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Tips for edible mushroom hunting

In Oregon’s coastal forests, hikers enter an ecosystem fed by frequent rain and moderate temperatures, where enormous evergreen trees thrive and support wildlife, mosses, and — most tantalizingly for enthusiasts of both food and the outdoors — several types of edible mushrooms. Mushroom hunting takes hiking to a whole new level. Hiking taken to a new level Photo: Laszlo Dobos/Shutterstock Hiking on trails, you feel enveloped by verdant life, but when you step off the trail, your sense of...
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The best day hikes close to Seattle

Nicknamed the Emerald City for a reason, Seattle is filled with green spaces and no shortage of ways to access them. Whether you want a gentle walk within the city limits or a drive to the nearby Cascades to climb mountains, there is a hike here for every level of outdoors person — many less than an hour away. While most of these treks are relatively family-friendly, remember the forests here are immense. Wear sturdy boots, bring the hiking essentials described below, and let someone know whe...
Tags: Travel, United States, Seattle, Pacific Northwest, Cascades, All, Magnolia, Emerald City, Snoqualmie River, Rattlesnake Ridge, Mt Rainier, Pratt River Trail, Sean Pavone Shutterstock, Wallace Falls, Wallace Falls State Park, Jesse Snyder

Best cities in the US for a cannabis

The number of states that allow recreational cannabis is rapidly growing. It’s inspiring a new class of travelers — the cannabis class — to get out of their homes to visit places where weed is warmly embraced. Even for the least experienced, the legal experience is a curiosity for people passing through on pleasure or business. Yet not all cities are created equal. Some cities in recreational states don’t allow sales while others lack the infrastructure to have a solid selection of shops or ...
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Best US vintage trailer rentals

Before there was #vanlife, there was trailer life. In the 1950s and ‘60s, hitting the great highways and meandering backroads of the US with the family and a nicely outfitted trailer was the best way to see the country, and tons of great models emerged from that time period, including the now-iconic and coveted silver Airstreams. Nowadays, you’re more likely to see sleek modern RVs and boxy fold-out campers at campsites, but these charming relics of the USA’s great road-trip era are still flo...
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Millions of butterflies migrating

Seeing one butterfly is enough to make us giddy, so the swarms of millions of painted lady butterflies currently flying at speeds of 25 mph from southeastern California to the Pacific Northwest and Canada for the spring season are just blowing our minds. The painted ladies are cousins to the monarch butterfly, and are colored orange, white, and black. The population explosion this spring is due to the heavy rainfalls in the desert of northern Mexico and southeastern California and the flower ...
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6 American Cities I Think You Should Visit This Spring

Somehow it’s already March; a fact that still puzzles me to be honest. However, this is when people are planning their trips for the year or that quick getaway this spring. Since I’ve done a lot of US exploring in recent years, I thought I’d share some of my favorite places around the country that are fantastic to visit, no matter the time of year really. Washington, DC I have to start with my hometown for a variety of reasons. This is one of the few seasons when the temperatures aren’t too ext...
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The best things to do in Skagit

Between the cities of Seattle and Vancouver lies Skagit County, Washington, a region of just over 100,000 people best known as an agricultural hub. But the Skagit Valley has much more than just farmland. Breathtaking saltwater views give way to tulip fields, accessed by an expansive system of hiking trails winding their way through the countryside. Add famous bridges, a restored silent movie house, and a few bald eagles and you get the perfect excuse to turn into an area many pass right throu...
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Five Key Needs that Every Parent Should Fulfill with Their Beach Day Survival Kit

From the rocky coastline of Maine to the tidepools in the Pacific Northwest to the white sands of Florida, it will soon be time for families everywhere to pack up their gear and head to the beach. Beach-goers usually fall toward one of two extremes: the ones who take just a tube of sunscreen and a towel, and the ones who take everything but the proverbial kitchen sink. It seems sensible that most parents fall toward the middle or overprepared end of the spectrum, but no matter where you fall, h...
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It’s (Past) Time to Redefine Women’s Travel

This vintage ad is about the terrible awkwardness of being a woman traveling alone. Not enough has changed. I’m freshly back from a media trip* that pitched itself as a “Girls Getaway” themed event. The trip included the option to go snowshoeing — a sport I enjoy but haven’t done enough of lately. A good friend was going and she had never been snowshoeing; it’s so fun to go with beginners.  I wasn’t in love with the itinerary, there was a lot of wine too early in the day for me, and a private ...
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4-season guide to Leavenworth, WA

