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Just in: New El Nino forms--what's the impact for Hawaiian weather?

El Nino is back. What does this mean? A new El Nino formed in January, "based on the presence of above-average sea surface temperatures across most of the equatorial Pacific Ocean and corresponding changes in the overlying atmospheric circulation," according to the Climate Prediction Center of the National Weather Service. In Hawaiian waters, the temperatures are still a little cooler than normal, but in the equatorial Pacific, a giant pool of warm water has developed, and it's a sign of...
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Weather Apps for Travelers

Read the full article on at - Weather Apps for Travelers Here’s some good news for travelers — weather apps just got a whole lot smarter and can do a much better job of protecting you each time you travel.   One of my favorites is Dark Sky. Despite the ominous sounding name, this app gives you up-to-the-minute local forecasts. And it has alerts like, “Rain... The post Weather Apps for Travelers appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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No more snow for Seattle, and a dry weekend ahead — but rain could complicate things

"We're not quite out of it yet," the National Weather Service warns. Rain and cold in the next few days could make for icy roads, landslides and urban flooding. But the weekend looks dry, and temperatures could climb into the 40s.
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A couple of days ago I posted a photo of a parcel of sauvignon blanc vines that had not yet been pruned. Well, now they have been. So, I took another photo! Compare this view with the same shot from Monday's post. Our week of "nice" weather is under way. It was mostly sunny through the day on Tuesday, with the same expected today and through the weekend. And, while the mornings are still cold (around freezing), the days are warming up nicely. They're saying the weekend could feel like spring. ...
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Chickens cross road, some escape after semi crashes, snarling I-5 near Olympia

Some chickens died in a semi-truck accident that shut down a portion of Interstate 5 near Olympia early Monday morning, but others ran free and — if they’re anything like their predecessors loosed in a similar accident years ago —they could find a new free-range life. The crash happened around 4 a.m. when the driver […]
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The storm moved through and the wind died down. We got a bunch of rain. Last night, when I looked out the window sometime around 02h00, the stars were clear and bright. The constellation Orion is getting lower in the western sky. We're more than half-way through winter now. This vineyard parcel, planted in sauvignon blanc, is waiting to be pruned before spring. As soon as things dry out a little, I plan to make the rounds with the wheelbarrow and gather up the twigs and branches that were blow...
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In black and white

There is certainly color in the winter vineyard. The canes that are not yet pruned have a muted reddish hue. The grass between vine rows is bright green. Evergreens on the edge of the vineyard parcels are, well, ever green. But on some days, especially on overcast and frosty days, the place seems monochromatic, almost like a black and white photo. This tree was little more than a sapling fifteen years ago when we moved here. Today is a yucky weather day. We're having rain and gusty winds. Agai...
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In the pink

Earlier this week we went from freezing morning temperatures to a more mild start to the day. I think it was on Wednesday morning when I noticed the sound of birds singing all around during my walk with Tasha. It sounded, and felt, like a nice spring morning. By contrast, frozen mornings are silent; only the occasional caw of a crow can be heard. A pink sunrise on a frosty morning earlier this week. So, I guess the transition from winter to spring is under way, even though we're still about si...
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Vineyard sunrise

A few nights ago the sky was relatively clear and the temperature went down to freezing. We woke to frosty grass and icy puddles. The sunrise was pretty, although I didn't get outside until after the sun was officially up. But even so, I can make mini sunrises happen if I walk down a hill and come back up toward the sun. A mini sunrise over the frosty vineyard. Now the weather has turned again and it's warm in the morning. As I type this at nearly 07h00, our outdoor thermometer reads about 10º...
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Taking your car today? Tips for dealing with cold-weather hassles

Even if your car's window is frozen and the engine needs a warm-up, don't do what other drivers do on cold winter mornings: Turn on the car and leave it running in the driveway with the tailpipes puffing telltale clouds of exhaust into the frosty air.
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More snow! Another weather system could hit Seattle on Friday and Saturday

Schools across the Puget Sound area are closed today, roads are iced over and Metro buses are struggling on their snow routes. The region could get another significant hit Friday and Saturday.
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Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know

Read the full article on at - Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know It’s now warmer in the outer edge of Antarctica right now than Chicago. Blame something called the “polar vortex,” which is directly impacting travel for thousands of Americans. So what exactly is a polar vortex? A polar vortex by definition is a large mass of rotating air that is located in the upper-middle atmospheric layers... The post Polar Vortex: What You Need to Know appeared first on Peter Greenberg Trav...
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No snow for us

We were on the back end of a storm that went through over night. At one point, around 01h00, I remember hearing some stiff wind outside. But I slept pretty well otherwise. We got some rain, but not a lot. North of us, however, and up into the Paris region, they got a few inches of snow. The vineyards look dull and lifeless, but the grass is green. I can feel the days starting to get longer now. I find myself looking out the windows, especially when there's some sun, thinking of all the things ...
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As snow slams Midwest, some flights at Sea-Tac canceled or delayed

As a frightful winter storm hits the Midwest, some flights are being delayed or canceled. Here's what you need to know if you're traveling to or from Sea-Tac Airport.
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Snow squall

With apologies to those of you who have "real" winters... We had a snow squall on Tuesday. It started out as rain, then changed over to snow. Some of it started sticking to the wet ground, but it melted away pretty quickly after it changed back to rain. The view is from the deck outside the living room, panning from south to north. [Author: wcs]
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Winter weather, sort of

