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Think Outside the Box: The Top 10 Things to Do in Vegas (That Don’t Involve Gambling)

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? If so, gambling might be one of the things at the top of your to-do list. But you should know that there’s more to do in Las Vegas than sit at a slot machine or a blackjack table. Studies have shown that only about 12 percent of the people who travel to Las Vegas these days do so to gamble. The other 88 percent visit Las Vegas for everything else the city has to offer. Here are the top 10 things to do in Vegas that don’t involve gambling. 1. Walk Up and Do...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 11 January 2019

Bet you don’t know what this is, where it is, and what it does (did)? See final item. Good morning It has been an exciting week, with our “next generation” daily news curation service taking shape behind the scenes.  Part of this is a new and more active Twitter feed. If you’re on Twitter, please do follow our new Twitter account, @TheTvlInsider.  If you were following our earlier Twitter account, feel free to unfollow that one, and please now follow our new @TheTvlInsider account. The new Twit...
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CES Report 2019

The annual CES event was held in Las Vegas this week. Ever since 1967, the first week in January has seen the enormous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  This year was no exception, with over 180,000 attendees from over 150 countries and over 4,500 exhibiting companies meeting in an enormous 2.5 million square foot exhibition, sprawling over the Las Vegas Convention Center and spilling into other nearby hotels and locations too. We’ve been occasionally attending CES since the mid/late 198...
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Defensive Handgun Safety and Proficiency Course (March 2019)

Travel Insiders on an earlier Front Sight course. I’m in the rear. All firearm owners should consider themselves obliged to be thoroughly conversant with safety issues and the law surrounding when and how their firearms can be used.  They also need to be competent and comfortable with their firearms so that, whether for recreation or defensive purposes, they can appropriately handle the equipment and make the proper decisions as to when and what to do. Most of all, firearm owners need to unders...
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US airline suspends flights, blames pilot crisis

Services to Vegas amongst those grounded
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Bowlling in Vegas

Well my dream of seeing my alma mater my California Golden Bears play the hometown boys the Fresno State Bulldogs in a bowl game did not happen. Instead my Bears are headed to Phoenix for a Dec. 31 bowl game called the CheezIt Bowl. And our hometo
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How to do Nevada's 'Death Drive'

You might think that a Nevada route called “The Death Drive” would give you something to worry about, like getting stranded alone in the desert. In fact, the road is not barren. Not at all. The itinerary for this 365-mile road trip — a loop from Las Vegas to western Nevada and back again — is actually alive with excitement. You’ll head from the neon lights of Sin City toward the rugged beauty and history of the state’s wide open heartland. The route treks past forests and parks, among them t...
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Southwest Prepares for Battle in California With Fare Cuts (Analysis – Part 2)

Welcome back to the second part of a look at Southwest’s pricing changes in intra-California markets.  If you missed the dynamics that led to this change yesterday, I’d recommend heading over to the post first.  Now, we’re going to look at the numbers. Thanks to Henry Harteveldt at Atmosphere Research for providing the DOT Origin and Destination Survey data. I went back to the beginning of 2016 and looked at the data through the second quarter of this year, the most recent data out there.  I ...
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Where to wine taste in all 50 states

It used to be that when people thought about wine tasting, they thought about swirling expensive glasses while snacking on brie in Napa Valley. It was a boujee, sophisticated weekend activity reserved for wealthy couples and the occasional bachelorette party. Now, literally every state in America has a wine region, even Alaska. So while the image of high-class leisure may be a bit diluted, the experience is far more accessible. Granted, some states do it better than others. You’ll still find ...
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Most affordable American cities

Hasbro made headlines recently when it taglined its new Monopoly for Millennials game, “Forget real estate, you can’t afford it anyway,” which, while humorous, is only accurate in a dozen or so cities. If you’re not looking to move to San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York City, or other A-list locales, housing is still pretty affordable. Of course, sometimes said affordable housing is in places you can’t really envision moving. Lovely as cities like Dayton, Ohio, and Lansing, Michigan, m...
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Frontier flight to Tampa returns to Vegas with engine damage

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Authorities say a commercial passenger jet bound for Tampa, Florida returned safely to Las Vegas with engine cover damage just minutes after takeoff. No injuries were reported after Frontier Airlines flight 260 landed at 7:26 a.m. Friday with 166 passengers and crew members aboard. McCarran International Airport spokeswoman Christine Crews says […]
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Shades of TED: Singapore Airlines Pushes SilkAir Routes to Scoot

