Bloglikes - Golf en-US Mon, 19 Apr 2021 06:50:46 +0000 Sat, 06 Apr 2013 00:00:00 +0000 FeedWriter Biden golfed as president for the first time on his 87th day in office. Trump played on his 15th. President Joe Biden walks to a motorcade vehicle after golfing at Wilmington Country Club, Saturday, April 17, 2021, in Wilmington, Delaware.

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  • President Joe Biden played golf for the first time as president on Saturday, his 87th day in office.
  • By contrast, former President Donald Trump first played golf 15 days into his tenure in 2017.
  • During his time as president, Trump played golf nearly 300 times, according to a tracker.
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Saturday marked the first time President Joe Biden played golf while in office. It was his 87th day as president.

Former President Donald Trump, in contrast, played golf on his 15th day in office in 2017 after getting inaugurated.

Between Inauguration Day 2017 and April 29, 2017 - Trump's 100th day in office - the former president visited a golf course nearly every weekend for a total of 19 times, according to tracker Trump Golf Count. At the end of his first year as president, Trump spent more than a third of the year at one of his golf courses.

Biden on Saturday played at the Wilmington Country Club near his home in Delaware. White House pool reporters said he was golfing with adviser Steve Ricchetti and his late son Beau's father-in-law, Ron Olivere.

Trump generally played golf at his own properties like the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, the golf-tracking website shows.

During his four-year tenure in office, Trump played golf nearly 300 times, the tracker says.

Prior to entering office, he would frequently blast his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, for golfing, saying he would never "have time" to play if he were in the role.

And during his presidency, Trump downplayed the amount of time he spent on the course and falsely claimed Obama played more than he did.

"I know many in business and politics that work out endlessly, in some cases to a point of exhaustion. It is their number one passion in life, but nobody complains," Trump once tweeted. "My 'exercise' is playing, almost never during the week, a quick round of golf. Obama played more and much longer rounds, no problem."

Obama did play more rounds of golf than Trump - but that was over the course of a two-term tenure. In his eight years as president, Obama played 333 rounds of golf.

The frequency sometimes interrupted daily workflow and duties, as Trump's aides tried and failed to reach him while he was golfing.

Biden, meanwhile, has gained recognition as one of the top 150 players in Washington, DC.

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USGA: World's Best Set to Compete in 76th U.S. Women’s Open at The Olympic Club By USGA
LIBERTY CORNER, N.J. – Eleven U.S. Open champions and 19 of the top 20 players in the world are among those exempt into the 76th U.S. Women's Open Championship, which will be conducted by the United States Golf Association from June 3-6, 2021 at The Olympic Club in San Francisco, Calif. Championship entries closed at 5 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 14. 
"Worldwide interest in competing in the U.S. Women's Open Championship remains incredibly high and contributes to a strong and competitive field," said John Bodenhamer, USGA senior managing director of Championships. "We look forward to the return of qualifying, and to hosting the U.S. Women's Open at such a historic venue as The Olympic Club."
This marks the seventh consecutive time the U.S. Women's Open has received more than 1,500 entries, with the USGA accepting 1,595 entries for this year's championship, the most since 2017. The 2015 championship at Lancaster (Pa.) Country Club holds the entry record with 1,873. The USGA accepted entries from golfers in 47 states, 249 entrants from California among them, and a total of 57 countries. 
To be eligible for the U.S. Women's Open, a player must have a Handicap Index® not exceeding 2.4, or be a professional. Qualifying will be conducted over 36 holes between April 26-May 13 and will be held at 22 sites in the United States, as well as in Japan. Qualifiers typically held in England, the People's Republic of China, and the Republic of Korea were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and exemption categories were added in their place.  
A Lim Kim, of Korea, who won the 2020 U.S. Women's Open just four months ago at Champions Golf Club in Houston, Texas, is one of 11 fully exempt U.S. Women’s Open champions. Kim is joined by Jeongeun Lee6 (2019), Ariya Jutanugarn (2018), Sung Hyun Park (2017), Brittany Lang (2016), In Gee Chun (2015), Michelle Wie West (2014), Inbee Park (2013, 2008), Na Yeon Choi (2012), So Yeon Ryu (2011) and Eun-Hee Ji (2009). 
The championship's youngest entrant is 10-year-old Bella Campos, from Honolulu, Hawaii. She will compete at the qualifying site in Oahu, Hawaii on May 10. Laura Baugh, 65, of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., the 1971 U.S. Women's Amateur champion, is the championship's oldest entrant. She will attempt to qualify in Bradenton, Fla., on May 3.  
Two-time U.S. Women's Open champion and three-time U.S. Women's Amateur champion Juli Inkster, 60, will attempt to qualify in Half Moon Bay, Calif., on April 26. Inkster has the most appearances (35) in U.S. Women's Open history. 

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VIDEO: A Brief History of Caddies at the Masters; the Black Men Who Carried for Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus and Others I KNOW THE MASTERS IS OVER, but I just ran across this video produced by NBC Sports. It's good.
"We were the best caddies in the world at the time."

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Golf Strategy: Erase that Lame Bad Golf Shot with Selective Amnesia!

Symptom:  You can’t forget that last bad golf shot.  You take several shots, or even several holes, to recover from one bad swing or errant shot.

So, you end up with a scorecard with mostly good scores, but a few really big numbers on a couple of consecutive holes.  And so your handicap stays stubbornly high, even though most of your shots and holes are quite good.

Description:  Forget the bad golf shot you just hit.  The shot you are about to hit is a new shot, unrelated to your previous bad golf shot.

Actually, your upcoming shot is similar to a great shot you have hit in the past.  This is where the selective amnesia comes in — forget the shot you just hit, and remember the great shot from the past.

This will evoke a positive memory, and give you a good vibe, before you hit your next shot.  You will be calmer, more relaxed, and guess what — much more likely to hit a good shot!

Why it Works:  Golf is a unique game, in that we (hopefully) don’t hit the same shot twice in a row.  That is, you may hit a driver off the tee, but your next shot is a mid-iron into the green, not another driver.

And your next shot is a putt, not another mid-iron.  The point is that the shot you are about to hit is NOT RELATED to the shot you just hit.  The only linkage is in your mind if you can’t Let it Go.

Let it Go, Let it Go (Cue the Music)

But most Occasional Golfers let the emotion from a bad drive, or a bad mid-iron, or a bad putt, color their thinking and spill over into their next shot. This is a surefire way to limit your performance on the course.

Phil Mickelson Bad Golf Shot recovery

Phil Mickelson hit a bad golf shot to wind up in the stands, but hit a great recovery chip.

So, when you are preparing to drive, forget about the putt you left short for bogey on the previous hole.  Instead, remember the last time you hit a great drive.  On your mid-iron shot, remember the last time you stuck it close to the hole.

On the green, remember the last time you made that putt for birdie.  Those memories are a whole lot more relevant, and positive, to the shot at hand.

Forget the Bad Golf Shot, No Matter Where You Lie

Easier said than done?  Of course!  But look at the pros — they have bogeys on their scorecards (analogous to a double-bogey for Occasional Golfers) but always seem to bounce back with red numbers on subsequent holes.

The point is that even the best players have bad holes.  The key is the fast bounce back, and a big part of this is selective amnesia!

Phil Mickelson knows how to forget a bad golf shot.  In this clip, he’s at least 50 yards left of the green.  Trust me, to get here, he. hit a really bad golf shot by any standard.  He has an unobstructed shot, but from a very tight lie, and has a big elevation change to contend with.

Also, there’s some commotion and attention, some people jostling about, and other distractions.  There’s more going on here than there is in your foursome, for sure.

But Phil executes a great recovery shot and moves on with the round.  Have a look:

Did you like this tip? Will you remember to forget your bad golf shot the next time you play?  Then tell your friends — Like, Tweet, Email, or Pin below!

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Top 5 JDM Drivers Normally we hear the term “JDM” (Japanese Domestic Market) discussing the automotive space. True golf gearheads, however, will also know that it also applies to Japanese golf clubs. Japan is the second largest golf market in the world. As such, they have many brands we don’t hear much about, but produce great golf clubs.

In Japan, the first place golfers look for new equipment is GOLF Partner. GOLF Partner is not only the largest golf retail chain in Japan, but is the largest in the world. Through, GOLF Partner makes thousands of new and used JDM clubs easily available to global buyers. Let’s explore a few of these offerings with five great options for JDM drivers.

#1 GOLF Partner NEXGEN 6

In addition to their retail presence, GOLF Partner also produces a private line of clubs under the NEXGEN name. These aren’t low-quality clubs though and the NEXGEN 6 driver is consistently a top seller on their website. This driver is designed to help slower-to-moderate swing speed players maximize their distance through a light-weight, high kickpoint shaft. The CG of the head is low and in the back to encourage high launch and forgiveness. The NEXGEN 6 is one of the best JDM drivers you can buy.


#2 XXIO X Driver

XXIO is pronounced “zek-see-oh” if you’ve been curious. It’s a brand we’re now able to get in North America, but is still a somewhat rare sight out on the golf course. In Japan, however, it is one of the market leaders and their drivers are consistently top sellers in the Japanese domestic market. This means that GOLF Partner can offer a variety of options both new and secondhand. XXIO designed the head to maintain ball speeds on strikes all over the face. It can be a good option for inconsistent ball-strikers. You can find the XXIO X in the US, but greater availability on the Japanese market gives it a place on this list.


#3 Bridgestone Tour B JGR

Bridgestone has made significant strides in the US as a golf ball brand with names like Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau on the roster. In Japan, however, they are a complete performance golf brand. The Tour B JGR features a Power Rib sole design to keep the driver stable while minimizing weight. This promotes a high launch and draw-bias shot shape desired by golfers everywhere. Bridgestone is a top JDM name and this driver earns a spot as a great option to buy.


#4 Maruman Shuttle

While not well-known in the US, Maruman is one of the top names in the Japanese luxury golf market. While this driver doesn’t have the bling-factor that the gold-plated Majesty line of Maruman clubs, the Shuttle line is built for performance. The Type X titanium driver has many design elements to be long and forgiving for higher-handicap players with slower swing speeds. The classic pear-shaped head will appeal to golfers who want the forgiveness of a modern driver without the extreme looks. With Maruman, you’re adding one of the most desirable Japanese golf brands to your bag. This driver does that without breaking the bank.



The E in the RS E name for this driver stands for “Easy.” PGRG designed the head to provide distance and forgiveness for high-handicap golfers. The majority of these golfers slice of the tee, so the RS E features a significant draw bias. PRGR managed to accomplish this without creating excessive visible offset or a closed-face. This is a bonus for golfers who need the help of a draw bias, but want a traditional look behind the ball. PRGR has gotten some attention for their low-cost launch monitors in recent years, but the RS E shows their clubs deserve respect as well.


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Lowry in the mix but nine adrift of record-breaking Cink at Harbour Town

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA - APRIL 16: Stewart Cink of the United States plays his shot from the 14th tee during the second round of the RBC Heritage on April 16, 2021 at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

SHANE LOWRY declared mission accomplished as he fired his lowest round of the season to roar into contention for the RBC Heritage.

Seeking his first win since he claimed The Open at Royal Portrush 21 months ago, the Clara star (34) fired an eagle and five birdies in a six-under 65 to move up to tied sixth on seven-under.

He ended his day just four strokes behind the clubhouse leader Corey Conners but by the end of play he was tied for 11th, nine shots behind two-time RBC Heritage winner Stewart Cink (47) who shot a second successive, eight-under 63 to lead by a whopping five shots from Conners on 16-under.

"Pretty happy," Lowry said after he rifled a 184-yard eight-iron to six feet to set up an eagle three at the second, then followed his lone bogey of the day at the third with five birdies, including a brace of near holes-in-one at the 179-yard fourth (five inches) and 201-yard seventh (2 feet).

"I think we definitely looked to have got the worst side of the draw. I knew I needed to go out there and shoot a decent number if I was going to put myself up there for the weekend, so it was nice to go out and do it."

Graeme McDowell missed the two-under-par cut by four shots as a double-bogey six at his 17th hole scuppered his chances and he shot a level par 71 to finish in two-over.

Cink shattered the previous RBC Heritage 36-hole record by three strokes, becoming the oldest player to hold the 36-hole lead at the event.

