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Identifying Transferable Skills to Build Your Career

by  Joanna Samuels Welcome to Canada! One of the first things you can do to make your résumé and job application stronger is to identify your transferable skills. Let’s define the term “transferable skills” before we identify your specific skill set. Doing so will allow us to showcase your skills in your résumé and job interviews more effectively. Step 1: Understand the Meaning of Transferable Skills Transferable skills can be used in many different occupations and work environments. They co...
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Mandatory masking, this is going to be a mess.....

My own views on the utility of cloth masks in the Covid era notwithstanding, it looks like they're  going to be required in many if not all indoor public places soon.  Judging from social media I am in the decided minority in questioning their efficacy and safety, but in the majority when I go shopping.   The pro-mask camp is loud and brash on-line.  Not only do they wear masks, they think everyone should be forced to put one on as well.  When I'm  out shopping though the majority of people d...
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McMaster study on masks talks of possible benefits and possible harm...

I recently engaged in a discussion with the author of another blog, Cathie from Canada.  There was a a piece expressing the opinion that had the wearing of cloth masks been mandated from the very beginning, that it would have meant better results in Canada's fight against the novel coronavirus. I commented on her blog saying that I have yet to see a proper scientific study that demonstrates their effectiveness.  She countered citing research by MacMaster, and I found an article with an interv...
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Despite the best efforts of authorities, many still not afraid of the novel coronavirus....

We're over three months into the global pandemic with a constant stream of death and disease filling the public airwarves and digital news outlets.  Our world has been tossed upside down.  Millions of Canadians out of work, businesses closing never to re-open ever again, people dying because their life saving medical procedures were indefinitely delayed, children isolating at home with unemployed depressed parents with booze declared essential.   Horrific and devastating measures, but absolut...
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Your Home at Your Fingertips: Four Seasons Launches New Digital Experience for Private Residence Homeowners Worldwide

TORONTO, - Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the world's leading luxury hospitality company, has expanded its award-winning App and Chat platforms with enhanced residential features, giving Four Seasons Private Residence homeowners and residents the ability to connect with their designated residential teams from their phones, tablets or computers.
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Support for emergency measures shows how selfish some Canadians can be.

" We're all in the same boat ".How many times have you heard this thoughtless platitude?  I've heard it many times, and without exception it has come from someone for whom emergency measures are not that bad.  By "not that bad" I mean they have stable incomes, either from continuing employment or pension/retirement income.  They're healthy, secure and happily binge watching dumb TV shows.All their essential needs are being met, and many that aren't essential.  There are armies of workers out kee...
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Are blacks more prone to criminal behaviour?

Before anything I want to answer the question in the subject line of this blog post.  And the answer is NO!!!  Skin pigmetation has no role in determining behaviour, be it criminal or otherwise,  ZERO .   Why did I choose to make the subject line so inflamatory?   I imagine some saw it and felt their blood pressure go up a notch.  Sadly I think others probably saw it and said "Good, here's someone who shares my point of view".   It's this latter group that I'm hoping will read on.  I w...
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What does it mean to be progressive now?

I'm old, my twenty year old thinks I fart dust.  I used to view myself as a progressive, I still do but I don't know whether my views match up with the broader culture now. I tend to view the political realm as being a circle, and the centre of that circle represents the ideal, something we'll likely never reach but something that we strive for.  No matter where we are on the line of the circle, there's an angle and distance we must progress to reach that ideal.  As a society we can be off by...
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BLM protests provide another litmus test on the effectiveness of social distancing....

"Because you're out, we're staying in" That's a sign in some windows, supporting front line health care workers by doing what medical experts have been advocating, social distancing to prevent our health care systems from being overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients.   But does it work?   Based on what's been happening in Ontario's hospitals ever since the Victoria Day long weekend it sure doesn't look like it.  After the massive gathering in Toronto's Trinity Bellwood Park, an estimated 10,00...
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BLM protests provide another lithmus test on the effectiveness of social distancing....

