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Good news LGBTQ headlines

March wasn’t an easy month. If the coronavirus didn’t impact you directly, headlines concerning the pandemic surely stirred up anxiety related to the current moment’s uncertainty. On top of the health crisis, outlets and events for the queer community are being closed and canceled at an alarming rate, leaving LGBTQ folks with very little light at what’s looking to be a much longer tunnel than expected. But let’s not dwell on the bad stuff. In 2015, Harvard researcher Shawn Achor, psychologis...
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Hotels Pivot to Virus Battle as N.Y. Lodges Health Workers

New York City officials have started lodging health-care workers with coronavirus symptoms in repurposed hotels, providing a template for cities across the U.S. looking for ways to keep hospital workers from infecting more people as they battle the pandemic.
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a reading plan for 2020: the (second) year of the biography plus... more?

On the final day of 2017, I wrote a short list of books of people and topics I wanted to know more about, authors I wanted to sample but somehow never did, and unfinished reading challenges: what i haven't read and what i'm not reading (again, a post that had a fair number of comments... still hoping to restore them).**From there, I dubbed 2019 The Year of the Biography (just for my personal reading, of course). I ended up reading three massive tomes on the lives of Frederick Douglass, Jackie Ro...
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Lockdown in Paris: Day 14

Another weekend in confinement, but at least it’s warm enough to enjoy my (government approved) one-hour run within 1km of my apartment. Circles around the Square I did 8 laps around the Mitterrand National Library, aka (TGB – Très Grand Bibliothèque), whose elevated boardwalk is exactly 1km all the way around a central "forest" . Without cars, bikes or scooters to worry about, I can just pop in a podcast and do my laps, and marvel at the number of other runners doing exactly the sam...
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International LGBTQ films and TV

Let’s go on a gaycation. We can fall in love in Italy or have a San Francisco affair. We can don our best drag for an Australian road trip, or visit small-town America to shake up the local scene. If lounging by a lake in Provence is more your style, we can do that, too, though Miami’s waters are far warmer this time of year. Better yet — let’s do it all. We don’t need a train, plane, or automobile to get there. As long as you’ve got a secure WiFi connection and a device that can stream cont...
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Four Seasons offer free rooms

A stay at the Four Seasons in NYC typically doesn’t come cheap. In these turbulent times, however, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will soon be able to stay for free at the Midtown hotel. To prevent medical professionals from infecting their families, and from enduring long commutes to work, the hotel is offering free housing, according to an announcement from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday. The Four Seasons Hotel on 57th Street will provide FREE lodging to do...
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Best online language-learning tools

As most of us have been ordered to stay home to help control the spread of COVID-19, we’re all looking for ways to pass the time and learn new skills from the confines of our own houses. Because we will travel again when this is all over, and because speaking a foreign language is an incredibly useful part of our explorer’s toolkit, using our time at home to learn a new language is time well spent. Using a language-learning tool is a cheap, easy, and social way to pick up a new skill. You can...
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Comfort food from around the world

Food is more than just fuel for the body. A creamy serving of mac and cheese has the power to bring back memories from childhood. Pizza often serves as nourishment for the soul and a loyal travel companion, and stirring a pot of chili verde can evoke happiness and the feeling of home. Finding comfort in food is something that our remote team at Matador Network knows how to do well, from Finland to New York City to Bulgaria. These are the comfort foods from around the world that we turn to. 1...
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NYC hotels hoping for July re-opening following coronavirus shutdown

After temporarily closing their doors to ward off the coronavirus, some of New York City's largest hotel chains are already predicting a summer rebound.
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Standard Stands Together | By Amar Lalvani

Yesterday was a sad day. We made the unavoidable decision to close our two New York City hotels, The Standard High Line and The Standard East Village, The Standard Miami and our first international hotel, The Standard London. It was gut wrenching because hotels, and our hotels in particular, are anchors of their neighborhoods. Unlike restaurants, we never close. Ever. We are the places where people feel safe. Where people come together. To eat, drink, stay, play and enjoy each other's com...
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Our 44th Anniversary