When it was announced that Singapore Airlines’s regional carrier SilkAir would be merged into Singapore Airlines itself,  I was bullish on the move.  Sure, I was concerned that Singapore was pushing SilkAir too far upmarket to prepare for the merger, but consolidating under a single premium brand made sense.  As Paul Harvey would say, now we know the rest of the story.  The problem with SilkAir going upmarket is that now it can’t effectively serve a slew of routes.  Those are now going to move o...
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An Incredibly Boring Trip on JetBlue to Vegas (Trip Report)

I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving, so this is my last post of the week.  I’ll be back with more on Monday. You may have noticed I haven’t put up a trip report in awhile.  That’s because I just haven’t been traveling, and you know what?  It’s been glorious.  I broke that streak recently with a quick trip to Vegas on JetBlue.  This was unremarkable in pretty much every way.  But that won’t stop me from writing it up. I paid $207.18 roundtrip just over 2 weeks in advance.  Why JetBlue?  Well, I di...
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How (Extraordinary) Travel Blogging Got Us A Green Card in the USA

I wondered how I’d react when I heard the news. Where would I be? How would arrive to me? Would it be the yes I longed for? Would I fall to the ground in a heap of tears or leap with joy? When we finally submitted the paperwork for it a week before, my heart panicked. What if it was a no? Even though our chances were high, I couldn’t help but fear the shattering of my life plans if we heard we weren’t getting a green card. I couldn’t foresee any other path but us living in the USA. It had been o...
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US cities for vegans and vegetarians

The food landscape in the US was not designed for vegetarians and vegans. Meals typically revolve around meat as the main course, with some veggies here and there as sides. While it’s easier to stick to a meat-free diet these days, the availability of good, affordable vegetarian options varies city to city and region to region. To find the best cities for vegetarians and vegans, WalletHub, a credit score and report company, crunched some data and found the top 100 large US cities for those of...
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Best airports for a long layover

Layovers can be brutal . Stuck, often for hours, in an uncomfortable chair trying your damnedest to read or zone out on your headphones. Time goes on, and you finally give up on catching any rest and proceed to hunch over an overpriced, mass-produced beer in a dim and dodgy airport lounge. But many public spaces are evolving these days, and a handful of major international airports are leading the charge in giving us more to do than feel anxious about our flights. If you must have a layover, l...
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My 28 Favorite Places to Visit in the USA

Updated: 10/8/2018 | October 8th, 2018 From sea to shining sea, the United States is home to a diverse landscape — both culturally and physically. Spending months traveling across its vast landscape gave me a deep appreciation for all my country has to offer. After traveling across the continental United States through multiple cross country road trips (you never really realize how big Texas is until you drive through. Damn that state is big!), I wanted to share some of my favorite places in th...
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Travel: Roll the dice on Atlantic City and you may be pleasantly surprised

Knowing I’m from Southern California with Las Vegas so close, several people told me not to expect too much from Atlantic City. Sure, I heard “The World’s Famous Playground” had seen better times, but I still wanted to see it for myself. I made a trip out there last fall. As I approached the resort city on New Jersey’s Atlantic Coast, I appreciated that it was surrounded by water, rather than a desert as I was used to. Visitors stroll along Atlantic City’s Boardwalk. (Photo by Jessica Kwong)...
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Worst airports for getting an Uber

Getting a rideshare at an airport is like a really aggravating scavenger hunt. Some airports have great signage and point you to a convenient area right outside baggage claim. Some have you taking shuttle buses to a parking lot that might be in another state. Some don’t even bother with signage and tell you to figure it out yourself, genius. This problem gets even tougher in other countries where signs are in another language, and it’ll cost you $5 a minute to call your driver. In the United ...
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Double Hyatt Points at MGM Las Vegas Properties Through December 29

Hyatt introduced a pretty revolutionary partnership with MGM 5 years ago with reciprocal points earning, redemption, and status matching. Hyatt didn’t have a significant presence in the Las Vegas market, while this became an opportunity for MGM to reach affluent customers whose choices in Vegas might otherwise be brand-independent. This was a tighter relationship with more value than we had seen from other chains, something almost akin to the kind of codesharing airlines do with each other. Sinc...
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Experiencing One of the World’s Best New Hotels – The Morpheus in Macao

