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Vacuuming concrete in Tokyo

Exterior concrete walls, it would seem, have a tendency to get a tad dusty.
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Defunct Japanese vending machines

Japan is well known for its vending machines. With good reason too, as despite the ever-increasing number of convenience stores, the vending machine is still ubiquitous. Yet seeing one that’s no longer operational, let alone left to rot, is surprisingly rare, so below is a selection of the ones I’ve stumbled upon over the years. Some are still there, some may well be long gone, but in their own decaying way, all of them were oddly interesting.
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Amazing Vintage Photographs Documented Inca Culture And Life In Peruvian Andes, Captured By Martin Chambi In The Early 20th Century

Martin Chambi was among the first photographers of the Peruvian Andes and became the leading portrait painter in Cuzco, opened a photo Studio in 1920. But, being a native Quechua, he considered it his duty to document the lives of Indians and the legacy of the Inca culture, traveled through the Andes, shooting landscapes, the ruins of Machu Picchu and traditions of the local inhabitants. Source
Tags: Daily, Photography, Design, Life, Peru, Retro, 1930s, Machu Picchu, Andes, Cuzco, Peruvian Andes, Martin Chambi

Image and History In Temple Bar

Temple Bar, in Dublin, is quite a busy place. The streets are often filled with tourists checking out the area’s attractions as an arts quarter, with area residents stopping in at restaurants, cafes, shops, and grocers, and of an evening, revelers of all sorts spilling out of pubs. There is a quiet place in the midst of all this, however. A place in the midst of all this where you may learn and...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Social Bite Scotland: Great Food, Good CauseS...
Tags: Travel, Photography, Scotland, History, Ireland, Museums, Dublin, Europe Travel, City Or Urban Travel, Kerry Projects, Temple Bar, Art and Art Museums, National Library of Ireland, Dublin Cultural Quarter, Ireland history, National Photographic Archive Ireland

A dirty look in a grubby little Tokyo bar?

This old punk likes a drink, but he loves The Damned a lot more.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Food And Drink, Tokyo

A colourful kimono on a cold and windy day

The blustery weather was absolutely biting, but the colours of this kimono and the late afternoon sun at least offered the suggestion of some warmth.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Religion, Culture

Shutterstock founder and CEO Jon Oringer steps down after 16 years

It’s an end of an era — and you might just want to snap a photo of it, and just maybe upload it for others to purchase Jon Oringer, who founded New York City-based Shutterstock in 2003, announced today that he would be stepping away from his duties as CEO at the photo sharing and commerce company, effective in April. He will move on to be Executive Chairman of the board, and says in a letter posted this morning that he intends “to continue to be involved in the strategy and direction of the b...
Tags: Travel, Photography, Shutterstock, Yahoo, China, New York City, Talent, Nyse, Jon Oringer, Middle Kingdom, Sam Biddle, Stan Pavlovsky, Oringer

PHOTO: Salto Grande Waterfall in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

The tour guide promised the trail to Salto Grande Waterfall in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park was easy. “Just a 20 minute walk,” he said. As a casual aside, he advised us to take our jackets, as it “might be a little windy up there.” The first 15 minutes were a breeze. A graveled path led through a field of flower-strewn tall grass, with the famous horns of the Cordillera Paine Massif peeking over the top. A stretch of turquoise river came into view and the thunderous... The post PHOTO: ...
Tags: Travel, Daily Photo, Photography, Culture, Chile, Patagonia, South America, Cultural Travel, Torres Del Paine, Torres del Paine National Park, Torres del Paine National Park Chile, Cordillera Paine Massif, Salto Grande Waterfall

A misty forest in the far west of Tokyo

Distance-wise, the far west of Tokyo is only a couple of hours or so from the capital’s more central districts, but in contrast to the crossings and crowds the city is famous for, it looks and feels like a completely different world.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

PHOTO: Lago Nordenskjold Viewpoint in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

What struck me most about Torres del Paine National Park in the Patagonian region of Chile were the colors. Depending upon the angle of the sun, the mountains of the Cordillera Paine Massif range from the deepest black to pale gray, lavender, and Wedgwood blue. As the sun sets, abundant feldspar in the granite flanks reflect iridescent orange patches. Add snowy peaks and grass covered foothills, and the mountains of Torres del Paine become a veritable rocky rainbow. Even the name of the park is ...
Tags: Travel, Daily Photo, Photography, Culture, Chile, Patagonia, South America, Cultural Travel, Patagonian, Torres Del Paine, Torres del Paine National Park, Paine, Wedgwood, Torres del Paine National Park Chile, Cordillera Paine Massif

Tokyo fashion and the merely functional

High-end fashion, and old age functionality.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Tokyo

An old Tokyo video shop

Video may (or indeed may not) have killed the radio star, but what goes around, almost inevitably comes around.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

Pay Attention to What Ignites You with Jody MacDonald

Imagine this: Your job is good, and safe, but it’s not fueling anymore. You decide to quit your “real” job and sell all your belongings to live a life of adventure. And just as you are waving your last goodbye, the unthinkable happens and it changes everything. Like most of us, award winning photographer Jody MacDonald didn’t know what her path would be. Yet when her wake up call came, she listened. From train hopping in the Sahara to paragliding in the Himalaya, she’s no stranger to adventure a...
Tags: Travel, Death, Photography, Podcast, Adventure, Surf, National Geographic, Photographer, Himalaya, Paragliding, Sahara, Jody, Jody MacDonald, Men 's Journal, chasejarvisLIVE

Yakitori clutter, grime and a lovely big smile

The clutter and grime of this unique little yakitori shop were what initially caught my eye, but ultimately it was the owner’s lovely big smile that made both the moment, and my day.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Food And Drink, Yakitori

