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Antonio Banderas elevates the fine arts credentials of his native Malaga

For more than two decades now, the Andalusian city of Malaga has invested heavily in visual and fine arts development, beautification projects and a general effort to elevate the cultural attractiveness of the popular Mediterranean port city. It has paid off. The city now has more than 30 distinct and respected museums, its very own […] The post Antonio Banderas elevates the fine arts credentials of his native Malaga appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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8 Types of Shows to See While You’re on Vacation

One of the most popular elements of a vacation is seeing live entertainment on stage. Seeing people exercise their talents in a unique production can be a source of relaxation, inspiration, and excitement all at the same time. And because there’s such a diversity of different types of live shows available, everyone can find something they love. But which live shows are most worth seeing? The Best Live Shows to See These are some of the most important live shows to consider: Concerts. Concer...
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Why you need to visit Valencia

In Valencia, wide plazas connect narrow streets, ultra-modern buildings stand alongside medieval monuments, and exquisite food is sold on the cheap. Add to that a mild Mediterranean climate and endless beaches, and you’ll wonder why Valencia is still overshadowed by Barcelona. Sure, Barcelona’s cultural attractions and nightlife are legendary, but so are the crowds. For a less touristy and more authentic experience on your Spanish getaway, look no further than Valencia. Here’s what to do. Va...
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50 Photos that tell our 2018 story

Year in Review: 50 Photos from our 2018 travels Every year we have good intentions to write our ‘Year in Review’ posts before the year is complete. And, every year, we fall short of this goal. This year was no different. We had a wonderful end to the year and have spent the past week catching up and getting our lives back on track. 2018 will go down as the milestone year. We celebrated 10 years of marriage with a vow renewal ceremony on the beach in Mexico. We celebrated Cameron’s 40th birt...
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Spain Day 23

Cloudy weather this morning but still nothing like the cold of the UK or even the Vende.It seemed to take a long time to get ready to leave Camperpark de la Ribera today which maybe reflected some reluctance Even after we'd filled up the water and
Tags: Travel, UK, Spain, Camperpark de la Ribera

10 great affordable winter sun holidays: readers' travel tips

Dodge the British winter, without spending a fortune, with readers’ picks in Spain, including the Canaries, and bargains in north, west and South Africa We escaped to the north-west coast of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, for a week before Christmas. With flights from £80, reasonable car hire (£50) and a great Airbnb in Lajares (£30 a night), it was a great week of cycling, surfing, hiking, boat trips to the small island off the north coast and epic sunsets from the lovely fishing village...
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Spain Day 22

So it's three weeks today since we left Les Sables d'olonne and we're still loving the adventure.We'd planned a quiet mostly onsite day today with just a brief run out to a nearby garage to fill up the LPG. Unfortunately that garage was out of stock
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Peneda-Gerês is the only national park in Portugal. And it’s incredible.

Peneda-Gerês is the single greatest national park in Portugal. It wins on a technicality, being that it’s the country’s only national park. But there’s a certain magic to the mountains and valleys of northern Portugal where Peneda-Gerês lies, snuggled up against Spain, that makes calling it the greatest feel apt nonetheless. Gerês, as it’s known locally, spans roughly 270 square miles of oak and pine forests, granite cliffs, peat bogs, marshes, rivers, and lagoons between the Castro Laboreiro...
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Spain Day 21

Third consecutive night in the wild and without much driving we were startled to have battery issues last night and this morning so decided to use an official place with a power supply tonight.First though we went back to the motorhome dealers nea
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19 Facts That Will Make You Want to Visit the Philippines

The Philippines is an extremely rich place with tons of things to do. There are natural beauties, beaches, exciting tours, and lively cities. Plus the culture of its people is extremely rich and somewhat different from the one of the surrounding Asian countries. Making it a great, well-rounded destination. But not a lot of people know about the actual facts and interesting things about the country. So I’m sharing some with you. Facts That Will Make You Want to Visit the Philippines Philippin...
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Travel Inspiration – 4 best Places for a Gap Year

Work, school and stats homework; they all take a toll on the body and mind. So the best thing you can do to refresh your body is to go on a gap year. Your reasons for such trips might be different from others. But whatever the reason behind your decision, a gap year will undoubtedly be one of the best times of your life. It’s a good time to unwind and explore other places you have been dreaming of visiting. So, if you are thinking of where to spend your gap year but can’t figure out an ideal loc...
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Spain Day 20

Still hereTook a short run out today to a big Carrefour supermarket to stock up and a service point to fill up the water etc.Then back to the spot we'd found yesterday for a relaxed lunch of ham salad baguette and ros.Later we took a walk rou
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British Family Had to Sit on the Floor For Their 900 Mile Flight

Back in 2012 Ryanair floated the idea of ‘standing seats’ to pack more passengers in and lower costs. And Airbus has a patent for ‘double decker’ seating. But neither idea is supposed to be real or is approved for flying — anywhere. That was little comfort to the family of three who had paid about $1700 to fly from Mahon in Spain to Birmingham in the UK on TUI airlines. They were assigned seats 41 D, E and F but because of an aircraft swap there were no seats like that. Continue reading British...
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Shopping in Seville: How to Find Authentic Seville Souvenirs

Everything you need to know about shopping in Seville, including where to buy authentic Seville souvenirs Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
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Spain Day 19

