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Eye Prefer Paris 15th Anniversary Prize Winners

First, I would like to thank you for your kind and generous comments and emails about the 15th Anniversary of Eye Prefer Paris last week, and I especially want to thank those who took the time to take the quiz and for their answers.   Below are the correct answers to the quiz, highlighted in red.   2006 What department store had an exhibit of dolls that Christian Dior, John Galliano, Kenzo, Christian Lacroix, Valentino, and Versace designed costumes for? A. Le Bon Marche B. Gal...
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15th Anniversary of Eye Prefer Paris

On June 26, 2006 I launched Eye Prefer Paris, and last Friday was the 15th anniversary. Here’s the first post I wrote.   About This blog This blog is about how a native New Yorker dreamed of moving to Paris …… and what he discovered once he got there. Come live this Paris dream vicariously through the eyes(and ears) of Richard Nahem. He writes his blog from his 18th century apartment overlooking tree-lined Place St. Paul in the fashionable Marais district of Paris. I had no idea wha...
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Louise Hindsgavl Sculptures & Julien Comte-Gaz Photos at Galerie NEC

Galerie NEC is the gallery in the Marais that represents my partner Vincent, and he has had five successful exhibitions with them since 2006.   They actually have two galleries, the original gallery on rue Vieille du Temple, and their second space around the corner, across from the Picasso Museum.   I passed by both galleries last week to say “hello” to the owners Alain Chiglien and Roger Nilsson, who I hadn’t see since the lockdown. They were happy to be up and running again and I very m...
Tags: Travel, Vincent, Picasso Museum, Museums/Galleries/Exhibits, Richard Nahem, rue Vieille du Temple, Galerie NEC, Louise Hindsgavl Sculptures, Julien Comte Gaz Photos, Alain Chiglien, Roger Nilsson, rue Veille du Temple, Louise Hindsgavl, Hindsgavl, Julien Comte Gaz

Street Art in Valencia, Spain

On my trip with Vincent last August to Valencia, Spain, we discovered a cool area of the city that had a vibrant street art scene. The El Carmen neighborhood reminded me of the East Village in the early 1990s, where you can see the gentrification starting to happen but there’s still some grittiness left. There were a number of empty lots in El Carmen, probably from old buildings being torn down, and the new ones being built soon. The wide expanses on these lots provided the perfect canvas for...
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Your Favorite Paris Story

Since I had such a terrific turnout from the photos you sent from the Your Favorite Paris Photo post a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to do a follow up post.   Do you have a favorite Paris story you would like to share? If you do, I would love you to send it to me to post on Eye Prefer Paris. It could be funny, romantic, bittersweet, or whatever theme you like. I just have a few parameters. 1. Please keep it under 500 words, so I can include all of your stories.   2. Please use eith...
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Your Favorite Paris Photo

After spending 14 years posting my favorite Paris photos on Eye Prefer Paris, I now want to give you opportunity to share your favorite Paris photo.   Do you have a favorite photo you would like to share on Eye Prefer Paris? If you do, please send it to [email protected] along with a brief description, a few lines about where and when it was taken, and why it’s your favorite photo. It doesn’t have to be a photo taken by you, it could have been taken by someone else.   I will post the ...
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Fashion Illustrations by Lois Howes and Ruthanne Terrero

A few weeks ago, Lois Howes, a travel agent friend of mine from Long Island New York, (She was on the list of the best travel agents)   read my blog about my 44th anniversary with Vincent. She also went to art school in New York about the same time as Vincent, but not to Parsons. In school she drew a number of fashion illustrations from the 1970s and she sent me a few of them. They were so cool and retro, that I thought it would be fun to show them on Eye Prefer Paris.   Then I remembered...
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Parisian of the Month: Cori Coppola

I am excited to have my new friend, Cori Coppola as my Parisian of the Month.   Where were you born and where did you grow up? I was born in Hollywood in a little bungalow apartment. It wasn’t a great neighborhood, but it was one of those leftover bungalow areas that had originally been built for the larger studios. It was a two-bedroom with one bathroom, and I could go outside and play under the huge palm trees. Then we moved to Hancock Park which I loved, and I could bike or walk ...
Tags: Travel, Japan, New York, Hollywood, London, Patricia Highsmith, China, San Francisco, David, West, Paris, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Liam Hemsworth, Napa, Harrison Ford

Views of Ile Saint Louis

Since my gym is closed because of the virus, I take a brisk walk every morning along the quai near my house, to get my cardio in. (The government lockdown states you are allowed to go outside to exercise), Last Thursday was a beautiful day just on the cusp of spring. and on my walk, I can see the Ile Saint Louis across the way, so I took some photos for you.   I want to thank everyone so much for your kind and generous comment and congratulations on my 44th anniversary blog post and I...
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Our 44th Anniversary

