Apple News jitters, Instagram goes shopping, and chatbots rise again

Hello! Thanks for subscribing. If you got this newsletter forwarded, sign up for your own here. In less than a week, Apple is set to announce a range of services including an all-you-can-read subscription news bundle, and it’s causing a lot of angst for publishers already worried about big tech eating media. I talked to publishers who were pitched by Apple, and they say the phone maker is basing the business model on a flawed comparison between news and music. To date, The New York Times and Th...
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'It helps Facebook further fortify its walled garden': Instagram is testing in-app checkout to make shopping more seamless, but experts say it has a bigger agenda

Instagram is rolling out a checkout button to make it easier for people to shop from the platform. The function is being beta-tested with 20 brands, including Adidas, Burberry, MAC Cosmetics, Michael Kors, Nike, Warby Parker, and Zara.  It shows how Instagram has been making shopping a bigger priority in recent months and is also an attempt by the company to gather more data, say experts. The move could threaten companies like Curalate that have built businesses on bridging the gap between br...
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How to contact Google support for help with any Google-related issue

If you're looking to contact Google for help with a Google-related issue, there are a few routes you can take.  Google does not offer phone support save for assistance with a few specific apps, and many of the numbers posted online claiming to be Google customer service are scams. The company does offer a robust archive of information that can be helpful as you troubleshoot; most issues have likely been addressed. Google will never offer help with security issues like a lost password over the ...
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Netflix loves 10-episode TV seasons and reportedly doesn't see the value in longer original shows

Netflix is increasingly favoring 10-episode seasons for its original series. Deadline reported that Netflix sees little value in shows that exceed 10-episode seasons and 30 episodes overall, which is one reason many Netflix shows get canceled after two or three seasons. Netflix canceled "One Day at a Time" last week after three seasons, and all of its Marvel shows recently after two or three seasons. There's a reason you're seeing TV shows with shorter seasons on Netflix. When Netflix serious...
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Tesla is delaying a 3% price increase until Wednesday (TSLA)

Tesla is delaying a 3% price increase on its vehicles until Wednesday, the automaker said on Tuesday. The delay resulted from "unusually high volume," Tesla said. The price increase will take place at midnight on Wednesday. The price increase applies to all vehicles except the $35,000 version of the Model 3 sedan and the upcoming Model Y SUV. Tesla is delaying a 3% price increase on its vehicles until Wednesday, the automaker said on Tuesday. The delay resulted from "unusually high volume," T...
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Regulators just approved a new depression drug with the potential to be a game-changer (SAGE)

On Tuesday, federal regulators approved the second new antidepressant this month after 35 years of little progress combatting the disease. An injection called Zulresso, the new drug treats post-partum depression (PPD). PPD occurs after childbirth and is thought to affect roughly one in every 6 women. This month's two new approved drugs could work faster and last longer than previous medications. Federal regulators have just given the green light to a second new kind of antidepressant this mon...
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Apple just updated the iMac for the first time since 2017 with a big performance boost (AAPL)

Apple just refreshed its 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac models with more powerful processors and faster graphics. It's the first time Apple has updated the iMac since 2017. Both new models are available online immediately and arrive in Apple Stores next week.  Apple has introduced upgraded models of its 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs that bring speedier performance and faster graphics, marking the first time Apple has refreshed its iMac line of all-in-one desktops since 2017. The new 21.5-inch Retin...
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America's No. 1 bike company just unveiled a helmet that it says is 48 times as safe as those on the market

Trek on Tuesday unveiled the Bontrager WaveCel, a new helmet that the company says represents the biggest advancement in the protection against cycling concussions. Trek says a rider wearing a Bontrager helmet with WaveCel technology is "up to 48 times less likely" to get a concussion from common cycling accidents compared to a standard foam helmet. Michael Bottlang, who codeveloped the new technology, tells Business Insider that the WaveCel is a ground-up redesign of the bicycle helmet 15 ye...
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AI experts are studying the way that kids' brains develop, and it could be a game-changer for the technology (GOOG, GOOGL)

Computer scientists developing artificial intelligence want their technology to be more like a child's brain. Children's brains are great at collecting information and learning from cues in the world around around them, something that AI systems struggle with. A cognitive development expert, along with AI specialists from Alphabet's DeepMind and Stanford discussed how a better understanding of the child's brain could provide the blueprint for the next generation of AI.  STANFORD, California —...
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Alamo Drafthouse's movie-ticket subscription plan will launch in all its theaters by the end of the year

Alamo Drafthouse's movie-ticket subscription service, Alamo Season Pass, will launch nationwide at all Drafthouse theaters by the end of the year. It will be an unlimited plan and cost $20 a month in most regions of the country. You will also be able to reserve seats in advance and have the option to add tickets.   The wait for the Alamo Drafthouse movie-ticket subscription plan is almost over. The popular chain will launch Alamo Season Pass by the end of the year across all its theaters, the...
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Tencent Music beats in its first earnings release after going public (TME)

