Bloglikes - Education en-US Mon, 21 Jan 2019 02:18:16 +0000 Sat, 06 Apr 2013 00:00:00 +0000 FeedWriter Weekend LAUSD teacher strike negotiations are on parents’ radar screens There was a lot going on this weekend. A huge L.A. Rams game and a giant Women’s March were among the diversions. But some San Fernando Valley parents were on pins and needles to see if marathon negotiations would yield a deal to end a strike that entered its seventh day Sunday.

“I am grateful that the negotiations are underway,” said EvelynAleman, parent of a sophomore at Grover Cleveland High School inReseda. “I’m hopeful that they will, obviously, reach an agreement assoon as possible. I think that would be best for everyone.”

Weekend negotiations lasted 11 hours on Saturday and began anew after 10 a.m. Sunday. While there were no breakthroughs — at least publicly — L.A Mayor Garcetti’s own hope — and expectation — for a deal was evident on Saturday, when he noted the strike while addressing a huge crowd at the women’s march: “They deserve justice and we will get it this weekend,” he said. “Let’s hear it for the teachers.”

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Aleman hoped for a message of unity and collaboration from leadership on both sides, and at the city, county and state level. She was surprised by school board member Scott Schmerelson’s statement released last week, which highlighted the discord on the board. She hoped he would have explained how he would “lead the conversation in the direction of the resolution,” she said.

“I’m concerned for when the agreement is settled and the strike ends,how will we feel this division at various levels, particularly at theschool site level, ” she said.

She supports many of the teachers’ demands, which range from a pay raise to smaller class size, but she didn’t think a strike was the way to bring about change.

“I’m curious to see what LAUSD will come back with, what it will beable to make true on,” Aleman said.

Aleman has sent her daughter to school during the strike so thedistrict will generate revenue. Her daughter has spent time reviewingmath and Spanish during free time on the computer and has participatedin group activities like discussions about students’ goals andicebreakers. Aleman always makes sure her daughter brings a book aswell.

Kathy Kantner said she hopes the strike will end, but she has beenthrilled for the attention it has received.

“I’m glad that our county, our city and our governor are stepping up,”she said.  “What I hope going forward is that the investments areongoing, not just one-time and policies will alleviate pressureteachers are facing in classrooms.”

Ultimately, she hopes the passion and energy will result in voterspassing a parcel tax in 2020 to generate additional funds for theschool district.

The strike and the federal shutdown have been a civics and math lessonfor Kantner’s son, a fifth-grader at Lanai Elementary in Encino.

The family visited John Muir National Park over the winter break andbefore the strike, her son’s teacher explained to his class thatteachers are asking for a 6 percent raise, which is 6 cents for everydollar they earn.

Kantner kept her son home from school. He had a couple of playdates,did some online learning, read a book and played the guitar, she said.

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How to Wear Spaghetti Strap Tops Here's how to wear spaghetti strap tops for every occasion -- even when it's cold out!

Spaghetti-strap everything is yet another trend that has come back from the '90s to conquer today's fashion scene. Over the last few years, spaghetti straps were so left out of the fashion spectrum that we would only see them in our mom's closets, hidden in the back and sprinkled with thick layers of dust. 

Yet, if your mom didn't throw her spaghetti strap items away, you should be more than thankful now! Spaghetti strap tops are back, and if you're not completely familiar with how to wear them -- we get it, the 90s were a while ago! -- we're here to help with our best picks of spaghetti strap tops styles and how to rock them:

Plain and Simple Silk Top & Skinny Jeans Reformation

Silk tops (whether real or faux) are absolutely adorable, and thanks to their sinuous and soft lines they're the perfect choice for a romantic dinner or even just a fun night with your friends. The spaghetti straps help to enhance your shoulder line as well as your neck and, together with the silky fabric, they'll give you a refined look. Match the top of your choice (we're obsessing over this sustainable splurge from Reformation) with low waist skinny jeans for an elegant, yet slightly casual look for the night!

Faux Silk Top Over White Tee

Sometimes it's way too cold to wear just a spaghetti strap silk top, we get it. And here's why this trend is your best friend. Wear your top over a white t-shirt or even over a white long-sleeved shirt, et voilà: you're trendy, channeling the '90s, and ready to go. One amazing thing about this outfit choice is that it's totally acceptable as a daytime look -- and it still gives you a glamorous vibe. My advice: messy bun hairstyle and big, black sunglasses for a chic rock 'n' roll look. 

Spaghetti Strap Crop Top & Boyfriend Jeans

If you look closely and thoroughly enough in your mom's or older sister's closet (or even your favorite thrift store), I'm pretty sure you can find some of those '90s cotton spaghetti strap crop tops. And you should use them now! With or without front print, they're the best top to wear with a pair of boyfriend jeans. They highlight your waistline and are now cute enough to be worn outside of the gym. Think pastel colors: with light denim, they're the best!

Lace Spaghetti Strap Top Under a Boyfriend Blazer Forever 21 Forever 21

You probably once bought a spaghetti strap cami with lace and haven't worn it since. We've been there: Lace is hard to wear, especially for a college girl, because it can look like it's "too much" for everyday wear. But don't worry, we have the perfect solution for that! Get a black boyfriend blazer and pop it on over your lace spaghetti strap top, and the problem is solved. You'll look confident, trendy, and cute at the same time

Matching Sets Forever 21

One of the best -- and easiest -- ways to wear spaghetti strap tops is as part of a matching set. Many brands are now offering flared checked pants combined with matching spaghetti strap crop tops, and we absolutely love it! It's the best way to go if you don't feel like wearing a dress, but don't want to combine different items either. And guess what? You get all the benefits from the spaghetti strap top too: it makes you trendy, gives you a vintage classy look, and is just plain fun. You're welcome!

Are you liking the spaghetti strap trend?

Are you ready to sport your spaghetti strap top collection now? Let us know in the comments below -- we'd love to know if you have any other outfit ideas, too!

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Fashion Inspired by Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place "Holy mother-forking shirtballs!" - You, seeing how cute you look in these outfits

Eleanor Shellstrop

Note: This article, and many of the links featured in it, contains spoilers!

Ever since binge-watching The Good Place over the winter holidays, I've become thoroughly obsessed with the fantasy-comedy show's thought-provoking scenes, major plot twists, extremely clever sense of humor, and the way that the writers weave in lessons about major moral philosophers and their ideas. Of course, I also love the way that the show uses fashion to reflect what is going on in the plot

In case you haven't heard of this amazing and super-addictive show (Seriously, I once stayed up until 7:00 am bingeing!), let me fill you in  on what it's all about: The Good Place follows a woman named Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell, who, upon waking up in the afterlife, finds out that she has made it to The Good Place, a Heaven-esque utopia. But, as Eleanor quickly realizes, there's just one tiny problem: she has been sent to The Good Place by mistake. 

While trying to keep her secret under wraps so that Good Place Architect Michael doesn't find out and send her to The Bad Place, Eleanor meets Chidi Anagonye (her Good Place soulmate, who was a moral philosophy professor during his life on Earth), Tahani Al-Jamil (who, during her life on Earth was a very posh member of English high society, and casually name-drops everyone from Taylor Swift to Ryan Gosling to Prince William), Jianyu Li (AKA Jason Mendoza; Tahani's hilariously dim-witted Good Place soulmate who pretends to be Buddhist monk who has taken a vow of silence to hide the fact that he, like Eleanor, is not who everyone thinks he is), and Janet (a Siri-like entity who is a source of knowledge and information for Good Place residents, and who is also able to make any object appear out of thin air).

Together, as the gang navigates The Good Place, they face unexpected challenges, and they soon find that things -- and even people -- in The Good Place aren't always as they seem.

Now that you're all caught up, I'm going to give you a closer glimpse into Eleanor's style on The Good Place by showing you how to get her cute and casual look in real life -- all you have to do is just keep reading!

Outfit #1

Products: Blouse - Old Navy, Earrings - Erica Weiner, Mules - Gap, Jeans - Nordstrom

Wardrobe-wise, Eleanor mostly dresses comfortably and simply, and in terms of colors, she usually sticks to a calming shades like soft blues and off-whites. This is a reflection of the person that Michael and the Good Place residents think Eleanor is --an ethical, kind-hearted person who was a human rights lawyer during her time on Earth -- as opposed to a morally-questionable, "Arizona dirtbag," which is how Eleanor describes herself.

However, in spite of her wardrobe's laid-back aesthetic, she always looks put-together

Eleanor wears a lot of flowy button-ups and no-frills t-shirts paired with sweatshirts or cardigans, but most of my favorite looks of hers involve boho peasant blouses, like the simple blue-and-white striped style featured in this look.

Eleanor wears skinny jeans a lot, so of course it would make sense to include a pair with this look; here, I chose a dark wash, as that is the kind that Eleanor wears most often.

As for shoes, Eleanor usually wears either white sneakers or wedged clogs for day. Since I'm already featuring sneakers in Outfit #3, and since wedged clogs aren't particularly easy to find (or to walk in!), I decided to go with a pair of streamlined mules with a very low block heel since they give off a similar vibe and are much easier to wear for everyday.

Finally, in keeping with her simple Good Place style, Eleanor doesn't wear jewelry -- except for small, delicate stud earrings -- which is why I included a pair of barely-there line earrings to complete the look.

Outfit #2

Products: Dress - Old Navy, Earrings - Nordstrom, Lipstick - Sephora, Heels - Zappos

Although on The Good Place, Eleanor is almost always in casual daywear, she does occasionally dress up. When she does, she sticks with classic-yet-youthful pieces and silhouettes.

