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Travel News: January 15, 2019

Strict ticket policy introduced at Machu Picchu CNN It’s the spectacular Incan citadel in the Andes Mountain range that’s on everyone’s bucket list — but access to Machu Picchu is becoming more strictly regulated. New ticket rules were put in place starting January 1, 2019, limiting tourists to visiting at specifically scheduled times. Tickets are valid for up to four hours and re-entry is not usually allowed. Before, you booked for either a “morning” or “afternoon” slot. It’s no great surprise...
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Southwest Airlines Companion Pass FAQ: 2-for-1 Travel Is Super Easy Right Now

The Southwest Airlines Companion Pass is arguably the best deal in all of travel. After earning 110,000 points in a calendar year from qualifying sources you can bring a companion along on your Southwest Airlines travels. And right now you don't even need to earn 110,000 points to get one. Here's everything you need to know to take advantage of companion travel -- usually for just an extra $5.60 for the second passenger, whether you are buying a ticket for yourself or even redeeming points. Cont...
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Incredible: Unlimited Companion Travel Plus Points From Just One Card

Arguably the best deal in all of travel is the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. After earning 110,000 points in a calendar year from qualifying sources you can bring a companion along on your Southwest Airlines travels. Right now - and only for a month - Chase is offering a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass as part of the initial bonus offer on all three Southwest personal cards. And they're offering points, too. Continue reading Incredible: Unlimited Companion Travel Plus Points From Jus...
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Southwest sale with $39 tickets

Airlines are already planning for Americans deciding how to ration their vacation days in 2019, with many, including SAS, offering insanely cheap flights. Southwest Airlines is no exception. Its sale includes one-way flights all throughout the US for as little as $39. The sale runs until January 24, and is valid for flight dates between January 29 and May 22. Flights must be purchased at least 21 days in advance, with domestic flights available between January 29 and May 22. The sale applies ...
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The Circle is Complete: ExpressJet’s Long Journey Ends Where It Began

It has been a long road for the regional carrier ExpressJet, but the recent announcement that ExpressJet would be acquired by United (through a subsidiary) brings the airline right back to where it started. It returns to its roots as a partner-owned regional airline flying only for that partner, Continental’s corporate successor. ExpressJet began life as many regional airlines did… by rolling up a bunch of different operators into one bigger one. In this case, it was the doing of Frank Lore...
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Herb Kelleher Has Left the Building

I very rarely write obituaries when someone in the industry dies, and for Herb Kelleher, founder and long-time president of Southwest Airlines… I won’t make an exception. That’s not because I don’t want to wax poetic about all he did to completely upend the US airline industry in his (surprisingly-long) 87 years on Earth, but rather it’s because I think he’d be pretty damn pissed off about people making a huge fuss over him. So I won’t. Instead, I’ll just let this photo do the talking. ...
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Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher dies

Airline pays tribute to 'pioneer, maverick, and innovator'
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Southwest Airlines Co-Founder Herb Kelleher Passed Away

Southwest Airlines was incorporated as Air Southwest Company by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. Kelleher believed that by operating solely within the State of Texas an airline could avoid federal regulation -- meaning they would be free to fly without Civil Aeronautics Board permission. It would also mean they wouldn't have to charge the high fares mandated by the CAB. King and Kelleher, together with banker John Parker, are said to have sketched out the idea for the airline on a napkin in a Sa...
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Eye on Travel–The Year in Travel–December 29, 2018

Read the full article on at - Eye on Travel–The Year in Travel–December 29, 2018 This week, Eye on Travel looks back–and forward–with a special year ender show–featuring some of our greatest hits and favorite guests. Peter also weighs in with his annual New Years travel resolutions–not... Read More... The post Eye on Travel–The Year in Travel–December 29, 2018 appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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The craziest travel stories of 2018

This year may go down as the year service animals finally got a little too extra. Though we’d tolerated dogs, cats, and even the occasional mini-horse onboard planes to help keep people sane, this year’s abundance of ridiculous emotional support animals culminated with Delta banning them on long-haul flights and Popeyes offering emotional support fried chicken. But ridiculous animals weren’t the only crazy travel stories to emerge from 2018. There was also a human heart erroneously left on a ...
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The best airplane liveries in the US

Most airplanes ARE a generic shade of white with a simple stripe and a logo, and there’s a perfectly good reason behind the boring color scheme: paint makes airplanes heavy. That said, some airlines choose to sacrifice a few extra available pounds to make their aircrafts pop with some cool liveries. Whether a cool paint job is meant as an eye-catching way for airlines to get a message across, a partnership with a major amusement park, or a tribute paid to a person or a group, these airplane l...
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Heartbroken Woman Forced By Southwest to Leave Pet Fish Behind

