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Mass brutalities and torture by Modi through his completely unjustified total lockdown

This is a placeholder post. Will try to keep track of instances that come to my notice. MURDERS BY MODI One ambulance driver from our place was driving from Mumbai to Shrigonda, carrying a patient and the driver’s father was travelling with him. Police accused the ambulance of carrying passengers in the ambulance and thrashed […]
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When Narendra Modi took notes: How the owners of India’s language newspapers “advised” the PM six hours before he announced a 21-day shutdown. (Or so it seems.)

Narendra Modi‘s relationship with the news media since becoming prime minister in 2014 has been built on conspicuous contempt and confrontation, but behind the scenes, chummy co-option and cultivation has been a constant endeavour. Modi likes the world to believe he is not bothered with what the “news traders” of the mainstream media say, when he can directly “speak” to the people through social and public media: so no media adviser; no journalists on board his aircraft; no press conferences; no...
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COVID-19: India goes into complete lockdown, essential services to continue

Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday placed the entire country under complete lockdown for next 21 days to arrest the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, where it has claimed 11 lives* and infected 562 people** so far. A full ban is being imposed on people from stepping out of their homes, PM Modi said. “All […] ...
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Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, Modi’s Yoddhas are digital predators: Reporters Without Borders

The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has found itself in august company on a Reporters Without Borders (RSF) list — that of digital predators that undermine press’s freedom. Along with the Home Ministry, Modi’s Yoddhas have also bagged the honour of using “digital technology to spy on and harass journalists and thereby jeopardize our ability […] ...
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Maharashtra state CID website hacked to protest against violence against Muslims in Delhi

Days after a Haryana government website was hacked to protest the violence against Muslims in Delhi, Maharashtra’s Crime Investigation Department’s website has now been hacked and defaced by hacker group Legion, accompanied by a warning to the the Indian government and police forces: “We are warning you Indian police and Modi government, stop hurting people […] ...
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Hotstar blocks PM Modi-centric episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Disney-owned Hotstar seems to have censored the latest episode of HBO’s popular talk show Last Week Tonight, which is centred around Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to Hotstar, new episodes of the show hosted by John Oliver, are uploaded every Tuesday at 6 AM. However, at the time of writing this story, the episode still […] ...
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Six gems John Oliver packed into his 17-minute takedown of the ‘aggressive hugger’ with ‘no emotional validation’, the ‘temporary symbol of hate’

John Oliver‘s hatchet job on prime minister Narendra Modi on his ‘Last Week Tonight‘ show is “trending” but it is easy to not quite hear what the voluble British-born US comedian says in his trademark torrent. Here are seven nails that Oliver hits on the head on the “aggressive hugger”: 1) Calling Modi the “father of India”, as US president Donald Trump did, is “ stupid at best, dangerous at worst “. 2) “Modi’s charisma evades public anger sticking to him, which is a very dangerous super power ...
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“We are Kinder Than Them.” Trump and Modi Don’t Reflect the Spirit of Gujarat.

President Donald Trump is due to make the first ever visit by an American head of state to Ahmedabad, the biggest city in the western state of Gujarat. It is the state that Narendra Modi, now Prime Minister, ruled for 12 years. It’s also where where generations of my family have lived. A big reason that Trump chose Ahmedabad is that the largest number of Indians in the U.S. – and the most fervent supporters of Modi – are Gujaratis. Trump is hoping that, by showing up in Ahmedabad to declare...
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A Hindu bomber detonates the Mangalore ‘bomb’ in the face of Kannada news media. And a newspaper suggests mental tests and medical treatment for the ‘real terrorists’: embedded editors, owners and TV anchors.

Karnataka is the outlier in peninsular India—the only state in the South that the BJP has managed to come to power, by hook and by crook. Twice. There is a plethora of political reasons for this, including caste realignment, but there can be little doubt that the Kannada media has played a hands-on role in paving the way for the Hindu nationalist party to gain a foothold, and then obtain a stranglehold, in a progressive state known for pioneering social reforms. Politically invested media owners...
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If Baba Ramdev can get Babul Supriyo a BJP ticket in 3 days, what’s the big deal over a Lingayat mutt head demanding cabinet berths for 3 Lingayat MLAs?

