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EVs and online marketplaces thrive despite slump in Chinese car sales

China’s massive auto market hit the brakes last year as trade tensions and a softening economy dampened consumer confidence, but one segment soared on account of increasing internet penetration — used car sales. New passenger car sales fell to 23.7 million last year, representing a 4.1 year-over-year drop according to a new report by China’s Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the country’s top auto association. That marks the very first annual decline in the world’s biggest car market sinc...
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Most Facebook users still in the dark about its creepy ad practices, Pew finds

A study by the Pew Research Center suggests most Facebook users are still in the dark about how the company tracks and profiles them for ad-targeting purposes. Pew found three-quarters (74%) of Facebook users did not know the social networking behemoth maintains a list of their interests and traits to target them with ads, only discovering this when researchers directed them to view their Facebook ad preferences page. A majority (51%) of Facebook users also told Pew they were uncomfortable...
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5 ways to experience Montana

5 ways to experience the best of Montana By: Shar Riley The National Parks Road Trip Musts History & Culture Wildlife Food & Drink #wedge-0 { background-image: url('') }@media(min-width:560px){ #wedge-0 { background-image: url('') } }@media(min-width:1200px){ #wedge-0 { background-image: url('https://d36tnp772eyphs.clo...
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5 Examples of Hotel Website Innovation | By Dave Spector

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like and Expedia are taking ever bigger bites out of hotel profits. As of last year, they captured 39% of the US online digital booking market. Phocuswright forecasts that trend to continue, reaching 41% of market share by 2020.
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Colorado Dog Sledding and Winter Adventures

As we drove down the switchbacks of Berthoud Pass I pointed out Winter Park ski hill to my friend Lynn. We both looked at the little ant-like people coming down the runs and kept driving. Even though Colorado has had one of their best early snow seasons that had everyone flocking to the slopes in December, I still wasn’t interested. I am one of the few people who live in Colorado that doesn’t like downhill skiing. However, I too was excited by all of the early Colorado snow as we passed through ...
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Data show US sanctions hitting #Iran’s oil exports hard | Financial Times

Data show US sanctions hitting Iran’s oil exports hard | Financial Times:Data on Iran’s crude exports bear the scars of US sanctions on the oil producer, with December figures showing a fall to just 1.1m barrels a day — almost 60 per cent down from levels in the spring.The volume of Iranian exports was one of the key focuses for oil traders in 2018, as the US moved to reimpose punishing economic measures on the Opec member. President Donald Trump reversed a deal which had sought to curb Iran’s n...
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Family Spaces on HAL’s Nieuw Statendam #cruise #travel

Holland America Line’s newest Pinnacle-class ship, Nieuw Statendam took her maiden voyage on December 5, 2018, crossing the Atlantic. boarded in Port Everglades Cruise Terminal for her first US itinerary, in search of the best family spaces on this beautiful new ship. Spacious Family Staterooms HAL introduced family staterooms on the Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam’s sister ship which was launched in 2016. The cruise line carried over this concept on the NSDM, and it seems to be a...
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Travel News: January 16, 2019

Portugal’s tourism boom halted by Brexit, airport problems Channel NewsAsia Portugal’s long-running tourism boom is set to move decisively into reverse in 2019 due to capacity constraints at Lisbon airport and a drop in British visitors because of a Brexit-hit pound, Portugal’s biggest hotel group told Reuters. Jose Theotonio, chief executive of the Pestana Group which operates 94 hotels, said he had already noticed a dip in British guests as they turn to markets like Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia ...
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Best things about Indianapolis

In a sea of cornfields and conservatism, Indiana’s bustling capital of Indianapolis is an island. From the independent art galleries on Mass Ave. to the vintage boutiques in Fountain Square, Indy has steadily been making a name for itself one of the Midwest’s preeminent cultural hubs. Sure, it’s no Chicago — but that’s a good thing if you hate crowds. For now, it’s one of the best-kept secrets south of the Great Lakes. But no one is quite sure how much longer the city can fly under the radar...
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Bluesfest Adds Four More Artists to the 30th Anniversary Celebration

