A Red Hat-backed open source project warns that a controversial new plan to take on Amazon and other tech titans is only causing 'Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt' (MDB, RHT)

Fedora, a popular open source operating system sponsored by Red Hat, has rejected MongoDB support. MongoDB recently changed its license in a defensive move against having its code monetized by cloud titans like Amazon Web Services — but Fedora says that the new license just causes "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt" for users. Red Hat itself has dropped MongoDB support in its flagship Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, saying that the new license places an unreasonable burden on customers ...
Tags: Amazon, Trends, Alibaba, Ibm, Mongodb, Doubt, Amazon Web Services, Redis Labs, Cto, Red Hat, Fedora, Marie Kondo, Fontana, Kuhn, OSI, Tom Callaway

Here's how Main Street retailers can use technology to save their businesses

When it comes to brick-and-mortar retailers using technology to improve their businesses, the US lags far behind the rest of the world. Outlined below are several examples of how those retailers can implement technology in order to stay afloat. The U.S. maintains its leading edge in many industries of the future. But when it comes to tech-infused retail, the rest of the world is outpacing the U.S., digitalizing stores in huge swaths while America stands still. Why it matters:   Wealthy retai...
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One of the most negative Netflix analysts on Wall Street explains what would make him change his tune (NFLX)

Wedbush has one of the most bearish outlooks on Netflix of any Wall Street shop. But after the company's earnings on Thursday, the firm's analysts lifted their price target and said they would reconsider their "underperform" rating should Netflix's cash burn stabilize. One of those analysts told Business Insider he would reconsider his rating and price target if Netflix were to aggressively reverse its cash burn. " That would get me to a $256 price target, and I’d reconsider upgrading to Neutr...
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Microsoft is finally killing the last of Windows phone, and wants you to switch to Android or iPhone instead

Microsoft will no longer deliver security updates to phones running the Windows 10 Mobile operating system starting on December 10, 2019.  The company suggests Windows 10 Mobile users should switch to Android or iOS devices.  Windows 10 Mobile users who stick to their Windows phone will be at a higher risk of security threats if they keep using their phone after Microsoft's cut-off date, but they'll still be functional. Microsoft will stop issuing security updates to smartphones running Windo...
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We watched both Netflix and Hulu's docs about the doomed Fyre Festival, and one gives you a better look inside the fiasco

2017's Fyre Festival became a viral sensation when hundreds of people expecting to party with celebrities on an island in the Bahamas showed up to an event in complete disarray. Now two documentaries, Netflix's "Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened" and Hulu's "Fyre Fraud," are out that recount the experience of being there and shed light on the person behind it who is now in prison for fraud. After seeing both movies, here's what we think the movies' strengths are and which one is the b...
Tags: Trends, Netflix, Hulu, Bahamas, Billy, McFarland, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Billy McFarland, Fyre Fraud

Microsoft is creating the ‘Netflix for games’: Here’s everything we know so far (MSFT)

Microsoft is making a big push to develop a streaming service for gaming. The service, which is planned for a public trial this year, aims to deliver high-end, blockbuster gaming experiences on whatever device you're using. Microsoft calls the service "Netflix for games" internally, as a shorthand for what the service intends to do. Microsoft's ambitious vision for the future of gaming doesn't involve a high-powered, expensive box sitting underneath your TV. Instead, it's as simple as Netflix...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Verizon, Microsoft, Satya Nadella, Trends, Netflix, Sony, Hulu, Phil Spencer, Creed Odyssey

'Take off the blindfold': Here's what Wall Street is saying about Netflix earnings (NFLX)

Netflix shares slipped early Friday after the streaming giant reported fourth-quarter sales that fell slightly short of expectations. But the vast majority of Wall Street analysts were bullish following the report. Shares were up 32% so far this year. Watch Netflix trade live here. Netflix shares were lower early Friday after the company reported fourth-quarter sales that fell slightly short of Wall Street's expectations. But analysts were far from sour on the results. At least six Wall Str...
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MoviePass executives are making one more last-ditch effort to save the stock from getting delisted (HMNY)

MoviePass parent Helios and Matheson on Friday said it would seek — again — to get shareholder authorization to reverse split its stock. The company is in imminent danger of having its stock delisted from the Nasdaq; the market is hearing the company's appeal of its delisting decision later this month. The proposal is basically the same one that the company withdrew in November in the face of widespread investor opposition. Just as with that plan, the new proposal would give the company room t...
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Facebook is working on a new platform specifically for meme-obsessed teens that's already being described as 'cringey' (FB)