This look is inspired by the LBD-centered outfit that she wears to Tahani's lavish welcome party in the series's pilot episode, "Everything is Fine."

To get it, all you need is a flowy little black dress with a tie at the neck, a pair of black pointed-toe stiletto pumps, and small (faux) diamond earrings

Eleanor can often be seen wearing loud lipstick; in fact, it's the only makeup she wears that isn't subtle and natural-looking. According to Simone Almekias-Siegl, Kristen Bell's makeup artist on the show, the brightness of Eleanor's lipstick is intended to give her some edge, as a nod to her less-than-moral life on Earth. 

While the exact shade Bell wears, Ilia's "Perfect Day," is no longer available (and the dupe mentioned in the article I just linked doesn't appear to be available anymore, either), you can still get a close approximation by swiping on a bright reddish coral shade, like Marc Jacobs's Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in "Core Cora." Apply it straight from the tube to get Eleanor's Season 1 look, or blot it reflect her softer Season 2 look. (Season 3 Eleanor doesn't wear bright lipstick at all so far.)

Outfit #3

Products: Sweatshirt - Gap, Sneakers - Adidas, Jeans - Gap, Necklace - Etsy, Tote - Madewell (Similar, cheaper versions here and here)

This outfit is inspired by Eleanor in Season 3 of The Good Place, in which she wears some of her most pared-down and casual looks so far (which to me, makes a lot of sense, seeing as how Eleanor spends much of the third season traveling both on Earth and throughout different realms in the universe, and probably doesn't have much time to think about her appearance).  

As mentioned in the very first article I linked, stripes are a crucial element to Eleanor's Season 3 look, which is why I chose this cute, retro-looking striped sweatshirt as the starting point for the ensemble.

Furthermore, whereas earlier on in the series, Eleanor almost always wears dark-wash skinny jeans, in Season 3, she starts mixing things up with lighter washes as well, which is why I included a pair here.

This utilitarian (No pun intended!) tote and black-and-white Adidas sneakers are actually the exact ones we see Eleanor wearing during Season 3, which -- in addition to the fact that they're both classic pieces that you can get a lot of use out of in real life -- is why I chose to include them in this look.

Lastly, I knew that I had to include something to pay homage to Eleanor's love of eating shrimp, and this awesome shrimp necklace (which you can customize with your initial) is the perfect way to do so without going crazy -- because, let's face it, a shrimp machine would be a little much. 

And that's a wrap! Be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming article on how to get Tahani Al-Jamil's posh and perfectly polished look!

What do you think?

Are you a fan of The Good Place? (And if not, has this article convinced you to watch it?) Which of Eleanor's outfits would you be most likely to wear yourself? And finally, which look from the show in general is your favorite so far?
Let me know in the comments! 

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As STEM majors soar at UW, interest in humanities shrinks — a potentially costly loss
The number of students studying the humanities at the University of Washington is shrinking, with some majors down as much as 50 percent in a decade. It's having a financial impact, and also affecting the breadth of the university's expertise.]]>
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San Fernando Valley business group urges UTLA leaders to end the teacher strike The Valley Industry and Commerce Association leaders called on United Teachers Los Angeles to end their teachers walkout.

The Valley business advocacy organization said it’s “increasingly concerned about the harm being done to our students as they miss critical instruction,” according to a letter VICA President Stuart Waldman sent Jan. 16 to union’s President Alex Caputo-Pearl.

“This time of year is of utmost importance to students whose start in life and their careers depends on succeeding at school and in their exams,” Waldman wrote in the letter.

RELATED STORY: LAUSD teachers strike, Day 5: Thousands gathered in DTLA as new round of talks begin

Friday morning, thousands of Los Aneles Unified teachers converged in downtown L.A. as the union representatives began another round of bargaining with the district officials. That bargaining continued into Saturday night.

Caputo-Pearl said Friday to rally goers in downtown L.A. that the strike could possible continue into next week.


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My Two Big Announcements! I’ve been keeping a secret and I hope you’re as excited about it as I am.

I’m writing a new book!

It will be called It All Began in a Garden (unless the title changes) and will feature 52 essential oils—one for each week of the year. Designed for both the new and the savvy oiler, it will contain a wealth of information, testimonials, inspirational stories, DIY recipes, diffuser blends, and lots of new, color photos—yes, COLOR photos!!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’m enjoying writing it!

As our family has continued to switch more and more health & beauty and household cleaning products for oil-infused, chemical-free ones, my interest in oils has grown. This subject matter is truly my sweet spot.

My Young Living group has grown so much over the past year too—my passion for oils is contagious!

Today Young Living introduced a brand new starter kit which includes the beloved Valor and Peace & Calming blends. It’s the best kit Young Living has had in my almost four years with the company.

If you’ve thought about diving in with oils, this is a perfect time. And I don’t mean as a January resolution cliché. I promise you, these oils can change your life and your health.

This is an exciting time to be a Young Living member; our products and education groups are unbelievable. I hope it’s an exciting time to be part of my group too, as I work on my new book and the companion guided journal that goes with it. I need testimonials!

I would be honored to be your oils mentor and support you on your wellness journey! You can read more about the kit and my family’s story on my Oils page or cut to the chase and sign up directly at

2019 Young Living Premium Starter Kit

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“Certain esoteric rites” for The Ethnographer ]]> Sat, 19 Jan 2019 23:12:08 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Education College Poetry University Anthropology Advice for students Narrative Ethnography Critique Research Methods Grad School General Anthropology Social Status Cultural Anthropology Blogs by Christina Advice for Professors Style Inspiration from the Critics Choice Awards 2019 Got a formal event coming up? Here's how to dress just like the stars on the Critics Choice Awards blue carpet!

Awards season is officially underway! I am so excited! It's always so much fun to watch my favorite stars be recognized for their work. 

This last Sunday, The Critics' Choice Awards were held and they brought together some of the biggest names in television and movies. Members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association voted on 2018's best movies and television shows. Stars present at the event included Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, and Amy Adams, plus many more!

While we all want to see which star will win each award, half the fun of awards season is observing the fabulous fashion. This year, the blue carpet was filled with embellished gowns, long-sleeved silhouettes, and even a few pantsuits. 

Here are a few of my favorite looks from Sunday night and some affordable options to try replicating them for your next formal event or evening out:

Lady Gaga's Elegant Neutral Gown

Lady Gaga had an amazing night! She took home the award for best song for her part in "Shallow" from "A Star is Born." (Very well deserved, in my personal opinion.) Then she went on to tie with Glenn Close for best actress in a motion picture.

True to form, Gaga absolutely killed it on the blue carpet! She wore a neutral colored Calvin Klein gown that flowed to the ground. She looked very elegant and chic.

Dresses from left to right: Tulle Gown - Forever 21, Trapeze Dress - Asos, Bandeau Maxi - Asos, Pleated Gown - Asos

Here are some great options for a flowy, formal look just like Lady Gaga's. You can stick to the neutral colors for a chic look like hers or try one of these brighter dresses to add your own flare to the simple style.

Emily Blunt's Statement Neckline

Emily Blunt was nominated for best actress and best actress in a comedy for her role in "Mary Poppins Returns."

Emily wore a white, floor-length Prada gown with embellished straps. She was accompanied by her hubby John Krasinski. 

Dresses from left to right: Floral Flounce Maxi - Forever 21, Cape Maxi - Asos, Scuba Maxi - Asos, Square Neck Maxi - Asos

Emily's dress had a beautiful, attention-grabbing neckline just like these four affordable options do. The straps on these dresses will add a little something extra to your look and bring everyone's focus up to your beautiful face.

Gemma Chan's Fabulous Florals

Gemma Chan, most recently seen in "Crazy Rich Asians", rocked the carpet in this stunning number. She wore a layered, floral print gown by Jason Wu. 

Dresses from left to right: Floral Maxi - Asos, Ruffle Midi - Asos, Pencil Dress - Asos, Tiered Mini - Asos

Here are a few dresses that have similar vibrant colors and fun layers to what Gemma's has. You can never go wrong with a pretty floral print, so adding a little ruffle can only make your look that much more fun! Give one of these beautiful dresses a try.

Julia Roberts' Killer Pantsuit

Julia Roberts was nominated for best actress in a drama series for her role in "Homecoming." She was one of the standouts on the blue carpet wearing a Louis Vuitton pantsuit!

From left to right: Tux Jumpsuit - Asos, Velvet Pantsuit - Asos, One- Shoulder Jumpsuit - Forever 21, Surplice Jumpsuit - Forever 21

If you are feeling like changing up your formal look, try a sophisticated pantsuit like Julia's! You will have all the mobility and comfort that pants can offer without compromising on style. These options are super sleek and they won't break the bank!

Which look was your favorite?

I can't wait to see how the rest of the award season unfolds! Will you be watching? Which of these looks is your favorite? Comment below!

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4 Quick Ways to Reinvent Your Wardrobe for the New Year (On a Budget!) For when you just need a little bit of a refresh but you don't have the extra cash.

We've all been there: You're standing in front of your closet for what feels like a million years, waiting for that perfect outfit to jump out at you, but for some reason, the magic isn't happening. You're sick of everything you own and want to change things up. Obviously you don't have the money to go out and buy a full new wardrobe, so what is a girl to do? 

I had this problem this week, so I brainstormed a few solutions. Here are a few quick tips for revamping your wardrobe. With the new year finally here, now is the perfect time to try some new strategies!