Today  Forty-four years ago, on March 21, 1977, I met Vincent Gagliostro in New York City, and my life changed forever.   It was an interesting happenstance how we met, and if it wasn’t for a split second in time, we may have never met.   I was 21 years old, and still living at home in Brooklyn with my parents. It was the height of the disco era, and every Saturday night I would go into the city to dance away the night to the disco beat. I was close with my brother Joe, who lived in...
Tags: Travel, Wall Street, New York City, Brooklyn, Paris, Manhattan, Michael, Joe, Saks Fifth Avenue, Vincent, Tribeca, Parsons School Of Design, Lily Tomlin, Sutton, Son of Sam, Fifth Ave

Magnolia Blooms in Palais Royal Gardens

Since we are all feeling the affects of the Coronavirus, no matter where we live, I am writing this special post. Almost all of us are in lockdowns in the U.S. A. and in France and most of Europe, forced to nesting at home. It’s a delicate and difficult time, so please hang in there. Also many of you had travel plans to come to Paris and had to either postpone or cancel your trip, which was also disappointing to me, as I won't get to see some of my friends and meet my newest clients. Until th...
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J.K. Place Hotel Paris

Walking down the quiet, residential street rue de Lille, in the upscale, 7th arrondissement, you could easily miss the entrance to the new J.K. Place Hotel Paris.   The subtle entrance way is marked with a doormat signed with the letters J.K. and emerald curtains, which made me think of the The Wizard of Oz.   A small chain of luxury hotels in located in Capri, Florence, and Rome, J.K. Place has recently opened an outpost in Paris, their first venture outside of Italy.   The J.K. ...
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Betty Catroux/Yves Saint Laurent- Feminine Singular

Before I get to my post today, I want to thank everyone who sent messages by email and on Facebook about how the Coronavirus is affecting me and the city. I am feeling fine and healthy for the moment, and staying at home as much as possible. As far as Paris, all non-essential stores are closed except food shops (luckily the foie gras shop is open next door), pharmacies, banks, and for some bizarre reason, tabacs. As soon as tomorrow, there could possibly more drastic restrictions much like It...
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Betty Cartoux/Yves Saint Laurent- Feminine Singular

After meeting in a chic night club in Paris in 1971, they became inseparable BFF’s for over 30 years. So goes the story of Yves Saint Laurent’s obsessive relationship with Betty Cartoux.   She was his model, muse, confidante, travel companion, sometime savior, and much more.   The latest exhibition at the YSL Museum , documents the relationship between Yves Saint Laurent and Betty Cartoux with clothes, photos, memorabilia, and videos.   Betty Catroux was born in Rio in 1945 and arriv...
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Door of the Month: Boulevard Beaumarchais

The Boulevard Beaumarchais is about a 10-block thoroughfare, starting at Place de la Bastille going towards Republique and continues north until the boulevard is renamed Filles du Calvaire.   There’s quite a number of outstanding doors lining the boulevard, many with exquisite ironwork and ornate, plaster frames around them. The buildings are mostly Hausmmannian style, from the late 20th century.   There are also a number of doors in unusual colors such as pale lavender and teal blue....
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St Vincent

Kingston St Vincent Blog 23rd January 2020St Vincent is the main island of the Windward Island's its a steep and volcanic island with mountain ridges and waterfalls. Another warm humid day with the saving grace that we were th
Tags: Travel, St Vincent, Vincent, WINDWARD ISLAND, Kingston St Vincent Blog

La Chambre Bed Linen Collection

An American friend of mine living in Paris, who regularly reads Eye Prefer Paris, suggested that I meet an American couple she knew who just started an online bed linen company for a possible blog post. Alison Ross and Ian Benton, she an American ex-pat, and he a British ex-pat, moved to Paris in 2011 from London. In quick succession, they had three children in a period of five years. Alison quit her job as a lawyer to take care of the children, while Ian worked as an executive at Coca-Cola, ...
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Mordu Restaurant Saint Germain

I’m always hard pressed to find good restaurants in Saint Germain des Pres. Yes, there are the famous cafes, Les Deux Maggots and Café de Flore which are great to go for a coffee, but not to eat at, and Le Comptoir and Semilla are easily the best restaurants in Saint Germain, but other than that, the neighborhood is sorely lacking.   Nicolas Paradis is a wine specialist and entrepreneur in Paris. He owns the very successful wine tasting venue O’ Chateau and Caves de Louvre, a unique space...
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I’m Cooking Again! Save the Date January 15

As most of you know, I was a chef and caterer for 21 years before I moved to Paris in 2005. I had a niche business, where I would cater fashion shoots for magazines, stores, and catalogs. There would usually be a crew of about ten to twelve people, including the photographer, two photo assistants, models, fashion stylist, hair stylist, makeup artist and fashion editor. I never know who would show up on a shoot; one day, there was Cindy Crawford munching on my carrot cake in rollers, another d...
Tags: Travel, Events, Paris, Whitney Houston, Pascal, Vincent, Cindy Crawford, Paris Cafe, Richard Nahem, Montmartre St Germain, Paris Lisa, Lisa Anselmo, Café Troisieme, Marais Café Troisieme

