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Southwest Airlines found success with free booze, arm wrestling, and go-go boots - take a look at the 50-year-old airline's full history

Southwest Airlines first flight attendant uniforms Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines, the US's largest domestic carrier, celebrated its 50th anniversary in June. The airline found success using unconventional marketing strategies focused on humor, booze, arm wrestling, and go-go boots. Southwest grew its network by beating the Wright Amendment, a law implemented to restrict operations out of its Dallas Love Field base. See more stories on Insider's business page. Southwest ...
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The Inspiring Story of Cindy Wasser

Cindy Wasser from Hope Springs Fertility is a leading Canadian surrogacy lawyer. A mum through surrogacy, Cindy has helped many Australian intended parents over many years with their Canadian surrogacy journeys. Transcript Intro: You’re listening to the Australian Family and Fertility Law Podcast. Here’s your host, Stephen Page. Stephen Page: Welcome to today’s podcast with the Australian Family and Fertility Law Podcast. My name is Stephen Page, and I’m a fertility lawy...
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How & Why Mediation Works with Farley Tolpen

  In this episode of the Australian Family & Fertility Law Podcast, Accredited Family Law Specialist, Bruce Provan talks with Mediator, Farley Tolpen on why and how mediation works in resolving family law disputes. Transcript Intro: You’re listening to the Australian Family and Fertility Law Podcast. Here’s your host, Bruce Provan. Bruce Provan: Hi. My name is Bruce Provan. My guest today is Farley Tolpen. Welcome, Farley. Farley Tolpen: Good afternoon, Bruce. How are ...
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How a Young Guy from India Became A World Leading Surrogacy Physician

  Dr. Said Daneshmand is an internationally recognized fertility specialist with extensive experience in providing third-party reproductive services. In his second year of studying medicine, he had a profound experience that changed his life forever. Intro : You’re listening to the Australian Family and Fertility Law Podcast. Here’s your host, Stephen Page. Stephen Page: Good day. I’m Stephen Page from Page Provan. And this is another podcast in our series, Australian Famil...
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What Makes a Finance Guy Leave Everything to Work in Surrogacy

In this podcast, Richard Westoby discusses his own personal surrogacy journey and a complete career change that he never could have anticipated. Transcript Intro: You’re listening to the Australian Family and Fertility Law Podcast. Here’s your host, Stephen Page. Stephen Page: Good day, it’s Stephen Page from Page Provan again. And we’re talking about our series of Australian family and infertility law. And in today’s podcast, I have the joy of talking to Richard. Richar...
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What Drives Fertility Attorney Rich Vaughn

Fertility law attorney Rich Vaughn combined his passion for family formation and founded one of the most successful and best-known law firms in the world focusing on assisted reproductive technology law. Transcript Stephen Page : Good day. My name is Stephen Page, and I’m just welcoming you to my podcast, Australian Family and Fertility Law Podcast. My first guest today is Rich Vaughn, who is a dear friend of mine and a colleague and is also practising as one of America’s leading ...
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The Interplay Between Surrogacy & Counselling with Miranda Montrone

  In this episode of the Family & Fertility Law Podcast, Stephen Page talks with Surrogacy Psychologist Miranda Montrone about her passion for surrogacy. Transcript Intro: You’re listening to the Australian Family and Fertility Law Podcast. Here’s your host, Stephen Page. Stephen Page:  Welcome, everyone. Stephen Page from Page Provan Family and Fertility Lawyers. And I’m talking in our podcast about Australian family and fertility law. And today I’m joined by the wonderf...
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Southwest is in a legal battle with 2 flight search engines over whether they breached the airline's terms by displaying cheap fares

A court case aims to resolve the dispute. Stephen M. Keller/Southwest Airlines Flight search engine Skiplagged is seeking a judgement on whether it violated Southwest's terms. The lawsuit came after Southwest sued, another flight-info site, in Texas. The airline sent letters threatening legal action over fare listings, Skiplagged's complaint said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Skiplagged, a flight-information website, has asked a New York court to rule o...
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Southwest Airlines is boosting its minimum wage to $15 an hour, giving raises to more than 7,000 employees, in an effort to bulk up staffing as travel picks up

Stephen M. Keller/Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines is raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour, affecting over 7,000 employees. The hike comes as travel picks back up due to reduced COVID restrictions and the economy reopening. Southwest hopes to implement the wage increase by August. See more stories on Insider's business page. Southwest Airlines is hiking its minimum wage to $15 an hour as travel inches back towards pre-pandemic levels. "Southwest continually works to attract an...
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Getting Married and Having a Child Should Not Be so Hard