View fullsize  HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA - APRIL 16: Stewart Cink of the United States reacts to his birdie on the 13th green during the second round of the RBC Heritage on April 16, 2021 at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
View fullsize  HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA - APRIL 16: Stewart Cink of the United States plays a shot on the 12th hole during the second round of the RBC Heritage on April 16, 2021 at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
View fullsize  HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA - APRIL 16: Stewart Cink of the United States plays his shot from the 14th tee during the second round of the RBC Heritage on April 16, 2021 at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
View fullsize  HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA - APRIL 16: Corey Conners of Canada looks over his putt on the sixth green during the second round of the RBC Heritage on April 16, 2021 at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
View fullsize  HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA - APRIL 16: A detail of a pin flag on the eighth hole during the second round of the RBC Heritage on April 16, 2021 at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
View fullsize  HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA - APRIL 16: Tom Hoge of the United States plays a shot from a bunker on the eighth hole during the second round of the RBC Heritage on April 16, 2021 at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
View fullsize  HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA - APRIL 16: Emiliano Grillo of Argentina plays his shot from the 14th tee during the second round of the RBC Heritage on April 16, 2021 at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
View fullsize _GR53493_20210416125419891.JPG
View fullsize  HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA - APRIL 16: Cameron Smith of Australia plays his shot from the third tee during the second round of the RBC Heritage on April 16, 2021 at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Stewart Cink (1st/-16)

  • Playing in his 76th round at the RBC Heritage, the 2000 and 2004 champion posted the 36-hole scoring record with a pair of 63s at 16-under 126 (Previous: 129 by Phil Mickelson/2002; Jack Nicklaus/1975)

  • The 126 total shatters his career-low 36-hole score (130; five occasions, most recent at 2021 Sony Open in Hawaii)

  • Holds sixth career 36-hole lead/co-lead on TOUR; 2-for-5 in converting previous attempts (2004 WGC-FedEx St Jude Invitational, 2008 Travelers Championship)

  • Holds 36-hole lead for the second time at the RBC Heritage (2003/T10)

  • Last 36-hole lead on the PGA TOUR was over 4,600 days ago at the 2008 Travelers Championship

  • His five-shot lead is one shy of the 36-hole tournament record (Darren Clarke/2005, Jack Nicklaus/1975, Johnny Miller/1974)

  • Since the bogey on opening hole of round one, he has made 13 birdies and two eagles and holds a 5-stroke lead

  • With back-to-back rounds of 63, joins Loren Roberts as the only players with multiple 63s or better in tournament history

  • Leads the field in Strokes Gained: Approach The Green (6.556) and Strokes Gained: Tee to Green (9.626)

  • Claimed his seventh career PGA TOUR victory in this season’s first event at the Fortinet Championship in Napa, California

  • With a victory, would join Bryson DeChambeau as multiple winners on TOUR this season

  • At 47 years old, becomes the oldest player to hold the 36-hole lead at RBC Heritage

  • Joins Lee Westwood (47 years old/THE PLAYERS) as the only two players this season over age 45 to lead after 36 holes of a TOUR event


Corey Conners (2nd/-11)

  • RBC Ambassador offset a double-bogey on No. 14 with nine birdies for a 7-under 64, marking his 11th career round of 64 or better on TOUR

  • In search of his second PGA TOUR victory in his 106th start (2019 Valero Texas Open)

  • Missed just five greens in 36 holes (31 of 36)

  • After missing the cut in his first three starts at the RBC Heritage, finished T21 in 2020

  • The 29-year-old Canadian seeks to become the first Canadian to win the RBC Heritage

  • Has 11 top-25 finishes in 17 starts this season

Additional Player Notes

  • Making his fourth start at the RBC Heritage, Emiliano Grillo (3rd/-10) is the only player in the field and first player since Billy Horschel (2019) to go bogey-free in the first two rounds of the RBC Heritage

  • After posting a career-low and bogey-free 9-under 62, first-round leader Cameron Smith (T4/-9), followed with an even-par 71

  • In his second RBC Heritage start, world No. 4 Collin Morikawa (T4/-9) turns in a bogey-free 3-under 68

  • South Carolina native Wesley Bryan (T8/-8) in search of first victory on TOUR since the 2017 RBC Heritage; turned in a second round 5-under 66 to mark his lowest 36-hole score in 14 rounds at the event

  • Reigning The Open Championship winner Shane Lowry (T11/-7) follows 70 with a 6-under 65 for a five-stroke turnaround

  • Defending champion Webb Simpson sits T40; the last defending champion to miss the cut at the RBC Heritage was Davis Love III in 1993

  • World No. 1 and RBC Ambassador Dustin Johnson sits T19 at 5-under 137

  • Past RBC Heritage champions: Stewart Cink (1st), Wesley Bryan (T8), Branden Grace (T19), Matt Kuchar (T31), Webb Simpson (T40), Brandt Snedeker (T54), Jim Furyk (MC), Brian Gay (MC), Satoshi Kodaira (MC), Davis Love (MC), Graeme McDowell (MC), C.T. Pan (MC)

  • Michael Kim withdrew during the second round

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Leona targeting maiden LPGA win after career-low 65 in Hawaii

Leona Maguire

Leona Maguire plans to keep her foot on the gas after firing a career-low seven-under 65 to go into the final round of the $2 million LOTTE Championship with a chance to become the first Irish player to win on the LPGA Tour.

The Slieve Russell National star (26) stormed to the turn in five-under the 31 at Kapolei Golf Club on Oahu, then bounced back from her lone bogey at the 11th with a birdie at the 14th and an eagle two at the 15th, where she holed a wedge from the fairway to move to within a shot of the lead on 16-under par.

She eventually finished the day in solo fourth, five shots behind former world No 1 Lydia Ko, who birdied four of her last five holes to match Maguire’s 65 and lead by one stroke from Nelly Korda, who shot 63, on 21-under.


Still a rookie on the LPGA Tour after a curtailed debut in 2020, the pride of Ballyconnell is not fazed by the big names ahead of her and she’s still planning to attack in today’s final round on what is a low scoring week for her first visit to Hawaii.

“Yeah, there is a lot of big players in front of me,” Leona said. “Obviously Lydia and Nelly are right there and they've been doing it for a while. But, no, I mean, it's the same mindset as I had today. Today was moving day.

“I knew I had to go low to keep up with those ahead and around me. It'll be the exact same tomorrow. Unless they get nasty on us and tuck a few pins. It's really a case of going as low as you possibly can and seeing where it stacks up at the end of the day.”

She added: “People have been going low here all week. You're just trying to keep up with everybody and make as many birdies as you can. You don't have time to stop and think.

“I felt comfortable all week here. I'm really enjoying my first time in Hawaii, which is nice. It's sort of a chill place to be, so trying to take that onto the golf course.”

View fullsize kordan_1312706238_2000x1125.jpg
View fullsize thompsonl_1312541547_2000x1125.jpg
View fullsize kol_1312701486_2000x1125.jpg

After winning twice on the second-tier Symetra Tour in 2019 to earn promotion to the LPGA Tour, Maguire is keen to contend for Solheim Cup and Olympic glory this term.

She showed she’s moved her game up a gear when she tied for sixth in the LPGA Drive On Championship last month and then started strongly in the opening major of the season, the ANA Inspiration, before fading to 28th.

“I got off to a really quick start,” said Maguire, who birdied the first, second and fifth and before picking up further shots at the seventh and ninth. “I hadn't taken advantage of those first six holes so far the first two days, so it was nice to get off to a quick start today.

“It was just giving myself lots of chances. I hit some nice iron shots and rolled a few putts. I suppose the big thing this week is taking advantage of the par-5s when you can.

“It's just a case of giving yourself as many chances on these greens. There are some pins you have to be a little bit safer on and some you have to go straight at them.”

As for her eagle two at the 15th, where her wedge pitched a few feet from the pin and spun sideways into the hole, she said: “I didn't see it go in. It was a nice number for us. We were sort of debating between a 55 degree and a wedge for me, and just picked up a little bit of wind. And that is what it was doing on the back nine. It was swirling a little bit, it was dropping, it was picking up.

“Hit it exactly where I wanted just right of the flag. I thought it was nice and then Mi Hyang started to cheer, so then I had feeling it went in, which is just a bonus.”

As for the state of her game, she’s been in superb form so far this season and putting on almost 20 yards off the tee and improved her iron play by changing to graphite shafts which allow her to hit higher approaches into firm greens.

“It's been close for a few weeks,” said Leona, who claimed her second career top-10 in the Drive On LPGA Championship before contending for the first two days in the first Major of the season.

“I put some really nice rounds together at ANA a couple of weeks ago and didn't really capitalise on that as much as I would've liked.

“But played really nice this side of the year and, yeah, put a lot of work in over the off-season. Changed my irons, which have helped a huge amount, given myself a lot more chances.

“Picked up a little extra yardage, which is helping too on some holes going in with shorter irons into those front pins, especially. Yeah, it's all coming together quite nicely.”

Maguire will play in the final round with the halfway leader, Japan’s Yuka Saso (19), who struggled to a one-under 71 to finish four adrift of Ko on 17-under.

The Cavan star will have Irish opposition in the final round as Ko’s caddie is Northern Irishman David Jones, who regularly caddies for Rolex Rankings No. 14 Sung Hyun Park.

The two worked together for a time in 2020, and Ko knows that though their partnership may be coming to an end soon, Jones’ help has been a necessity over the past three days.

“I said to David as we were walking down 18, we're like a contract show of relationship. We know when we are going to end,” said Ko.

“But it's been fun, and obviously coming into this week it was kind of a last-minute I had to look for someone, and with Dave being somebody that had worked together before, I was already pretty comfortable.”

Lexi Thompson, Hyo Joo Kim and 2015 LOTTE champion Sei Young Kim sit in a tie for sixth at 14 under with seven players a further shot back in a tie for ninth including major champion Hannah Green and Tour winner Ally Ewing.

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Rusty Dunne keen to "get back in the swing" after making first cut for eight months

Paul Dunne

Paul Dunne is just seven shots off the lead in the Austrian Golf Open but the Greystones man is just relieved to have made his first cut for almost eight months as he bids to get his career back on the rails.

After losing his card in 2019, then undergoing hand surgery before playing just seven events in 2020 as the pandemic took hold, the former British Masters winner (28) is desperate to hone his competitive edge again by playing as many rounds as he can over the next six weeks.

While he was furious not to convert “a basic up and down” to a par fourth at his final hole, the ninth, he was pleased his one-under 71 left him tied for 31st behind Alejandro Cañizares on level par and back in action for the weekend for the first time since the Wales Open last August.

“I’m pretty happy with level for two rounds it’s been a while since I made a cut so at least I’m playing on the weekend,” Dunne said after a round featuring two bogeys, one birdie and an eagle three at the fourth, his 13th. 

He was even more pleased with the level of his scrambling and he’s hoping to play as often as he can as the Tour heads to the Canaries for three weeks and from there to the Belfry for the British Masters and Denmark for the Made in HimmerLand so he can recapture his best form.

“Scrambling’s always been a strong part of my game but I’m surprised how sharp it is given how little I’ve done over the last few weeks at home,” said the Wicklow man. “I’ve hit a few balls but the courses haven’t been open to do short game practice. I’m happy enough. I’ve got a lot of work to do on the long game as always but happy to be at least battling for two more days.”

Dunne missed the cut in Qatar and Saudi Arabia but then turned down the chance to play the back to back events in Kenya for personal reasons and finds himself seriously under-golfed.

“I was at home for five weeks maybe so I’m going to play this run of events, probably five tournaments in total, trying to get back in the swing of things,” he said.

“It’s been so long since I played a run of events. I’ve only played a handful of tournaments over the last 18 months so I just to get back in the rhythm of playing every week, that’s the next step for now I think.” 

Dunne has played just nine events since late 2019 when he underwent surgery on his hand. But with the injury now cleared up, his biggest problem is rust.

“The longer you stay away from competition the harder it is to get back into it so it feels like it’s been nearly two years since playing full tournaments and being in the rhythm of it,” he said. “It’s great to be playing the events. We don’t have the atmosphere but hopefully, that comes back by the end of the year as well. It’s a funny old time for everyone.”

Given the state of his game, he’s not setting himself any lofty goals, for now, bar playing as many 72-hole events as possible before the end of May.

“I have no goals or expectations at the minute,” he explained. “I’m just, one, trying to get back enjoying playing again and two, get back feeling like I’m sharp enough to play day in, day out with a card in my hand and get some consistency back and get used to just feeling that kind of pressure. 

“Outside of that, performance-wise, I really have no expectations or goals, good or bad. I just want to finish the stretch of events feeling like I’m in a better place to deal with the rest of the season.”

Overnight leader Cañizares shot a 70 to lead by one stroke on seven-under-par from Irish Open champion John Catlin and two-time Major winner Martin Kaymer, who also carded two-under-par rounds at Diamond Country Club in Atzenbrugg, near Vienna.

But Dunne is not looking at the leaderboard but simply focussing on some weekend action for a change.

“I’m just hoping it heats up a few degrees,” he joked. “If I drive the ball a little bit better over the weekend, everything else feels decent. But the main reason I am happy to get in for Saturday is just more rounds under my belt. 

Alejandro Cañizares. Picture: Getty Images

Alejandro Cañizares. Picture: Getty Images

“If I play the next five events and get four rounds in at every tournament, it will be great for me.  The last thing I want to do is stand on a range for the weekend. I’ve done enough of that over the last few months. So I just want to have a card in my hand as much as possible.”

Ardglass’ Cormac Sharvin also made the cut, making four birdies in one-under 71 to share 47th on two-over-par.

There was no luck for Gavin Moynihan or Jonny Caldwell, however.

Moynihan (26) shot 75 to finish eight-over and he has now not made a cut since he tied for 55th in the Austrian Open in July last year — a run of 18 events that includes 17 missed cuts and a second-round retirement with injury.

