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Seen Around Paris

Another mix of photos taken around Paris. I went into the Luxembourg Gardens but it was so packed with people that I quickly left. I was looking for some flowering trees but didn’t find any in the short time I was there. A pretty outfit the the window of Repetto, famous for their selection of things for ballet. The levender smelled so good. If I had a terrace I would have bought some. I suspect they wouldn’t thrive indoors. I didn’t need any statues of Mary either but I...
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Spring in Paris

As you might imagine, Spring im Paris is beautiful. A pretty tree in bloom, green grass, white daisies-what more do you need? Closeup of the tree. A little meditation. Maybe I should buy an orange tree. Loved the label, the beer itself not so much.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Beer, Paris, Spring, Tree, Lemon Tree

This and That

Another mix of photos in Paris. The full moon came up orange the other day probably due to polution but still beautiful. Here it is right over Montparnasse Tower. Meat delivery. Well, this is unusal. The Dior Shop I think. Seen in a children’s playground by les Halles. Flowers for my birthday. I am old enough to have gotten my second vaccination against Covid on my birthday. I have the antibodies for it too so surely I am covered. I just want to travel aga...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Flowers, Full Moon, Montparnasse Tower, COVID, Montparnasse Tower Meat


It might not be fine art but the display on the Champs Elysees by the Belgian artist Phillippe Geluck was fun to see. I was a bit familar with his cartoons featuring a cat. It took two years and 65 people to get these bronze statues , each weighing 2 1/2 tons, created. The statues will travel around Europe and end up in Brussels for the opening of the Chat Museum. They are already sold to wealthy art lovers for 300,000 Euros each. This is how the cat is usually seen in cartoon form. ...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Europe, Paris, Brussels, Champs Elysees, Arch de Triomphe, Open Air Art Exhibit, Phillippe Geluck

This and That

A mix of things seen around Paris. I wanted to get of photo of these artfully arranged oranges and was waiting for this lady to move when I realized she was wearing an orange coat so I had to take the photo. After she moved. Orange season is said to be over. But you can’t tell by looking at this display. Two really good and healthy salads made by a friend. The display at my local Monoprix getting ready to celebrate Brittany and the Celtic connection.. I actually ...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Oranges, Brittany, Brittany display

In the Sixth

The sixth arrondissement is full of interesting places and things. There is the wonderful architecture. Saint Sulpice Church seen down the street. It looks like the tower is leaning a bit. The back of the church. I love the fountain in the front of the church. Here it is from across the street.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Fountain, Saint Sulpice Church, 6th Arrondissement


Like the rest of the world, I am happy when Spring arrives although that doesn’t always mean it will be warmer. I have been out in several nice rather crisp days which I always enjoy. The Tour Saint Jacques looking good against the sky. It was once attached to a church obviously no longer there. The sun shining in the window of this patisserie made these pastries look especially good. I haven’t bought one in years although I do love them. Don’t think this doesn’t mean I don’t eat swe...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Flowers, Pastries, Jacques, Easter Candy, Tour Saint Jacques


The sun is out for a few days which makes Paris especially nice to explore, despite what people say about the romance of Paris in the rain. Nice shadows. Elegant. I liked the shapes of this church against the sky. The metro entrance made of hand blown Murano glass looks pretty too. I think this must be Marie Antoinette.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Nice, Sunshine, Murano, Shadows, Metro Entrance


I was out in the Bastille area and came upon a street that was new to me which is always fun. The opening to Rue de Lappe. It was full of colorful shops, mostly restaurants and bars and I’m sure it is heavily visited when there isn’t a quarantine going on but it was still full of people on this sunny Saturday. Now an Asian food place but as you can see by this sign, once a Aurillat restaurant. I bet this was a fun bar. A florist of course.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Bastille, rue de Lappe

Snow Again

I woke up one morning to the second snow in Paris this season. Snow is rare in Paris, or at least it used to be but for many reasons I didn’t get out early like I should have done for photos. I had lots of things to do plus a doctor appointment. When I finally got out the sidewalks were slippery and I felt less like exploring. The temperature never got above 30 degrees. Well, blah, blah, blah. Lots of reasons for doing little photography. The view from my window looking down below. I...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Snow, Paris, Seine, Frenchless in France

