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Twitter is ‘improving’ how it labels misleading 5G and coronavirus content, after mislabelling unrelated tweets

Twitter said that it is working towards improving the process of how it labels tweets containing incorrect information about 5G or the coronavirus after it incorrectly labelled unrelated tweets with a COVID-19 fact check. “In the last few weeks, you may have seen Tweets with labels linking to additional info about COVID-19. Not all of those Tweets had potentially misleading content associating COVID-19 and 5G. We apologize for any confusion and we’re working to improve our labeling process,” the...
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Facebook will label hateful content by politicians; MediaNama’s take

Facebook will finally start labelling content from politicians that, despite being newsworthy, violates it content policies, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Friday in a Facebook Live session. Content that may lead to violence or suppresses voting, even it is by politicians, will be removed by Facebook. This announcement came almost a month after Twitter and Facebook chalked out drastically different policies on how to deal with hate speech by politicians, including US President Donald Trump. On...
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Cambria Hotels Awards New Franchise Agreements, Expands With New Groundbreakings

ROCKVILLE, Md., Cambria Hotels, an upscale brand franchised by Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH), continues its impressive year of growth having recently surpassed 50 open hotels. Cambria has signed several franchise agreements since the beginning of the year, adding to its robust pipeline in major markets such as Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; and Atlanta, Georgia. The brand also broke ground on three new hotels in Austin, Texas; downtown Minneapolis; ...
Tags: Travel, Minneapolis, Jacksonville, Cambria, Austin Texas, Atlanta Georgia, Nashville Tennessee, Choice Hotels International Inc NYSE, CHH, Tampa Florida, Rockville, Somerville Massachusetts, Md Cambria Hotels

Airbnb new anti-discrimination plan

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer and the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests that have spread throughout the world, companies across all industries are reevaluating their approach to racial issues. Airbnb’s platform continues to be the scene of race bias, with both hosts and guests allegedly discriminating against potential guests and hosts on the basis of race. Now, Airbnb is taking steps to prevent this from happening. According to Airbnb, the new initi...
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Pompeo to meet Chinese officials in Hawaii, vacation rentals reopening on three islands, state's largest newspaper threatens to lay off half of newsroom, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo official photo Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to meet with Chinese officials in Hawaii as tensions escalate. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is planning a trip to Hawaii this week to meet with Chinese government officials as tensions continue to mount between China and the United States, according to multiple media reports. Star-Advertiser.Pompeo Plans To Meet In Hawaii With China Officials. Politico and CNN are reporting that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pom...
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’60 Minutes’ producers launch a ’10 minute or less’ Quibi series in bid to attract younger viewers

After teasing the series’ arrival for some months, Quibi is finally ready to launch its take on 60 Minutes for the social media generation. What that mainly means is content tailored to the shortened attention spans of viewers on top which the service has hung all of its hopes, dreams and $1.8 billion. The new take on the America’s oldest newsmagazine goes under the banner  ’60 IN 6’ — slightly confusing, given that its producers are committing to a broader definition of short form content at...
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Pretesting of inbound Hawaii passengers urged, Maui bars to reopen, Kauai Foodland to close, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu airport ©2020 All Hawaii News Experts: Test Passengers To Reopen Hawaii Tourism. People traveling to Hawaii could get a COVID-19 test before boarding the plane at a national pharmacy chain under a deal in the works with state officials. Civil Beat.UH proposal calls for strict preflight screening of out-of-state passengers. The University of Hawaii is proposing a way to allow for the reopening of out-of-state travel to Hawaii while ensuring minimal spread of COVID-19 from tourists...
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Black Lives Matter, in Paris

Memorial Service at Place de la République Over 2000 Parisians gathered last night at the Place de la République for a memorial service in remembrance of George Floyd, the African-American man killed on May 25th by a policeman in Minneapolis, and in support of the #BlackLivesMatter protests taking place across the United States against systematic racism. It was a solemn event, with eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence, the length of time the officer kept his knee on the neck of George...
Tags: Travel, Google, Minnesota, Minneapolis, France, US, United States, Paris, Black Lives Matter, Memorial Service, Adama Traor, Palais de Justice, Kasia Dietz, Black Owned Businesses, George Floyd, Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