Facebook is quietly building a platform for discovering memes, TechCrunch reports. The platform is called LOL, and will consist of "funny videos and GIF-like clips" that users can vote on and share. However, LOL was described as "cringey" to TechCrunch, and the platform is said to be out of touch with the wants of meme-obsessed teens. In its latest effort to stave off the steady flow of teens leaving its platform, Facebook has been building a dedicated space for users to discover memes and vi...
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Evan Spiegel's old Stanford professor flamed the Snapchat CEO for failing to stop kids getting addicted to tech

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel should be doing more to stop kids getting addicted to tech, according to his old Stanford University professor Jim Steyer. Steyer, who now runs Common Sense Media, said Spiegel has been "missing in action" and needs to take more responsibility for protecting young people on Snapchat. It follows Spiegel revealing that he and supermodel wife Miranda Kerr limit their child's screen time to an hour and a half a week. Evan Spiegel may be limiting his stepson's screen time, bu...
Tags: England, Stanford, Trends, Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, Miranda Kerr, British Airways, Financial Times, Stanford University, Steyer, Evan, Anne Longfield, SPIEGEL, Common Sense Media, Snapstreaks, Jim Steyer Steyer

Netflix says its new price hike won't kill growth, but data suggests $15 per month could be a much bigger problem (NFLX)

Netflix rolled out its biggest price hike ever this week, raising its most popular US plan from $11 to $13 per month. Wall Street is bullish that the streamer will be able to effectively manage the price increase, and Netflix's projections for Q1 subscriber growth suggest it won't have a huge negative effect. New survey data suggests, however, that Netflix might start to run into trouble at $15 per month. In general, customers begin threatening to cancel a service because of increasing prices...
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Boeing started a trade dispute with Canada, but Airbus and Alabama ended up being the winners

Airbus broke ground on its new Airbus A220 assembly plant in Mobile, Alabama. The construction of the Mobile plant is the latest chapter in a trade complaint filed by Boeing against Canada's Bombardier.  The new $300 million-plant will assemble aircraft destined for the A220's North American customers such as Delta, and JetBlue. This week, a brand new $300 million Airbus jetliner assembly plant broke ground in Mobile, Alabama and it's the culmination of a trade dispute Boeing launched with Ca...
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A survey found that Amazon Prime membership is soaring to new heights — but one trend should worry the company (AMZN)

More than 100 million people have access to Amazon Prime benefits as of December 31, according to a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners survey. The survey found that membership growth has been slowing over the last year, however, and more customers are opting for monthly payments over annual. Amazon's Prime membership program continues to reach a larger percentage of the US population. More than 100 million people have access to Amazon Prime benefits as of December 31, according to a Cons...
Tags: Amazon, US, Trends, Amazon Prime, Zara, Jeff Bezos, Jpmorgan, Bezos, Levin, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, AMZN, CIRP, Josh Lowitz, Mike Levin

We watched Netflix's and Hulu's docs about the doomed Fyre Festival, and one gives you a better look inside the fiasco

2017's Fyre Festival became a viral sensation when hundreds of people expecting to party with celebrities on an island in the Bahamas showed up to an event in complete disarray. Now two documentaries, Netflix's "Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened" and Hulu's "Fyre Fraud," recount the experience of being there and shed light on the person behind it who is now in prison for fraud. Here's what we think the movies' strengths are and which one is the best to watch.SEE ALSO: Netflix's Fyre ...
Tags: Trends, Netflix, Hulu, Bahamas, McFarland, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Black Card, Billy McFarland, Fyre Fraud

I tried Uber’s luxurious London competitor Wheely, and it made me think it's possible for money to buy happiness

Luxurious Russian chauffeur app Wheely launched into London last year. CEO Anton Chirkunov said that the company is trying to attract drivers in the capital away from Uber. I tried Wheely on two occasions — once from my flat to Gatwick Airport (£75, or $97), and once to Heathrow (£70, or $90). It was more like having a personal driver than being in a taxi. I've lived in London for more than five years, and getting around is officially becoming exhausting. Over the last few years I've become r...
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Netflix says its hit British series, 'Bodyguard,' was watched by 23 million households in its first month

"Bodyguard," a hit British TV series Netflix is streaming outside of the UK, was viewed by 23 million households in its first four weeks.  The show stars "Game of Thrones" actor Richard Madden and has a 94% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. Netflix regularly works with international production companies to nab global distribution rights, and has acquired a number of other British shows, including "The End of the F---ing World."   Netflix added to its impressive catalog of British TV series in...
Tags: UK, Trends, Bbc, Netflix, Carey Mulligan, Rotten Tomatoes, Ted Sarandos, Richard Madden, Indiewire, Golden Globe, Hollywood Reporter, Sean Bean, Madden, Toni Collette

Tesla was right to lay off 7% of its employees as big expenses loom, experts say (TSLA)