Everyone eventually has a fish story. Now Southwest Airlines does, too, since one of their passengers is telling the story of how the carrier separated her from her pet fish in Denver, a pink male beta fish named Cassie. She says she travels with it everywhere, but on this day the Southwest employees she ran into wouldn’t allow it. And she loved her fish. Earlier this year Spirit Airlines told a cancer patient she'd have to flush her emotional support hamster down the toilet if she wanted to fly...
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Hawaii's coral reefs in fair condition, time capsule found at state Capitol, Honolulu chief deputy prosecutor takes leave in federal probe, Southwest Airlines coming to Hawaii, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Cauliflower coral ©2018 All Hawaii News Report: Hawaii’s coral reefs in ‘fair’ condition, face serious threats. Looking at coral reefs near the Main Hawaiian Islands as well as the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, the report found that climate conditions — temperature stress and ocean acidification — are some of the biggest factors contributing to the health of the coral reef. Hawaii News Now.Hawaii’s commercial fishing industry is fetching high values for its catches even though the overa...
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Human heart found aboard Southwest

This is the definition of a heart-stopping flight. When the crew of a Southwest Airlines flight on Sunday discovered a cargo shipment containing a human heart, the flight was forced to turn around. The plane had been en route to Dallas from Seattle when the organ was discovered. It had been left on the plane from a previous flight from Sacramento and was supposed to be offloaded and delivered to a hospital in Seattle before takeoff. Thanks to a baggage mix-up, this never happened. In order to...
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Southwest Flight Diverts When a Human Heart Was Discovered On the Aircraft

The symbol of Southwest Airlines is a heart. This has been a theme of the airline’s since the beginning. They launched at Dallas Love field. Their flight attendants wore pink hot pants (designed by founding airline President Lamar Muse’s first wife). Automated ticket machines were called “Quickies.” Peanuts at Southwest were once known as ‘Love Bites.’ Their New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol remains LUV. On Sunday, though, it took on a whole new meaning because one of their planes had to tur...
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Travel News: December 11, 2018

From shopping to tourism, French protests hit economy Yahoo News Shops shuttered in the run-up to Christmas, chaos on the roads: France’s “yellow vest” protests are dealing a blow to the economy which the finance minister says is no less than a “catastrophe”. As riots flared in Paris on Saturday, Livio Forte, a tourist from New York, could only watch on as police trucks lined up on the Place Vendome. The chic square’s luxury jewellery shops were boarded up, the diamonds and watches gone from th...
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3 Links I Love: A Long Look at Delta, Southwest Groundings, BA 767 Retires

This week’s featured link: Delta Buckles Up For Turbulence – FortuneHere’s a long one for you.  It’s sort of a broad look at Delta under Ed Bastian today, but it jumps around from Ed’s early life to the airline’s lagging market cap and everything in between. Two for the road: Southwest Airlines suddenly grounds 34 planes in its fleet – Chicago Business JournalIs it just me, or does this seem to happen more than it should at Southwest? British Airways retires its last Boeing 7...
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Travel Tip: How Southwest Airlines Is Attempting to Improve the Boarding Process

Read the full article on at - Travel Tip: How Southwest Airlines Is Attempting to Improve the Boarding Process I’ve always found the airplane boarding process tedious, inefficient and slow.    And it’s every time, and motion study has proven it, as airlines grapple with how to improve the how and when we... Read More... The post Travel Tip: How Southwest Airlines Is Attempting to Improve the Boarding Process appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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Mom: Airline agent mocked 5-year-old girl’s ‘Abcde’ name

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A woman says a Southwest Airlines agent in Southern California mocked her 5-year-old daughter’s ‘Abcde’ name when they were preparing to board a flight home to Texas. KABC-TV reported late Wednesday that Traci Redford accused a gate agent at Orange County’s John Wayne Airport of laughing at her daughter’s name […]
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Southwest Airlines Baggage Handler Plays Toss The Luggage, The Fist Pump is Priceless

A passenger who flew Southwest Airlines from Tampa to Phoenix caught cell phone video of a baggage handler tossing boxes coming off the aircraft into a bin. Even boxes of live fish . What makes our hero more than just your average negligent employee is the enthusiasm for his sport. He bounces on the balls of his feet as he readies to toss a box. And after he nails his throw he offers a fist pump. Victory over great customer service is his! Continue reading Southwest Airlines Baggage Handler ...
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Southwest’s Premium Credit Card: 60,000 Point Offer Makes it Must For Southwest Passengers

