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Swedes and Their Relationship with Snus

Traveling around a beautiful country like Sweden is the dream of the majority of travelers. The country is not only famous for its beauty but also is quite famous for its culture, traditions also. Sweden is a Scandinavian nation that includes thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes. The vast boreal forests and glaciated mountains are quite enough to amaze anyone with its beauty Majority of its principal cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo are coastal. Whether it is about making ...
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10 Reasons Why Travel is the Best Education

That’s what Earth is filled with. Just imagine this – you get to meander through an enchanting African village, camping out in the Canadian tundra, or even hiking through the vibrant Amazon rainforest. As humans, we all travel for various reasons – some for personal growth and self-discovery while others want to look at life through a new lens. Many, on the other hand, consider the world as a never-ending university and travel as it helps to develop their intelligence. Much of the education that...
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Inflatable Paddleboarding and 7 Other Water Sports to Try While Traveling

Traveling is all about new experiences, adventure, and leaving stress from daily life behind. That’s why if you ever travel to a natural attraction and are feeling like trying something new you should consider one of the following water sports. they are the perfect way to take full advantage of rivers, beaches, or lakes near you. For some, you don’t even need travel guides, just equipment rental. I know that summer is almost gone but the countries near the equator offer warm climates combined wi...
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The Fun and Easy Way to Travel – E-Bikes

Traveling by bike has always been one of the best ways to get around. Whether you are traveling locally or visiting a different country, biking enables you to cover more ground and see as many sights in a short amount of time. The concept of biking has often eluded many people because there is an idea that it requires a certain level of physical fitness. However, this is all about to change with the advent of e-bikes, or electric bikes. What are E-Bikes? E-bikes are short for electric bikes, ...
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3 Underrated European Cities

Europe is a diverse continent filled with travel opportunities for the intrepid adventurer. But some destinations stand out more than others. You’ll hear far more about romantic getaways to Rome or Paris and stag-dos in Prague or Amsterdam than you will of explorations in Bucharest or Gothenburg. Nevertheless, these hidden gems have much to offer visitors in search of something a little different. Read on to discover three unmissable adventures that you could be missing out on in these underrate...
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9 Simple Ways Get Fast Internet During Your Trips Around the World

Are you tired of slow and unreliable reliable internet connection when you are travelling? You’re not alone. This feels like an endless battle waiting for web pages to load or apps to respond before spending your precious vacation time staring at a blank screen rather than a beautiful beach. Therefore, this guide consists of a whole bunch of hints and tips for making most of that tiny trickle of data that is flowing into your smartphone or computer. They are meant to speed up the internet connec...
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Must-Know Tips When Travelling To Toronto On Business

Toronto is arguably one of the best cities in the world. A clean and safe metropolis offers so much for any visitors to enjoy. The options for accommodation are first-rate, including serviced apartments Toronto and neighboring areas. Furthermore, simply because you are visiting on business does not mean that it isn’t worth taking in the enlightened local culture. As with any destination, Toronto has its quirks and unique ways of doing things. Once you have tackled the chore of packing for your b...
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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right SIM Card for Travel

Whether you use your sim card to keep in touch with your home, stay connected with your fellow travellers or surf internet for restaurant reviews and maps, travel Sim card offers a better way to use your mobile phones without relying on Wi-Fi or spending a lot of cash on international roaming charges. But with various options out there in the market, getting the right mobile package you require can be a challenging task. In this guide to international Sim cards below covers the primary advantage...
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Vacation Time – How to Get Around Abroad

Planning and booking a dream vacation is something we all look forward to. Where will it be this time? Somewhere sunny? Somewhere with snow? Somewhere with jungle treks and tents and off-roading? Or maybe just a hotel with a book beside a pool. Whatever you choose, you’re unlikely to stay rooted to one spot for the duration of your trip. You’re going to want to explore. Getting around on vacation is a consideration to which few of us pay much attention until the last minute, when options like re...
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Job: MediaNama is hiring a tech policy journalist #ad

MediaNama ( is looking to hire a Tech Policy journalist to work with our existing team of five tech policy journalists. This is a specialised field, so please do read the posting below, before applying, and please follow the application process detailed below. About Us We’re a leading online media company covering news and providing analysis on developments in Digital/Technology Policy. We provide our readership of policy leaders, business leaders, government officials and citi...
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Encryption after COVID-19: What’s Coming Up for Asia-Pacific? #Ad

