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From dedicated check-in desks to chauffeured cars, here are the perks Big Tech enjoys for spending hundreds of millions on air travel each year

Delta Air Lines check-in for Amazon and Microsoft employees in Seattle.Alexei Oreskovic/Insider Companies that spend millions of dollars on air travel are given incredible perks from airlines. One such perk is top-tier frequent flyer status that comes with free upgrades, lounge access, and chauffeurs. Amazon and Microsoft even have dedicated check-in counters at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  Loyalty has its perks, especially when loyalty means spending hundreds of millions of dollars...
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I flew from New York to San Diego through Mexico using an obscure border loophole — here's what it was like

Using Cross Border Xpress at Tijuana International Airport.Thomas Pallini/Insider Tijuana International Airport directly connects with the US through a private border crossing called Cross Border Xpress. The cross-border terminal allows travelers to access Tijuana International and its cheap fares to cities inside Mexico without having to enter Tijuana and deal with busy border crossings.  I put Cross Border Xpress to the test by flying from New York to Tijuana and immediately crossing back i...
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The world's first ultra-low-cost international airline alliance is on the horizon as 2 budget carriers team up to bring cheap fares between Mexico and the US

Allegiant Air and Viva Aerobus have applied to the US DOT to enter into an alliance.Carlos Yudica/Shutterstock and Viva Aerobus Allegiant Air and Viva Aerobus announced plans to enter into the first ultra-low-cost international alliance. The venture will allow the airlines to expand their networks in the US and Mexico via codesharing. The agreement is pending government approval, but the alliance is planned to start in early 2023. On Thursday, Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air and Mexico-based Vi...
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Delta flights from South Africa have been forced to make stops in places like Boston and Puerto Rico because of 'payload' issues

A Delta Air Lines Airbus A350-900 XWB.viper-zero / Two Delta Air Lines flights from South Africa have had to make fuel stops in the past week. A mix of worsening weather conditions for aircraft and increased passenger and/or cargo count might be to blame, experts say.  Both flights, operating from Johannesburg to Atlanta, were operated by Airbus A350-900 XWB planes.  Two Delta Air Lines flights from South Africa to the US have had to make unscheduled stops for fuel in recent ...
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10 questions about the Omicron variant — including its symptoms and spread — answered by an expert

Dr. Leana Wen said the Omicron variant seems to be more contagious than Delta in South Africa. It has at least 50 mutations, which could make existing vaccines and therapies less effective. She urged people to get their booster shots and "stay flexible" about any holiday travel plans. Dr. Leana Wen from George Washington University said the Omicron variant seems to be more contagious than the Delta variant in South Africa. It has at least 50 mutations, which could make existing vaccines and the...
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Man on flight snarls like zombie

The latest viral video of an air traveler losing their temper—10m views and counting—doesn't show any acts of overt violence or criminality beyond disrupting a flight and disobeying the flight crew. But as in-flight horror goes, it doesn't get much more menacing than "man gnashing teeth and snarling alone in his chair like a zombie." — Read the rest
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United Airlines just became the first airline in history to operate a passenger flight using 100% sustainable aviation fuel

United Airlines is the first airline in the world to use 100% SAF on a passenger flight.United Airlines United Airlines operated the world's first passenger flight using 100% sustainable aviation fuel. The aircraft carried over 100 passengers from Chicago to Washington DC with United's CEO onboard. United has invested millions into SAF, as well as other projects to reduce its carbon footprint. United Airlines has become a global leader in reducing the aviation industry's carbon ...
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A Vietnamese airline made history by launching the first-ever commercial nonstop flight from Vietnam to the US

Vietnam Airlines' historic flight from Ho Chi Minh City to San Francisco.Vietnam Airlines Vietnam Airlines launched its historic nonstop flight from Ho Chi Minh City to San Francisco on Sunday. The airline has waited 20 years to become the first-ever regularly scheduled operator between the two nations. The Federal Aviation Administration made Vietnam a Category 1 country in 2019, allowing it to fly to the US. Vietnam Airlines made history on Sunday when it flew the first-ever regularly...
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A private jet charter firm says it's seen more than 600 searches for flights out of South Africa since Omicron was identified

Wealthy travelers are searching for private jet flights out of South The newly-discovered Omicron variant of COVID-19 has the wealthy looking to leave South Africa.  Searches for private jet flights have increased to more than 600 inquires in one week's time for one company.  Only a select type of private jet can fly non-stop from South Africa to places like the East Coast of the US.  Southern Africa is among the latest COVID-19 hotspots following the detection of ...
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Frontier is launching 18 new routes to Florida and beyond with a special focus on rival Spirit's home airport of Fort Lauderdale — see the full list

