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Tesla’s clean-energy division Tesla Energy has an entire team dedicated to scanning the internet for customer complaints and people badmouthing its CEO Elon Musk, according to a new Insider report.


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2021 Jeep Wrangler Revealed, 80th Anniversary Special Edition Introduced Sun, 25 Jul 2021 07:00:19 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Autos BMW G80 M3 Vs M340d: The Precision Tool Vs The All-Rounder With both of these cars ending up together on one of our video shoots, we couldn't resist comparing them

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Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept is Not a Regular Midsize SUV Sun, 25 Jul 2021 03:00:14 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Autos Volkswagen Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2023 Kia Telluride Facelift LED DRLs Revealed via New Spy Shot Sun, 25 Jul 2021 01:00:35 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Autos Kia Telluride Kia Telluride Facelift Eastward, Ho! Day 48: Yorktown  Friday, July 23

We went to see the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.  Yorktown, VA having been the site of the last major land battle of the Revolutionary War.  It was the battle which resulted in the surrender of British Lieutenant General and Lord Cornwallis and his men; which caused the British government to start negotiations for an end to the war.  

Its a very nicely laid out museum, worth the price of admission!  The crowds weren't too bad and the multimedia displays and showings were outstanding.

A few of the displays that caught my eye:

One of the major figures in the training of the ragtag American militias into an effective army:

George Washington, the father of our country and its first President:

This painting reminded me of the scenes the world saw when Saddam Hussein's Iraq was defeated and statues of him were torn down.  

Outside the museum, there's static displays of a military encampment, structures depicting colonial farming and life and even a chance for one to experience group formation drills and training.  I think the militiamen of the day would have been amused at the antics of today's tourists.
An officer's tent
Headquarters Tent

We then drove to nearby York River Oyster Club area and had a late lunch at the restaurant located there.  The food took a while being served and the music played too loud at times but at least the food was excellent!
Here's a few of the boats staying at the Marina next to the restaurant.  It's expensive mooring I think, one rate I saw was $4.50/foot/day!

Later that afternoon, I went for a short ride on Yagi, my Yamaha TW200 on the Colonial Parkway between Jamestown and Williamsburg.  Nice riding conditions and light, very light traffic on the parkway. Sadly, no real opportunity for pics of the river....each roadside pullout was filled with cars.  Oh well.

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Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid And 911 GT3 Are More Alike Than You Think We drove the most powerful and heaviest Panamera over to the launch of the considerably lighter 992 GT3, making for an intriguing comparison

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Ducati Multistrada V4 w/ Radar Assistance System Launched in India Sat, 24 Jul 2021 03:00:54 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs India Ducati Autos Ducati Multistrada Kawasaki Shares New Price List, Most Models to Get Costlier From 1 Aug Fri, 23 Jul 2021 22:30:28 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Autos India Kawasaki Motors Kawasaki Shares New Price List Most Models Automakers have battery anxiety, so they’re taking control of the supply Battery joint ventures have become the hot must-have deal for automakers that have set ambitious targets to deliver millions of electric vehicles in the next few years.

It’s no longer just about securing a supply of cells. The string of partnerships and joint ventures show that automakers are taking a more active role in the development and even production of battery cells, .

Automakers are taking a more active role in the development and even production of battery cells.

And the deals don’t appear to be slowing down. Just this week, Mercedes-Benz announced its $47 billion plan to become an electric-only automaker by 2030. Securing its battery supply chain by expanding existing partnerships or locking in new ones to jointly develop and produce battery cells and modules is a critical piece of its plan.

Mercedes, like other automakers, is also focused on developing and deploying advanced battery technology. In addition to setting up eight new battery plants to supply its future EVs, the German automaker said it was partnering with Sila Nano, the Silicon Valley battery chemistry startup that it has previously invested in, to increase energy density, which should in turn improve range and allow for shorter charging times.

“This follows a trend that we’ve seen of automakers realizing how critical the battery is and taking more control of the production of the cells in order to ensure their own supply,” Sila Nano CEO Gene Berdichevsky said in a recent interview. “Like if you’re VW, and you say, ‘We’re going to go 50% electric by whatever year,’ but then the batteries don’t show up, you’re bankrupt, you’re dead. Their scale is so big that even if their cell partners have promised them to deliver, automakers are scared that they won’t.”

