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Visiting Gatehouse of Fleet

I popped into the town of Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries and Galloway when I was driving from Barholm Accommodation in Creetown to Kirkcubright, I’d read that there was a pop up artist’s shop in the town which I wanted to see. There is free parking with public toilets in the town centre. As it […]
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Most popular whiskeys in the world

Whiskey is one of the world’s most beloved spirits. It’s both sipped neat and mixed into cocktails, savored and taken as a shot alongside a pint of beer. With this level of universal popularity, it should come as no surprise that countries around the world make the spirit. Each does things a little differently, making exploring the world through a dram or glass all too easy to do. Quick note: America, Ireland, and Mexico use the spelling “whiskey.” Everywhere else goes with the English spelli...
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Game of Thrones filming locations

With only a month left until the final season, the end of Game of Thrones is just around the corner. We’ll finally get answers to questions that have plagued us for years on end, like is Bran the Night King? Who is Azor Ahai? Will the White Walkers be defeated? And perhaps most importantly, who will end up on the Iron Throne — if anyone at all? While we still can’t see the soundstage sets from Titanic Studios in Belfast or Castle Black, you can see plenty of filming locations throughout North...
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Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival photos

In February of this year, we traveled to Sapporo, in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, to see the annual Sapporo Ice Festival. The festival has grown from six sculptures in 1950 to entire city neighborhoods dedicated to ice sculptures and other wintry activities — from ice skating to ski jumping. Every year, teams of designers and ice sculptors come from around the world to fashion their stunning ice creations. 1 Around two million people travel to no...
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Top 5 courses for a luxury ladies’ golf trip in Scotland

Although it has a reputation for being a man’s sport, golf has also been a great sport for women. Ladies have been playing golf since it was popularized 500 years ago. In fact, Mary Queen of Scots is considered the mother of golf, and played often to release the stress of trying to claim her […] The post Top 5 courses for a luxury ladies’ golf trip in Scotland appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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What are the Celtic nations

Celtic tribes once occupied much of mainland Europe, stretching as far east as modern-day Turkey. Over time, invaders forced the Celts west, and today, there are only six Celtic nations in the world clustered around western Europe, specifically parts of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Ireland, and Brittany in France. Some argue that Galicia in northwestern Spain is the seventh Celtic nation as its Celtic heritage is evident to this day, but the six official nations are determined by the ...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 15 March 2019

Stones (in both foreground and background) and sheep (everywhere) – we’ll see these in Kilmartin Glen, on our Scotland’s Highland Highlights Tour this September. Good morningWow, what a wild and crazy week this one has been, with the added dimension, for me personally but hopefully not for you, of (hopefully just) experiencing another kidney stone event.  These seem to be occurring with increasing frequency.The extraordinarily dysfunctional nature of Obamacare was driven home to me.  When it bec...
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Flight Review: El Al Business Class (787-9) From New York to Tel Aviv

I have long been fascinated by El Al. Since they became a Qantas codeshare partner in 2017, I have wanted to experience the Israeli national airline. Long had I heard that El Al’s long-haul staples – the trusty Boeing 777-200ER – were not as fresh and comfortable as rivals flying on similar routes. But when El Al took delivery of their first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in 2017, I was set determined to experience their long-haul product. It only took me two-years! (NB: This photo taken of similar p...
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Woman on a 20,000-mile trek

Karen Penny had better have packed a decent pair of boots and a reserve of blister-protection bandages, because she is on a four-year, 20,000-mile trek around the coastline of the UK and Ireland. The 53-year-old is traveling pretty light, with just a small tent and a 37-pound backpack containing the bare essentials. Penny, who walked from John o’ Groats in northern Scotland to Land’s End in southern England last year, believes she will be the first woman to complete the continuous coastline ...
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Three killed in Ben Nevis avalanche

Today, three climbers have died in an avalanche on Scotland’s Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK at 4,413 feet above sea level. Volunteers of the Lochaber and Glencoe mountain rescue teams, a coastguard helicopter, air ambulance, three road ambulances, and a trauma team were sent to the area known as Number 5 Gully. Two climbers were found dead at the scene and two were airlifted to the hospital; one of them passed away. On Monday, the Scottish Avalanche Information Service announced ...
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Road tripping the Scottish Highlands

