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Eye Prefer Paris 15th Anniversary Prize Winners

First, I would like to thank you for your kind and generous comments and emails about the 15th Anniversary of Eye Prefer Paris last week, and I especially want to thank those who took the time to take the quiz and for their answers.   Below are the correct answers to the quiz, highlighted in red.   2006 What department store had an exhibit of dolls that Christian Dior, John Galliano, Kenzo, Christian Lacroix, Valentino, and Versace designed costumes for? A. Le Bon Marche B. Gal...
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Eye Prefer Paris Book of the Month, July 2020: Final Transgression by Harriet Welty Rochefort

I am happy to have the new book Final Transgression: One Woman’s Tragic Destiny in War-torn France by Harriet Welty Rochefort as my selection this month. Ever since I heard about the book a few months ago, I’ve been patiently waiting for it to arrive.   Here’s a synopsis:   Spring 1944: Betrayed by her collaborationist husband, Séverine Sevanot travels from Paris to her beloved hometown in southwest France. Séverine’s friends and family have urged her not to go: the region is a tinder...
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15th Anniversary of Eye Prefer Paris

On June 26, 2006 I launched Eye Prefer Paris, and last Friday was the 15th anniversary. Here’s the first post I wrote.   About This blog This blog is about how a native New Yorker dreamed of moving to Paris …… and what he discovered once he got there. Come live this Paris dream vicariously through the eyes(and ears) of Richard Nahem. He writes his blog from his 18th century apartment overlooking tree-lined Place St. Paul in the fashionable Marais district of Paris. I had no idea wha...
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Louise Hindsgavl Sculptures & Julien Comte-Gaz Photos at Galerie NEC

Galerie NEC is the gallery in the Marais that represents my partner Vincent, and he has had five successful exhibitions with them since 2006.   They actually have two galleries, the original gallery on rue Vieille du Temple, and their second space around the corner, across from the Picasso Museum.   I passed by both galleries last week to say “hello” to the owners Alain Chiglien and Roger Nilsson, who I hadn’t see since the lockdown. They were happy to be up and running again and I very m...
Tags: Travel, Vincent, Picasso Museum, Museums/Galleries/Exhibits, Richard Nahem, rue Vieille du Temple, Galerie NEC, Louise Hindsgavl Sculptures, Julien Comte Gaz Photos, Alain Chiglien, Roger Nilsson, rue Veille du Temple, Louise Hindsgavl, Hindsgavl, Julien Comte Gaz

Your Favorite Paris Story-Part 2

A number of you submitted their Favorite Paris Story after the deadline, so I decided to run Your Favorite Paris Story Part 2. Thanks again for submitting your stories.  From Beverley Jackson (Photo Above) - My First Trip to Paris  My first trip to Paris was with my parents in 1954. We traveled with huge trunks from Los Angeles to New York by train then the new ship S S United States. No quick flights then.  I loved it all. Especially the old taxis drivers with Cigarettes dangling from ...
Tags: Travel, Europe, New York, London, Greece, France, Los Angeles, United States, Paris, Algeria, Nancy, Embassy, Churchill, Le Havre, Place De La République, Roland

Meredith Mullins: Night Musings

The spring nights during corona confinement and the first precious days of deconfinement offered a rare view of Paris—one of silence and solitude. We were limited in our wandering, so the universe was a new adventure . . . inevitably more beautiful than our memories of the past. Every moment a treasure.  Meredith Mullins is a fine art photographer, photography instructor, and writer for OIC Moments and Bonjour Paris.  Her work can be seen at, in her award...
Tags: Travel, Paris, OIC, Richard Nahem, Meredith Mullins, WICE, DESTIG

Doors of the Month: Place Des Vosges

I recently realized that I have never featured a door from the Place des Vosges, so today I am presenting a variety of doors from the historic square.   A few facts about the Place des Vosges 1. It was the first public square of Paris, constructed from 1605 to 1612. It was commissioned by King Henri IV, who also commissioned the construction of the Ile Saint Louis.   2. Victor Hugo lived on the south east corner of the square and partly wrote Les Miserables living there. Today it’s...
Tags: Travel, France, New York City, Austria, Paris, Harvey Weinstein, Lille, Les Miserables, Kahn, Anne, Place des Vosges, Richelieu, Victor Hugo, King Louis, Île Saint Louis, Richard Nahem

