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It Wasn’t a Waste of Time

I was going to get up early, “transform my body ten minutes a day” as promised on YouTube, work, take a proper lunch break, work some more and sleep at least ten hours a night. I was going to watch the latest movies, enjoy coffee shops in picturesque locations, and relax with a book on the beach and in public parks. I was going to write another manuscript and relentlessly pitch my Filial Piety to publishers and literary agents. I was going to check out a bar and a nightclub, just once, for the e...
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Top 10 happiest countries in the world

Perhaps your idea of happiness is a pristine beach off the Caribbean, a glass of vintage red on the French Riviera or an unexpected hotel upgrade, but what about the happiness of a nation? The winner of this year’s World Happiness Report may come as a surprise to some. For the second time in a […] The post Top 10 happiest countries in the world appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Top 10 most expensive cities in the world

Ever raised an eyebrow at the price of a meal on holiday? Spare a thought for those that live there. The Economist Intelligence Unit has published its annual Worldwide Cost of Living survey and it makes for very interesting reading. The survey was created to help companies calculate cost-of-living for expatriates and business travellers. Comparing the cost of […] The post Top 10 most expensive cities in the world appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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It looks like a cryovolcano erupted and spat out ice all over the city. There’s more salt on the road and on the sidewalks than in a Breton salt marsh. “We have to go through the garage door,” Feng warns me. “The walkway is just… solid ice. And it’s thick, eh, I tried to break it with the metal shovel but…” Oh yes, I’m definitely back in Canada. A friendly reminder to the rest of the world: To all my European friends who ask if #winter is almost over in #Canada… nope. @IsaUtah
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Super Worm Moon last super moon 2019

It’s only mid-March , but 2019 has already been quite the year for Super Moon enthusiasts, with several crazily named celestial events like the Super Snow Moon and Super Blood Wolf Moon. Tonight, stargazers in the northern hemisphere will be treated to a sight that is, according to the scientists who name these things, truly a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s called the Super Worm Moon, and before you ask, the answer is no — there won’t be hordes of giant, slithering annelids taking over our st...
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Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast; Summer Lovin’ Happened So Fast

This post originally appeared on Nomadic Chick. It all began, fittingly, on the first day of summer with a game called ‘tangled’, where everyone puts their hands in the center of a circle, grabs two random people’s hands and then proceeds to untangle themselves to make a circle as this is “team-building” and “creates friendships”. It was our first day as counselors at an American summer camp in up-state New York and we were wondering just what we had gotten ourselves into. In the fray of hand g...
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Hospitality Rate Growth Remains Steady Despite Booking Declines Across North America

TravelClick, an Amadeus company, today released new data from the Company's February 2019 North American Hospitality Review (NAHR). According to this data, average daily rates (ADR) are up 2.7 percent across all travel segments during the first quarter of the year, led by group travel, up 3.8 percent. Similarly, the transient business and transient leisure travel segments are also up 2.1 percent and 2.2 percent, respectively. However, bookings have taken a dip this quarter, down -4.5 perc...
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Best doughnuts from around the world

Food isn’t, and never has been, limited by borders or boundaries. The things we eat travel as we do, flying across oceans and into the cultures and diets of their new homes, adapting along the way. But there may be no single food item that’s made its way into every corner of the world quite like the doughnut. Fried dough has been consumed for long enough to be found as fossilized pieces at ancient Native American sites. These days, it’s everywhere in one variation or another. In fact, forms o...
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The world’s top 5 luxury rail journeys

When it comes to exploring the world by train, the choice seems never-ending. For many it’s the destination that makes all the difference, be it the Rockies of Canada or Australia’s far-flung outback. But, it’s also the train itself that truly makes the journey truly unforgettable, whether you’re drawn to the glamour of travel’s Golden […] The post The world’s top 5 luxury rail journeys appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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25 FREE Things to do in Vancouver in 2019

We’ve lived in Vancouver for over 15 years and, during this time, we’ve hosted many first time visitors to the city. We’re often asked the question, “what are the most popular things to do in Vancouver?”  Our responses tend to vary depending on the time of year, but there are several places in Vancouver that we always recommend to first time visitors. The must see attractions that make Vancouver an awesome city. Last summer, we wrote a detailed post that highlights 25 Awesome Day Trips from Van...
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Best places to travel in May