Here and There

More photos from around one of my favorite Paris neighborhoods, the Marais. I love the shop called Israel full of containers of nuts and dried fruit. Olives and other things for sale there. The Mariages des Freres tea shop is celebrating the Year of the Ox. Delicious looking bread in the Jewish quarter. The symbol for the City of Paris newly painted for the soon to reopen Carnavalet Museum, that is if any thing opens. These are not desserts but cheeses to...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Cheese, Israel, Bread, Paris, Carnavalet Museum, Saint Paul Saint Louis church, Israel shop, Maraid

High Water

Every time I looked at my weather app I would get a message for flooding but Paris seemed dry to me except for some light rain. Then I went to the window that has a slight view of the Seine that I have if I press my forehead against it, and found that the Seine was high so it was flooding somewhere. The walking path along the river is covered by water. You can usually walk in front of the area in front of the Statue of Liberty. Pretty light on the Seine. Another view. ...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Sweden, France, Sculpture, Paris, Italy, Belgium, Flooding, Seine, Seine River, Statue of Liberty, Pont Alma, Pont Alma Bridge, Queen Astrid, Queen Astrid Park

Back Again

My friend asked me to give her a tour of the Marais like I used to do when I was doing tours. It was fun to wander through the neighborhood and I was even able to show or tell her (she’s French and has lived in Paris for years) a few things she didn’t know. As I came out of the metro I was greeted with blue skies and lovely light on the buildings there. I like the architecture. A narrow street. Another glowing building, the Forney Library. A view inside the courty...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Marais, Saint Paul Saint Louis church, Archictecture, Forney Library, Saint Paul Saint Louis Church Like

Street Art

Montmartre is loaded with street art. You can find it on just about every corner. A tatoo store. Very dramatic. Look at all of this! Art in a wine store. I see him a lot. I guess he sticks his face in plaster to get this. And here he is with wings. A friend of mine told me she was making a dip and thought she was adding cumeric but afterwards realised that she had added cinnamon. Luckily, it wasn’t a huge amount. She didn’t tell her husband and he sca...
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Another trip to this village high above Paris. Lots and lots of stairs. My knees are killing me. The photogenic water tower. A glimpse of Sacre Coeur. A little boy with his croissant. These almond pastries look tasty. I’ve taken this shot several times. Darn garbage can ruins it for me. I’ve done this before too. The grass hill goes down hill but the building doesn’t so you just do a bit of work to make it look like this. In the last month or s...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Instagram, Paris, Switzerland, Un, Somalia, Montmartre, Pastries, Street Scenes, Simon Mark, Rodrigo Gimenez

Old and New

Ancient architecture and newer places to eat are everywhere in the Marais. Isn’t this lovely? In Spring there will be flowers in that dirt. I see this bike art quite a bit. I’m not sure what’s behind it. An old nunnery so great to look at. I like this tree in the intersection. A very famous place for falafel as you can see from the line on rue des Rosiers. The competition with few people interested. I’ve eaten at the other one but never tried the less pop...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Architecture, Paris, Marais, Maurice, Rue des Rosiers, Fallafel


Lots to see in the Marais area of Paris. A store famous for chocolate. Lots of pickled food which I guess they put on dishes sold here. I have discovered pickled onions and make them all the time and put them on just about everything. Near the Picasso Museum. Wish it was open. I like the unusual shade of yellow on this building-not seen very often. Rather impressive. I have a French friend and we often take walks around Paris, usually to search for the Space...
Tags: Travel, Photos, France, Paris, Starbucks, Marais, Alsace, Meert, Pickled veggies, Picasso Museum Wish

Old Times

I was in a part of Paris, the Marais, in an area I haven’t been in for years. It really is interesting. Some unusual street art. I love me a red door. The other crepe place. A more famous one is just down the street. Flowers in the sun. Aren’t they pretty? Very large art work on the side of a building. Lots of art and graffiti in the area. Thank you for your support. Some construction going on.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Street Art, le Marais, Ddoor


I’m always writing about the sun coming out probably because Paris has many dreary gray days. It’s still beautiful even with clouds and rain, but it really becomes spectacular when the sun shines. (As I post this a few days later, it is raining). This is a sculpture done by Picasso. I still can’t believe it’s never been stolen. Benches looking like open books. I think they are so cool. The back of the Institut de France. This shows how high the Seine came in 1910. That’...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Sunshine, Louvre, Seine, Picasso, Picasso Sculpture, Book Benches, Institut de France This, Pont de Neuf

Buttes Chamont

I haven’t been to this park in years. It was formed out of an old quarry. There’s a replica of a Greek temple. We climbed up to have a closer look. There’s a good view of Montmartre from there. The symbol of Paris on a fence there. Colorful street art on a nearby building. Nice art work in a community garden.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Park, Architecture, Paris, Montmartre, Buttes Chaumont

Snow in Paris!