Tesla, BMW and Volkswagen were early adopters of the battery joint-venture strategy. In 2014,Tesla and Panasonic signed an agreement to build a large battery manufacturing plant, or a gigafactory as everyone is now calling it, in the U.S. and have worked together since. BMW began working with Solid Power in 2017 to create solid-state batteries for high-performance EVs that could potentially lower costs by requiring less safety features than lithium-ion batteries.

In addition to its partnership with Northvolt, VW is also in talks with suppliers to secure more direct access to supplies like semiconductors and lithium so it can keep its existing plants running at full speed.

Now the rest of the industry is moving to work with battery companies, to share knowledge and resources and essentially become the manufacturer. ]]> Fri, 23 Jul 2021 17:50:47 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs TC Transportation Electric Vehicle Tech General Motors Basf Tesla Automotive Porsche Ford Silicon Valley Toyota Panasonic Bmw Volkswagen Hyundai GreenTech Renault Mercedes Benz LG Chem Tesla BMW Lithium-ion battery SolidEnergy Systems Solid Power SK Innovation Gene Berdichevsky Sila Nano EC Mobility Hardware Northvolt VW Peer-to-peer car rental startup Getaround fined nearly $1M by DC’s Attorney General Getaround was fined nearly $1 million by the Washington D.C. Office of the Attorney General for operating without a license and other violations, part of a settlement of what the peer-to-peer car rental startup calls “politically motivated allegations.”

The AG’s office started investigating the company early last year, after it received reports of vehicle thefts of cars listed on the Getaround platform. The settlement, released Friday, requires the company to pay the city $950,000, in addition to implementing other changes, including paying restitution to customers whose vehicles were stolen or damaged while it was listed for rent on Getaround’s platform.

Getaround, the winner of TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield at Disrupt NYC in 2011, lets individual car owners rent their vehicles by the hour or day via its website and app. The site, much like competitor Turo or home rental analog Airbnb, mediates this exchange (and takes a cut off the top). The company’s attracted a lot of interest from investors, most recently raising a $140 million Series E that brought its total venture funding to $600 million.

The settlement is what’s known as an “assurance of voluntary compliance,” and it’s not an admission of guilt. The settlement document makes clear that Getaround denies it violated any consumer protection or tax laws.

“Gig economy companies must abide by the same rules as their brick-and-mortar counterparts,” Attorney General Karl Racine said in a statement. “They must provide clear and accurate information to consumers, especially about the safety of their services, and they must pay their fair share of taxes like everyone else does.”

The AG’s office claims that Getaround operated without a license in the district, misrepresented its service, and made “untrue or misleading representations” about the safety of its car rental services. As part of the settlement, the company must create a written policy for user complaints regarding vehicle damage or theft, including a way for users to report any issues. It also must clearly disclose limitations of its safety features, such as its “Enhanced Security” software feature, which Getaround says on its website can immobilize your car when it’s not being used. Getaround must also more clearly state the terms and conditions for insurance coverage.

The AG’s office also claimed that Getaround misled consumers by creating fake owner profiles for vehicles that it owned and operated. The company must now disclose its fleet cars clearly in listings.

A Getaround spokesperson told TechCrunch that the company “categorically disagrees” with the AG’s allegations.

“With regard to safety and security, as the Attorney General acknowledges, as soon as Getaround was notified of security issues affecting certain cars in the District, the company took immediate corrective action,” the spokesperson said. “As is its practice, Getaround will continue to compensate car owners who have filed valid claims for loss or damage. Finally, Getaround never disputed liability for the taxes it is paying pursuant to this settlement.  Getaround will continue to pay applicable taxes to the District and in every jurisdiction in which it operates.”

The company spokesperson went on to say that “while the Attorney General is focused on scoring political points, Getaround remains focused on connecting safe, convenient, and affordable cars with District residents who need them to live and work.”

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Should Porsche build a next-generation hypercar?

Photo: Porsche

Porsche’s now-iconic 918 Spyder hybrid hypercar first launched almost a decade ago, and production was sold out by 2014. Years have passed and the company has managed to make versions of its 911 faster around the track than this massively powerful all-wheel-drive carbon tub hybrid monster, which says a lot about the development of chassis, suspension, advanced driver assist suites, and tires. At a certain point things become too fast for even the most advanced driver to enjoy, so should Porsche even bother building a new hypercar for the street? Does the 918 Spyder really need a successor when something like the 991 GT2 RS is as quick as it is? Let’s look at it from both sides.

