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5 Andean cities for ‘living large’ in retirement

South America’s Andean region is capturing the attention of expatriates in search of a place to spend their retirement. Here, even moderate-income retirees can live in veritable luxury thanks to the region’s excellent medical care, temperate climate, improving safety indices, and, of course, the region’s low cost of living. At the same time, high-speed internet […] The post 5 Andean cities for ‘living large’ in retirement appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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A Guide to Cheek Kissing Around the World

Read the full article on at - A Guide to Cheek Kissing Around the World When you’re traveling around the world, you may find that a kiss on the cheek is a customary greeting. But the kiss greeting varies depending on where you go. If you’re in Colombia, Argentina or Peru, one kiss is the standard. If you’re in Italy, Greece, or Germany, you can expect two kisses. But it... The post A Guide to Cheek Kissing Around the World appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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Seven new wonders of the world

When it comes to naming the world’s greatest hits, seven seems like an awfully small number. Especially considering only one of the seven original, ancient wonders is still standing — the Great Pyramid of Giza. In 2007, a Swiss foundation put it to the public to nominate a new crop of modern wonders, seizing the long overdue opportunity to recognize some of the most iconic sites on the planet today. Millions voted, declaring the following wonders worthier than the rest — unsurprisingly, all s...
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Machu Picchu airport

Machu Picchu may be one of the world’s most recognizable and widely visited destinations, but it’s also surprisingly difficult to get to, which some may say is part of its appeal. Visitors must arrive via the small airport in nearby Cusco, which has a single runway and can only accommodate narrow-bodied aircrafts on stopover flights from Lima and other Peruvian cities close by. The airport would allow for direct flights to Machu Picchu from major cities in the US and Latin America, but it wo...
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Construction of Machu Picchu's new international airport has begun

While Unesco has asked Peru to limit visitors to the famous site, the government is making it easier for people to access.
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'It would destroy it': new international airport for Machu Picchu sparks outrage

Peruvian archaeologists decry new airport that would carry tourists directly to already fragile Inca citadelAmong the Inca ruins that abound in Peru, none draw nearly as many tourists as the famed Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. There were more than 1.5 million visitors in 2017, double the limit recommended by Unesco, putting a huge strain on the fragile ruins and local ecology.Now, in a move that has drawn a mixture of horror and outrage from archaeologists, historians and locals, work has begun ...
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A Beach Resort Worth the Trip in Mancora, Peru

Big news: we finally posted a luxury beach resort review from somewhere in South America that's not on the Atlantic. That's Arennas Mancora hotel in Peru. Ever since we started Luxury Latin America more than a decade ago, it's been a mystery to me why there weren't any luxury beach resorts worth featuring on the entire west coast of South America. There are plenty on the Pacific in Central America, so why does the action stop on the other side of the Darien Gap? There are a few answers that re...
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5 of the most unusual places to stay around the world

As the world becomes smaller, travellers are getting ever more adventurous and are not content with merely treading the well-worn holiday paths. They are seeking out unique hotels, in exceptional destinations, which also offer memorable experiences while they are there. Here are some of our favourite places to stay, from a pod on the side […] The post 5 of the most unusual places to stay around the world appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Unusual methods of transportation

Traveling by car , train, and bus might be efficient, but it doesn’t always inspire an appreciation of the journey. After all, the reason it’s so easy to doze off on a train is that it’s a mundane way of getting from point A to point B. In some places around the world, getting places is an adventure. From a bamboo train in Cambodia to a Couchbike in Canada, there are some pretty wild ways people across different cultures use to get around. Here are six of the most unusual methods of transporta...
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Lima is for Lovers

Lima Peru: A young English writer muses about Lima and how it's for lovers, with romantic scenes of kissing couples and time for love, Lima is for lovers.
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Traditional Ecuadorian dishes

While tiny in area , Ecuador has it all when it comes to food. The platos típicos, or traditional dishes, vary widely depending on the culture and climate in each region. Despite some similarities, you can find differences in the main three geographical regions: Costa (along the coast), Sierra (the mountainous region), and Oriente (the east, where you’ll find the Amazon). There are plates that incorporate medicinal plants from indigenous tribes and those that draw from religious customs from S...
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Are You Getting All the Credit Card Perks for Travelers?

