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Elba in Italy will refund money

Weather is perhaps the one aspect of your holiday you can’t predict, and it can ruin your vacation, especially if you planned to spend some time sunbathing on the beach. To make holidaymakers happy no matter the weather and attract tourists at the start of the season, an island in Italy island has found a solution. Elba Island, one of the largest islands off the coast of Tuscany has come up with the “Elba No Rain” initiative. The program is designed to refund visitors throughout the entire m...
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Artigianato e Palazzo: the Annual Event Celebrating Artisans in Florence

Artigianato e Palazzo, an annual exhibit and market showcasing Florentine artisans, is celebrating its 25th year in 2019, so it seemed high time I dedicate an article to it on this blog! It takes place every May in the historic Corsini Gardens, part of the private home of Princess Giorgiana Corsini, making it possible for the public to enjoy this fragrant space once a year. Princess Corsini recently opened up her home for an intimate aperitivo with a few of her friends and a group of bloggers an...
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The Amalfi Coast: a Luxury Itinerary

Luxury, much like Tuscany and the color black, seems to have a new iteration each season, with pundits breathlessly informing us that though last year Umbria was the new Tuscany and Millennial Pink the new black, this year it’s Abruzzo and Ultra Violet. However, where geographic areas and colors have relatively fixed definitions, the concept of luxury is a more fluid and changeable, shifting with technological advances (see high-speed wifi) and the caprices of trend (Instagram-photo-shoot concie...
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What is fractional ownership

Millennials may have ruined a lot, but they have made sharing cool again. Undoing the Boomers’ hard work during the “Me” decade of the 1980s, sharing has returned to fashion. Rideshares. Boat-shares. Communal tables. Conventional wisdom says sharing is back, baby! Except for one place: timeshares. Timeshares still come with a seedy connotation of unscrupulous realtors luring in unsuspecting people in with promises of free side-by-side refrigerators. Then after a three-hour high-pressure sales p...
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Milis in Sardinia

By Walter Sanders In 2018, when Sharon was studying Italian in Bergamo, and I caught up with her in Cremona, we met up with old pals James Martin and Martha Bakerjian.  These renowned Italy bloggers split their time between northern California and a small town in the wild and wooly Lunigiana section of Tuscany near […]
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Historic sites opening around Rome

Rome certainly isn’t lacking in historic sites, but that doesn’t mean they’re all open to the public. From April 25 to April 28, however, several monasteries, parks, and historic palaces that are usually closed will be open to the public in an event called the Dimore Storiche del Lazio. The aim is to showcase the hidden treasures of the Lazio region, which encompasses Rome. While most visitors to Italy find their way to Rome at some point during their trip, many often bypass the rest of the L...
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10 must-see Mediterranean cruise ports

A Mediterranean cruise is the Whitman’s Sampler of journeys. A taste of Santorini here, a nibble of Naples there, a morsel of Mykonos this day and a bite of Barcelona that day. And like with a box of chocolates, first-timers never know what they’re gonna get. That is, unless they do their research or take the advice of those both experienced and honest. Queue the discerning sea-legged travel writer with a list of his top 10 Mediterranean ports: Built nearly 2,000 years ago, the Roman Colosse...
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How to visit Switzerland by train

“Taking a train trip through Switzerland” sounds like an overblown cliche of a dream vacation. Like “living in an above-water villa in Tahiti” or “eating your way through Tuscany.” Conjuring up images of sipping coffee as you gaze out big, panoramic windows at white mountains that shine so bright you have to squint. And there’s probably someone yodeling in the background. And that’s pretty much exactly what it is. We had the opportunity to travel with Vacations By Rail through one of the most...
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Best glamping resorts for summer

The term “glamping” almost sounds like a snide put down from hard-core backpackers towards bougie people in nature. “Oh, they got BATHROOMS at that place?” a salty, grizzled hiker might say. “That’s not camping. That’s glamping!” But you know what? Sometimes it’s nice to take a hot shower, sip a couple glasses of wine, and retire into 1,000-thread-count sheets at the end of a long day of outdoor activity. And if that means people who don’t mind going a week without changing t-shirts look down...
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Best Bakery in Lucca

By Sharon Sanders Panificio Giusti. Just typing those words and I salivate. Giusti is a fine bakery in the center of Lucca on Via S. Lucia. Forno a Vapore Amedeo Giusti (steam oven bakery Amedeo Giusti) creates a variety of breads and pastries using stone-ground organic DOP (protected place of origin) flour, heirloom grains, extra-virgin […]
Tags: Travel, Food, Bakery, Tuscany, Lucca, Focaccia, Giusti, Italian Bakery, Tuscan cooking, artisinal Italian ingredients, Heirloom Grains, Italian Bread, Panificio, Sharon Sanders Panificio Giusti, Lucia Forno, Amedeo Giusti

Dream Weaver in Lucca

By Sharon Sanders Weaver Genni Tommasi was profiled in a recent Dream of Italy newsletter article about artisans in Lucca. I bookmarked the piece and this morning made the pilgrimage to Tommasi Loomworks at Via Sant’Andrea 28 to meet the tanto talented Signora Tommasi and her gentle assistant, the collie Lady Hawke. As promised in […]
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The Walls of Lucca

