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Luxury resorts and vegan food in Phu Quoc

Read all about these Luxury Resorts and Vegan Food in Phu Quoc from our recent trip to the Vietamese island which is a fast growing tourism hotspot. We experienced 3 luxury resorts that were all very different to each other but had one thing in common for sure. Upon request they were more than able […] The post Luxury resorts and vegan food in Phu Quoc appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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VIETNAM 9 Saigon fin

Nol est pass et nous avons encore deux jours profiter de Leslie et Tiffany.... Nous ferons donc une excursion au Temple Cao Dai ainsi qu'aux Tunnels du Cu chi avec eux. Je les remercie de nous avoir accompagns car ce n'tait pas une premire pou
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Former US Ambassador Ted Osius to head Google’s APAC public policy

Ted Osius, a US diplomat and the former US Ambassador to Vietnam (2014-17), is joining Google as its VP of public policy and government relations for APAC from next month, reports Public Affairs Asia. Osius has 30 years of government and private sector experience, including being an associate... ...
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Away from Vietnam’s tourist circuit, a Pacific Northwest travel writer finds comfort and charm in Seattle’s sister city

Haiphong is rarely more than a stopover for tourists en route to the airport for flights south, but many visitors say the area feels the way Hanoi did before the influx of tourists.
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VIETNAM 8 nous arrivons Saigon

Point final de notre petit voyage.... Nous laisserons ici Shanti Travel que nous ne pouvons que remercier vivement car tout ft parfait... Un seul petit couac... on oublie de venir nous chercher l'aroport Saigon pour nous mener vers notre htel..
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That's the French word for Vietnamese fried egg rolls. France has a history with Vietnam, and the exchange of food is probably one of the more significant legacies of that relationship. Aside from the war. But I digress. The ingredients, assembled, for making nems. We've made nems before, but it's been a long time. These days we find them easily in the supermarket. But I decided it would be fun to make some again, so a few months ago we got the wrappers from the Asian store. They're rice paper...
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Dernire tape avant de retrouver nos petits enfants Nol approche grands pas... cela se sent dans la quantit de touristes qui augmente de jour en jour.. Peu de franais cependant... mais beaucoup de chinois et de corens...Ce blog est s
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VIETNAM 6 Danang

Une petite marche en arrire pour les photos car oubli de vous mettre celles des nonnes... c'tait un moment trs chouette que de presque partager leur goter...Le voyage continue et nous nous rendons chaque fois plus vers Saigon mais avec encore
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Best places to travel this February

Though for much of the world February is the cold, barren home stretch of winter, it’s also one of the cheapest times of the year to travel since everyone is still feeling the burn in their wallets left by the holiday season. Well, what are a few extra hundred bucks on the Amex if it means killer flight deals and almost no crowds? While Carnival and Mardi Gras fall in early March this year, plenty of Carribean destinations will be kicking off their celebrations early in February, giving you a...
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The Ultimate Bucket List: The 8 Best Travel Tours in the World

Do you want to take a trip to a foreign country? If you never have, you should! Traveling abroad helps enhance your views and knowledge of the world. You’ll see amazing sights, meet amazing people, and overall have an unforgettable experience. But here’s the issue when traveling abroad – you’re a long way from home. Things are done differently in foreign countries. From social customs to attire to paying for goods and services, you’ll experience some bumps along the traveling road. That’s why a ...
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19 Places to Travel in 2019

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for fresh new perspectives! What better way to gather perspective than to travel the world? A chance to explore places and cultures, and meet people unlike yourself. At AirTreks, we believe that travel is the pathway to transformation. What does it take to get started on stepping out and into the world? A spark of curiosity, a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, and a dose of inspiration. That last part is where we come in! We pinged our trave...
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Chiang Mai trip report – the provincial powerhouse of Southeast Asia

Every time I return to Chiang Mai (which has been often) I marvel at how hard this inland provincial city punches above its weight. After thinking about this I looked at a map of Asia, and I can’t think of a non-capital city (and not a port/coastal city) that has as much to offer as Chiang Mai. Sure there are bigger inland cities in China, but not with the international appeal as Chiang Mai. In the future I think Da Nang will be the city to watch, but it has some way to go to catch up with the...
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2018: 6 Countries, 32k Miles, And Some BIG Changes

This post 2018: 6 Countries, 32k Miles, And Some BIG Changes appeared first on The Professional Hobo. While spending December 2018 at a friend’s place in Florida, I was trying to remember when I did “that crazy detox retreat” in Thailand. Looking back, it felt like it was at least a year prior. When I realized it was actually only earlier the same year, I was floored. For some reason I thought 2018 had been more sedentary than it was; I couldn’t possibly have visited six countries – including si...
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Impressions of Vietnam and Taiwan

(Hoi An – Photo Source) I spent Christmas and New Year’s in Vietnam (Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City) and Taiwan (Taipei). Wonderful trip. Here are some impressions: Vietnam generally: Vietnamese people are obsessed with food. We were told that the average person eats more than three times a day. And in between eating sessions, they discuss past and upcoming meals. A country where the locals are obsessed with food means culinary delights await tourists — so if you visit, prepare to eat your way thr...
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122018 Singapore

SingaporeChuyen di China Singapore Thailand Vietnam Hong Kong 126 to 282018 Muc dich cua chuyen di nay la toi muon di Cruise vong quanh Vietnam tu mien Nam ra den mien Bac Vietnam ma toi chua bao gio di bang du thuyen de nhin thay tan m
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122018 Ha Noi Vietnam

Ha Noi Viet Nam Sau khi tham Bach Dang Giang toi di thang den Ha Noi va den Ha noi khoang 630Pm. Sau do toi cung 7 nguoi ban di den Bun Cha Hong Lien restaurant noi ma Tong Thong Obama den an khi ong den Vietnam land au tien cung la vi Tong Thon
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VIETNAM 5 Hu et Danang

