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Don’t Waste the Effort, Let Air Italy Fail On Its Own

The big three US airlines (American, Delta, and United) have been hammering on the big three Middle East carriers (Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar) for illegal subsidies for many years now. I’ve written about this several times, and I’ve been semi-sympathetic to at least a part of the argument. But recently, the fight has shifted. It now seems to have centered on Qatar’s investment in Air Italy, and that hardly seems worth a fight at this point. The hard part is knowing when that changes. The...
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When Buying Flights Overseas, Always Check the Currency

When you’re overseas, paying in local currency is often the best move for your wallet—except when it comes to flights.Read more...
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Ends Thursday: 60,000 Mile Bonus Offer for United Explorer Card

The standard public offer for the main United credit card from Chase has let you earn 40,000 miles. More miles have mostly been available on a targeted basis. And the card has usually had its $95 annual fee apply straight away in the first year. However Chase has one of the biggest public offers I’ve ever seen for the United Explorer Card and it's reported to be ending on Thursday. Continue reading Ends Thursday: 60,000 Mile Bonus Offer for United Explorer Card...
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United Unable to Book Lufthansa First Class Award Tickets, Should Be Temporary

United MileagePlus has had issues booking awards on several Star Alliance partners this year, some of which have been resolved. A new one that's arisen is an inability to book Lufthansa first class awards . Continue reading United Unable to Book Lufthansa First Class Award Tickets, Should Be Temporary...
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Review: United’s New Spider-Man Business Class Amenity Kit

United Airlines has launched a marketing partnership with the new Spider-Man: Far From Home movie being released July 2. The airline has a new Spider-Man safety video , will let you redeem miles for movie tickets , and has a new Spider-Man business class amenity kit . The airline sent me one of their new amenity kits. If you're really into Spider-Man or the broader Marvel universe you're going to want one. Continue reading Review: United’s New Spider-Man Business Class Amenity Kit...
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Is the Port Authority of New York New Jersey Stealing Money from Newark Airport (and United)?

Back in September United threatened to pull out of Newark over $20 million in fuel taxes targeted at its operations. They were never going to leave, but made their (perfectly reasonable) point about New Jersey trying to extract revenue from just them. United has also complained that Newark airport is overcharging them, and the FAA agrees. This past fall the FAA found that the Port Authority of New York New Jersey which manages the airport “routinely diverted airport revenue to non-airport activi...
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Heathrow’s Terminal 2 and Flybe to Edinburgh (A Cranky Travelogue)

I had made it to London, and that meant I had only one flight left that day, my first on the recently re-capitalized Flybe. But first, I had to make it through the gauntlet that is Heathrow, and I had to do it with no sleep. This was my first visit to Terminal 2, also known as The Queen’s Terminal, so it was unfamiliar territory. While it was striking, it appears to have been designed to make you walk as much as humanly possible. A Last Minute Pilgrimage to Islay, the Home of Scotland’s Pe...
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Asiana Tries to Shrink Its Way Out of Trouble

It has been — to be understated — a very bad year for Asiana, the second largest airline in South Korea. Years of increasing debt loads have finally caught up with the airline, and it is now trying to shrink its way back to a comfortable place. This is very much a work in progress, but you can expect a fair amount of upheaval as things move forward. Asiana started flying only in 1988, breaking up Korean Air’s monopoly as the hometown airline. By 1991 it was flying to the US (Los Angeles), ...
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These U.S. Airlines Charge the Most in Baggage Fees, According to a New Report

According to a new report by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, U.S. airlines brought in roughly $4.9 billion—yes, billion—in baggage fees last year. This is up from $4.6 billion in 2017.Read more...
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These U.S. Airlines Charge the Most in Baggage Fees

According to a new report by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, U.S. airlines brought in roughly $4.9 billion—yes, billion—in baggage fees last year. This is up from $4.6 billion in 2017.Read more...
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Travel News: May 8, 2019