Today  Forty-four years ago, on March 21, 1977, I met Vincent Gagliostro in New York City, and my life changed forever.   It was an interesting happenstance how we met, and if it wasn’t for a split second in time, we may have never met.   I was 21 years old, and still living at home in Brooklyn with my parents. It was the height of the disco era, and every Saturday night I would go into the city to dance away the night to the disco beat. I was close with my brother Joe, who lived in...
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Top Five New York City Virtual Cultural Experiences

Despite much of the world remaining on lockdown, people's thirst for culture has not diminished one bit. In fact, one could argue that it has grown stronger than ever the result of everyone searching for ways to occupy their time, and online cultural experiences can fill the void. Sure, visiting a museum online or enjoying the robust sounds of a virtual opera performance can't quite compare to being there in person.
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Happy, positive books to read

Netflix parties and virtual pasta-making classes are not the only ways to pass the time while you’re stuck at home, doing your part to flatten the curve and tackle the coronavirus health crisis. There are plenty of books out there to keep boredom at bay and to inject a dose of hope, humor, and joy into those long and anxiety-filled days. So stay away from the screens and dive into the following good reads to be transported to a place where COVID-19 does not exist and to keep your spirits up. ...
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Charities aiding hospitality workers

For many people around the country, this COVID-19 era is dark times. Restaurants and bars nationwide have laid off hourly employees. Hotels, airlines, buses, and other travel-related fields are surely not far behind. And only time will tell how far-reaching this month’s economic consequences may be. Organizations all over the nation are trying to help people who have lost their jobs or are otherwise struggling financially, and all are accepting donations. That means you, assuming you’re cash...
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New York City to-go cocktails

Since bars and restaurants are now closed in New York City — and several other places around the country — some businesses are making the most of the “new off-premises privileges” granted by the New York State Liquor Authority. As takeout and delivery are still permitted in NYC, some bars and restaurants are going the way of Louisiana’s drive-through Daiquiri bars, and serving cocktails to-go. As long as the drinks are sold in a closed or sealed container, and purchased along with food, it’s ...
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Queer events you can attend online

As the coronavirus pandemic alters daily life, queer events around the world are getting canceled, but there’s one event COVID-19 can’t touch: Couchella. That’s right — the hottest ticket in town is the house-party-of-one you’re hosting from your living room. Proximity doesn’t preclude us from gathering in the digital age. While it’s necessary to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a social recession doesn’t need to be the byproduct of staying safe. Whether you ...
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The best elevated parks around world

What is a city without a place to take it all in? By repurposing unused or abandoned structures and areas, major cities around the world are turning wasted space into green space — led by projects such as Atlanta’s BeltLine and New York City’s High Line. Cities like Dallas and San Francisco have taken the concept as much toward urban sustainability as public gathering space, and in Europe, Rotterdam looked straight to the future with its new Luchtsingel. These seven elevated parks are sure to...
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New York City coronavirus closures

Security measures are increasing throughout the United States to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which includes the temporary closing of popular tourist attractions and cultural institutions. New York City has been particularly affected. On Thursday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new ban on gatherings of over 500 people. The Metropolitan Museum of Art closed indefinitely, and the Metropolitan Opera and New York Philharmonic will shut its doors until March 31. There is, as yet...
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NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade moved

For the first time in its 258-year history, the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is being postponed. Governor Andrew Cuomo made the decision to not hold the parade over growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus and the gathering of large crowds. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations all over Ireland, as well as in Chicago and Boston have already been canceled. In a statement, the governor said, “Today I had several conversations with the organizers of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade to determ...
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Irish cultural sites in the US

Today, St. Patrick’s Day in the US is synonymous with posting up at the local Irish pub at 3:00 PM, green Jell-O shots, and breaking out that embarrassing green shirt you can only wear once a year. In the drunken haze, we often forget that the holiday is actually a celebration of Irish culture. The Irish experience in the US has been long and difficult, and it is, in many cases, an example of the American Dream in action. Taking some time around St. Patrick’s Day to consider the rich history ...
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Underrated arrondissements in Paris