“Nel caso di Lucca ci si fierisce quasi sempre, anzi sempre, alla citta definita dall’ambito delle Mura. Perche di essa apprezziao non solo la forma, gli aspetti storici e urbanistici, l’esistenza di monumenti, di beni ed eventi culturali, ma anche la presenza di negozi, di attivita varie, commerciali, degli uffic pubblici e privati; della gente […]
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Underrated European wine regions

Western Europe’s beautiful wine regions get plenty of attention, and there’s a good chance you recognize them by name: Champagne, Bordeaux, and Rioja just to name a few. But there’s a whole world of wine just waiting to be discovered further afield. While often overlooked, Eastern and Southern Europe’s wine regions are beautiful in their own right, brimming with history and rich winemaking traditions. They also tend to be much more affordable than in the west. The next time you’re looking for...
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Beneath the surface: Tuscany’s ancient walking trails

The vie cave network of sunken paths, dug more than 2,000 years ago, offers a fascinating way to explore a little-visited corner of southern Tuscany‘Here there are wild boars with four legs, and wild boars with two,” says Walk Italy tour leader Roberto Carpano. We are drinking volcanic wine in the tiny village of Sovana, and he is referring to the fact that people from this forested, hilly part of southern Tuscany (50 miles south of Siena and as close to Rome as Florence) are sometimes nicknamed...
Tags: Travel, Rome, Heritage, Italy, Florence, Walking Holidays, Siena, Tuscany, Europe Holidays, Italy Holidays, Tuscany Holidays, Roberto Carpano, Sovana

Truffle Hunting in Tuscany: in the woods, with a dog, digging for tartufo

The truffle hunter, much like his cousin the porcini hunter, is a lone beast. Out at the crack of dawn with his faithful dog, armed with a spade and dressed in camouflage, he moves under cover of darkness so that nobody finds out where he searches for the precious subterranean fungus. He spreads the aromatic equivalents of landmines to throw rival beasts off track, doing everything to protect his livelihood, for bringing in a precious edible of sufficient size can feed his family for a week. Luc...
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A Gorge Adventure in the Lunigiana

My descriptions of the historical territory of La Lunigiana in northern Tuscany tend to drift toward the tranquil beauty of mountains and valleys, the idyllic countryside that brings us a variety of good things to eat. But there is adventure here, too, in the place I make my Italian home. Places where the earth cracks and exposes a colorful center. A river runs through it. Call it a fluvial gorge. Take a guided trip. Learn things you never knew before from a hidden corner of Tuscany. Stretti...
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Immerse Yourself in Italian Food Culture at Cooking School

I still have my career break travels to thank for many things in my life. I basically owe my travel blogging career to my career break, and I also owe a lot of my friendships to it too; friendships that keep giving back to me. You may not know this but 12 years ago as part of my career break travels I took an Italian language and cooking class for a month immersed and living in Sorrento Italy with a local family. Living the Italian Dream I was sort of trying to test out living the ‘Under the T...
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Best pancake recipes around world

Debates rage in the US over the superiority of waffles versus pancakes. Poll the global community, though, and the answer becomes obvious: pancakes. While several countries have their own takes on waffles, traditional pancake recipes span the continents, incorporate more creative flavors, fall on both sides of the sweet-savory divide, and come in all different shapes and sizes, proving just how seriously the world takes this delicious staple. Take note IHOP: Each of these 13 delicious interna...
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In the Kitchen with Filippo Saporito at Cordon Bleu Firenze

“You are what you eat,” says Filippo Saporito, which is why when you cook, you must pay utmost attention. Today I sat in at a lesson that is part of the eight-week intensive professional chef course at the Cordon Bleu cooking school in Florence. Ten students (5 international, 5 Italian) are perfecting their skills here, and every few days they have a guest chef from around Tuscany. This is far from your usual pasta-making class for tourists. The students have straight backs, pressed jackets, ski...
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Tuscan paradise: a fabulous home swap vacation in Italy

Barbara & Iain visited the beautiful city of Lucca during their Tuscan swap We love hearing about members' home exchange experiences! Here is recent feedback from members, Barbara and Iain, on their non-simultaneous home swap to Christopher and Adrian's beautiful home in Pescaglia, Tuscany, Italy. "We arranged a non-simultaneous home exchange with Christopher and Adrian. Arranging the swap was easy and the communication with Christopher and Adrian was always clear, ...
Tags: Travel, Italy, Adrian, Tuscany, Lucca, Christopher, Barbara, Iain, Prato, Appenine, Barbara Iain, Pescaglia Tuscany Italy, Pistoia Florence, La Roccia, Barbara Iain Photos, Christopher Adrian

Six Days in Tuscany With Andrea Bocelli

Six days in Tuscany with singer Andrea Bocelli. Tour of Tuscany ends with a fantastic concert with the singer in a dry lake bed near Lajatico, his hometown
Tags: Travel, Italy, Concert, Florence, Tuscany, Andrea Bocelli, Pisa, Cultures & Festivals, Lajatico

