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US cities with the most coffee shops

When it comes to a city’s coffee options, more is always better than fewer. Because while you can count on a Starbucks on every corner, you can also count on the worn-out playlist of the same coffee every time. A wide range of options is part of what makes the best coffee cities in the world, well, the best coffee cities. Variety is what keeps our caffeine addiction interesting. While searching for the best places for coffee lovers to live, ApartmentGuide recently took a look at the US cities...
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Air traffic controllers sent pizza

In a generous show of solidarity with their colleagues south of the border, Canadian air traffic controllers have been purchasing pizzas to be delivered to American air traffic controllers who aren’t getting paid during the government shutdown. It’s estimated that around 300 pizzas have been delivered so far, to over 36 facilities nationwide. The pizzas are coming from air traffic controllers all across Canada, from Vancouver to Toronto, and they’re certainly a bright spot in an otherwise dou...
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my first island off the island: a brief stop in sointula

This week I drove down to Port McNeill -- about 30 minutes away, and the home of one of my libraries -- and took the ferry to Malcolm Island, to visit another of my libraries, in the town of Sointula. I traveled with a co-worker who does programming and support work in our zone's libraries and communities. She's a great person and an awesome library worker, and we're doing all my first site visits together.We stepped off the ferry and into Coho Joe, a local haunt. No sooner did we walk through t...
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10 Top Areas for Sledding and Tubing in Washington for Families

10 Top Areas for Sledding and Tubing in Washington Are you someone who loves winter & all of the activities in the snow? Spring & summer are definitely my favorite seasons in the Northwest, but I love to try out all the fun snow sports every winter with my family. We are so fortunate here in the western parts of the Northwest to be so close to the mountains, yet thankfully we have mainly mild temperatures in most locations. So, we don’t have to deal with driving in the snow unless we want t...
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10 Top Areas for Sledding and Tubing in Washington

Sledding and Tubing in Washington Are you someone who loves winter & all of the activities in the snow? Spring & summer are definitely my favorite seasons in the Northwest, but I love to try out all the fun snow sports every winter with my family. We are so fortunate here in the western parts of the Northwest to be so close to the mountains, yet thankfully we have mainly mild temperatures in most locations. So, we don’t have to deal with driving in the snow unless we want to, for the most p...
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Best places to travel this February

Though for much of the world February is the cold, barren home stretch of winter, it’s also one of the cheapest times of the year to travel since everyone is still feeling the burn in their wallets left by the holiday season. Well, what are a few extra hundred bucks on the Amex if it means killer flight deals and almost no crowds? While Carnival and Mardi Gras fall in early March this year, plenty of Carribean destinations will be kicking off their celebrations early in February, giving you a...
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Romantic Destinations Around the World

Love makes the world go round – and in that spirit, let's plan a trip to romantic destinations around the world. Our list includes everything from Miami to Marrakech. All are made for romance but they also make excellent vacation spots for families or friends or solo travelers. Romantic Destinations Our picks for romantic destinations are in no particular order. Click the name to find a cheap flight from your city. We also include links to useful tourism information. Canada & the U.S. De...
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Scenic train rides to ski resorts

Ski vacations truly are the antidote to the post-holiday winter blahs. But sometimes getting to said ski vacations involves inching your way up an icy, two-lane highway, spending more time crammed in your car than speeding down a mountain. Much like traversing cities, trains help people avoid the pain of traffic en route to their ski destinations. Whether day trips near American metros like Denver or week-long excursions through foreign terrain in, say, Switzerland, taking a train to the moun...
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My Best Travel Adventures of 2018

As the saying goes “the older you get the faster time flies.” It certainly felt like 2018 flew by for me. While there were certainly highs and lows of the year, overall I consider myself very lucky. I think I did 25 trips in total, not including day hikes.  Here’s a look at my best travel adventures for 2018. Sleeping in the Sahara Desert We were late getting to our tented camp in the Sahara – because our vehicle and another got stuck in the sand. It was about 90 minutes before we were winch...
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Travel News: December 27, 2018

Shutdown affects national parks unevenly Travel Weekly The partial federal government shutdown, now in its fifth day, has affected national parks unevenly, some still accessible with bare-bones staffing levels, some operating with money from states or charitable groups, and others locked off. Arizona and Utah officials implemented plans to keep open Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks and provide services such as public restrooms, shuttles and trash collection. Conc...
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Visiting Canada? Don’t Miss out on These 4 Spectacular Festivals

