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Trading Divorce for Travel

Reflecting on it now, it seems appropriate that my husband and I took a weekend trip to sign our divorce papers.  At the time, I was living in New York City and he in San Diego.  In an attempt to be amicable, we decided to meet in Palm Springs for the “official” signing.  It was a typical Palm Springs weekend that we’d experienced dozens of times before: the air hot and dry, with oily and glistening leathery women sprawled out on chaise lounges around the pool.  The difference this time was that...
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Why you need to visit French Guiana

During the 2014 World Cup , French Guiana got the geographical equivalent of 15 minutes of fame. A place a good portion of the world didn’t know existed, much less could find on a map, was highlighted in numerous maps of World Cup stadiums around Brazil, as well as the subject of a number of “interesting places to travel around the World Cup” stories in the months leading up to the event. And that was the last most of the world thought about it. It’s not the world’s fault, really. Getting to t...
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Travel: No ship of fools for these cruise performers

Garry Carson has heard it thousands of times from cruise passengers before showtime: “I don’t like magic, but let’s see if the guy is any good.” Some entertainers would have bruised egos overhearing such comments, especially on a crowded elevator ride to the deck of the theater. But after 500-plus cruises over 22 years, the seafaring magician knows the life of taking an act on the road where there are no roads. “These people aren’t there because they love or even like magic,” said Carson, pointi...
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Head South for the Winter: 5 Wonderful Southern U.S. Destinations You NEED to Visit

Brr… It’s cold outside! Do you want to escape the cold by vacationing somewhere a little warmer this winter? Some people even choose to spend the entire winter in a second home down south. Southern destinations offer sunshine and fun. Keep reading to learn where you might add a little sunshine to your life. 5 Wonderful Southern Destinations The snow won’t go away. But you can! Let’s look at some great winter escapes. 1. New Orleans, Louisiana For warmer temps and rich culture, visit New Orl...
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How to save on New Orleans Attractions with the New Orleans Sightseeing Pass

I totally geek out on discounted attraction passes. Why? Because I love tours. They offer you insight into the local history and culture that you may not necessarily pick up on your own. Sometimes you can. You can spend hours wandering and reading plaques, but that can be an exhausting experience. Depending on your mood for the day (and distractions) you may only take some of it in. And you don’t get the local lore and myths woven in – those stories that leave you wondering if you’ve just been h...
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How to Be Less of a Traveling Asshole in 2019

Everyone likes to think that they’re a good traveler. But are you as good as you think you are? Probably not. “How dare you call me an asshole?! I’m one of the good ones!” I mean, we’re all assholes. We all cause damage. There’s no such thing as a perfect traveler or trip. We can all strive to do better.  I often say that the best thing the travel blogging community has done is raise awareness about elephant rides. Elephant rides are universally abusive to the animals — there’s no such thing ...
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Week 4: Discovering Homegrown Gems in Texas Hill Country

We finished our time in New Orleans catching up with our friends who we made while in NOLA for MArdi Gras at the beginning of the year. I love how travel is like the superglue of friendships. You can meet someone so briefly, yet can quickly become great mates. That’s Whitney and Mike, and their two daughters. We were stoked that the stars aligned and they were in town at the same time as us. We stayed an extra day so we could see them. They took us to a cool neighborhood eatery in Marigny, the N...
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A New Year’s Resolution: Get Over Your Irrational Fears

Anyone who tells you that he has no fears is either lying or very foolish. Fears are ubiquitous, and some of us just learn to live in harmony with them a little better than others.   At this very moment I’m in a bus headed for Honduras, the most dangerous country in the Western Hemisphere. In the bus with me are my most precious possessions: my husband, my children, and my parents. The last time we were in Honduras, we had one of our most frightening travel moments. I won’t bore you with the det...
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Week 3 RV Road Trip: Christmas in New Orleans, LA

Rain, rain go away. That’s what I found myself singing a lot at the start of week 3 of our USA road trip with Goldie and the Beast. For two weeks, we’ve mostly had rain and snow. It’s amazing how quickly you can get cabin fever and your mood can plummet due to inclement weather. We left Huntsville for New Orleans. Not wanting to make the seven hour drive in one day, and wanting to delay our arrival into NOLA so we could make some later scheduled Christmas events, we stopped off into Birmingham, ...
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A Dream Disneyland Trip (Things to do in Disneyland, Anaheim)

