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Steinbeck’s Salty Turkey and Thanksgiving in Amalfi

As an expat, holidays are always a bit different from what they once were. You can recreate traditions, but without the familiar places and, most of all, the familiar faces of family and friends, the holiday can feel quite flat. Of course, there are new families created and friends found, but it’s never the same. The holiday that feels the most that way to me is Thanksgiving, since it doesn’t exist here in Italy. Even though they have a name for it–Giorno del Ringraziamento–it’s just the fo...
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Velia: Guide to the Greek and Roman Excavations

Yes, I know your objections to Naples. “But the crime!” you point out. Perhaps you mumble something about piles of garbage. We who know her counter with, “But she is a diamond in the rough!” So let’s let the camera speak, because the verbal argument is long and tedious. Consider Vesuvius Vesuvius, the only active volcano in Europe, is the focal point of Naples You can’t miss the volcano when you ...
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Recipes from Expats in Positano

The joy that comes from cooking and sharing meals is a staple of Italian daily life. During the long days of quarantine on the Amalfi Coast, time together over lunch and dinner was often the highlight of the days for many families. In fact, in the early days of quarantine the only thing you might find the stores running short on in Amalfi was flour and yeast. Suddenly, there was the time to make homemade bread and pasta where there wasn’t before. It was during those days that I espe...
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A Glimpse of My Scala in Italia! Magazine

While travel and most everything has been on hold this spring, the April 2020 issue of Italia! Magazine featured an article I wrote called 48 Hours in Scala. For those of you following Ciao Amalfi for some time now, you’ll know that I’ve spent a lot more than 48 hours in Scala. About 12 years actually. Until last summer, when we moved down into the historic center of Amalfi, I lived in the charming area of Minuta in Scala with my husband. It’s a peaceful and beautiful area with views to set your...
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Amalfi Coast Luxury Hotels Raise Money to Fight Covid-19

Five of the Amalfi Coast’s luxury accommodations have come together to create a unique opportunity to raise money to fund vaccine research for Covid-19. Created by the Il San Pietro di Positano, Le Sirenuse, Palazzo Avino, Hotel Santa Caterina, and Don Alfonso 1890, the fundraiser aims to raise €200,000 by offering 40 vouchers worth €5,000 each that can then be used for a stay in the next two years at your chosen hotel. The money raised will be donated to the G. Pascale Foundation at the Istitut...
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Thoughts from Amalfi during Coronavirus

Over the past 13 years, I’ve written a lot about the Amalfi Coast. About beautiful beaches, about my favorite hikes through quiet villages, about food, about the people, and really most everything in between. Plot twist. So here I sit at my tiny desk inside our small house right in the historic center of Amalfi. Thankfully, I can see a few lemon trees and the bright bursts of purple as the bougainvillea in the neighbor’s garden starts to bloom. We have a little balcony off the bedroom that overl...
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I Got My Driver’s License on the Amalfi Coast

I know what you’re probably thinking. Worst idea ever, right? The Amalfi Coast Road might be one of the world’s most beautiful drives, but it is certainly not one of its easiest – from the driver’s seat. Full of twists and turns, barely wide enough for two cars to pass let alone big buses, blind curves galore, and 9 billion scooters (that’s the official count) zipping in and out of traffic make the Amalfi Coast a challenging place to drive. Let’s not even get started on parking … John ...
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Amalfi Coast 2020 Travel Inspiration

Now that the holiday season has wrapped up, it’s that time when we start looking ahead at the year to come. If you’re planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast in 2020, I’ve gathered together some special experiences to help with your planning or perhaps even inspire you to book a trip to the Amalfi Coast this year. This is by no means a complete list of all there is to see and do on the Amalfi Coast and the surrounding areas. (Psst … Moon Amalfi Coast is a great resource for that!) These are just a h...
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Best Stops in Europe For Yacht Enthusiasts

Europe is regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide due to the continent’s historical, cultural, and natural richness in terms of its captivating and splendid sailing sites. This is attributed to the majestic Mediterranean Sea, which has perfect sailing and weather conditions. The Mediterranean Sea is also home to some of the most spectacular countries that attract a large number of yacht enthusiasts annually. The European yacht season normally kicks off in the Mediterr...
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Top Picks for Visiting Positano

I’ve had the privilege of visiting Positano in this lifetime and it’s really as stunning as it looks. It is located on the Amalfi Coast, which is right on the Mediterranean Sea.  The roads are winding, the fish is fresh, the cliffs are dangerous and the views, well, breathtaking doesn’t even begin to cover it! Visiting Positano is often at the top of my client’s travel wish lists; it isn’t exactly a hard sell. I don’t need to twist any of my client’s arms to go.  The amazing feedback I get after...
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Visit an Ancient Roman Villa in Minori

