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The Roman Colosseum Has a Twin in Tunisia: Discover the Amphitheater of El Jem, One of the Best-Preserved Roman Ruins in the World

Image via Wikimedia Commons When Rome conquered Carthage in the Third Punic War (149-146 BC), the Republic renamed the region Africa, for Afri, a word the Berbers used for local people in present-day Tunisia. (The Arabic word for the region was Ifriqiya.) Thereafter would the Roman Empire have a stronghold in North Africa: Carthage, the capital of the African Province under Julius and Augustus Caesar and their successors. The province thrived. Second only to the city of Carthage in the region, ...
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Saving history: 3D laser scans preserve world heritage sites

To prevent the present from erasing the past, non-profit organizations are creating detailed 3D scans of famous monuments.Stored online and shared with researchers around the world, these digital copies will endure long after their real counterparts are gone. Occasionally, this work is incredibly dangerous.On the night of May 14, 1940, the German Luftwaffe bombed the Dutch city of Rotterdam. When government administrators entered the streets to tally their losses the next morning, they learned t...
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Rome’s Colosseum Will Get a New Retractable Floor by 2023 — Just as It Had in Ancient Times

Rome wasn’t built in a day. But one of its most renowned attractions could be returned to its first-century glory in just two years — or at least, part of one of its most famous attractions could be. In our time, the Colosseum has long been a major Roman tourist destination–one that lacks even a proper floor. Visitors today see right through to its underground hypogeum, an impressive mechanical labyrinth used to convey gladiators into the arena, as well as a variety of other performers, willing...
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What’s Cooking? New Thermopolium Uncovered in Pompeii

(Photo ©Luigi Spina​) Over what was a relatively quiet holiday weekend for most Italians, news was released about a recent discovery at Pompeii. The ancient archaeological site has been making headlines lately and just recently I wrote about the new plaster casts from Civita Giuliana. This time the news detailed incredible finds about a thermopolium, a sort of snack bar of Pompeii, that has been fully excavated in the archaeological site. If you’ve visited Pompeii, you’ve surely seen at le...
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Life in Plaster: New Discoveries from Pompeii

Photo credit: © Luigi Spina Of all the haunting images of Pompeii that have been uncovered in the three centuries since the archaeological site was rediscovered, it is the plaster casts of the many victims that drives the tragedy home to the heart. As we see bodies huddled in fear or sprawled on the floor as they sought safety, we realize that we’re literally gazing back in time to the final moments of life. For me, seeing Pompeii has always been a fascinating and somber experience. It hel...
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Velia: Guide to the Greek and Roman Excavations

Yes, I know your objections to Naples. “But the crime!” you point out. Perhaps you mumble something about piles of garbage. We who know her counter with, “But she is a diamond in the rough!” So let’s let the camera speak, because the verbal argument is long and tedious. Consider Vesuvius Vesuvius, the only active volcano in Europe, is the focal point of Naples You can’t miss the volcano when you ...
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Dangerous Naples. Pay Attention!

Yes, I know your objections to Naples. “But the crime!” you point out. Perhaps you mumble something about piles of garbage. We who know her counter with, “But she is a diamond in the rough!” So let’s let the camera speak, because the verbal argument is long and tedious. Consider Vesuvius Vesuvius, the only active volcano in Europe, is the focal point of Naples You can’t miss the volcano when you ...
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Tourist returns artifacts she swiped at Pompeii in hopes of lifting "curse"

In 2005, a Canadian person only identified as Nicole was one of 2.5 million tourists who each year visit the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, destroyed in 79 CE by a volcanic eruption. Rather than hit the gift shop though, Nicole says she "wanted to have a piece of history that couldn't be bought" so she swiped a couple of mosaic tiles, pottery shards, and a bit of a ceramic wall from the site. — Read the rest
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High-Resolution Walking Tours of Italy’s Most Historic Places: The Colosseum, Pompeii, St. Peter’s Basilica & More

The global tourism industry has seen better days than these. In regions like western Europe, to which travelers from all parts have long flocked and spent their money, the coronavirus' curtailment of world travel this year has surely come as a severe blow. This goes even more so for a country like Italy, whose stock of historic structures, both ruined and immaculately preserved, has long assured it touristic preeminence in its part of the world. So much the worse, then, when Italy became...
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Explore the Ruins of Timgad, the “African Pompeii” Excavated from the Sands of Algeria

Image via Wikimedia Commons Fifteen centuries after its fall, the Roman Empire lives on in unexpected places. Take, for instance, the former colonial city of Timgad, located in Algeria 300 miles from the capital. Founded by the Emperor Trajan around 100 AD as Colonia Marciana Ulpia Traiana Thamugadi, it thrived as a piece of Rome in north Africa before turning Christian in the third century and into a center of the Donatist sect in the fourth. The three centuries after that saw a sacking by Van...
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Sleeping Dog, Pompeii

