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Interview With Janet Skeslien Charles, Author of The Paris Library

I  am happy to publish my interview with Janet Skeslien Charles, author of the bestselling book, The Paris Library, which was the selection for my Eye Prefer Paris Book of the Month for February 2021. If you haven’t read the book yet, I highly recommend it, it’s an inspiring story that will  rewake  you to the importance of books.  CLICK HERE to order your copy of The Paris Library. How did you come up with the idea to write The Paris Library?   I’m interested in journeys. Gro...
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Ukraine holds borscht soup fest with political flavour

Ukraine seeks Unesco status for its beetroot soup - but Russians and Poles call it theirs too.
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(CNN) — If a steaming bowl of soup strike...

(CNN) — If a steaming bowl of soup strikes you as the ultimate in old-fashioned comfort, you’ve got plenty of company. Soup is one of the world’s oldest and most universal foods, said Janet Clarkson, author of the book “Soup: A Global History.” “Every culture has some kind of soup,” she said. “It’s got very ancient roots.” Early people simmered everything from turtle shells to lengths of bamboo in soup, she writes in the book, turning out metal soup pots starting in the Bronze Age. Boiling food ...
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Horwath HTL Sentiment Survey: Ukraine Hotel Market & COVID-19 Impact

The first hotel market sentiment survey conducted in Ukraine as a combined effort of the Ukrainian Hotel & Resort Association (UHRA) and Horwath HTL Hungary. The report gives an overview on how much the local hotel industry has been impacted by COVID-19 and what local hoteliers believe the future holds. The results are somewhat surprising as in some instances they are more optimistic than what we have experienced elsewhere in CEE.
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Canada launches a mobility working group with Ukraine to expand collaboration on migration between Canada and Ukraine.

  News release January 27, 2021—Ottawa— The Honourable Marco E. L. Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, today announced the establishment of a new Canada–Ukraine Mobility Working Group, to identify and improve mobility opportunities for Ukrainians seeking to come to Canada, once COVID-19 restrictions are removed, while continuing to ensure the integrity of our respective migration and visa frameworks.This mobility working group is a unique partnership between the ...
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#UAE-Based Israeli In Talks to Buy Israir While Al Habtoor Passes - Bloomberg

UAE-Based Israeli In Talks to Buy Israir While Al Habtoor Passes - BloombergAn Israeli businessman, who’s been operating in the United Arab Emirates’ commercial hub of Dubai for the past 14 years, is in talks to buy Israel’s Israir Airlines, hoping a new normalization pact between the countries will offer an opportunity for expanded operations.NY Koen Group’s chief executive officer, Naum Koen, was born in Ukraine, became a naturalized Israeli citizen in 1994 and in 2006, using his Ukrainian pas...
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US indicts 6 Russian intelligence officers for hacking: All you need to know

The US Department of Justice has charged six Russian officers of the notorious Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) for attempting to undermine 2017 French elections, hacking the 2018 Winter Olympics, and hacking critical infrastructure in Ukraine and Georgia, among other things. The six officers belong to the hacking group infamously known as “Sandworm Team” that has previously been accused by the US of hacking Hilary Clinton’s emails. The British National Cyber Security Centre also anno...
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Germany, France push for digital sovereignty to mitigate American dominance

The German government is pushing for Europe’s digital sovereignty and the Bundestag is discussing how to influence EU’s impending Digital Services Act to that effect, Thomas Heilmann, a German parliamentarian and a member of the German Digital Agenda Committee, said. France, too, is actively working on achieving sovereignty in the digital space, Marine Guillaume, the Deputy to the Ambassador for Digital Affairs in the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs said. Both of them spoke at different p...
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Twitter, Facebook limit distribution of New York Post stories on Joe Biden’s son

Twitter and Facebook said they were limiting the distribution of a series of news articles by the New York Post, supposedly containing unverified claims about Democratic president nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. Facebook restricted users from linking to the articles until they could be fact-checked by the company’s third-party partners. Twitter, on the other hand, blocked users from posting the articles or even photos from them. Twitter and Facebook’s actions come during a contentious peri...
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Guest Post: Irina Lapko

  Hello everybody and thank you Corey for inviting me to be a guest on your blog.  I’ve been reading Corey’s blog from the beginning when she started it many years ago.  We first became online friends but later met when Corey and Yann stayed with us in Hong Kong for a few days and later I visited their beautiful home in Provence.    Oh, I forgot to introduce myself:  My name is Irina. I live in Florida after moving to the States from Hong Kong in 2016, first to Alexandria, Vi...
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Indian startup founders gear up to take on Google’s Play Store policies