A Frontier Airlines Airbus A321.Carlos Yudica/ Frontier Airlines is expanding its network with 18 new routes across the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The airline will start service in two new cities, including Fort Lauderdale and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Frontier is focused on Fort Lauderdale where it will face rival Spirit Airlines, the airport's biggest operator.  Frontier Airlines is fueling the competition in Fort Lauderdale as it goes head-to-head with its low-cost ri...
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International travelers to England must self-isolate until they test negative for COVID-19 after 2 cases of Omicron variant identified

Prime Minister Boris Johnson.Andrew Parsons / No 10 Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced tighter travel restrictions in response to the new COVID-19 variant. Two cases of the Omicron variant have been detected in the United Kingdom.  The Omicron variant carries a concerning number of mutations that could make it more transmissible. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Saturday new restrictions for international travelers coming to England. They come after the United Kingdom identi...
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South Africa health minister calls travel bans on country amid Omicron variant fears 'unjustified': report

A young woman reacts as she receives a Pfizer jab against COVID-19, in Diepsloot Township near Johannesburg Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021. A new COVID-19 variant has been detected in South Africa that scientists say is a concern because of its high number of mutations and rapid spread among young people in Gauteng, the country's most populous province, Minister of Health Joe Phaahla announced Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021.AP Photo/Denis Farrell, File South Africa Health Minister said the travel bans ...
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The US is getting another startup airline, California-based Airbahn

Airbahn first Airbus A320.Airbahn California-based startup Airbahn received its first Airbus A320 aircraft on Wednesday. The company has teased its launch on social media for months and has job listings posted on its website. The company plans to serve mid-tier markets in California, Nevada, and Canada from either Long Beach or Orange County.  While the pandemic has been a challenge for established air carriers across the US, it has provided an opportunity for startup airlines. Since April 20...
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See how pets are transported on commercial airlines as animals increasingly accompany customers on vacation

American Airlines cargo handler with dogEQRoy/Shutterstock Airlines like Delta, American, United, Hawaiian, and Alaska offer pet shipping via cargo in the belly of aircraft. According to DOT data, less than .01% of pets are harmed in the cargo hold of commercial planes. Cargo handlers offer advice on how owners can keep pets safe and comfortable during their journey. Flying with a pet can be stressful, especially when they do not fit in the cabin and owners are forced to check them into car...
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Cargo planes and air carriers won big at the Dubai Airshow thanks to the shipping crisis and pandemic

Workers load a shipment of cargo onto a flight.Sean Gallup/Getty Images Air cargo was one of the big winners from the Dubai Airshow thanks to the shipping crisis. Airbus and Boeing landed orders for cargo jets, both new and converted, to meet rising demand. Boeing held off on launching the 777X Freighter while Airbus launched its A350 Freighter.  International airshows are typically a time for airlines to show off their latest and greatest innovations that seek to improve the flying experienc...
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Pushed To Pay Cash? Seniors Struggle To Get $35K Refund For Canceled Cruise

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I went behind the scenes with Singapore Airlines to see how it's massively upgrading the onboard experience on the world's longest flights

Inside the Golden Door spa.Thomas Pallini/Insider Singapore Airlines has turned to the Golden Door Spa to give its ultra-long-haul flights an upgrade. Golden Door chef Greg Frey Jr is crafting a brand-new menu based on items served at the spa.  Singapore Airlines currently flies three of the top 10 longest flights in the world.  Singapore Airlines is a recognized leader in aviation when it comes to flying the longest commercial flights in the world. Soos Jozsef/ While an...
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A grandmother and her 6-year-old granddaughter were kicked out of a Georgia hotel in their pajamas after leaving a 3-star review, a report says said it had temporarily removed the hotel from its site while it conducted an investigation.S3studio/Getty Images A grandmother told WXIA a Georgia hotel kicked her out after she left a three-star review. Shortly after flagging problems with the pool and toilet, police told her to leave, she said., where she left the review, has since removed the establishment from its site. A grandmother and her six-year-old granddaughter were kicked out of a Georgia hotel after leaving...
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A woman and her 6-year-old granddaughter were kicked out of a Georgia hotel in their pajamas after leaving a 3-star review, a report says

Helen, Georgia, is located close to Yonah Mountain.SeanPavonePhoto/Getty Images A grandmother told WXIA that a Georgia hotel kicked her out after she left a three-star review. Shortly after she flagged problems with the pool and toilet, police told her to leave, she said., where she left the review, has since removed the establishment from its site. A woman and her 6-year-old granddaughter were kicked out of a Georgia hotel after leaving a three-star review, a report by the local n...
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Rolls-Royce says it has developed the 'world's fastest all-electric aircraft' topping 345.4 mph — check out the Spirit of Innovation

Rolls-Royce Spirit of Innovation all-electric aircraft.Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce says its Spirit of Innovation plane is the "world's fastest all-electric aircraft." The plane's top speed clocked in at 387.4 mph, which is more than 132 mph faster than the old record-holder. Rolls Royce CEO Warren East hopes the advanced technology will contribute to a "jet-zero" industry.  British aircraft manufacturing company Rolls-Royce launched its new "Spirit of Innovation" all-electric plane on S...
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Travel Rush At SMF; AAA Predicts Near Pre-Pandemic Level Of People Hitting The Road For Thanksgiving

