reduces depression, and revives lackluster skin and hair. But signing up for a “dry January” can be difficult without some encouragement and motivation. These alcohol-free trips will help you stick to you...
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Crystal Cruises: What The Luxury Cruise Experience is Really Like

In 2003, I boarded a large cruise ship on a sailing of the Western Caribbean. I call this itinerary a training wheel cruise for would-be travelers because they offer a good first insight into what the experience is all about. Since then I’ve been on many other cruises in nearly every corner of the world, averaging at least one or two a year. It’s not how I always decide to travel, but it is a style I enjoy and over the years I have fine-tuned what it is I like and don’t like about certain compa...
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Rise to the spiritual and physical challenge of the Camino de Santiago

It is a big decision when you decide to go on a pilgrimage, and the Camino de Santiago is no exception. This pilgrimage to the shrine of the apostle St James is perfect for both spiritual growth and the physical challenge. It is the epitome of soul food and a chance to get away from the busyness of day to day life and do some real reflection in beautiful surroundings. However, logistically this type of trip can be quite difficult to plan and organise. It is not just one route, there are severa...
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22 Michelin stars over Andalusia

Every November, with much anticipation and fanfare, the Michelin Guide announces its updated list with what is widely considered the authoritative voice on the world’s best restaurants. With ideal growing conditions and plentiful produce, Michelin stars in Andalusia have been ascendant over the past decade as the gastronomy of the region gains more and more […] The post 22 Michelin stars over Andalusia appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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My Year in Review and Holiday Greetings

Happy Holidays! I can’t believe it’s my 12th year of doing these holiday videos!  I’m not a video person mainly becuase I hate editing video.  It takes me a full 10 to 12 hour day to get this video done.  So every year I don’t think I’ll make the video and then tradition (and guilt) wins out. I traveled more than ever in 2018! One of the things I have come to realize since having a home base, I spend a lot more time on planes than I used to.  Each time I go on a trip I now have a home to come ba...
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Developing a concept with blood, sweat and expertise | By Paul Sarlas

Growing up in a family who owned and operated a fast food business, I spent most of my early years working in the family business; from weekend shifts during school term and remembering my school holidays as days in the shop rather than on the beach. Unknowingly I was learning valuable lessons in business operations and management. When completing high school, I continued to work in the family business for some time, whilst studying part time to obtain the theoretical techniques in busine...
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6 famous regional Chinese dishes

China is one of the most diverse countries in the world when it comes to food. In the western part of the country, dishes are influenced by spices traditionally traded along the Silk Road while in central and southern China, food is often loaded with spicy peppers. Eastern China is home to dim sum and soup dumplings. This all goes to say that there’s no one “Chinese food.” These six regional foods give you a taste of China’s culinary diversity. 1. Shanghai’s xiao long bao, or soup dumplings ...
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Our Guide to the Best Things to Do in Turin, Italy

While many of Italy’s cities are overcrowded with tourists, Turin remains off the tourist trail – for now. This city of culture, history, cuisine, and breath-taking views of the Alps won’t stay a secret for long. Find out why in our guide to the best things to do in Turin, Italy. Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice; when people think of Italy, those are usually the cities that come to mind first. While travelling to any of these places will likely result in a fantastic trip, these are major tourist ...
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Best breweries in Chicago for winter

Winter in Chicago can be long and dreary. Luckily, there’s beer to wash those winter blues away. Even luckier, the city is full of great breweries so you can enjoy your beer at its absolute freshest. Best of all, when you’re ready to head home and crawl under a blanket, you can grab a growler to go and enjoy that beer with your Netflix. From brewpubs with haute cuisine created to pair perfectly with the beer to simple tap rooms that let you bring in your own food, here are the 12 best Chicago...
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Cities with the most Michelin dining

For true foodies , vacation destinations aren’t chosen based on beaches, nightlife, or museums but by the variety of high-quality food options. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a new city, craving a helping of delicious local cuisine, and then realizing that city’s culinary scene is actually kind of a letdown. This study, conducted by Alpha Travel Insurance, makes sure you always know which cities to add to your food bucket list. It uses the Michelin guide as its criteria and ranks the...
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The best airport lounges in the US

If there is ever a time to splurge and treat yourself to lounge access, it’s during the holiday season, when airports around the United States are as busy as can be. So, if you’re tempted to leave behind the hectic terminals and frustratingly uncomfortable boarding areas for a luxurious lounge with all sorts of perks, these seven airport lounges in the US are the spots to do it. 1. United Polaris Lounge, Houston, TX Photo: United The airline-specific United Polaris Lounge in The George B...
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Sailing Through Neverland: My Favorite Features On the New Celebrity Edge

This week I was invited to participate in the naming ceremony for Celebrity’s first new cruise ship in 6 years, the Celebrity Edge. Every cruise line says that their new ships are revolutionary, but in this instance the Edge really is. There are hundreds of innovations onboard this impressive ship but there were a few that impressed me the most. Since I was only onboard for a couple of days, I can’t write about the destination experiences or how they handle a longer cruise, but if my time onboa...
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Travel News: December 7, 2018