Hawaii Legislature to take up police misconduct bill, Ige asks participants in Black Lives Matter rallies to self-isolate, military travel restrictions lifted, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Police on parade, file photo, ©2020 All Hawaii News Hawaii House Speaker Says Cop Misconduct Bill Is ‘On Our Radar’. The House and Senate are reviewing a measure requiring more disclosure on the part of police agencies that stalled last year after passing both chambers. Civil Beat.Gov. Ige asks protesters from weekend Black Lives Matter rallies to voluntarily self-isolate. Gov. David Ige today requested that participants in Black Lives Matter protests over the weekend consider self-isolat...
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BLM protests around the world

In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s March on Washington was the largest major civil rights demonstration in United States history. And right now, images from all over the country are evoking the memory of that historic event. For the second week in a row, people have been gathering in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and in protest of George Floyd’s murder by a white police officer. The incident occured on May 25 in Minneapolis, but since then, demonstrations have spread around the ...
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Zuckerberg cites a post from India as a clear-cut example of ‘incitement to violence’

For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, while posts from US President Donald Trump may not pose a “100 per cent clear-cut of a decision”, posts from India where “someone” said “‘Hey, if the police don’t take care of this, our supporters will get in there and clear the streets’” are a clear cut case of incitement of violence and have been taken down. This was revealed in a transcript of a meeting that Zuckerberg held with 25,000 employees on June 2. Recode published the transcript of the meeting. Zucke...
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Boating restrictions eased, Maui unemployment rate highest in nation at 35%, George Floyd protests continue, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Sailboat off Keaukaha ©2020 All Hawaii News Boating and water sports restrictions relaxed statewide. Boating and other water sports got the green light to expand activities with some restrictions Wednesday. Hawaii News Now.Hawaii eases restrictions on number of people allowed on commercial, recreational boats. State officials said that up to 10 people may now be on a commercial or recreational boat at a time, effective immediately, due to the easing of emergency restrictions imposed in re...
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Campaign to defund the police

The murder of George Floyd at the hand of a white police officer on May 25 has sparked more than just protests and calls for shifting racial relations. It’s also prompting a movement to defund law enforcement across the US. For several years activists have been advocating for US cities and states to cut police budgets, and although such demands previously gained little traction, recent events have drawn more mainstream attention to the issue. Julia Salazar, a New York state senator, told , ...
Tags: Travel, New York, Minneapolis, US, Los Angeles, Protests, Black Lives Matter, Eric Garcetti, All, Floyd, Tony Williams, Julia Salazar, George Floyd, Defund The Police, Police Funding

Meghan Markle addresses BLM

In a recent video, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle emerged from the Los Angeles hideaway where she’s been living a relatively quiet life with her family, to address the graduating class of 2020 at her alma mater, Immaculate Heart High School. Markle and her husband recently stirred up what we thought would be the biggest firestorm of 2020 when they left behind the British tabloids, paparazzi, the rest of the royal family, and the Queen herself, and fled to the United States. Markle used the...
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kareem abdul-jabbar: you start to wonder if it should be all black people who wear body cams, not the cops

One of the best things I've read about the protests rocking in the US and elsewhere is an op-ed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, in the Los Angeles Times. In case you don't know him, Abdul-Jabbar is a basketball legend. His NBA stats are off the charts (Wikipedia). He's also a writer and a social activist. I have to say, I'm a bit in awe of him.Here's Abdul-Jabbar's take on the protests. The piece, originally run by the L.A. Times, is also available on his website.Don't understand the protests? What you'...
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First a pandemic and now riots - What's next?