Tesla is laying off 7% of its employees, CEO Elon Musk said on Friday in an email to employees, the second round of cuts the automaker has made in less than a year. The layoffs were the right move for a company that has major expenses ahead as it prepares to build a new factory and introduce a range of new vehicles, said David Whiston, an automotive analyst at Morningstar, and Michael Ramsey, an automotive analyst at Gartner. "I think that this shows that finally, the company or Elon … recogni...
Tags: Elon Musk, California, Wall Street, US, Trends, General Motors, Tesla, Shanghai, Gartner, TSLA, Tsa, Musk, Elon, Morningstar, Ramsey, Michael Ramsey

17 video games are currently being adapted into movies or TV shows — here they all are

While video games have blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry, most attempts to adapt popular games into movies have failed. In spite of terrible reviews, recent video game-based movies like "Rampage," "Warcraft," and "Assassin's Creed" have seen high international earnings, perhaps thanks to their recognizable brands. At least three video game movies will be released during 2019, and there are more than a dozen currently in production. There's no denying the impact video games have o...
Tags: Trends, Nintendo, Jim Carrey, Ben Schwartz, Ryan Reynolds, Creed, Paramount Pictures, Assassin, Pikachu, Parks Recreation

Netflix's 'Fyre' director says Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland could make a comeback when he gets out of prison

Despite Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland currently serving a six-year prison sentence for fraud charges related to the disastrous music festival, Netflix's "Fyre" director Chris Smith thinks we haven't seen the last of McFarland. Smith told Business Insider he feels that way because of how easy it was for McFarland to rebound after Fyre.  But Erik Bernstein, vice president of Bernstein Crisis Management, told Business Insider most people going forward are not going to trust something that...
Tags: Trends, Netflix, Smith, Hulu, Business Insider, Chris Smith, Weinstein, McFarland, Billy McFarland, Marc Weinstein, Bird Box, McFarland Smith, Erik Bernstein, Bernstein Crisis Management

A 'super blood wolf moon' this weekend will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2021 — here's how to catch it

A total lunar eclipse will occur on Sunday, January 20.  This "super blood wolf moon" gets its name because the eclipse will occur when the moon is full (called a wolf moon in January) and closer to Earth than normal (a super-moon). The Earth's shadow will make it appear reddish. The lunar eclipse is slated to last one hour and two minutes. On Sunday, January 20, the Earth will pass between the sun and moon, block light from the sun and casting a shadow on the moon. This is a total lunar ecli...
Tags: Europe, Africa, Trends, Nasa, Earth, International Space Station, US east coast, Earth Total, North America South America Greenland Iceland

In a lost lake 3,500 feet under the Antarctic Ice, scientists just found the carcasses of tiny creatures

Scientists have drilled 3,556 feet into the Antarctic ice to reach Lake Mercer — a subglacial lake that, until now, had only been seen with ice-penetrating radar. After drilling the hole, scientists pulled up mud, water samples, and a 5.5-foot-long ice core to study.  An analysis of the mud revealed the presence of algae, as well as the carcasses of tiny crustaceans and tardigrades. Information about Antarctica's subglacial water system helps experts understand the continent's climate history ...
Tags: Virginia, Trends, Nasa, Earth, Antarctica, Victoria, Jupiter, Europa, Antarctic, Montana State University, Skidmore, Lake Mercer, John Priscu, McMurdo Ice Station, Priscu, Ross Virginia

Apple is selling the iPhone SE again, its smallest, cheapest, and arguably best phone

Apple is quietly selling the iPhone SE via the clearance section of its site, starting at $249. The 4-inch iPhone packs the guts of an iPhone 6S into the body of a smaller iPhone 5S. The device was discontinued in September 2018 but was hugely popular among Apple cognoscenti. If you're still mourning the iPhone SE, Apple's last small iPhone, then good news.  Apple has quietly resumed selling the compact phone on the clearance section of its website, where deals on products occasionally pop up...
Tags: Apple, UK, US, Trends

Netflix says it's more worried about competition from video games like 'Fortnite' than other streaming services (NFLX)

Netflix said it's more worried about "Fortnite" and other types of entertainment than it is about competing streaming services like HBO, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. A letter to shareholders reported that the company had 139 million subscribers at the close of 2018, and that Netflix accounts for about 10% of all television screen time in the U.S. "Fortnite," the world's most popular video game, reportedly generated $2.4 billion in 2018, and more than 200 million people have played the free ga...
Tags: Amazon, Trends, Netflix, Wall Street Journal, Reed Hastings, Hastings, NFLX, Disney Amazon, Fortnite, Instead Netflix, HBO Hulu

Lyft just poached another Google engineering executive as it continues to siphon off talent from the search giant (GOOGL)