A Tokyo salaryman’s Monday morning walk to work

Sadly even the weather didn’t seem to brighten up this salaryman’s thoroughly miserable looking Monday morning.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

Timeless Tokyo in monochrome shades

Towards the end of last year, I took a photograph from the same spot as the one in this post. It can be seen here should you wish to make a comparison. A photo that I probably prefer due to the subject’s expression. The visible smartphone, however, makes it very contemporary, whereas the shot below has a far more timeless feel. An element that in modern, rapidly changing Tokyo, is increasingly hard to achieve.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

PHOTO: Guanaco Surveys its Domain in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

When my tour van entered Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonian Chile, our guide enlisted us as wildlife spotters. She ticked off some of the species we might see. The Patagonian Puma is the most sought after sighting, however they are reclusive and usually stay far away from the only road through the park. But if we had sharp eyes we might spot one of two varieties of fox; the small, endangered Huemul deer; Andean Condors; Southern Crested Caracaras (a large bird of prey); the Patagonian ...
Tags: Travel, Daily Photo, Photography, Culture, Chile, Patagonia, South America, Cultural Travel, Torres, Torres Del Paine, Paine National Park, Guanaco, Patagonian Chile, Torres del Paine National Park Chile, Patagonian Puma, Southern Crested Caracaras

Buddhist street musician surprise

Tokyo is a city of contrasts, as well as constant surprises, so even if you know what’s round the next corner, you never really know what you are going to see. It could, for example, be a Buddhist playing a bamboo flute. Or possibly even more unexpected, a foreign person taking photographs.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Religion, Culture, Tokyo, Buddhist

2019 Travel Photographer of the Year brings breathtaking photos from all over the world

Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) has just announced the winners of its 2019 competition. Among tens of thousands of submissions, the judges have selected the best of the best. The winners come from all corners of the globe and show us just how incredible, diverse, but also harsh our planet is. The contest has […] The post 2019 Travel Photographer of the Year brings breathtaking photos from all over the world appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Inspiration, Competition, Travel Photography, Contest, Photography Competition, Travel Photographer, Photo Contest, Photography Contest, Travel Photographer Of The Year

PHOTO: Waterfront in the Town of Puerto Natales, Chile

The pretty little town of Puerto Natales is perhaps best known as the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park in the Patagonian region of Chile. But I discovered an intriguing backstory. The town is located on the Señoret Channel, which connects Última Esperanza Sound with Bahía Desengaño, eventually leading to the Straits of Magellan and the Atlantic Ocean. Última Esperanza translates to “last hope,” while Desengaño translates to “disillusionment” or “disenchantment.” I stood on the shores of...
Tags: Travel, Daily Photo, Photography, Culture, Chile, Patagonia, South America, Cultural Travel, Magellan, Patagonian, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine National Park, Puerto Natales Chile, Señoret Channel, Bahía Desengaño, Atlantic Ocean Última Esperanza

Finding True North with Chelsea Yamase

So many of us are going along on the path that we think we want, only to realize that something is missing. The same was true for today’s guest, Chelsea Yamase (@chelseakauai) who found herself heading into a potential career that was slowly killing her soul. Through a winding path of architecture, graphic design, journalism, and a myriad of side hustles, she found herself faced with the big question: pursue the unconventional life of your dreams or stick to a “real job”. She lept. Today, Chelse...
Tags: Travel, Photography, Podcast, Instagram, Mindfulness, Chelsea, Hawaii, Kauai, Intuition, Chelsea Yamase @chelseakauai, Influencer, Chelsea Yamase, National Parks Foundation, chasejarvisLIVE, Unconventional Living, Canon USA Adidas Google Athleta

Take a look inside the van of photographer who lives on the road 24/7

Living on the road sounds scary for some, while others see it as a dream come true. Photographer Christian Schaffer falls into the second group and she’s been traveling for years now, living in a van. In this video, she takes you on a tour of her home on wheels, which may be small, but […] The post Take a look inside the van of photographer who lives on the road 24/7 appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Inspiration, Travel Photography, Travel Photographer, Christian Schaffer

A little Japanese bar down a mostly disused old tunnel

Down an old and now more or less disused tunnel, one little bar remains. Catering for the small number of late afternoon drinkers who can squeeze inside, it’s the last business left, but even after several decades of serving drinks and really quite delicious food, the owners have no intention of quitting just yet. A decision that’s much appreciated by both the very regular regulars, and those that merely pop in unexpectedly.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Food And Drink

Tokyo wrestler, a street portrait

One of the key benefits of living in Tokyo is that you never really know what — or perhaps more accurately who — is going to greet you round the next corner. It could be a man carrying a huge tortoise. Maybe even a young bloke in the shortest of very short shorts. Or in this case, merely a bare-chested wrestler taking a post-bout rest.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

Kieran Murray Brilliantly Photoshops Toy Godzilla In His Photos, Again!

Ryan thinks he deserves a holiday from destroying cities. Freelance photographer Kieran Murray (previously) rounded up his photos for the past 4 years and decided to add toy Godzilla into them to make it seem like they are exploring the world together. Why? Because he was bored. And for internet fame, of course. “I travel with a 6 inch plastic figurine that I Photoshop to look Godzilla Sized. Source
Tags: Travel, Photography, Design, Godzilla, Ryan, Kieran Murray, Photomanipulations

Tokyo government building sights and stares

Suitably sinister stares at the top of Tokyo’s massive government building?
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

How to Take Someone's Photo in a Foreign Country Without Being a Jerk

People travel for a variety of reasons, including the food, the scenery, the weather and the culture. For many, the most interesting part of visiting another country is getting to know the people there. But before you start snapping pictures, it’s important to think about what you’re doing and consider the people…Read more...
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