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Milestone to Present at 3 Free Workshop Sessions at HSMAI New York

Silicon Valley, CA - Milestone, Inc. announced today that it will be hosting three free digital marketing-focused workshops for hotels at the upcoming HSMAI Digital Marketing Conference in New York. The sessions will be held Tuesday, January 22 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City. Interested Hoteliers can register by visiting the dedicated site at
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9 Things To Do on Your First Trip to New York City

A friend of mine is heading out on her first trip to New York City, and she’s feeling quite overwhelmed by all of the different things to see and do. “How can I manage all of this?!” she asks. The answer is that you can’t, which is why there is never just ONE trip to the Big Apple. You simply must return several times. If you plan on making return trips, it won’t...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories 9 Things To Do on Your First Trip to New York City - EnclosureEat Like a Local o...
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Synergy Global Housing Brings Volara-Powered Voice Assistants to New York Residences

New York — Synergy Global Housing, a subsidiary of The Ascott Limited and premier provider of furnished temporary accommodations for business and relocation stays, is voice enabling their new exclusive property in New York City with Volara-powered voice assistants. Synergy Chelsea, a smart apartment concept designed to deliver a premier guest experience through customer service and technology, will be the first furnished housing property to deploy this voice-based engagement technology to...
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How Luxury Hotels Can Co-Design for Suite Success | By Karen Loynaz and Gregg Rockett

Imagine walking into a hotel room designed by your favorite fashion brand, everything from the curtains to the bed linens emulates the brand perfectly. How much would you pay to sleep with your favorite brand? Leaders of luxury including Coco Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Bottega Veneta are now partnering with luxury hotels around the world to co-design fashion-forward hotel suites. Much like the hefty price-tag of a fresh-off-the runway design, "branded" designer suites can cost up ...
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Trading Divorce for Travel

Reflecting on it now, it seems appropriate that my husband and I took a weekend trip to sign our divorce papers.  At the time, I was living in New York City and he in San Diego.  In an attempt to be amicable, we decided to meet in Palm Springs for the “official” signing.  It was a typical Palm Springs weekend that we’d experienced dozens of times before: the air hot and dry, with oily and glistening leathery women sprawled out on chaise lounges around the pool.  The difference this time was that...
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Cost of smoking over your lifetime

Not that smokers walk around justifying their habit as a sound financial decision, but when you break down the numbers, it’s almost as painful as that perpetual hacking cough. WalletHub, the personal finance website that researches and ranks everything from hotel rewards programs to best cities to keep your New Year’s resolution, broke down how much it cost the average smoker over their lifetime in each state. And the answers are uglier than an eighth-grade health class slide of a black lung...
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How to visit Museum of the Dog

New York City has some of the best museums, but it was lacking a very important one: a museum dedicated entirely to dogs. On February 8, however, the American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog is opening its doors at 101 Park Avenue, and it’s a dog lover’s dream. The museum first opened in New York in 1982 on Madison Avenue, then moved to Missouri. Now, it’s coming back home. It will be home to several hundred paintings, drawings, watercolors, prints, sculptures, bronzes, and porcelain figurin...
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Surprise! I’m Moving to Paris

Posted: 1/14/19 | January 14th, 2019 Ever since I first set eyes upon it, I’ve wanted to move to Paris. It was everything I’ve imagined it to be. A city that oozed sophistication and history from its cobblestone streets, ancient buildings, cafes, restaurants, and Parisians strolling down the street. I loved the lights, the food, the music, the people, that special je ne sais quoi. I know I idealize Paris. I know living somewhere is a lot different than dropping in for a few weeks at a time. But...
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Where to volunteer in NYC

In the words of Chidi Anagonye from The Good Place — though actually posed by philosopher T.M. Scanlon — what do we owe to each other? We’re all here together, so we should probably work together to make things better. Volunteering can help us do exactly that, and it does a wealth of good for everyone, including those being helped, the world around us, and ourselves. New York City has its fair share of problems, but it also has a number of places willing to address them. Finding somewhere to ...
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6 Surprising Things about Weather Delays

Even super-savvy travelers can learn a thing or two about weather. I did from a veteran pilot who flies for a U.S. legacy carrier (and prefers to remain anonymous). Things to Know about Weather Delays Weather; it's complicated. 1. Thunderstorms can be more dangerous than blizzards. The reasons have to do with the sheer complexity of thunderstorms: "The potential of severe turbulence, lightning strikes, the possibility of icing, hail damage to the aircraft, and significant water ingestion i...
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The Copper King Mansion, W.A. Clark Mansion, In Butte Montana