Lyft has hired former Google VP of engineering Eisar Lipkovitz to lead its engineering team.  His move is the latest in a string of hires by Lyft from the search-engine giant.  Alphabet, Google's parent company, has invested in Lyft through its VC arm, CapitalG. Lyft has been quickly scaling up its engineering team as it continues to expand into things like bikes, scooters, and more. To keep up with the growth and manage its team of engineers that is now more than 1,000-strong, the ride-hail...
Tags: Google, Lyft, Trends, David, Chrysler, Google Capital, Alphabet Google, Becky Peterson, David Lawee, Sam Arons, Eisar Lipkovitz, CapitalG Lyft, Eisar Lipkovitz Google, Lipkovitz, Tom Lewkowitz, CTO Chris Lambert Notably Alphabet

Tesla's layoffs mean the company's lead on electric vehicles could be ending, one Wall Street analyst says (TSLA)

Tesla is laying off about 3,000 workers, the company announced Friday morning. Shares dropped as much as 7% following the news as investors questioned what the restructuring meant for the stock. Morgan Stanley said the move could be a sign Tesla's US market-share lead could be peaking, while an analyst at Wedbush said investors had "more questions than answers." News on Friday that Tesla planned to lay off about 3,000 workers seemed to heighten investor worries that demand could be shrinking ...
Tags: Elon Musk, California, US, Trends, Tesla, Ford, TSLA, Chrysler, Nissan, Morgan Stanley, Detroit, Jonas, Musk, Cadillac, Geely, Wedbush

Details about Google's next version of the Android operating system — Android 'Q' — are already starting to come out (GOOG)

Details about Google's future version of Android, called Android "Q", have emerged. A video with a leaked, early version of Q shows some major changes for privacy controls, as well as a new "dark mode" option. It's still early days for Android Q, and anything can change between now and its official release. The newest version of Google's mobile operating system, Android Pie, is just beginning to make its way onto devices this year, after being limited to Google's Pixel device following its Au...
Tags: Google, Trends, Pixel

I don't trust Facebook, but I can't quit it either (FB)

My trust in Facebook has eroded to all-time lows, especially after the company's past year of scandals. Yet, I can't bring myself to quit Facebook, and I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. Facebook had a rough 2018. My colleague Rob Price put together a list of Facebook scandals in 2018, and the list goes on and on. Seriously, go read it — especially if you have a Facebook account. I've read through Rob's list several times now, and several items horrify me personally. Between Fac...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Trends, Myanmar, Rob, Rob Price, Cambridge Analytica

Zipwhip Gets $51.5M for Software That Lets Businesses Text Customers

Texting has grown well beyond person-to-person communications. To remind customers about upcoming appointments or notify diners their restaurant tables are ready, for example, text messages have in many businesses replaced phone calls and light-up buzzer systems.But text-based communications between businesses and their customers are becoming more of a two-way dialogue, with organizations increasingly allowing people to send them texts to do things like schedule appointments and place orders—me...
Tags: Apple, Startups, Facebook, Email, Imessage, Trends, Tech, E-mail, Smartphones, Sms, Mobile Apps, Vc, Software, Facebook Messenger, Goldman Sachs, Texting

Despite Buyout, Celgene Dealmaking Rolls On With Kyn, Obsidian Tie-Ups

[Updated 12:35pm ET with comments from Michael Gilman, Obsidian CEO, see below.] Bristol-Myers Squibb’s huge proposed buyout of Celgene earlier this month has left many in biotech circles concerned that the Summit, NJ, drugmaker’s days of creative, aggressive dealmaking with smaller companies might be over. So far, however, that isn’t the case.Two Boston-area biotechs, Kyn Therapeutics and Obsidian Therapeutics, announced deals this morning with Celgene (NASDAQ: CELG). Both partnerships bring C...
Tags: Deals, Boston, Cancer, Trends, Immunotherapy, Biotech, Life Sciences, Celgene, Bristol-myers Squibb, Obsidian, National blog main, New York blog main, New York top stories, Boston blog main, National top stories, Boston top stories

Apple's top manufacturer, Foxconn, is reportedly cutting 50,000 seasonal jobs earlier than usual amid slowing iPhone demand

Top iPhone manufacturer Foxconn has let go 50,000 seasonal workers since October at its factory in China, according to a new report. Although these are temporary employees Foxconn hires under contract each year, these job cuts were made much earlier than usual, sources told the Nikkei Asian Review. These cutbacks follow news Apple would reduce its iPhone production by about 10% in response to slowing sales. Apple's production slowdown has not only affected Foxconn, but has also led to employee...
Tags: Apple, China, Nikkei, India, US, Trends, Wall Street Journal, Foxconn, Nikkei Asian Review, China Reuters, Pegatron, Daniel Ives, Foxconn Apple, Nikkei Asian Review These

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