Shop your closet

If you're anything like me, then you've probably got loads of stuff that you haven't worn in months just sitting in your closet waiting to be re-discovered. These items are probably buried so you don't see them right away when you open your closet. Your old favorite sweater dress from last year? Check. That scarf you wore every day for a month then promptly forgot about? Check. Those booties that you swore you would never stop wearing because they're just so comfortable? Check. 

This my favorite tip for a few reasons. First of all, it's yours for the low, low price of free. Who doesn't love that? Second of all, it's easy. There's no need to trudge out into the snow or spend hours searching for that perfect item of clothing online -- you already own it! Finally, shopping your closet allows you to re-discover older items of clothing that you may have loved and forgotten about. And who knows? You might just find that one sweater that you fell in love with but haven't been able to find in, like, forever. 

Buy Used, Online or In Person Poshmark screenshot

We all know it's the right thing to do for our wallets and the environment, but how often do we really shop used? Take this as your casual reminder that you can save a ton of money by shopping second-hand, especially for designer goods.  

As an online shopping fan, I adore Poshmark and highly recommend it to anyone looking to reinvent their style on a budget. You can find hundreds upon hundreds of items for fairly cheap on there, and most of the items are in good condition (make sure to look closely at photos, of course). But, if online shopping isn't your thing (gasp!) then you can always check out your local used clothing store. If you're willing to dig around, you never know what sorts of hidden gems you might find.  

Find New Ways to Wear Clothing You Already Own Scarves look great attached to bags!

Now it's time to get creative. That silk scarf you own? Bam. Now it's a hair tie. That cute mini dress? Put a sweater over it and now it's a skirt. This is one of my favorite tips because not only is it free, but it also saves you time. By looking through your closet and getting creative, you're saving time and money all in one go. It's good for all of us to flex our creative muscles every now and again, and in my opinion, this is the perfect way to do it. Because not only are you finding new things to wear, but you're also saving yourself money in the process.

Try a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe (as you probably know if you read CF often) is a wardrobe comprised of the minimum amount of pieces possible. For example, a very basic capsule wardrobe could be one sweater, two tee shirts, a skirt, and a pair of jeans. (Here's an example of a more detailed spring capsule wardrobe we created last year.) Capsule wardrobes are great because they force you to focus and be creative. Also, you can do a lot more re-invention with a few different pieces over trying to re-create an entire wardrobe, especially if you're on a budget. (And let's face it, as college students, we're all on a budget). 

How do you reinvent your wardrobe for cheap?

For more on this subject, see our past posts on making your wardrobe more minimalist and reinventing your style. You got this!

How do you reinvent your wardrobe without spending a ton of money? Leave your best tips in the comments; we want to hear from you!

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Van Nuys doughnut dispute among dramas in LAUSD strike’s first week The weeklong teachers’ strike in the L.A. Unified School District has generated emotion and all kinds of disputes, large and small, as the two sides have squared off in public.

Among the dramas that played out was this one involving a student bringing doughnuts to her teachers in Van Nuys.

Seeing her teachers picketing in the rain on Tuesday, Jan. 15 — the second day of the strike — 12-year-old Alyssa Lynch asked her mom to stop to buy doughnuts on the way in to Fulton College Prep, a combined middle and senior high school in Van Nuys, where Alyssa is a seventh-grader.

According to her mother, Jessica Warnecke, Alyssa passed the doughnuts out along the picket line in front of the school before classes began but when she came onto the campus the principal stopped her “and told her, ‘You need to leave the premises.’”

Read full strike coverage here

It was communicated to her daughter, the mother said, that the directive was because of her daughter’s siding with striking teachers.

Officials at LAUSD, however, told a different story.

Alyssa, they said, wanted to set up a doughnut-and-coffee station inside campus boundaries, which they said would not be permitted under district policy during a strike.

“Throughout the strike, our principals have been providing instruction and supervision and encouraging students to come to school,” a district spokeswoman said in a written statement. “On Tuesday, a student asked the Fulton College Prep principal for permission to set up a station inside the school, where striking teachers could come for coffee and doughnuts the student had provided.

“The principal told the student that striking teachers were not allowed inside the school, but that the student could take the refreshments outside to distribute to the teachers. The student was not ‘made to leave the premises’” as was alleged, the statement read. She also was not told she could not come back inside to attend school afterward, the spokeswoman said.

Warnecke said her daughter hasn’t been back to school since but misses it. “She’s a straight A student,” her mother said. “She wants to go back to school.”

Sat, 19 Jan 2019 12:30:34 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs News Education Sport Soccer Lausd Local News Alyssa Van Nuys Unified School District Warnecke Top Stories LADN Alyssa Lynch Fulton College Prep Jessica Warnecke Alyssa
My Truth About Losing a Parent The truth is -- death sucks, but hopefully it can help you see life with a different perspective.

On January 25th, 2015 two little words changed my life.

Staring into the headlights of my cousins car, my mom's tiny frame ran towards me. My knees felt like they cracked through the pavement as I saw the tears run down her face and she whispered the words we were too afraid to even think. 

"He's gone." 

In an instant I went from the girl with a full family to the girl who lost the first man in her life. 

How could he actually be gone for good?

Disbelief became a familiar feeling. Though tears came while I rocked my little brother to sleep in my arms, and again when people gave my hand an extra squeeze, nothing really clicked. It felt like there was this huge disconnect between what had happened and the reality my brain comprehended. I went back to school that following Monday and was almost surprised to see the shock on my classmate's faces. 

For some, grief hits immediately; for others, grief hits when you least expect it. But, for most, grief hits in waves. One minute you're standing still and the waves just take you down and down and down, but then you're back up in the calm like it never happened...till another wave comes. 

Wise words from my little brother, in elementary school at the time but still full of so much love and wisdom!

Plain and simple, death sucks, and it's a type of grief that never really goes away. 

Carrying this loss has changed who I am tremendously, it has also allowed me to look at life in a new light. 

Through my loss, I have learned: 

1. I am a protector. I want nothing more than to wrap those I love in love so they always feel safe and secure. I will always remember the people who filled my family's home with love during the aftermath of my dad's death. Family members, friends, teachers, coaches, and even those I had lost touch with offered up their time and pantries to make sure my family was doing okay. I want to do the same for those I love.

2. It is harder for me to open up than it once was. I try to be an open book but from time to time, I find it impossible to offer up my feelings and problems on a silver platter. I am lucky to be surrounded by people who genuinely want to be there, but sometimes only I can really understand why I'm feeling the way I do.

3. Tears can come at all times. It's what everyone says, but it's true: It never gets easier.

4. Memories fade faster than you could ever expect -- I am grateful when others share their memories of my dad with me, it helps to keep him alive.

5. I have become a better person who really appreciates the life I have. 

The truth about losing a parent is that it will never be something that is easy -- no matter if it is expected or not. 

My dad was a man who exploded with life, I feel lucky to have even known him.

My advice to you, whether you've lost a parent or are lucky enough to still have both of yours around: Take every moment of life and savor it. Savor your time with the ones you love, savor your time to yourself. As cliche as it sounds, life is too damn short to waste even a second. 

I want to hear from you in the comments below!

How have you dealt with loss or grief? How have you helped those around you experiencing these feelings? What advice would you give to those with heavy hearts?

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‘I’m just gonna presume it’s late forever:’ Seattle school-bus delays consistent during first week of viadoom
The closure of the Alaskan Way viaduct has nothing on the months-long driver shortage faced by Seattle Public Schools' main bus contractor, First Student.]]>
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Psychology Around the Net: January 19, 2019

Within this week’s Psychology Around the Net, you’re going to meet a psychiatrist who uses social media for good, get a plethora of self-care tips (many of which I guarantee you haven’t thought of), find out just exactly how many happy facial expressions we have, and more.


You Have 17 Different Facial Expressions to Show Happiness (and That’s Reason to Smile): After a recent study involving more than seven million online images and 30 countries, Aleix Martinez, a cognitive scientist and professor of electrical and computer engineering at The Ohio State University, found 35 different facial expressions that are recognized across cultures, and of those 35, 17 convey happiness.

How This Doctor Uses Instagram for Mental Health Awareness: Sometimes we hear horrible things about social media (such as how it can negatively affect your mental health), and sometimes we hear great things (such as the many campaigns people launch to bring awareness to mental health). Psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Clemons brings us one of the great things, using her Instagram account @askDrJess as a platform to help bust stigma and normalize the conversations we have about mental health issues.

Risk for Developing More Than One Mental Health Disorder Revealed: After an initial diagnosis in the most comprehensive study of comorbidity (when two chronic diseases or conditions are simultaneously present in one person) to date, a recent study has revealed the risks of developing a second mental health condition after an initial diagnosis, and according to research, that risk is increased.

New Report: Waiting Longer for Mental Health Care May Help College Students: Wait, what?

Mental Illness ‘Is Not a Problem That We Can Arrest Ourselves Out Of’: In this PBS “Brief But Spectacular” segment, Warden Trey Oliver of the Metro Jail in Alabama explains what happened to his facility after a nearby regional hospital closed, how the jail is seeing the same inmates over and over again, and his overall take on why incarceration doesn’t and won’t solve mental illness.

30 Lab-Approved Self-Care Ideas That Will Change Your Life: I know, I know, 30 sounds like a lot, but browsing this gallery and taking note of what speaks to you is completely worth it. My personal favorites? The “Yay!” list, investing in a new podcast, creating a mantra, keeping a bouquet (or two!) of fresh flowers around the house just because, and slimming down your social media friends lists. (See? Totally worth checking out.)