  The most touching aspect of a Lingayat mutt head publicly “threatening” Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa to include Lingayat MLAs in his cabinet, failing which he would incur the wrath of the entire Lingayat community, is the faux outrage—first from Yediyurappa himself on stage, and then from the outside world. On social media there has been a welter of criticism at the audacity of the swami to upbraid an elected politician—and grudging appreciation of Yediyurappa’s angry comeback...
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At the latest science “circus”, Narendra Modi’s yoga consultant urges scientists to study the influence of “external forces” on man

The Nobel Prize-winning scientist of Indian origin Venkatraman Ramakrishnan rightly dubbed the Indian Science Congress a “circus” after he had to sit and watch an audience applaud Narendra Modi‘s mantra of five “E’s” in Mysore three years ago. Pseudo-science dressed up in ideology is in great demand at these gabfests of sycophancy, and at previous editions of the “circus”, all manner of claims have been made by jokers in all seriousness, and gone mostly unchallenged by the devout. # In 2014, Mod...
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My next TOI blog post: What is Mr Modi plan for India’s Muslims?

In this I ask Modi what he wants to do with India’s Muslims whom he hates so much. At any event if he continues down this path, there is no prospect of a $5 trillion economy. The CAA is a watershed moment in India’s history. The implication is clear: that if you are Muslim you […]
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Modi’s RSS links and photos

We all know that Modi has been an RSS leader. Some photos from the internet (this is a placeholder post – if I find more I’ll upload here):  
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India's Modi says #Saudi to invest in India's downstream oil, gas projects - Reuters

India's Modi says Saudi to invest in India's downstream oil, gas projects - Reuters:Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday Saudi Arabia will invest in downstream oil and gas projects in India as part of a strategic partnership between the two countries, a move that would also help the world’s top oil exporter find a stable outlet for its crude.Modi, who is on a two-day visit to Riyadh to participate in an investor summit, will meet King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohamme...
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Can Amit Shah do for India what he did for the BJP?

This is of The Rationalist, my column for the Times of India. Amit Shah’s induction into the union cabinet is such an interesting moment. Even partisans who oppose the BJP, as I do, would admit that Shah is a political genius. Under his leadership, the BJP has become an electoral behemoth in the most complicated political landscape in the world. The big question that now arises is this: can Shah do for India what he did for the BJP? This raises a perplexing question: in the last five years, ...
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Trump and Modi are playing a Lose-Lose game

This is of The Rationalist, my column for the Times of India. Trade wars are on the rise, and it’s enough to get any nationalist all het up and excited. Earlier this week, Narendra Modi’s government announced that it would start imposing tariffs on 28 US products starting today. This is a response to similar treatment towards us from the US. There is one thing I would invite you to consider: Trump and Modi are not engaged in a war with each other. Instead, they are waging war on their own p...
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Eight reasons why Indian cricket looks like Indian politics today: a loud, mindless cauldron of ‘desh bhakti’, unaccountable, Pakistan-obsessed, and a darling of shady corporates

In the late 1980s, the then Editor of The Times of India, Girilal Jain, wrote that in India, politics sets the pace and everything else follows in its wake. In other words, every sphere of Indian life picks up its cue from politics and its practitioners. In the fifth year since the fresh dawn of civilisation, it can be safely said that the frenzied fans, followers and fanatics of ‘Team India’—the accent being on frenzied, mind you, not on the sane and sober—have a great many similarities with t...
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38 factoids and 5 infographs from the jungle of statistics published in newspapers that put Narendra Modi’s stupendous 2019 victory in perspective

Many English newspapers have produced a dizzying array of information and graphics following the election of Narendra Modi, with The Times of India (above) standing out for homework, imagination and display. But it’s easy to get lost in the maze. Here are a few stats which stand out from ToI, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, Mint, and The Telegraph. *** 1. BJP has been the single latest party in five of the last seven general elections. 2. While BJP got 21 seats more than in 2014, its alli...
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Lessons from an Ankhon Dekhi Prime Minister

This is of The Rationalist, my column for the Times of India. A friend of mine was very impressed by the interview Narendra Modi granted last week to Akshay Kumar. ‘Such a charming man, such great work ethic,’ he gushed. ‘He is the kind of uncle I would want my kids to have.’ And then, in the same breath, he asked, ‘How can such a good man be such a bad prime minister?” I don’t want to be uncharitable and suggest that Modi’s image is entirely manufactured, so let’s take the interview at face...
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ECI orders Eros Now to take down web series on Modi until further notice

The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Saturday asked video streaming platform Eros Now to take down a 5-part web series on Prime Minister Narendra Modi “until further orders”, the Economic Times reported. However, as of 2pm on April 22, ‘Modi: The Journey of a Common Man’ was still... ...
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EC’s poll code bars ‘Times of India’ from displaying its Narendra Modi “interview”. But the rule does not apply to ‘Vijaya Vani’ and ‘Dighvijaya News’, the Kannada paper and channel owned by former BJP MP Vijay Sankeshwar.