About a month ago, Vijay Shekhar Sharma (VSS), the founder of payments company Paytm, created a WhatsApp group for Indian startup founders, to enable them to network and connect with each other. Called “India Startup Connect”, the group currently has 163 members. At 12:29 pm on Tuesday afternoon, a message on the group from Murugavel Janakiraman set a chain of events into motion, which could have consequences for Google in India. Janakiraman – better known as Muruga – is a battle-hardened Indian...
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In praise of nudity: The nudist beaches of Central and Eastern Europe

They lie on towels, blankets and mattresses, without wind screens, but under umbrellas. Deep in thought, they stand up to their knees in the water. Some build sandcastles and collect shells. Others play cards, backgammon, volleyball or badminton. Some are reading. They rub themselves with oils and are damp from the water or bone dry from the sun. The old and middle-aged, young people and children. They nibble on sunflower seeds, slice up watermelon and drink beer. They don't look at each other. ...
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Former Facebook employee’s memo indicates company’s inability, lack of interest in policing disinformation campaigns worldwide: Report

A letter written by a former Facebook employee after being fired from the company points to the social media giant’s inability and unwillingness to act on fake and inauthentic accounts, according a report by BuzzFeed News. Sophie Zhang, who worked as a data scientist at Facebook until recently, penned a 6.600-word memo detailing how she struggled to make her company pay enough attention to fake accounts, whose activity she said was undermining elections and affecting political discourse across t...
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Restream raises $50M to help creators program and stream to multiple platforms

Live streaming of video has come into its own during the coronavirus pandemic, with services like Zoom, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and many others giving people a way to stay connected with each other, run events and continue working even when they can not be in the same physical spaces together. Now, a startup called Restream, which has built a platform to help those who want to stream to more than one place simultaneously, is announcing a big round of funding on the heels of seeng its business ...
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Our ongoing list of how countries are reopening, and which ones remain under lockdown

Models present creations from the Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2021 men's collection in a live-streamed show at the university campus of the Humanitas Research Foundation in one of the first physical fashion shows since the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, during Milan Digital Fashion Week in Rozzano, south of Milan, Italy, July 15, 2020. REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, some countries are putting their citizens on various forms of lockd...
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What to Do Over 3 Days in Krakow, Poland

Located in southern Poland, Krakow is one of Eastern Europe’s many hidden gems. Its old medieval architecture blends well with the more modern remnants of the city’s time under communist control, – one of the reasons why Krakow attracts visitors from all over the world.  But Krakow offers so much more than meets the eye for travel newbies and seasoned veterans alike. After spending a month navigating the city on a bicycle, it’s safe to say this modern yet medieval town holds a special place i...
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Facebook takes down misinformation networks linked to Roger Stone, Bazilian President Bolsonaro

Facebook took down four networks that engaged in misinformation in the US, Brazil, Ukraine, and Latin and Central Americas, including a network linked to Trump aide Roger Stone and another linked to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Except for the network that targeted people in Latin and Central Americas, all the other three networks targeted domestic audiences. Two of the four networks used advertising/PR firms, while the American and Brazilian networks were linked to people associated with ...
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Facebook takes down misinformation networks linked to Roger Stone, Brazilian President Bolsonaro

Facebook took down four networks that engaged in misinformation in the US, Brazil, Ukraine, and Latin and Central Americas, including a network linked to Trump aide Roger Stone and another linked to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Except for the network that targeted people in Latin and Central Americas, all the other three networks targeted domestic audiences. Two of the four networks used advertising/PR firms, while the American and Brazilian networks were linked to people associated with ...
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Romanian Virus Death Toll Rises to Worst in EU’s Eastern Wing

(Bloomberg) -- Romania is suffering a surge in fatalities caused by the coronavirus after tens of thousands of its citizens returned from Italy and Spain, making it the worst-hit nation in central and eastern Europe.The death toll surged to 69 in the past 24 hours, with more than 2,100 people infected with COVID-19. That’s almost the combined number of deaths in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. The latter two countries -- along with Romania -- were among the European Union’s first after I...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 21 February 2020

By all accounts, the Airbus A220 is a lovely plane, well liked by airlines and passengers alike. How ironic that this great airplane almost completely destroyed its developer – Bombardier. See story below. Good morningThe Covid-19 virus (it now has a name) has been enormously on my mind the last several weeks, and for very direct and personally impactful reasons.  To help clarify my thinking, I wrote a detailed and careful analysis of the present situation and the possible unfolding future, an...
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Why Do You Need to Visit Kiev and Odessa for Vacation?