Really good peaceful night's sleep no issue with water battery or gas.But to be honest there's nothing here to attract us to stay another day so headed on up the edge of the Mar Menor.Park4night listed a location at Los Alczares but it didn't lo
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How to Find a Safe Place to Smoke Weed During Your Travels

Without a doubt, weed is the most popular drug in the world after caffeine and alcohol. When you’re at home, you know where to get your marijuana. But, what about if you’re an avid traveler? How can you find a place to smoke weed legally when you’re traveling abroad? There are numerous countries with decriminalized marijuana use and legalized weed sales. Check out our list of safe places to smoke pot when you’re abroad. Let’s go! 1. Canada On October 17, 2018, Canada announced the legalizatio...
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Spain Day 18

Pretty late getting away today after filling up with water and gas emptying the loo AND using the onsite van wash.And when we did move it was initially only as far as the ENORMOUS Eroski store across the way. This wasn't as it sounds a Russian se
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The healthiest countries to move to

Being healthier is one of the most popular of New Year’s resolutions. For some, this may include making big life changes — like moving — that make it easier to get and stay healthy. And healthy places aren’t just those with lots of gyms and juice bars. Places to make lifestyle changes are those that share a worldview of health — where physical health is important but so are access to outdoor activities, mental health, low-stress levels, fresh food, quality healthcare, and strong, supportive ...
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Spain Day 17

As planned left the van on the Aire today and got the bus into town. Unusual bus stop though turns out you wait under a specific tree and flag down the bus as it approaches. No signs road markings or timetables visible and the bus doesn't even come
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Spain Day 16

Cloudy this morning so we'd obviously picked the right day to set off southwards it brightened up as we travelled today.Decided to go and see Cartagena and found an entry in Park4night about a filling staton on the outskirts which has a campers
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What’s new in Spain and Portugal for 2019

Spain and Portugal have a continually evolving sightseeing scene, so it’s important to travel in 2019 with the latest information to get the most out of your experience.
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The Tao of Not Traveling

At seventeen years old, I set out from home on my own for the first time. I was gone for ten months on a trip which took me around the globe in a northwestward fashion, at once both slowly closing and widening the gap that separated me from my parent’s farm in Manitoba, Canada. There was no great mystery in the trip – it was of a determinate length and I knew beforehand, more or less, the countries I would be passing through. What made it something notable to me was that the furthest I had gone...
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Spain Day 15

Finally got fed up of writing out the daynumbers longhand not really sure why I started thatAnyway little to say about today as it's been a relaxing one pottering around on the campsite.Weather has continued to be lovely though both breakfast A
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What to do in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are mostly known as a tropical vacation getaway. This archipelago of seven main islands and several smaller ones, owned by Spain but lying off the coast of West Africa, attracts European travelers looking for sun, sand, and, of course, an epic party scene. Many travelers, however, miss out on what makes the islands truly unique. Unlike most Caribbean islands, the Canaries are rugged and volcanic, with black sand beaches and even desert-like landscapes. Sure, you could book...
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Norway’s fanaost is the best cheese

If you love cheese but always stick to the typical European cheeses we all know and love, then you’re missing out on the best cheese in the world. A family-run farm in Norway holds one of the most prestigious titles in the cheese-making world: overall winner of the World Cheese Awards. The winning aged gouda is called fanaost, and is made by Norwegian cheesemaker named Jørn Hafslund on the Ostegården farm. Fanaost beat out 3,472 cheeses from around the world to claim the title. With a herd of...
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An essential guide to Catalonia

Located in the far north east of Spain, Catalonia is the country’s second most populated autonomous community with a staggering 7.5 million people living inside its borders. Its populace even accounts for over 16% of Spain’s total population. Catalonia’s history and culture are regarded extremely important to those that live within the region, and many […] The post An essential guide to Catalonia appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Top 10 most family friendly beach holiday destinations in Europe

The numbers are in. As millions of families begin planning and booking their holidays for the year ahead, a study by On the Beach, the UK’s leading beach holiday specialist, has calculated and ranked Europe’s top 50 family beach holidays destinations – according to the criteria that matter most to parents. The Family Beach Index, […] The post Top 10 most family friendly beach holiday destinations in Europe appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
Tags: Travel, Europe, UK, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Middle East, Regions, Western Europe

Spain Day Fourteen

On the road againAfter the problems we'd had finding a pitch last week we emailed ahead to a couple of ACSI Campsites last night and booked a couple of nights on Camping La Fuerta near Fortuna north of Murcia.Arrived about 16.00. It's busy
Tags: Travel, Spain, Murcia, Fortuna, ACSI Reveals the Most Welcoming Places on Earth According to Its 2018 Guest Review Awards

Today is honoring its accommodation partners that consistently deliver great guest experiences with a 2018 Guest Review Award. For the seventh annual edition of the awards, 759,845 properties in total across 219 countries and territories are being given an award, with the top countries receiving the most awards being Italy (106,513), Spain (46,646), France (45,286), Germany (36,042), United States (35,626), Croatia (34,027), United Kingdom (31,206), Russian Federation (26,729)...
Tags: Travel, France, Germany, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Croatia, Russian Federation

Barcelona: Local tips for visiting La Boqueria market

For the first couple of years that I lived in Barcelona, La Boqueria (or “Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria”, as it’s formally known) was my main market. I went there two or three times a week for fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meats, and cheeses, and then hauled everything back to my apartment in the Gothic Quarter. Although the products were first-rate, there were days when shopping at La Boqueria was a real challenge, because of the big crowds of tourists both in the market and on La Ram...
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