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Cookbooks from famous US bakeries

Whether you call it isolation baking, homebound baking, or comfort cooking, these days people from all walks of life are heading to the kitchen to relieve stress and learn a new skill. Turning flour, butter, and sugar into tasty treats from cake to bread to croissants is a much-needed distraction from the anxiety-inducing news cycle. Besides, couldn’t we all use a cookie right now? If you can’t leave your house to pick up a dozen of your favorite pastries, might as well make them yourself. B...
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Powerful LGBTQ-related monuments

For centuries, LGBTQ people were forced to lead invisible lives. You couldn’t find them in the pages of history books. No one erected monuments in their honor. Throughout history, defiant social reformers made visibility one of their chief concerns in the fight for LGBTQ rights. In 1978, Harvey Milk shouted, “Gay brothers and sisters, you must come out!” During the AIDS epidemic, the LGBTQ community stopped traffic in city streets while holding signs that read “Silence = Death.” Today, trans ...
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Hotel Caza Opens its Doors with a Priority on Meeting Guest Wi-Fi Expectations by Partnering with Hotel Internet Services

Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the successful implementation of a cutting-edge guest Wi-Fi network at Hotel Caza. A new property located within San Francisco's famed Fisherman's Warf, Hotel Caza serves as the ultimate family-friendly destination, providing visitors with an array of entertaining amenities and nearby attractions to choose from. By also guaranteeing access to a fast and rel...
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White Water Rafting American River California

I told you I was gonna do 2010 big. First time White Water Rafting and I do know how to swim either. Let me tell you something I was holding on to that raft for dear life It was definitely good times though. We headed to San Francisco afterwards for fire
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International LGBTQ films and TV

Let’s go on a gaycation. We can fall in love in Italy or have a San Francisco affair. We can don our best drag for an Australian road trip, or visit small-town America to shake up the local scene. If lounging by a lake in Provence is more your style, we can do that, too, though Miami’s waters are far warmer this time of year. Better yet — let’s do it all. We don’t need a train, plane, or automobile to get there. As long as you’ve got a secure WiFi connection and a device that can stream cont...
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How to reduce family stress at home

Times are tough , as we’re locked into our homes with family, navigating a reality that feels rather surreal. In addition to the anxiety each of us is feeling for the world at large — and many more for their livelihoods — some people are experiencing increased stress at home. We spoke with two experts on mental health, families, and relationships about how we can take care of our kids, our partners, and, importantly, ourselves. Modeling for our kids “The first thing to do as parents is to se...
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The difference between truffles

Truffles are among the most highly sought after mushrooms in the world. They’re far from the most frequently eaten — in fact, much of their popularity stems from seasonality and limited supply — yet truffles are revered by fine-food lovers. There are hundreds of known truffle species. Of these, fewer than 10 are eaten. And of those, there are two that dominate the conversation: black truffles and white truffles. Both types are native to Europe. White truffles (Tuber magnatum) are the more rar...
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Parisian of the Month: Cori Coppola

I am excited to have my new friend, Cori Coppola as my Parisian of the Month.   Where were you born and where did you grow up? I was born in Hollywood in a little bungalow apartment. It wasn’t a great neighborhood, but it was one of those leftover bungalow areas that had originally been built for the larger studios. It was a two-bedroom with one bathroom, and I could go outside and play under the huge palm trees. Then we moved to Hancock Park which I loved, and I could bike or walk ...
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Hotel Industry Crisis: 8 Do’s and Don’ts for Distressed Hotels | By Jim Butler & Guy Maisnik

As the COVID-19 crisis grows in the US and elsewhere outside China, hotels and restaurants are among the businesses hardest hit. In select markets like Seattle and San Francisco, hotels are reporting single digit occupancies and crushed ADRs. Many hotels do not have the cash flow to keep their doors open. The major hotel companies are talking of furloughs for tens of thousands of hotel employees and many properties are looking at closure or skeleton team maintenance operations.
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Burrito bros.