With just over 90 days to go until the gates of Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm swing open for Bluesfest 2019, we are proud to announce the following artists will be joining the 30th Anniversary Celebration: TASH SULTANA SIX60 OCEAN ALLEY AMARU TRIBE With more artists yet to be announced… With tickets selling faster than any other Bluesfest in history, we are heading for a spectacular celebration and sell-out festival this April. Festival Director Peter Noble is getting excited about the 30th Anniversary...
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Mardi Gras Dog Parades That Help Animals in Need

Mardi Gras is just around the corner! In cities across the US, pet parents can bring a bit of The Big Easy to their buddies that bark by celebrating the holiday at one of the many dog-friendly Mardi Gras festivals that will offer visitors a virtual gumbo of frivolity mixed with philanthropy. Following are a ... Read More about Mardi Gras Dog Parades That Help Animals in Need
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How to travel with a severe allergy

It can be a pretty dim moment when you accept the fact that you suffer from a nut allergy. The careless days of ordering anything on the menu are far behind you after realizing that if you and a nut were in the ring, you’d lose. There is some solace in that you’re not alone, though — in the US, an estimated 15 million people have an allergy of some kind. Another bit of solace is that a nut or other food allergy doesn’t need to hinder your explorations. You don’t need to become Bubble Boy. I’v...
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10-Year Anniversary of Miracle on the Hudson

Read the full article on at - 10-Year Anniversary of Miracle on the Hudson Driving down the Henry Hudson Parkway about an hour ago, I was reminded that 10 years ago today, Captain Sullenberger glided his powerless US AIR Airbus 320 into a soft water landing on the Hudson. He only cleared the George Washington bridge by a few hundred feet, and then managed to ditch the plane just... The post 10-Year Anniversary of Miracle on the Hudson appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel D...
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Daily Crunch: Netflix hikes prices for US subscribers

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here: 1. Netflix will raise prices for US subscribers, with its most popular plan going up to $13 per month For the most popular plan (which includes high-definition streaming for up to two devices simultaneously), the price will increase from $10.99 to $12.99 per month. Meanwhile, the one-device plan will go up ...
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Total lunar eclipse coming

The name of the unique celestial phenomenon might sound a bit dramatic, but then again, so is the phenomenon itself. On January 21, at around 12:12 AM EST, a total lunar eclipse called “super blood wolf moon” will be visible in the night sky. The name describes a total lunar eclipse that makes the moon appear larger and red to people on Earth. Total lunar eclipses only happen when the sun, Earth, and moon reach perfect alignment, causing the Earth’s shadow to hide the moon from view. By contr...
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Pet Air Travel Checklist: How Should You Prepare For The Trip?

Each year, an estimate of 2 million pets travel on commercial flights. That said, it’s becoming more and more popular for pet owners to bring their pets with them wherever they go. According to PurringPal , flying with pets can be scary, knowing about all the airline controversies concerning passengers’ pets. However, those are just isolated cases and shouldn’t keep you from traveling with your pets. If you’re planning on a trip or you’re relocating with your pet , then keep on reading as we w...
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Free food for furloughed workers

Chef Jose Andres — a Spanish-American who popularized the tapas concept in America — is no stranger to feeding those in need. He led a team of volunteers that served millions of meals to hungry Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria, and with the current partial government shutdown stretching into its fourth week, the philanthropic chef is at it again. Andres announced he would serve free sandwiches for lunch to furloughed federal employees in each of his Washington, DC, restaurants during the s...
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US cities with the most coffee shops

When it comes to a city’s coffee options, more is always better than fewer. Because while you can count on a Starbucks on every corner, you can also count on the worn-out playlist of the same coffee every time. A wide range of options is part of what makes the best coffee cities in the world, well, the best coffee cities. Variety is what keeps our caffeine addiction interesting. While searching for the best places for coffee lovers to live, ApartmentGuide recently took a look at the US cities...
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Countries you can't visit with a DUI

Getting a DUI will make your life harder in multiple ways, but we rarely consider the impact it can have on your ability to travel abroad. Sure, the potential for injury to you and others, astronomical fines, marks on your record, and possible jail time should be big enough to deter you from drinking and driving, but to top it off, some countries may bar you from entering their borders for as many as 10 years. The last thing you want is to book your dream vacation, arrive at the country’s bor...
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Best Chinese food in Los Angeles