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Oodles of Classic Doctor Who Episodes Streaming Free Online This Month A quick fyi: This month, Twitch is presenting a marathon streaming of classic Doctor Who episodes. Continuing through January 25th, they plan to broadcast "11 to 12 hours of new episodes per day (~27 episodes), repeating once so you can catch Doctor Who nearly 24 hours a day, every day..." Stream the episodes right above, or here on Twitch.

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Former LAUSD board president Zimmer may be helping in talks to end teachers strike LOS ANGELES – Former Los Angeles Unified School Board President Steve Zimmer appears to be helping facilitate  talks between district and union leaders in an effort to bring an end to a teachers strike that has extended into a fifth day.

Zimmer has been working for Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office as a senior adviser on education policy since September of 2017, a role he took a few months after he lost a re-election bid in May of that year to Nick Melvoin. Garcetti’s office has been mediating the latest round of negotiations since Thursday.

Zimmer was in the hallway Friday morning outside Garcetti’s City Hall office speaking with some United Teachers Los Angeles leaders just before talks were set to resume, but declined to answer any questions.

Garcetti’s office said that Matt Szabo, the mayor’s deputy chief of staff, has been leading the office’s facilitation of the UTLA/LAUSD negotiations, but did not respond to repeated questions asking if Zimmer has been involved in the talks.

During his re-election campaign in 2017, Zimmer had the strong support of labor unions and UTLA, but was targeted by charter school backers who poured millions of dollars into the race on behalf of Melvoin, hoping to shift the balance of power on the seven-member board in support of charters.


The regulation of charter schools, including the co-location of charters on some district campuses, has been one of the issues under discussion in contract negotiations. UTLA sees the growth of charters as a threat to the stability of the district because charters are mostly nonunion and have been steadily draining the district’s enrollment numbers for years.

Zimmer and Garcetti have been political allies, with Garcetti endorsing Zimmer during his 2017 re-election bid, and Zimmer also endorsing Garcetti’s re-election the same year, which he won in a landslide. But Zimmer has played a mostly quiet, behind-the-scenes role in Garcetti’s administration as a policy adviser, and vowed after his loss to Mevoin to never run for public office again.

The 2017 election cycle is believed to have been one of the most expensive school board elections in history, with an estimated $15 million being spent by and on behalf of the various candidates The end result was a 4-3 pro-charter school board for the first time.

That pro-charter board, on a 5-2 vote, then installed Austin Beutner as superintendent in May, with board members George McKenna and Scott Schmerelson objecting. Beutner was seen by UTLA as a charter school advocate, and the union’s objection and negative rhetoric about his installment as superintendent contributed to the breakdown in contract negotiations.

Zimmer was first elected to the school board in 2009 after 17 years as a teacher and counselor at Marshall High School in Los Angeles.

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‘We’re in Uncharted Waters.’ Schools Brace for Lunch Funding Challenges if Shutdown Continues Fri, 18 Jan 2019 19:06:10 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs News Education Uncategorized Onetime Chili Peppers drummer brings his spice, advice to Paramount middle schoolers Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith stopped by Zamboni Middle School on a rainy Thursday morning, Jan. 17, to ignite the Paramount student’s creative side and show them that a future in the arts is a viable and obtainable career path.

Chad Smith in action during a recent concert. Photo: AP file

As part of the Turnaround Arts program, founded in 2011 by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and former First Lady Michelle Obama, Turnaround Arts: California provides support for arts in select schools.

“There’s a really narrowing of curriculum to focus on subjects that are tested. There’s so much at stake based on test scores, you have limited resources and time so you have to focus on the things that are tested,” said Jacob Campbell, program manager for Turnaround Arts. “(Turnaround Arts is) trying to say that by developing both halves (of the brain), and looking at the whole child, you will see gains on both sides.”

Smith knows firsthand what it’s like to be “right-brained,” which research suggests is connected to imagination, arts, and rhythm. He attributes at least some of his success in music to the wide variety of arts offered at the public schools in his hometown of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, just north of Detroit.

“I hated school, (but) when I got to high school we had marching band, symphonic band, jazz band, music theory class – in 10th grade –which now is like unheard of,” he said. “This is just a regular, old, north-of-Detroit public school, so if it wasn’t for those classes I would have never made it through high school because it helped balance out my not-so-good grades in science and math — those things I wasn’t so interested in.”

President Trump has attempted to eliminate, if not drastically reduce, the funding to the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities in the past, plans that congress has not only rejected but actually slightly increased the funding for to about $153 million each this past year.

Public schools are often widely unequal because local property taxes provide most of the funding which varies in accordance to the relative affluence of each neighborhood. The Turnaround Arts program focuses on targeting schools who are lacking in all-around funding.

“Every rich kid in every private school gets to do this,” said Malissa Shriver, executive director of Turnaround Arts. “The poorest kids in the poorest schools never get it because it’s a narrowed down curriculum – English, math, English, math, and then they wonder why the school is low performing and the kids drop out or don’t come to school. If the kids don’t do well in those subjects then they think they’re not smart or they can’t go to college.”

Schools must apply to be considered for the Turnaround Arts program. Then they’re able to choose which avenue of arts they wish to pursue, keeping in mind that the program covers all subjects. Zamboni Middle School chose drama, the students now learn all of their subjects through performance and kinesthetic learning. An opportunity in theatrics most students in Paramount rarely received before being introduced to the program.

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith stopped by Zamboni Middle School Thursday morning, Jan. 17, to ignite the students’ creative side and show them that a future in the arts is a viable and obtainable career path. Photo: Shannon Hoffman

“The kids who benefit the most get the least. Maybe you’re not good at math but you’re a genius musician — and they would never know,” she said. “They won’t know if we don’t give them the opportunity … regardless of their zip code.”

Zamboni students were able to pick Smith’s brain about his decision to pursue music, whether it was difficult, and whether he had support. The young musicians even picked up the drum sticks themselves, despite turning bright red, and asked for feedback from the drummer who’s been in the business longer than they’ve been alive.

“Just keeping time is more important than any fancy stuff,” he told the teens.

Smith’s role in the program is to bring visibility and to help shake the narrative some schools may carry as a less-than-ideal school to attend before becoming art-based.

“When it’s lead by music and art kids are more involved, their attendance is better, they do better in their other subjects — it seems to be working,” he said. “When you can be creative in one area it will carry over into other areas.”

Smith has been with the program for five years and is dedicated to the students at Zamboni Middle School as he hopes to serve as their artistic role model.

“They see that somebody from the Kennedy Center cares about (them) and it gives them hope,” Smith said. “They get really excited. They seem really happy to be learning. It just seems like a really positive experience for them. I’m hopefully a somewhat inspiring ambassador for music and art.”


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Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Icons of the 2000s Follow me down memory lane ... into the fashion world of the 2000s!

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Get ready to feel some intense nostalgia mixed with some major embarrassment as we look back at 2000s fashion and the most fashionable stars of the 2000s.

As you probably remember (if you haven't blocked it out), the 2000s were filled with fun fashion statements like halter tops, shimmery lipgloss, trucker hats, lace-up jeans, bedazzled jean pockets, choker necklaces, gaucho pants, sweats with "JUICY" written across the butt, and studded belts. Ah, *memories*.

Let's not also forget some of the more shameful trends like popcorn shirts, airbrushed graphic tees, ultra-ultra low rise jeans, and missing back pockets. 

Regardless of the trends that we look back on with admiration or shame, there is no question that we all wanted to be just like these Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Icons of the 2000s: 

1. Britney Spears

Britney Spears was already a pop star from the 1990s, but she hit mega-celebrity status in the early 2000s thanks to hits like "Oops, I Did It Again" and "Toxic" soaring through the pop charts. 

Britney was notably sexy, as seen in her music videos, I'm A Slave 4 U and Toxic. Her off-duty fashion was often just as sexy as she rocked crop tops and low-rise jeans, and often went out braless. 

She's also known for the iconic denim dress she wore to the 2001 AMAs alongside matching boyfriend at the time, Justin Timberlake.

There is no questioning that Britney Spears was both a notable fashionista and a sex symbol of the 2000s. 

2. Beyoncé

Before Beyoncé became Queen Bey, she was in a music group that we all know and love, Destiny's Child. The trio had a strong fashion sense together, rocking matching outfits (often made by Beyonce's mom!), from camo pairings to ruffled crop tops and skirts. 

However stylish her other group members were, Beyoncé led the pack in both musicality and fashion sense. She found artistic ways of flashing skin and loved to flaunt her tight and toned tummy. She was also commonly seen wearing statement hats. 

Today, Beyoncé is still a fashionista to be reckoned with. Some women are just born with it. 

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

Just the mere utterance of the name Sarah Jessica Parker brings to mind "fashionista." One cannot hear SJP's name without thinking of Sex and the City, a show overflowing with fashion-forward women -- with SJP as the glittering star.

Throughout the decade, the actress became known for her elegant and chic style, often wearing soft pinks with black trimmings and always adding feminine flair. SJP had lots of style overlap with her character, Carrie Bradshaw. She was known to pull off tube tops (really, anything strapless), feathers, dainty chokers, and slip-skirts, and even dared to wear all-white (back when that really wasn't done too much). 

In the 2000s, SJP was such a fashion icon that if you saw her wear it, it became in style if it wasn't already.

4. Nicole Richie View the original article to see embedded media.

Many of us remember The Simple Life in which Nicole Richie starred with BFF Paris Hilton. Throughout the course of the show, Paris' style remained the same, while Nicole gave herself a complete style makeover. At the beginning of the show, her style was similar to Paris', but she broke out as a style star by the end. 