Every once in a while I'll be on a tour or staying at a hotel where I can't help but hear the conversations around me. Sometimes I hear something that makes me stop what I'm doing and listen. The latest happened on a trip to Peru recently when one traveler asked, in amazement, "Why would you use a debit card to pay for an $8,000 tour? Are you out of your mind?!" The recipient of this question mumbled something about responsible spending and not going into debt, but the others at the table hit ...
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Classic Tradition Plus a Splash of New at Country Club Lima Hotel

When we first visited Country Club Lima Hotel in Peru more than a decade ago, we loved the impressive entrance and the grand lobby that showed off its 1920s heritage. The rooms weren't as flashy as some of the newer ones in the city, but that seemed appropriate given the old money clientele and classic surroundings. They were certainly ample size though, which is one luxurious touch that is sometimes lacking. We've been back once since, but when we had the chance to stay there earlier this mon...
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22 hottest peppers in the world

There’s a good chance you’ve come across a way too spicy pepper in your life. Maybe you sought it out; maybe it snuck up on you in a salsa. Either way, that fiery burn is seared in your memory. But unless you’re an extreme heat seeker, that pepper you tried is far milder than the peppers that reach the top of the Scoville Scale. The Scoville Scale is an objective scale used for measuring the spicy heat of peppers and other hot foods. Items on the scale are ranked by their Scoville Heat Units ...
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Traditional Chilean food and dishes

Chile is undeniably beautiful. Patagonia, the lake district, the stunning Torres del Paine National Park — with all of these things to see, you’d be forgiven for looking over the country’s diverse food. However, for a real taste of Chile, you have to experience all of the eats on offer. Chilean food is a mix of ingredients and dishes from the indigenous Mapuche and the Spanish. It’s heavily influenced by the country’s 2,600 miles of coastline and varied microclimates. Naturally, you can’t co...
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Exploring the Jungle: The 11 Things You Must Know Before Trips to the Amazon

Exploring the jungle, you will find a mix of serenity and excitement. The experience will bring you deep into the heart of our natural world, where you can deeply connect with your mammalian roots. However, trips to the Amazon require knowledge and serious preparation. You should not swing into the jungle expecting to wing it. 11 Wild Tips for Trips to the Amazon Enjoy your adventure by going in equipped to take on the jungle experience. These must-know tips will help you in one of the most exc...
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7 of the best luxury train journeys in the world

One of the best ways to travel and see the world’s sights is by train. Here are some of the most spectacular trains and train journeys around the world, from classic journeys such as going from London to Venice on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express to travelling from north to south across Australia and making your way […] The post 7 of the best luxury train journeys in the world appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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6 luxury adventure camps in South America

The idea of luxury adventure camping is to get closer to the sheer beauty of nature in places with very little infrastructure, while at the same time enjoying world-class service in the most comfortable digs. The posh term “glamping” (short for glamorous camping) has turned off some adventurers who might otherwise appreciate the experience itself. Despite […] The post 6 luxury adventure camps in South America appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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The best luxury travel experiences in Bolivia

Wild, untouched and still decidedly off-the-beaten-track, the appeal of travel in Bolivia is gradually growing to match its most-visited Andean neighbour, Peru. Boasting some of the most dramatic mountain landscapes in Latin America, cloud forests, deserts, volcanoes and the Amazon basin – this superbly diverse country has much to explore. Undoubtedly at a much earlier […] The post The best luxury travel experiences in Bolivia appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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How to Pack For A Trek: The Ultimate Hiking Packing List

How should I pack for a hike? What should I pack for a multi-day trek? What is too much? And what is too little? How am I going to carry it all? Which hiking gear and essentials should I buy in advance and which can I buy on the ground? That's where this Ultimate Hiking Packing List comes in to answer all of those questions — and much more — to prepare you for your next adventure. After receiving numerous emails, queries and comments asking about hiking gear and how to pack for hikes and mu...
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Rainbow Mountain and the Search for Ausangate