Every once in a while we get a craving for burritos, like the ones we used to get in our neighborhood Cal-Mex place in San Francisco: La Corneta Taqueria. Unfortunately, we can't make them the way they did, but our approximations aren't too bad. This time, we stuffed supermarket flour tortillas with Ken's pulled pork barbecue (seasoned with Mexican spices), black beans, and rice. Then we topped them with cheese and baked them in the oven. A home-made "French" burrito. Often, we'll put the chee...
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Hawaii shutting down, issuing stay at home orders, 14-day quarantine for arrivals, some say state isn't doing enough to protect against COVID-19, news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Waikiki surfers ©2020 All Hawaii News Oahu, Maui issue stay-at-home orders in ‘extraordinary’ push to stop spread of virus. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell issued an emergency “stay at home” order Sunday for Oahu, saying only employees who deliver essential services — from health care to banking to groceries, gas and car repair — should be leaving the house every day to report to work. Later Sunday, Maui Mayor Mike Victorino followed suit — and the governor said he was conferring with the st...
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Queer events you can attend online

As the coronavirus pandemic alters daily life, queer events around the world are getting canceled, but there’s one event COVID-19 can’t touch: Couchella. That’s right — the hottest ticket in town is the house-party-of-one you’re hosting from your living room. Proximity doesn’t preclude us from gathering in the digital age. While it’s necessary to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a social recession doesn’t need to be the byproduct of staying safe. Whether you ...
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Wordless Wednesday: Greens is the New Black

Potato Griddle Cakes with vadouvan and spinach. Served with coconut tamarind chutney, shaved fennel, mint, and lime vinaigrette. Arugula Salad with charred cauliflower, watermelon radish , avocado, and pumpkin seeds. Grilled Brussels Sprouts with muhammara sauce, pomegranate reduction, and slivered almonds Mesquite Grilled Brochettes with mushrooms, Mariquita Farm potatoes, peppers, fennel, sweet potatoes, red onions and Hodo Tofu with chermuoula. Wild Mushroom and Spinach Phyllo with M...
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The best elevated parks around world

What is a city without a place to take it all in? By repurposing unused or abandoned structures and areas, major cities around the world are turning wasted space into green space — led by projects such as Atlanta’s BeltLine and New York City’s High Line. Cities like Dallas and San Francisco have taken the concept as much toward urban sustainability as public gathering space, and in Europe, Rotterdam looked straight to the future with its new Luchtsingel. These seven elevated parks are sure to...
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SHR, a Pioneer of Advanced Hotel Revenue Generation Technologies, Announces Investment from Serent Capital

SHR (Sceptre Hospitality Resources), a pioneer of advanced hotel revenue generation technologies, secured a significant investment from Serent Capital, a San Francisco and Austin based private equity firm focused on investing in high-growth technology and services businesses.
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From paradise to coronavirus: the Grand Princess and the cruise from hell

A 15-night vacation to Hawaii, the trip of a lifetime, came to an end with a global pandemic and a detour into quarantineAs Ronald and Eva Weissberger boarded the cruise ship bound for Hawaii, the couple were looking forward to the trip of a lifetime.The Weissbergers, the 74- and 69-year-olds from Florida, had heard stories about the boat’s sister ship, the Diamond Princess, which had been quarantined for weeks off the coast of Japan and ultimately resulted in more than 700 confirmed cases of co...
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10 reasons Northstar shines bright in snow season

When was the last time you went skiing? Were there heated walkways, free bubbles, hot toddies, hot tubs, and roaring fireplaces? We didn’t think so. If you haven’t been to Northstar California Resort, in North Lake Tahoe, you haven’t done skiing right. Here’s 10 reasons why this North American ski resort will take your winter holiday up a notch. 1. Close and convenient Ok so close and convenient might be how we’d describe an Australian ski resort, but if you’ve committed to a long haul snow ho...
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Airbnb: A People-to-People Marketplace

When Airbnb started in 2008, travel was experiencing an unprecedented historic decline as a result of the Great Recession. Two of our founders, Brian and Joe, started the company to be able to afford their rent and stay in their San Francisco apartment. In doing so, they created a unique model within travel, connecting travelers looking for a different way to travel with people sharing space in their homes. Airbnb emerged out of this economic downturn as a people-to-people marketplace (so...
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What It's Like to Fly During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Last Wednesday I traveled from San Francisco to the Maldives with a connection in Switzerland, a journey I returned home from this morning with a connection last night through Singapore. It was a trip I wasn’t entirely sure was going to happen. A few days before my flight my original departure was canceled because it…Read more...
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Famous TV house locations

The running joke with Friends is that no 20-somethings in New York could ever afford that apartment. Of course, we’ve got no way to prove that, since the “apartment” was actually a sound stage, and there’s not exactly a Zillow listing for fictional addresses. But many shows shot their exterior shots at real live homes that you can go drive by and annoy the current occupants today. Many of which are valued at a lot more than their fictional occupants could ever afford. HomeAdvisor did some dig...
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The best hiking trails in cities