On Saturday morning, the temperature dropped just below freezing. That was enough for heavy frost and icy windows, and to make the dirt road out through the vineyard slippery. But we got no snow, just a little rain. I had to be very careful walking the dog. I managed to stay upright, but Tasha slipped on the slick ground and went down. No harm done. A tall stand of pines at the edge of the vineyard just before sunrise. This morning it's raining again, with our morning low well above zero. Janu...
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Thousands without power in Seattle area following pounding windstorm

The power outage was blamed for a nationwide ground stop for all Alaska Airlines flights between about 4:20 and 5:15 a.m. Sunday.
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Thousands without power in Seattle area following powerful windstorm

The power outage was blamed for a nationwide ground stop for all Alaska Airlines flights between about 4:20 a.m. and 5:15 a.m. Sunday.
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‘Wet and windy’: Storm with strong winds approaches Western Washington

The storm is not expected to cause damage in the Seattle area, but windy conditions could continue into Friday, according to the National Weather Service.
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Government shutdown closes parts of Washington state national parks, cuts search and rescue staff

Many federal agencies are putting a majority of their employees on furlough during the shutdown reducing services, even if some facilities remain open.
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It’s here! Winter solstice brings promise of longer days to fight the gloom

There’s some hope to be found in the gloom of these dark December days: The winter solstice is here, which means the days will gradually get longer after Friday. Today, on Dec. 21, the sun will rise around 7:54 a.m. and set at 4:20 p.m. in Seattle, marking the shortest day of the year. From […]
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Baby, it's warm outside

Today is the winter solstice. That means that the earth's northern hemisphere has reached its maximum tilt away from the sun. The days will stop getting shorter and, not long from now, will start getting longer again. Phew! There are still grapes in certain vineyard parcels. These are on the ground, but all around them there are grapes still hanging from the vines. Weird. The weather is not great. We're having a wind storm with rain that will last through the day. Yuck. But it's not cold. In f...
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We've had a few foggy days lately. On those days, the air is crystal clear before sunrise, with stars brilliant in the early morning sky. Once the sun peeks above the horizon, fog forms and thickens. It's ground fog that looks like pea soup as you look horizontally. But often, if you look directly up above your head, you can see blue sky and high clouds through the fog. Our hamlet seen, or not seen, from the vineyard on a recent foggy morning. Sometimes the fog burns off by mid-day and the sun...
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Little icicles

These are called stalactites de glace (ice stalactites) in French. They started forming on our roof line last Saturday when a rain system moved in after a couple of days of below-zero temperatures. They never got any bigger than this, though, because the rain brought warmer air in and everything that had frozen quickly melted. Size doesn't matter, right? We seem to be back into a more normal weather pattern now for this time year. That is a succession of relatively warm fronts off the Atlantic...
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Missing Hawaiian humpback whales? They're staying late in Alaskan waters, but it's still not certain why.

Hawai`i's humpback whales are missing, and now there are new clues about why. In Hawai`i as well as other southern migration areas, steep declines in whale numbers are being reported. Researchers in Alaskan waters now report that they're seeing whales that are staying in northern waters instead of migrating. (Image: Humpback in Sitka Sound, Mt. Edgecumbe: Humpback whale flukes are visible just on the surface with Mt. Edgecumbe on the horizon in Sitka, Alaska Sunday, O...
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Not long ago... felt like fall. Now, the trees are bare and it's feeling more like winter. Temperatures are dropping lower each day. The weather people predict that the lows will dip below freezing as the week goes on. I'm back to making daily fires in the wood stove after a couple weeks of relative warmth. These are the shortest days, these weeks around the winter solstice. We'll only have just over eight hours of daylight today, and nearly sixteen hours of darkness. A little fall color in our back ya...
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Sierra snowpack well above average after California storms

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Back-to-back California storms blanket the Sierra Nevada in snow, more than twice the snowpack level compared to this time last year, with winter still nearly two weeks away. At the same time last year, the Sierra snowpack was 47 percent of average, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday. A series of […]
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Swath of South faces wintry mess: Snow, sleet, freezing rain

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (AP) — A storm spreading snow, sleet and freezing rain across a wide swath of the South has millions of people in its path, raising the threat of immobilizing snowfalls, icy roads and possible power outages. Governors and local officials in several states declared emergencies ahead of the storm crossing several Southern […]
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Storm brings flood fears to Southern California burn areas

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Authorities kept a worried eye Friday on fire-scarred Southern California hillsides after a storm brought flooding fears and prompted evacuation orders for hundreds of homes. The second storm in a week dropped record-breaking rains on downtown Los Angeles, jammed major roads and sent an airliner skidding off a runway, but no […]
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Kauai pilot whale strandings punctuated by seven separate stranding incidents in a week down under

Dead pilot whales Kalapaki Beach. Credit: Author Whale strandings—like the one that killed five pilot whales on an East Kaua`i beach last year--remain among the most mysterious of natural occurrences. Kaua'i residents were traumatized the morning of Oct. 13, 2017, as glossy black pilot whales lay gasping on the sand at Kalapaki Bay. When well-meaning citizens shoved them back into deep water, most returned to the sand. Boaters in canoes and power craft patrolled the bay, try...
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