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Forget 3 feet, Hawaii should be planning for 6 feet of sea level rise, new research says

Melting Greenland ice sheet. Credit: NOAA Hawai`i may be planning for only half the sea level rise that is possible within the lives of todayʻs newborns. A new studyfrom British, American, Dutch and German climate researchers argues that sea levels could be more than 6 feet higher than now in 80 years, wiping out many of the worldʻs most important cities and coastlines. Many of those coastal areas would be inundated far sooner than that. That includes much of Honolulu.  ...
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Seattle-area forecast: Wet start to the week, but maybe a dry Memorial Day weekend

It's a tough week to predict, weather-wise, but there's at least a chance that the long holiday weekend will be warm and dry.
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Higher, Hotter, Faster, More Acid: Climate Change is Speeding Up

The Mauna Loa Keeling Curve, which indicates how much carbon-dioxide is in the atmosphere, has crossed into new high territory—more than 415 parts per million. But perhaps more dangerously, the rate of rise has locked in a new trajectory—meaning itʻs going higher faster. Climate researchers are seeing all the secondary impacts of that—rising temperatures, rising seas and rising ocean acidity are also going up. Climate change is coming far faster than we ever antici...
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A rainy Thursday

This is the view from the guest room window on a rainy Thursday morning. I was lucky to get the grass cut before the rain came again. Everything is quite green right now. The grape vines are producing fresh green leaves, too. I hope the predicted cold this weekend doesn't hurt anything. Just inside the hedge is the path that Tasha has made, running back and forth chasing cars and people from inside the yard. I made the mistake of playing ball with Tasha the other day. Now, all she wants is to ...
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7 things to know before you go boating on Opening Day

Here are some to help you get the most — and stay safe — on Saturday's Opening Day of boating season.
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Rainy day

I heard a little rain over night, and this morning the rain is more steady. The weather people say it will rain on and off all day. It's good for the plants. A lilac in our back yard. The early spring flowers are fading. The fruit tree blossoms are gone. Daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth have long since lost their blooms. The lilac pictured above is losing its petals now, too. That photo is a few days old. Yesterday I put the saw attachment onto the long pruning pole and sawed some dead branches...
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Oh snow!

This photo is not here but in the mountains south of Le Puy-en-Velay, taken more than a month ago. We found many of these little patches of snow on our excursions, laying low in shady places. Most of winter's snow was already gone, except on the higher peaks, which were quite white. Snow still hanging on in a roadside ditch near Arlempdes. We are not expecting any snow, but the low temperatures forecast for this weekend are at or below freezing. That's not good news for the grape growers; the ...
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Blow me down

The wind howled on Wednesday. There wasn't much rain at all, unless you count the twigs and branches "raining" out of the trees. The cleanup will be fun. Not. A big branch hanging off a tree. Fortunately, it's not one of our trees. Even Tasha is a little tired of walking in the wind. After the novelty of chasing the leaves that blow by wears off, she's ready to get back into the house. I don't blame her. [Author: wcs]
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Des œufs de poule

Someone offered us some fresh eggs and we gladly accepted them. Ken hard-boiled six of them on Tuesday before it occurred to me to take a picture, so here are the remaining four. We ate a couple with mayonnaise, œufs durs mayonnaise, a French café staple and a common restaurant appetizer. They were delicious. Fresh from the hen's, uh... well, let's just say "fresh from the hen." We're having another wind storm. The first one was on Monday. Now it's happening again. Ugh. You know how I hate the...
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Now that the sun is gone

It happened. The clouds came back and the temperature dropped. It's not really cold, but cooler than it has been. We're expecting rain toward the end of the weekend. So, here's a photo of a bright sunny morning in the vineyard! That's my shadow stretching into the vine rows. We're making stuffed cabbage for lunch today. Ken had blanched and frozen the outer leaves of a savoy cabbage a couple of weeks ago when we made a pot-au-feu (essentially a boiled dinner), and today's the day we'll use the...
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A Closer Look at How Delta Fights Turbulence with the Flight Weather Viewer