Nicole Richie soon became known for her boho chic style, head scarves, and piles of jewelry. We can also never forget the fun she had with coloring, cutting, and styling her hair.

Nicole always knew how to rock accessories, especially her favorite: a giant pair of oversized sunglasses. So 2000s-chic.

5. Paris Hilton View the original article to see embedded media.

Paris Hilton is arguably the Princess of the 2000s. She created a persona for herself that shot her straight into the limelight. To put this into perspective for those who may not know this yet, Kim Kardashian was once Paris Hilton's closet organizer. Needless to say, many girls dreamed of basking in Paris Hilton's glory -- a fact emphasized through her MTV show, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, a reality show where contestants competed to be her new best friend (replacing Nicole Richie after their much-publicized falling out).

Paris could get away with wearing anything she wanted. She loved to shock, often rocking extremely cropped tops and very low bottoms. She was also a huge fan of all things glittery, sparkly, and diamond-encrusted. A girly-girl to her core, she sported pink head to toe, and anything in the color would make her say, "that's hot."

6. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was one of the first female pop artists in the 2000s to break away from her good-girl image and embrace raw sexuality head on. The iconic video for Dirrty was released in 2002, creating a very big stir in the pop industry. Not one to stop there, Christina continued to add sex appeal and edginess to her look throughout the 2000s.

Back in the '00s, it was not uncommon to spot Christina pairing a pink and posh look with a little bit of leather, lots of skin, or a general grimy beauty vibe. She also enjoyed pairing a sexy crop top and scarf with sporty, boyish cargo pants and feminine heeled boots. 

Xtina was the queen of owning her sexuality, and in the '00s, she set the stage for many a pop star to come.

7. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Pacific Coast News

On the opposite end of the fashion spectrum to Dirrty-era Xtina, the Olsen twins were the *teen fashionistas* of the decade. After getting their start on the '90s TV staple Full House, The Olsen twins quickly shot to stardom and even made many of their own movies, becoming major favorites among young girls.

Flash forward to the 2000s, the twins began to push the fashion boundaries, and teen girls everywhere took notice. 2000s-era MK&A commonly switched from a bohemian look -- pairing tunics and jeans with gigantic, slouchy Balenciaga bags -- to feminine styles -- think glossy satin dresses at mid-calf length. Newsboys hats, skinny scarfs, embellished belts, halters, and oversized sunglasses were all signature Olsen Twins accessories. They even started a coffee craze, as they were often spotted at Starbucks, holding venti lattes the size of their heads.

8. Miley Cyrus

Before she was a controversial pop star, Miley Cyrus was a Disney star in the 2000s, known for her role on the mega-popular show Hannah Montana

Miley's style during the decade was an equal blend of pop star, country star, and rockstar. She had a knack for mixing cowboy boots, studded belts, and glittery tops in one ensemble and making it all work! Pink leather jackets were not uncommon, either, for a nod to her pop star TV character.

Miley's looks were all over the map throughout the 2000s. For a while, she was often seen wearing a flat cap and peacoat, or a pageboy hat with dark, bootcut jeans and a black leather jacket. Preppy and fun, she could pull off a grown-up look one day and a plaid skirt and tee the next. She also really embraced dresses and never shied from wearing them over a pair of jeans. 

9. Rihanna

Rihanna is and always has been a trendsetter. She strides with the confidence of 200 mortal women combined. And there is no question why! Her style is impeccable.

In the early 2000s, as RiRi was emerging in her career, she hit the scene with a more commonly accepted style of pop stars at the time; less edgy than the Rihanna we know today. Crop tops were popular with her, as were black-and-white color palettes. She rocked vests, capri jeans, babydoll dresses, neutral tones, tomboy looks, and rompers. 

Later on in the decade, Rihanna released Good Girl Gone Bad, and in a move reminiscent of Dirrty Xtina, she cut her hair and went for an edgier vibe. From there, her fashionista status grew, helping her become the style legend she is today.

10. Kate Moss

Today, we look at models like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevingne to see what models are wearing. But in the 2000s, Kate Moss was THE top model to emulate -- no others need apply. 

Kate Moss's style was always chic, never pretentious, and -- most annoyingly -- never looked like she even tried. She could pair skinny jeans with flats, add a white tank top with a skinny scarf and vest, and it would be crazy chic on her. She could pair a high-end dress with $10 boots and it would make sense. She kept her layers and accessories light, and let her cool girl vibe speak for itself. 

What do you think about these 2000s fashion icons?

Let us know in the comments! If you're diggin' the 2000s flashback, keep following this series! We'll be covering each of these 2000s fashion icons in depth in their own posts.

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Clear skies and a surprise performance boost striking teachers’ spirits in Rancho Palos Verdes
  • Teacher and students walk the picket line in front of Dodson Middle School during day 5 of the UTLA strike against LAUSD in Rancho Palos Verdes on Friday, January. 18, 2019. (Photo by Brittany Murray, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

  • Teacher and students walk the picket line in front of Dodson Middle School during day 5 of the UTLA strike against LAUSD in Rancho Palos Verdes on Friday, January. 18, 2019. (Photo by Brittany Murray, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

  • Sound The gallery will resume in seconds
  • Counselor Rachel Whitlow pumps up the teachers and students on the picket line in front of Dodson Middle School during day 5 of the UTLA strike against LAUSD in Rancho Palos Verdes on Friday, January. 18, 2019. (Photo by Brittany Murray, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

  • Teacher and students walk the picket line in front of Dodson Middle School during day 5 of the UTLA strike against LAUSD in Rancho Palos Verdes on Friday, January. 18, 2019. (Photo by Brittany Murray, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

  • Teacher and students walk the picket line in front of Dodson Middle School during day 5 of the UTLA strike against LAUSD in Rancho Palos Verdes on Friday, January. 18, 2019. (Photo by Brittany Murray, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

  • John Barazza taught at Dodson Middle School for 23 years before he retired. He walked the picket lines in 1989 and today in Rancho Palos Verdes on Friday, January. 18, 2019. Barazza says the difference between1989 and 2019 is the community support and the commradere. He said, “Back then we had to bring our own coffee, today people are organized and a woman even brought us posole.” Barrazza vows to be walking this line as long as it takes. (Photo by Brittany Murray, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

  • John Barazza taught at Dodson Middle School for 23 years before he retired. He walked the picket lines in 1989 and today in Rancho Palos Verdes on Friday, January. 18, 2019. Barazza says the difference between1989 and 2019 is the community support and the commradere. He said, “Back then we had to bring our own coffee, today people are organized and a woman even brought us posole.” Barrazza vows to be walking this line as long as it takes. (Photo by Brittany Murray, Press-Telegram/SCNG)

  • Show Caption of


    After spending much of this week picketing in the pouring rain, striking teachers at Dodson Middle School were greeted Friday, Jan. 18, with a special treat — clear skies and a smile-inducing, surprise flash mob performance of “Seize the Day” by the school’s drama students. The song, said the school’s Drama Boosters Club President Ilan Davidson, “is the pivotal moment in ‘Newsies’ when the characters form their union and decide to strike so it has a lot of meaning.” “Newsies,” a musical loosely based on the New York City newsboys’ strike of 1899, is this semester’s musical presentation by the school’s Drama Department. Before their impromptu seven-minute performance, the students marched alongside their teachers in front of the school in Rancho Palos Verdes. “It lifted their spirits,” Davidson said of the teachers’ reactions.

    Fri, 18 Jan 2019 17:37:15 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Education New York City Sport Soccer Lausd Local News Davidson Rancho Palos Verdes Newsies UTLA Top Stories Breeze Brittany Murray Press Brittany Murray Press Telegram Dodson Middle School Rachel Whitlow John Barazza Barazza Drama Boosters Club Ilan Davidson Drama Department Before
    Edgy Style 101: The 6 Accessories Every Edgy Girl Needs in Her Closet Make your outfit go from basic to edgy with these extras.

    Accessories can make or break an outfit. They can instantly turn any old boring look into one that is adventurous and fashionable.

    Any fashion aesthetic has common accessories that are often paired with general outfits in order to complete the look. These accessories can be worn with a simple t-shirt or with a gorgeous dress. Accessories can also be easily interchanged in order to fit your personal style.

    Edgy style is no exception to this. Last week we talked about edgy outfit ideas, and now we'll show you how to make anything into an edgy outfit. Below are six accessories that every edgy girl needs in her closet.

    Belt with Big Buckles

    Belts are perfect because they are so versatile. Not only can you wear belts with pants but you can also pair them with a dress or skirt to dress up or dress down your outfit. Try a belt with large buckles to really stand out in the crowd.

    Tinted Aviators

    Although it is winter, spring and summer are right around the corner. It’s never too early to invest in a new pair of sunglasses and these tinted aviators are perfect to give off that “cool girl” vibe that defines the edgy aesthetic.

    Fishnet Tights

    Fishnet tights are making a comeback. A common way to wear these is under ripped jeans, especially if the holes in the pants are big. Pair the combo with a crop top and pull the tights up high so that they can be seen under the pants. For a warmer weather look, try wearing your fishnets under a pair of shorts. You can also stick to the basics and pair the tights with a short dress or skirt.

    Black Fedora Hat

    You really can’t go wrong with a classic hat like this black fedora. No matter what you decide to style this with, you will instantly look more put together (while hiding any bad hair days!). Wear jeans and a simple white t-shirt with this fedora for a go-to edgy girl look.

    Triangle Bralette

    Bralettes are so comfortable and so pretty. You can choose to have your bralette show from underneath your outfit or even wear it as your shirt. Try out different colors and styles, too. This one from Lulu's is a beautiful option if you’re looking for one to complete your flawless look in a goes-with-everything color.