Paris Window Boxes 2020

Here is my annual edition of my window box photos. It seems the window boxes were filled earlier than usual because of the very warm temperatures during April and May. It’s been a strange June weather wise, we went from temperatures in the 80s Fahrenheit with sunny weather, whereas June has been mostly cloudy, with temperatures in the low 60s during the day. Nonetheless, it has not affected the abundance of flowers from the window boxes.   Your Favorite Paris Story from last week receive...
Tags: Travel, Outdoors, Paris, Gardens, Parks, Richard Nahem

Pot Paris Vase Boutique

Walking through the Marais on my way home from the dentist, where I had a painful experience, literally and financially, I then had a joyful experience when I found a delightful new shop. Pot Paris, stocks vases, planters, and flowerpots, made exclusively in France. The crowded, but well curated shop celebrates ceramic artists in France, with a selection of terracotta, porcelain, and earthenware   On a two of the shelves I was attracted to some pieces in jewel colors which had distinct ar...
Tags: Travel, Shopping, France, Paris, Marais, Jean, Richard Nahem, Pot Paris Vase Boutique, Romina Gris, Hotel de Ville Your Favorite Paris Story

Street Art in Valencia, Spain

On my trip with Vincent last August to Valencia, Spain, we discovered a cool area of the city that had a vibrant street art scene. The El Carmen neighborhood reminded me of the East Village in the early 1990s, where you can see the gentrification starting to happen but there’s still some grittiness left. There were a number of empty lots in El Carmen, probably from old buildings being torn down, and the new ones being built soon. The wide expanses on these lots provided the perfect canvas for...
Tags: Travel, Paris, Valencia, Vincent, Valencia Spain, East Village, Richard Nahem, El Carmen, Eye Prefer Paris Book Club Click

Your Favorite Paris Stories

Thanks to everyone that sent their favorite Paris stories and I loved reading them.   From June Rives-Meeting Jean-Paul Belmondo  One of the many great things about living in Paris is all the interesting people one can meet- even celebrities. I was at the Cafe Bourbon on Place Bourbon years ago having a cafe before an appointment nearby. I saw a car drive up and several older men get out in front of the cafe, one with a Boxer dog. I looked closely and held my breath, It was J...
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Cookbook Give-Away: Backyard Kitchen The Main Course by Sarina Roffe

My first cousin Sarina Roffe is amazing. She’s one of the most accomplished, creative, and productive people I know. Sarina is a writer and author of Jewish history, and also lectures internationally, a genealogist with her own company that provides genealogical journeys, and a business consultant, with 20 years’ experience of operations, senior management, communications, marketing, public relations and press experience, as well as public speaking, and crisis management. Sarina raised three ...
Tags: Travel, Books, Book Reviews, Adele, America, Syria, David, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Paris, Manhattan, Rice, Simon, Aleppo Syria, Esther, Abe

Place des Vosges Bench Photos Caption Contest

Last week all the parks and gardens were reopened since being on lockdown since March. Once again Parisians were treating their parks like an extended urban backyard. What a difference a week makes; The week before I walked to the almost deserted Place des Vosges and the center park was literally under lockdown, an eerie sight, devoid of human life.   The following week the park was packed with kids playing in the playground, infants and toddlers shoveling sand into their plastic buckets ...
Tags: Travel, Outdoors, Paris, Gardens, Parks, Place des Vosges, Palais Royal, Richard Nahem, Eye Prefer Paris Book Club Click

Your Favorite Paris Story

Since I had such a terrific turnout from the photos you sent from the Your Favorite Paris Photo post a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to do a follow up post.   Do you have a favorite Paris story you would like to share? If you do, I would love you to send it to me to post on Eye Prefer Paris. It could be funny, romantic, bittersweet, or whatever theme you like. I just have a few parameters. 1. Please keep it under 500 words, so I can include all of your stories.   2. Please use eith...
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Eye Prefer Paris Book of the Month June 2020: Paris on Air by Oliver Gee

I met Oliver Gee in 2018, just when his popular podcast series, The Earful Tower was beginning to take off. Oliver has recently written a memoir, Paris on Air, about his Paris journey via Australia.   Here’s a synopsis of the book.   Join award-winning podcaster Oliver Gee on this laugh-out-loud journey through the streets of Paris. He tells of how five years in France have taught him how to order cheese, make a Parisian person smile, and convince anyone you can fake French (even if...
Tags: Travel, Australia, France, Paris, Oliver, Oliver Gee, Richard Nahem, Eye Prefer Paris Book of the Month