Ausangate Mountain, an “Apu” (or holy mountain) in the Quechua culture, rises to 20,945 feet in the Peruvian Andes, hovering nearly 3,885 feet above Rainbow Mountain in the distance. For perspective, that’s 3,345 feet higher than the Mt. Everest base camp, 6,456 feet higher than the tallest mountain in the Continental United States, and nearly 15,665 feet higher than the “mile high city,” Denver, Colorado. After a punishing two-hour trek straight up, sitting at the peak of Montana de Colores (R...
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Peru: take the high road to Inca glory

Macchu Pichu sees a million visitors a year, but another great pre-Columbian monument remains little-known. We join the first supported trek on the Incas’ Royal RoadClimbing from the ancient Peruvian pilgrimage site of Chavín, we pass fields of quinoa flowering purple in a last burst of energy before they are harvested. There are bunches of maize hanging from the farmhouse rafters in shades of gold and red, and the small village plaza has plants that would not be out of place in an English count...
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How to volunteer abroad

Signing up for an overseas volunteer program is one of the best ways to see the world when you’re young: You can travel, learn new skills, and make a meaningful contribution to global society. But before you go running off to be the change you want to see, there are some important things to consider before taking part in a volunteering abroad program. Here’s a guide that will help you make sure you have all your boxes ticked before setting out. Figure out what kind of volunteer work you wa...
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New SiteMinder Study Reveals Economic Turmoil Is Not Holding Latin Americans Back From Traveling

Latin Americans still plan to travel this year, even if only domestically to compensate for the socioeconomic turmoil across the Latin American region, a new study has revealed. El Turismo Nacional - La Tendencia Más Fuerte en Los Países de Latinoamérica en 2019 launched this week by SiteMinder, the global hotel industry's leading guest acquisition platform, surveyed more than a thousand travelers from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru who say they continue to allocate part of t...
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How to Hike to Gocta Waterfall in Peru

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Return to Peru

The magic of Peru grows stronger every time I visit. The kindness and warmth of the people the sublime beauty of the mountains the depth of Incan history and Quechua culture. I love it all. It makes Peru exciting and mysterious on the one hand but also
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Fossil found of four-legged whale

The fossil of a 42.6-million year-old whale has just been discovered off the coast of Peru, but it’s no ordinary cetacean. This fossil belonged to a creature with four legs and hooves at the tip of its fingers and toes — a whale capable of walking on land, with a tail and webbed feet that suggest it was also a powerful swimmer. This 13-foot-long animal is considered by the scientific community to be a prime example of the evolution of hoofed mammals into the whales we know today. This wha...
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Lima to Buenos Aires: a Luxury South America Cruise Guide

Want to see South America in a way very few visitors can? Want to visit the big cities, see wildlife, and go through the majestic fjords of Chile without unpacking? Book a berth on a luxury South America cruise and you can make it happen. South American cruises are packed with exciting culture in historic port cities, diverse urban environments, and delicious cuisine on land and at sea. From Lima to Buenos Aires, travelers to South America will find themselves embarking on numerous adventures ...
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7 Travel Mistakes I Made in Guatemala

This post 7 Travel Mistakes I Made in Guatemala appeared first on The Professional Hobo. I recently spent six weeks in Guatemala. It was supposed to be three months, but I cut the trip short. I’ll admit up front that the reasons I left Guatemala early have little to do with the country itself; rather, I did a poor job of planning this trip and I made some travel mistakes that somebody of my tenure in this biz should have been able to avoid. But, that’s how the cookie crumbled, and now that I’ve ...
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Peru’s Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu: what to know before you go

The Sacred Valley of Peru is a feast for the senses—colorful woven fabrics, mountains that soar skyward with little warning (or foothills), an ancient culture full of innovation, and a contemporary cuisine that has emerged from traditional crops, international influence, and creative playfulness among the country’s best chefs. From elevation headaches to photogenic llamas, here’s what […] The post Peru’s Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu: what to know before you go appeared first on A Luxury Travel...
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