A stray dog naps in the sun in Pompeii. I write this post on the first of May, a public holiday in Italy. Primo Maggio is also known as Festa del Lavoro, a day to celebrate workers. May Day. While the day is often used as a day for parades or demonstrations in honor of workers, it is also a day of recreation and relaxation, of outdoor concerts and long lunches. There is no May Day this year. Those who have been working hard during the coronavirus crisis — the essential workers, the doctors and ...
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See Web Cams of Surreally Empty City Streets in Venice, New York, London & Beyond

The lack of human presence in majorly polluted cities these past couple months has had some people seeing utopias as the skies begin to clear. But empty cities seem a little more dystopian to me. Dystopias are “a kind of surrealism," writes Kim Stanley Robinson. They unearth the dreamlike dread beneath the veneer of the normal. No matter when they’re set, dystopias don’t depict the future so much as “the feeling of the present… heightened by exaggeration to a kind of dream or nightm...
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Sexiest museums in the world

It’s hard to sell museums as sexy. Educational? Check. Romantic? Sure. They make great date spots. But nobody’s lining up outside the Louvre with their significant other to get in the mood. There are select museums that do fit the description, however, showcasing adult-themed art and artifacts that are as steamy as they are informative. From erotic antiques to vintage pornography, here’s what’s on offer at the 11 sexiest museums in the world. 1. Museum of Sex — New York City, New York Phot...
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‘Last Supper in Pompeii’ restaurant

This fancy London eatery is taking menu creativity to morbid heights. In 2020 Dinner by Heston will begin rolling out new menus with a series of dishes inspired by the probable last suppers of the citizens of Pompeii, the passengers of the Titanic, and Napoleon Bonaparte just before his death. The Pompeii meal was inspired by an exhibition at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum entitled “Last Supper in Pompeii.” The meal will feature carbonized bread of Pompeii and Bay of Naples butter (squid-ink infu...
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Discover the Stendhal Syndrome: The Condition Where People Faint, or Feel Totally Overwhelmed, in the Presence of Great Art

Clutch imaginary pearls, rest the back of your hand on your forehead, look wan and stricken, begin to wilt, and most people will recognize the symptoms of your sarcasm, aimed at some pejoratively feminized qualities we’ve seen characters embody in movies. The “literary swoon” as Iaian Bamforth writes at the British Journal of General Practice, dates back much further than film, to the early years of the modern novel itself, and it was once a male domain. “Somewhere around the time of the French...
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Oxford at Christmas: a car-free trip to a city of dreaming spires

The city’s cultural highlights are part of a Christmas-tinged visit – by rail and bus – that also includes a walk by the Thames and Blenheim Palace’s festive extravaganzaA gust of cinnamon from a pine-wreathed glühwein stand while the carousel plays Frosty the Snowman, and neon snowflakes decorate the neoclassical columns. A Pavlovian sense of festivity fights with my inner Scrooge. On the journey, there were still smudges of autumnal ochre on the wooded hills outside the train window. But Oxfor...
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A mailbox

This is what many Paris mailboxes look like. Some have got some quite interesting "street art", many have just been tagged. This one is perhaps something "in between". You could possibly ask yourself whether they all should be cleaned and repainted or not? Even historically some tagging maybe of interest? Today we can see some on ancient buildings, monuments... and we are then quite happy to see them. Look what was written, drawn...on the walls of Pompeii, in the Paris Saint Paul Church... and...
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Visit an Ancient Roman Villa in Minori

With its beautiful beaches lined with colorful umbrellas, sweet laid back atmosphere, and those famous views, it’s easy to think of the Amalfi Coast as a holiday spot just for soaking up the sun. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no other place I’d rather relax on the beach. Yet what many travelers don’t realize is that there’s a wealth of historical layers to the Amalfi Coast that are fascinating to discover along with the incredible natural beauty. For instance, did you know that the ancient Romans...
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Moon Amalfi Coast: With Capri, Naples & Pompeii

I’m pleased to announce that my guidebook to the Amalfi Coast with Moon Travel Guides will be published on August 13, 2019! This guidebook has truly been a labor of love. Moon Amalfi Coast: With Capri, Naples & Pompeii is not only an in depth guide to the Amalfi Coast, but also includes Salerno, Sorrento, Capri, Ischia, Procida, and Naples. The book is packed full of information on what to see and do as well as excellent restaurants and accommodations. Think of it as me cherry picking the very b...
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10 must-see Mediterranean cruise ports