Date: May 14 (Thursday) 2020 Time: 11:30 AM -12:30 PM (IST) Moderator: Rajnesh Singh, Regional VP for Asia-Pacific, Internet Society Register here: In 2019, Australia passed the controversial Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Act, granting law enforcement and security agencies power to request for access to encrypted data. In India, the […] ...
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Webinar: Kids, the Internet & COVID-19: How to keep our children safe online – #Ad

With the ongoing lock-down across the country, our children are spending more time than ever online. But do we actually know what they are doing? And if not, how can we keep them safe from threats on the Internet? Knowledge is power: If you’ve got 30 minutes to spare, you can learn everything you need […] ...
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Traveling with Your Dog: Tips to Make it Safe and Fun

Each year, more than 77 million people travel with their dogs. Are you thinking about taking a trip and want to take your pup along? If so, that’s great. It can be a lot of fun for everyone. However, you also need to take a few extra steps to ensure your pup is healthy and happy while traveling. Some tips that will help with that can be found here. Check with Your Vet First Does your dog have any type of health issue, or did they in the past? If so, they may not be an ideal candidate...
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Tourist Attractions And Places To Visit in Croatia

Croatia is one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Europe. This coastal country has Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro within its borders. It has been a popular tourist destination for a recent couple of years, especially since it was featured in several popular shows such as the Mamma Mia, Game of Thrones, and Robin Hood. If you are planning a visit to this country. Here are some of the Places To Visit in Croatia you should not miss out on: Or look at...
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4 of The Best Places to Visit in Peru

Located at 7000 feet above the sea level lies one of the most coveted destinations in South America, Peru. It is rated among the world’s leading culinary destination and is also known for its mysterious adventures, deep history, fantastic food, beautiful landscapes, and wildlife. Craving for an exhilarating timeless experience in Peru? Well, here are some of the top places you ought to explore in Peru: Top Attraction Sites in Peru Inca Trail Peru Inca trail is arguably the world’s most magn...
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Great Value Family Travel: Destination Turkey

A long Mediterranean coastline, towns, and villages lined up with resorts, and fascinating seaside cities – Turkey, offers you an enchanting experience and ambiance if you are someone planning a family vacation to Turkey. But, what places should you visit as part of your Turkey itinerary? Well, most of the travel plan is limited to the areas such as Istanbul, which was the capital was once a powerful capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. We thought we would share information about the be...
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Camino De Santiago, The Ultimate European Pilgrimage

The Camino de Santiago is indeed one of Europe´s most ancient pilgrimages still being done today. Every year an estimate of 340,000 pilgrims gather from all around the world to do their version of Camino de Santiago. Every year each of those 340,000 pilgrims is changed forever by this magic trip in this magic land. Read on; learn what it is all about and which the best option to do it is. Essentials You Should Know for Camino De Santiago Also, follow this link to find more information about tr...
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8 Essential Hiking Tips for Beginners

If you love being away from the city, walking up to the hills and experiencing the nature in its best form, then you should go hiking. Hiking is beneficial for your physical and mental health. It is a combination of a workout and a fun activity to plan with your friends and family. Going hiking for the first time can be confusing and a lot of questions can arise in your mind. Thus, in this article, I will list out 8 essential hiking tips for beginners. Experienced hikers may also benefit from th...
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How to Stay Healthy Gallivanting Through Mexico and Central America

One of the main concerns people have when traveling to Mexico and Central America is usually about staying healthy. The area has a reputation for not having the cleanest water or street food stands. It is also a tropical region where mosquitoes and other, not so welcome, animals and insects abound. All those things are true but after years taking some time to slowly explore the area, I learned that there are several small and easy things that you can do to keep annoying illnesses away. But it yo...
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Chartering A Superyacht to the 2020 Monaco Grand Prix

There’s a very good reason that the Monaco Grand Prix has such a rich and exciting racing pedigree. With some of the best Formula One drivers in the world gathering every year to drive around a hair-raising circuit, races are always nail-biting. But even with the option to watch such an exciting race, The Monaco Grand Prix is much, much more than a motorsport event. Being held in Monaco means every night unfolds into an unabashedly glamourous affair, with parties involving celebrities rubbing s...
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Essentials for Traveling: 12 Things You Need to Pack