Snow is pretty rare in Paris. I’ve seen it maybe six times in 20 years, the last time being three years ago. It’s really special to see it. I thought about going somewhere outside my neighborhood to have a look at it but ended up walking around near where I live. The Statue of Liberty didn’t have much on it as you can see. The figures on the bridge have some. There were little snowmen everywhere. They even made a scarf out of a blade of grass on this oe. Here’s another....
Tags: Travel, Photos, Snow, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Snowmen

A Park

I was in the Jardin des Plantes founded in 1626, which is huge so I did a whole lot of walking. It turns out there is a small Space Invader mosaic there and it took a lot of looking to find it but we succeeded. It’s a beautiful park in the Spring but it isn’t very nice right now. It has a Natural History Museum with dinosaurs which I used to take my grandsons to. It also has a zoo, one of the oldest in the world and I must go sometime. I wondered how animals whose ancestors come from Africa adj...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Africa, Paris, Ducks, Jardin des Plantes

Before the Rain

There is 100% chance of rain for the next two days so I got out for some photos while I had the chance. It would be nice to be able to stop here and have a drink. It will be at least sometime in February before that happens. I guess we could all get together for drinks if we wore these. Saw these in a florist just starting to bloom. Cute mosaic dragon on rue du Dragon. It’s not by the famous mosaic artist whose pieces that I’ve been searching for. I see quite a f...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Bars, Paris, Street Art, Flowers

Chasing the Sunset

I love being out when the sun is setting and always hope I am in a good place for a photo. Near the bridge leading to the Eiffel tower. Further back. Not the best shot but it’s hard to beat the Eiffel Tower in a photo. The bridge is covered with the dreadful “love locks” as you can see. And after the sun set from our apartment.
Tags: Travel, Photos, View, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Sunset, Seine, Love Locks

This and That

A mix of photos in Paris. I saw this in the St Germain des Pres Church. It’s the tomb of the Kind of Poland which puzzled me until I saw that he had once been the head of the Abby. It was too light to really show the lights on these trees but it’s still a pretty corner. A lovely courtyard. The lights came on on the Saint Sulpice Church. A closeup. I love this fountain with its smooth fall of water.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Poland, St Germain, Saint Sulpice Church, Saint Germain des Prés Church, Corner shot, King of Poland

The Last of Christmas

I meant to get to rue Montorgueil to get photos of the Christmas lights before the 25th. I always like wandering down this street. It’s after Christmas but the lights are still up. It was a Saturday night and packed with people. So pretty. Cobbled streets. This looks really old, and pretty too. The other end. Saint Eustache is nearby.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Christmas Lights, rue Montorgueil, Eustache


It’s easy to find beautiful things and places in Paris. Rue du Buci would be prettier if it had been darker. A lovely interior of a shop selling autographs and photos of the famous. An artistic window of a jewellery shop. Maybe I need one of these in my living room. These were beautiful books. A pretty corner of an interesting store.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Shop Windows, Rue du Buci, Shop Interiors, Paris Rue du Buci

Look Up

On a walk in the 6th arrondissement of Paris on a search for more of those Space Invader mosaics/street art and found a few other things. Someone put this tile snake around the street sign. Cute. A bird on the street called Swallow Street in English. I used to see these all around Paris but haven’t recently. The artist puts plaster over his face to make these. We found Napoleon on Rue Bonaparte. A photo of some poinsettias in my apartment looking pretty in the s...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Napoleon, Poinsettia, Rue Bonaparte, Mosaic Street Art

Art and More

Some photos taken on Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V. I was looking for Christmas decorations mainly. The lobby of the George V Hotel. It’s the first time I’ve seen trees as decorations there. Trying a photo from the ground which seems a bit more dramatic to me. The Dior store which had a really lovely tree on its facade last year is undergoing renovation but is covered by this really nice facade so as not to be ugly. Chanel looks nice too. There were about ...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Paris, Interior, George V Hotel, Christmas deco, Manolo Valdés


I went to the very posh department store, Bon Marché, to look at the Christmas decorations and thought I would also drop into the interesting food emporium. It was Saturday and it was packed with people, Covid Confinement or not. Lights outside and decorated windows. Look how great it is! There’s a very nice floor downstairs just for wine. All sorts of salt. I think this is pink salt as the container is usually blue. Lights hanging everywhere. Lots of food...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Christmas Lights, Bon Marche, Food Market

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