As the weather begins to warm, those hiking boots tucked in the back of your closet may begin to call your name. Hiking season is fast approaching, and after a long winter, a good long walk is in order. In many cases, you don’t even need to leave city limits. These urban hikes offer both exercise and skyline views, without a long commute to the trailhead. 1. Crosstown Trail — San Francisco, California Photo: Margaret.W/Shutterstock San Francisco is a compact city, and you can walk 17 mile...
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19 crew and two passengers test positive for coronavirus on Grand Princess19 crew and two passengers test positive for coronavirus on Grand Princess

3,500 forced to stay on Princess ship off San Francisco coast
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Cruise ship from Hawaii tested for coronavirus, Hawaii senator asks airlines to pitch in for airport screening, cellphone towers nixed, tour helicopter crash-lands on Big Island, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Hula kupuna at Hawaii festival ©2020 All Hawaii News State: Kupuna should prepare for self-isolation if coronavirus outbreak hits Hawaii. Seniors are particularly at risk when it comes to the coronavirus. That’s why Lt. Gov. Josh Green says he has already reached out to state agencies that deal with the elderly to determine safety measures. Hawaii News Now.Stuck at sea, cruise ship passengers off San Francisco after Hawaii visit await coronavirus test results. A military helicopter crew l...
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Mission Possible - Eating Around San Francisco's Mission District

Eat your way around the Mission District, one of the most vibrant districts of San Francisco where Mexican meets modern day San Francisco! Come along as I try five of the area's most iconic foods!
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Daily Crunch: Jack Dorsey defends his work as Twitter CEO

Twitter’s CEO defends himself from activist investors, Google takes additional coronavirus precautions and a fizzy drink maker raises $30 million. Here’s your Daily Crunch for March 6, 2020. 1. Twitter CEO’s weak argument why investors shouldn’t fire him Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey spoke yesterday at a Morgan Stanley conference, where he delivered remarks (also shared via Twitter’s investor relations account) that responded obliquely to activist investor Elliott Management’s efforts to pressur...
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Optimize employee onboarding to better retain top talent

Kelly Kinnard Contributor Share on Twitter Kelly Kinnard is the VP of talent at Battery Ventures, a global technology investment firm. She is based in San Francisco. I once showed up for my first day at a new job only to find that my desk hadn’t been cleaned out — or even dusted. I spent my first hours at work finding the kitchen, unearthing cleaning supplies, wiping down my desk and sorting through (aka throwing out) someone ...
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Infected cruise ship visited 4 Hawaii ports; Ige, all four mayors declare state of emergency over COVID-19; Green named coronavirus liaison, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Passengers disembark cruise ship on a rainy Hilo day ©2020 All Hawaii News Ige’s state of emergency declaration follows the death of a passenger on a cruise ship that visited four Hawaiian islands. Gov. David Ige declared a state of emergency Wednesday following the disclosure that a cruise ship that carried California’s first coronavirus fatality visited the four main Hawaiian islands last week. Star-Advertiser.State monitoring cruise ship that had virus cases. State health officials sai...
Tags: Travel, Japan, California, San Francisco, Green, Hawaii, Defense Department, Maui, Josh Green, The Cdc, State, Coast Guard, Oahu, U S Department of Health and Human Services, Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii News Now pentesting service brings wizard-like setup to platform wants to change the way companies purchase and pay for pentesting services, which test an application for vulnerabilities before it goes live. Today, the company announced a number of enhancements to the platform. Jacob Hansen, CEO and co-founder at Cobalt, says the pentesting business typically involves an expensive and time-consuming exercise, which culminates with the delivery of a PDF listing the issues that the tester found. When he and his co-founders launched the company in 2013...
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Google once predicted the flu, now it's one of many tech giants the coronavirus has caught off guard (GOOG, FB, AMZN)

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Trending, the newsletter where we highlight BI Prime's biggest tech stories. If this is your first time here, I'm Alexei Oreskovic, Business Insider's West Coast bureau chief and global tech editor. You can sign up here to get Trending in your inbox every week. This week: Google's technology once predicted the flu, now Google and other tech companies are scrambling to respond to a surprisingly powerful epidemic Back when Google was still the "Don't ...
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What to Know for Visiting California

California is a vast state and it’s all but impossible to see the whole thing in one go, because there’s so much to see and do, with so many different cultures and surroundings. Check out these travel tips for traveling in California, and some advice to keep in mind on your visit. Downtown Long Beach You’ll have connectivity everywhere Where to find internet connectivity is almost always something to know before you go, and should be included on many lists of travel tips, but in California, ...
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