    Layered Necklace

    Find a cute layered necklace or layer some necklaces yourself for a great jewelry look that goes perfectly with your edgy outfits. Layered necklaces are a great way to make an outfit pop without really having to try hard. They can be paired with any look to tie it all together.

    What’s your go to edgy accessory? What outfit do you think these would work best with? Let us know in the comments!

    Accessories are what make an outfit instantly more fun. There’s endless possibilities for them; you can mix and match both the outfits that you chose to accessorize them with and even the accessories themselves. Although this is not an extensive guide of every single accessory that is good for edgy style, it is a beginner’s guide if you’re beginning to transition into edgier clothes.

    Edgy girls, we want to hear from you: What are your go-to accessories? Any that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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    Why charter schools are the flashpoint for the LA teachers' strike When teachers from the largest school district in America walked off the job this week, they were not campaigning for wages: rather, they were demanding smaller classes; more librarians, counselors, aides and special-ed teachers; and to rein in the Charter school movement, and that last demand is the key to understanding the whole thing.

    Charter schools were developed in the wake of the Brown v Board of Ed decision, which found that racially segregated public schools were illegal; charter schools let white supremecists skirt the decision by diverting public funds into private schools that could exclude Black children.

    Today, the charter school movement has evolved into a darling of billionaires and vast, illegal dark-money pools, working in alliance with racists and Christian Dominionists who want Biblical doctrine taught at public expense. Like the Reagan coalition, the fundamentalists supply the warm bodies, the billionaires supply the seed capital, and then the billionaires make out like bandits while the poor evangelical rank-and-file get screwed.

    But even if you want to send your kid to a public school, charter schools can make it impossible to make such a choice. Charter schools can cream off the kids with wealthy parents, high test scores and no special needs, sucking money out of the public system, which still has the same per-pupil funding that has to stretch farther to cover fixed costs (just because your students leave, it doesn't make your school cheaper to heat or maintain).

    The results is that schools end up raiding the per-pupil educational budget to cover fixed costs, leaving the public system with a disproportionate fraction of kids who need extra support, and less money per pupil to pay for it. So many parents who want to support the public system still put their kids in charters to avoid this mess, making it even worse.

    That's why the LA teachers are on strike: to stop the stealth privatization of our public schools and ensure that every kid gets the education they're entitled to.

    Charter schools in Los Angeles have become integral features of what’s wrong. There are 277 charter schools operating in L.A. Unified, the largest number of charter schools of any school district in the nation. Charters serve nearly 119,000 students, nearly one-fifth of the students in the district. About 50 charters are operated by the district, which gives them some degree of greater autonomy, but the rest are completely independent of district rules and regulations. And many of the independent charters are also co-located on existing public school campuses.

    When charter schools pull funding from a public school, it damages the school’s abilityto educate the students who remain because a lot of the school’s costs are “fixed” and can’t be reduced on a per-pupil basis. Schools that find they have to cover the same costs, with reduced revenues due to student attrition to charters, frequently resort to cutting non-teacher personnel such as counselors and librarians—exactly the additional staff LA teachers are saying their schools lack.

    In the situation where a charter co-locates on an existing public school campus, space on the campus is divided up between the two schools, which increases class sizes as student remaining in the public campus have to jam into smaller spaces and limit their access to common spaces—again, grievances the teachers are bringing to the table.

    “It’s a vicious cycle,” writes Miriam Pawel in the New York Times. “The more overcrowded and burdened the regular schools, the easier for charters to recruit students. The more students the district loses, the less money, and the worse its finances. The more the district gives charters space in traditional schools, the more overcrowded the regular classrooms.”

    How Teacher Strikes Are Exposing the Corrupt Charter School Agenda [Jeff Bryant/Naked Capitalism]

    (Image: UTLA)]]> Fri, 18 Jan 2019 13:10:55 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Post News Education Labor La America Los Angeles Reagan Teachers New York Times Lausd Class War Brown Jeff Bryant Charter Schools Teachers strike Redfored Board of Ed Miriam Pawel Devos Democrats Christian Dominionists Class to Night Out: Velvet Pants Most of us have worn velvet tops or dresses, but have you styled velvet pants before?

    L-R: Forever 21, Boohoo, Fashion Nova.

    Velvet is always a popular fabric for winter, but even so, velvet pants remain one of those tricky items you've probably never styled before. They're worth it, though: Velvet pants are one of the best items to wear in the winter because the thick fabric. Velvet will keep you warm and looking seasonally appropriate all at once.

    Velvet pants may seem difficult to style at first but after you buy your first pair, you’ll become obsessed and want to wear them for every occasion.

    Velvet Pants Outfit for Class:

    Products: Green Velvet Pants - NA-KD, White Blouse - Nordstrom Rack, Chunky Heels - ASOS, Necklace - Ardene, Ring - ASOS, Winter Coat - H&M, Scarf - Ardene, Gloves - Macy's, Earmuffs - ASOS, Backpack - Ardene.

    I've centered today's outfits around a pair of green velvet pants. I love a deep emerald green like this for the winter season -- it's so pretty and surprisingly versatile.

    These green velvet pants are meant to make you feel warm and comfortable for your busy day. To style them, start by adding a cute blouse that you can easily tuck into your pants. This blouse is a tie-front top and will look amazing with your high-waisted velvet pants.

    As for your shoes, chunky-heeled booties are perfect because the heels are thick enough to help you walk but also stylish enough to go with your outfit. These boots will keep your feet warm while being comfy enough for running around campus.

    Now it's time for accessories. I love layered necklaces like this one, but you could also go for something daintier if you wanted to make less of a statement. Because the sleeves of the top will cover your wrists, a bracelet may not be noticeable so instead, a cute ring will help to make your outfit look perfect!

    When you’re outside of class, do not forget to wear a thick winter coat and winter accessories like a scarf, gloves and earmuffs. When you’re in class, you can just take off all the accessories and put them in your school bag so that they’re all in one place!

    Velvet Pants Outfit for Night:

    Products: Green Velvet Pants - NA-KD, Sheer Crochet Blouse - ASOS, White Sleeveless Top - NA-KD, Heels - Aldo Shoes, Choker - NA-KD, Earrings - H&M, Clutch - Aldo Shoes, Winter Coat - Uniqlo.

    Green velvet pants are the perfect pants to wear when going to dinner or even to a girls’ night out. They stand out while also keeping you warm! 

    For this look, pair these same velvet pants with with this sheer crochet blouse. If you are out dancing at the club, you want to make sure that you are warm but also don’t have to worry about wearing too many layers when you get hot from dancing. Pair this sheer crochet blouse with a white bralette or even a white crop top (whichever makes you feel most comfortable!). That way, when you do get hot from dancing the night away, you can always take the sheer top off and cool off. Complete this entire outfit with cute heels! If you have to do any walking outside, closed-toe heels are always ideal and still cute.

    Because your top is almost like a turtleneck as it covers a majority of your neck, a choker would be ideal to wear. Tie your hair up and wear cute lightweight hoop earrings that won’t get in the way the entire night.

    Finally, it’s always important to have a clutch for your essentials, as well as a cute coat (non negotiable!). Whether you go clubbing or out to dinner, there’s always a place for you to put your coat in so that you don’t have to worry about carrying it the entire night.

    Yay or Nay?

    How do you feel about velvet pants? Will you give them a try now?

    Let us know in the comments if you would try this trend out and how you would style it!

    Fri, 18 Jan 2019 12:00:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs College Asos
    LAUSD teachers strike, Day 5: Teachers head back to picket lines after marathon bargaining session overnight LOS ANGELES – The union representing thousands of striking teachers and the Los Angeles Unified School District ended a marathon bargaining session early today and scheduled another round for later this morning in an effort to end a 5-day work stoppage — the first against the school district in 30 years.

    A negotiating session arranged in part by Mayor Eric Garcetti with an assist from state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond began at midday Thursday and ended at 12:04 this morning, the Mayor’s Office announced, adding that negotiations will resume at 11 a.m. — “facilitated by the Mayor’s Office,” even though the mayor of Los Angeles has no formal role in education issues.

    Today, for the first time since last Friday, we met with UTLA as they have returned to contract negotiations. We are back in contract negotiations and thank @MayorOfLA for arranging these discussions. We need to resolve this as soon as possible…

    — L.A. Unified (@LASchools) January 18, 2019

    Thousands of teachers have been picketing Los Angeles-area schools since Monday in the first teachers strike staged against the LAUSD since 1989.

    “We should be aware that we’ve been at this (negotiating) for 21 months and there are some very fundamental issues that there are key differences on,” United Teachers Los Angeles President Alex Caputo-Pearl said at a late-afternoon news conference Thursday. “An agreement is not going to take shape overnight. It’s not going to be a quick and easy process, but today there’s been good and hard work done.”

    We expect to continue bargaining tomorrow. No more details can be given since the parties have agreed to confidentiality. #UTLAStrong #LAUSDStrike #WeAreLA #Strike4Ed

    — United Teachers Los Angeles (@UTLAnow) January 18, 2019

    The LAUSD issued a statement late Thursday saying, “We need to resolve this as soon as possible to get our kids back in school and educators back in the classroom.”

    “Our students are missing out on the opportunity to learn,” according to the district. “Families count on us to keep their children safe and cared for, so they can continue to work to provide for their families. We need to end this strike now.