Tencent Music Entertainment beat on both the top and bottom lines. But shares are down 3% to $18.00 apiece after the announcement. It's Tencent Music's first earnings release since going public in the US in December. Watch Tencent Music Entertainment trade live. Tencent Music Entertainment, the biggest streaming-music service in China, reported better-than-expected earnings for the fourth quarter. But shares are down 3.07% to $18.00 apiece after the announcement. Here are the key numbe...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday. Google announced a huge gaming initiative: A Netflix-like video-game streaming platform named Stadia. The service is intended to run high-resolution blockbuster games on any device that runs Google's Chrome — from smartphones and tablets to computers and TVs. Google unveiled a new controller for its Stadia gaming service on Tuesday, which connects to Google's data centers and pairs with whichever device the game is being ...
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Investigators are sifting through black box data from the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max to unlock the cause behind the crash. Here's what a black box really is.

Ethiopian transport minister Dagmawit Moge told reporters on Sunday that an evaluation of the black boxes from crashed Boeing 737 Max 8 jets in Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 and Lion Air Flight JT610 showed "clear similarities." Flight ET302's black boxes were flown last week to Paris for evaluation by the BEA, France's highly-respect aviation accident investigation agency. An airliner's black boxes refer to its flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. They are bright orange inst...
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The way Theranos reportedly reacted to the suicide of its chief scientist was unbelievably cold

While dealing with the death of an employee is likely an incredibly difficult task, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes' reported reaction to the suicide of one of her first hires was particularly unusual. That's according to an October 2016 feature story by Vanity Fair's Nick Bilton, who detailed the rise and fall of the blood-testing company. In the piece, Bilton describes what happened to Ian Gibbons, one of Holmes' first hires at Theranos. Gibbons, who was named chief scientist by Holmes in 2005, ...
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Jeff Bezos tweeted a video of himself playing with a swooping robot dragonfly at his invite-only robotics conference

Jeff Bezos tweeted footage of himself playing with a robot dragonfly. The footage appears to be from Bezos' exclusive robotics conference, MARS. It is the first time the Amazon CEO has tweeted since locking horns with the National Enquirer. Jeff Bezos has tweeted a glimpse behind the curtain of his exclusive annual robotics conference — and it looks like he's loving life. In a tweet on Tuesday, Bezos posted a video of himself playing with what appears to be a robotic dragonfly. He credited Fe...
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Snapchat admits its age verification safeguards are effectively useless

Snap executives Stephen Collins and Will Scougal were grilled by UK lawmakers on Snapchat's age-verification process. Collins admitted that the system is effectively useless in stopping underage users from signing up to the Snapchat app. He said the systems might catch underage users out if they try to sign up via a web browser — but admitted the mobile app is more popular. Two top Snap executives were grilled by a UK parliamentary committee on Tuesday about failures in Snapchat's age-verific...
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Two winning photos from Apple’s 2019 photography competition were shot with iPhones that launched almost three years ago (AAPL)

Two of the winners of Apple's recent "Shot on iPhone" challenge came from an iPhone 7.  The iPhone 7 was released in 2016, proving that even older iPhones can still take fantastic photos. Six of the photos were taken with Apple's latest iPhone XS phones that were released in 2018. Apple announced the winners of its "Shot on iPhone" competition earlier this month, and two of the winners came from an unlikely iPhone model.  Two photos taken with the 2016 iPhone 7 were chosen by Apple and its pa...
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PewDiePie's huge campaign to swat away T-Series and keep his YouTube crown is slowing down

PewDiePie is back as the number one YouTuber after briefly losing the spot to Indian music channel T-Series. PewDiePie keeps trading places with T-Series, in part thanks to a sustained campaign by his fans to keep him at the top. But a closer look at the stats suggests T-Series will inevitably win out, because of its sustained pattern of subscriber growth. There's also the fact that India is a huge new market for YouTube, with lots of users preferring to watch content in the local languages. ...
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I tried Samsung’s $750 Galaxy S10e, and I'm convinced it could be the Android phone to beat

At $750, the Galaxy S10e costs significantly less than Samsung's other Galaxy S10 devices, while offering many of the same features. The S10e features a large, attractive screen in a form factor that's more compact than most of its rivals, and its ultra wide-angle camera captures great shots. But when it comes to overall camera performance and display quality, it's about on par with competitors like the iPhone Xr and Google Pixel 3.  Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 lineup represents a few firsts for...
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AmplifAI Raises $3.9M, Its First Outside Funding, For Call Center AI