Caldwell (36) shot a one-over 73 to finish on nine-over.

Cañizares, the two-time European Tour winner from Spain, began the day one shot clear at the top but opened his second round with a bogey at the tenth hole, his first, followed by a double-bogey at the 11th to drop three shots in his opening two holes.

The 38-year-old dug deep, however, and three successive birdies from the 14th hole along with four more on the way home helped him to a two-under 70 and a seven-under total.

Two-time Major winner Kaymer signed for the same score thanks to five birdies and three bogeys to share second place with American John Catlin on six under par, while South Africa’s Justin Walters was a shot further back on five under par.

Player quotes:

Alejandro Cañizares: "I felt good but bogeyed the last. After the way I started - I struggled at the beginning – I then started hitting some great shots, I think the turning point was at the par-three 15th hole where I made a long putt for birdie and that triggered it a little bit.

"I started doing very well after that, didn’t make many putts – that was the only one really. Most of the birdies I made were two-putts on par fives or two or three footers with my second shots on par fours. I hit the ball nicely – it’s a pity I finished with a bogey on the last but overall it was a great round.

"I was trying to hit every shot the best that I could because at the start it was really cold and I was feeling it more than yesterday. Like I said yesterday, the most important thing was to stay calm and focussed and accept the fact that you’re going to be freezing cold and move the best you can with every shot."

Martin Kaymer: "I would rather lead the tournament, but I think it was a decent start to the golf tournament, I would say. Today I missed a few opportunities and a couple of silly mistakes unfortunately happened, so I can build on my solid play and hopefully I can avoid a couple of mistakes over the weekend.

"For me, the par threes. I struggled on the par threes a little bit, especially with the tee shots on six and 14. Those two par threes really play with my mind a little bit, I don’t know what it is, so I need to figure it out over the weekend.  

"Not so much on the range, but I need to find a way to actually hit a shot on those holes, not just a straight six iron or a straight four iron, I need to play something; maybe a low one, a high one, a fade or something, because the pin is in the middle of the green, there’s no danger left or right, it’s almost too easy. It’s too wide and you need to be very specific so it’s just something I need to focus on.  

"I think it’s very necessary that you act spontaneously on the conditions. The wind obviously affects your golf game a lot. There’s not really one normal golf shot out there, you need to consider the wind and therefore I think it will be really interesting how it will play on Saturday and Sunday.”

John Catlin: "I played well here last year and I love how the greens roll - I get over every putt and I'm super confident in my ability to make it. It would have been nice to go bogey-free for 36 holes but so far I'm happy with how I played.

"It was a little warmer, yesterday morning was about one degree Celsius and blowing about 25 miles an hour. Today was probably seven or eight but it was still a pretty cold breeze.

"I've been putting in some hard work over the last two weeks, my and my coach Noah, and we've been putting in the work for the last seven years so when I'm a little off I can go back to the driving range and put in the work.

"I didn't play as well as I'd have liked to at the start of the year and I got my butt in gear, so it's been nice to play well for the first two rounds but there's a long way to go."

Justin Walters: "I think that was as solid as I could produce given the conditions. I didn’t miss many shots and the ones I did miss I managed to find the edge of the green or edge of the fairway, it was just solid all day.

"I changed to Callaway earlier in the year, earlier in the season and it’s been great to find a good level of consistency with my bag and my clubs. I haven’t changed anything in a while now so I have settled in a little bit.

"As for the game, I’ve been focussing on the same stuff as I did last year, really focussing on my mid-irons, my putting from inside six feet and trying to his as many fairways as I can which encompasses the whole game.

"But I was very inconsistent last year and took a good look at myself. Me and my team drew up a plan and it’s starting to take a bit of form now and show some results.

"It’s very trying, I can’t remember the last time I played in conditions this cold. Maybe the Dunhill Links but even there it’s maybe not as bad. It just depends on how hard the wind is blowing, early in the morning it was cold but there was no breeze.

"As soon as the breeze picks up it seems to cut through you like a knife and I was struggling feeling my fingers at one point. It’s not easy, very difficult conditions but we found a way and just trudge on and I managed to get through it nicely so I’m very happy.

Austrian Golf Open, Diamond Country Club (Par 72)

Detailed scores

137 A Cañizares (Esp) 67 70,

138 J Catlin (USA) 68 70, M Kaymer (Ger) 68 70,

139 J Walters (RSA) 71 68,

140 M Kieffer (Ger) 72 68, J Kruyswijk (RSA) 68 72, S Chawrasia (Ind) 72 68, R Mansell (Eng) 69 71,

141 J Luiten (Ned) 71 70, C Hanna (USA) 72 69, A Meronk (Pol) 71 70, A Bautista (Aus) 74 67, D Drysdale (Sco) 70 71,

142 R Karlberg (Swe) 68 74, Z Lombard (RSA) 72 70, M Armitage (Eng) 73 69, N Hojgaard (Den) 70 72, J Winther (Den) 69 73, L Gagli (Ita) 70 72,

143 J Guerrier (Fra) 70 73, W Besseling (Ned) 72 71, D Gavins (Eng) 69 74, S Kjeldsen (Den) 72 71, A Saddier (Fra) 71 72, G Porteous (Eng) 75 68, P Oriol (Esp) 69 74, G Higgo (RSA) 72 71, G Forrest (Sco) 70 73, K Kitayama (USA) 71 72, S Sharma (Ind) 75 68,

144 S Kim (USA) 71 73, R Paratore (Ita) 78 66, R Santos (Por) 75 69, Paul Dunne (Irl) 73 71, T Detry (Bel) 70 74, A Wu (Chn) 72 72, B Poke (Den) 71 73, J Gonnet (Fra) 72 72,

145 A Del Rey (Esp) 74 71, A Chesters (Eng) 76 69, C Wood (Eng) 73 72, B Ritthammer (Ger) 70 75, R Fisher (Eng) 75 70, J Morrison (Eng) 73 72, D Whitnell (Eng) 74 71, E Cuartero Blanco (Esp) 71 74,

146 T Koivisto (USA) 74 72, M Schwab (Aut) 71 75, G Fdez-casta?o (Esp) 71 75, R Hojgaard (Den) 71 75, Cormac Sharvin (Nir) 75 71, C Howie (Sco) 76 70, D Ravetto (Fra) 70 76, N Von Dellingshausen (Ger) 74 72, M Antcliff (Aus) 72 74, E Walker (Sco) 77 69, S Crocker (USA) 75 71, D Van Driel (Ned) 72 74, B Henson (USA) 73 73,

147 R McEvoy (Eng) 75 72, M Baldwin (Eng) 73 74, C Shinkwin (Eng) 72 75, M Kawamura (Jpn) 76 71, J Suri (USA) 77 70, M Schmitt (Ger) 72 75, P Angles (Esp) 76 71, T Baltl (Aut) 74 73, B Hebert (Fra) 75 72, S Horsfield (Eng) 74 73, E De La Riva (Esp) 75 72, D Lawson (Aus) 77 70, A Sandhu (Ind) 77 70, M Schneider (Ger) 77 70,


148 A Zemmer (Ita) 75 73, O Lieser (Cze) 80 68, M Ford (Eng) 74 74, N Bertasio (Ita) 75 73, S Heisele (Ger) 74 74, A Bj?rk (Swe) 77 71, N Colsaerts (Bel) 74 74, N Elvira (Esp) 79 69, S Matus (Cze) 75 73, H Long (Ger) 70 78, D Law (Sco) 75 73, R Enoch (Wal) 75 73,

149 A Cockerill (Can) 77 72, R Bland (Eng) 75 74, M Jordan (Eng) 75 74, E Molinari (Ita) 75 74, C Sordet (Fra) 76 73, E Ferguson (Sco) 70 79, D Burmester (RSA) 74 75, D Perrier (Fra) 73 76, L Van Meijel (Ned) 74 75, A Karlsson (Swe) 76 73,

150 M Pavon (Fra) 77 73, H Porteous (RSA) 76 74, A Arnaus (Esp) 77 73, M Simonsen (Den) 73 77, D Coupland (Eng) 77 73, M Lechner (Am) (Aut) 73 77, N Regner (Am) (Aut) 72 78, D Young (Sco) 73 77, T Tree (Eng) 78 72,

151 R Roussel (Fra) 78 73, J Senior (Eng) 78 73, C Bleier (Am) (Aut) 79 72, J Harding (RSA) 77 74, D Howell (Eng) 77 74, B Easton (RSA) 76 75, L Nemecz (Aut) 77 74, S Garcia Rodriguez (Esp) 80 71,

152 R Sciot-Siegrist (Fra) 77 75, S Jamieson (Sco) 79 73, B Evans (Eng) 79 73, O Farr (Wal) 74 78, Gavin Moynihan (Irl) 77 75, L Bjerregaard (Den) 76 76, A Knappe (Ger) 79 73, L De Jager (RSA) 76 76,

153 J Wrisdale (Eng) 77 76, Jonny Caldwell (Nir) 80 73, T Gandy (Imn) 78 75,

154 C Pigem (Esp) 76 78, B Neumayer (Aut) 76 78, S Broadhurst (Eng) 81 73,

155 Y Chang (Kor) 75 80, M Wiegele (Aut) 74 81, P Figueiredo (Por) 80 75, A Kopp (Aut) 75 80, L Johnston (Sco) 79 76,

158 J Kaske (Fin) 84 74, H Ellis (Eng) 76 82,

159 T Thurloway (Eng) 86 73, T Clements (Eng) 80 79,

160 L Kubin (Am) (Aut) 82 78,

161 H Dobson (Eng) 82 79, P Eriksson (Swe) 78 83,

162 J McLeod (Aus) 81 81,

Out L Scalise (Ita) 73 Rt, N Lemke (Swe) 72 Wd, L Slattery (Eng) 79 Rt, D Horsey (Eng) Rt

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Four Testers Wanted – Sub70 949X Pro Hybrid If you’re into following equipment trends, “better-player” hybrids are making a bit of a resurgence in 2021.

Sub70 has joined the fray with its new 949x Pro Hybrid that it bills as a neutrally-weighted option that targets higher swing speed players.

As expected, it features a smaller profile and two interchangeable weight ports (center and toe) to help create an anti-left ball flight.

With that said, we’d like to get some feedback from MyGolfSpy readers.


We’re looking for four MyGolfSpy readers to test, review and keep a Sub70 949x Pro Hybrid.

Head to the Sub70 949x Pro Hybrid testing thread in the forum to apply.

This testing opportunity is open only to right-handed golfers who live in the U.S.A.

The post Four Testers Wanted – Sub70 949X Pro Hybrid appeared first on MyGolfSpy.

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Toad Golfer Lawn Statue The post Toad Golfer Lawn Statue appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog.

This Toad Golfer Lawn Statue is the Ridiculous Golf Item of the Week

The post Toad Golfer Lawn Statue appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog - A daily golf blog featuring golf news, golf course, equipment and book reviews, essays, golf lifestyle and musings. Proudly Made In Michigan, America's Summer Golf Capital

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TaylorMade P•790 Black Irons
  • TaylorMade has just launched the P•790 Black Irons.
  • They are the same as the current version with a new aggressive black PVD finish.
  • Retail price is $1,699 (3-PW).

  • The original P•790 was an instant powerhouse in the Player’s Distance category. And while TaylorMade’s first foam-filled design raised the ire of PXG, it also sent the company down what has become a four-year-long path of creating some of the most aesthetically pleasing irons in the game. The TaylorMade P•790 Black will no doubt continue the trend.

    If you’re inclined to find chunks of metal “sexy,” with the last several iterations of its P•series irons, TaylorMade has joined the league leaders in the hot-and-bothered category while giving you an uncomfortable number of excuses to need some quality “alone time.”

    P•790 Black – New But Not Different

    For those and other reasons, you may have found yourself tingling with anticipating for the next P•790. After all, it’s been two years since the current model launched alongside the extra-uber-premium P•790 Ti. The calendar suggests it’s time for some new gear.

    Unfortunately for you sweaty P•790 fans, this time around the calendar deceives. Instead of a totally new P•790, with the TaylorMade P•790 Black, the company is taking the increasingly popular route of extending the existing line.

    The P•790 Black isn’t so much a redesign as it is a refinish. COBRA did something similar with its new Forged Tec Copper. Callaway has done it over generations of Apex and, of course, not too long ago, Vokey began offering its entire SM8 wedge lineup in Slate Blue which is the best finish.

    TaylorMade P•790 Black – Sex Appeal

    With the P•790 Black, TaylorMade describes its take on a black PVD finish as a “new level of elegance and aggression.”

    “The bold aesthetic blends perfectly with the powerful performance,” says TaylorMade, “delivering a daring look and irons that are made to take on daring shots.”

    Elegance and aggression. If that doesn’t add some spice, I’m not sure what will although I’ve got a pretty good idea what Scott Fawcett might have to say about the “daring shots” part.

    At the end of the day, PVD is PVD, so while we should reasonably expect that the finish will wear, from the photos anyway, it looks like TaylorMade has done a solid job marrying its particular flavor of PVD with the P•790. In some designs, black can look a little out of place. The TaylorMade P•790 Black, however, looks like it was made for this particular version of a little black dress.