Yes, Porsche should build a new hypercar model

There is really only one answer to why Porsche should build a new hypercar, and that’s because the company will sell every single one it builds. The world’s wealthy are jumping at the chance to buy seven-figure hypercars, and a Porsche with 1000 horsepower and crazy aero with super low lap times at Laguna Seca or whatever, that’s all Porsche needs to do to sell every one. Why sell 20,000 Carreras for six figures when you can sell 2,000 hyper Porsches for seven figures? Work smarter, not harder.

There are rumors that a successor to the 918 is finally coming after nine years. It would make sense that Porsche wants to yet again show off its engineering prowess. The company seems to run hypercars in a very German 10 year cycle. The 959 first launched in 1986, followed by the 911 GT1 Strassenversion in 1996. Eight years later the Carrera GT was launched in 2004, followed nine years later by the 918 Spyder. If Porsche showed off a hypercar right now, it would certainly be at least a year before the thing made production, so let’s call it a potential for the 2023 model year, meaning it would be nine years from the 918. The math speaks for itself.

No, Porsche should not build a new hypercar model

The cynical side of me has determined that a new hypercar would do little to grow the Porsche brand. Everybody already knows Porsche as a sports car brand, despite two thirds of the company’s new car sales being SUVs. It’s time for the company to admit that it needs to redirect its focus on driver involvement instead of on-track performance. Give us lightweight low-power machines like those it built in the 1950s. A new 550 Spyder with a high-revving naturally-aspirated four cylinder would be totally fantastic, wouldn’t it? Instead of chasing a Nurburgring lap time, Porsche should once again build cars that are exclusively built to make you smile through a corner and work the wheel and gear stick to go quickly. Now is the time for the company to once again build giant killers instead of giants.


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Where Your Author Considers Purchasing Something Less Practical It’s been a few weeks since I sold the Golf Sportwagen back to the dealership from whence it came, and it’s still there if any of you would like a very clean Golf with no present water issues. Since then, I find myself peering out the kitchen window at the empty driveway space where the […]

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U.S. and Mexico Can’t Come Together On Light Vehicle Rules When the United States abandoned the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to embrace the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), it did so under the premise of crafting a better trade arrangement for itself. Established in 1994, NAFTA created a trilateral trade bloc that encouraged commerce between nations. But critics have accused it of encouraging the offshoring […]

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Rivian raises another $2.5B, pushing its EV war chest up to $10.5B Rivian announced Friday that it has closed a $2.5 billion private funding round led by Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, D1 Capital Partners, Ford Motor and funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates Inc.

Third Point, Fidelity Management and Research Company, Dragoneer Investment Group, and Coatue also participated in the round, according to Rivian.

“As we near the start of vehicle production, it’s vital that we keep looking forward and pushing through to Rivian’s next phase of growth,” Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe said in a statement.“ This infusion of funds from trusted partners allows Rivian to scale new vehicle programs, expand our domestic facility footprint, and fuel international product rollout.”

D1 Capital Partners founder Dan Sundheim said the firm is excited to increase its “investment in Rivian as it reaches an inflection point in its commercialization and delivers what we believe will be exceptional products for customers.”

Rivian has raised roughly $10.5 billion to date. The company did not share a post-money valuation.

The electric automaker, which now employs 7,000 and is preparing to deliver its R1T pickup truck in September, last raised funds in January. That round brought in $2.65 billion from existing investors T. Rowe Price Associates Inc., Fidelity Management and Research Company, Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, Coatue and D1 Capital Partners. New investors also participated in that round, which pushed Rivian’s valuation to $27.6 billion, a source familiar with the investment round told TechCrunch at the time.

The news comes just a day after Rivian confirmed it plans to open a second U.S. factory. It also follows Rivian’s decision to delay deliveries of its R1T truck and R1S SUV from this summer to September due to delays in production caused by “cascading impacts of the pandemic,” particularly the ongoing global shortage of semiconductor chips.