Allianz study looks at concerns of solo travelers Travel Weekly Solo travelers’ biggest concern is security and safety, according to a new survey from Allianz Global Assistance. The survey, administered online in October and garnering 1,501 responses, found that just shy of 70% of respondents have traveled alone. Among all respondents, safety and security of accommodations was the biggest concern (26.6%) when traveling alone.   Michelin Guide Owner Buys Tablet Hotels to Build a Travel Business ...
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Best French food and wine pairings

No other culture has mastered the art of food and wine pairing quite like the French. France’s regional food and wine scene highlight local produce and raw ingredients to create terroir-driven dishes with a serious sense of place — including within the glass. If pairing food and wine has always been a stressful mystery to you, you can’t go wrong with these seven provincial French meals paired with a glass of each region’s wine. They’ll instantly transport you to the world’s most mouthwatering...
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Bing's The Thing! Bacon, Cheese & Potato Bing Bread

This bacon, cheese and potato bing bread has to be tried at least once. Sure, you could jet off to Chicago and try it at the Michelin starred Parachute restaurant in Avondale. But if you want to try it a bit closer to home, you can make their famous bread yourself! A Chinese bing (meaning bread and yes that means "bread bread") is a spongy coil of soft bread layered with hash brown potatoes, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese and green onions. Here it is served with chilli oil and sour cream butter! A...
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Michelin Guide Owner Buys Tablet Hotels to Build a Travel Business

Tablet Hotels found itself a world-class strategic buyer to propel its growth. Tablet as part of Michelin will face huge marketing hurdles, and the challenge of trying to reshape Michelins legacy guide offerings.
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Unusual Things to do in Tenerife – Welcome to UNESCO Tenerife!

Known for its sunny package holidays, the subtropical island of Tenerife hides its unusual things to do in plain sight. Unusual Things to do in Tenerife With two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and food, landscape and culture aplenty, Tenerife offers so much more than simply lying on the beach. And hardly anyone’s even noticed! So, make the best of both worlds. Snap up the cheap and easy flights before ditching the crowds and exploring these authentic and unique thin...
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20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Outdoor Loving Friends & Family

With the clock ticking down to Christmas, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for outdoor loving friends and family. There’s no need to break the bank either. Lots of these gifts even fit the stocking stuffer category.  I think your friends and family would be thankful to receive any one of these 20 holiday gifts.   For your friends and family tethered to their phones Forget freezing your hands when you want to send a text or email. A pair of one size fits all Albee touch screen gloves ...
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The food scene in Philly is amazing

It’s dark outside. The sidewalks in the bustling neighborhoods of Philadelphia are starting to fill in with couples and groups of friends walking leisurely and laughing. Soon, they will be squeezing into one of the city’s many cozy dining rooms, or maybe waiting hours for a table at one of Philadelphia’s hot restaurants. Maybe they’ll be seated quickly with a reservation they made weeks, or even months, in advance. There’s no event in town, no special circumstances; it’s a regular Friday nigh...
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Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands

These are the destination outliers, the remote and less-visited islands in the North Atlantic (aka West Nordic Region). In fact, up until 2010, few people had even considered them as a destination to travel to; who wants to go to cold, dismal climates for vacation? Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands are considered extreme travel destinations; a Nordic trifecta!  As adventure travel has grown, so has people’s interest in these North Atlantic islands – despite the cold. These are the outlyi...
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A local's guide to Marseille: 10 top tips

Transformed but not gentrified since its year as Capital of Culture in 2013, France’s second city remains a vibrant cultural, ethnic and gastronomic melting potAlexandre is a modernist chef who I admire a lot, and his restaurant is worth a gourmet splash out, especially at lunchtime (midday tasting menus from €39-92). He opened AM four years ago and was awarded a Michelin star in 2016. A meal here is very much a surprise: no written menu, just tasting selections that can run to 10 servings, but ...
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Gold Coast’s Hidden Gems

This piece was contributed by Amy Mills of Queensland’s Gold Coast was once known for its high-rise buildings, sprawling resorts and theme parks, however in recent years, the surf city has transformed from a tourist mecca into an entrepreneurial and creative hub with a host of new restaurants, galleries and boutiques popping up what seems like every week. There are also a slew of hip boutique markets, secret waterfalls and hidden gems to explore – if you know where to ...
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10 long-haul hacks for US travelers

According to recent US Travel Association stats, despite only 42 per cent of the American population having a passport, those who do account for one in five long-haul travelers worldwide. The favourite overseas destination is Mexico, with Canada and Britain taking second and third place in the popularity stakes. If you’re setting off from a US hub for a far-flung destination and haven’t been airborne for a while, you might need some tips on comfort and convenience. So here are ten long-haul hac...
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Devouring Chicago's Tasty Neighbourhoods

Venture a bit outside of downtown and West Loop Chicago to Avondale and Wicker Park to discover a Michelin starred neighbourhood gem, amazing Tex Mex, tacos, a blues lounge, a phenomenal fried chicken place and a bar that gives out free cookies at midnight!
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