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Daily Crunch: Netflix hikes prices for US subscribers

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here: 1. Netflix will raise prices for US subscribers, with its most popular plan going up to $13 per month For the most popular plan (which includes high-definition streaming for up to two devices simultaneously), the price will increase from $10.99 to $12.99 per month. Meanwhile, the one-device plan will go up ...
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Travel News: January 11, 2019

Air France leans toward pulling plug on Joon Travel Weekly Joon, the Air France subsidiary promoted as a hip new airline for millennials, appears to be on the verge of closure, just 13 months after launch. “After much discussion with employees and customers alike, and in consultation with the unions, Air France has decided to launch a project studying the future of the Joon brand and the integration of Joon employees and aircraft into Air France,” Joon’s parent said Thursday as part of a statem...
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Tips on travel to Antarctica

A mere hundred years ago, going to Antarctica was exclusively the realm of hardened, grizzled explorers who didn’t mind being away from home for years and losing a toe or three. Flash forward to 2019, and you’ve got ships with wine pairing dinners and butler service making dozens of trips there a year. Though getting there’s not cheap, the White Continent is now fully accessible to anyone who can afford it. But it’s still not as simple as taking a 10-day tour around the Caribbean. Because Ant...
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Most popular Netflix shows by state

If you’re looking for a new Netflix binge but you don’t quite trust your friends’ recommendations, you might want to check out this map of every state’s favorite show. The map was compiled by the team at, which used Google Trends to find and rank the most searched Netflix show in each state. While all the shows are relatively popular nationwide, it’s interesting to look at the map and note a few obvious trends. Photo: 13 Reasons Why was America’s...
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My Top 11 Hostels in Budapest in 2019

Updated: 1/9/2019 | January 9th, 2019 Budapest has become one of the premier backpacker destinations in Europe. Over the last five years, Budapest has gone from popular to uber-popular spot with hundreds of accommodations popping up and ever increasing crowds. Over 3 million people visited the city last year! For backpackers, the combination of a party scene, ruin bars (which are awesome), lots of sights, and cheap prices makes it irresistible to visit. For a small city, all the crowds (don’t...
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Rhum Bar 1802 and MASHA Restaurant

In my younger days, I was a full out disco king, going out to clubs like Studio 54 or Area in New York almost every night of the week. Strutting my best moves on the dance floor, I was stiff competition for John Travolta aka Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever.   Nowadays, I don’t go out much anymore at night except to have dinner at restaurants. I’ve put my platform disco shoes, shiny shirts unbuttoned practically to the waist, and bell bottom pants into storage and now wear furry slippe...
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Random holiday generator: a new city break service to surprise destinations

With BRB, members pay a monthly fee to take a European city trip every four months, only finding out the location at the last minute – ours was SevilleI’m standing on a bridge, taking in the panorama of the Plaza de España in Seville. I’m in this spot because a month ago I received a cryptic postcard from a stranger instructing me to travel to the Spanish city. I’m not a kooky assassin who receives her assignments via postcard like Villanelle in Killing Eve, it’s just that I’ve signed up to new ...
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Kayak travel hacks best times to fly

Getting tips on travel is kinda like getting dating advice from relatives at a wedding. Every time you look up, someone is offering some sage wisdom about how to time it right, avoid the pitfalls, and get the most for your money, so to speak. And listening to all of it gets you so overwhelmed that you just wanna say “forget it” and stay home with a bottle of Chianti and Netflix. Of course, unlike with dating, the travel world has actual, quantifiable authorities who base their advice on more ...
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Epic Airbnbs in trending cities

Airbnb’s most trending destinations for 2019 stretch across the globe. From beach destinations to mountain getaways to urban hubs, they all have one thing in common: There are some epic places to rent in each one. Here’s the lowdown on where to find the best Airbnbs in the most popular destinations on the site. Kaikoura, New Zealand Photo: Sasapee/Shutterstock The small south island town of Kaikoura is a household name nowadays but not for the right reasons. Kaikoura was badly hit by a 7....
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Best VPNs for China 2019 (that still work despite the ban)