Camping and RVing as a vacation is making a comeback across the country. Years ago, as an economical alternative to visiting the newest amusement park, families across the country and around the world would load up their station wagons, hook up a pop-up camper and head north for some relaxing outdoor time. Due to its stress-free style, low cost, and the fact it can bring you and your family closer together, packing up the family camper is replacing beach vacations and exotic destinations for ...
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Winter fun at Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, British Columbia

Winter fun at the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish One of the things we love about living in Vancouver is that we can be deep in nature within a short drive. There are so many awesome day trips from Vancouver that it can be difficult to make a decision. Those who live in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia rarely say, “there’s nothing to do this weekend”.  We visited the Sea to Sky Gondola shortly after it opened in the summer of 2014 (read about that experience here). Since then, we’ve hike...
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New cave in Canada kept secret

Hearing that an incredible cave was discovered, but that the location is being kept secret, might be the cruelest news a traveler could ever hear. A massive cave was recently discovered in British Columbia — but that’s all we know. To keep it from being overrun by tourists and Instagrammers, the exact location within Wells Gray Provincial Park — about 280 miles north of Vancouver — is being kept secret. “As far as North America goes, this is a honking big cave,” John Pollack, governor of the ...
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Best ski resorts for gay ski week

The dates of Gay Ski Week vary by resort, but one thing is consistent across the board — the word “ski” is used very loosely in practice. You can hop on one or two planks and hit the mountain as much as you wish — there’s always a group of diehards ready to hike the bowl if that’s what you’re into — but the real action begins with the après-ski scene around 3:00 PM and stretches deep into the evening. Parties last anywhere from a few days to a full week, but you’ll learn on night one why danc...
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The difference between types of yoga

Yoga is certainly a flexible practice. Yogis young and old, new to the practice or advanced in their ability to practice asanas (physical posture), can find classes, teachers, and experiences that fit their goals, even if those goals are ever-changing. Since it was first practiced, yoga has grown like a tree with many branches, and as a result, there are many different types of yoga that you can try all over the world. There are some branches that challenge you physically, and others that don...
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What Part of “Trusted Traveler” Does the TSA Not Understand?

The four letters you don’t want on your boarding pass – “SSSS”. I belong to the US/Canadian Nexus trusted/known traveler program.  That involved filling out a form, and then being personally interviewed by both US and Canadian ICE officials, at the end of which, and after paying a generous fee, I received a special Nexus card to allow me fast-track passage through the US/Canadian border crossings.  It needs to be renewed every five years; in my case my membership has been accepted and extended ...
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Best places to go snowshoeing

Snowshoeing rarely gets the attention it deserves. It’s not as flashy as snowboarding or snowmobiling, but it is easier and more affordable than most winter activities — without skimping on the fun. One big perk is that snowshoeing requires no instruction. It’s as simple as hiking in snow with the help of specially designed footwear, and poles for balance, so it’s only as challenging as the route you choose. Plus, snowshoe rentals are a fraction of the cost of ski gear, and you won’t need to ...
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That time we took a ride on the Polar Express to the North Pole!

This post was originally written in December 2016. Given that the Holiday Season is upon us, we thought we should re-post this story about our trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express!  The Polar Express in Squamish, BC If you’ve watched the classic animated Christmas movie staring Tom Hanks, you’ll appreciate the festive experience we had a few weeks ago. We took a ride on the Polar Express to the North Pole! Okay, so it wasn’t technically the North Pole, but we did get to meet Mr. and Mr...
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Best places for new solo travelers

Whether you’re flying newly solo or just testing your wings for the first time, traveling alone can be a real treat. Seeing the world at your own pace and discovering the places you’re most interested in, unbeholden to the schedules and whims of others, is a powerful experience. There’s a big world out there, full of beautiful, safe places — not to mention incredible people on similar journeys — just waiting to be discovered. Here are seven of the best destinations for new solo travelers to g...
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Most walkable cities in the world

No one wants to shell out for transportation when there are so many better ways to wear down your bank account while traveling. After all, you’ve traveled far, and you deserve to spend your spare change on meaningful things like street food, excursions, and new experiences. Plus, you may come back from your trip more fit and toned if you opt to walk thousands of steps per day instead of ride. If you want to take a trip and never have to pay for a cab, Uber, train, or subway ride — and come ba...
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the move west: day eight: sicamous to delta bc