    Specs, Pricing and Availability

    Most of the rest of the story is boilerplate P•790. SpeedFoam, Thru-Slot Speed Pockets, tungsten weighting, thin faces … You know the drill. True Temper DG 105 Black shafts complement the black heads while Gray/Black Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips complete the package.

    Retail price for the TaylorMade P•790 Black (3-PW) is $1,699. Available now.

    For more information visit

    TaylorMade P•790 Black Irons TaylorMade P•790 Black Irons $1,699 BUY NOW

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    Maguire in the mix in Hawaii; Power move in Vegas; Lowry 8 back

    Leona Maguire. Picture: Morgan Treacy/INPHO

    LEONA MAGUIRE continued her magnificent start to the season when she finished with two birdies in her last five holes to lie seven shots behind leader Yuka Saso of the Phillippines in the LOTTE Championship in Hawaii.

    The Slieve Russell National star went bogey-free for the second day running as she added a five-under 67 to her opening 68 to share 10th place on nine-under at Kapolei Golf Club on Oahu.

    Stephanie Meadow made five birdies and three bogeys in a 70 to share 20th on seven-under.

    Saso shot a second successive, eight-under 64 to lead by two shots on 16-under from Lydia Ko (64) and by five strokes from Spain’s Luna Sobron Galmes (64), Korea’s Hyo Joo Kim (65) and So Yeon Ryu (68) and American Nelly Korda (68).


    Meanwhile, Shane Lowry showed signs of a Masters “hangover” but still birdied the last to card a rollercoaster 70 that left him eight shots off the lead in the RBC Heritage in Hilton Head.

    The Open champion (34) made a flying start with birdies at his first two holes but he was far from his best from tee to green at Harbour Town as he mixed five birdies with five bogeys before knocking in an 11 footer for a closing birdie at the ninth.


    The Clara man was tied for 48th with world No 1 Dustin Johnson and hopes to have regular caddie Brian Martin back on his bag for the Wells Fargo Championship in three weeks after South African Gary Matthews, Joaquin Niemann’s bagman, stepped in this week.

    “The good news is that Bo is able to travel back to the States and he’ll team up with me at Quail Hollow,” Lowry said of Martin, who returned to Ireland on Monday to make vaccination arrangements and avoid hotel quarantine.

    While he chipped in for birdie at the 18th to turn in two-under, Lowry came home in 37 to card a one-under 70 that left him eight shots behind Australian Cameron Smith, who fired a bogey-free, nine-under 62 for a one-shot lead over 2009 Open champion Stewart Cink with Graeme McDowell tied 99th after a two-over 73

    Meanwhile, Séamus Power is looking to get hot on the PGA Tour again after opening with a two-under 70 to move into contention for the MGM Resorts Championship on the Korn Ferry Tour in freezing Las Vegas.


    The West Waterford man (34) rattled in five birdies on the Sun Mountain Course at Paiute Golf Resort to sit inside the top ten, just four shots behind early leader Kevin Dougherty.

    “It was cold and it was tough early this morning so I’m pretty pleased,” Power said after overcoming fast greens and bitterly cold early morning desert conditions. 

    “I had physical stuff that was hindering me for a while but that’s cleared up. I’m not playing on the PGA Tour this week obviously but I am hoping to play the Zürich Classic of New Orleans next week so I’m raring to go and looking forward to the rest of the season.”

    On the European Tour, reigning  Dubai Duty Free Irish Open champion John Catlin overcame freezing conditions to trail Spain’s Alejandro Cañizares by a shot after the opening round of the Austrian Golf Open.


    The American (30) kept his gloves on for everything par his shots at a frigid Diamond Country Club near Vienna and chiselled out a, bogey-free 68 to share second spot with Martin Kaymer, Sweden’s Rikard Karlberg and South African Jacques Kruyswijk on four-under.

    “The front nine was very, very cold,” said Caitlin, who won the Andalucía Masters at Valderrama before claiming the Irish Open in testing conditions at Galgorm Castle.

    “I told my caddie 'I'm going to keep my hands in my gloves and have you hold the yardage book out and do my work that way'. That's abnormal for me, but I found that I needed to do that to keep my hands warm.

    “Every single hole feels like a battle, so when that's the case you know that everyone else is probably going through it as well. I definitely knew it was playing challenging. Just tried to stay in the present and do the best I could.”

    Cañizares (38), who is bidding to end a seven-year wait for his third European Tour win, putted well and made an eagle, four birdies and a single bogey for his 67 and the narrowest of leads.

    As for the Irish, Greystones’ Paul Dunne was the best of the bunch in tied 46th after mixing an eagle three with two birdies, three bogeys and a double-bogey in a one-over 73.

    Cormac Sharvin went out in an encouraging two-under but dropped five shots on the front nine and came home in 40 for a 75 and joint 71st as Gavin Moynihan shot 77 and Jonathan Caldwell struggled to an 80.

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    IGTOA calls for further Government support as inbound golf tourism "utterly decimated"

    Ballybunion Golf Club

    More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Ireland’s inbound tourism industry remains on its knees.  With international travel unlikely to resume this summer, companies engaged in the inbound sector are facing into a second consecutive year without any revenue.

    One of the highest per person generators of revenue is the golf visitor, where the average spend can be up to four times that of a leisure visitor. Inbound golf travel companies have seen their businesses decimated with no meaningful revenues generated in 2020 or 2021.

    Unlike hotels and golf courses, these companies do not benefit from an uptick in “staycations'' as their business is aimed squarely at international visitors. Companies handling inbound tourism operate with long lead times, with a bespoke trip taking months and sometimes years to plan. 

    There are already capacity constraints on some of the most popular golf courses, and with postponed trips for 2020 and 2021 now moving to 2022, as well as visitor capacity at some courses reducing even further, it will make it impossible to fulfil consumer demand in 2022. The indications are that it will be 2023 at the earliest before inbound golf tourism sees a full recovery. 

    According to Marty Carr, CEO of Carr Golf, one of the founding members of the IGTOA: “Inbound golf tourism has been utterly decimated. Ireland remains closed to international visitors for the foreseeable future, and we do not expect any meaningful revenue in 2021.

    Marty Carr

    Marty Carr

    “Our members continue to work behind the scenes to reschedule client itineraries for the second year in a row while shouldering significant continuing operational costs. There is a strong willingness to travel to Ireland but there is a real danger that these visitors will be lost to competing destinations that are communicating a clearer roadmap to a return to international travel.”

    Carr continued: “We need to make sure that the experienced and knowledgeable tour operators survive so that Ireland wins its share of international tourism in what is certain to be a more competitive market post-COVID.

    “The Industry must be protected at this critical time and we are optimistic that when inbound golf tourism resumes, high-end leisure and particularly golf will be first back and can help kick-start the recovery of Ireland’s tourism and hospitality industry. In the meantime, it is vital that the Government continues to support the sector.” 

    Government supports have been welcome including the IBIA (Ireland based inbound agents) grant, provided by Government and administered by Failte Ireland, to partially cover 2020 losses. 

    As the inbound tourism sector is excluded from the Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS), the Ireland Golf Tour Operators Association (IGTOA) is calling on the Government to provide additional financial support as it remains once again in survival mode in 2021 due to the restrictions on international travel.

    The inbound tourism companies managed over €325m in bookings in 2019 and continue to manage a significant amount of deferred bookings, that are work in progress, from 2020.

    The IGTOA is calling for Government supports across two key areas:

    The IGTOA is the representative body for companies operating in the inbound golf tourism sector.  Together with ITOA (Incoming Tour Operators Association) and AIPCO (Association of Irish Professional Conference Organisers), the sector directly employs approximately 1,000 people and is estimated to be responsible for €700 million in revenues, and further supports 20,000 jobs across the wider economy. Foreign revenue generated through incoming tourism and handled by our domestic operators is effectively export revenue and must be recognised for its value and importance to the Irish exchequer in much the same way as exports are.  

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    Meadow and Maguire hit the birdie trail in windy Hawaii

    Stephanie Meadow

    Stephanie Meadow plans to continue being aggressive after blasting eight birdies in a five-under 67 that left her just three shots behind American Brittany Altomare and the Philippines’ Yuka Saso in the LOTTE Championship in Hawaii.

    The Jordanstown star birdied the first, third, sixth and ninth to turn in 32, then picked up further shots at the 10th and 13th to get to six-under before making two birdies and three bogeys in her last five holes.


    “Yeah, it was good,” said Meadow, who finished the day tied for seventh as Leona Maguire’s bogey-free 68 left her tied for 14th. “It definitely got windy. It was a little difficult to judge.

    “Obviously I had a great front nine and then a little bit birdie-bogey on the back there at the end, which is a little annoying, but still played really solid.”

    As for her plans for day two, when she will be among the early starters, she has no plans to play any differently but just keep the foot down and make birdies.

    “Not a whole a lot,” she said. “I mean, just kind of stay aggressive and just play each hole at a time, as corny as it sounds. The winning score here is going to be super low I think if it stays like this. So, you know, hopefully I can take advantage of a little less wind in the morning.”

    Close to breaking back into the world’s top 100 — she’s 108th after finished tied 19th in the ANA Inspiration — Meadow feels good about her chances at Kapolei Golf Club on Oahu.

    “I love coming here,” she said. “We all always stay in the same condos is it's right by the beach and it's very relaxing. Coming to a new golf course is a little extra preparation than before but not a whole lot. What you see is what you get kind of here, which is nice on the preparation side. But it's hard to be in a bad mood here. Let's be honest.”

    Maguire tied for 28th in the ANA Inspiration and she continued her excellent start to the season in Hawaii, carding birdies at the 13th, 14th and 17th before adding another birdie at the seventh in an excellent ball-striking round.

    Leona Maguire driving at the 15th tee during the Flogas sponsored Irish Scratch Series at Seapoint. Picture by  Pat Cashman

    Leona Maguire driving at the 15th tee during the Flogas sponsored Irish Scratch Series at Seapoint. Picture by Pat Cashman


    After round one of the LOTTE Championship, American Brittany Altomare and the Philippines’ Yuka Saso rose to the challenge of Kapolei Golf Club, as both are tied for the lead at -8. Saso, who has earned two wins on the JLPGA Tour, is playing in just her sixth-career LPGA Tour event. The 19-year-old went bogey-free, carding eight birdies, including four on her final eight holes. Saso gave credit to her driving as keys to her successful first round.

    “I think I really hit a good drives today and made good up and downs. So, yeah, like I said earlier, like I think I got lucky today,” said Saso, who hit 10 of 14 fairways and 17 greens in regulation. “Back nine the wind did get stronger than this morning. I think I just have to be careful with my drives, keep it in the fairway as much as possible, and trust the process.”

    Saso’s career-best finish on Tour is T13, earned at the 2020 U.S. Women’s Open. She last played in the season’s first major championship at the ANA Inspiration and finished T50, where Saso said she learned what to work on in her game. Although she’s enjoying herself in Hawaii, Saso said she was grateful to get through 18 holes while adjusting to weather she isn’t as keen to.

    “To be honest, okay, I don't really like the wind, but I'm working on it. Like I'm working on my ball to be able to play good in windy conditions,” said Saso. “So I'm happy I was able to play good, but I wasn't really expecting anything. Like I said, I don't really like windy conditions.”

    Altomare made two birdies and a bogey on her front-nine holes but turned on the power once she made the turn. From Nos. 1-7, Altomare made seven consecutive birdies, the highest birdie streak she’s recorded since making five straight in the first round of the 2019 Meijer LPGA Classic. She said her caddie’s guidance help build momentum after a slower start by her standards.

    “I was just putting really well. You know, on the front nine I think I struggled a little bit. Like I just think something was a little off or at least I felt that way,” said Altomare. “I brought Charlie (my caddie) in to help me read my putts on 1 and 2 and it just kind of gave me some confidence, like, yeah, you're reading it right. Just kind of freed me up. Just putt and just make it.” 

    Both players are co-leading after 18 holes for the first time in their careers on Tour. Lurking one-stroke behind the leaders is two-time major champion So Yeon Ryu and Tour winners Ally Ewing and Nelly Korda. Korda was the lowest player of the afternoon wave with her 65, her lowest 18-hole score since the final round of the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions this past January. 

    “I did pretty well. I actually hit all my greens on the front nine and just missed three on the back. Chipped in on the last hole, which was nice,” said Korda. “But that's what you need to do in windy conditions, you need to hit as many fairways and greens as possible and try to give yourself some opportunities, which I did today.”

    Stacy Lewis sits in solo sixth after a 6-under 66. Lewis said she’s been feeling more confident in her putting as of late, which helped propel her to a bogey-free first round.

    “I've got some confidence back in the putter more than anything. Just knowing you don't have to hit it to five feet every time to make birdie. I can make some 15- to 20-footers when I need to and get up and down when I need to. The short game has been there,” said Lewis. “So it's really just confidence with the putter. I've been hitting it good for a while now. It's just everything is starting to come together.”