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Locked Up: Mercedes-Benz to Charge for Access to EQS’ Rear-Wheel Steering If you want the more-advanced version of the rear-wheel steering system on the Mercedes-Benz EQS, and you live in Germany, prepare to pony up to unlock the software. It will cost you about $575 a year to get an over-the-air update that will unlock the 10-degree rear-wheel-steering system. Unless you sign up for a three-year […]

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Hot Tip: Chevrolet Addresses Bolt EV Fires, Readies Recall Chevrolet has issued a statement to owners of Bolt EVs that could be subject to surprise fires while charging, offering more tips on how to avoid burning down their homes while it preps another recall. General Motors and supplier LG Chem have identified “two rare manufacturing defects” that they believe are causing the fires and […]

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Super Cruise While Towing on Way to GM Trucks As part of an announcement that the 2022 GMC Sierra would receive GM’s Super Cruise “hands-free driving-assistance” system (GM’s phrasing, not ours), GM confirmed that the system will work while towing and trailering. The Sierra won’t be the only GM product getting Super Cruise. The system is already available on some Cadillacs, the Chevrolet Bolt […]

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Rare Rides: The 2003 Studebaker XUV Story, Part III Today marks Part III and a conclusion to our series on the 2003 Studebaker XUV. We’ve covered the truck’s announcement and immediate lawsuit action from General Motors, who were not keen to let something so similar to the Hummer H2 enter production without a fight. We join the action post courtroom. Avanti conceded to making changes […]

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Nissan Launches Brain Function Development Program to Enhance Driver Performance Nissan has launched a pioneering program focused on brain function and anatomy research to improve their driver’s performance in the Formula E Series. Drivers Sebastien Buemi and Oliver Rowland hope to supercharge their training and development as they are monitored for improved speed, reaction, and consistency on the track.

For those of you up to speed, the Formula E series races electric cars that look like F1 or Indycars crossed with something out of Star Wars. Quiet but quick, they race on street circuits around the world and feature participation from big-name carmakers and drivers. Whatever advances we see in making EVs faster, longer-ranged, and more fun to drive, it will come out of the Formula E series – showing yet again that racing is the best R&D facility you can get. And Nissan looks as if they are going to take their R&D game to the next level.

The Brian Business

Years ago, when Alex Zanardi was racing in Formula 1, he had a huge accident in practice at Spa, Belgium. Coming out of Eau Rouge, he lost it and slammed into the barriers at incredibly high speed, destroying the car, knocking himself unconscious, and winding up in the hospital. Two days later, at a press conference, Zanardi cracked, “The doctors did a CAT scan on my brain, and were very surprised to find that I did, indeed, have a brain.” It was a funny, devil-may-care racer kind of quip, but it also touched on an implied truth: Racers don’t show much evidence of thinking. Most normal people would reject the idea out of hand: “Are you crazy? You want me to go how fast in a car?”

But indeed, racers do have brains in their skulls, and Nissan just got into the business of applying human factors research to help their drivers use their brains more effectively. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s taken someone this long to work on that end of things.

A Full Regimen

First off, modern race drivers train like nobody’s business; strength training, aerobic capacity, visual acuity, day in, day out, they’re working on this stuff. And second, data is very easy to come by and store these days. Most modern race cars – and Formula E racers are no exception – are wired up the wazoo with so many sensors that engineers can get lost in all the data. And on top of that, storing the data is much easier these days. Modern racing data recorders are about the size of a couple of smartphones. So why not get all the information you possibly can, crunch it, and figure out what your car is doing?

And more to the point, why not figure out what your driver is doing?

Which brings us to Nissan’s latest effort. Called Nissan Brain to Performance, it uses advanced brain imaging and analysis to establish the functional specifics of high-performance, professional drivers. By the time they’re through, Nissan Brain to Performance aims to develop bespoke, optimized training to enhance the brain functions and anatomy related to driving and racing.

“With this groundbreaking program, we aim to understand our race drivers’ brain functions like never before and push the boundaries of on-track performance in Formula E,” said Tommaso Volpe, Nissan global motorsports director. “Every tenth of a second counts in Formula E, so we’re excited to see how our cutting-edge Nissan research team can enhance Seb and Oli’s already high-performing brain functionality.”

Photo: Germain Hazard / Royal Spark. Brain To Performance Program

Dr. Lucian Gheorghe, a leader in brain analysis and training, is coordinating the Nissan Brain to Performance program. The immediate priority for Nissan is to enhance the performance of Nissan’s Formula E racers.

“Our brains are incredibly powerful. Without us realizing it, they perform a multitude of critical functions every second we drive our cars,” said Dr. Gheorghe. “Our highly trained and experienced Nissan Formula E drivers perform these functions under intense pressure and at great speed as they constantly search for faster lap times. Our new Nissan Brain to Performance program seeks to understand what it is about their brains’ electrical activity that enables them to do what they do.”