We went to Disneyland® Park for 10-days with my Dad’s side of the family. It was so awesome, and I’m excited to share our dream Disneyland trip with you. But we didn’t just have a couple of family members with us, we had a whole crew. 15 people to be exact! Meeting Mickey Mouse with all my family Yep, that’s right. Four cousins, two Aunts, two Uncles, a boyfriend, and Nan and Pop ( Grand Parents) and us. As you could probably tell, we didn’t get everything done. So Savannah and I have an exc...
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My Worst Travel Moments of 2018

Well, you definitely can’t take the good without the bad. Every year I write about my worst travel moments to show you that you’re not immune from bad times on your travels. Travel will not solve all your problems. I’ve gone through quite a few issues on my travels: In 2012, I got my credit cards hacked while in Portugal and Spain. In 2013, I developed giant hives in Busan, South Korea, and it was nine months before they stopped popping up on a daily basis. In 2014, I got head lice in New Or...
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How Epiphany is celebrated

For many places , such as Italy or Spain, the holiday period extends until the 7th of January. This is because these countries, along with many others around the world, celebrate Epiphany on the 6th of January. In Western Christianity, this commemorates the arrival of the Three Wise Men who followed the star to baby Jesus. In the Orthodox Church, Epiphany celebrates the Baptism of Christ, and so on this day, priests bless water through various rituals. The Orthodox festivities usually take pla...
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Week 2: The Christmas Spirit Arrives in Chattanooga and Huntsville

Snow and rain hit us on our second week of our USA road trip with our travel trailer. We had intended to stay in Asheville until the 10th of December, but a huge snow storm moved in that was going to drop around 8 inches. I’m just not ready for snow camping. It was cold enough as it was. We did experience one day of gentle flurries which was a bit of a thrill for the kids. It didn’t stick around though, just like us. (Although, wait till you continue reading below when you’ll find out what was u...
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Cities sinking due to climate change

We’ve been hearing about the dangers of climate change for quite some time. Scientists routinely caution against warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, and melting ice caps, but sometimes it can be difficult to imagine the impact of these phenomena on our daily lives. Gradually sinking cities may be the first (and most alarming) way climate change manifests in a tangible sense. Due to rising sea levels and other environmental factors, several of the world’s major cities are slowly sinking i...
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What to do in Caribbean cruise ports

For those who love it , cruising is the best way to sample a bunch of countries in one vacation, learning a little about a lot of places before returning home. Of course, once you step off the ship in a lot of ports, you’re met by hordes of dudes with laminated plastic signs offering to take you to the “best spots” that “only the locals know about” — where you’re immediately joined by the 3,000 passengers from the ship docked up next to you. Figuring out what to do in a cruise port is tough, e...
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The food scene in Philly is amazing

It’s dark outside. The sidewalks in the bustling neighborhoods of Philadelphia are starting to fill in with couples and groups of friends walking leisurely and laughing. Soon, they will be squeezing into one of the city’s many cozy dining rooms, or maybe waiting hours for a table at one of Philadelphia’s hot restaurants. Maybe they’ll be seated quickly with a reservation they made weeks, or even months, in advance. There’s no event in town, no special circumstances; it’s a regular Friday nigh...
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JetBlue crazy sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but JetBlue is holding a two-day sale with some pretty serious deals. Discounted flights are available all around the United States and to international destinations including Canada, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Fares only last until midnight tonight, so you’ll have to book your flights fast. Domestically, there are tons of short-haul, one-way flights under $50. Some examples are below: Boston to Pittsburgh for $49 Atlanta to...
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Pet alligators at NOLA airport

Reptiles don’t traditionally fall into the category of animals that make people feel comfortable — they typically provoke more anxiety than anything else. But Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport thinks alligators could be a useful therapeutic tool, so it’s making them available at baggage claim for passengers to pet. The program will run every Friday from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM as part of a partnership between the airport and the Audubon Nature Initiative. Photo: Louis Armstrong N...
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Best bar according to bartenders

People travel for all kinds of reasons. Some like to hike breathtaking trails; others are searching for the world’s best cup of coffee. For people in the bar and restaurant industry, one of the top reasons to travel is to visit iconic bars. We caught up with eight people in the industry — bartenders, managers, and brand ambassadors — to learn what bar they would travel around the world to visit. Go ahead and add these places to your must-visit list. 1. Café No Se in Antigua, Guatemala Pho...
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A Road Trip from Boston: A Two Week Mix n Match Massachusetts Driving Itinerary