Update January 2019: As many of you know, China spent a good portion of 2018 cracking down on VPN usage throughout the country and even threatened to ban all non-state sanctioned VPNs. Obviously, that hasn’t happened (expats are still using VPNs today). So what’s the deal? Do the best VPNs for China still work? As an expat who has spent over a decade in China, I’d like to offer my thoughts and recommendations. Sadly this website, like many others, has been blocked in China since 2009 ...
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Week 5: New Years in Gruene and Big Bend, Texas

We stayed longer in Texas Hill Country then we planned. A few challenges sprung up during week 5 of our USA road trip which had us problem solving for the optimal solution. One really never knows if it will turn out to be optimal or not, but you can only make decisions based upon the information you have at hand. Our Challenges: 1. Busy Holiday Season I didn’t think Texas would be so busy in the winter time, but I’ve since learned it is because the summer months are too hot! It makes sense r...
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10 Creative Ways to Save Money in 2019

I don’t know about you, but money has been on my mind a lot recently. Probably because I’m anxiously awaiting several end-of-year payments from work I did last year, and also the fact that it’s the NEW YEAR and I’ve got to start planning for the future…I guess. As a freelancer & business owner, I’m always a little anxious about my fluctuating income. And with the volatile market the past month, my future is increasingly…worrisome. One of my top goals for 2019 is to save more money. Just feels li...
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LEVEL budget airline review

In 2017, a new budget airline called LEVEL took its inaugural flight from Barcelona to Los Angeles. It’s owned and operated by IAG (the same company behind British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia, and others) and is based in Barcelona. The early impression from flight experts like the team at The Points Guy weren’t great — even for a budget airline — but just over a year into the company’s short life, LEVEL is hitting its stride. Like many late-20s professionals, I’ve been experiencing the newfou...
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Netflix hires Spencer Neumann as new CFO

Netflix has hired Spencer Neumann as its chief financial officer, just two days after he was fired as CFO from American video game company Activision Blizzard. Neumann replaces David Wells, who announced his departure in August last year. Wells had served as CFO since 2010.   Activision Blizzard... ...
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The biggest ways 2018 changed food

A lot changed about the way we eat — and the way we think about food — in 2018. We lost Anthony Bourdain, a man who opened people’s eyes to other cultures and changed the way we think about how food and culture interact. Samin Nosrat, the author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and host of a show of the same name, taught everyone with a Netflix account a new way to think about cooking around the world. There was more authenticity in restaurants, and some places the media had written off for dead were...
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Week 4: Discovering Homegrown Gems in Texas Hill Country

We finished our time in New Orleans catching up with our friends who we made while in NOLA for MArdi Gras at the beginning of the year. I love how travel is like the superglue of friendships. You can meet someone so briefly, yet can quickly become great mates. That’s Whitney and Mike, and their two daughters. We were stoked that the stars aligned and they were in town at the same time as us. We stayed an extra day so we could see them. They took us to a cool neighborhood eatery in Marigny, the N...
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My Top 11 Hostels in Budapest

Posted: 12/24/2018 | December 24th, 2018 Budapest has become one of the premier backpacker destinations in Europe. Over the last five years, Budapest has gone from popular to uber-popular spot with hundreds of accommodations popping up and ever increasing crowds. Over 3 million people visited the city last year! For backpackers, the combination of a party scene, ruin bars (which are awesome), lots of sights, and cheap prices makes it irresistible to visit. For a small city, all the crowds (do...
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Week 3 RV Road Trip: Christmas in New Orleans, LA

Rain, rain go away. That’s what I found myself singing a lot at the start of week 3 of our USA road trip with Goldie and the Beast. For two weeks, we’ve mostly had rain and snow. It’s amazing how quickly you can get cabin fever and your mood can plummet due to inclement weather. We left Huntsville for New Orleans. Not wanting to make the seven hour drive in one day, and wanting to delay our arrival into NOLA so we could make some later scheduled Christmas events, we stopped off into Birmingham, ...
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My Worst Travel Moments of 2018

Well, you definitely can’t take the good without the bad. Every year I write about my worst travel moments to show you that you’re not immune from bad times on your travels. Travel will not solve all your problems. I’ve gone through quite a few issues on my travels: In 2012, I got my credit cards hacked while in Portugal and Spain. In 2013, I developed giant hives in Busan, South Korea, and it was nine months before they stopped popping up on a daily basis. In 2014, I got head lice in New Or...
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Entertaining Oneself On One’s Travels