For many, Los Angeles ends at the river. But if you stop there, you fall short of exploring one of the best Chinatowns in America. The San Gabriel Valley in East LA is known for strip malls, but not the soulless type of strip mall devoid of culture you’d find most everywhere else in the country. Drive down Valley Boulevard and you’ll see that it’s an artery that connects the hundreds of Chinese restaurants in the cities of Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, and Rosemead. These strip malls...
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Wow Air launches $49 fares, their cheapest flights ever to Europe

Attention Cheapos! 2019 is getting off to a good start with the latest fare announcement from Wow Air. Starting today, you can book a flight to Europe for only $49. If you’ve been waiting for a good deal on a trip to Iceland, Ireland, London, Germany, or Belgium, now is the time to go. These flights are sure to sell out fast, so we’ve put together the details on how to get this amazing deal before they’re gone. How to score a $49 flight To find this rock bottom fare, you need to book from cert...
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Air traffic controllers sent pizza

In a generous show of solidarity with their colleagues south of the border, Canadian air traffic controllers have been purchasing pizzas to be delivered to American air traffic controllers who aren’t getting paid during the government shutdown. It’s estimated that around 300 pizzas have been delivered so far, to over 36 facilities nationwide. The pizzas are coming from air traffic controllers all across Canada, from Vancouver to Toronto, and they’re certainly a bright spot in an otherwise dou...
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Have CBD, Will Travel: A Brief Guide To Traveling With CBD Oil For Newbies

Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states, while recreational cannabis is legal in 10. Michigan’s the latest addition to those 10 where you can use recreational marijuana. Soon, Utahns and Missourians may also get legal access to medical cannabis. With more states legalizing this 500 BC-old plant, it’s easy to see why many wonder if traveling with CBD is fine. If getting across state borders with cannabidiol products in their bags isn’t a crime. Especially now that hemp has become legal in the...
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Canadian ATCs buy pizza for US staff who've not been paid

Employees in industry-wide show of support amid government shutdown
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UK passport drops to sixth in global power index

Henley Passport Index ranks passports around the world according to visa-free travel, with Japan topping the 2019 list The UK has slipped to joint-sixth in a table of the world’s most powerful passports. The Henley Passport Index ranks countries according to the number of destinations passport holders can visit without a pre-arranged visa, which decreased for the UK this year.In 2015, the UK was ranked joint-first, alongside the US, but has dropped down the listings each year since. The number o...
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Vulnerability in NASA’s Jira setting exposed details of a thousand users

Sensitive information such as internal user details, project details, employee names and mail IDs, was exposed through Jira, a web app that companies use for tracking tasks and issues, at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration aka NASA. NCR based security researcher Avinash Jain, who... ...
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How to Visit and Enjoy Washington, DC In Spite of a Government Shutdown

No matter where you live, by now you have no doubt heard about the shutdown of the Federal Government across the U.S. The effects of this closure are many and widely felt but today I’m not going to talk about the politics of it. No, instead I want to share why now is actually a great time to visit Washington, DC and what the city has to offer in spite of the shutdown. Believe it or not, there’s a lot to experience and since 1) it is January and 2) visitors may think there’s not much to experien...
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Second sea day of of six sea days crossing the Atlantic Friday 9th November 2018

We had a lazy start to the day as we have nothing to rush for over the next few days.The clocks went back an hour last night so we are getting closer to the US east coast time zone which is five hours behind UK time.We cleared a few admin tasks. We
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Why you need to visit French Guiana

During the 2014 World Cup , French Guiana got the geographical equivalent of 15 minutes of fame. A place a good portion of the world didn’t know existed, much less could find on a map, was highlighted in numerous maps of World Cup stadiums around Brazil, as well as the subject of a number of “interesting places to travel around the World Cup” stories in the months leading up to the event. And that was the last most of the world thought about it. It’s not the world’s fault, really. Getting to t...
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Most family-friendly European cities

When we think of European travel, we might picture a couple holding hands on Paris’s Pont des Arts or adult friends partying until dawn in Barcelona. But Europe is also a fantastic place to take the kids. Cities from Berlin to Prague are packed with parks, castles, and museums tailormade for little ones. They’re also geared to parents, placing playgrounds next to beer gardens and cafes, so every family member can actually have fun. Here are the most kid-friendly cities in Europe to check out ...
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