The first stage of Nissan’s new program will start with a detailed analysis and testing of the Formula E racers’ brain activity, comparing them against a control group of “average'” non-racing drivers. All drivers, pro or not, will perform a range of tasks on state-of-the-art driving simulators while their brain activity is monitored and recorded. Based on those results, a bespoke driver training program involving electrical brain stimulation will be developed to improve that driver’s performance.

Photo: Nissan North America. Key Research Areas

The key areas of research will be three-fold. First: understand how Nissan Formula E drivers’ brains differ in comparison to average drivers. By establishing a spectrum of a driver’s brain activity, the program will provide a clear understanding of the impact of electrical brain stimulation. Second: via electrical brain stimulation, can a professional driver’s brain be enhanced to improve on-track performance? Once Nissan gets a handle on existing brain activity, a bespoke driver training program of electrical brain stimulation can be designed, deployed, monitored, and reported on. 

Third: can this brain/computer interface training be used to enhance general driving skills and, in the long term, be used to inform and improve future Nissan EV product development. That third part is pretty much a tacit admission that most EVs are dull and un-involving to drive. But if Nissan’s Brain to Performance program can make them more fun and engaging, then I say wire them up and let’s get going.

Tony Borroz has spent his entire life racing antique and sports cars. He is the author of Bricks & Bones: The Endearing Legacy and Nitty-Gritty Phenomenon of The Indy 500, available in paperback or Kindle format. Follow his work on Twitter: @TonyBorroz.

Photos & Source: Nissan North America.

Original article: Nissan Launches Brain Function Development Program to Enhance Driver Performance

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Lucid Motors’ SPAC merger approved after executives issue plea to shareholders to vote Shareholders approved Friday EV startup Lucid Motors’ merger with special purpose acquisition company Churchill Capital IV, after the companies extended the deadline by one day because not enough retail investors showed up to cast their vote.

The issue is an unusual but could become more common as more companies eschew the traditional IPO path to public markets and instead merge with SPACs. 

The hiccup occurred on Thursday, when shareholders voted to approve all but one of the proposals as part of the merger — proposal two, which would revise the company’s charter so that Lucid could receive key financing. That proposal requires a higher number of votes than the others – and it must be approved for the merger to take place – so a lack of votes ended up halting the entire process.

The lack of shareholders was blamed on retail investors’ unfamiliarity with the SPAC process and, unbelievably, spam filters gone awry.

Churchill chairman Michael Klein raised the possibility that some of the emails sent to shareholders were accidentally sent to voters’ spam folders. While it may seem incredible that something as low-tech as a Gmail spam filter might interrupt a multi-billion dollar business merger, it seems that may have occurred in this case.

“We simply need more votes,” Klein said on an investor call Thursday. Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson was also direct: “I need you to vote for proposal two.”

“We recognize that for many of you, this voting process may be new or not standard,” Klein continued. He later thanked the many individual shareholders but urged those “participating from the new platforms, the new apps,” to vote. “They may not necessarily the directing you clearly to the voting service.”

The number of amateur or so-called “retail traders” has exploded since the start of the pandemic, largely thanks to apps like Robinhood, which leverages gamification strategies to encourage users to buy and sell stocks from anywhere. The pinnacle of this phenomenon will likely be remembered by history in the explosive rise in prices of stocks for failing companies like GameStop and AMC entertainment, engineered by an army of retail traders on the subreddit r/wallstreetbets. Retail investors account for around 10% of the U.S. equity trading volume, according to a report from Morgan Stanley, down from a high of 15% last September.

But if the rise in the price of meme stocks shows us anything, it’s that retail traders are a powerful force. The Morgan Stanley report notes that “retail investors tend to prefer companies in sectors they are likely to be familiar with as consumers, such as Consumer Discretionary, Communication Services, and Technology.” This could be why the Churchill SPAC was high on many retail investors’ radars.

In a on the subreddit r/SPACs, a Reddit user urgers new retail shareholders to participate in voting: “This is not normal. SPACs have never had to beg shareholders to act in their own best interest before.

You MUST vote. A non-vote does NOT count as a YES. A non-vote is just a non-vote.”

While Lucid’s merger hold-up is a very different scenario than that of meme stock trading, it’s yet another reminder that retail investors are continuing to shape markets.