Me revoil... Avec ce souci de Travel Blog j'aurai au moins pu apprendre certaines choses convertir un fichier excel en word... faire des groupes avec vos adresses ajouter chacune d'elle un et un espace... faire un copier coller dans le Cci du mes
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Discovering Southern China

For years I’ve been captivated by images of China’s dramatic landscapes and nature. So, when opportunity knocked David and I set out on a #brothersberger adventure into Shanghai with plans to wrap up with a final few days and flight home from Hanoi in Vietnam in February 2018. We weren’t prepared for the cold weather, or for the dramatic impact the weeks before Tet (Chinese New Year) would have on our ease of travel. But, with no concrete plan and just a flexible list of places we were ...
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VIETNAM 4 La Baie d'Halong

Et bien me revoil... et pas sans mal j'ignore totalement ce qui se passe avec Travel Blog mais c'est pas jojo du tout... Au risque de me planquer encore plus j'ai essay d'ouvrir un deuxime compte quitte refaire les choses... mais rien de fonc
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New airport in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Travelers to Vietnam will now be able to reach beautiful Ha Long Bay in one hour thanks to the brand new Van Don International Airport in the Quang Ninh province. About 136 miles from Hanoi, the airport is less than one hour away from picturesque and popular Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ha Long’s gorgeous small islets and limestone pillars have made it very popular among travelers and cruise ships. According to Sun Group, the company that built the airport, 2.5 million passen...
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VIETNAM La Baie d'Halong

Et bien me revoil... et pas sans mal j'ignore totalement ce qui se passe avec Travel Blog mais c'est pas jojo du tout... Au risque de me planquer encore plus j'ai essay d'ouvrir un deuxime compte quitte refaire les choses... mais rien de fonc
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Some lucky fliers just bagged $16,000 first-class seats for only $1,100

An error on Cathay Pacific's website on Monday allowed people to book first-class flights between the U.S. and Vietnam at a fraction of the usual cost. Even better, the airline has agreed to honor the bookings. The post Some lucky fliers just bagged $16,000 first-class seats for only $1,100 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Notes on Macau – Where US casinos and Portuguese heritage meet

When I was in Hong Kong I visited the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, which meant a trip to Macau. I was in Macau unexpectedly last December so I didn’t expect to be back again the following December. I like visiting Macau, even though I’m not into casinos. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Historic Centre of Macao is always worth another visit, and seeing how the new city areas are being transformed is unlike anything you’ll see in the west. My first visit to Macau was probably in 2006. I...
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Cathay Pacific blunder offers huge discounts on first class tickets

Airline promises to honour the sales – ‘We do not want to go back on our promise’It was the New Year’s Eve travel sale that appeared to be too good to be true: business and first class flights from Vietnam to New York for as as little as $675 (£536) rather than the standard $16,000.It turned out to be a ticketing blunder, but airline Cathay Pacific on Wednesday promised to honour the sale. “Happy 2019 all, and to those who bought our good – VERY good surprise ‘special’ on New Year’s Day,” the Ho...
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Cathay Pacific error sees $16,000 flights sold for $675

Airline says it will honour huge accidental discounts on business and first-class faresIt was the New Year’s Eve travel sale that appeared to be too good to be true: business and first-class flights on Cathay Pacific from Vietnam to New York for $675 (£534), rather than the standard $16,000.It turned out to be a ticketing error, but the airline promised to honour the sale. “Happy 2019 all, and to those who bought our good – VERY good surprise ‘special’ on New Year’s Day,” the Hong Kong-based car...
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Cathay Pacific Honoring First Class, Business Class Mistake Fares

On New Year's Eve I wrote about $675 business class roundtrips between Vietnam and the U.S. and about first class roundtrips for under $1000. The amazing news for everyone who took a chance and booked these tickets is that Cathay Pacific is honoring the deal. Continue reading Cathay Pacific Honoring First Class, Business Class Mistake Fares...
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New Vietnamese cyber security law to remove “toxic” internet content

A new cyber security law in Vietnam requires social media companies to remove content from the internet that is deemed by the authorities as offensive or toxic, reports National Public Radio. The bill came into effect on Tuesday, January 1, 2019. The bill requires companies such as Facebook and... ...
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New Years Special: $988 Cathay Pacific First Class Asia Back to North America

I just wrote about $675 roundtrip from Vietnam to the US in Cathay Pacific business class. Even if you just book a one way award ticket to Asia and use this for your flight back to the U.S. it's an amazing steal. However there are amazing (even better!) first class fares, too. Continue reading New Years Special: $988 Cathay Pacific First Class Asia Back to North America...
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Hurry: Cathay Pacific Business Class Back to Several US Cities From $675

Oh my goodness this is an amazing fare. You can fly from Southeast Asia to New York in Cathay Pacific business class from $675 roundtrip. Even if you book an award ticket to Asia and use this as a one way ticket to get back (and throw away the return) you come out way way ahead. You can fly from Vietnam - the cheapest fares originate in Da Nang, but other cities work as well - to Cathay Pacific's US gateways starting at $675. Continue reading Hurry: Cathay Pacific Business Class Back to Se...
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9 popular Matador Instagram photos

People usually do at least one of three things as a year comes to a close: reflect on how the past year has gone, think up resolutions for the coming year, and party it up. 2018 was a great year for travel, with economies bouncing back and welcoming more tourism than ever, and it was also a year that people thought about ways to travel sustainably, as well as the impact of social media on the places they visit. Instagram has its pros and cons, but no matter what side of the debate you fall on...
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