The ultimate four-season guide to Leavenworth, WA Spring Summer Fall Winter #wedge-0 { background-image: url('') }@media(min-width:560px){ #wedge-0 { background-image: url('') } }@media(min-width:1200px){ #wedge-0 { background-image: url('https://d36tnp772eyphs....
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The best trails in the US

Every hiker has a dream hike. Some dream of twirling around in a field of wildflowers in the Alps of Switzerland. Others yearn for the most remote sand dunes in the Sahara. A few aspire to conquer the world’s highest peaks with an ice axe in hand. While the world’s most popular hiking destinations span far and wide, the United States has a vast array of ecological diversity that rivals the world’s most popular hiking destinations. These five hiking trails display the United States’ most uniqu...
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The Top 10 Places to Travel for Cannabis Tourism – Yes, it’s a Thing!

Weed tourism — yes, it’s very much a thing. One of the best results of widespread cannabis legalization is that the plant has given a boost to tourism in certain locations all over the world. People will travel far and wide to smoke, eat, and vape the best cannabis that the planet has to offer. As such, there have been several hot spots that have sprung up — along with plenty of great vacation opportunity. If you’re looking into cannabis tourism, consider these 10 spots as you plan your vacation...
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Mereté Hotel Management, previously InnSight Hotel Management Group, Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence in the Hospitality Industry

After 25 years in business, InnSight Hotel Management Group has changed its name to Mereté Hotel Management. Pronounced mahr-a-tay, the new name and logo were announced by President Richard Boyles at the annual company meeting held at the Holiday Inn Springfield. "The change to Mereté is a reflection of the company's growth over the last 25 years and our future as we continue to open new hotel properties throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond," Boyles told the 125 conference attendee...
Tags: Travel, Pacific Northwest, Springfield, Boyles, Merete, Mereté Hotel Management, InnSight Hotel Management Group, Mereté Hotel Management Pronounced, Richard Boyles

BENCHMARK® to Operate Avenue Bellevue InterContinental Hotel

BENCHMARK®, a global hospitality company, is expanding its presence in the Pacific Northwest and will operate the newly announced Avenue Bellevue InterContinental Hotel. Part of a new billion-dollar condo, hotel and retail development in downtown Bellevue, Washington, the spectacular new property will be InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts' first venture in the Pacific Northwest. With construction set to start in mid-2019, the dramatic and elegant two-tower development will feature 332 lux...
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10 Best Cities to Visit in Washington State

Set on the Pacific Northwest coast of the States, Washington is home to a fascinating array of different landscapes. Its lively cities are tucked away amidst towering mountains, glittering lakes and along rugged coastlines. While the beautiful scenery is certainly one reason why many people visit the state, Washington’s cities each throw up something new
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This Seattle concierge has secrets he won’t tell

Chuck Watts is the lead concierge at the brand-new Hyatt Regency, the largest hotel in the Pacific Northwest, and he has some stories to tell. (Though some he prefers to keep secret.)
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11 Beautiful Scenic Routes for Your Cross-Country Trip

The United States of America is an absolutely beautiful country with infinite sights to see. Fortunately for us, much of our natural beauty is protected by National and State Parks. Many roadtrippers from all over the world dream of driving or motorcycling across our country for the ultimate tour. Many Americans haven’t seen the real expanse of their home and often make this a priority bucket list item. This begs the question: What scenic routes should you hit along the way? Assuming you were t...
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Tiny houses in the Pacific Northwest

Tiny houses are a growing trend for vacation rentals. They’re very affordable, they can be placed anywhere from a tiny lot in a busy downtown to the middle of a forest, they’re better for the environment, and, of course, they’re incredibly Instagrammable and just as cute as can be. The prototypical tiny house looks pretty much like any house but on a miniature scale; most two-person models feature a kitchen, living room, and bathroom on the ground floor, with the bed housed in a loft space ...
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Away from Vietnam’s tourist circuit, a Pacific Northwest travel writer finds comfort and charm in Seattle’s sister city

Haiphong is rarely more than a stopover for tourists en route to the airport for flights south, but many visitors say the area feels the way Hanoi did before the influx of tourists.
Tags: Travel, News, Life, Vietnam, Seattle, Pacific Northwest, Hanoi, Haiphong

10 Top Areas for Sledding and Tubing in Washington

Sledding and Tubing in Washington Are you someone who loves winter & all of the activities in the snow? Spring & summer are definitely my favorite seasons in the Northwest, but I love to try out all the fun snow sports every winter with my family. We are so fortunate here in the western parts of the Northwest to be so close to the mountains, yet thankfully we have mainly mild temperatures in most locations. So, we don’t have to deal with driving in the snow unless we want to, for the most p...
Tags: Travel, South Park, Washington, Oregon, Vancouver, Longmire, Seattle, Trips, Frugality, Pacific Northwest, National Park, Lake, South, Northwest, Paradise, Leavenworth