    Seven players round out the top of the leaderboard in a tie for seventh, including 15-time winner Lydia Ko, who is -15 in her last 36 holes, dating back to the final round of the ANA Inspiration. Defending champion Brooke Henderson sits in a tie for 14th after a 4-under 68.



    After starting the day off No. 10 at Kapolei Golf Club, Brittany Altomare made the turn 2-under par after two birdies and a bogey. Looking to turn up the heat in sunny Hawaii, Altomare turned to her caddie Charlie Ryan for guidance on her putts on Nos. 1 and 2, and suddenly, the momentum kicked in. By the time she finished the day, the Massachusetts native recorded a string of seven-consecutive birdies and carded an 8-under 64, tying Yuka Saso for the first-round lead. 

    “I try to stay one shot at a time, but towards the end I kind of realized (the streak), and then I chipped in on 7 and just started laughing. I'm just like, ‘just one of those days’, which was fun. Hasn't happened in a while, so I was excited,” said Altomare, whose highest finish this season is T23 at the LPGA Drive On Championship at Golden Ocala. 

    This is the first time she can remember carding seven consecutive birdies, “even in practice,” said the 30-year-old. Her 64 ties her career-best 18 holes, last recorded in the second round at the 2016 Walmart NW Arkansas Championship, where she finished T13. The streak ties the Tour’s second-best number for consecutive birdies, last done by Isi Gabsa at the 2019 Portland Classic. Jeongeun Lee and Nicole Broch Larsen are the last two players to record seven-straight birdies in the same round, both achieving the feat at the 2019 Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic.

    “This week like I just really like the greens here. They're smooth. I think when you putt where you want to, like it's going to go there. Like there is no -- it's not bumping around or anything,” said Altomare. “I think if you're putting well you can make a lot of putts out here.”

    Altomare hopes to continue building on her successful first round by honing in on what’s been working for her. Just stay steady and consistent. My putter obviously feels really good. My coach and I have been working a lot on some things in my driver, and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable with it,” said Altomare. “So I think if I can just stay consistent off the tee and just kind of keep working on what we been working on.”



    After a first-round 68, Brianna Do was proud of the effort she gave at Kapolei Golf Club. In her fifth appearance at the LOTTE Championship since 2014, Do described what helped her through a satisfying day one.

    “I was driving the ball really well,” said Do, who only missed one fairway all day. “Once I got it in the fairway I had a good caddie to help me with my approach and giving the wind enough credit of where it would push the ball or if it hurt or help and stuff.”

    Her caddie? Tadd Fujikawa, one of the youngest players to ever make the cut in a PGA Tour event. At 16 years and four days, Fujikawa played the weekend at the 2007 Sony Open, finishing T20 and becoming the third-youngest to see the weekend at a tournament in the Tour’s history. The Honolulu native calls Kapolei Golf Club his home, and was itching to get on a bag.

    “I've known Tadd since we were maybe like 12. He reached out to a friend of ours and she already had a caddie and she was like, Hey, Tadd is looking for a caddie, and normally he's not here on the island, and once he became -- I was like, Yeah, I'm going to be here,” said Do. “I was like, Done. It's a no-brainer. Your home course. You're one of the best golfers on the island. So like why would I not take him? So glad it worked out.”

    Fujikawa may play this course on the regular, but he was impressed with the women’s game he was able to take in during the first day of LOTTE. “They hit it so straight it's sickening. Yeah, it's a different game out here, you know, just the consistency. With the men's game it's a lot about distance now and that's kind of like the thing,” said Fujikawa. “But, man, these women can hit the ball, I mean, so straight. Putting is unbelievable. Short game is really good. Just solid, solid golf. I mean, boring golf, you know, which is great. That's the kind of golf I want to play.”

    The two working in tandem said they’re up for challenge of what tomorrow may bring. “He knows the greens very well, so I had him read pretty much almost all my putts and he was spot on. I mean, he was like, Okay, hit it here, and I would hit it there and it would go in or be close,” said Do. “So that just helps a lot. I mean, with the wind it affects every shot, especially putts, and so just having some local knowledge definitely helps with every shot, let alone just the birdie opportunities and par putts and stuff like that.”



    It has been 14 years since 2020/21 LPGA Tour rookie Kyung Kim was last in Hawaii. Kim was born in Maui, moving to Arizona at age 12 for high school and later venturing to the University of Southern California to play collegiate golf. As one of the home-town favorites this week at the LOTTE Championship, Kim was proud of her first-round effort, recording a 3-under 69 (T18) and four strokes out of the lead. 

    “It's always great to start off my first tournament (of 2021) as a rookie in Hawaii,” said Kim. “Just brings back so many memories and I get to see a lot of good friends and family, so it's been great.”

    Kim explained she’s been battling a wrist injury since 2020, and made a goal this week of simply making the cut. She’s already competed in two events on the Symetra Tour in 2021, finished T48 in her last start at the IOA Championship presented by Morongo Casino Resort & Spa. “Symetra prepared me pretty well,” said Kim. “There is lots of good competition out there, and just coming out here it just kind of kept me a little bit more calm instead of like, Oh, my God, I'm playing with the best players in the world, kind of freaking me out.”

    Kim has friend, golfer and Hawaii native Tyler Ota on her bag for the week. As an amateur, Ota made two appearances at the Sony Open on the PGA Tour in 2018 and 2020, missing the cut in both starts. He also won the Hawaii State Amateur in 2019. Ota is now a professional, looking to make his own way in the golfing world, but this week he’s making Kim feel as confident as ever at Kapolei Golf Club.

    “It's always nice to have someone that you're comfortable with and someone that you know on the bag, especially at an LPGA event. Can be a little nerve wracking,” said Kim. “He's been great. He's been awesome. I'm happy to have him.”



    She hopes to inspire others as she has been inspired.

    Nasa Hataoka was only 16 years old when she won her first Japan Women’s Open, her nation’s most prestigious championship. In Gee Chun, fresh off her U.S. Women’s Open victory, had captured the title the year before and the list of past winners included LPGA Tour stars like Shanshan Feng and Ai 

    Miyazato, both of whom reached No.1 in the Rolex Rankings. But Feng and Miyazato didn’t successfully defend their Japan Women’s Open victories. Hataoka did. Not only that, Nasa won her national championship three out of four years and would have made it four in a row if not for So Yeon Ryu – also a former world No.1 - who won it in 2019.

    Hataoka has won three other events in her homeland, including the Toto Japan Classic, one of her three LPGA Tour victories. But no victory in Japan could eclipse the feeling she will get donning the uniform of her country and making the walk into the Olympic stadium in Tokyo on July 23rd as an Olympic athlete.

    “I have mixed feelings if someone were to ask me if I want the Olympics to take place or not, given the situations we are still facing, the risks of spreading the virus, and knowing there are people in Japan that are unsure of holding the games,” Hataoka told “But seeing the availability of the vaccine and given that I’ve always wanted to play in the Olympics since its return from Rio to my home country, I now have a strong desire to be a part of it and get the gold medal.”

    Nothing can top competing in the biggest sporting event on the planet, the Olympic Games, in your home country. But it seems as though Nasa Hataoka has always been destined for greatness. Her parents named their daughter Nasa after the National Aeronautical and Space Administration, the U.S. agency that put men on the moon more than 50 years ago and has been exploring the surface of Mars for decades.

    Why did they do that? What does it mean? According to Nasa, “The name was given to me in the hopes that I would spread my wings and fly around the world with the hopes of accomplishing something that’s never been done before.”

    To read more of Nasa Hataoka’s #DriveOn story on, click here:

    To watch her #DriveOn video, click here:  (with English subtitles),  (no subtitles)


    Rolex Rankings No. 46 Yuka Saso (64)

    • She hit 10 of 14 fairways and 17 of 18 greens, with 27 putts

    • Her first-round 64 is her career-low round on the LPGA Tour; her previous best was 69, recorded at the 2020 U.S. Women’s Open (first round) and 2021 ANA Inspiration (first round)

    • This is Saso’s second event of the 2021 LPGA Tour season; she finished T50 at the ANA Inspiration

    • This is her first appearance at the LOTTE Championship

    • This is her sixth-career start on the LPGA Tour; her career-best finish is T13 at the 2020 U.S. Women’s Open

    • Saso is a Member of the JLPGA, where she has earned two wins (2020 NEC Karuizawa 72, 2020 Nitori Ladies Golf Tournament

    • She turn professional in November 2019 after earning her JLPGA card for 2020

    • As an amateur, she, Lois Kaye Go and 2020/21 Tour rookie Bianca Pagdanganan secured the golf medal in the women’s team event at the 2018 Asian Games; she would also go on to win the women’s individual event


    Rolex Rankings No. 52 Brittany Altomare (64)

    • She hit 11 of 14 fairways and 14 of 18 greens, with 24 putts

    • Her first-round 64 ties her career-low round; she last recorded a 64 at the 2016 Walmart NW Arkansas Championship

    • Her seven-consecutive birdies during round one ties the second-highest number of consecutive birdies in Tour history

    • This is Altomare’s seventh season on the LPGA Tour; her career-best finish is second, which she’s recorded four times and most recently at the 2019 Volunteers of America Classic

    • This is her fifth event of the 2021 LPGA Tour season; her best finish is T23 at the LPGA Drive On Championship at Golden Ocala

    • This is Altomare’s fifth appearance at the LOTTE Championship; her best finish in Hawaii is T12 in 2019

    • In 2020, was one of 12 players to record an ace on Tour

    • Altomare crossed the $2 million mark in official career earnings with her T2 finish at the Volunteers of America Classic

    • She was a member of the 2019 U.S. Solheim Cup Team, posting a 2-1-1 record

    • In 2013, Altomare finished T44 at the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament to first earn LPGA Tour status

    • She played collegiate golf at the University of Virigina where she recorded three victories, was named the 2013 ACC Player of the Year and was a four-time All-American

    Thu, 15 Apr 2021 09:53:51 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs LPGA
    Rumbling Bald’s Apple Valley Golf Course Review The post Rumbling Bald’s Apple Valley Golf Course Review appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog.

    Apple Valley Golf Course Review Apple Valley at Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure Grade: A Teachers' Comments: A nice mountain resort course

    The post Rumbling Bald’s Apple Valley Golf Course Review appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog - A daily golf blog featuring golf news, golf course, equipment and book reviews, essays, golf lifestyle and musings. Proudly Made In Michigan, America's Summer Golf Capital

    Thu, 15 Apr 2021 09:52:50 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs North Carolina Golf Apple Valley North Carolina Rumbling Bald
    THE BEST GOLF UMBRELLA OF 2021 Whether you’re a fair-weather or “I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite a while” kind of golfer, you still need a golf umbrella for those unexpected downpours or to shield you from the sun.

    This year, we tested the usual suspects along with offerings from some of the bigger OEMs, some of which outsource their umbrella manufacturing to experts in the category. That’s neither surprising nor uncommon; it just makes sense. There are zero reasons why club guys should also be umbrella guys. The logo doesn’t matter, though we’re here to tell you that not every umbrella is the same.

    Whether you’re looking to buy an umbrella today, seeking buying advice to get started or just want a closer look at what’s on the market, this guide will help you find the right golf umbrella to fit your needs.

    WINNER – ShedRain Vortex XL jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var slides = $('#mgs_gallery_180755 .mgs-gallery-images .mgs-gallery-image').length; if ( slides 6 ) { slides = 6; } $('#mgs_gallery_180755 .mgs-gallery-images').slick({ slidesToShow: 1, slidesToScroll: 1, fade: true, prevArrow: '', nextArrow: '', asNavFor: '#mgs_gallery_180755 .mgs-gallery-thumbs', swipe: false, }); $('#mgs_gallery_180755 .mgs-gallery-thumbs').slick({ slidesToShow: (slides-1), //less than number of slides, so it always shows infinite scroll (bugfix) slidesToScroll: 1, arrows: false, asNavFor: '#mgs_gallery_180755 .mgs-gallery-images', centerMode: true, focusOnSelect: true, infinite: true, responsive: [ { breakpoint: 1023, settings: { slidesToShow: 3, } }, { breakpoint: 600, settings: { slidesToShow: 1, } }, ] }); $('#mgs_gallery_180755').magnificPopup({ delegate: '.mgs-gallery-trigger', type: 'image', gallery: { enabled:true, arrowMarkup: ' ', } }); });

    If you want an umbrella that will stand the test of time, go for the ShedRain Vortex XL. It performed consistently well across all metrics which made it our top pick. This golf umbrella has a “bungee” link cord connecting both canopies allowing for wind to pass through with ease. Combine that with a reinforced inner structure and you have the undisputed winner of the 2021 Most Wanted Golf Umbrella Test.

    • 2nd in wind protection
    • 2nd in coverage
    • 8th in opening speed
    • 6th in handle
    • 1st in durability
    • 8th in UV protection
    BEST WIND RESISTANT UMBRELLA - Gustbuster Pro Series Gold 68" BEST WIND RESISTANT UMBRELLA - Gustbuster Pro Series Gold 68"

    If you're looking for an umbrella that doesn't turn inside out or breaks for that matter, look no further than the Gustbuster Pro Series Gold 68". Its double canopy is attached by bungees allow the wind to pass through with ease.