Are you planning on jet-setting off on a wonderful weekend break or a tropical holiday? Whether you’ve booked a trip to beautiful, snow-capped mountains or a sunny, beach-filled break, your holiday starts the moment you start packing! But you don’t want to be so caught up in the excitement that you unknowingly forget something important! If you’re going somewhere foreign to you, it might not be that easy to find what you’ve forgotten in another country or on another continent! So now we know you...
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Essentials You Must Carry for A Comfortable Trip

We all look forward to that time of the year where you look up destinations to visit and book flights to go on a vacation. Every once in a while, it is essential to take a break from work and your hectic life to relax and see the wonders that the world has to offer. Not only is travelling fun, but it is also perfect for your health. Travelling can be an expensive affair. Therefore, you may want to make the most out of the trip you take. This calls for adequate preparation, and of course, carryin...
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The Top 5 Best Croatia Cruising Routes

When it comes to cruising to Croatia, well, you are sure to remain spoiled for choices. After all, there are so many cruising companies, and each of them boasts of a specially designed itinerary to explore the stunning coastline of Croatia and its countless islands. Cruising is indeed one of the best ways to explore Croatia. But which Croatia cruise route to pick?  Well, read on to know more. Although there are many Croatia’s cruises and each of them boasts of being the best one, but there are s...
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6 Things Not to Miss Out in Dubai

Every country, city, and island has those tourist destinations that no tourist should miss. Without going to those places you won’t gather the essence of the place and understand what it is all about. Similarly, Dubai, one of the most modern cities in the world built on desert has certain places and experiences that travelers would want to miss out on. Here is a list of activities that you are bound to enjoy whenever you miss this city.  1. Desert Safari Tours You surely must have ...
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4 Steps for Finding an RV Loan

Buying an RV is quite like buying a home. After the decision is made, you have to consider the type of RV you want, how much it would cost, how to finance it, and eventually, how to pay off whatever loan you get to finance it. Of all the factors listed, the option of financing your RV purchase is the most critical. Why you Should get an RV Loan A recreational vehicle is an important purchase as it allows you to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, you cannot e...
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4 Steps for Finding RV Loans

Buying an RV is quite like buying a home. After the decision is made, you have to consider the type of RV you want, how much it would cost, how to finance it, and eventually, how to pay off whatever loan you get to finance it. Of all the factors listed, the option of financing your RV purchase is the most critical. Why you should get an RV loan A recreational vehicle is an important purchase as it allows you to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, you cannot e...
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3 Classic Brazilian Vacation Destinations Not to Forget in 2020!

Tourism in Brazil is different. The sheer size of the country makes it difficult to see without taking multiple domestic flights and having plenty of time on your hands. The easiest way to go to Brazil for your first time, is to enlist the help of a Brazilian travel agency such as Brazil Selection to help you plan your journey. Then just prepare yourself for an eclectic mix of cultures, energetic people and exhilarating experiences! Here are my top 3 de...
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Play Like a Pro With These Golf Essential Items

Wondering how you can improve your golf skills? Not to worry, because there are different types of golf equipment that include rangefinders, apps, watches and several other devices used to calculate distance. If you are a beginner, it might be challenging to get the right equipment that can improve your skills in golf. You need to keep an eye on key features that make different golf items stand out. If you want to play like a pro and improve your accuracy and precision when you hit the ball, yo...
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How to Travel Comfortably in a Recreational Vehicle

In case you are planning to embark on a trip, have you discovered the joys of a recreational vehicle trip? Most people traveling through the country tend to choose traveling with a recreational vehicle to ensure that they have fun and maintain their comfort throughout the entire trip.   If you want to travel using a recreational vehicle, here are some ways to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible no matter how long your trip is and where you end up. Get your bedding and pillows with ...
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5 Tips To Save Money While Travelling

Heya folks! Traveling a trip? Wanna escape from your boring, monotonous, and stress full life? But short on budget? Or wondering if I can ever have those social media posts like everyone else and go crazy by traveling to my favorite place. You don’t have to worry much if you can have these travel hacks, which can help you go easy on your pockets and plan your amazing trip either solo, with friends or family! How to Save Money While Travelling TIP 1: Cheap flights!! Book the flights which have...
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