I posted last year that I saw a mention of Delta’s Flight Weather Viewer app, and I wanted to learn more. Well, now I have. I sat down with Delta’s Managing Director of Line Operations, Rich Terry, to learn more about how this app helps Delta pilots predict and avoid turbulence better than anyone else today. I wasn’t surprised to hear that Delta was the airline to come up with something like this. Part of the reason is because Delta has focused on innovation a fair bit lately, but it’s als...
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This beautiful weather we're having right now is doing everybody good, even if the timing is a little off. The trees and other plants are soaking up the sun. Buds are beginning to form. The ground is warming, too, so I imagine the grasses and other perennials are starting to produce new growth. Our lilac bush is already covered with fat buds. A view out over the vineyards as the sun rose last Sunday morning. There's still a lot of pruning to be done. The only downside to this warm and dry Febr...
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Birch bark

Well, I spent about ten minutes staring at the screen trying to think of something to write about birch bark. It's white. That's all I came up with. And it has thin dark spots. Our streak of sunny warm days continues. February may be going out like a lamb. Where does that leave March? Maybe it will come in like a goat, and out like manatee. Or, in like a spider monkey, out like a koala. In like an amoeba, out like a paramecium? [Author: wcs]
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Last week we had a few frosty mornings. Tiny icicles covered most everything at ground level until the sun came up and melted them. This week, in place of frost, we have fog. It's not cold enough for frost to form, but everything that was once covered in ice is now covered with little water droplets. A frosted remnant of last summer. On Wednesday, the fog burned off late in the morning and the sun warmed up the afternoon. The same thing will likely happen today. Soon it will be March and we wi...
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Weather warp

This photo looks like it could have been taken on a beautiful autumn day. It was taken last week. Our waning winter has been a mild one this year, with only a few dips below the freezing mark since December. We're expecting another sunny and warm weekend. Sunrise in the woods on a winter morning. But it's still only February! The vernal equinox is a month away. I have these nagging feelings that I should be getting spring chores done, and maybe I should, but it's too early for many of them. I ...
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When I walked Tasha last evening, I only needed a fleece and a baseball cap. No coat, scarf, or gloves. It felt like spring. Indeed, our outdoor thermometer read 16ºC (just over 60ºF), and that's in a cool location. The temperature on the deck got up to 20ºC (68ºF). It certainly felt like 20º out in the sun. A frosty leaf in the vineyard road. The sunny week we've been enjoying has been good for the plants and good for us. Lots of bright light for a change. Winter could still come back with co...
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Just in: New El Nino forms--what's the impact for Hawaiian weather?

El Nino is back. What does this mean? A new El Nino formed in January, "based on the presence of above-average sea surface temperatures across most of the equatorial Pacific Ocean and corresponding changes in the overlying atmospheric circulation," according to the Climate Prediction Center of the National Weather Service. In Hawaiian waters, the temperatures are still a little cooler than normal, but in the equatorial Pacific, a giant pool of warm water has developed, and it's a sign of...
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Weather Apps for Travelers

Read the full article on at - Weather Apps for Travelers Here’s some good news for travelers — weather apps just got a whole lot smarter and can do a much better job of protecting you each time you travel.   One of my favorites is Dark Sky. Despite the ominous sounding name, this app gives you up-to-the-minute local forecasts. And it has alerts like, “Rain... The post Weather Apps for Travelers appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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No more snow for Seattle, and a dry weekend ahead — but rain could complicate things