The Times of India has an “interview” with prime minister Narendra Modi on the eve of the second phase of #GeneralElections2019, but it is only available in hard copy, in the print editions of the newspaper. On its website, ToI has blanked out the PM’s interview with the line: “In view of the 48-hour silence period in force for the second phase of the LS elections on April 18, which applies to all forms of electronic media, the prime minister’s interview will be uploaded on this page once votin...
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India’s reality today, in the documentary Reason by Anand Patwardhan

Thanks to Melroy Fernandes for sharing this: The full documentary is very long and has been broken up into snippets on Youtube that can be accessed here. The documentary provides deep insight into the vicious and violent India that’s being created by RSS and Modi. The situation is dire and the world is simply […]
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‘Praja Vani’ editorial asks a pertinent question: why is the BJP only making communally provocative statements even after getting a majority and a full five years in office?

Narendra Modi says Rahul Gandhi is running away from Hindus to contest from Wayanad. Amit Shah says all infiltrators except Buddha, Hindus and Sikhs will be removed. Yogi Adityanath talks of Ali and Bajrangbali.Maneka Gandhi threatens to Muslims to vote for him. Praja Vani, the respected Kannada daily, asks a pertinent question—why is the BJP making only communally provocative statements?—and the proceeds to provide the answer, two answers actually. One, the BJP has nothing much to s...
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Modi’s 5 years wasted – and the country divided. A report card.

This is a placeholder post where I’ll compile material that’s being shared across social media by various people to discuss Modi’s performance (or rather, the lack of it). This is just the beginning. The amount of anti-Modi content circulating on social media today is to be seen to be believed. I’ll continue to compile here […]
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Modi the TOTAL FOOL. The TOTAL FAILURE of Swachh Bharat.

India is beyond filthy. It is a nightmare. The idea of Swachh Bharat is a TOTAL FAILURE since Modi did not change any of the underlying incentives in the system. He is a TOTAL FOOL and anyone who votes for such fools is also one. A couple of videos I made: I have warned all […]
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To Escalate or Not? This Is Modi’s Zugzwang Moment

This is of The Rationalist, my column for the Times of India. One of my favourite English words comes from chess. If it is your turn to move, but any move you make makes your position worse, you are in ‘Zugzwang’. Narendra Modi was in zugzwang after the Pulwama attacks a few days ago—as any Indian prime minister in his place would have been. An Indian PM, after an attack for which Pakistan is held responsible, has only unsavoury choices in front of him. He is pulled in two opposite direction...
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Whether he wins again or not, Narendra Modi has caused irreparable damage to Indian science: Lord Ganesh, Shiva, Kunti and Gandhari are witness

Evaluating Narendra Modi’s imprint on India’s social fabric, or the stains left behind by five years of relentless, unapologetic majoritarianism on the communal tapestry, is an easy task to undertake. Less so, the anti-intellectualism borne out of an inferiority complex that manifests itself as an “anti-Nehru” sentiment. In today’s Deccan Herald, Prasenjit Chowdhury attempts to gauge whether India’s 14th prime minister has been “a blessing or an unmitigated disaster”, compared to the first...
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Kolkata Police vs CBI vs Modi vs Mamata #KolkataPoliceCBI

A collection of cartoons and memes #KolkataPoliceCBI  
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Scare campaign by BJP? Modi had better deny this publicly else the international media will tear into him.

Freedom of expression has long been on the back foot in India. In Modi’s India things have gotten from bad to worse. Someone has been sharing this on Whatsapp. This has all the hallmarks of a scare campaign. The text: Appeal to all group members is that no group member should forward photo of Sonia, Rahul, […]
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Here Is Why the Indian Voter Is Saddled With Bad Economics

This is of The Rationalist, my column for the Times of India. It’s election season, and promises are raining down on voters like rose petals on naïve newlyweds. Earlier this week, the Congress party announced a minimum income guarantee for the poor. This Friday, the Modi government released a budget full of sops. As the days go by, the promises will get bolder, and you might feel important that so much attention is being given to you. Well, the joke is on you. Every election, HL Mencken onc...
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