10 Top Areas for Sledding and Tubing in Washington for Families

10 Top Areas for Sledding and Tubing in Washington Are you someone who loves winter & all of the activities in the snow? Spring & summer are definitely my favorite seasons in the Northwest, but I love to try out all the fun snow sports every winter with my family. We are so fortunate here in the western parts of the Northwest to be so close to the mountains, yet thankfully we have mainly mild temperatures in most locations. So, we don’t have to deal with driving in the snow unless we want t...
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Orcas Island made The New York Times’ list of 52 places to visit in 2019. What else should have been there?

Should another destination in the Pacific Northwest have made the list? Tell us where and why.
Tags: Travel, News, New York Times, Pacific Northwest, Orcas Island

Best places to travel this February

Though for much of the world February is the cold, barren home stretch of winter, it’s also one of the cheapest times of the year to travel since everyone is still feeling the burn in their wallets left by the holiday season. Well, what are a few extra hundred bucks on the Amex if it means killer flight deals and almost no crowds? While Carnival and Mardi Gras fall in early March this year, plenty of Carribean destinations will be kicking off their celebrations early in February, giving you a...
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Mochi Tsuki

I got crazy for mochi on a trip to Hawaii. I’m pretty sure Happy Hearts mochi was my introduction and specifically, it was the chocolate haupia (coconut pudding) that sent me round the bend. Mochi became my go to treat on all my trips to Hawaii. I ate mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen for dinner one night when I was staying in Hilo, and more than once I’ve snarfed down one piece over my limit after visiting Kansai Yamata. No visit to Hawaii is complete without a belly full of pillowy fresh mochi. If...
Tags: Travel, Hawaii, Jackson, Seattle, Pacific Northwest, Japantown, Bainbridge Island, Hilo, Uwajimaya, Mochi Tsuki, Happy Hearts, Mochi Tsuki Hokusai

The best family trips for 2019

It’s the start of a new year, and that means it’s time to make some family travel resolutions and start planning. Whether you want to explore more national parks and state parks, introduce the kids to urban culture in cities like New York, or take them overseas — say, to New Zealand — these are our favorite family travel destinations for the year ahead. 1. Bozeman, Montana Photo: Jeremy Janus Photography/Shutterstock Head to Montana for spring break, and you’ll still catch plenty of spr...
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How to travel without a smartphone

Some will tell you smartphones are ruining the world. They’ll say they’ve created a generation of people too lost in their screens to experience human interaction, too obsessed with being somewhere else to ever feel like they’re anywhere. Then there are those who’ll tell you they’ve made the world better. Allowing us to find our way, speak new languages, and settle debates over who won the 1987 AL batting title in a matter of seconds. There’s probably a happy medium somewhere in between, but ...
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No Daily Housekeeping and Linen Changes Every 4th Day at the Brand New Hyatt Regency Seattle

Limited service hotels are a fast growing lodging segment. There's no room service, for instance. Don't expect a bellman or valet. Some ostensibly full service hotels are moving to become limited service, too. The brand new Hyatt Regency Seattle opened December 10th. It's across the street from the Hyatt Olive 8 and near the Grand Hyatt, and is the largest hotel in the Pacific Northwest with over 1200 rooms. And it does not provide daily housekeeping. Continue reading No Daily Housekeepin...
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Winter trip to Tofino, Canada photos

1 We arrive on Canada’s Vancouver Island by ferry, and the drive to Tofino does not disappoint. The sun begins to dip below the tree line as we cruise along Highway 4, stopping at small roadside pull-offs to take in the ever-changing view. 2 We do some research and find the Crystal Cove Beach Resort, the perfect beachside campground. We arrive just after sunset and wander along the ocean’s edge, exploring ...
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Travel News: December 13, 2018

Projections Claim Over 45 Million People Will Fly During Holidays Travel Pulse Industry trade organization Airlines for America (A4A) announced Tuesday that it projects 45.7 million passengers will travel on United States airlines over the 18-day winter holiday travel period. This year’s holiday travel period runs between December 20 and January 6, and officials believe the busiest travel days will be (in order), December 21, December 20 and December 26. The lightest travel days are expected to...
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A best-ever clam chowder recipe from a favorite Seattle chef

Chef Heather Earnhardt's super-creamy clam-chowder recipe is one of the best, whether it's made with the Pacific Northwest delicacy known as razor clams or whatever kind you have on hand.
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