We’ve finally reached the light at the end of the winter tunnel. Daylight savings is over and the sun is shining, and all is right with the world. No? Still not in full-on summer mode yet? Well, that’s ok — May is a mere two months away, bringing with it the unofficial start of summer at Memorial Day. It also brings music festivals, barbecue festivals, and even a camel-riding festival. Plus Cinco de Mayo and the general relief that we don’t have to think about winter again until football is b...
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Best places to stand-up paddle board

Stand-up paddle boarding , or SUPing as it’s colloquially known, has taken the world by storm since it was first made popular by the surfing gods of Hawaii. It seems like everyone who spends time near the water, be that on a river, lake, or ocean, is heading out with a heavy board under their arm and a long paddle in hand. SUPing vacations are now very on-trend. However, for a little more than just paddling on that upcoming SUP holiday — like savoring snow-capped mountain vistas, sampling exce...
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Flight Review: El Al Business Class (787-9) From New York to Tel Aviv

I have long been fascinated by El Al. Since they became a Qantas codeshare partner in 2017, I have wanted to experience the Israeli national airline. Long had I heard that El Al’s long-haul staples – the trusty Boeing 777-200ER – were not as fresh and comfortable as rivals flying on similar routes. But when El Al took delivery of their first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in 2017, I was set determined to experience their long-haul product. It only took me two-years! (NB: This photo taken of similar p...
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Airports with the Fastest WiFi

Read the full article on at - Airports with the Fastest WiFi When you’re at the airport, fast WiFi is a necessity for many of us. And so, which airport has the fastest WiFi? If you’re flying out of Seattle-Tacoma, you’re in luck, its wifi has the fastest download speed of any airport in North America. Other airports with true high speed WiFi include Calgary in Canada... The post Airports with the Fastest WiFi appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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Airline pilots have been complaining for months about Boeing's deathliner

With the European Union grounding the 737 MAX, North America is one of the last places on Earth you can get a ride on Boeing's deathliner. Despite the brand-new jet's disturbingly similar crashes and hundreds of dead travelers, the FAA and U.S.-based carriers insist it's safe to fly. Several airline pilots disagree. Pilots repeatedly voiced safety concerns about the Boeing 737 Max 8 to federal authorities, with one captain calling the flight manual "inadequate and almost criminally insufficient"...
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CXA, a health-focused digital insurance startup, raises $25M

CXA Group, a Singapore-based startup that helps make insurance more accessible and affordable, has raised $25 million for expansion in Asia and later into Europe and North America. The startup takes a unique route to insurance. Rather than going to consumers directly, it taps corporations to offer their employees health flexible options. That’s to say that instead of rigid plans that force employees to use a certain gym or particular healthcare, a collection over 1,000 programs and options can b...
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Boeing Reportedly Asked the President Not to Ground the 737 MAX

The New York Times is reporting that Boeing's CEO spoke to President Trump today and asked him not to ground the 737 MAX. Meanwhile China's Civil Aviation Administration Deputy Director offered pilot confidence and experience as a reason why it makes sense to ground the aircraft in Asia even though similar measures aren't being taken in North America. Continue reading Boeing Reportedly Asked the President Not to Ground the 737 MAX...
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Guide to the Powerful Sedona Vortex Sites (+ my experiences)

If you’re new to this concept of vortexes and feeling energy, you may struggle to have an experience at the Sedona Vortexes – well at least one you are aware of and can connect to. You may not even want to tune in or believe in any of this woo woo nonsense. That’s okay. Whatever floats your boat. It floats my boat. I have had a daily meditation practice now for about 7 years. I could write a book on how positively it has changed my life. I would not have this life you see on this blog without it...
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Cartagena: A City of Color, Tourists, and Food

Posted: 3/12/2019 | March 12th, 2019 During the narco heydays, Cartagena was considered the only “safe” spot in Colombia for tourists. It was where foreigners vacationed, cruise ships docked, and rich Colombians built their vacation homes. Today, this colorful colonial city remains one of the most popular destinations for tourists and Colombians alike. Rich Colombians — and now foreigners — still build vacation homes here, cruise ships still dock, and the influx of tourists has grown with an in...
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OPEC Splits Avocado Appetizer With Shale Adversaries in Texas - Bloomberg

OPEC Splits Avocado Appetizer With Shale Adversaries in Texas - Bloomberg:OPEC’s secretary general met with senior executives from North America’s booming shale oil industry for dinner in Houston as the balance of power in global energy markets continues its swing to the U.S. from the Middle East.The dinner Monday night included "a friendly conversation on current industry issues and the immediate prospects and challenges for all," OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Barkindo said in an interview af...
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Best Easter egg designs

