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Frontier is adding 13 new routes out of Chicago and Houston with fares starting at $29 one-way — see the full list

Frontier Airlines is expanding its network.Carlos Yudica Frontier Airlines is making waves with 13 new routes out of Chicago Midway and Houston Hobby. The budget carrier is entering the turf of Southwest Airlines, which has major bases at both airports. Despite adding the new routes, Frontier will still fly to Chicago O'Hare and Houston's George Bush Intercontinental. Frontier Airlines is fueling competition at Chicago Midway and Houston Hobby airports with the introduction of 13 new ...
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Ontario Staycation Tax Credit For Niagara Vacations

Reading Time:  3 minutes - In 2022, Ontario residents can take advantage of the newly introduced ‘Ontario Staycation’ tax credit. In an effort to stimulate the tourism and hospitality sector in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the Ontario government established a tax credit this year encouraging individuals and families to take short-term visits inside the province. Read on to see how you might receive up to 20% of your qualified 2022 lodging expenditures reimbursed in...
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Will Canada's new vaccine mandate for cross border truckers lead to food shortages?

If you haven't heard the on, off and on again news about regulations for cross border truckers, here is my understanding of it.  Starting this coming Saturday January 15th an American citizen driving a truck into Canada will be barred from entering unless they're fully jabbed with Covid-19 injections authorized by Health Canada.  Canadian truckers who are unjabbed will still be allowed in, but they will be subject to mandatory quarantine.  This new progrom had been announced back in mid-November...
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Sunday January 9th 2021 at 11AM - Come and worship in Brighton Ontario's Proctor Park

For much of 2021 I was travelling wherever there was a church gathering.  I went to Aylmer several times as well as Waterloo, Napanee, Oshawa and downtown Toronto.  Indoors or outdoors, it made no difference, church isn't a building, it's the assembly of people gathered to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.  In my little corner of Ontario the churches have too often been closed, frequently opting to conduct worship via on-line streaming.  For me on-line church doesn't work, it's like trying to ...
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Ontario small businesses targetted for destruction by the Ford's time to fight back

Ontario restaurants, gyms, fitness centres and select other privately owned small businesses are once again in the cross hairs of Ontario's Doug Ford government.  After selling the useless vaccines as "our ticket back to normal" it's obvious it's Covid business as Covid normal, with the entrepeneural sector slated for extermination.Remember Adam Skelly from 2020?  Maybe you didn't like his style, perhaps you think he was disregarding public health.  Adam and many others simply understood what is...
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The pandemic paved the way for a boom in cheap new US airlines this year — here are the newcomers the industry welcomed in 2021

The inaugural flight of David Neeleman's Breeze Airways.Thomas Pallini/Insider Three low-cost startup airlines were introduced in 2021, including Avelo Airlines, Breeze Airways, and Aha! COVID-19 created openings for the carriers to enter markets, acquire cheap planes, and hire highly-trained staff. More budget carriers are hoping to start in 2022, including Airbahn and Northern Pacific Airways. The airline industry had a tumultuous year of pandemic-driven ups and downs, but one sector ap...
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15 Winter Hiking Tips to Stay Warm & Safe

For many people the hiking season ends when the snow starts to fly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here in Alberta, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to winter hikes – where the only additional equipment you need is a pair of traction devices or icers. Getting out on a winter hike is a perfect way to improve your mood and perhaps give your mental health a much-needed boost, especially in these trying times. Described below are my top winter hiking tips along with plenty of ideas on w...
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Bar Manager wanted in Ontario, Canada

  Come join the team at the best Whiskey bar in Ontario as a Bar Manager! Job Duties: Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of the BarDetermine type of services to be offered and implement operational proceduresOversee staff trainingEstablish work schedules and monitor staff performanceControl inventory, monitor revenues and modify procedures and pricesResolve customer complaints and ensure health and safety regulations are followedNegotiate arrangements with suppliers for...
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Covid is about to become very real, the vaccines not only failed but have made things worse expert says...

This is our ticket back to normal.  Everyone remembers the messaging of government health officials, politicians and media.  Once we got to 70-80% of the eligible population vaccinated the pandemic would be ending.  We all understood the concept, with most of the population immune to Covid the virus would not be able to find enough susceptible hosts to infect and would eventually peter out to background noise.  It might even disappear completely.  That was before Omicron emerged, this new highly...
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Are you ready to get off the never ending injection conveyor belt?