"Because you're out, we're staying in" That's a sign in some windows, supporting front line health care workers by doing what medical experts have be advocating, social distancing to prevent our health care systems from being overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients.   But does it work?   Based on what's been happening in Ontario's hospitals ever since the Victoria Day long weekend it sure doesn't look like it.  After the massive gathering in Toronto's Trinity Bellwood Park, an estimated 10,000 ...
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The Politics of a Pandemic - Why governments can't admit they overreacted

Let's travel back in time, not far, just to early March 2020.  It probably seems a lifetime ago however given all that's happened in the interceding 3+ months.   As information was coming out of China and Italy about the novel coronavirus, the Imperial College of London published a research paper authored by their Coronavirus Response Team.  It was a scary report.  The ICL had modeled what would happen in the United States and Great Britain if the virus was allowed to spread unchecked.   P...
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Top 10 employers in Canada for 2020.

Forbes has released its list for the best places to work in Canada By Shelby Thevenot It is a good time to be looking for a job in Canada. With a low unemployment rate employers have to work harder to attract and retain top talent, as there are fewer available workers for each job opening. Forbes magazine and the market research company Statista surveyed 8,000 employees to determine the best places to work in Canada. Participants were working for businesses with at least 500 employees....
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Tracking the load put on Ontario's hospitals

The rationale behind so called "lock down" measures was that our beleaguered health care system would not be able to handle the strain of Covid-19 cases, There was, (and still is) a lot of merit to that line of thinking.  Ontario hospitals were operating over capacity a lot of the time before the pandemic, hallway medicine and long waits in ER were already the norm. In order to free up capacity a number of steps were taken, delaying elective and needed surgeries and cancer screenings as well ...
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We're not all in the same boat, millions are in the water....

We were all on the same boat unitl the coronavirus iceberg hit.  The boat being the world we knew before, a ship that has now sunk.  We're all in the water now, but some are in lifeboats, some have a life jacket, and some are clinging to debris.  A few are treading water with neither, and some don't know how to swim.   And its the arrogant selfish jerks in the lifeboats who are the most despicable.   Empty and meaningless platitudes are used by thoughtless people all the time, those with m...
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Bellwood or no Bellwood the coronavirus is not going away anytime soon - It may never go away

Lots of people are expressing anger, frustration and disbelief about reports of thousands of people gathering in Toronto's Trinity Bellwood park recently.  Part of this anger is based on the misguided and completely false notion that if not for this kind of behaviour the pandemic would be over and people could go back to living their normal lives.   Well folks here's your daily dose of simple reality, the novel coronavirus is not going away any time soon.  In point of fact it may never go awa...
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Large gatherings at Toronto's Trinity Bellwood park - Now we'll see what happens....

My anti lockdown opinions notwithstanding, this is not the kind of activity I would take part in or even advocate.  Lest anyone think otherwise, I do not buy into any of the conspiracy theories and I do not believe the coronavirus is a hoax, it is very real.  With that being said I do not think the threat warranted the measures brought in by governments and health officials.  But for the moment that is beside the point. I first saw this tweeted by blogTO, but I wanted at least one additional ...
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Drive-in art exhibit

Starting on June 18, art lovers in Toronto, Canada, will have the chance to be fully immersed in the impressionist world of Vincent Van Gogh at a drive-in exhibit cleverly titled “Gogh in your car.” The digital art show will be held at a 4,000-square-foot warehouse and will admit 14 vehicles at a time. The show is designed to be a mesmerizing experience, as guests will be surrounded by paintings, evoking the sensation of floating in a sea of color. Visitors will remain in their cars througho...
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Bumble and Airbnb virtual dates

Dating apps are a tricky business these days. We have more time than ever to sit around and mindlessly swipe left or right, but actually going on a date is a complicated prospect in the era of social distancing. Awkwardly FaceTiming with your match, or having a bizarre date where you stay six-feet apart the whole time, aren’t exactly the romantic beginnings you’ll want to tell your grandkids about. To make online dating easier, Bumble and Airbnb are partnering to offer virtual online experien...
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Wisconsin’s Lake Country guide

Wisconsin has an astounding 15,000 lakes scattered throughout the state, and no visit to this low-key Midwestern region would be complete without a detour to Wisconsin’s Lake Country in Waukesha County. Situated just 30 minutes outside of the state’s largest city, Milwaukee, and only an hour from the capital, Madison, Lake Country is home to over 250 lakes. With so many lakes to choose from, picking the right ones to visit on a day trip from Milwaukee can be overwhelming. Each has its own per...
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Lockdown measures are like having a "no peeing" section in a swimming pool.