I’ve been fortunate enough to stay at some of the best hotels around the world. As a luxury traveler though, I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest and I recently found it in Macao. Macao is home to more 5-star hotels than any other destination in the world, so one is certainly spoiled for choice when they visit. On my recent trip though I stayed at the city’s newest luxury hotel and, as I discovered, one of the best new hotels in the world – the Morpheus. I honestly didn’t expect t...
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Best campsites near major US cities

Sometimes you need a quick getaway from the urban rut, but the thought of hours on the highway to achieve the serenity you seek strikes you as anything but relaxing. Fortunately, you can reach campsites in forests, islands, and desert landscapes in under an hour from major urban areas. If you need a remedial wilderness getaway, and don’t have hours to spend getting there, check out these camping escapes right next to major cities to kickstart your urban adventure. San Francisco — Angel Isla...
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Travel: Hong Kong is an easier way to experience exciting China

If the thought of vacationing in China causes some anxiety with all the political, economic, humanitarian and cybersecurity friction going on, not to mention the language barrier and intimidation of a culture so different, consider Hong Kong as a happy alternative. The world’s most visited city effortlessly blends East and West, and like unique sights, sounds and smells, English is omnipresent. Over 150 years of British rule will do that to a place. Those who’ve been there know how much there is...
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Giant bong, huggable buds: Marijuana museum opens in Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A museum celebrating all things cannabis with displays that include a glass bong taller than a giraffe and huggable faux marijuana buds is the newest tourist attraction in Las Vegas. Nobody will be allowed to light up at Cannabition when it opens Thursday because of a Nevada ban on public consumption […]
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Train to link LA and Vegas in 2022

Other than jumping on sports bandwagons and arguing about taco shops, nothing makes you a Southern Californian quite like sitting in nonstop traffic all the way from LA to Vegas on a Friday night. But come 2022, that slow crawl up I-15 may be a thing of the past when a snazzy new express train will link Southern California to the bright lights of Las Vegas. Brightline, the privately owned Florida train that launched express services linking Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach this yea...
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Gabe's Fantastical Flying Adventure Part 2 Eating With Kids

Most people after having a near death experience which is how I classify my flight even though things went well would go to Vegas and spend their money on poker and girls. I wasn't in Vegas however. I was in Albany NY a city whose claim to fame is
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California Pacific Will Fly November 1, But For How Long?

The wait is over.  California Pacific, an airline that has been around for years in theory, has finally taken flight.  The airline is currently operating… from Denver to the bustling South Dakota metropolises of Pierre and Watertown?  That’s probably not what you expected, but don’t worry, there’s a reason for that.  The airline will come to its new home in Carlsbad starting November 1. California Pacific has been nearly a decade in the making (or longer, depending upon when you think the quest...
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Secrets of a Vegas high-roller suite from its manager

Brandon Presser managed the high-roller suites in Las Vegas's Cosmopolitan. They're reserved for players who front more than a million in the hotel's private casino. In Bloomberg, Presser reveals what happens behind closed doors: One repeat guest prefers the suite with a chinchilla-fur hammock; he’s been known to splay himself across it naked, waiting for a butler to find him. Another, a well-known basketball player, enjoys having sex on the morning of his departure while the butlers fastid...
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How to Plan Your Dream USA Trip of a Lifetime (in 11 steps)

Have you been dreaming about a USA trip? This post is for you! We have visited the United States many times and have lived here for five years. We love travelling in the USA and sharing our expert tips to help others. In this post we’ll help you plan and prepare for your own trip to the USA so that it becomes a reality. America is a huge country with incredible diversity, and with so many things to do in the USA we know that planning a trip can be daunting and overwhelming. That’s where we come...
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Wheels on the Rim: Savoring Sedona, Grand Canyon, & Seligman, AZ

“Why did I never do this before?” This, or something close to it, is probably a thought most of us have experienced at some point, after being captivated by a joyful activity that we realize we could have experienced far sooner. Twenty-six years after moving to Vegas, that question beat through my head as I bicycled, literally whooping loudly and repeatedly, along Hermit’s Rest Road on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP). I’d wondered the same thing a couple of days earlier about ...
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