    “… This is an historic moment in Los Angeles as many more people are engaged in the conversation about the importance of public education. We need smaller class sizes, more support for our students and educators, including more nurses, counselors and librarians in our schools. We hope this passion and commitment our community is expressing will continue as we work together for more funding in Sacramento, where 90 percent of our funding comes from.”

    Bargaining teams from UTLA and LAUSD had a productive day of contract negotiations. The discussions concluded at 12:04 AM. Negotiations will resume Friday at 11:00 AM, facilitated by the Mayor's Office.

    — Mayor Eric Garcetti (@MayorOfLA) January 18, 2019

    UTLA is planning another large rally at Grand Park next to City Hall today. Thousands of UTLA members rallied at the park on Monday, the first day of the strike, before marching through downtown to LAUSD headquarters.

    The two sides had not met since last Friday, when the union rejected the district’s latest contract offer. The teachers went on strike Monday, calling for increased pay, smaller class sizes and the hiring of more support staff, such as nurses, counselors and librarians.

    The last time teachers went on strike in Los Angeles was 1989, and the walkout lasted nine days.

    Beutner said Tuesday the district has offered the union as much as it can, given its financial constraints. He said the union’s demands would cost billions of dollars and bankrupt a district already teetering on insolvency.

    “It’s just math,” he told reporters. “This is just math. It’s not a values conversation. The experts have all said we do not have the ability to spend more than we’re spending.”


    Beutner’s position took a hit from within the LAUSD on Wednesday, when two Board of Education members issued statements expressing frustration with the continuing work stoppage. One of them criticized Beutner for failing to broker a resolution and accused him of spreading misinformation.

    “I can no longer allow Mr. Beutner to speak for me or to suggest that the massive public relations, and often misinformation, campaign that he is waging represents my views about the current teachers strike,” board member Scott Schmerelson said. “We need to end the strike and get back to our teachers teaching and our kids learning.

    “… Instead of repeating the doom, gloom and heading for bankruptcy predictions that we have heard for decades, I believe that it is Mr. Beutner’s job to honestly identify sources of funding buried in our existing budget, and the revenue growth predicted for next year, that could be creatively sourced and invested in the students …,” he said.

    Fellow board member George McKenna noted that he and Schmerelson last year proposed that the district ask voters to approve a parcel tax to generate local revenue for schools, but the board rejected the idea.

    “We all agree that the state must allocate more money for public education,” McKenna said. “That should have been a legislative priority with a full-court press a year ago, not last week. If we expect teachers to do everything in their power to avoid a strike, then we have an obligation to do everything in our power to do the same.”

    The district’s most recent offer to the union, made a week ago today, included the hiring of 1,200 teachers, capping middle and high school English/math classes at 39 students, capping grades four through six at 35 students, maintaining all other existing class sizes, adding a full-time nurse at every elementary school and another academic counselor at high schools.

    “This represents the best we can do, recognizing that it is our obligation to provide as much resources as possible to support our students in each and every one of our schools,” Beutner said last Friday.

    UTLA officials said the offer did not go far enough to bolster school staffing, reduce class sizes and prevent them from increasing in the future. The union also blasted the district’s staff-increase proposal for being only a one-year offer, and contended the district’s salary increase proposal is contingent on benefit cuts to future union members.

    The LAUSD has offered teachers a 6 percent raise spread over the first two years of a three-year contract while UTLA wants a 6.5 percent raise that would take effect all at once and a year sooner.

    The district claims the union’s contract demands would bankrupt the LAUSD, but the union disputes that contention, pointing to what it calls an estimated $1.8 billion reserve fund and insisting the district has not faced a financial deficit in five years. The district contends that reserve fund is already being spent, in part on the salary increase for teachers.

    The second-largest school district in the nation, the LAUSD covers 710 square miles and serves more than 694,000 students at 1,322 schools, although 216 schools are independent charter schools, most of which are staffed with non-union teachers unaffected by the strike. The district says about 500,000 students are impacted by the walkout.

    The district hired 400 substitutes, and 2,000 administrators with teaching credentials have been reassigned during the strike. The district has set up an information hotline for parents at (213) 443-1300.

    With the strike lingering, attendance continued to plummet. According to the district, only 83,928 students went to class on Thursday, although numbers were still being compiled from 10 campuses. That represented the lowest attendance of the four-day-old strike, down 37 percent from Wednesday, when 134,724 students reported to class.

    District officials said the absentee rate over the four days of the strike has translated to a gross revenue loss of about $97 million in state funding, which is based on daily attendance. The loss is partially offset — by roughly $10 million a day — due to salaries that aren’t being paid to the striking teachers. Beutner estimated earlier this week that the district suffered a net loss of roughly $15 million on Monday alone.

    One issue underlying the strike is charter schools. Union officials have accused Beutner and some members of the school board of favoring a vast expansion of privately operated charter schools, which are governed by the state and generally staffed by non-union teachers.

    Fri, 18 Jan 2019 10:10:49 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs News Education Office Sacramento Los Angeles Sport Soccer Lausd Local News Eric Garcetti City Hall Board of Education McKenna Los Angeles Unified School District Grand Park Scott Schmerelson Schmerelson United Teachers Los Angeles Alex Caputo Pearl Beutner UTLA Tony Thurmond Top Stories LADN Top Stories Breeze George McKenna Top Stories PSN XLEhKsnRgL United Teachers Los Angeles
    Hear the Sounds of the Actual Instruments for Which Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, and Handel Originally Composed Their Music

    When we go to a concert of orchestral music today, we hear most every piece played on the same range of instruments — instruments we know and love, to be sure, but instruments designed and operated within quite strict parameters. The pleasing quality of the sounds they produce may make us believe that we're hearing everything just as the composer originally intended, but we usually aren't. To hear what the likes of Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, and Haydn would have had in their head as they composed back in their day, you'd have to have an orchestra go so far as to play it not with modern instruments, but the same ones orchestras used back in those composers' lifetimes.

    Enter London's Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment, which takes its name from the era of the late 18th century from which it draws most of its repertoire — and from which it draws most of its instruments, a vital part of its mission to achieve period-accurate sound. You can read more about the OAE's instruments on its web site, or better yet, head over to its Youtube channel to hear those instruments demonstrated and their historical backgrounds explained. Here we have four of the OAE's videos: on the clarinet they use for Mozart's Clarinet Concerto, on the contrabassoon they use for Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and Haydn's Creation, the organ they use for Handel's Organ Concerto, and an oboe like the one Haydn would have known.

    "We love the music we play," says OAE double bassist Cecelia Bruggemeyer, "and we love asking questions about the music we play." So when you use an instrument like the 300-year-old bass she shows off in another video, "you suddenly find it doesn't necessarily do the things a modern instrument will do, and that sets up a whole train of questions." These include, "What would Bach have heard? How might the players in his day have played? What does that mean for us, playing today? What does that mean for live music now, with this historic information? We're not trying to re-create the past. We're trying to make something that's exciting now but using what was from the past" — not a bad metaphor, come to think of it, for the entire enterprise of classical-music performance in the 21st century.

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    Watch a Musician Improvise on a 500-Year-Old Music Instrument, The Carillon

    Visit an Online Collection of 61,761 Musical Instruments from Across the World

    Musician Plays the Last Stradivarius Guitar in the World, the “Sabionari” Made in 1679

    Hear a 9,000 Year Old Flute—the World’s Oldest Playable Instrument—Get Played Again

    The Musical Instruments in Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights Get Brought to Life, and It Turns Out That They Sound “Painful” and “Horrible”

    Based in Seoul, Colin Marshall writes and broadcasts on cities, language, and culture. His projects include the book The Stateless City: a Walk through 21st-Century Los Angeles and the video series The City in Cinema. Follow him on Twitter at @colinmarshall or on Facebook.

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    Fri, 18 Jan 2019 10:00:50 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Google Music London College History Beethoven Seoul Mozart Facebook Twitter Bach Haydn Handel Hieronymus Bosch Colin Marshall Facebook Hear OAE Mozart Beethoven Haydn 21st Century Los Angeles Mozart Beethoven Handel Cecelia Bruggemeyer
    University of Virginia announces $120m gift to fund new data science school One of America’s oldest universities is launching a school for one of the world’s youngest disciplines.

    The University of Virginia announced today that it has received a $120 million private donation to endow a new School of Data Science. The donation is the largest in the university’s history, and will create the twelfth school at the university.

    The donation was offered by the Quantitative Foundation, which is based in UVA’s hometown of Charlottesville. Jaffray Woodriff, the founder and CEO of Quantitative Investment Management, is the trustee of the foundation, where his wife Merrill is a director. QIM is one of the hedge fund leaders in quantitative trading, and Bloomberg noted that the fund saw investment returns of 55% in the first few months of 2017.

    UVA’s administration said that the School of Data Science intends to offer a range of degree programs from the bachelor’s to the doctoral level as well as to be a center for research on data science. It massively expands UVA’s current Data Science Institute, which was opened in 2013 and also funded by a $10 million grant from the Quantitative Foundation. The school is pending approval from internal UVA governance committees as well as the state of Virginia before launching.

    In its release, UVA explained the unique design of the school:

    The school will have satellites and centers instead of departments. The satellites will be embedded in other schools to facilitate collaborative data science work in those disciplines, and the centers will be theme-based with focus areas to include data acquisition; engineering; analytics; visualization and dissemination; and ethics, policy and law.

    UVA is not the first university to offer a dedicated (or rebranded) school of data science, but it is certainly among the most prominent.

    Large donations to universities have been trickling in the past year, with many of the donations focused on generating interest in technical fields as well as medicine. Facebook’s first full-time employee Taner Halicioglu donated $75 million to the University of California San Diego focused on data science in early 2017.