It's often said that things happen in threes, I'm afraid to even ponder what the next one might be. Those who devle into dystopian conspiracy theories of an invisble hand pushing the world into a dark future of one world government subjigating the human population to slavery, they're probably feeling somewhat justified in their beliefs right now.   First we had the novel coronavirus shutting down large segments of public life including closed schools and churches,.  Many buisnesses are shu...
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police resisters: not the solution to systemic racism, but an extremely positive development

I was shocked when Detective Dmaine Freeland, an active duty officer on the NYPD force, publicly condemned the Minneapolis officer who killed George Floyd and the other cops who witnessed the murder and did nothing to stop it. To say this is unusual is a massive understatement. It's absolutely unheard of.Being the first person to speak out in a culture that demands silence is incredibly difficult.When one person speaks out against evil and stands up for justice, others will follow. Next, four m...
Tags: Travel, Minneapolis, New York City, US, Freeland, Michael Bell, Bigotry, Laura K, War Resisters, Abuse Of Police Power, George Floyd, Dmaine Freeland, Winston Faison, Carl Achille, Melody Peguese

Positive environmental news May 2020

This is The Climate Win, the most positive sustainability news around the world every week. Beginning in the 1970s, the United States and other Western countries began shipping recyclable plastic waste to China. China had the infrastructure, and the labor, to recycle the plastic and other cheap scrap recyclables like paper. But in January of 2018, the country began restricting the imports of these recyclables. In the months following the announcement, US recycling was thrown into chaos. What ...
Tags: Travel, England, Minneapolis, Washington, Scotland, US, Sustainability, European Union, Indiana, Canada, United States, Malaysia, Ford, Associated Press, Vietnam, American Chemistry Council

george floyd, christian cooper, and when will this end?

The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers may be the most shocking  disturbing of any I've been aware of for a very long time, possibly since the murder of Amadou Diallo, way back in 1999. Police murders of unarmed, and often completely subdued, African Americans have lost all power to shock, piling up at such a fast rate we can barely track them all. When I saw the hashtag #RememberThemAll, I thought, we can't. No human can.The original New York Times story said George Floyd "d...
Tags: Travel, Minneapolis, New York City, US, United States, New York Times, Emmett Till, Floyd, Audubon Society, Amadou Diallo, Bigotry, Laura K, Amy Cooper, Christian Cooper, Abuse Of Police Power, George Floyd

Aparium Hotel Group Selects MMGY NJF As Agency Of Record For Public Relations

MMGY NJF, the North American public relations, social and experiential marketing brand of MMGY Global, has been named the public relations Agency of Record for Aparium Hotel Group and its diverse collection of award-winning boutique properties across the U.S (Detroit Foundation, Detroit, MI; Hewing Hotel, Minneapolis, MN; Pontchartrain Hotel, New Orleans, LA, Crossroads Hotel, Kansas City, MO; Hu Hotel, Memphis, TN). Aparium Hotel Group consists of nine hotels currently in operation and w...
Tags: Travel, Minneapolis, Aparium Hotel Group, U S Detroit Foundation Detroit MI, Hu Hotel Memphis TN Aparium Hotel Group

The best things to see in Detroit

The best possible way to learn, understand, and appreciate a new city is to dig into its history. And few cities in the United States have the historical chops of Detroit, which has been a major part of more US cultural movements than nearly any other city. Forget the things you thought you knew about Michigan’s largest city and go make new discoveries, partake in exciting historical moments, and explore beyond the guide books. This itinerary starts with destruction and finishes with an eye t...
Tags: Travel, Minneapolis, US, America, United States, Nba, Michigan, Detroit, Midtown, Heidelberg, All, Supremes, East Side, Homer Simpson, Berry Gordy, Grand River

HVS Market Pulse: Minneapolis-St. Paul Lodging Market Perceptions | By Tanya Pierson & Justin Westad

For this article, we will focus on three major submarkets within the Twin Cities metro area: Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington. These three cities host the largest inventory of hotel rooms, and each offer their own unique amenities and demand generators necessary for the successful operation of a hotel.
Tags: Travel, Minneapolis, PAUL, Bloomington, Tanya Pierson, Justin Westad