I have a lot of empathy for those who are upset with current lockdown measures, there is a lot of damage being done.  And I'm not just talking small scale personal pain and discomfort either.  The UN is now warning of a global famine of Biblical proportions due to global lockdown measures. and human health are not mutually exclusive constructs, each one impacts the other. Har...
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Best U.S. Travel Agents for European Travel

I’ve worked with a good number of travel agents over the years who have booked Eye Prefer Paris Tours for their clients, establishing close working relationships with many of them and some have become friends.   As you could imagine, this is a very difficult time in the travel business, as travel has been mostly restricted around the world and flights, cruises, vacations, and other forms of travel have either been cancelled, or delayed indefinitely. All of my tours have been cancelled unt...
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Lockdown in Paris: Day 29 - Easter 2020

Confinement tulips...just as beautiful even behind the gray bars. Instead of running, this morning I went for a one-hour walk at 9am, participating in the Abbey Bookshop’s “Social Distancing Hike” on Zoom where participants shared our neighborhood “hike” with each other via smartphone. I had another police check for my attestation in the middle of our Zoom, much to the amusement of the others (I didn’t realize they could hear). It was quite busy at the food shops and bakeries, which were open...
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The best LGBTQ online entertainment

Before social distancing became the new normal, April was chock-full of major LGBTQ events, and while the coronavirus has caused massive cancellations (RIP Black Party 2020!), queer community leaders aren’t letting COVID-19 get in the way of their spring flings. LGBTQ outlets around the world have created virtual community centers, concert halls, and dance clubs to combat the isolation caused by the pandemic, and the options for connecting seem endless. The only problem? With a wealth of no...
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Startup group works to get flat-packed protective boxes to frontline COVID-19 medical workers

There are a number of initiatives by startup companies and entrepreneurs looking to support the healthcare response to COVID-19, and one that’s addressing a need in the realm of personal protective equipment is the COVID Box project launched by a group of volunteers in Toronto that includes startup founders and employees, as well as doctors and healthcare professionals. The COVID-19 intubation box that this group is working to produce is a polycarbonate box that can be flat-packed for easy shipp...
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A screeching halt...

Our round the world adventure turned into a scramble to get home when The Virus changed our plans for us.We were fortunate to be able to revise our flights to get back to Toronto via Vancouver.It meant missing a week in Rarotonga which we have long
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There are jobs in smaller cities for new immigrants to Canada.

Smaller cities offer good job opportunities, more affordable housing, and high quality of life By Kareem El-Assal Over the past twenty years, Canada has sought to encourage more immigrants to move to its smaller cities. The main tool it has used to pursue this goal has been the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The PNP enables provinces and territories across the country to develop their own eligibility criteria for economic class immigrants and then nominate immigrants who meet their la...
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How to get cheap flights with VPN

Flight booking hacks seem about as ubiquitous as grocery store coupons. From booking on a Wednesday to booking a connecting flight only to ditch the connection, the internet is filled with loads of virtual advice on how to fly around for less. But have you ever considered booking from another country? Since airfares are notoriously inconsistent, and the person sitting next to you on the plane may have paid half or five times what you did, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that airlines charge...
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The Future Of Toronto: 6 Hot Luxury Hotels Opening In 2020

Toronto is one of my favorite cities in the world. I have visited the Canadian capital of Ontario for decades and marveled at its ability to be a world-class metropolitan city with soaring skyscrapers as well as a remarkable dynamic landscape of cultures and people from around the globe. More than 50% of its population are minorities, and it creates the most vibrant community of neighborhoods, from Downtown to Yorkville and beyond.
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Why Massive Global Events are a Catalyst for Change | By Alan Young

Uncertain times are a catalyst for change, especially within the hospitality industry. Hospitality, after all, has always held a somewhat notorious reputation for being reluctant to change. While other sectors are, by nature, more malleable to new-edge advancements and best practices, our industry often takes its time, testing the waters long before making the commitment to dive in. That is until a global event inspires disruption that simply can't be ignored. A worldwide crisis, natural...
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COVID-19 is a Hotel Crisis with a Digital Marketing Offshoot | By Larry Mogelonsky

This blog is being written as the China-originating outbreak is showing some signs of slowing down in that mother country but ramping up worldwide. Living through the 2003 SARS epidemic in my hometown of Toronto, this current crisis is already echoing the pattern of huge occupancy drops while air travel has already been decimated.
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