Chase's new Southwest Airlines premium credit card has increased its initial bonus offer to let you earn 60,000 Rapid Rewards points. That's a great deal, and it's more than halfway towards a Southwest Airlines companion pass. But they've created real value for customers who fly Southwest. I like the line from Southwest's chief marketing officer: it has the 3 Ps... "more perks, more points, and more priority." Continue reading Southwest’s Premium Credit Card: 60,000 Point Offer Makes it Must ...
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Travel News: November 15, 2018

Norwegian Cruise Is Trying to Luxe Up Its Mass-Market Line Skift Big-ship operator Norwegian Cruise Line is finding success in floating the kind of offers that are typically reserved for pricey luxury lines. First came the “Free at Sea” promotion, which lets passengers in certain room categories choose options like unlimited open bar, Wi-Fi, or high-end dining at no extra charge. As an expansion of that, the cruise line recently added free or discounted airfare for some new reservations on crui...
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All 4 Southwest Credit Cards Now Have 60,000 Point Initial Bonus Offers

The three Southwest Airlines personal credit cards all had offers to earn 40,000 Rapid Rewards points as an initial bonus, while the business card had a 60,000 point offer. Now all the personal card offers have been increased, and all four cards will let you earn 60,000 Rapid Rewards points. You can potentially get a personal and small business card. And now is the time, because if your bonuses post and you earn a total of 110,000 points early in 2019 then you can earn a companion pass -- desig...
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Hawaii Service Used to Be So Glamorous United Airlines Offered Its Own ‘The Residence’

Hawaii service used to be something special. That isn't really true anymore. It's exciting that Southwest Airlines is on the cusp of flying to Hawaii, especially for holders of the Companion Pass (designated companion flies for just the taxes whether you're paying for your ticket with points or cash). But the product is going to be standard Southwest -- no meals or seat power. But did you know that Untied Airlines used to offer its own version of the modern Etihad Residence -- a private state...
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An Airline Can’t Be All Things to All Passengers

At Friday’s Investor Day for the parent company of British Airways and Iberia, IAG management has come to the recognition that you cannot be all things to all people. That's a lesson that Southwest Airlines understands but American Airlines does not. Continue reading An Airline Can’t Be All Things to All Passengers...
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Bob Crandall’s Tribute to the Founder of Southwest Airlines and First Female Airline Executive Dies at 105

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Bob Crandall’s Tribute to the Founder of Southwest Airlines and First Female Airline Executive Dies at 105...
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Earn Up to 3,000 Bonus Rapid Rewards Points by Shopping for the Holidays 2018

Effective through Sunday, November 18, 2018 at 11:59:59 in the evening Eastern Standard Time, you can earn up to 3,000 bonus Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards points — in addition to the standard Rapid Rewards points earned — during the Holiday Bonus campaign at the Rapid Rewards Shopping portal by spending the following minimum amounts of money for shopping for qualifying purchases on your favorite products from hundreds of participating retailers... The post Earn Up to 3,000 Bonus Rapid Rewards...
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You May Get a Share of Money From Domestic Airline Ticket Settlement

You may be eligible for a refund from a class action settlement which was reached in litigation if you purchased a ticket for a domestic flight within the United States, its territories and the District of Columbia from either American Airlines between Friday, July 1, 2011 and Thursday, June 14, 2018; or Southwest Airlines between Friday, July 1, 2011 and Wednesday, December 20, 2017. This case alleges that... The post appeared first on The Gate.
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80k cast early votes, Maui mayor files ethics complaint against councilman, 2,900 acres preserved on Oahu, Kilauea remains #1 active U.S. volcano, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Voting in Hawaii ©2018 All Hawaii News Election Day Is Already Over For Almost 80,000 Hawaii Voters. Of the 254,880 mail ballots sent out so far, about 75,000 have been returned. Another 5,000 voters already went to early walk-in polling places. Civil Beat.Hawaii Named 2nd Least Politically Engaged State. In order to determine which states are most involved in politics, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across ten key indicators of political engagement. Maui No...
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Best budget apps for travelers

Budgeting for a trip , whether you’re working abroad as a or saving at home while drudging through a 9-to-5, can be a bit of a nightmare — especially if you’re the type to lose receipts or simply hate crunching numbers. While some might prefer using Excel to plug in those expenses manually, travelers often need a good mobile app to record what they spend and what to set aside for that next trip. Here are nine budgeting apps for travelers to keep track of their expenses and squirrel away as m...
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