The W.A. Clark Mansion also known as the Copper King Mansion is one of the most recognized and beautiful buildings in the state of Montana. Built during the years 1884 to 1888, it figures prominently in the history of Butte, as Montana was becoming a state. It was the residence of the famous William Andrews Clark ,one of the three famous Copper Kings of the state. It is the 28th stop in the travel series Off The Beaten Path. The W.A. Clark Mansion was added to the National Register of Histori...
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Tappan Zee Bridge demolition events

The Tappan Zee Bridge , which crosses the Hudson River about 25 miles north of New York City, is set to be demolished on the morning of Saturday, January 12. A series of explosives timed and placed for a graceful demolition will blow around 9:00 AM, dropping huge pieces of steel into nets strung above the river. And thanks to nearby restaurants, you can watch it all go down with a drink in hand and breakfast on the way. Restaurants with views of the bridge are offering food and drink deals dur...
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January 9 roundup

Maker of Steinway pianos threatens legal action against owners who advertise existing instruments for sale as used Steinways if they contain other-than-factory replacement parts [Park Avenue Pianos] When the Securities and Exchange Commission settles with defendants, it extracts gag orders forbidding them to talk about the experience. Is it constitutional for the government to do that? [Peggy Little, New Civil Liberties Alliance/WSJ] Judge preliminarily enjoins New York City ordinanc...
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How I Ended Up On My First Solo Trip

In an effort to bring you some new voices on Ottsworld, here is a guest post from blogger Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie. I met Jackie recently at a Blog conference and she so nicely said to me, “you inspired me to travel solo!” I was so touched as I heard her story of her hearing me speak at the New York Times Travel Show and her first solo trip! I asked her to share that experience on my blog since I think so many women out there can relate to overcoming the fears to travelling solo! I hope you enj...
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How The U.S. Government Shutdown Affects Traveling Americans And Visitors From Abroad

The United States Federal Government has been partially closed since December 22nd, indefinitely, until the Congress with the president’s approval can pass a budget to allocate funds for several major agencies. Since government shutdowns like the one in Washington DC are exceedingly rare elsewhere in the developed world, the procedures and cutbacks pertaining to services, travel or otherwise can be unclear. Many are ad-hoc to an extent; based in part on how long the showshutdown will last. For ...
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10 Creative Ways to Save Money in 2019

I don’t know about you, but money has been on my mind a lot recently. Probably because I’m anxiously awaiting several end-of-year payments from work I did last year, and also the fact that it’s the NEW YEAR and I’ve got to start planning for the future…I guess. As a freelancer & business owner, I’m always a little anxious about my fluctuating income. And with the volatile market the past month, my future is increasingly…worrisome. One of my top goals for 2019 is to save more money. Just feels li...
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How to make friends in New York City

New Yorkers have a reputation for being unfriendly and unsmiling, but the truth is that most of us are pretty friendly when it comes down to it. But, we get it: New York City is a big place with too many people to count, so the idea of making friends with someone when you’re new to NYC can seem pretty daunting. However, there are a number of activities you can partake in to make some friends while having a buffer to keep things from getting awkward. From seeing a comedy show to doing charity ...
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LEVEL budget airline review

In 2017, a new budget airline called LEVEL took its inaugural flight from Barcelona to Los Angeles. It’s owned and operated by IAG (the same company behind British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia, and others) and is based in Barcelona. The early impression from flight experts like the team at The Points Guy weren’t great — even for a budget airline — but just over a year into the company’s short life, LEVEL is hitting its stride. Like many late-20s professionals, I’ve been experiencing the newfou...
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The best family trips for 2019

It’s the start of a new year, and that means it’s time to make some family travel resolutions and start planning. Whether you want to explore more national parks and state parks, introduce the kids to urban culture in cities like New York, or take them overseas — say, to New Zealand — these are our favorite family travel destinations for the year ahead. 1. Bozeman, Montana Photo: Jeremy Janus Photography/Shutterstock Head to Montana for spring break, and you’ll still catch plenty of spr...
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Happy New Year 2019 from Venice, Italy! (And what about that new arrival tax?)