Life is grand. I am the luckiest man to live. Due to changes in the law, I have been allowed to marry- and to have a child with the person I love. While getting married and having a child seem self-evident truths, for LGBTIQ+ couples the law (and until 40 years ago, for reproduction, biology) prevented these couples from fulfilling these dreams. I have been practising family law in Australia since 1987. For two years before that, I was a graduate working full time in the law. By happenstance, my...
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Five Days in Lyme Regis

It seems impossible now but there were five days in 2020 where life almost felt normal. We drove down to Lyme Regis in Dorset and stayed in a fisherman's hut by the seaside. It was one of the most simple yet idyllic trips we've ever taken. Our trip to Lyme Regis was originally meant to be a family holiday with Stephen's parents in June but, like our trip to Lanzarote in March, it was cancelled. We rescheduled for just the two of us in September and our trip took place in the brief window of tim...
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24 Hours in Tankerton, Whitstable

I love living in Kent and barely a week goes by that I’m not grateful for our decision to move here. Having said that, I also escape every opportunity I get and bank holiday weekends are usually spent in Europe or at least somewhere else on the British Isles. Imagine my horror then when a hen’s party was scheduled on bank holiday Saturday, thus thwarting our plans to escape to Poland. With just Sunday and Monday to spare on the bank holiday weekend, I decided to surprise Stephen with 24 hours a...
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Alone With My Camera in Barcelona

It was one of those conversations. I'm quite certain it began with the two of us communicating like adults but it had somehow become quite fraught. I began to backtrack. "Okay, Stephen, is there anything you'd like to specifically see in Barcelona?" I asked. "Well, don't you want visit Camp Nou?" he replied. Somewhat adept at this communication thing after 18 years together, I restrained myself from replying that of course I didn't want to visit a football stadium during my visit to one of the ...
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Prague: Walking Vinohrady to Old Town Square

How do you show your love for a city? You can photograph it from every angle, dine along its rivers and tell the world of your love affair. Or you can just walk through its streets and breath it in. When we visited Prague we did just that, we walked wherever we could, taking in the streets and alleyways, parks and suburbs, famous sights and hidden treasures.  It was a wonderful five days that left me with a thirst for more and a definite plan to visit this fantastic city again. Despite soaring ...
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Art Nouveau Opulence in Prague’s Municipal House

Our first day in Prague was hot, very hot. It was over 35°c and someone had the bright idea to forego the Metro and walk instead from our hotel in Vinohrady to the Old Town. Okay, I’ll own up – it was my idea - but after walking in that heat for a good hour or so, I was willing to swear that I had never suggested anything of the sort. After walking through the famous Powder Gate, I spied the Art Nouveau dome of Prague’s Municipal House, Obecní Dům. I was pleased because while we didn’t have to...
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Inside the Iconic Millennium Mills

I remember the first time I stepped into a derelict building. It was a house I had lived in during my final year in school and both the roof and floor had rotted away. Stephen’s instinct was to get out of there immediately, mine was to explore. And so began my love of all things derelict. I can’t explain it and many people won’t share it but I love the idea of exploring crumbling down buildings. I’m less sure when my love affair with Millennium Mills began. I recall seeing the sun glinting off...
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We have a new word for that feeling when travel makes everything new

On a double-decker bus from Dublin airport to Drumcondra early one June morning, a young lad stretched out on the back seat and started to rap. What he lacked in talent he made up for in gusto. I was with a dozen of my students who were travelling from DePaul University in Chicago on a study abroad trip and this was their very first impression of Ireland. I cringed and tried to ignore the atonal reveller. Their response, it turned out, was at odds with mine. 'That's American rap!' one of them ch...
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Two Luxury Vacations in One: The Broadmoor Colorado Springs

The Broadmoor Resort, located in Colorado Springs, has been on my bucket list since the owner, Philip Anschutz purchased its sister resort The Cloister at Sea Island along the Georgia coast in 2016. My husband and I used a milestone birthday and anniversary as an excuse to book a four-day escape without kids to this Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond resort at the foot of the Cheyenne Mountains. We spent one night at the magnificent Cloud Camp, a rustic luxury glamping property, then two n...
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Paget Lookout – Paget Peak Hike in Yoho National Park

The Paget Lookout – Paget Peak hike in British Columbia’s Yoho National Park was not our first choice on a summer weekend. But our plans to hike to the summit of Mt. Saint Piran were thwarted when we arrived at Lake Louise – the starting point, to find the parking lot full. In these COVID times it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B as many trails and parking lots have been unbelievably busy this summer. I had done some research before we left home and loved the sound of the Paget Lookout hi...
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Austria like you’ve never seen it before

Austria has an almost-exclave, connected to the motherland via a single dot on a mountaintop.Habsburgs were so fancy, they were buried in three different locations across Vienna.These and other absurd and obscure facts about Austria are the subject of a highly entertaining Twitter account. Unless you're into skiing, double monarchies or "The Sound of Music," you probably don't give Austria much thought. Yet everybody's second-favorite Alpine republic is a locus of many weird and wonderful fact...
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Take a virtual travel day with Street View