    Late last year, MIT announced that it had received $350 million for a new computing-focused school from investment manager Stephen A. Schwarzman, while Harvard received $100 million for mathematics and the sciences from an anonymous donor.

    UVA’s announcement is the first large university donation announced in 2019.

    Fri, 18 Jan 2019 10:00:26 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs TC Facebook Education Virginia America Tech Bloomberg Analytics Mit Harvard University Data Science Uva University Of Virginia Charlottesville University Of California San Diego Merrill Stephen A Schwarzman Taner Halicioglu Data Science Institute Quantitative Foundation Quantitative Investment Management School of Data Science Quantitative Foundation The school
    Issaquah School District employees authorize strike, claiming contract wasn’t honored
    Two unions argue the district did not provide cost-of-living raises they say were promised to them in their four-year contracts.]]>
    Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:00:53 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs News Education Local News Northwest Issaquah School District
    Get 50% off at Revolve, 30% off at Forever 21 and Benefit Cosmetics, & More This Weekend Here are the best MLK Day weekend 2019 sales you need to know about.

    Aeropostale will give you an extra 30% off clearance with code EXTRA30 through 1/23.

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    Bloomingdales is offering an extra 20% off select sale and almost all clearance items for a total savings of up to 70% off through 1/21.

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    Club Monaco is having a sale, with an extra 50% off already reduced items through 1/21!

    Coach is offering 50% off everything in their sale section for a limited time. Plus get free shipping with code FREESHIP.

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    Macy's is offering 50-75% off boots and winter boots through 1/19. And take $20 off a $48 purchase with code LETSGO through 1/19.

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    The Body Shop is offering 30% off hundreds of items plus free shipping on $25 through 1/20.

    Tilly's is offering women's graphic tees 2 for $30 and 30% off select women's boots all through 1/23 at 5:30am PST.

    Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:00:00 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Deals Nordstrom Shopping College Online Sales Puma American Eagle Asos Hot Topic Saks Fifth Avenue Coupon Codes Club Monaco Macy Aeropostale Bloomingdales Tilly BOGO Charlotte Russe Stila Cosmetics Benefit Cosmetics amp 8am GMT Benefit Cosmetics LETSGO
    Hear Mary Oliver (RIP) Read Five of Her Poems: “The Summer Day,” “Little Dog’s Rhapsody in the Night,” “Many Miles” and “Night and the River”

    Poets get to have strong opinions about what poetry should be and do, especially poets as well-loved as Mary Oliver, who passed away yesterday at the age of 83. “Poetry, to be understood, must be clear,” she told NPR in an interview, “It mustn’t be fancy…. I always feel that whatever isn’t necessary should not be in the poem.” Oliver’s Zen approach to her art was to cut right to the heart of things, to honor natural, unpretentious expression. “I don’t know exactly what a prayer is,” she writes in “The Summer Day,” “I do know how to pay attention.”

    For Oliver that meant giving careful heed to the natural world, shearing away abstraction and obfuscation. She grew up in Ohio, and during a painful childhood walked through the woods for solace, where she began writing her first poems.

    She became an “indefatigable guide to the natural world,” as Maxine Kumin wrote, and at the same time, to the spiritual. She has been compared to Emerson and wrote “about old-fashioned subjects—nature, beauty, and worst of all, God,” Ruth Franklin remarks with irony in a New Yorker review of the poet’s last, 2017 book, Devotions. But, like Emerson, Oliver was not a writer of any orthodoxy or creed.

    Oliver’s approach to the spiritual is always rooted firmly in the natural. Spirit, she writes, “needs the body’s world… to be more than pure light / that burns / where no one is.” She was beloved by millions, by teachers, writers, and celebrities. (She was once interviewed by Maria Shriver in an issue of magazine; Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan). Oliver was long the country’s best-selling poet, as Dwight Garner blithely writes at The New York Times. But “she has not been taken seriously by most poetry critics,” Franklin points out. This despite the fact that she won a Pulitzer Prize in 1984 for her fifth book, American Primitiveand a National Book Award in 1992 for New and Selected Poems.

    The word “earnest” comes up often as faint praise in reviews of Oliver’s poetry (Garner tidily sums up her work as “earnest poems about nature”). The implication is that her poems are slight, simple, unrefined. This perhaps inevitably happens to accessible poets who become famous in life, but it is also a serious misreading. Oliver's work is full of paradoxes, ambiguities, and the hard wisdom of a mature moral vision. She is “among the few American poets,” critic Alicia Ostriker writes, “who can describe and transmit ecstasy, while retaining a practical awareness of the world as one of predators and prey.” In her work, she faces suffering with “cold, sharp eyes,” confronting “steadily,” Ostriker goes on, “what she cannot change.”

    Her poems have included “historical and personal suffering,” but more often she engages the life and death going on all around us, which we rarely take notice of at all. She peers into the darkness of hermit crab shells, she feeds a grasshopper sugar from the palm of her hand, watching the creature’s “jaws back and forth instead of up and down.” Oliver often wrote about the constant reminders of death in life in poems like “Death at a Great Distance” and “When Death Comes.” She wrote just as often about how astonishing it is to be alive when we make deep connections with the natural world.

    “When it’s over,” Oliver writes in "When Death Comes," ” I want to say all my life / I was a bride married to amazement.” The cost of not paying attention, she suggests, is to be a tourist in one’s own life and to never be at home. “I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world." In the videos here, see and hear Oliver read “The Summer Day,” “Wild Geese,” “Little Dog’s Rhapsody in the Night,” “Night and the River” (above) and "Many Miles."

    Oliver was an artist, says Franklin, “interested in following her own path, both spiritually and poetically,” and in her work she will continue to inspire her readers to do the same. These readings will be added to our collection,  900 Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free.

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    Hear Dylan Thomas Recite His Classic Poem, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”

    Josh Jones is a writer and musician based in Durham, NC. Follow him at @jdmagness

    Hear Mary Oliver (RIP) Read Five of Her Poems: “The Summer Day,” “Little Dog’s Rhapsody in the Night,” “Many Miles” and “Night and the River” is a post from: Open Culture. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, or get our Daily Email. And don't miss our big collections of Free Online Courses, Free Online Movies, Free eBooksFree Audio Books, Free Foreign Language Lessons, and MOOCs.

    Fri, 18 Jan 2019 07:00:37 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Google College Poetry New York Times Ohio Npr Gwyneth Paltrow Oliver Sylvia Plath Garner Facebook Twitter Emerson Maria Shriver Franklin Josh Jones Ostriker Durham NC Follow Mary Oliver Audio Books Dwight Garner Ruth Franklin Alicia Ostriker Maxine Kumin Emerson Oliver Miles Oliver
    Vintage Geological Maps Get Turned Into 3D Topographical Wonders

    What good is an old-fashioned map in the age of apps?

    One need not be a mountaineer, geoscientist, or civil engineer to get the topographical lay of the land with a speed and accuracy that would have blown Lewis and Clark’s minds’ right through the top of the lynx and otter toppers they took to wearing after their standard issue army lids wore out.

    There’s still something to be said for the old ways, though.

    Graphic designer Scott Reinhard has all the latest technological advances at his disposal, but it took combining them with hundred-year-old maps for him to get a truly 3-D appreciation for locations he has visited around the United States, as well as his childhood home.

    A son of Indiana, Reinhard told Colossal’s Kate Sierzputowski that he found some Grand Teton-type excitement in the notoriously flat Hoosier State once he started marrying official national geospatial data to vintage map designs:

     When I began rendering the elevation data for the state, the story of the land emerged. The glaciers that receded across the northern half of the state after the last ice age scraped and gouged and shaped the land in a way that is spectacularly clear…I felt empowered by the ability to collect and process the vast amounts of information freely available, and create beautiful images.

    (The government shut-down has not damaged the accuracy of Reinhard’s maps, but the U.S. Geological Survey’s website does warn the public that the effects of any earthquakes or other force majeure occurring during this black-out period will not immediately be reflected in their topos.)

    (Nor are they able to respond to any inquiries, which puts a damper on holiday weekend plans for making salt dough maps, another Hoosier state fave, at least in 1974...)

    As writer Jason Kottke notes, the shadows the mountains cast on the margins of Reinhard’s maps are a particularly effective optical trick.

    You can see more of Reinhard’s digitally enhanced maps from the late 19th and early 20th-century, and order prints in his online shop.

    via Kottke/Colossal

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    Download 67,000 Historic Maps (in High Resolution) from the Wonderful David Rumsey Map Collection

    The History of Cartography, “the Most Ambitious Overview of Map Making Ever Undertaken,” Is Free Online

    Ayun Halliday is an author, illustrator, theater maker and Chief Primatologist of the East Village Inky zine.  See her onstage in New York City in February as host of  Theater of the Apes book-based variety show, Necromancers of the Public Domain. Follow her @AyunHalliday.

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    Academic who defined news principles says journalists are too negative Exclusive: preoccupation with conflict fosters insecurity, populism and trust deficit, says Johan Galtung

    The academic who first defined the essence of news journalism has said the media have misconstrued his work and become far too negative, sensational and adversarial.

    Johan Galtung, a Norwegian professor who wrote a key scientific paper more than 50 years ago that listed a series of factors including conflict and immediacy as the hallmarks of news reporting, said his work was intended as a warning, not a guide.

    Continue reading...]]>
    Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:00:12 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Europe Media Education Journalism World news Publishing And Public Relations Norway Johan Galtung Johan GaltungThe