With its beautiful beaches lined with colorful umbrellas, sweet laid back atmosphere, and those famous views, it’s easy to think of the Amalfi Coast as a holiday spot just for soaking up the sun. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no other place I’d rather relax on the beach. Yet what many travelers don’t realize is that there’s a wealth of historical layers to the Amalfi Coast that are fascinating to discover along with the incredible natural beauty. For instance, did you know that the ancient Romans...
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The Amalfi Coast: a Luxury Itinerary

Luxury, much like Tuscany and the color black, seems to have a new iteration each season, with pundits breathlessly informing us that though last year Umbria was the new Tuscany and Millennial Pink the new black, this year it’s Abruzzo and Ultra Violet. However, where geographic areas and colors have relatively fixed definitions, the concept of luxury is a more fluid and changeable, shifting with technological advances (see high-speed wifi) and the caprices of trend (Instagram-photo-shoot concie...
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GoEuro rebrands as Omio to take its travel aggregator business global

European multimodal travel booking platform GoEuro has announced a change of name and destination: Its new ambition is to go global, scaling beyond its regional grounding to tackle the challenge of intercity travel internationally — hence needing a more expansive brand name. The name it’s chosen is Omio, pronounced with the stress on the ‘me’ sound in the middle of the word. GoEuro unveiled a new brand identity late last year — which it says now was preparing the ground for this full rebranding....
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Secrets in Translation

Secrets of LimoncelloA guest post by Margo Sorenson For my newest young adult/crossover adult novel, SECRETS IN TRANSLATION, set in la bella Italia, I had to do a lot of research, even though I spent my early childhood there and have visited often. "Well!" you may be thinking, "Italy! Why not?  Of course, you'd want to research that!" But besides researching the beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous location of the town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast, I had to find out a lot more about limoncello, th...
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Secrets in Translation

Secrets of LimoncelloA guest post by Margo Sorenson For my newest young adult/crossover adult novel, SECRETS IN TRANSLATION, set in la bella Italia, I had to do a lot of research, even though I spent my early childhood there and have visited often. "Well!" you may be thinking, "Italy! Why not?  Of course, you'd want to research that!" But besides researching the beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous location of the town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast, I had to find out a lot more about limoncello, th...
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Positano and Amalfi

Today was all about the thrill of the ride We left Minori for our drive along the Amalfi Coast with Positano as our destination. Spectacular scenery everywhere you look that's if you can keep your eyes off the road and the crazy drivers we have to conte
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10 Best Italy Honeymoon Destinations

Hey! We are Michael and Alexandra from the travel blog Couple’s Coordinates and today we are sharing our 10 best Italy honeymoon destinations. On the beach in Positano Our relationship and travel have been entwined since the inception; having traveled to more than 30 countries together over the last 5 years. Many of our major milestones have taken place on the road including our engagement in Positano, Italy, and our wedding in Bora Bora. Having lived in Florence, Italy, we have become exper...
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Report: Travel Capsule for the Amalfi Coast

We recently got back from a two-week trip to the Italian Amalfi Coast and it was absolutely FABULOUS. I had high expectations, which were more than met. We had the best time, first just the two of us in Positano, and after that with a group of old friends in Massa Lubrense. The picturesque scenery was breathtaking, the food sublime, the locals lovely, and the company even better. My travel capsule worked extremely well, and here are the details. The first few days in Positano were very warm and...
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Tour the Amalfi Coast by motorcycle

Italy’s famed Amalfi Coast is exactly as you’ve always pictured: rugged coastline dotted with seaside towns whose classic, balconied buildings overlook the turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea. With wooded mountains soaring behind them, the coastal towns are a sight to behold — and we think the best way to take it all in is on the back of a motorcycle. If Rome is already part of your Italy plan, adding a motorcycle tour of the Amalfi Coast is the perfect way to explore this iconic coastal landscape, alo...
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Travel Capsule: Two Weeks at the Amalfi Coast

We’re off to Italy where we’ll spend two weeks at the gorgeous Amalfi coast. We’re splitting our time between a hotel in Positano, and sharing a villa with friends in Sorrento. Sam will hold the fort back home with our pet-sitter, and we will miss him terribly.  Including travel, it’s a two-week trip and this is what I’ve packed. A few things upfront before I delve into the details. We’ll be doing a lot of relaxing, strolling and slowing things down. We’re looking forward to spending quality ti...
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Amalfi and Rome