(Venice, Italy) We start the New Year in Venice with the news that a new law has passed, and day-tripping tourists will now be charged a fee from €2.5 to €5 -- up to €10 during the highest season -- to enter the city. It is not yet clear exactly how the fee will be implemented, but anything to ease the burden off residents, to me, is a good thing.Last year the living situation in Venice was unbearable. Cruise ships, busloads and boatloads full of day-trippers dumped off people in Venice for jus...
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The history of kürtőskalács

Wherever you go in Hungary, you’re likely to find a hollow funnel cake called kürtőskalács, or chimney cake. The thin, sweet bread is covered in butter and granulated sugar before being roasted to a golden brown for just the right crunchy to soft ratio. The first known recipe dates back to Countess Maria Mikes in 1784, but, according to legend, kürtőskalács were around for centuries before that and once saved a city under siege from starvation. Scholar and writer Balázs Orbán recorded the sto...
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Woodstock 50th anniversary festival

The town of Bethel , about 90 miles from New York City, was the original site of the Woodstock Festival in 1969. By some estimates, 400,000 people attended the original event, which featured artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and Janis Joplin. In 2019, a three-day music festival will take place at the same site to mark the 50th anniversary of the legendary event. The event will be called the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival, and will take place on August 16-18, 2019 at the Be...
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2018: A Look Back + The Year in Photos

Phew! We made it. Let’s all have a collective exhale… ♥ E X H A L E ♥ For me, 2018 kicked 2017’s ass! This year was soooo much better for me personally. And I’m so grateful for that. The most important thing that I need in my life is connection. And I’m so happy this year to be back in a relationship with someone I love dearly. You may recall from last year’s post that I was single again and spending a lot of time alone working on myself…and frankly, just being sad and depressed. Plus, you re...
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Strange blue light in New York City

It looked like a scene out of Independence Day just before the aliens descended on New York City. A strange blue light flooded the night sky over NYC around 9:12 PM last night, and New Yorkers gazed with wonder and a little fear. Bill San Antonio, who was watching the phenomenon from a terminal at LaGuardia Airport described it to The New York Times as “a sort of unnatural, fluorescent shade of blue.” Yiota Andritsakis, a resident of Astoria, said, “We thought it was a U.F.O.” Aliens att...
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Sushi speakeasy opens in NYC

The world’s first restaurant inside a hotel room has just opened in New York City on the 10th floor of Hotel 3232. Sushi by Bou Suite 1001 allows guests to dine on expertly prepared sushi in the cozy atmosphere of a Prohibition-era speakeasy. The unique dining experience is the brainchild of Michael Sinensky and Erika London of Simple Venue, a hospitality company that specializes in turning unused hotel spaces into dining and beverage concepts. Photo: Sushi By Bou/Facebook The journey to th...
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A Brooklynite Visits Breukelen

With almost 2,650,000 residents, Brooklyn is the most populous borough in New York City which — if it seceded — would be the fourth largest city in the United States. First established in the year 1646 when Dutch explorers colonized what is today New York, it was named after the town of Breukelen in the Netherlands; and the name means... The post A Brooklynite Visits Breukelen appeared first on The Gate.
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The best hotel bars for après-ski

Even if you’re a dedicated snow sports fanatic, we’d wager that your favorite part of any day on the slopes is retiring to the lodge for an après-ski beverage. Whether you spring for an ice cold beer or a warming hot toddy, settling in front of the fireplace after a long day in the cold is always a satisfying activity. If you really want to take your après-ski ritual to the next level this year, check out these six hotel bars with the most beautiful post-skiing views in the world. 1. Bar Ed...
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In Search of the Origin of “Silent Night”

Silent nights are an uncommon occurrence in The Big Apple, but on a frosty evening in late November, a group of people are gathered at a Colonial-Era churchyard cemetery on the grounds of New York City’s Trinity Church. There’s a nip in the air, but it has zero effect on the feeling of warmth and fellowship amongst the crowd standing under the bright lights of the giant towers of the city’s Financial District. On this night, Lower Manhattan’s nocturnal cacophony of howling sirens, honking car h...
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How To Ensure You’ll Always Find A Parking Spot In America’s Busiest Cities

  The only thing worse than bad traffic is having to look for parking in a busy city but some destinations are just close enough that it’s faster to drive than deal with airports or you’ve got an occasion bringing you to downtown. Whatever the reason, searching for parking can be a frustrating, stressful, and time-consuming quest but there is an app that solves all those problems. One Day Before The free app SpotHero (available for Android and iOS) let’s you search and reserve a parking s...
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Coziest bars in NYC during winter

Winter in New York City is no joke, and while you can have fun outside in the cold weather, you’re going to have to warm up sometime. NYC has myriad spaces where you can do exactly that, but there’s no better way to warm up than being indoors with a drink in hand. Unfortunately, that list is quite large and filled with places that are too open, too loud, and too commercialized. But lucky for you, there are also a ton of cozy places where you can have an intimate and relaxing experience. Here’...
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