"We're not quite out of it yet," the National Weather Service warns. Rain and cold in the next few days could make for icy roads, landslides and urban flooding. But the weekend looks dry, and temperatures could climb into the 40s.
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A couple of days ago I posted a photo of a parcel of sauvignon blanc vines that had not yet been pruned. Well, now they have been. So, I took another photo! Compare this view with the same shot from Monday's post. Our week of "nice" weather is under way. It was mostly sunny through the day on Tuesday, with the same expected today and through the weekend. And, while the mornings are still cold (around freezing), the days are warming up nicely. They're saying the weekend could feel like spring. ...
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Chickens cross road, some escape after semi crashes, snarling I-5 near Olympia

Some chickens died in a semi-truck accident that shut down a portion of Interstate 5 near Olympia early Monday morning, but others ran free and — if they’re anything like their predecessors loosed in a similar accident years ago —they could find a new free-range life. The crash happened around 4 a.m. when the driver […]
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The storm moved through and the wind died down. We got a bunch of rain. Last night, when I looked out the window sometime around 02h00, the stars were clear and bright. The constellation Orion is getting lower in the western sky. We're more than half-way through winter now. This vineyard parcel, planted in sauvignon blanc, is waiting to be pruned before spring. As soon as things dry out a little, I plan to make the rounds with the wheelbarrow and gather up the twigs and branches that were blow...
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In black and white

There is certainly color in the winter vineyard. The canes that are not yet pruned have a muted reddish hue. The grass between vine rows is bright green. Evergreens on the edge of the vineyard parcels are, well, ever green. But on some days, especially on overcast and frosty days, the place seems monochromatic, almost like a black and white photo. This tree was little more than a sapling fifteen years ago when we moved here. Today is a yucky weather day. We're having rain and gusty winds. Agai...
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In the pink

Earlier this week we went from freezing morning temperatures to a more mild start to the day. I think it was on Wednesday morning when I noticed the sound of birds singing all around during my walk with Tasha. It sounded, and felt, like a nice spring morning. By contrast, frozen mornings are silent; only the occasional caw of a crow can be heard. A pink sunrise on a frosty morning earlier this week. So, I guess the transition from winter to spring is under way, even though we're still about si...
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Vineyard sunrise

A few nights ago the sky was relatively clear and the temperature went down to freezing. We woke to frosty grass and icy puddles. The sunrise was pretty, although I didn't get outside until after the sun was officially up. But even so, I can make mini sunrises happen if I walk down a hill and come back up toward the sun. A mini sunrise over the frosty vineyard. Now the weather has turned again and it's warm in the morning. As I type this at nearly 07h00, our outdoor thermometer reads about 10º...
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Taking your car today? Tips for dealing with cold-weather hassles

Even if your car's window is frozen and the engine needs a warm-up, don't do what other drivers do on cold winter mornings: Turn on the car and leave it running in the driveway with the tailpipes puffing telltale clouds of exhaust into the frosty air.
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More snow! Another weather system could hit Seattle on Friday and Saturday

Schools across the Puget Sound area are closed today, roads are iced over and Metro buses are struggling on their snow routes. The region could get another significant hit Friday and Saturday.
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Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know

Read the full article on at - Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know It’s now warmer in the outer edge of Antarctica right now than Chicago. Blame something called the “polar vortex,” which is directly impacting travel for thousands of Americans. So what exactly is a polar vortex? A polar vortex by definition is a large mass of rotating air that is located in the upper-middle atmospheric layers... The post Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know appeared first on Peter Greenberg Trav...
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No snow for us

We were on the back end of a storm that went through over night. At one point, around 01h00, I remember hearing some stiff wind outside. But I slept pretty well otherwise. We got some rain, but not a lot. North of us, however, and up into the Paris region, they got a few inches of snow. The vineyards look dull and lifeless, but the grass is green. I can feel the days starting to get longer now. I find myself looking out the windows, especially when there's some sun, thinking of all the things ...
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As snow slams Midwest, some flights at Sea-Tac canceled or delayed

As a frightful winter storm hits the Midwest, some flights are being delayed or canceled. Here's what you need to know if you're traveling to or from Sea-Tac Airport.
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