Paris Boutique Fashions Spring/Summer 2020

The weather has been glorious in Paris in the last few weeks, sunny, warm, low humidity, and in the mid 70s Fahrenheit. Since part of the lockdown has been lifted May 11, I have been easing my way to going out on the streets but wearing a mask, and social distancing as well as I can.   Walking on rue des Francs-Bourgeois, the premiere fashion boutique street in the Marais, I perused the spring fashions in the windows and inside, looking for the latest trends.   Here’s what I found.   ...
Tags: Travel, Fashion, Shopping, Paris, Sandro, Antoine, Richard Nahem, Lurex Antoine, Lili Color Color Color, Lili Sandro, Sandro Lurex

Your Favorite Paris Photo-Segment 3

This is the third and final segment of Your Paris Photo. I want to thank everyone again for sending me your beautiful photos and your great stories that go with them.   Stay tuned, I’ll be doing something like this again, and will post about it next week. Click on links below for Segment 1 and 2, if you missed them. The a...
Tags: Travel, San Francisco, Normandy, Paris, Contests, Notre Dame, Seine, Versailles, Peggy, Lisa, Place des Vosges, Henri, Marias, Richard Nahem, Richard Lenoir, Susan Carter

Cube Houses in Rotterdam,Holland

I visited Rotterdam and Delft, Holland in December of last year to do research for an article I was writing for a website I write for monthly.   The Dutch have been innovative and ahead of their time in their modern architecture in the 20th and 21st century. One of the architectural highlights in Rotterdam is the Cube Houses, which were built as high-density housing. Constructed in the late 1970s, the houses were designed by architect Piet Blom, and were tilted to a 45 degree angle, to...
Tags: Travel, Architecture, Paris, Rotterdam, Delft, Piet Blom, Rotterdam Holland, Richard Nahem, Delft Holland

Instagram Photos from @literal_streetart, May 2020

As I wrote in March, I launched a new Instagram account @literal_streetart and it’s going very well.   I post a daily photo that I took looking down at the sidewalk.   Here are some of the photos from the last month.   If you still haven’t followed me on Instagram yet, here are my handles. @eyepreferparis     @parisian_doors     Please watch my latest A Bite of...
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Your Favorite Paris Photo-Segment 2

I want to thank everyone again for participating in this fun event and for sending your wonderful photos along with their stories. Enjoy segment two today.   In fact. I've received so many more photos, that I am going to do a Segment 3, next Tuesday, May 26.  I have another challenge up my sleeve, along the lines of this, which I will post soon.  Click here to look at Segment 1 photos.  Above photo is by Meredith Mullins- I thought this one of the Eiffel Tower in celebration ...
Tags: Travel, France, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Contests, Notre Dame, Michael, Montmartre, Seine, Metro, Christelle, Dan Evans, rue des Martyrs, Musee D'Orsay, Richard Nahem, Meredith Mullins

Malta Boats 2

Last January, I posted a series of boat photos I took in a fishing village in Malta, Marsaxlokk.   Your response and feedback was so positive, that I decided to post another series today. I would love your feedback again, and which ones are your favorites.   Click here to see series 1 of my Malta boat series, in case you missed them   If you would like to order a photo print of any of these photos, please see info below. Please email me at [email protected] if you would like to pl...
Tags: Travel, Paris, Malta, Richard Nahem

Abstract Metro Photos- Series 15

Here’s a new series of my Abstract Metro Photos. Please note, these photos were taken before the lockdown in March.   Click here to view my other Abstract Metro Photos. As I mentioned on Monday, when I posted Your Favorite Paris Photo, I'm extending the deadline to send a photo by May 18, so if you haven't sent your photo yet, now is your  opportunity. Please send to [email protected]  \ Please watch my latest A Bite of Par...
Tags: Travel, Paris, Richard Nahem, Metro and Street Posters, Abstract Metro Photos

Your Favorite Paris Photo- Segment 1

I want to thank everyone so much for taking the time and sending your favorite Paris photo. I also liked your stories about them too. In fact, I received so many submissions, that I am going to post them in two segments, and below is the first segment,   If you haven’t submitted your photo before, I am extending the deadline until next Monday, April 18. I’ll post segment two, on May 19.  You can email your photo to [email protected] Please note, I have posted the photos in the orde...
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Leaves and Flowers From My Courtyard Garden