    EXPERT TIP - Glove fitting?

    Your glove is the only thing between you and the golf club. It should fit properly. A new glove should start with 1/4" of Velcro exposed. It's going to stretch. In addition to sacrificing performance, a glove that's too big will also be less durable. Ultimately that means poor sizing isn't just costing you performance; it's costing you money.

    Sorry, your browser doesn't support this embedded media Golf Umbrellas—Features That Matter Durability

    No matter how good the umbrella is, you want it to last. During testing, we found some do not fully extend or did the opposite and hyperextend, which dramatically limits longevity.

    The best umbrellas, like ShedRain and Gustbuster, last for years in all weather conditions.

    Deployment Speed

    Opening your umbrella without any hassle is important if you’re caught in a downpour. The whole point of a golf umbrella is to keep you dry so the faster it opens, the less likely you are to get wet.

    The Inesis is a great example of an umbrella that can be opened quickly.


    No one wants to be soggy on the golf course and most of us don’t want to miss a day on the links because of rain. We found that smaller umbrellas that might be fine for everyday use don’t provide sufficient coverage for golfers and their gear.

    Umbrellas such as Gustbuster and PING are great examples of golf umbrellas that provide maximum coverage.


    If you are playing golf in the wind and rain, you want a comfortable grip. We found that the best handles offer contoured grips and are made from materials that aren’t compromised as conditions get wetter.

    Great examples of a comfortable handle are Mizuno and . ShedRain has a gel handle which conforms to your hand no matter the size.

    EXPERT TIP - Comfortable Handle

    Regardless of the feature set, or how good an umbrella looks, if the handle doesn't fit comfortably in your hand, don't buy it. It sounds trivial, but in testing, we found that umbrellas with ill-fitting handles can cause wrist pain, which isn't what you want on the golf course (or anywhere else).

    THE BEST GOLF UMBRELLA 2021 - FEATURES   Product Canopies Opening Colorway Diameter BagBoy UV Wind Vent 62"
    Check Price 2 Manual 1 62 Cleveland GC Umbrella
    Check Price 2 Manual 1 62 Gustbuster Pro Series Gold 68"
    Check Price 2 Manual Customizable 68 Haas Jordan 68" Hurricane
    Check Price 2 Automatic 8 68 Haas Jordan 62" Hurricane
    Check Price 2 Automatic 9 62 Inesis Pro Filter Large
    Check Price 2 Automatic 1 68 Mizuno Double Canopy
    Check Price 2 Manual 3 68 MotoCaddy Clearview
    Check Price 2 Automatic 1 68 Omada Golf 68"
    Check Price 2 Automatic 2 68 Ping 68" Tour Canopy
    Check Price 2 Manual 1 68 ProActive Sports SunTek
    Check Price 2 Manual 4 68 ShedRain Gellas
    6 Automatic 8 62 ShedRain VorTex Pro
    Check Price 2 Manual 3 62 ShedRain Vortex XL
    Check Price 2 Manual 5 68 ShedRain WindJammer
    Check Price 2 Manual 5 62 Srixon 62 Double Canopy
    Check Price 2 Manual 1 68 Sun Mountain
    Check Price 2 Manual 1 68 Titleist Tour Double Canopy
    Check Price 2 Manual 1 68 Under Armour Double Canopy
    Check Price 2 Manual 1 68 Under Armour Single Canopy
    Check Price 1 Manual 1 62 Wilson Staff Tour Series
    Check Price 2 Manual 1 68 XXIO Double Canopy
    Check Price 2 Manual 1 68 .tablepress td a { color: #fff; } jQuery(document).ready(function(){ var mgsTablepressRowClicked = false; jQuery(document).on('click', '#tablepress-274 tr td', function(e){ if ( == "A" ) { //if link is clicked in column, then allow it to work //console.log('tablepress row td clicked a href in td'); return; } var mgsTablepressRowLink = jQuery(this).closest('tr').find('td.column-1 a'); if ( mgsTablepressRowLink.length ) { //console.log('tablepress row td clicked - go to column a href'); window.document.location = jQuery(mgsTablepressRowLink).attr("href"); } }); }); More Tips
    • Your clubs aren’t walking sticks; neither is your umbrella. If you want it to last and perform its best, use it only as intended.
    • To prevent your golf umbrella from rusting or developing mildew, rinse with tap water and leave it fully open and upright to dry. Same advice applies if you play on a course next to the ocean. Wash it after every use. It will last longer.
    • You can choose between umbrellas that have automatic opening systems that fully extend with minimal effort and those that open manually. Try before you buy.
    • If you get a tear in your umbrella, repair it with water-resistant fabric on both sides of the canopy.
    .truegolffit-banner-inner-right { padding-top: calc(574/1020 * (100% - 430px)); } @media screen and (max-width: 991px) { .truegolffit-banner-inner-right { padding-top: calc(574/1020 * 100%); width: 100%; } } GET FIT FOR YOUR GAME WITH TRUEGOLFFIT™

    Unbiased. No Guesswork. All Major Brands. Matched To Your Swing. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning.

    SEE MY RESULTS How We Test

    We're here to help you find the perfect golf umbrella to fit your needs.
    To do that, we employ a thorough and fully independent testing process that leaves no feature unexplored, no detail unchecked, and no stone unturned.

    Our Metrics

    Umbrellas are tested head to head using rigorous protocols.
    The metrics we consider when rating Golf Umbrella include Water-Resistance, Coverage, Opening Speed, Handle, and Durability.

    jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $('.mgs-block-slider-blocks').slick({ slidesToShow: 1, slidesToScroll: 1, arrows: false, dots: true, fade: true, }); }); THE BEST GOLF UMBRELLA OF 2021 - RESULTS   Product Wind Resistance Coverage Opening Speed Handle Durability UV Protection Total ShedRain Vortex XL
    Check Price 2nd 2nd 8th 6th 1st 8th 87.5 Titleist Tour Double Canopy
    Check Price 2nd 4th 11th 16th 1st 1st 87 Gustbuster Pro Series Gold 68"
    Check Price 1st 2nd 8th 14th 4th 10th 86.5 ShedRain VorTex Pro
    Check Price 2nd 12th 8th 6th 1st 8th 85 Inesis Pro Filter Large
    Check Price 5th 21st 1st 6th 7th 7th 84.5 Omada Golf 68"
    Check Price 11th 1st 7th 16th 11th 5th 84 ProActive Sports SunTek
    Check Price 7th 4th 11th 6th 7th 5th 84 ShedRain Gellas
    11th 11th 1st 1st 6th 19th 83.5 BagBoy UV Wind Vent 62"
    Check Price 15th 12th 1st 2nd 14th 1st 82 Under Armour Double Canopy
    Check Price 7th 4th 11th 6th 11th 10th 81.5 Wilson Staff Tour Series
    Check Price 6th 8th 11th 22nd 4th 19th 81.5 Sun Mountain
    Check Price 9th 8th 11th 2nd 22nd 1st 81 Mizuno Double Canopy
    Check Price 11th 8th 11th 2nd 7th 10th 81 Haas Jordan 68" Hurricane
    Check Price 15th 12th 1st 6th 11th 10th 80 MotoCaddy Clearview
    Check Price 9th 12th 1st 14th 14th 10th 79.5 ShedRain WindJammer
    Check Price 15th 19th 1st 6th 7th 21st 79.5 Ping 68" Tour Canopy
    Check Price 11th 4th 11th 2nd 20th 10th 79 XXIO Double Canopy
    Check Price 15th 12th 11th 16th 14th 1st 78 Cleveland GC Umbrella
    Check Price 15th 12th 11th 16th 14th 10th 75.5 Srixon 62 Double Canopy
    Check Price 15th 12th 11th 16th 14th 10th 75.5 Haas Jordan 62" Hurricane
    Check Price 21st 19th 11th 16th 14th 21st 72.5 Under Armour Single Canopy
    Check Price 22nd 22nd 11th 6th 20th 10th 70 .tablepress td a { color: #fff; } jQuery(document).ready(function(){ var mgsTablepressRowClicked = false; jQuery(document).on('click', '#tablepress-275 tr td', function(e){ if ( == "A" ) { //if link is clicked in column, then allow it to work //console.log('tablepress row td clicked a href in td'); return; } var mgsTablepressRowLink = jQuery(this).closest('tr').find('td.column-1 a'); if ( mgsTablepressRowLink.length ) { //console.log('tablepress row td clicked - go to column a href'); window.document.location = jQuery(mgsTablepressRowLink).attr("href"); } }); }); BEST UV PROTECTION UMBRELLA - Titleist Tour Double Canopy BEST UV PROTECTION UMBRELLA - Titleist Tour Double Canopy

    The Titleist Tour Double Canopy doesn't just do a great job keeping the rain off you, it can be used on those hot summer days protecting you from those UV rays. Its UV double canopy is reenforced inside and has a bungee system that attaches both canopies allow air to move through with ease.

    jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var slides = $('#mgs_gallery_180760 .mgs-gallery-images .mgs-gallery-image').length; if ( slides 6 ) { slides = 6; } $('#mgs_gallery_180760 .mgs-gallery-images').slick({ slidesToShow: 1, slidesToScroll: 1, fade: true, prevArrow: '', nextArrow: '', asNavFor: '#mgs_gallery_180760 .mgs-gallery-thumbs', swipe: false, }); $('#mgs_gallery_180760 .mgs-gallery-thumbs').slick({ slidesToShow: (slides-1), //less than number of slides, so it always shows infinite scroll (bugfix) slidesToScroll: 1, arrows: false, asNavFor: '#mgs_gallery_180760 .mgs-gallery-images', centerMode: true, focusOnSelect: true, infinite: true, responsive: [ { breakpoint: 1023, settings: { slidesToShow: 3, } }, { breakpoint: 600, settings: { slidesToShow: 1, } }, ] }); $('#mgs_gallery_180760').magnificPopup({ delegate: '.mgs-gallery-trigger', type: 'image', gallery: { enabled:true, arrowMarkup: ' ', } }); }); The Best Golf Umbrella of 2021 – FAQ

    Q: Is a bigger coverage area better?

    A: In most situations, bigger is better when it comes to coverage. You want an umbrella that covers you and your golf bag.

    Q: What is better? Single or double canopy?

    A: Double canopies are better in windier conditions because air can pass through thus preventing the umbrella from turning inside out. Double canopies with bungee straps attaching the top canopy to the ribs of the umbrella reinforce the structure. ShedRain and Gustbuster are excellent examples.

    Q: Do all golf umbrellas have UV protection?

    A: Not all umbrellas provide UV protection. Most umbrellas that protect you best from the UV rays are solid silver in color on the inside. The material used is also thicker to block harmful rays. Always check the label to ensure you get an umbrella that blocks the sun. Check out Titleist, BagBoy, Sun Mountain and XXIO  for the best UV protection.

    The post THE BEST GOLF UMBRELLA OF 2021 appeared first on MyGolfSpy.

    Thu, 15 Apr 2021 09:10:24 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Golf Buyer's Guides Umbrella
    Annika Sörenstam to tee it up at mixed event in Sweden

    Annika Sörenstam has announced she will tee it up on home soil for the first time in 13 years alongside fellow tournament host Henrik Stenson at the Scandinavian Mixed Hosted by Henrik and Annika at Vallda Golf and Country Club in Gothenburg from June 10-13, 2021.

    During her 16-year Hall of Fame career, Sörenstam amassed 89 victories worldwide, including ten Major Championships before retiring in 2008 to start a family. The 50-year-old was initially announced as a non-playing host alongside Stenson for the inaugural edition of the event, scheduled to take place at Bro Hof Slott Golf Club in Stockholm in 2020, however it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    After 13 years away from professional golf, Sörenstam made the cut in February this year at her first competitive outing at the Gainbridge LPGA at Lake Nona Golf and Country Club in Florida and will now return to action in Sweden this June following her last appearance on home soil at the 2008 Scandinavian TPC in Stockholm.

    The eight-time Solheim Cup player’s decision to join the field of 78 men and 78 women brings a new level of excitement to the innovative mixed tournament co-sanctioned by the European Tour and Ladies European Tour.

    With a prize fund of €1,000,000 for the entire field and Official World Ranking points on offer for both Tours, plus Race to Dubai and Ryder Cup points for European Tour members, and Race to Costa del Sol and Solheim Cup points for the Ladies European Tour,  fans can register their interest to watch two of Sweden’s greatest golfers in action here.

    “I’m excited to tee it up at the Scandinavian Mixed and to be back playing competitively in my home country of Sweden for the first time in 13 years,” said Sörenstam.

    “Since retiring in 2008 I have dedicated a lot of my time to the ANNIKA Foundation, which hosts seven global events for junior girls each year including the ANNIKA Invitational Europe which will be at Isaberg Golf Club in Sweden following this year’s tournament, so I felt like it was a perfect opportunity to actually play in this historic event bringing women and men together in a combined professional tournament.