United Airlines Is About To Make It A Lot Easier To Get To The Amalfi Coast Forbes Good news for anyone who loves the Amalfi Coast but doesn’t love the thought of the transfers or driving time often needed to get there—United Airlines launches daily, nonstop (seasonal) service from New York/Newark to Naples, Italy, on May 22. Running through Oct. 26, 2019, it will be the only nonstop service between the United States and Naples. “Our network planning teams are always searching for new destinati...
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The Cranky Flier Interview: Capt Korry Franke on Flying the 737

You might recognize the name Korry Franke from this blog. He’s the Captain for United who wrote the book 3 Feet to the Left. He asked me to write the foreword for it last year. Korry is doing well, and his book is available on Amazon. But I’ll admit to having an ulterior motive when doing this interview with him. See, Korry flies the 737, and you might say that’s an airplane that’s been in the news just a bit lately. If you’re looking for wild speculation about the MAX then you’re ...
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United Thinks They Aren’t to Blame for Unhappy Customers, a Change to Marriott Points Advance

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading United Thinks They Aren’t to Blame for Unhappy Customers, a Change to Marriott Points Advance...
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American Airlines Now Lets You Volunteer for Bump Compensation Electronically

Airlines are going to new great lengths to avoid involuntarily denying boarding to passengers -- selling more tickets than there are seats and then not having enough volunteers to take a later flight for compensation when more passengers than expected show up. Some airlines are overbooking less. Others are paying out more compensation to get more passengers to volunteer to give up their seats. We've seen stories about Delta giving a passenger $4000 in travel vouchers for agreeing to take a lat...
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Turn On Your Airline's Push Notifications

I live in constant fear of missing flights. I’ll arrive hours early, with a carry-on bag, neck pillow and boarding pass in hand, only to break into a cold sweat if I see a long security line.Read more...
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An Infrequent Flier Should Never Be Loyal to an Airline

I don’t think I’m overstepping by suggesting that airlines have borderline disdain for infrequent fliers. Even though those people are actually critically important to the success of the airline, most carriers have given up on ever trying to gain their loyalty. It’s a purely transactional relationship from the airline perspective, and travelers should treat it as such. Being loyal to an airline makes no sense. Recent frequent flier program changes have only made that more clear. We all kn...
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Top 15 dog-friendly hotels in the Lake District

One of the United’s Kingdoms most beloved national park’s the Lake District (now declared a Unesco World Heritage Site) is visited by a whopping15 million every year. It’s glistening lakes, mountain tarns, craggy hilltops and miles of unspoilt countryside have drawn everyone from romantic poets and artists to vacationing families and happy campers. It’s also...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 26 April 2019

The longest domestic flight in the US. Discussed in the last item, below. Good morningI’m doing things a little differently today.  I’m sending out the newsletter as usual, and then I’ll send out a separate article later on Friday morning to make it more noticeable for all.In addition to this newsletter now, there’s a feature article on how to most accurately know if your flight will be on-time or not.  If you follow the steps in that article, and use the recommended apps or websites, you’ll pro...
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United’s Livery Change is Barely Worth Mentioning, And That’s How United Wants It

The day has finally arrived. United has been talking about its livery refresh for some time, and we know what it looks like. I have to say thanks to United for rolling it out yesterday, because I went on vacation last Friday and completely forgot to schedule a post for this morning. I’m back today, but this gave me some easy fodder. So here’s a somewhat-abbreviated post. Let’s start with the description of the look. If there is one over-arching theme, it’s “blue.” The livery is no...
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Travel News: April 25, 2019

Martha Stewart Curates Cruise Experiences With MSC Travel Pulse Fans of the culinary and lifestyle diva Martha Stewart will be thrilled to know about a new partnership with MSC Cruises. The cruise line is joining forces with Stewart, the undisputed queen of home and lifestyle, who has curated exclusive culinary and discovery experiences onboard and onshore to add a unique flair to MSC guests’ vacations.   United flaunts new branding, faces mixed reactions on social media USA TODAY United Airlin...
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THIS is What Delta, American and United are Running to President Trump Afraid Of?