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT CHOCOLATE, CHESTNUT CAKE RECIPE- There’s an error in the ingredient list, it’s a 17.6 oz. can of chestnut puree, not 6 oz.   As I mentioned in an earlier post, I do a brisk, 30-minute walk in my courtyard garden every morning, which I started at the beginning of the lockdown. I usually listen to podcasts, either Fresh Air with Terry Gross with her great interviews, or the empowering Brené Brown with her series Unlocking Us.   I’ve been noticing the changes in the ...
Tags: Travel, Outdoors, France, Paris, Gardens, Parks, Brene Brown, Terry Gross, Richard Nahem, Courtyard Garden

A Bite of Paris: Dark, Chocolate, Chestnut Cake

Since almost all of us are on lockdown, I decided to make and bake a dark, chocolate, chestnut cake for you today. Please know this is my first food demonstration I’ve ever done, so please let me know how I’m doing.   The recipe, which I listed below, is super easy and has only four ingredients. It also is gluten-free, with no flour in it.   Click here to watch the video. I got this recipe from my friend Charlotte Puckette. Instagram ...
Tags: Travel, Amazon, Paris, Richard Nahem, Charlotte Puckette, Food & Gourmet Shops, A Bite of Paris, Samuel Beckett Simone de Beauvoir, Deirdre Blair

Eye Prefer Paris Book of the Month: Parisian Lives Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir, and Me by Deirdre Bair

I am very excited about this month’s Book of the Month, a true Parisian story, Parisian Lives Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir, and Me: A Memoir, by Deirdre Bair. Bair wrote biographies of two of the most iconic French writers, Samuel Beckett and Simone de Beauvoir. She spent 15 years in Paris extensively interviewing them, demonstrating patience and sometimes fortitude, to learn their inner most truths and stories. The Beckett biography went on the win the prestigious National Book Award. ...
Tags: Travel, Paris, Samuel Beckett, Beckett, Simone, Deirdre Bair, Bair, Richard Nahem, De Beauvoir, Eye Prefer Paris Book of the Month, Samuel Beckett Simone de Beauvoir, Deirdre Blair, Deirdre Bair Bair

Your Favorite Paris Photo

After spending 14 years posting my favorite Paris photos on Eye Prefer Paris, I now want to give you opportunity to share your favorite Paris photo.   Do you have a favorite photo you would like to share on Eye Prefer Paris? If you do, please send it to [email protected] along with a brief description, a few lines about where and when it was taken, and why it’s your favorite photo. It doesn’t have to be a photo taken by you, it could have been taken by someone else.   I will post the ...
Tags: Travel, Amazon, Paris, Contests, Vincent, Alexandra, Richard Nahem, Samuel Beckett Simone de Beauvoir, Deirdre Blair, Secret Paris Parks

Eye Prefer Paris Book of the Month: Parisian Lives Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir, and Me by Deirdre Blair

I am very excited about this month’s Book of the Month, a true Parisian story, Parisian Lives Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir, and Me: A Memoir, by Deirdre Blair. Blair wrote biographies of two of the most iconic French writers, Samuel Beckett and Simone de Beauvoir. She spent 15 years in Paris extensively interviewing them, demonstrating patience and sometimes fortitude, to learn their inner most truths and stories. The Beckett biography went on the win the prestigious National Book Award...
Tags: Travel, Paris, Samuel Beckett, Blair, Beckett, Simone, Richard Nahem, De Beauvoir, Eye Prefer Paris Book of the Month, Samuel Beckett Simone de Beauvoir, Deirdre Blair, Deirdre Blair Blair

Fashion Illustrations by Lois Howes and Ruthanne Terrero

A few weeks ago, Lois Howes, a travel agent friend of mine from Long Island New York, (She was on the list of the best travel agents)   read my blog about my 44th anniversary with Vincent. She also went to art school in New York about the same time as Vincent, but not to Parsons. In school she drew a number of fashion illustrations from the 1970s and she sent me a few of them. They were so cool and retro, that I thought it would be fun to show them on Eye Prefer Paris.   Then I remembered...
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Shutter Photos From Toulouse

Last October when I visited Toulouse, I was strolling on a riverside quai near my hotel, and noticed a series of buildings that all had a similar design to each other. The buildings all used the famous “pink” brick, that’s associated with Toulouse being called the “pink” city and each one had an archway with a window below it. Many of the windows had colorful shutters and interesting iron work, which I thought was photogenic.   Do you like this series?   ...
Tags: Travel, Architecture, Toulouse, Richard Nahem

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