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Oil slips to $75 as U.S. storm threat wanes | Reuters

Oil slips to $75 as U.S. storm threat wanes | Reuters Oil slipped to about $75 a barrel on Thursday, falling from a multi-week high a day earlier, as the threat to U.S. Gulf production from Hurricane Nicholas receded.U.S. Gulf energy companies have been able to restore pipeline service and electricity quickly after Hurricane Nicholas passed through Texas, allowing them to focus on efforts to repair the damage caused weeks earlier by Hurricane Ida. read moreBrent crude was down 32 cents, or 0.4...
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Oil settles unchanged as latest storm spares U.S. energy sector | Reuters

Oil settles unchanged as latest storm spares U.S. energy sector | Reuters Oil prices ended largely unchanged on Tuesday as tropical storm Nicholas brought heavy rain and power outages in Texas but caused less damage to U.S. energy infrastructure than Hurricane Ida caused earlier this month.Brent crude settled up 9cents to$73.60 a barrel after hitting a session high of $74.28. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude settled up 1 cent, at $70.46, after touching a high of $71.22.More than 39% of...
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Oil scales six-week high as Storm Nicholas hits U.S. Gulf | Reuters

Oil scales six-week high as Storm Nicholas hits U.S. Gulf | Reuters Oil prices hit a six-week high on Tuesday as Hurricane Nicholas weakened into a tropical storm, bringing the threat of widespread floods and power outages to Texas and Louisiana, and as the International Energy Agency forecast a big demand rebound for the rest of the year.Brent crude was up 55 cents, or 0.8%, at $74.06 a barrel by 1334 GMT after hitting a session high of $74.28. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude climbed...
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Oil hits 6-week high on fears of U.S. supply disruptions from storm Nicholas | Reuters

Oil hits 6-week high on fears of U.S. supply disruptions from storm Nicholas | Reuters Oil prices hit a six-week high on Tuesday on concerns that another storm could affect output in Texas this week even as the U.S. industry struggles to return to normal production levels after Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast.Oil prices rallied for a third straight session, with Brent crude hitting the highest since Aug. 2 earlier in the session.Brent crude was up 48 cents, or 0.7%, at $73.99 a b...
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The bumper Boxing Day travel quiz

Panto trip this year? Oh, no there isn’t. Instead, charge everyone’s glass and take a whirl around the world with our fiendish quiz?How many countries border Germany? SixSevenEightNineWhich country is Christmas Island an external territory of? AustraliaCanadaNew ZealandUnited KingdomIn which modern-day country was St Nicholas born? IsraelLaplandSyriaTurkeyHow many countries border Brazil?681012Lilongwe is the capital of which African country?ZaireMalawiEswatiniMozambiqueWhich city would you be i...
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US District Court halts ban on TikTok downloads

A US District Court has postponed a ban on popular short video app TikTok, which would have stopped the distribution of the app from Apple and Google’s app stores after 11:59 pm on September 27. US District Judge Carl J. Nicholas granted TikTok this preliminary injunction on Sunday, and this means that the app will be available on both the app stores for now. Nicholas’s reasons for postponing the ban are sealed and will have to be reviewed by TikTok and the US government. However, not everything...
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The Spirits of Malaysia

Great article by Dan Nosowitz on all of the fascinating spirits of Malaysia. Malaysia Has Good Ghosts, Bad Ghosts, and Gremlin-Babies That Will Steal Your Stuff Its spirit culture is unlike any in the world. Everybody loves a ghost story. Really, everybody. All cultures have some variety of ghost story, by that name or another. But some are more pervasive and deeply ingrained than others. It isn’t really possible to identify the most ghost-heavy culture on the planet—there’s no clear metri...
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Repurposed churches in former USSR

Although Christianity is experiencing a comeback under Putin’s Russia, the relationship between the Kremlin and the Church hasn’t always been trouble-free. Following Karl Marx’s idea that religion is the “opium of the people,” the Soviet Union set out to eradicate organized faith entirely, with the Russian Orthodox Church being its primary target. In the attempt to convert the whole nation into atheism, Lenin and his successors persecuted believers and most members of the clergy, sending Chri...
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Stalin's printing house in Tbilisi

A short subway ride from Liberty Square takes me straight into the heart of the Avlabari district, an area of Tbilisi’s old town that houses the modern, glass-domed Presidential Palace; the Holy Trinity Cathedral; and the shabby residential blocks where the Armenian community once lived. I’m here, on the eastern side of the Mtkvari River, head down, staring at my phone, hoping to finally understand the directions to an undistinguished house, below which, a young communist named Iosif Jugashvi...
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Where to Eat in Mexico City

[caption id="attachment_7432" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Plated at Pujol[/caption] Trying to pick the best restaurants in Mexico City is an exercise in futility, like trying to narrow down the best places to eat in Paris or New York---from a culinary standpoint it's just as difficult. This is the largest city in the Americas, after all, and one with a reputation for terrific food at every budget level. A few restaurants do stand out of course, winning accolades on international best resta...
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Most Popular Food in Cities around the World

What are the most  famous foods from different countries around the world? In this collaborative guide, travel bloggers from all corners of the globe share their city’s most popular food.  There are so many different dishes and foods from around the world. And there are always certain  foods that each city is famous for. I recently posted about the most popular foods across the United States. Now here is a list of  famous foods from around the world . Bon appetit! London – Fish and Chips   Y...
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Russian pilgrims mark 100th anniversary of czar’s execution

MOSCOW (AP) — Thousands of Russian pilgrims have walked in a procession marking the 100th anniversary of the execution of Czar Nicholas II and his family. Russia’s last czar, his wife and five children were executed by Bolshevik soldiers in the city of Yekaterinburg 18 months after Nicholas abdicated in the February 1917 revolution. They […]
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Paisa Road Tour Escobar