A Mediterranean cruise is the Whitman’s Sampler of journeys. A taste of Santorini here, a nibble of Naples there, a morsel of Mykonos this day and a bite of Barcelona that day. And like with a box of chocolates, first-timers never know what they’re gonna get. That is, unless they do their research or take the advice of those both experienced and honest. Queue the discerning sea-legged travel writer with a list of his top 10 Mediterranean ports: Built nearly 2,000 years ago, the Roman Colosse...
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4 dream trips in Northern Europe

4 dream trips in Northern Europe: Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia By: Jacqueline Kehoe Iceland Norway Denmark Estonia Godafoss Waterfall in Iceland. Photo: Shutterstock/Kotenko Oleksandr #wedge-0 { background-image: url('') }@media(min-width:560px){ #wedge-0 { background-image: url('')...
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British woman detained for stealing

We know tourists are capable of the worst — they vandalize ancient structures and steal protected Komodo dragons. The latest case of bad tourist behavior is a 21-year-old British woman, who, while visiting the famous archaeological site of Pompeii in Italy, crossed a protective railing in the House of the Anchor, and used a tool to remove mosaic tiles from the floor. Staff called the police, and the woman was detained as she tried to leave. Damages amounted to about $3,378, according to the s...
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A Day Trip to Pompeii from Rome: DIY Trips and Guided Tours

Thanks to high speed train travel between Rome and Naples, planning your own day trip to Pompeii from Rome is a lot easier than it used to be. It takes about an hour to zip down to Naples on one of Trenitalia’s Freccia trains or with Italo train. Then you’ll need about another hour, by slow train or bus, to get to the ruins of Pompeii (aka Pompei Scavi). Add all of that up and you have spent four hours traveling. I suppose the joy of traveling is the journey itself. But that time can be str...
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The best things to do in Naples

Naples is usually thought of as a gateway to the beautiful Italian islands that lie a short sail away from its busy port. It’s rarely a destination in its own right. Many cruise tourists come home bemoaning the short time they spent in Naples before getting shuttled to the Amalfi Coast, knocking the city for its crowded streets, dilapidated buildings, and perceived danger — thanks to uptight, outdated guidebooks that would have you believe every person in Naples is out to rob you. Despite th...
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At-risk UNESCO World Heritage sites

If you’re able to visit Mariposa Grove in Yosemite, the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, or Pompeii in Italy today, it’s because the sites were protected and saved by conservation efforts. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (better known as UNESCO) is the international governing body that declares endangered sites worthy of the world’s highest legal protection. UNESCO strives to ensure that sites of cultural and natural significance attract sustainable tourism and...
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10 Most Beautiful Towns & Villages of Piedmont, Italy

If you are dreaming of a relaxing Italian holiday filled with excellent food and wine, breath-taking sights, and peaceful locations, look no farther. Catherine takes us on a tour of the ten most beautiful towns and villages of Piedmont, Italy. Piedmont, Italy has solidified its reputation as a prime destination for foodies who enjoy Italian cuisine. The rolling vineyards produce amazing wines while the region’s bountiful supply of white truffles gives the area a unique flavour profile you’ll b...
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Places saved by conservation efforts

It’s easy to get down about endangered animals and at-risk heritage sites, but it’s also important to remember the efforts being made around the world to conserve our natural and cultural wonders, especially when things seem bleak. From successful rewilding in the wetlands of South America to restoration wins following natural disasters in Asia, these seven conservation efforts open up a world of new travel possibilities. But, before you start planning your next year’s worth of vacations, con...
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Vacationing in Italy 101

When you do what we do, everyone you know and their mothers ask you to help them with their trip to Italy. This is great, I love Italy and I want everyone to experience the real Italy, so I try my best to help my friends-boyfriends-cousin plan their perfect trip to Italy. Recently, a friend of mine had some time off of work and some credit card miles to use and asked me if he should go to Italy during this time off. Naturally, I said yes, that is the only answer to that question. What followed ...
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Venice underwater in worst flood

Heavy rain over the past few days has caused Venice, the famous city of canals, to become largely submerged. Due to the ongoing hazardous conditions, schools have been closed and officials are discouraging non-essential travel. View this post on Instagram A post shared by REVOL🇪🇸 (@revol_es) on Oct 30, 2018 at 6:15am PDT While high tides are common in Venice — the city often experiences...
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Dig at Italy’s Pompeii volcanic site yields 5 skeletons

MILAN (AP) — The Italian news agency ANSA says new excavations in the ancient buried city of Pompeii have yielded the undisturbed skeletons of people who had taken refuge from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D.79. The director of the Pompeii archaeological site, Massimo Osanna, told ANSA on Wednesday the skeletons — believed to […]
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