Striped lighthouses, whaling ports, white churches and the fledgling days of modern America right up to the space race and beyond. Give Massachusetts two weeks on the open road and she will give you a salty-aired, wide-eyed look at America, with a serving of clam chowder on the side.After this road trip from Boston, America may seem older. But you’ll feel younger.Here’s how to make it happen. one Massachusetts Itinerary Mix n match road trips from Boston: Cape Ann, Plymouth, Cape...
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10 of the Most Spooktacularly Mysterious Attractions in France

France is filled with old, fascinating and spooky places to see. Check out these mysterious attractions in France that will send a shudder down your spine. Taking a trip to France and want to see more than the usual museums and sidewalk cafes? Like most of Europe, France is full of culture, but it also has a dark and spooky past. There are plenty of beautifully creepy sites with a ghostly story behind it. Many of them from hundreds of years ago. Where do you find these historical haunts? ...
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Norwegian Breakaway Ready for Cruises from New Orleans

Norwegian Breakaway sets two records Sunday, November 11, 2018 marks the first sailing for Norwegian Breakaway from its new homeport in New Orleans.  Refurbished in… The post Norwegian Breakaway Ready for Cruises from New Orleans appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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19 Reasons to Visit Johnston County, North Carolina (JoCo)

JoCo. You may not have heard of this county, but anyone who has experienced it carves out a soft spot for it in their heart. Johnston County, as it’s proper name expands out to, is one of the biggest counties in North Carolina, and the next county south of Raleigh. Home in Downtown Clayton, Johnston County NC Its location is important. The I-95 running along the north-south corridor of the country and I-40 running the east-west corridor of the country crosses through JoCo. And its position i...
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The Best Places to Travel in 2019

My View of the Treasury Petra by Night The Best Places to Travel in 2019 Well, look at me, getting all organised and publishing this list in November instead of waiting until January rolls around! Turns out that leopards can really change their spots after all! If there’s one question I get asked a lot at this time of year, it’s the one about where you’re planning to go next year. It comes in various forms: Where’s the best place to go on holiday this year (if you’re British) Where’s the bes...
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US cities for vegans and vegetarians

The food landscape in the US was not designed for vegetarians and vegans. Meals typically revolve around meat as the main course, with some veggies here and there as sides. While it’s easier to stick to a meat-free diet these days, the availability of good, affordable vegetarian options varies city to city and region to region. To find the best cities for vegetarians and vegans, WalletHub, a credit score and report company, crunched some data and found the top 100 large US cities for those of...
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New Orleans museum shows art collected by namesake duke

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The New Orleans Museum of Art is winding up the city’s tricentennial with an exhibition of dozens of paintings collected by the man the city is named for: Philippe II, Duke of Orleans. He was King Louis XIV’s nephew and regent of France for eight years, ruling for the boy king […]
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15+ Ways to Celebrate the Holidays within Southeast

Fun No Matter Where You Live 9 Awesome Nature-based Holiday Projects Kids Will Love 25+ Elf on the Shelf Mischievous Elf Ideas Service Projects for Kids Best Gift Ideas: 9 experience-gifts to generate a lifetime of memories 25+ Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas For Adventurous Friends & Family Letters From Santa: How To Make The Magic Happen At Your House Georgia 25 Sparkling Christmas Light Displays Near Atlanta 15 Reverent Live Nativity Scene Locations Every Christmas Needs 19 Of The Best Pl...
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5 Haunted Hotels You May Not Know About in the United States

Read the full article on at - 5 Haunted Hotels You May Not Know About in the United States Are you ready for some paranormal activity this Halloween? Instead of all of the big haunted hotels you may have already heard of, such as The Stanley Hotel in Estes... Read More... The post 5 Haunted Hotels You May Not Know About in the United States appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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The 7 best US cities to see by bike

Driving can be a cumbersome way to see a city, what with traffic congestion and expensive parking. And while walking gets you up-close and personal, it’s hard to cover a lot of ground on foot — especially when the places you want to visit are far apart. Touring a city by bike, on the other hand, gives you that closer look while getting you farther in less time. Plus, fantastic cities like Seattle and Washington, DC, are becoming even friendlier to cyclists by adding bike lanes, welcoming bike...
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Travel News: October 19, 2018

Tourism Australia rolls out second phase of U.S. marketing campaign Travel Weekly Capitalizing on the momentum from its standout Super Bowl Sunday ad, Tourism Australia this week rolled out the second phase of its campaign, which centers on a fictitious reboot of the Crocodile Dundee movie franchise. The premise of this fall’s “Visit the Set of Dundee: Son of a Legend” campaign is to take U.S. travelers on a tour of the “Dundee movie backlot,” while in reality showcasing national parks and othe...
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