I'm writing this for those who decided to get the shots, regardless of the reasons why. Maybe you were genuinely afraid of Covid, and that is justifiable given the non-stop panic porn style treatment it was given by our lying mainstream media outlets.  Or it could be because you're well schooled in the way vaccination campaigns are suppposed to work.  That by immunizing a significant portion of the population viruses peter out because there aren't enough vulnerable hosts to infect.  Maybe it was...
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Data from Ontario clearly shows it's the fully vaccinated who are now the super spreaders of covid

In Ontario like many jurisdictions, the unvaccinated are required to submit to regular testing.  University and college students who have declined the injections are required to show proof of a negative test every 72 hours in order to go to school.  And it's the same for many workers.  Fully vaccinated people are exempted from this requirement, even though they're not immune from catching and spreading covid around. And yet, despite the fact that the fully vaccinated only make up a minority of t...
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Ontario's Health Minister Christine Elliot - Playing politics with people's health

Christine Elliot has degrees in history and law and is the current health minister for the province of Ontario.  She's also a carerr politician which means her greatest understanding of science is of the political variety, not the medical kind.Politics is about talking points, about framing a narrative.  And the narrative of the covid vaccines is that they're highly effective.  That's not science, it's a sales pitch.  Science is about evidence and data, and it doesn't care about the talking poin...
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You thought the vaccines were the ticket back to normal? You were fooled again...

I've been saying it on this miserable and pathetic little blog for ages, basically since the start, this doesn't end.  I know I'm screaming into a hurricane, at most my postings are read by just a few hundred people, maybe a thousand  if something resonates.  It's a drop in the bucket compared to the programming being done on millions who rely on the nightly news and other corproate media outlets. Looking back on the mainstream reporting we can count the lies and false promises that have been br...
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What good are immunizations that don't immunize? American Heart Assoc issues warning about mRNA

We're constantly hearing how the Covid-19 vaccines are "highly effective".  It's one of the key talking points that politicians and public officials spew out without even thinking.  And if the goal is to inject every man, woman and child in Canada with these shots then it makes sense because for most people, talking points trump science.  With vaccinated people only making up a small percentage of the total number of tests done, Ontario reported yet another day of the vaccinated surpassing those...
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Ontario withholding infection positivity rates in fully vaccinated people as breakthrough infections explode

Ontario's provincial health authorities have a problem.  After telling people for a year now about how effective these Covid-19 vaccines are supposed to be, infections amongst people who were supposed to be fully immunized are exploding.  Everyone knows that it is only those who have said no to the shots who are required to submit to regular testing in order to do things like work and go to school.  Fully vaccinated people are exempted from mandatory frequent testing.  I'm certain that many peop...
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Breakthrough infections exploding in Ontario's vaccinated population as the shots fail to do their job

Colder temperatures have arrived in Ontario and with them a sharp spike in the number of people testing positive as being infected with the novel coronavirus, inluding hundreds every day of people who thought they'd been immunized.  These are frequently described as "breakthrough cases", another term I've heard is "immune escape".  Everyone knows that viruses mutate, it's why influenzas are endemic.  They never go away.  The annual flu shots are said to only provide partial protection to some.  ...
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Calgary Police Officer issues warning to Canadians - You think we're near the end? This is only the beginning

A member of the Calgary Police has posted a video to social media that has gone totally viral with over four thousand views on facebook in just an hour or two.  It has over one thousand postive reactions (likes/loves etc) and nearly 300 comments so far.  I can't embed the video but it's publicly available on Facebook at the following linked address: you can also view it on Twitter here:
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Over 1,000 fully vaccinated people succomb to breakthrough infections over the past 3 days in Ontario

Ontario reported a total of 959 newly identified Covid cases on Thursday December 2nd with 429 of that total being in people who were fully vaccinated against Covid.  The number of breakthrough cases reported the two days previous was over 300 each day bringing the three day total to over 1,000 for infections amongst the fully vaccinated.  While it is true that over 80% of the overall eligible population has been vaccinated, those who've rolled up their sleeves two or three times are not subject...
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86 Stillbirths in Waterloo Region over a time frame that should only have seen about 12

Chatham Kent MPP Rick Nicholls recently asked Ontario's Health Minister Christine Elliot what testing was done to ensure the safety of pregnant women and their unborn children who've been vaccinated with the Covid-19 shots.  He cited statistics showing that the Waterloo Region had reported 86 stillbirths from January to July of this year, compared to normal rates of just one or two per month seen in previous years.  One key difference between 2021 and previous years of course is that all the sti...
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emergency preparedness: in which climate change plus living in a remote community push this 60-year-old into more responsible adulthood

In all our many years together, Allan and I never had an emergency kit in our home, or anything even approaching one. In New York, I never felt the need. Everything was in such easy reach all the time. It seemed nearly impossible to be cut off. We lived through more than one major blackout, and a kit wouldn't have made any difference. Even 9/11 didn't lead me there. I've always viewed emergency preparedness as a hedge against anxiety and worry. If it helps you worry less, that's great. Use eve...
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What percentage of fully vaccinated Ontarians are testing positive for Covid?