We started Medelln with the Paisa Road Escobar tour like proper cheesy tourists. Our guide Nicholas was brilliant.Beginning at the block where Escobar lived with his family and which was bombed in 1988 by the Cal cartel. This building sits in a v
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History in Gdansk

World War II and shipping history to be precise.Weve spent the last couple of days in Gdansk with Aidan and Nicholas and had a very interesting time. Although there is only so much of the grim realities of war that you can inflict on 11 and 12 yea
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The Hermitage Museum And Winter Palace Of St. Petersburg Russia

The State Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, Russia is comprised of six main buildings which includes the Winter Palace. Five of the total, are open to the public. Its total collections contain over three million items,of which only a small part is on permanent display. The site incorporates the largest collection of paintings in the world. It is our 10th stop in the series Journeys to Discovery. The Hermitage Museum is known for its impressive collection of Egyptian antiquities, classical...
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Saint Nicholas relics heading to Russia from Italian church

MOSCOW (AP) — Relics of Saint Nicholas, one of the Russian Orthodox Church’s most revered figures and the inspiration for Santa Claus, are headed to Moscow from an Italian church where they have lain for more than 900 years. The relics are to be displayed in Moscow’s Christ the Savior cathedral until mid-June, then moved […]
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JetBlue vs Virgin America: The Final Showdown Part 2 – Virgin America First Class (Trip Report)

Welcome to part 2 of the final chapter of the JetBlue vs Virgin America trilogy. If you missed part 1, my flight in Mint on JetBlue, you can find it here. Having had such a fantastic experience the day before, I did not have high hopes for Virgin America. Alaska has already announced that the Virgin America First Class seat will be going away, and not having tried it before, I knew I wanted to get on, but I didn’t think it could ever compete with Mint. Originally I was going to come back on T...
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17 surprising facts about Turkey

1. It has one of the world’s oldest and biggest malls. Photo courtesy of the Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism Istanbul‘s Grand Bazaar, or Kapalı Çarşı, dates to 1455 and was established shortly after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople. Over the centuries it has grown into a warren of 61 streets lined by more than 3,000 shops and currently occupies a nearly incomprehensible 333,000 square feet. You’ll never possibly be able to explore it all, but that doesn’t keep people from trying ...
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Byron Music Society 2017 Launch Event

Byron Music Society – 2017 Program Launch Event BMS has an exciting schedule of music events planned for 2017, and has a jam packed festive Program Launch day coming up, including dinner by Francisco’s table pop-up restaurant. 2017 is an exciting year to be a member of the Byron Music Society. BMS has developed exciting partnerships and promises to provide you with music events that will thrill your ears, eyes, and tastebuds. Come along to the Program Launch day on Sunday February 19, at St Mart...
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12 Cities to Celebrate This Christmas Holiday – Christmas Markets and Winter Festivals

As we countdown to the most magical time of the year, enhance your year-end getaway with yuletide nostalgia by visiting these enchanting cities for exceptional experiences, set to get you in the festive spirit of taking off. What’s better is that Emirates flies to all these destinations, most with just a quick stopover in Dubai, so your holiday starts as soon as you board that flight – kicking off with a great inflight experience. Vienna  The majestic Belvedere Palace offers a grand Baroque-st...
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Captivating Victoria – A Wintry Escape from the Summer Heat

Victoria is the most densely populated state on the Southeastern tip of Australia. It is home to one of the most liveable cities in the world – Melbourne and despite its relatively small size, Victoria state enjoys a huge diversity in climate, ranging from semi-arid temperate conditions in the Northwest to snow-capped Victorian alpine regions rising 2,000m above sea levels. Source: Shutterstock Did you know that winter is one of the best times to visit Victoria? The majestic snow-capped mountai...
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Attending a Local Funeral: A Day in the Life of a Long-Term Traveler

Editor's Note: One reason we promote long-term, international travel is to learn more about the world and the different people and cultures who inhabit it. The story below is from a local funeral the author and her family attended in Indonesia. A custom in this particular village involved the sacrifice of a water buffalo, and the description and accompanying picture are graphic. We feel both the description and the photo are an important part of the story, but we wanted to put a disclaimer for a...
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The Young and the Restless: A Nemesis Story

Mark, April 2016 At the door of Mark’s first daycare was posted a daily digest of our little snowflakes’ highlights of the day. “He pooped!” “He peed!” “He had two spoonful of rice!” I guess that for $1600 per month (!), the least they could do was to provide proof of life and a topic to discuss during the ride home. In case you were wondering, sexy topics like your kid’s bathroom routine does NOT bring a couple closer. However, because Mark wasn’t speaking much then, it was the only way we kne...
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FedEx delivers baby through blizzard for life-saving transplant

by Whitney Barthel posted in Mom Stories There are certainly moments I want to be frustrated with FedEx. Living in a very, very rural area means those handy “track my items” button Target, Amazon, and Walmart supply are frequently inaccurate. Recently FedEx decided to combine efforts with our local post office and deliver our packages... Read... Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
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Popular Hawaiian Drinks

The partners who launched cirque Polynesia on Maui last year are bringing that show to Oahu. They also plan to produce at least two new traveling circuses in Hawaii and southeast Asia where they already have booked 1,500 shows through next year. Cornell “tuffy” Nicholas, a producer and veteran circus performer, and Doug Harris, president and CEO of the Harris agency, recently formed Nicholas Harris entertainment, a company that will specialize in acrobats and illusion. When you vacation in Hawai...
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