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Spied: 992-generation Porsche 911 Turbo Hybrid flogging at the Nürburgring again Photo credit: SpiedBilde

The Porsche 911, like every other Porsche product, will need some sort of electrification to survive the emissions changes coming to Europe in 2030. As a brand, the company is working on more EV versions of vehicles to build upon the sales success of the Taycan. But the iconic 911 is a different beast with a fan base that expects something very specific from its 911 experience. For those buyers, the move to electrification has to be deliberate.

This is now the second time we’ve seen the 911 Turbo on the Nürburgring doing its thing. We can confirm this is an electrified model of the vehicle — likely a hybrid or plug-in hybrid — due to the yellow round sticker on the rear window. We also believe, thanks to sources on the ground, that there is a 400 volt electrical system on board and set of hybrid batteries where the rear seats would go. That makes sense because where else would they go without a dramatic redesign of the model? It also makes sense because the rear windows are blacked out and really the only camouflage on this model.

We’re also still expecting horsepower to be over 600 in this turbocharged hybrid variant. How much will performance increase? That’ll depend entirely on how much weight the batteries add to the car. Right now the 911 Turbo hits 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and will hit a top speed of 199 mph. Which, last time we checked, was not slow.

It’s interesting that the brand is starting with a Turbo-branded model for the hybrid. The company is clearly attempting to communicate that electrification can increase overall performance and be a worthwhile addition to even the highest-end Porsche 911 models. We look forward to seeing the vehicle’s debut either next year or in 2023 when the 992-generation gets its mid cycle updates.

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How I Missed the Biggest Automotive News Story of the Past Decade Dieselgate. It was one of the biggest corporate scandals in recent history, resulting in billions of dollars in fines, CEOs stepping down in shame, a few scattered criminal charges, and the death of Volkswagen’s beloved TDI diesel engine line in North America. You could even argue that the current accelerated push for EVs is just […]

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In Review: 2021 Jaguar F-Pace 2021 Jaguar F-Pace (1)There was an outcry from fans when Jaguar announced it would make an SUV, but the F-Pace is its most popular product. It gets some updates for 2021 - find out more in my review at

[Author: Jil McIntosh]

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Rockford Fosgate® Presents South Dakota’s All-Out Bagger Show Rockford Fosgate® is giving us an All-Out Bagger Show – and it’s right down the road from the Sturgis Bike Rally.

Beyond the Sprawling prairies, fertile farmland, and glacial lakes of South Dakota, is Harley-Davidson ‘s® Outlaw Square

The square, rich in local history, is home to a slew of events that take place throughout the summer – and now Rockford Fosgate® , a company in the business of high-performance audio systems, is presenting the All-Out Bagger Show on August 8, from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. 

A front view of the stage present at the Harley Davidson Outlaw Square in Deadwood, South Dakota

Harley riders can expect a fun time at the event, from a ‘Best In Show’ cash prize of $1000 to various other Best In Class awards, courtesy of Rockford Fosgate®.  

According to a report from Yahoo! Finance , o ther perks of the All-Out Bagger Show include competitions for Best Audio, Best Paint, and Best Performance, all hosted by the editorial director of V-Twin Visionary© Jeff G. Holt.

a view of Harley Davidson's Outlaw Square in Deadwood, South Dakota

Fancy a few test rides? Rockford Fosgate will be demo-ing a series of motorcycles for bikers looking to change out (or get into) a new ride.

The test rides will also be the perfect place to get a gander of Harley-Davidson® Audio, powered by Rockford Fosgate, installed in anticipation of the event.  

a view of new riders on their bikes for Harley Davidson

And even if you decide not to take advantage of the various competitions, word is out that you’ll still be treated to prizes throughout the day, as well as a few giveaway items from the Rockford Fosgate® staff.

Registration for the All-Out Bagger Show will be on-site at the Harley-Davidson’s® Outlaw Square, and make sure you’re there by noon!

a trifecta of motorcycle riders enjoying their respective bikes

A heads up from the press release: If you’re unable to make it to this event on August 8, make sure you check out the Rockford Fosgate® booth at the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ (just down the road!) from August 6th – 15th. 

Need something earlier than August? We got you covered.

The Rally at Exit 55™ will be holding festivities and fun for all shapes and sizes at the Black Hills Harley-Davidson® dealership, from July 31st – August 14th.

Get out there, get grinding, and stay safe!

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