As a program manager for Street View, I’ve had the opportunity to work in more than 20 countries around the world, collecting imagery that transports people to new places and powers Google Maps. You can even find my blurred face from time to time in Street View. I’ve trekked a desert in Abu Dhabi (with a camel no less) and walked around the Great Pyramids of Giza (I’m the blurred face to the right). You can see my reflection throughout the 152nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, as I operate the Street...
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2018 Bucharest to Amsterdam

Vienna day 2. After a bus ride around the Ringstrasse we were walked in front of the Hofburg Palace visited the Gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral past the grand plaza Heldenplatz in front of the huge sweeping Austrian National Library. Then through the Vol
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ETW #50 Travel to Paris

This week we share insider tips and tricks to help you best experience Paris, France. Whether it’s your first visit or your 10th, this week we interview Stephen Oddo for insider tips to help you make the most out of your trip to Paris. You can listen to the podcast here on this page or on any of these services: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher. When I was 17 years old, I boarded an Air France flight for my first trip outside of the US. It was also only the 3rd time I’d ...
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Dog saves sheep from Australian fire

Animals are really stepping it up during the Australian bushfires. First, it was wombats sheltering fellow animals in their burrows, and now it’s this border collie who helped save her owner’s farm livestock. Patsy, the six-year-old border collie and kelpie mix, guided a flock of sheep away from a fire danger zone. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Patsy The Wonderdog (@patsythecorryo...
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24 Things to See and Do in Budapest

Posted: 1/13/2020 | January 13th, 2020 I’ve always had a love affair Budapest (though the city may not know it). Growing up, Budapest seemed like this historic yet mysterious place closed off by the Soviets but filled with historic grandeur. When I first visited, the gritty, rundown streets charmed me. Budapest felt edgy in sharp contrast to, say, Prague’s more sanitized history. IT was a city of underground bars in abandoned buildings, hearty food, and serious people. Over the years, I’ve seen...
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Nonstop US flights to New Zealand

Beautiful as New Zealand is , with all its fjords, wineries, and Middle Earth-y mountain scapes, is also, to put it bluntly, a pain to get to. At best you’d have to fly 11-14 hours across the Pacific Ocean to get to Auckland, and that’s after somehow finding your way to LA, Houston, or San Francisco. Live in a small city on the east coast, and you’re looking at two connections before you even get to the long haul. And let’s not even talk about getting to the South Island — aka where all that c...
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CURIOUS – Shedgasms for Your Soul

CURIOUS – Undoubtedly! Excite your senses and experience shedgasms as DJ’s + Live Musicians perform in the best sounding shed & garden in the Southern Hemisphere, presented by Cunning Stunts at The Billinudgel Hotel. When: Saturday 2nd November, 2019, 4:00pm – 11:00pm TICKETED 18+ event Where: The Billinudgel Hotel What: CURIOUS – Dj’s and Live Musicians creating Cosmic Osmosis – An extraordinary night from the team behind Nudge. Ignite your feet and get hot with the beats at November’s CURIOUS...
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Avalon Beach, Australia, travel tips

Most tourists visiting Australia make it to Sydney and hit hot spots like the Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach. However, the small coastal town of Avalon often goes unheard of and unvisited. This makes it both a secret hideaway for the rich and famous and a place that continues to provide a relaxed lifestyle for locals. Flights to Australia from pretty much anywhere can be expensive and long, but ask those who’ve been to Avalon and they’ll tell you it’s well worth the 14 hours crammed in ec...
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A Dram Good Time: The Speyside Way Whiskey Tour

The Speyside Way Whiskey Tour – Scotland, September 4 to 14, 2019 by Nicola Ross “Let’s go on a hiking trip together sometime,” my friend Susan suggested. My response was immediate: “Where? When?” We decided on Scotland, a year hence. Meanwhile, I came across information about the Speyside Way Whiskey Tour, and since I didn’t care where in Scotland, and Susan is a single-malt-whiskey enthusiast, it was agreed. The only fly in the ointment was a hunk of titanium and a dozen metal staples. Surel...
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Airbnb music lessons and experiences

Airbnb is hardly just about B&Bs anymore. Moving into the experiential travel realm, the amateur lodging behemoth has become as much about finding unique, local experiences when you travel as it is finding a place to sleep. Sure, stuff like hiking to hidden waterfalls and feeding baby manatees is fun, but nothing delves into its culture like experiencing its music. That’s why Airbnb has a whole category devoted to musical experiences, whether it’s becoming a K-pop star in Seoul, a DJ in Berli...
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