Brasserie Bocuse at Hotel du Louvre

I received an invitation from Alexandre Richardot, the director of sales and marketing at Hotel du Louvre, to dine at Brasserie Bocuse last month.   Paul Bocuse, who died in 2018, was one of the most celebrated and innovative French chefs in the late 1900s. His first restaurant, L'Auberge du Pont de Collonges, opened in 1965 outside of Lyon, and put Bocuse on the culinary map, receiving three Michelin stars and has miraculously maintained them ever since. Bocuse was also one of the pionee...
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Happy New Year 2020

Thanks for all your kind comments about Vincent’s art gift from the other day. I forgot to post this photo of it. [Author: richard nahem]
Tags: Travel, Holidays, Vincent, Richard Nahem

Christmas 2019: Vincent’s Art Gift

First, I want to thank everyone for their warm Christmas messages the past few days. If I didn’t reply, I hope you had a lovely holiday.   A number of you mentioned that you were looking forward to my annual post about the art gift Vincent gives me every year for Christmas.   For those of you who are new to Eye Prefer Paris, my partner Vincent, who is an artist and filmmaker, makes me a special art gift every year for Christmas. It  takes a different form each year. It could be a collage...
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Brasserie Bellanger

First it was the bistro that made a comeback in the form of the neo-bistro, then the bouillon restaurant made a splashy return, and now the brasserie is ripe for a return.   Brasserie Bellanger is a perfect example of a classic French institution being reborn in a fresh, relevant way.   Located in a gritty part of the 10th arrondissement near Gard du Nord, Brasserie Bellanger, we arrived at 7:30PM and the restaurant was already buzzing. The black and white tile floor and the well-lit ...
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Door of the Month: Valencia

Vincent and I took a quick trip to Valencia, Spain in late August, and what a beautiful city it is. Much of the architecture is Art Nouveau and turn-of-the-century, with stunning architectural details and flourishes.   I captured a slew of fantastic doors and I am sharing them with you today. Bright sunshine blessed us the entire four days we were there, giving the doors a flattering hue.   More about Valencia soon.   ...
Tags: Travel, Architecture, Paris, Valencia, Vincent, Valencia Spain, Jessica, Richard Nahem, Montmartre St Germain, Door of the Month, La Vaissellerie, Marais Click

The Familiar Tian Chen Lou Hotel

Chengdu China May 16 2019 The people from the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital are always gracious in hosting us. In spite of arriving an hour early there was a resident I'd not met before who met me with a car to take me to the hotel. Vincent hi
Tags: Travel, Vincent, Chengdu China, Sichuan Provincial People s Hospital, Tian Chen Lou Hotel

The Familiar Tien Chen Lou Hotel

Chengdu China May 16 2019 The people from the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital are always gracious in hosting us. In spite of arriving an hour early there was a resident I'd not met before who met me with a car to take me to the hotel. Vincent hi
Tags: Travel, Vincent, Chengdu China, Sichuan Provincial People s Hospital, Tien Chen Lou Hotel

Roxie Paris

Roxie Paris is set to bring the elegant supper clubs of the 1930s and 40s back into vogue again.   Newly opened at the end of 2018, I was invited for dinner two weeks ago. Located on a side street off the Champs Elysees, the exterior already emits a throwback to the 1930s with a black lacquer marquis spelling ROXIE in bold letters.   Two good looking, well dressed staff members warmly greeted us, took our coats and escorted us to the dining room. The lacquered interior looked like it wa...
Tags: Travel, Aretha Franklin, Chicago, Openings, Parties, Lenny Kravitz, Louis Armstrong, Joe Cocker, Nightlife, Vincent, Restaurant Reviews, Franklin Roosevelt, Roxie, Roxie Hart, Richard Nahem, Restaurants/Food/Drink

Trip to Turkey- Istanbul

Istanbul and Turkey have been on the top of my travel wish list for years but in recent times it hasn’t been safe to travel there because of the political situation. After my experience in Strasbourg in December, where I was at the site of the shootings 90 minutes before they happened, I have an altered viewpoint about where it’s safe to travel. I believe there aren’t many places left in the world that are truly safe to travel and not immune to danger. Although I am a responsible traveler, my a...
Tags: Travel, Asia, Europe, New York, France, Turkey, Morocco, Paris, Bastille, Strasbourg, Hermès, Istanbul, Vincent, Art Nouveau, Blue Mosque, Versailles

Vincent’s Christmas Gift 2018

As many of you who have been reading Eye Prefer Paris for a while, I write an annual post about Vincent’s Christmas gift to me. Some of you already emailed me yesterday, asking what the gift was.   In case you are new to EPP, Vincent my partner, creates an art piece for me every Christmas, now going on 41 years. It’s taken on many forms: paintings, portraits, drawings, sculptures, tapestries, boxes, and books.   It’s always a surprise, as he gives no hints whatsoever about what it’s goin...
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Holiday Dinner at La Bauhinia at Shangri-La Hotel Paris

I was invited last week to sample the holiday menu at La Bauhinia Restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris.   Walking through the lobby, a grand, festive Christmas tree set the mood for our dinner.   We were seated on the mezzanine of the two-story dining room with an opulent crystal chandelier hanging from a glass-domed roof. The décor is a mix of elegant French; a red velvet circular banquette in the middle of the room and Chinese inspiration; soft mint green velvet chairs and the s...
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