    “It is another way to bring our game to the younger generation in Sweden and for those watching around the world, showcasing that golf is truly a game for everyone.”

    Stenson, an 11-time European Tour winner, added: “I’m delighted that Annika, one of the greatest golfers the world has ever seen, will be teeing it up at Vallda this June.

    “It’s going to be a great week and I’m sure a real thrill for all of the players in the field to have someone of Annika’s stature playing in the tournament. I can’t wait to see the dynamics of having both men and women going head-to-head for the same trophy and putting it all on the line come Sunday afternoon.

    “Our hope is that through the Scandinavian Mixed, and many other golf tournaments, Annika and myself can help inspire the next generation of golfers in Sweden and around the world. The Henrik Stenson Foundation is committed to helping children with a dream by providing the initial spark to start them on their mission in life, with our initial focus on Paragolf and junior golf, delivering international events and scholarships highlighting the inclusive nature of our game."

    Thu, 15 Apr 2021 08:56:50 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs European Tour
    McGinley worried about Irish Open as Covid challenge remains: "It’s incredibly complex"

    Paul McGinley

    Paul McGinley admits he’s worried about the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open as uncertainty over travel restrictions threatens to scupper plans to attract  Rory McIlroy and a bumper field to Mount Juliet from July 1-4.

    As a member of the European Tour board and the Ryder Cup committee, McGinley knows the current quarantine restrictions could be devastating for the event, even if the government awards elite status to the golfers.

    “I am worried about the Irish Open unless the government brings in elite status,” McGinley said in an interview to promote his hosting of on April 22, when he chats with South African rugby union head coach Rassie Erasmus about leadership. 

    “But the thing about elite status though is that it’s great if you’re Munster or Leinster rugby or a soccer team because it’s a small number of people and you’re in and out. 

    “But the European Tour is not just 156 players, it’s also 156 caddies and also the physios, the support staff,  the coaches, and the TV crews. They’re all international so you quickly get up to 500-600 people very quickly and that’s obviously a challenge for the government much more so than rugby or soccer who are just in for a day or two and not for a week, as we are.”

    McGinley revealed the European Tour CEO Keith Pelley meets daily with the tour’s dedicated Covid contingency team, which is in constant contact with governments around Europe about “the shifting sands” of regulations.

    But while the Tour is looking to either increase the €3 million prize fund or offer extra Ryder Cup points to make the Irish Open more attractive for elite players already considering playing the Scottish Opens before The Open, the uncertainty over travel is a problem.

    View fullsize B39I6737.jpg
    View fullsize MicrosoftTeams-image (7).png
    View fullsize Leaders Lounge Group Image - 1024 x 512.png
    View fullsize 5fce4e7cbb6c0f43bf99f7b0_hilite-13.jpg
    View fullsize 5fce4e7be323b5c661cbbea0_hilite-19.jpg
    View fullsize 5fce4e7b338e1a114261e806_hilite-20.jpg

    “Players don’t want to commit with the travel restrictions being so stringent,” McGinley said. “So until they get 100 per cent confirmation from governments,  they won’t commit.”

    Those players include four-time Major winner McIlroy, who last played the Irish Open in 2018.

    “Rory won’t make a decision until the Irish government make theirs but he hasn’t dismissed it,” McGinley said, adding that everything depends on changing health regulations in Europe.

    “If Rory was to come back and play The Open next week for example he couldn’t because he’s got to do his 10 days in quarantine in the UK,” he said. “But listen, it’s constantly evolving.”

    While Ryder Cup qualifying points double from next month, the European Tour is looking to make the Irish Open even more attractive.

    “We are looking at all kinds of ways to incentivise the Irish Open,” he said. “We do feel we are going to get a good field and we are looking at all different ways that we can do it without any confirmation how we can do it yet.  

    “Whether it is increasing the money or increasing the points or putting some kind of incentives in there, we’re trying to work around Covid and make it as easy as possible for the players to come over and play a tranche of tournaments rather than having just one or two. 

    “At the moment it’s looking like we’re going to have a very strong field because it’s very clear we’re going to have an Open Championship this year and the players are taking the broader view that if they do have to quarantine for The Open, the might as well come over and spend a good bit of time there.  

    “Players will say, well, there are huge Ryder Cup points available, certainly in Scotland the week before so I might as well do Ireland while I’m there.”

    The European Tour is already indebted to Dubai Duty Free, who stepped in to sponsor for an extra year after its deal ended last September.

    “Dubai Duty Free have been great and their CEO Colm McLoughlin has been fantastic,” he said. “Their business has been really devastated obviously with very little international travel so it’s been great they’ve struck with us. 

    “We want to support them as well too. But a big value for them is corporate hospitality and also the pro-ams and at this moment in time we might not have either of those so once you get into it, it’s incredibly complex.”

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    RBC Heritage Preview 2021 The post RBC Heritage Preview 2021 appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog.

    RBC Heritage Preview 2021 Dates: April 12-18, 2021 Course: Harbour Town Golf Links Defending champion: Webb Simpson

    The post RBC Heritage Preview 2021 appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog - A daily golf blog featuring golf news, golf course, equipment and book reviews, essays, golf lifestyle and musings. Proudly Made In Michigan, America's Summer Golf Capital

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    Ball Lab – Titleist Pro V1x MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of the golf balls on the market to help you find the best ball for your money. Today, we’re taking a look at the 2021 Titleist Pro V1x. An overview of the equipment we use can be found here. To learn more about our test process, how we define “bad” balls and our True Price metric, check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

    Given that we skipped the 2019 Pro V1 in our first round of Ball Lab reports in favor of Left Dash, it only made sense to kick off our tests of new-for-2021 models with the original 0r, depending on your perspective, the other Pro V1x.

    About the Titleist Pro V1x

    The Titleist Pro V1x is a four-piece, urethane-covered design with 348 dimples. The majority of product sold in the U.S.A. is made at the company’s factory in New Bedford, Mass. However, because of COVID shutdowns and the subsequent high demand, it’s not entirely unheard of to find a box manufactured in Thailand on retail shelves. While all of our samples were made in the U.S.A., cross-factory comparisons of the new Pro V1 found no discernable differences between the factories.

    Sorry, your browser doesn't support this embedded media

    Titleist classifies the Pro V1x as high-launch and high-spin. Keep in mind, this is relative to the rest of Titleist’s premium “Tour” offerings so while greenside spin should be ample, the Pro V1x isn’t likely to be one of the spinniest balls on the market off the driver and irons. Before Left Dash hit the market, the standard “X” was the longest ball in the Titleist lineup and should still more than hold its own off the tee.

    Titleist Pro V1x – Compression

    On our compression gauge, the 2021 incarnation of the Pro V1x measures 97 on average, the same as the previous model. That positions it as one of the firmer balls on the market though the Left Dash variant typically is a bit firmer still. Of the 50 ball models measured to date for Ball Lab, fewer than 10 qualify as firmer than a Pro V1x.

    For reference, it’s about 10 points firmer than the Pro V1, 15 to 20 points firmer than AVX and Tour Speed and about five points softer than Pro V1x Left Dash.

    Titleist Pro V1x – Diameter and Weight

    It’s exceedingly rare that Titleist lets a ball slip through that doesn’t adhere to USGA rules. With that in mind, it’s not the least bit surprising that 100 percent of the sample was both weight and size conforming.

    All of the sample balls also met our standard for roundness—by plenty.

    Titleist Pro V1x – Inspection

    Centeredness and Concentricity

    While we did find multiple balls that were likely slightly off-center (not unusual with four-piece construction), none of the cores was significantly off-center to the degree that performance would likely be impacted. Ball for ball, results were similar to what we found with the 2019 model. That’s pretty much true for all of the metrics we collect.

    Core Consistency

    Core color was consistent across all three boxes measured and we didn’t find any indications of miscellaneous debris, improper/incomplete mixing, etc.. To ensure color consistency, Titleist blends core materials across multiple batches so it’s rare to find any significant deviation.


    All of the covers in our Pro V1x sample were free from major defects. We did note a higher number of pin marks than we found with the previous model but didn’t find anything to be overly concerned about.

    Ball Lab Top Performers

    Want to know which balls have performed best in Ball Lab testing so far?

    Check out:

    Titleist Pro V1x: Consistency

    In this section, we detail the consistency of the Titleist Pro V1x. Our consistency metrics provide a measure of how similar the balls in our sample were to one another relative to all of the models we’ve tested to date.

    The headline here is pretty straightforward. Data collected on our gauges suggests the Titleist Pro V1x remains one of the most consistent balls on the planet. To illustrate the point, as I did with the Noodle Long and Soft review, I’ve included the ball-by-ball consistency chart from the Ball Lab database to give you a better sense of what a really consistent golf ball looks like.

    I’ve scaled the charts to show compression variance by +/- 10 points on either side of the average and a compression delta (the range of compression measurements within a single ball) up to eight points. Be sure to let us know if this type of chart is something you’d like to see more often.

    Weight Consistency
    • Relative to the other balls in the Ball Lab database, the weight consistency of the 2021 Titleist Pro V1x is in the Good range.
    • While the third box measured was a tick heavier than the first two, across the whole of the sample, the Pro V1x is still among the best in the Ball Lab database.
    Diameter Consistency
    • The diameter consistency of the Titleist Pro V1x easily qualifies as Good.
    • Consistency from box to box was generally excellent.
    Compression Consistency
    • Compression consistency across the sample was again Good.
    • While the seven-point compression range in the first box is perhaps a little squirrely by Titleist standards, with only a 7.5-compression point difference across the entire sample, the Pro V1x is better than most.
    • Compression consistency across the three points measured on each ball was nothing short of excellent.
    True Price

    True Price is how we quantify the quality of a golf ball. It's a projection of what you'd have to spend to ensure you get 12 good balls.

    The True Price will always be equal to or greater than the retail price. The greater the difference between the retail price and the True Price, the more you should be concerned about the quality of the ball.

    Titleist Pro V1x – Summary

    To learn more about our test process, how we define “bad” balls and our True Price metric, check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

    The 2021 Titleist Pro V1 is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Titleist. Our data suggests it’s an extremely consistent ball. While we don’t expect all of them to be perfect, the lack of significant defects in our sample should provide plenty of confidence that whatever issues you experience on the course, the ball probably isn’t to blame.

    • Well above average consistency across all of the metrics we measure in Ball Lab.
    • Among the highest quality, most consistent balls in the Ball Lab database.
    The Bad
    • Nothing of consequence.
    True Price

    The True Price of Titleist Pro V1x is $49.99. In the rare case of getting exactly what you pay for, that’s 0% above the retail price.

    Looking to save money? Through the end of this week, Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are on a Buy 3 Get 1 Free Promo.

    Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls Global Golf $49.99 Buy Now

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    Tenerife Championship added to 2021 schedule

    Golf Costa Adeje. Picture: Raico Rosenberg

    The European Tour today added the Tenerife Championship to its 2021 schedule, with the new event concluding a three week run in the Canary Islands.

    It will be played at Golf Costa Adeje from May 6 -9, the date vacated by the postponement of the Open de France last week.

    The Tenerife Championship will have a prize fund of €1.5million and forms a double-header at the venue, taking place the week after the Tenerife Open (April 29-May 2). The European Tour’s three-tournament stretch in the Canary Islands begins with next week’s Gran Canaria Lopesan Open which is hosted by Ryder Cup player Rafa Cabrera Bello at Meloneras Golf.

    Keith Pelley, European Tour Chief Executive, said: “We are very grateful to Golf Costa Adeje and the Costa Adeje Municipality for their support in creating the Tenerife Championship at such short notice.

    “It was important for us to replace the postponed Open de France to provide playing opportunities for our members while staging a second event in Tenerife, and playing a third consecutive week in the Canary Islands, also helps to reduce travel for our players, caddies and staff.

    “To create this event so quickly is a testament to everyone involved and we look forward to showcasing Golf Costa Adeje to our global audience for two consecutive weeks.”

    Paul de Sterck, Director of Golf Costa Adeje, said: “We are very proud to welcome the European Tour for one more week, for the Tenerife Championship that will be held in Golf Costa Adeje from May 6-9. It is a great opportunity to promote golf in Tenerife.”

    The European Tour last played in Tenerife in 2005 when John Bickerton won the Abama Open de Canarias. Golf Costa Adeje also hosted the Open de España in 2003, won by another Englishman, Kenneth Ferrie, while the Tenerife Open was played five times on the island between 1989 and 1994, with future Masters Champion and Ryder Cup Captain, José María Olazábal winning the inaugural edition and again in 1992.

    In addition to the three consecutive events in the Canary Islands, the European Tour will also play back-to-back events in mainland Spain later in 2021 - the Open de España at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid (October 7-10) and the Estrella Damm N.A. Andalucía Masters at Real Club Valderrama (October 14-17) – meaning it will visit the country five times in total this year.

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    Sandy Scott withdraws from Walker Cup team with injury

    Sandy Scott. Credit: The R&A.

    Sandy Scott has withdrawn from the Great Britain and Ireland Walker Cup team due to a wrist injury.