Bunnies with baskets full of rainbow-colored creations, chocolate treats wrapped in shiny foil, hand-dyed eggs hidden in the backyard to be hunted; nothing says Easter like Easter eggs. While the only objective for dying eggs in the United States is for them to be as bright and colorful as possible, other Easter egg designs from around the world are rooted in religious beliefs and cultural traditions. Painted or dyed, wrapped in wire or plastered in paper, these eight classic designs are the ...
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5 Naturally Beautiful Destinations For RV Camping Trips

RV travelers gain more opportunities to experience nature in its purest form compared to other types of travelers. As a traveler navigating via RV, you can decide where you want to go and what you want to see as you drive. Furthermore, you can see much more on a long road trip compared to taking nature day trips. Unfortunately, many RV travelers do not realize all the spots to see and fail to experience the most naturally beautiful destinations. To avoid your fear of missing out, continue r...
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International Travel Outperforming Economic Growth

Berlin - In 2018, the number of outbound trips increased by 5.5 percent, resulting in 1.4 billion international trips. Hence, once again tourism is a key growth driver of the global economy, which "only" grew by 3.7 percent in comparison. Growth is coming from all regions worldwide, also from the mature markets Europe and North America, but the strongest gains came from Asian and Latin American markets. For 2019, considering a slowing world economy, also a slightly lower growth rate is ex...
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Fun Facts and Information About Sports Tourism in 2019

Sports fans are set for another exciting year, with a plethora of top-class events taking place across the world during 2019. Whether your passion is soccer, horse racing, golf or something else, there is something to suit every taste if you’re planning to undertake a sporting holiday. 4 of the best sports tourism events in 2019 Baku the perfect mix of east and west Azerbaijan may appear a usual choice to stage the final of the Europa League, but Baku’s Olympic Stadium is one of the best sp...
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Travel News: March 6, 2019

Hyatt and American Airlines partner to award bonus points Travel Weekly Hyatt and American Airlines are teaming up to offer expanded partnership benefits across their World of Hyatt and AAdvantage loyalty programs. Under the new collaboration, World of Hyatt members at the Discoverist, Explorist and Globalist levels will be able to earn one World of Hyatt bonus point for every eligible dollar spent on qualifying American flights, while AAdvantage Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum...
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The Best Wineries a Short Drive from San Francisco

The Best Wineries a Short Drive from San Francisco The wine country in San Francisco’s backyard is a place that’s ideal for group travel. The very famous Napa and Sonoma Valley are practically made to be experienced with friends, especially once you count the amazing wine in the equation. A lot of these wineries offer the full visitor’s experience, so you’ll get to taste […] The post The Best Wineries a Short Drive from San Francisco appeared first on As We Travel - The World - Travel, Traveling...
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Welcome to the Land of Lawlessness – Tombstone Arizona

Welcome to Tombstone Arizona, the Land of Lawlessness. A place where drinking shots at the saloon bar, followed by trips to the service room to the ladies in waiting, and a gun fight or two is a common daily occurrence. Apart from the prostitution thing, is it strange that the thought of it makes you feel a little giddy? It’s not the debauchery and shoot outs that entice me, but the fact that control by outside forces is not in your face. I think all of us are a little enticed by that freedom. ...
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Swiss Timing For Innovative Hotel Group Yotel As It Introduces New Extended Stay YOTELPAD Brand To Switzerland

With the recent global rise in relocation, flexible accommodation and co-working spaces are fast becoming a new trend across the globe. In recognition, YOTEL recently launched YOTELPAD introducing its unique take on longer stay accommodation across North America. The innovative plug-and-play model gives guests instant access to the local community, maximising the clever use of space and without the hassle of daily chores like cleaning.
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Best surf spot in Central America

Central America has long been a hot surf destination for Americans. It’s easy to see why. The tropical region is right in our backyard, there are direct flights, and many of the surf spots exist in thriving, yet somewhat touristy, towns that make traveling convenient and comfortable. Few locations maintain the exotic appeal of surf travel’s origins — back when surfers were explorers who set out into the unknown. But Playa Venao, Panama, does just that. It’s remote, protected, and surprisingly...
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Where is the Eurasian pole

It turns out that the “middle of nowhere” is actually somewhere very specific. Located in the corner of China that is bordered by Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Russia, the Eurasian pole of inaccessibility redefines the benchmark for “remote.” The farthest point from any sea or ocean on the planet has always been on the bucket list of geography nerds and explorers, and as the name suggests, reaching it is an adventure not without obstacles. What is a pole of inaccessibility? The poles of inacce...
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