What should you bring with you when traveling? Joe Brancatelli asked several travel writers to discuss what books, music and video they take with them on the road. Here’s our response, and rather than giving you any favorites, we’ve chosen to answer “everything”, and explain, below, why and how. The last few decades have seen extraordinary developments when it comes to in-flight entertainment.  The first ever in-flight movie was shown on a demonstration flight around Chicago in 1921, and then f...
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Sacred Games: Petitioner seeks regulation for OTT platforms on account of public order

Nikhil Bhalla, the advocate petitioning for the creation of a regulatory body for online streaming platforms has reasserted his demand in the rejoinder he filed in the Delhi High Court. Bhalla has demanded for a grievance redressal mechanism and regulation to deal with ‘Over-the-top’... ...
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The Best Neighborhoods in Paris: Where to Stay on Your Visit

Posted: 12/16/2018 | December 16th, 2018 Paris. The city of lights. With 20 arrondissements (neighborhoods) and thousands of hotels, hostels, and apartments, finding the best place to stay in Paris can be a bit of a challenge. What’s the best overall neighboorhood? What’s the cheapest neighboorhood in Paris? Where do all the cool kids stay? Where’s a good spot for families? What’s close the city center? There are a lot of questions. Over the course of dozens of visits to Paris, I’ve stayed all...
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Why and how you should apply the Netflix model to your hotel | By Nancy Huang

It's easy to forget that Netflix started out as an ambitious DVD-by-mail company that nearly went out of business. Back in 2011, Netflix was being savaged by the media and its stock price was plummeting. Today, it's the second-most valuable media company in the world and boasts 125 million subscribers.
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Sacred Games: Centre bats for freedom of expression in Netflix case

Underlining the importance of freedom of expression, the Ministry of Electronics, Information and Technology (MeitY) has told the Delhi High Court that MeitY cannot ask Netflix to remove the alleged objectionable reference to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in its Sacred Games series. It can be... ...
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Swati Shetty, Netflix’s India head of content, to step down

Swati Shetty, who headed the content operations for Netflix India, has stepped down from her role, reports Variety. The company said that it is placing more emphasis on India, and the role should be fulfilled from Mumbai, and not Los Angeles, where Shetty is currently based out of. “It’s a pity she... ...
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5 Finance Tips To Help You Save For Your Next Vacation

Many people think that they cannot afford to go on vacation. However, there are several ways that you can save for your next vacation. Making a few changes can help you get the funds that you need to pay for your dream vacation. Start a Vacation Budget  One of the keys to saving for anything is to start a budget. You have to keep track of the amount of money that you have going in and coming out. You will also need to estimate how much you will have to save up for your vacation. You should s...
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Best museums to visit in 2019

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to exercise your brain more and your texting fingers less, visiting a museum might just be the perfect way to accomplish your mission. Whether it’s art pieces on loan or a new space altogether, these museums make for worthy destinations in the new year and beyond. So, switch off Netflix, leave the ‘gram alone, and go check out these incredible museums in 2019. 1. Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Photo: Royal Alberta Museum/Facebook ...
Tags: Travel, China, Africa, US, Senegal, Netflix, Culture, Canada, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Alberta, Edmonton, Louvre, Saskatchewan, Dakar Senegal

Why and how you should apply the Netflix model to your hotel

Travel Tripper reveals what hotels can learn from the Netflix success story, including how to utilize personalization, consumer psychology, and an experimental mindset to compete with the OTAs
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Lightspeed hires 5 new partners from Slack, Twitter and more

Lightspeed Venture Partners, one of the best-performing VC firms in Silicon Valley, is closing out 2018 with a slew of new hires. The firm has brought on five additional investing partners: Jana Messerschmidt, Ashley Brasier, Merci Victoria Grace (pictured above), Jerry Ye and Jay Madheswaran. Neetzan Zimmerman, a former senior editor at Gawker, has also joined as vice president of growth, as first reported by Forbes. The additions are 50 percent female, a good move for Lightspeed, which like...
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'The Crown' costumes on display

Netflix may be giving the axe to shows left and right, but The Crown seems like it’s sticking around for the long haul. The show’s second season aired in 2017, and while we don’t have a premiere date for the third season yet, we have a little something to tide us over. Heal’s, a British furniture store in London, will have several costumes from the show’s latest season on display in its windows. The Crown is a biographical drama following the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It began with her as...
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