Paris is made up of 20 distinct neighborhoods, or arrondissements, each with its own personality and charm. Many of the central arrondissements are famous among tourists for their monuments and museums but outside the highly trafficked, often touristy arrondissements there is a side of Paris that is completely underestimated. For those seeking a more local look at the French capital, these seven arrondissements are worth exploring. 10th Arrondissement Photo: Felix Lipov/Shutterstock The 1...
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Luxe Collection Adds New Hotels to Portfolio and Brings First Luxe Hotel to NYC

Global hospitality brand Luxe Collection is kicking off 2020 with significant expansion, including Luxe Hotels' first branded property in New York City, the historic and highly acclaimed Luxe Life Hotel New York. Five additional hotels will join Luxe Collection's portfolio of boutique 4- and 5-star properties this quarter, including Eurostars Magnificent Mile (Chicago), The Belmont (Dallas), Il Tornabuoni (Florence), CoolRooms Atocha (Madrid), and Zeavola Resort (Koh Phi Phi, Thailand).
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5 ways to celebrate Irish culture

Listen up people , because I have an important announcement to make: There are better things to do on St. Patrick’s Day than drink. Please, pick your jaw up off the floor and hear me out. Did you know that Ireland is home to an ancient and complex culture, which offers quite a bit more than Guinness and leprechauns? In fact, from here on out, any talk of leprechauns is banned. Ireland has produced James Joyce, U2, and Saorise Ronan and Colin Farrell, to name a few. It’s informed almost all o...
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The best hiking trails in cities

As the weather begins to warm, those hiking boots tucked in the back of your closet may begin to call your name. Hiking season is fast approaching, and after a long winter, a good long walk is in order. In many cases, you don’t even need to leave city limits. These urban hikes offer both exercise and skyline views, without a long commute to the trailhead. 1. Crosstown Trail — San Francisco, California Photo: Margaret.W/Shutterstock San Francisco is a compact city, and you can walk 17 mile...
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The 'London Patient,' Cured of HIV, Reveals His Identity

A year after the "London Patient" was introduced to the world as only the second person to be cured of HIV, he is stepping out of the shadows to reveal his identity: He is Adam Castillejo.Six feet tall and sturdy, with long, dark hair and an easy smile, Castillejo, 40, exudes good health and cheer. But his journey to the cure has been arduous and agonizing, involving nearly a decade of grueling treatments and moments of pure despair. He wrestled with whether and when to go public, given the atte...
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Positive environmental news

This is The Climate Win, the most positive sustainability news around the world every week. It often seems as though each time water makes big news, it’s bad. That’s not the case this week. Also, two big steps lead the fifth installment of The Climate Win, one an announcement and the other an enactment. And, there’s now a way to not just offset your personal carbon emissions but also pull the carbon straight from the sky — and turn it into stone. From the Matador editorial team, here’s to lon...
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Waldorf Astoria New York Returns: Global Icon on Park Avenue to Launch Sales of Luxury Condominium Residences

NEW YORK - Today, the iconic Waldorf Astoria New York will officially launch the sales of the building's condominium residences, The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria. The celebrated New York City landmark will introduce an unprecedented residential lifestyle to the heart of Midtown Manhattan, offering residents a world of exclusive private amenities along with special access to the best-in-class services found only at the globally renowned Waldorf Astoria New York.
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NYC Regulators Sue Airbnb Software Partner Guesty, Accusing It of Illegal Business Model

The New York City government has been battling short-term rental service Airbnb, which has been blamed for an explosion in illegal hotels that have helped drive housing scarcity and rising rent in the city, for years. Now it’s suing Guesty, a concierge service and Airbnb preferred software partner that the city…Read more...
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Scarlet Lady's New York City showcase event cancelledScarlet Lady's New York City showcase event cancelled

Preview event falls victim to growing coronavirus fears
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Escape from New York City and I dont mean the movie

This year for my birthday we decided to spend the weekend in Vermont specifically Manchester VT. This city itself is nothing special but it is just close enough that it doesnt take all day to get there and there is a Kimpton hotel which means Tarragon
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