The new and beautiful travel destination is Ukraine but sometimes it is overlooked by several visitors. However, Ukraine is the best choice if you are looking for something naturally amazing, rich culture as well as lots of attractions for tourists. This country has a long history with a diverse range of places such as the cultural and business center of Kiev to the city of parks and beaches Odessa. These cities are waiting for you to explore these vacations. Here are some of the reasons why to ...
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10 sights of Kiev Ukraine that need to be seen

Imagine that a person who had never been to Kiev before came to visit you. It is not for long in the capital of Ukraine so you are faced with a rather difficult task to show the guest the most important thing so that he has a clear idea of what the
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Inside Life on the Crew Decks on Coronavirus-Stricken Diamond Princess Cruise Ship

Three times a day, Gie and her team push a convoy of dining carts through the corridors of the quarantined luxury cruise ship Diamond Princess. Wearing face masks and gloves, they stop at occupied rooms, greeting passengers and delivering meals before moving on to the next deck. The task runs like clockwork — crew members offload appetizers, the main course, drinks and utensils, largely in that order. (Sometimes, there’s dessert.) But lately, something often interrupts their flow: The thank...
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How to say ‘I love you’ in 68 countries

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and if there is one thing you need to be prepared for on February 14, it is to say “I love you.” Whether your special someone does not speak the same language as you do, and you want to make sure you get your point across, or you simply want to impress your beloved on this romantic day by giving them a world tour of this beautiful sentiment, here is how to say “I love you” in 70 languages. Africa Ethiopia: In Ethiopia, you would say, ewedihale lehu (...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 31 January 2020

The stunning Customs Square looking out to the river in the heart of the stately world heritage city of Bordeaux.  We’ll be based here for a week in our May tour of France. Good morningIt is the dawn of a new era for Britain today.  At 6pm Eastern or 3pm Pacific time, ie 11pm GMT on 31 January 2020, Britain formally leaves the EU.  Depending on who you choose to believe, it will be the start of a new golden era of independent prosperity and a return to Britain’s leading role on the world stag...
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Eco-friendly trips to take in 2020

As 2019 came to a close, we wrote that some travel can actually be good for the planet. When we travel to natural habitats, we show locals, businesses, and policy-makers that there’s value in preserving these places. Tourism provides local communities with a viable economic alternative to selling for extraction and development. Visitors fuel jobs, giving a tangible, real-time value to natural resources. But where should you go? We talked to experts around the world and got their top picks on...
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Our Offbeat Travel List: 13 Destinations You’re Not Considering…But Should

There is certainly no shortage of “Hot Travel Destinations” or “Best Places to Visit in 2020” lists circulating these days. But, we find that most of these lists include many of the usual or well-known travel destinations. As we field questions about our own favorite destinations, most memorable experiences and where we recommend people to travel, we thought we’d add a twist to the traditional travel destination lists and share some offbeat, unusual, lesser-known or unconventional destinations t...
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10 of the best budget spa holidays in eastern Europe

From the Czech Republic to the Ukraine, quality (and unusual) health treatments can be found at a fraction of western Europe pricesFor 800 years the waters around Cieplice have treated the cream of central European society as well as US ambassador (later president) John Quincy Adams. Such folk demanded frescoed dining salons, broad parks and splendid swimming pools, all of which remain. The thermal springs are particularly rich in sulphur, iodine and radon. Among the 70 treatments, the focus is ...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 17 January 2020

Narrow winding cobblestone streets, ancient buildings, boutiques, wine stores, and restaurants galore all combine to make the town of St Emilion one of our favorites in the Bordeaux region.  We’ll visit it during our May tour. Good morningI’ve continued to update some of the content on the older pages on the website, and earlier this week made a start on updating the airline policies and fees for checked baggage.  This is difficult to keep on top of, because not only are airlines constantly in...
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How Street Food is the Ultimate Travel Guide: 50 Favorite Street Food Dishes

Food and travel, one of life’s great experience intersections. Although we enjoy our share of refined cuisine and elaborate meals at restaurants, it’s often our street food quests around the world — raw on-the-ground journeys that convey authenticity — that yield some of life’s most revealing moments and enlighten us in unexpected ways. Here are our 50 favorite street food dishes from around the world. Food generally serves as a natural gateway to a more profound understanding of cultu...
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