In Ontario many people who have opted against getting a Covid vaccine are required to submit to regular and frequent testing in order to be able to work or engage in certain other activities.  Those who've rolled up their sleeves are typically exempt.  Frankly I can't see any reason why a vaccinated person would want to be tested for a disease they've been immunized against.  The only possible reason that makes sense to me is if a vaccinated person is sick with symptoms of Covid and wants confir...
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Ontario reports 153 patients in ICU due to Covid with only 57 of them being unvaccinated or 37% of the total

Ontario reported over 300 cases of Covid for Tuesday November 28th, in people who were fully vaccinated against Covid.  This doesn't do much to support the marketing strategy which says these vaccines are "highly effective".  A vaccine by defintion is a substance which provides immunity against one or several diseases.  Every day now in Ontario hundreds of fully vaccinated people are reported to have been infected with the very virus they were supposed to have been immunized against. But we're l...
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6-Day Central Nova Scotia Road Trip Itinerary

Nova Scotia may be small compared to many Canadian provinces – but it packs a punch for its size. It’s home to three national parks (Kejimkujik, Cape Breton Highlands and Sable Island), 13 national historic sites and six UNESCO sites including two that are biosphere reserves. You’ll find everything from long white sand beaches to lakes that look like they’ve been taken out of a painting by the Group of Seven. Colourful coastal villages, cute towns and one big city ensure you’ll find plenty of cu...
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What are the vaccines "highly effective" at doing? They don't work against the virus...

If you want to call me an anti-vaxxer that's okay.  In today's world anyone who refuses to take a Covid-19 injection which has proven to be highly ineffective and potentially dangerous is labelled an "anti-vaxxer" even if they've had every other vaccine ever made.  It's akin to referring to someone refusing highly addictive and dangerous Oxycontin as being anti-pain meds.  But the "safe and effective" messaging has been driven deeply  into so many people's subconcious minds by media that no amou...
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10 Empresas que crecieron en medio de la pandemia

El 2020 fue un año desafortunado para millones de emprendedores en todo el mundo, pues la pandemia produjo un estancamiento económico devastador. Muchos vieron sus empresas quebrar, y otros, realizando increíbles esfuerzos, lograron salvar sus proyectos a un alto costo. Sin embargo, en medio de esta crisis sanitaria y financiera, hubo algunas empresas que, en lugar de verse afectadas negativamente por las medidas de aislamiento, lograron aprovechar la situación para crecer mucho más que antes, l...
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2021 Outdoor Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

My annual 2021 outdoor lovers holiday gift guide is here. My biggest find is the Solo Stove – a highly portable fire pit that delivers heat and a clean burn. A couple of new backpacking products I really like are featured along with my perennial brand fave – YETI. I’ve included lots of books – from guidebooks to adventure reads. I’ve also included chocolate from a company I very much admire for what they’ve had to deal with in life and a book penned by my buddy Blake Priddle, on being autistic. ...
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Aylmer's Henry Hildebrandt is Canada's Pastor

Pastor Henry Hildebrandt of Aylmer's Church of God Restoration in Aylmer Ontario is a friend of mine.  I have no hesitation in making that assertion.  On the Friday prior to Canadian Thanksgiving I attended a worship meeting in Aylmer and listened to the preaching of Ray Tinsman, a church leader who had come up from Ohio.  When I was introduced to Brother Ray after the meeting, Henry told him "This is a friend of mine".  It was an honour for me to be described in such terms by Henry and it took ...
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The Birthright

This weekend adventure was so amazing that I actually love this picture, wrinkles and all, because it reminds me of the perfect day away. (More on the travel blog.) [Author: Jess]
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'Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic' to make its Canadian debut at the Royal Ontario Museum

'Pooh sitting on his branch ... beside  him, ten pots of honey'. Winnie-the-Pooh chapter 9, line block print. Line illustrations copyright E.H. Shepard. Coloring of the illustrations copyright 1970 and 1973 E.H. Shepard and Egmont UK Limited. Reproduced with permission from Curtis Brown Group Ltd on behalf of The Shepard Trust. From the Egmont UK Ltd Collection held at University of Surrey, Ref No EGM/1/74. Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is the exclusive Canadian venue for an exhibitio...
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Messenger RNA and children? Think long and hard because there's no "UN"injecting

It's already started in the United States, and Canada won't be far behind.  Five to eleven year olds in this country will soon be eligible to roll up their sleeves for a shot that will send instructions into their little bodies telling which proteins to recruit and how to build the infamous SARS-Cov-2 spike protein.  These are the same shots that have caused hundreds of cases of heart damage, (myocarditis and pericarditis) across Canada, maybe even thousands.  In Ontario alone over 200 cases wer...
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