Dallas—AmplifAI Solutions, which makes artificial intelligence-enabled software for call center operations, has raised $3.9 million.Investors in the funding round were Naya Ventures, LiveOak Venture Partners, and Capital Factory, all based in Austin.AmplifAI has developed software that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze behaviors of top-performing employees in order to create training programs for employees across the payroll. Now, the company plans to use the funding to further develo...
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LIVE: Google unveils its vision for 'the future of gaming' (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google is giving the keynote address at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) on Tuesday, which begins at 10 a.m. PT. Google is expected to unveil its big push into video games, including a streaming service, and even some hardware. Business Insider is attending today's event, and you can follow all of the announcements as they happen below. Google is about to give the keynote address at the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on Tuesday, where the tech giant is expe...
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I tried Stadia, Google's big play to conquer video games. It's really promising, but there's still too much we don't know. (GOOG, GOOGL)

I got to try Google Stadia, its new video game streaming service that promises to use the cloud to deliver games to almost any device with a screen — including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TVs. In the short demo, I got to try "Assassin's Creed Odyssey," streaming via Stadia to a Google Pixelbook laptop.  It played well, and the graphics looked very nice, but once you notice the little bit of input lag, it's hard to un-notice it. The problem is that it's hard to tell, in a short demo like...
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The first day of spring is finally here for about 90% of us. Here's how equinoxes drive the changing seasons.

This year's spring or vernal equinox will happen on Wednesday, March 20. Earth's rotation does not cause the spring equinox. Rather, equinoxes occur because the planet has a tilted axis. Spring comes when the sun's warming rays line up perpendicular to Earth's axial tilt. During an equinox at Earth's equator, the sun appears almost directly overhead. The year's spring equinox, also called the March or vernal equinox, falls on Tuesday at precisely 5:58 p.m. ET, according to NASA. This astronom...
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There are 6 Marvel movies in the works for after 'Avengers: Endgame' — here are all the details

Marvel Studios has eight release dates set for untitled Marvel Cinematic Universe movies after 2019. Not much is known about the MCU's future after "Avengers: Endgame," but there are at least six movies currently in the works. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will enter bold new territory after this year. "Avengers: Endgame" and "Spider-Man: Far From Home" come to theaters in April and July, respectively, but beyond that, details are scarce about the MCU's future. But we do know that Marvel Stud...
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This smartphone maker put a selfie camera where no other phone maker has put one before

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE's upcoming smartphone has a selfie camera that sticks out from the main body of the phone. It's a novel design solution to avoid using the divisive notch that was popularized by Apple's iPhone X and adopted by numerous other Android phone makers.  Moving the selfie camera outside the main body of the phone has a few benefits, like allowing more space for a larger battery, and allowing for a full-screen display without interruptions from a notch. It does, however, l...
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Vladimir Putin signed a restrictive new law that makes it illegal to insult government officials — including him

Vladimir Putin signed a new law that can fine and even jail citizens for insulting the Russia state, its flag, or Putin himself. People who show "blatant disrespect" can be fined up to to 100,000 rubles ($1,550) and repeat offenders can be jailed for up to 15 days. Putin also signed a law mandating fines for those who spread what authorities deem to be "fake news." Critics say the laws amount to state censorship. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new law that can jail citizens for...
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Here are the most common reasons planes crash

Investigators are currently pouring over black box data to figure what caused Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 to crash last week. The cause of the is yet unknown. According to IATA Safety Report 2017, the most common contributing factor was flight crew error. Plane crashes are rarely caused by a single factor, but a series of contributing factors.  Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 crashed last week, killing all 157 passengers and crew on board the Boeing 737 Max 8 jetliner. Investigators are c...
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The best 2-in-1 laptops you can buy

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. A great 2-in-1 offers the best of a laptop and the best of a tablet. In our testing, the Lenovo Yoga C930 came out on top as the best 2-in-1 laptop for people who want the power of a PC and the portability of a tablet. It’s not j...
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Why Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes wasn't interviewed for HBO's 'The Inventor' documentary

The disgraced founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, is not interviewed in the HBO documentary, "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley" (which premiered Monday night). Director Alex Gibney told Business Insider about the process of trying to get her to go on camera, including a five-hour dinner with her, and why it never ended up happening.   Though there's a lot of footage of Elizabeth Holmes in Alex Gibney's latest HBO documentary, "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley," wh...
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The US government wants to audit how the Boeing 737 Max got approved to fly by the FAA (BA)

US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced on Tuesday that her department is requesting an audit on how the Boeing 737 Max was certified by the FAA to enter service. The FAA issued an emergency order grounding the entire Boeing 737 Max fleet in the US after two nearly brand-new 737 Max airliners crashed in a four-month period. The Boeing 737 Max entered service in 2017.  US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced on Tuesday that her department is requesting an audit on how the B...
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