Few adventures are as memorable as exploring the northern reaches of Scotland by road. You’ve learned to drive on the left-hand side (or coerced a British friend into driving), secured a car, and you’re ready to begin your road trip through the Scottish Highlands. There’s only one problem: the Highlands are huge. With so many ancient towns, castle ruins, and imposing mountains scattered throughout this vast landscape, it can be tough to know where to start, or how to plan the most scenic rout...
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9 must-drink Irish whiskeys

Irish whiskey is , for many people, a simple and cheap spirit you order when taking shots. Yet year after year, Irish whiskey is growing into something much, much more than that bottle of Jamo you’re used to seeing and feel comfortable ordering. In 2008, there were just three Irish whiskey distilleries. Today, Ireland has more than 20. All this is to say that it’s about time you consider more than just the green bottle of Jameson at the bar. That means looking at some of Jameson’s other offer...
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10 of the best new group trips for women

We celebrate International Women’s Day by picking some of the best new women-only adventures from Scotland to MongoliaWhen Intrepid launched its first Women’s Expeditions last year – to Iran, Jordan and Morocco – the tours became some of the most popular in the company’s 30-year history. Within a few months, Intrepid expanded its four original departures to 36. This year, it is introducing four more tours – to Kenya, India, Nepal, and Turkey – where women can celebrate the female-only Gangur fes...
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New Scotland light installation

Inventive light installations , such as the new Van Gogh exhibits in Paris or the Tokyo Digital Art Museum, tend to be inspiring sights, but this one has a less cheerful, more cautionary message. Lines (57° 59′ N, 7° 16’W), a light installation on the Outer Hebrides island of Lochmaddy, Scotland, gives a visual representation of how much the sea level will rise if global warming continues at its current rate. Three synchronized installations of light were set up using sensors that track the r...
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Woman wins money reading fine print

This high school teacher from Georgia did what few others have ever done: read the fine print on an insurance contract, and it paid off in a big way. Donlean Andrews purchased travel insurance from Florida-based company Squaremouth, in advance of a trip to London with seven of her friends in September. And, like she always does, she read the fine print on the documentation. What she found, buried under a mountain of legalese, were contest rules to reward $10,000 to the first individual to rea...
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Kirkcubright Galleries

Kirkcubright Galleries opened in June 2018. I was keen to visit, as Kirkcubright has a reputation as an artists’ town. I liked the wrought iron work on the gate in front of the the main entrance door. My first impression positive. The staircase was beautiful and there was a feeling of light and space. The […]
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Glasgow surprises with art, design and culture

From fun dining and nightlife to incredible museums and a refreshingly un-fussy attitude, Glasgow is Scotland’s most underrated destination.
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Insider's guide: Reno Tahoe

The insider’s guide to Reno Tahoe By: Jacqueline Kehoe Reno cityscape. Photo: Scott Sporleder N evada’s pioneer heyday may be long gone, but you still gotta have that renegade spirit to cut it in Reno Tahoe. That out-of-the-box, anything’s-possible kind of thinking is just as necessary as a full tank of gas and ample time to explore. You have to think in 3D here, readying yourself to navigate a vertical wilderness, an infinite expanse of both wate...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 1 March 2019

A section of the brightly colored houses and shops facing out to the harbor in the lovely little town of Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull. We’ll spend two nights here on the Scotland’s Highland Highlights tour in September. Good morningAnother week with a disrupted review – the product I was testing abjectly failed at the thing it was primarily intended for.  To be fair, I have to give the manufacturer a chance to respond – maybe it is a bad unit, for example.However, there’s lot we do have this w...
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Python hid in woman’s plane luggage