Places to travel to get over an ex

Sorry folks, Valentine’s Day is over, and half of the couples you saw flooding your Instagram feed with #bae #forever will be broken up by summer. Oh, you were one of the people that posted a gratuitous kissing selfie? Well, we sincerely wish you the best of luck in your romantic endeavors — but perusing airfares wouldn’t hurt, in case you have to make a quick escape. Whether you’ve just been dumped, plan on dropping a big bomb on your partner soon, or can’t imagine this relationship outlas...
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ETW #2 Travel to Italy | Interview with Stephen Oddo

From to Naples to Milan and everywhere in-between, learn how to plan the perfect trip to Italy with top travel tips provided by Stephen Oddo, co-founder of Walks of Italy. Episode #2 is all about how to plan the best trip to Italy, whether it’s your first time or one of many. Italy is one of those rare destinations around the world that has captured the imaginations of almost every tourist. Either you want to visit or you have already visited, Italy is one of the most popular countries in th...
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February News from Dianne

Cari amici, While many people in northern climes are eagerly awaiting the first signs of Spring, I'm also counting the days to publication of LA PASSIONE on April 16. Here's the final proof of the front cover--and some pre-pub reviews that warmed my heart: "In this inquisitive celebration of the Italian spirit, Hales traverses the country, exploring its history and culture...The chapters on food will delight readers with descriptions of artisan foods... Sure to inspire many vacations, this vol...
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The Da Vinci road: walking through Tuscany

Five hundred years after the death of Leonardo, our writer sets off on a walk between the Renaissance cities of Florence and Siena, sampling sublime food and wine along the wayOn the first morning, I lean out of my hotel window in Florence and admire the garden below. Whose can it be? There’s a wonderful curving greenhouse that leans on an ancient wall. There are palms and lemon trees, fragments of time-worn statuary, an elegant wrought-iron table with a chair. On the table is a folded newspaper...
Tags: Travel, Food And Drink, Florence, Walking Holidays, Siena, Tuscany, Italy Holidays, Tuscany Holidays, Da Vinci, Leonardo, Florence holidays

San Biagio in Montepulciano, Tuscany

Down in the valley, below the handsome town of Montepulciano, sits the Tempio di San Biagio. From above, this church dedicated to Saint Blaise looks like a compact jewel box, its cream travertine facade in contrast with the green cypresses and vineyards of the expansive Tuscan countryside. San Biagio is monumental in scale. Designed by Antonio da Sangallo, the church is modeled after the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Carceri in Prato, a church designed by Antonio’s older brother Gi...
Tags: Travel, Architecture, Renaissance, Florence, Tuscany, Peter, Antonio, San Biagio, Montepulciano, Prato, Blaise, Brunelleschi, Churches And Basilicas, Giuliano, Antonio da Sangallo, Montepulciano Tuscany

San Biagio: Renaissance Jewel in Montepulciano, Tuscany

Down in the valley, below the handsome medieval town of Montepulciano, sits the Tempio di San Biagio. From above, this church dedicated to Saint Blaise looks like a compact jewel box, its cream travertine facade in contrast with the green cypresses and vineyards of the expansive Tuscan countryside. San Biagio is monumental in scale. Designed by Antonio da Sangallo, the church is modeled after the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Carceri in Prato, a church designed by Antonio’s older b...
Tags: Travel, Architecture, Renaissance, Florence, Tuscany, Peter, Antonio, San Biagio, Biagio, Montepulciano, Prato, Blaise, Brunelleschi, Churches And Basilicas, Giuliano, Antonio da Sangallo

What I’m Doing This Year to Learn About Wine

I only recently started drinking wine. Until age 40 I actually didn’t drink at all, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Far from becoming a lush, what I really want to do is learn about wine in all its fascinating variations (or varietals!) and hone my palate into a greater ability to recognize the finest of flavours. This year my main resolution is to be more dedicated to learning about wine in various, more structured ways than I’ve used so far. Talking about this goal with friends, I find...
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Italy Photo Tour

Viva Italia! I’m really thrilled to announce that my Italy Photo Tour is back and better than ever before. That being said, I have 2 spots left and would love to have you join me! On this special tour, I’m bringing only 8 guests to keep the group small and intimate. We visit world-class museums like the Vatican Museum in Rome and the legendary Ufizzi in Florence. We also get expert guides on these museum visits, skip all the lines with VIP passes and do the same at several other historic sites...
Tags: Travel, Rome, Italy, Florence, Tuscany, Italian Riviera, Roman Forum, Ken Kaminesky, Cinque Terre, Viva Italia, Manarola, Vatican Museum, Roman Colosseum, Ufizzi, Roman Forum the Duomo, Vatican City The Duomo

10-day itinerary for Italy: An affordable trip to Rome, Florence and Venice

When planning a vacation in Italy, it’s tempting to want to see and do it all. It’s very easy to over schedule your trip, especially on a tight time frame like a 10-day visit. To really get into la dolce vita, it’s better to limit yourself to a few cities or towns and take your time in each one. Delays and unforeseen events (along with these common tourists mistakes) can derail even the best-planned schedules and cause stress, which is the opposite of what your vacation should be about. If you’r...
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