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Voluntourism: new book explores how volunteer trips harm rather than help

‘Don’t do as we did,’ says Pippa Biddle, who highlights colonial structure of industry where unqualified Western tourists pay to volunteer abroadSeven years ago, Pippa Biddle wrote a blog post about volunteering abroad. She recounted her struggles speaking Spanish to children living with HIV in the Dominican Republic and how local people in Tanzania would spend all night redoing the construction work she and her classmates had done poorly.“Taking part in international aid where you aren’t partic...
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Why ‘Peak Oil’ Won’t Mean the End of Drilling - Bloomberg

Why ‘Peak Oil’ Won’t Mean the End of Drilling - BloombergA multibillion-dollar project to tap virgin oil fields in east Africa is expected to get the green light this weekend, highlighting an uncomfortable truth about the energy industry.Even as Total SE, the supermajor behind the new project straddling Uganda and Tanzania, makes genuine efforts to begin the transition to low-carbon energy, the industry is nowhere close to ending its appetite for oil.If you accept that petroleum demand may have ...
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The Return of Sweet Week: L’Instant Cacao

I’m leaving pastries and cookies behind for chocolate today because Sweet Week would not be complete without visiting a chocolatier.   L’Instant Cacao is a compact chocolate shop behind the Palais Royal just across the street from Galerie Vivienne. When you enter, there are piles of burlap sacks of cacao beans and on the side is a selection of about 30 different varieties of chocolate bars, neatly packaged in black with bold, white type spelling L’Instant Cacao, and a bright color square ...
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Wild Life and Pure Nature: Kempinski expands international portfolio with two Safari Lodges and a Luxurious Tented Camp in Tanzania

Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire are only a few highlights attracting travellers to visit the African country of Tanzania, where more than a third of the landscape is under conservation protection. With its 22 national parks, this year round destination guarantees wilderness seekers a stay in harmony with nature and the world's most diverse safari experiences. Amidst the well-known "Northern Circuit", Kempinski Hotels has now signed management contrac...
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Americans can now travel to 47 nations for vacation and tourism — here's the list of every open country and how to get there

The US passport has lost its strength significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic and Americans are left with few options on where to travel. ShutterLibrary/Shutterstock; Samantha Lee/Business Insider While many countries are not allowing US travelers during the coronavirus crisis, some nations are open to Americans. The United Kingdom, Caribbean countries, and select international locales are allowing tourists from the US. Many countries require you to show a negative COVID-19 test and air...
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Links on covid hysteria sent by someone

Someone sent these links. Some might not be working. I’m noting them for the record. kit-277854-457.htm President John Magufuli of Tanzania: “Even Papaya and G...
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Stages of the Great Wildebeest Migration

The Great Wildebeest Migration is without doubt one of the planet’s most incredible wildlife spectacles. Each year around 1.5 million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebras migrate around the Serengeti National Park in search of pastures green. By following the rains, the herds must battle raging rivers and avoid lurking predators in order to […] The post Stages of the Great Wildebeest Migration appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Chocolate, Luxury and Relaxation: My Sweet Trip to The Hotel Hershey

I stood on the sticker in the middle of the floor that gently reminded me to keep a 6-foot distance from others. When it was my turn to check in, I walked up to the front desk lined with Plexiglass in a scene that has become the new normal around the country. Except, it’s not normal and I could feel that pandemic-related anxiety creep up once again. Travel isn’t only my job, it’s my passion in life but everything has been turned upside down in recent months creating these odd scenes in hote...
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10 Best Islands in Tanzania

Lovingly dubbed the ‘Spice Islands’ due to their age-old trade of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, the Zanzibar archipelago in Tanzania is true island utopia. Imagine yourself relaxing on palm-fringed white-sand beaches under the equatorial sun, alongside the clearest ocean you’ve ever seen. But while the Zanzibar archipelago is easily Tanzania’s most famous island cluster, it’s
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Jane Goodall itinerary Gombe Stream