Traditional Minnesotan foods

Minnesota doesn’t disappoint in the natural wonders department. After all, it’s the birthplace of the mighty Mississippi, North America’s longest river, and is famously the Land of 10,000 Lakes (actually 15,000, but who’s counting). But the North Star State impresses in another category as well: food. By channeling its immigrant roots and true northern spirit, Minnesotans have fully embraced their destiny as a culinary capital. 1. Jucy/Juicy Lucy Photo: 5-8 Club/Facebook Minnesota’s Juic...
Tags: Travel, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Austin, Club, North America, Scandinavia, Lucy, All, Matt, University of Minnesota, Austin Minnesota, Great Minnesota, North Star State, Hormel, Hormel Foods

Food truck cities

There’s just something about a meal prepared inside of a truck. Maybe it’s the efficiency of the experience, the perceived affordability, or just the sheer fun of strolling up to a colorful Mystery Machine clone and walking away with a handful of fish tacos. Whatever the reason, the love for food trucks and changing food service laws have led to an explosion in popularity all across the US. Today, food truck festivals are worthy of a Google calendar alert, and the divine appearance of an ice...
Tags: Travel, Google, New York, Texas, Minneapolis, US, Indianapolis, Austin, Maine, Philadelphia, Jamaica, Kingston, Houston, Food Trucks, Ohio State, Columbus

ETW #45 Sports Inspired Travel

We’re kicking off the New Year with a look at sports related travel. Whether it’s traveling to run in a marathon, go on a buddies golf trip or attend a major sporting event, sports travel has never been more popular. This week we chat with three experts who share their own experiences chasing sports around the world. You can listen to the podcast here on this page or on any of these services: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher. The sponsor of this week’s podcast is Allianz T...
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Cool Kids Guide of Things to Do in Seattle with Kids (adult’s love these too!)

Seattle is cool. Uniquely cool. And there is a great balance of things to do in Seattle with kids AND for us adults too! Starbucks. Amazon. Microsoft. Costco. Boeing. Pearl Jam. Nirvana. Just a few things Seattle, Washington is famous for producing. How can one city produce so many great things? It’s a city that has been high on my radar since Seattle grunge became a played out thing on my walkman. I just had to go to the place that birthed some of my favorite music ever. And then while we were...
Tags: Travel, Amazon, Art, Usa, Minneapolis, Washington, New York City, US, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Wings, Sydney, Portland, San Diego, Howard Schultz, Nashville

The best and most famous pies in US

The United States is a pie-loving country. We eat it for dessert and the leftovers for breakfast. We argue about how and if to make homemade crust (and usually eat it regardless). We especially love pie around the holidays. We reached out to pie makers from across the country, dug through government declarations, and drew on our personal experiences to find each state’s signature pie. Some states share a pie style, proving that even though states have their differences, we’re also alike in m...
Tags: Travel, Apple, Utah, Florida, England, New York, Hollywood, Texas, Thanksgiving, Minnesota, Mississippi, Maryland, Minneapolis, Colorado, California, Montana

8 surprisingly diverse US cities

S ome 327 million people call America home. We speak 350 languages. We come from hundreds of countries. We practice more than 300 religions — or don’t. And while large metropolises like New York and Los Angeles may steal the spotlight for their diversity, US cities from coast to coast — whether ensconced in urban, suburban, or rural regions — are populated by residents of diverse cultures, religions, countries of origin, and ways of life. With thousands of destinations in North America, Greyho...
Tags: Travel, New York, Minneapolis, California, Washington, US, America, Los Angeles, Diversity, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Lgbtq, Nevada, Illinois, Midtown, Reno

Minneapolis’ Renovated Hotel Emery

Mid-century accents and thoughtful amenities add to the city's lively downtown destination Located within the historic Midland Bank building in Minneapolis, the Hotel Emery (part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection) assumes all 10 floors, turning what was once known as Hotel Minneapolis into a destination drenched in mid-century modern inspired design. A recent hefty renovation of the 229-room hotel resulted in an expansive gym and vast …
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The Titanic Exhibit and ...Goodbye Canada

Last Day in Canada Well technically we are leaving Canada in the morning as tonight we fly from Halifax back to Montreal this evening. Then tomorrow an early flight to Minneapolis on to Salt Lake City and finally Fresno California. We have love
Tags: Travel, Minneapolis, Canada, Salt Lake City, Montreal, Halifax, Fresno California

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