Sicamous looked like a sweet little town, nestled on the shore of the Shuswap River, with mountains visible on two sides. We had breakfast at Grandma's and Grandpa's Family Restaurant. Most of the customers -- seniors at that time of day -- seemed to know each other and were talking very loudly. When I went to pay at the front, the woman said, "So where are you folks bound for now?"I said, "Port Hardy."She said, "That's an interesting place for a vacation."I said, smiling, "Actually, to live.""T...
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the move west: day seven: calgary alberta to sicamous british columbia

It's very exciting to be past the mountains and in BC! We're having a really good time. It feels like we're on some kind of weird vacation where we don't do anything but drive and eat, and when we're done, we'll go back to where we live -- in Mississauga.Yesterday we had breakfast at an IHOP, then hit the road. It was cold, bright, and sunny. I had been checking weather conditions regularly, and there was no snow in the forecast at any location on the route.From other people's photos, I knew at ...
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Vancouver Christmas Market features German-inspired sights, sounds & flavors for the holidays

The Vancouver Christmas Market returns to Vancouver's Jack Poole Plaza at the Olympic Cauldron for the holidays -- opening Wednesday, November 21 and running through Christmas Eve, December 24. This year's ninth edition of the German-inspired festivities has extended hours from 11:30AM to 9:30PM daily.  The traditional German-style Christmas Market feature    80 huts stuffed with authentic sweets, treats and treasures. There is also a line-up of family-friendly activities plus live enterta...
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How To Spend A Weekend In Vancouver

The host of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games with a more than 130 year history as a incorporated city, Vancouver has a lot to offer. Scenic views, mild climate, and friendly people, Vancouver is known around the world as both a popular tourist attraction and the perfect place for a weekend getaway. For 52 percent of the population, their native language is not English, which contributes to Vancouver’s status as one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in Canada. How To Spend A ...
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12 best places to ski in Canada

The 12 best places to ski in Canada Photo: Mike Crane/Tourism Whistler C anadians don’t hibernate. When winter comes (and stays), they get outdoors, skate on frozen lakes, snowshoe up mountains, scrunch through white forests, climb icy waterfalls, and hit some of the world’s best ski slopes. Warm fireplaces, great food, and end-of-day drinks also feature prominently on their winter activity list. Ready to join them? Of all the ways to experience Canada...
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Save Up to 15 Percent Per Stay in Canada With Marriott Rewards

Canada has a lot to offer — from the charming European style of Québec City to the contemporary vibe of Vancouver; and the famously pristine Rocky Mountain region with its deep blue lakes. You can save up to 15 percent on your room rate — seven days per week — when you stay at your choice of 60 hotel and resort properties in Canada through Monday, December 31, 2018... ...but you must... The post Save Up to 15 Percent Per Stay in Canada With Marriott Rewards appeared first on The Gate.
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Flying (a Biofuel-Free) Virgin Atlantic 787-9 in Upper Class

After covering Virgin Atlantic’s flight powered by recaptured carbon biofuel, Geoff Fischer had to get back home to Seattle.  He was lucky enough to be flown home in Upper Class (aka Business Class), and here’s his report. Disclosure: Virgin Atlantic paid for Geoff’s travel. Having flown British Airways a number of times, I was looking forward to this return flight to finally try the competition and see if Virgin Atlantic lives up to its hype. Virgin was one of the pioneers of a premium ca...
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3 countries ban weed smoking abroad

Canada became the second country after Uruguay to legalize recreational marijuana on October 17, 2018. Some countries aren’t letting their citizens partake, though, whether they’re at home or abroad. Japan, South Korea, and China have put out statements that residents could face legal and health repercussions in their home country if they are caught consuming weed in Canada. It all started with Japan. On October 4, the Japanese Consulate in Vancouver put out a statement saying Japan’s strict ...
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7 of the Best Places to go Kayaking in BC

British Columbia, Canada is one of the most popular kayaking destinations in the world. With 25,725 kilometres of coastline to be explored it can be a bit confusing as to where you may want to go. Luckily I have some suggestions. Here are seven of the best places to go kayaking in BC. Some are merely weekend trips while others like Haida Gwaii deserve a minimum of a week.  Haida Gwaii It’s no surprise that this one is on the list! Haida Gwaii is a great area to be fully immersed by coastli...
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Eye on Travel–Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver, Canada–October 27, 2018

Read the full article on at - Eye on Travel–Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver, Canada–October 27, 2018 This week, Eye on Travel broadcasts from onboard one of the great trains in North America–the Rocky Mountaineer. We’ll travel across Canada, from Banff to Vancouver. This is the largest privately owned... Read More... The post Eye on Travel–Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver, Canada–October 27, 2018 appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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