At some level if a US airline cannot compete against an Italian one, a 'government-controlled' one no less, they probably shouldn't be in business. And shouldn't they worry about how about half of their passengers feel when they're flattering the President as election season heats up? What they're so worried about - and running to the President for protection from - is an airline in Italy with 15 planes that's just suspended winter service from Los Angeles and San Francisco - and that cancelled...
Tags: Travel, Advice, US, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Italy, United, Trump

United is Repainting All its Planes in a New Look — That Was Just Leaked

Nothing renews an airline like new planes but absent a giant plane order there always seems to be the thought that the airline can be refreshed by painting planes. It's a years-long process and costly to undertake. Ultimately though what United is unveiling is just an evolution. So for me at least it doesn't induce a strong reaction at all, which is good compared to so many other attempts. But that leads me to wonder why bother at all? Continue reading United is Repainting All its Planes in a N...
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United CEO Oscar Munoz: Seats are Too Small and Wifi is Too Slow

United's CEO Munoz says they've reached the limit on how much they can shrink seats personally I already avoid flying United coach, and would choose JetBlue or Southwest domestically and many foreign airlines internationally. Continue reading United CEO Oscar Munoz: Seats are Too Small and Wifi is Too Slow...
Tags: Travel, Advice, United, Jetblue, Southwest, Oscar Munoz, Munoz

Hawaiian Chooses Its 787 Seats

Hawaiian has chosen its next generation widebody aircraft three times now. First the A350-800 was scrapped and Hawaiian went with the A330neo. That went away as well, and Hawaiian has now settled on the 787. This one looks like it’s going to stick as the airline has made its first announcements around interior choices for when the aircraft arrives in 2021. I spoke with Avi Mannis, the airline’s SVP of Marketing, to learn more about why it made the choices it did. First, I should note that...
Tags: Travel, Asia, United, Japan Airlines, SVP, Hawaiian, JAL, Avi, Adient, Avi Mannis, Adient Aerospace Here, Collins Aerospace Aspire

American Airlines First Class Cheeseburger Gets a C+

In November American Airlines revamped their first class meal lineup and included a cheeseburger option at lunch. My initial reaction was that it looked very similar to United's cheeseburger, right down to the Sir Kensington condiments, however it appeared to have a proper bun rather than United's pretzel bun. On Tuesday I finally got to try the cheeseburger. Continue reading American Airlines First Class Cheeseburger Gets a C+...
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Why Eliminating Award Charts is the Wrong Way to Do Revenue-Based Redemption

There's a real problem that programs are facing, how to deliver award seats in a world where planes are full and airlines aren't growing faster than the economy? If there aren't unsold seats on desirable flights the model breaks down. The answer though isn't to move towards low value redemptions where a mile is worth a penny. That's giving up. Fortunately it's not really an either-or proposition. In fact United's own experience with revenue-based redemptions shows that this new model can eas...
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United Revealed Plans For MileagePlus, Polaris, and Basic Economy in its Earnings Call

Plenty of reporters will be covering the United Airlines first quarter earnings call, but largely focusing on the airline's revenue performance and questions about the fleet - especially the 737 MAX. My interest is largely focused on customer experience - product, fares, and the loyalty program - and that's something that gets discussed but not nearly as widely picked up in the coverage. So these are the things that struck me as interesting during United's earnings call. Continue reading ...
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Weekly Roundup, Good Friday 19 April 2019

The evolution of the Qantas logo.  One of our favorite airlines and logos.  See article below on “changing the paint job”. Good morningI hope your Good Friday is off to a good start, and your Easter Weekend will be spent most pleasantly, including, for the Christians among our readers, some extra time pondering and being thankful for our salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus.If this was New Zealand, we’d all be on holiday today (and also Monday), but, alas, here in the US, most of us are prob...
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United’s New Free Sandwich and American Dishes on its Charlotte Hub

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading United’s New Free Sandwich and American Dishes on its Charlotte Hub...
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A Look at LAX’s Plans for Terminal 9 and Concourse 0

It’s been discussed for ages, but now the plans are real. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will (eventually) build a bunch more gates in Concourse 0 and Terminal 9. When done, this will eliminate all remote gates and allow for a more sensible organization at the airport between alliances while quite possibly snarling road traffic. But don’t expect this to happen any time soon. If it’s done by the 2028 Olympics, I’ll consider this to have been a speedy project. Though the optimal so...
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