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Demand for pet-friendly airlines soars 950%, with Alaska Airlines and JetBlue leading the way

Pets traveling by air.Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock Demand for pet-friendly airlines soared 950% in the last 12 months, a Next Vacay report said.  Alaska Airlines and JetBlue rank among the best, the travel service said in a press release.  "Traveling with pets is more common than ever before," Next Vacay's CEO Naveen Dittakavi added. Demand for pet-friendly airlines has surged exponentially over the past 12 months, according to a report by travel service, Next Vacay. Naveen Dittakavi, t...
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Some of the most remote areas in the US are losing an air service link to the rest of the country

United Express aircraft at Idaho Falls Regional AirportAustin Deppe/Shutterstock Small cities are losing air service, with some having just one option to connect to the country's national air network. Travel industry analyst Henry Harteveldt says demand and profitability are the main factors driving the issue. The Southwest Effect and rural depopulation also contributed, according to industry expert Richard Aboulafia. With United Airlines' planned exit from 11 airports across the US, ...
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Singapore Airlines unveiled a swanky new lie-flat business class seat on its Boeing 737 MAX plane

Singapore Airlines 737 MAX business class seatSingapore Airlines Singapore Airlines unveiled its new lie-flat business class seat for its Boeing 737 MAX at the Dubai Air Show. The MAX is still grounded in countries the airline operates, but Singapore expects to fly the jet again this year. The 10-seat cabin features enhanced amenities, storage, privacy, space, and comfort for shorter flying. Two years after its grounding in March 2019, the Boeing 737 MAX is slowly being recertified to fly a...
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Frontier Airlines will end service to 2 major airports in 2022

Frontier AirlinesCarlos Yudica Frontier Airlines is leaving Newark Liberty International Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport. The airline will end service to the two cities indefinitely in Q1 2022, citing high airport costs as the reason. Frontier's cited high-costs stem from the major redevelopment project going on at Newark Liberty. Frontier Airlines is ending service to two major cities on the East Coast in the first quarter of 2022, the company said in its Q3 earnings ...
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A Vietnamese airline is launching the first regular nonstop flights from Vietnam to the US

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-9 aircraft.Vytautas Kielaitis/Shutterstock Vietnam Airlines to become the first carrier to operate regularly scheduled nonstop service from Vietnam to the US. The long flights begin November 28, though the airline's CEO says the route will not be profitable anytime soon. The Boeing and Airbus aircraft used for the flights will not fly full due to weight restrictions. After decades of interest in offering direct flights from Vietnam to the US, Vietnam Airlines i...
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Delta is expanding its domestic network with 8 new or returning routes as the competition intensifies — see the full list

Delta Air Lines at LaGuardia Airport.Thomas Pallini/Insider Delta is launching three new and five resumed routes by summer 2022 as competition grows in its hubs. The move comes as the Northeast Alliance expands in New York and Sun Country Airlines adds flights in Minneapolis.  The route adjustments will bring back the company's shuttle service between New York and Boston. Delta Air Lines' competitors in the Midwest and the Northeast are expanding in the carrier's primary hubs, and...
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United Airlines will start service to a small city on the border of Arkansas and Texas after dropping 11 small cities earlier this month

United Express aircraftWilliam Howard/Shutterstock United Airlines is adding a new route from the small city of Texarkana to Houston. The route will be funded by a federal grant provided by the Department of Transportation. The airport hopes the route's strategic schedule will allow people to fly to Houston for work and be back for dinner. After dropping 11 cities since the start of November, United Airlines is adding one new small city to its network. United Airlines' subsidiary Comm...
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Emirates will soon fly the world's largest twin-engine cargo plane in a landmark deal with an Israeli company

Israel Aerospace Industries' Boeing 777-300ER "Big Twin" cargo plane.Israel Aerospace Industries Emirates will convert four of its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft into cargo freighters. Israel Aerospace Industries is tasked with the conversions and is currently developing the first Boeing 777-300 Special Freighter. Cargo airlines have been clamoring for more aircraft as the supply chain and shipping crises continue.  Emirates is the latest customer for the soon-to-be largest twin-engine cargo ...
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American Airlines is dropping 27 routes with New York taking the biggest hit - see the full list

Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images American Airlines is dropping 27 routes in 2022, 18 of which touch New York City airports. The move comes a week after the airline announced it was bolstering its Northeast Alliance with JetBlue Airways. The cuts also include completely dropping service to Ottawa, Canada, as well as ending some regional routes. American Airlines dropped 27 routes over the weekend as it continues to strategically shuffle its network.American Airlines is making m...
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