When Jane Goodall first set foot in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park, neither the park nor the country existed. Tanganyika had not yet gained independence from Great Britain, and the protected forest on the shores of Lake Tanganyika was then the Gombe Stream Game Reserve. Goodall arrived in 1960 after accepting an invitation from paleoanthropologist Dr. Louis Leakey to assist him in studying chimpanzees. She was 26 years old and had no degree but possessed a curiosity that Leaky thought ...
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Climate change effect on coffee

Coffee is the second most-consumed beverage in the United States. It’s also one of the agricultural products that will feel the greatest impact from climate change in the upcoming decades. In a 2019 study from researchers in the United Kingdom, 75 of the 124 coffee species in the world (60 percent) are classified as critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable according to standards set by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The major deciding factors as to whether they su...
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Best architecture in Africa

Africa is big . Fifty-four countries big. Approximately 11.7 million square miles, or 20 percent of Earth’s land area, big. Around 1.3 billion people, 3,000 indigenous groups, and 2,000 languages big. To say nothing of its age, with a human history that began some 200,000 years ago and has since witnessed the rise and fall of countless empires, survived political wars and religious conflicts, experienced colonizations and reclamations of identity. Yet, despite its size and the individual herit...
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LEVA Hotels & Resorts Ploughs Ahead with Expansion Plans in GCC, Africa and Europe

LEVA Hotels & Resorts has pledged its support to the hospitality industry by continuing expansion across the GCC, Africa and Europe. The group has recently signed management agreements for two new beautiful hotels in Muscat and a stunning property in Kampala. Building up on its growth momentum, the brand is aggressively exploring further opportunities in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania as well as Europe. It currently has an asset under neg...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Tanzania, Muscat, GCC Africa, LEVA Hotels amp, LEVA Hotels Resorts, Kampala Building

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

After completeing the Kokoda Trail and having returned to Australia my wife asked me So what's next I had always wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and that was my answer. So in February 2015 I headed to Moshi in Tanzania having booked wi
Tags: Travel, Australia, Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro, Kokoda Trail, Moshi

White giraffes killed by poachers

White giraffes might sound like something out of a “through the looking glass”-type fantasy movie, but these rare giraffes do exist. Unfortunately, that might not be for long. White giraffes were first spotted in Kenya and Tanzania in 2016, and now two of them have reportedly been killed by poachers in northeastern Kenya. Rangers discovered the carcasses of a female and her calf in Kenya’s Garissa County. It’s believed that only one white giraffe remains in the world. Mohammed Ahmednoor, the ...
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Bad roads and worse roads

We knew today would be tough roads but it was certainly that and the good new is Nelly survived.We got up early to head to the border at Rusumu Falls to get to Tanzania. It would be polite to say it took us 2 hours to get through but there was a lot of
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The top 5 best value luxury Tanzania lodges

On most of the classic “fly-in” safaris, the lodges you stay at will all have a certain level of luxury which cannot be replicated on any other kind of holiday. The personalised safari experience really is unparalleled throughout the world of hospitality. The attention to detail, personalised service, friendly atmosphere and amazing food in the […] The post The top 5 best value luxury Tanzania lodges appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Let’s Talk About the Double Standard in Travel

Posted: 02/20/2020 | February 20th, 2020 Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse writes our regular column on solo female travel. It’s an important topic I can’t adequately cover, so I brought in an expert to share her advice for other women travelers to help cover the topics important and specific to them! In this month’s article, she explores the double standards that come with solo female travel. I rushed to the gate at Julius Nyerere Airport in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As the agent checked my ...
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5 amazing solo travel experiences in Africa

February is typically the month of romance.  However, as I am personally not a big fan of so-called ‘Hallmark Holidays,’ it seems fitting to reflect on embracing solitude – while travelling.  There could be no better continent than African to find oneself (safely) alone amongst wild things.  Here are my reflections on five of the […] The post 5 amazing solo travel experiences in Africa appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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The most remote train journeys