Stowing away in an airplane is pretty difficult these days — unless you’re a snake, apparently. After her flight from Queensland, Australia, to Scotland, this woman discovered an unexpected flying companion hidden away in her luggage. While unpacking, Maria Boxall found a python curled up in her shoe; it had made itself so at home, in fact, that it even molted its skin inside the shoe. At first, she thought it was a practical joke, but when it began to move she realized the snake was very muc...
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New Kid On The Block

Scotland is a brave choice in February. The weather is not often the main reason to visit. I have just had another procedure on my face so still sporting a fresh 2 12 inch scar the sun was not top of my priority list. I have yet to settle on my story ...
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Wanted Down Under Season 10 – Smith Family – Perth

Despite never having visited Australia, Paul is convinced that his family could have a brighter future there. For nine years, he has been trying to persuade wife Clair to buy into his dream of a new life on the other side of the world.  However, Clair is more than happy with their life in Scotland and cannot bear the thought of moving so far away from her mum who currently lives just a few doors away. The post Wanted Down Under Season 10 – Smith Family – Perth appeared first on Getting Down Unde...
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a Weekend in Scotland

These days everyone's either at work or at school during the week so I did a quick weekend trip to visit. Sophie was just back from New York and Tom left for London on Saturday night so my effort wasn't such a big deal after all. We had a great time a
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6 reasons to visit Britain in spring

E ye-popping bluebell and daisy fields. Al-fresco music, food, and theater by the River Thames. Oceans and forests teeming with wildlife. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that spring is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of year to visit Britain. From pop-up festivals and open-air performances in London to whale and dolphin-watching in Scotland, here are six of the most compelling reasons to visit Britain between March and June. 1. You could catch the Underbelly Festival… ...
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10 different reasons to try Japan for your next trip

Skyscrapers, ski fields and temples. Yes, Japan is home to some of the world’s most technologically advanced cities, the best ski fields and beautiful historic districts, but there is so much more on offer. It’s never been easier for Australians to see Japan in all its glory – that means getting away from the tourist hot spots and into regions that are still free from crowds but are full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Where to start? Hokkaido Prefecture and the Kansai region are two ve...
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8 Dream Holiday Destinations of Influential Women

Everybody needs to get away from time to time. And the rich and powerful are no exception! In fact, the stress and responsibility of holding an influential position and being constantly in the public eye can make the idea of a holiday even more appealing. MyLateDeals has researched where the world’s most powerful women choose to go when they finally get a chance to let off some steam. Queen Elizabeth II You might think being the longest-reigning Queen of England would be an easy ride. But whil...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 22 February 2019

Enjoy the good life in the beautiful towns and villages of France’s Loire Valley this September. See details below. Good morningThere’s more craziness this week than I can remember for a long while, and much of it gleefully commented on in the last couple of items below.I prepared a review of a fun little gadget that I’d got prior to Christmas, and was going to present it to you this morning.  But I checked and could no longer find the gadget on Amazon, or on the official supplier website either...
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Carsluith Castle

You can visit the ruins of a 16th century tower house at Carsluith Castle, in Dumfries and Galloway, in south west Scotland. The castle is located just off the A75. It’s open all year and it’s free to enter. You could combine a visit to Carsluith Castle with a pit stop at the adjacent cafe. […]
Tags: Travel, Scotland, Dumfries, Galloway, south west Scotland, Carsluith Castle

World's most sustainable restaurants

Farm-to-table dining is no longer a niche concept. Restaurants around the world are sourcing local produce, minimizing waste, and reducing energy use. Part of the drive to sustainability is because of flavor — fresh, local food simply tastes better than the same food out of a package — and part of the recent resurgence of sustainable practices in restaurants is because it’s what the people want. While there are locations where local and sustainable food has always been present, this new crop ...
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Knitting patterns around the world

Knitting has a bad rap. Everyone seems to think it’s the stuff of grannies, moms-to-be, and boring people who haven’t yet discovered the joys of television. But it’s hardly an insignificant craft, and it should certainly not be synonymous with old age and domesticity. Knitting was invented out of necessity for us to not freeze our butts off and has become, over the past 18 centuries or so, an art form that is the carrier of culturally specific techniques, tools, and traditions. The classic pa...
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