The last two days were really amazing.On Friday we arrived in Amalfi the very famous coastline where the houses are simply built into the cliff to present a stunning picture of the Italian coastline. We took a ferry from Amalfi to Positano a little f
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Bargain & Daily Book Deals 06/12/18

The audiobook edition of The Last Cowboys: A Pioneer Family in the New West by John Branch, read by John Pruden, is $4.95 today at Downpour (DRM-Free). The audiobook edition of Maybe I Do by Nicole McLaughlin, read by Melissa Moran, is $4.95 today at eStories (DRM-Free). $10 eBooks and Videos! For a limited time EVERY Packt eBook, Video and Course is ONLY $10 each for their Skill Up sale. Learn the latest in tech for less! Bargain Picks 1,000 Places to See Before You Die: Revised Second Ed...
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Hiking guide to Italy

We’re not quite sure why Italy isn’t as popular a hiking destination as places like Patagonia, Iceland, or the Pacific Crest Trail. Italian hiking routes can go from volcanoes to Roman roads and vineyards to castles; best of all, there’s the treat of pasta, bread, and lots of wine at the end of the day. Perhaps most tourists would rather take in all that delicious Italian food in the cities without having to work for it, but for those that are willing to make the trek, they’ll be rewarded with...
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Underrated coastal European towns

The vertiginous houses of Positano, the white settlements of Santorini and the poetic villages of Cinque Terre might still be some of the most beautiful coastal locations in Europe, but who wants to watch the sunset while being accidentally hit by someone else’s selfie stick? For a holiday with a bit of surprise and originality here are some under the radar coastal towns of Europe which still have plenty of local character and culture to offer. These underrated towns boast festivals from wine ...
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February on the Amalfi Coast: Local Tips for What to See & Do

February is a quiet month on the Amalfi Coast, with the exception of the very loud celebrations for carnevale. Yes, it’s carnival time again. Around the Amalfi Coast it’s a festive celebration that includes parades with large floats, kids with entirely too much confetti, and, my favorite part, lasagna. (I’ll share more about that below.) The carnival events add a burst of color to what is traditionally a peaceful time of year. This is the month that many restaurants and stores close for annual ...
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5 places to explore on an Amalfi Coast motorcycle adventure

Stretching across approximately 25 miles (40 kilometers) of Italy’s South West coast, between the towns of Sorrento and Amalfi, runs the Amalfi Coast. The length and breathtaking scenery of this stretch of coast, render it the ideal destination for adventure bike riders and road-trippers. The winding route curves around high cliffs alongside the ocean, creating an impressive back-drop. Other than being surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery, it provides the opportunity to explore the ma...
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Italy: 5 Budget tips for exploring the Amalfi Coast

Famed for its sweeping vistas of the deep blue Mediterranean sea, picturesque hilltop villages, and an abundance of Southern Italian charm, the Amalfi Coast is a destination that any lover of beauty and romance should experience at least once. Of course, a seaside location this idyllic is also full of budget-busting traps that can quickly bring your focus away from the scenery and towards the lightening of your wallet. To help you and your budget cope, we’ve come up with a few tips that can help...
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Don't Let This Happen to You: 5 Problems I Experienced During Study Abroad

And how to avoid running into the same situationsI feel like whenever someone talks about their study abroad experience, they never have a single negative thing to say. Have you noticed that? Well, I’m not going to be one of those people. Having just returned from living in Florence, Italy for three and a half months, I can honestly tell you, studying abroad isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Don’t get me wrong, it was an absolutely amazing experience and I met some of the best people to have ever...
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Visiting The Amalfi Coast – Yes, It Really Is That Special

Another bend in the road, another village and another set of seemingly unbelievable coastal views. The Amalfi Coast drive in Italy is one of the world’s most famous, and with good reason. Seemingly plucked out of a fairy tale, a day spent exploring the many towns and villages along this rugged coast is a highlight for most visitors to Southern Italy. I recently had the opportunity to revisit the Amalfi Coast, staying in Sorrento for a few days I took several day trips to explore more of the reg...
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La Sponda In Le Sirenuse Positano Has The Best Views Of Amalfi Coast

La Sponda is an award-winning restaurant in Le Sirenuse, Positano. People often talk about their favourite restaurants in the Italian seaside town, and while everyone’s list may differ, La Sponda is probably on most of them. If you ever visit Positano along Amalfi Coast, La Sponda in Le Sirenuse is definitely one restaurant to add to your itinerary. // This Michelin-starred restaurant in Le Sirenuse is easily one of the most beautiful restaurants we’ve ever dined at in all our lives. T...
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