Train travel has a fresh spotlight on the tourism stage thanks to movements in slow and sustainable travel. One of our greenest choices, trains make us nomads back on the ground level. It’s a strange, meditative speed with ample time to process and daydream. Trains also allow us to roam where roads don’t go and gaze on things planes don’t see. These epic train adventures epitomize this spirit, giving us the best of both journey and destination. 1. Trans-Siberian Railway — Russia, Mongolia, a...
Tags: Travel, South Korea, Europe, Japan, Australia, Mexico, China, Trains, Russia, Singapore, Africa, Toronto, Thailand, Beijing, Malaysia, Moscow

The best places in Africa to see elephants

The big five are arguably the most renowned animals across the continent of Africa. Named because they were the hardest to hunt on foot, the buffalo, lion, leopard, rhino and elephant are probably the most photographed and sought-after animals for first time safari goers or seasoned professionals. There is certainly one animal that stands out […] The post The best places in Africa to see elephants appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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What is the Wim Hofmethod

I look down to see that my toes are a striking shade of vermilion. Upon closer inspection, my feet, legs, and the rest of my body, all the way to my shoulders, match the color of my toes. I’m in nothing but my soaked bathing suit and my woolen hat dancing to an upbeat tune, and after about one minute of a fun-filled, ungraceful jig, I can feel my body getting warmer. The 12 people similarly shaking it on Que Caliente beside me must be heating up again, too — everybody has a huge smile on thei...
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Maasai Water Wells Not Far From Tarangire National Park

It is another beautiful morning here in Tanzania. Again we have an early start as Sultan our most excellent guide explained that our activities should take place before the day gets too hot. But it never seems too hot to me here most mornings and evenin
Tags: Travel, Tanzania

Back to Africa Lake Burunge Tented Lodge

It's less hot here in Tanzania than I had hoped. The people who live here wear down jackets warm hats or hoods it must feel quite chilly to natives. And there has been lots of rain sporadic downpours that have so far arrived for us at convenient times
Tags: Travel, Tanzania, Africa Lake Burunge Tented Lodge

5 unique boutique safari lodges in Africa

The ever growing safari market makes it difficult to find those hidden gems which are low key, intimate, yet tick all the boxes a discerning safari enthusiast is looking for. As a result, some of the big names in the industry have created what I would call boutique safari lodges which are the perfect answer […] The post 5 unique boutique safari lodges in Africa appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Books to look forward to in 2020

Whether you’ve got big plans to travel the world in 2020 or intend to stay put, you’ll need a few good books to keep you company. All those hours waiting in airports, riding on trains, or spent tanning on beach loungers are always more satisfying and entertaining when filled with the written words. And if you happen to be home, but wish you could be elsewhere, the pages of a novel will provide the escapism you’re longing for. For those purposes (and more) we have selected 20 books being publi...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Books, New York, Hollywood, London, Minnesota, California, Berlin, Fiction, New York City, Africa, US, Brooklyn, Ireland, South Africa

Trump expands racist travel ban to 6 additional countries

The Trump administration today announced it will effectively block all immigration from Nigeria, Burma/Myanmar, and four other countries as the undead white supremacist travel ban rages on. Trump's 'acting' Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said the United States will immediately suspend the issuance of visas that can lead to permanent residency for nationals of Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar and Nigeria. More from Reuters: The United States will suspend the issuance of visas that can lead...
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10 of the most beautiful places in Africa

Africa naturally evokes visions of the wide open savannah dotted with acacia trees, as the sun settles over the horizon.  While this type of landscape is typical of African safari destinations, the continent is incredibly diverse with hidden gems in nearly every corner.  This article reveals a varied selection of ten of the most beautiful […] The post 10 of the most beautiful places in Africa appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Heritage on the Edge urges action on the climate crisis

Editor’s note: Guest author Dr. Toshiyuki Kono is President of the International Council on Monuments and Sites. Distinguished Professor Kono also teaches private international law and heritage law at Japan's Kyushu University.Preserving and protecting the past is essential for our future. This belief is at the core of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), a global non-government organization dedicated to the conservation of architectural and archaeological heritage.Our 10,0...
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