    First reserve, Jack Dyer, will now take his place in the side to play the United States of America at Seminole Golf Club on 8 and 9 May.

    Jake Bolton moves to first reserve with USA based Englishman Joe Pagdin added as second reserve.

    Representing Florida State University, Pagdin has achieved top ten finishes in the Florida Gators Invitational this season and in 2020, the AJGA Simplify Boys Championship at Carlton Woods and Western Amateur Championship. He has also represented GB&I in the Jacques Leglise Trophy and England in the R&A Boys’ Home Internationals and the European Boys Amateur Team Championship.

    The GB&I team:

    Barclay Brown (20, Hallamshire, England)

    Jack Dyer (23, Boyce Hill, England)

    Alex Fitzpatrick (22, Hallamshire, England)

    Angus Flanagan (21, St George’s Hill, England)

    Ben Jones (21, Northamptonshire County, England)

    Matty Lamb (23, Hexham, England)

    Joe Long (23, Lansdown, England)

    John Murphy (22, Kinsale, Ireland)

    Mark Power (20, Kilkenny, Ireland)

    Ben Schmidt (18, Rotherham, England)


    1. Jake Bolton (22, Ogbourne Downs, England)
    2. Joe Pagdin (19, Lake Nona, USA)


    Stuart Wilson (43, Forfar, Scotland)

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    Lotte Championship Preview 2021 The post Lotte Championship Preview 2021 appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog.

    Lotte Championship Preview 2021: Brooke Henderson aims for three-peat

    The post Lotte Championship Preview 2021 appeared first on GolfBlogger Golf Blog - A daily golf blog featuring golf news, golf course, equipment and book reviews, essays, golf lifestyle and musings. Proudly Made In Michigan, America's Summer Golf Capital

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    Pioneering Masters Champion Hidecki Matsuyama Hopes 'Many More Will Follow' HIDECKI MATSUYAMA IS THE NEW MASTERS CHAMPION.
    Shooting a 1-over 73 in the final round to win by one stroke, Matsuyama is the first player from Japan to earn a Green Jacket, as well as the first to claim any major championship.
    Afterwards Matsuyama acknowledged his "pioneer" role and hopes "many more will follow."
    He said, "It's thrilling to think there are a lot of youngsters in Japan watching today. Hopefully, in five, 10 years, when they get a little older, some of them will be competing on the world stage."
    The Japanese star began the day with a 4-shot lead after firing a 65 in a third round disrupted by a weather delay. But he only hit five fairways on Saturday, according to the CBS broadcast team.
    How would Matsuyama and his game hold up under final-round pressure? And who among the pack of chasers would exert additional pressure on the Asian golfer trying to make history?
    Except for a shaky tee shot and a bogey at the first, Matsuyama was in control most of the way. Xander Schauffele made a run on the final nine to pull within two shots. Then he rinsed his tee shot in the pond at 16 and recorded a triple bogey. (I imagine that's nightmare material for many days to come.)
    Matsuyama had just enough cushion to finish it off.
    As I told a new viewer (he said "golf can be quite entertaining") in a text:
    "Yes, the Masters usually delivers plenty of drama. There were some messes on the final nine, not one of the best, most-watchable Masters. But I'm glad Matsuyama hung on. It's good on many levels."
    Embed from Getty Images window.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:'YSeTKpkTT5xOelh7II_0eQ',sig:'u9jgu4CVcz3L5PlzKxj5jYiD1m9ie5QHZG9y9THt1oI=',w:'594px',h:'397px',items:'1232259097',caption: true ,tld:'com',is360: false })});

    [Author: The Armchair Golfer]

    Tue, 13 Apr 2021 17:59:30 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Japan Sport Golf Cbs Masters Matsuyama Xander Schauffele The Armchair Golfer Green Jacket Hidecki Matsuyama
    'I Flushed It': Xander Schauffele Explains the Tee Shot That Drowned His Hopes at the Masters Embed from Getty Images window.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:'69xK5kW7SR5_aqv9Himtzw',sig:'KroX625kYTnzuqNDh0dxGjW9cVJkhHoEB6DK3LteEqQ=',w:'594px',h:'396px',items:'1312015149',caption: true ,tld:'com',is360: false })});
    JUST WHEN IT GOT INTERESTING late on Sunday at the Masters, when Xander Schauffele pulled within two shots of Mr. Steady, Hidecki Matsuyama, when he had the honors at the par-3 16th and could cozy a short iron within birdie distance and apply more pressure, the worst thing happened. Water.
    Who hits it in the pond on 16? The CBS broadcast team mentioned it was a rare occurrence these days.
    As I remember, Schauffele's ball seemed to be flying directly at the pin, not the safer line of right of flag to let it catch the slope and funnel to the hole. Plus the shot came up short. Had it been hit farther right it would have stayed dry.
    What happened? Was it a pull? Was it a mishit?
    No, not according to Xander. "I flushed it."
    Here's what he said to CBS, as quoted by Golf Digest:
    I was coming in hot, I was feeling good. Hideki surprisingly went for the green on 15. I felt like he gave me a little bit of hope there, and maybe a little hyperaggressive there on 16. I've been told so many things by so many veterans. Play the winds you feel. Austin [his caddie] and I, it was 184, we felt down cut at the moment. I hit an 8-iron, and I flushed it. It was not down cut.

    No, I hit a perfect shot. I told Austin I flushed it, which makes it even worse. We can share the misery together. I fought hard. It was a messy start. Hideki was robot-like for 13 holes, didn't make a mistake. I felt like I gave him a little bit of run and a little bit of excitement to the tournament there at the end. Unfortunately, hit it in the drink there.

    Schauffele is moving on. At least that's his story.

    "I hit a good shot. I committed to it. It turned out bad. I'll be able to sleep tonight. I might be tossing and turning, but I'll be okay."

    [Author: The Armchair Golfer]

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    Is Faster ALWAYS Better? | NPG 79 Swing speed trainers are steadily growing in popularity, but just how essential is speed for achieving lower scores?

    • 1:04 – The best drivers for slow swing speeds
    • 5:49 – Rypstick offers speed training and more
    • 10:10 – Superspeed’s tried and true methods
    • 13:15 – Stack System’s personalized approach
    • 21:31 – Is the industry’s emphasis on speed warranted?
    • 37:09 – Tony’s putter pick and tinkering habits
    Watch Now Also available on:

    and all major podcast apps.


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    We Tried It: Cayce Custom Headcovers There is a lot of cool gear in the golf equipment world that doesn’t always fit neatly into Most Wanted Tests or Buyer’s Guides. You still want to know how it performs. In our We Tried It series, we put gear to the test and let you know if it works as advertised.

    What We Tried

    Cayce custom headcovers.

    Product Expert

    Hi, I’m Chris and I’m a golf-obsessed member of the MyGolfSpy team. As the Director of Business Development, I generally work as a conduit between our staff and other golf companies. I also get to opine on our fabulous weekly podcast, NoPuttsGiven (shameless plug), and, as time allows, collect my thoughts into ramblings on equipment or other golf topics.

    But, like many of you, I can’t wait for the next brown box to show up on my doorstep.

    What Is Cayce?

    I first came across Cayce Golf while researching potential companies to include in our annual “59 Awards.” The purpose of this list is to, for a minute, step outside our data-centric world and recognize products or brands that fit three relatively subjective criteria:

    Unique. Innovative. Cool.

    Maybe more than any other accessory, custom headcovers place form ahead of function. I mean, really other than not falling off during a round, the job of a headcover is painfully basic. And you really don’t notice unless something goes wrong. Basically, it’s a shoelace of sorts.

    Going Custom?

    Stock headcovers are so 2005. I mean, I can appreciate the lengths to which some manufactures go to try and provide a “quality” stock headcover. But, much like stock shafts, the intention is to spend as little as possible to get something that does the bare minimum. Stock headcovers tend to be thin, poorly constructed and meant to be treated fractionally better than a disposable razor.

    And not for nothing, but it’s basically free advertising for TaylorMade, Callaway, PING or whatever brand sits under that $4 sheath.

    The Same But Different

    You might have started down this rabbit hole once or twice. Maybe it was a diversion from folding laundry or just one of those evenings that got away from you. Regardless, myriad options exist if the objective is to add a little personalized flair to your bag. With Cayce, its distinguishing characteristics center around materials and an intentionally simplistic aesthetic approach.

    Here We Go


    The process for creating a custom Cayce headcover is likely reasonably close to what most consumers might expect.

    Step 1 – Create a request.

    Well, actually prior to submitting the request, you have to find the form. It’s one of those things that should be pretty simple to locate but I probably don’t need to tell you how many websites are cumbersome and difficult to navigate. No such concerns here. The “Custom Headcovers” link on the menu takes you to a dedicated page containing pertinent information on placing a custom order.

    As part of your inquiry, Cayce suggests you upload any vector art, design assets/mood boards or cocktail napkin sketches that might help serve as inspiration.

    With this sort of interface, I think the “Goldilocks theorem” applies. To clarify: a little direction is helpful but too much can be constraining. Because the designer on the other end of the interwebs doesn’t know you or your preferences, it’s best to give some clear direction. My advice: pick a single theme and stick with it. For example, “hot tubs” or “ice cream.” From there, you can treat the “mood board” section as a semi-random collage of screen shots, images and anything else you want the designer to take in to account when creating the mock-up.

    On the contrary, if there is an exact look you want, Cayce is happy to let you dictate as much of the final design as you’d like. My thinking is that if I’m going to drop the equivalent of a nice evening out with my wife on a driver cover, I’d like to at least explore the creative ideas of someone else.

    Step 2 – Wait.

    Cayce states that someone will reach out to you within 24 hours. I’m a big fan of companies that under-promise and over-deliver so I thought this timeline might be slightly ambitious. It wasn’t. I submitted my design request in the afternoon and received a reply the following morning.

    More or less, this communication served as the acknowledgment of my request. It also set in motion the design process. In a couple of days, I received several mock-ups. The drafts were close but not exactly what I’d envisioned. So, over the next four days, we batted ideas back and forth. Once everything looked to be in order, all that was left was to give final approval and pay. And then …

    Step 3 – Wait … just a bit longer.

    Because Cayce works with individuals and a variety of order sizes, production times can vary. It’s also 2021 and domestic shipping is a veritable hot mess. That said, five to 10 days is typical. Considering that it feels like the entire golf industry is perpetually on backorder, that’s more than respectable. As promised, about a week later, the headcovers showed up on my doorstep. And true to Cayce’s promise, they do look better in person.

    Yeah, it’s trite and a pretty low bar. That said, it’s always nice when the in-person 3D version is clearly better than the high-def, 2D facsimile.

    Product Notes .truegolffit-banner-inner-right { padding-top: calc(574/1020 * (100% - 430px)); } @media screen and (max-width: 991px) { .truegolffit-banner-inner-right { padding-top: calc(574/1020 * 100%); width: 100%; } } GET FIT FOR YOUR GAME WITH TRUEGOLFFIT™

    Unbiased. No Guesswork. All Major Brands. Matched To Your Swing. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning.


    A custom Cayce headcover starts at $130. Is that reasonable? In the world of $7 lattes and $55 t-shirts, I have no idea what’s sensible. It’s futile to assess the relationship between cost and value with something as subjective as custom gear.

    The DURA+ fabric concoction Cayce uses is UV and water-resistant. But more importantly, the 500D polyester textile is machine washable and gives Cayce headcovers a distinct look.

    Sorry, your browser doesn't support this embedded media

    From a design standpoint, polyester is a textile conducive to certain patterns and motifs. Think Picasso and Cubism as opposed to Flack and Photorealism. The largest potential downside, however, is polyester doesn’t exactly scream “boujee” the same way that hand-cut leather might. Moving forward, I’d be keen to see Cayce collaborate with artists who might be looking to get into the golf space but need a different type of canvas. Perhaps something akin to Roly Padron and Nomad Customs.

    If nothing else, it would potentially elevate Cayce and give it a clear differentiator in the market.

    Maybe that happens. Maybe it doesn’t. Regardless, Cayce gives golfers some unique options in a market often ruled by minimum order quantities and stale, repetitive designs.

    If you could design a custom headcover, what would it look like?

    Cayce Custom Head Covers Cayce Custom Head Covers $130+ Buy Now

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    The 5 best golf shoes for golfers of any skill level
  • Golf shoes give you traction to stay balanced during your swing and help avoid tiring out your legs.
  • The best should offer a combination of proper fit, traction in a variety of conditions, and lasting comfort.
  • Our top pick, the Skechers Go Golf Elite 2, is comfortable, waterproof, and has grippy spikes for added traction.
  • Golf shoes have come a long way in the past few decades. For most of the 20th century, golfers wore what were essentially dress shoes with hard metal spikes molded into the soles. Though you likely have an idea of how uncomfortable they were by reading that sentence alone, they managed to be even more painful than you'd imagine.

    Thankfully, those days are long gone as today's golf shoes underwent a significant transformation. Metal spikes gave way to plastic spikes that aren't as sharp but have more contact points with the ground. The dress shoe style still exists but golf shoes resembling athletic shoes are preferred by PGA Tour golfers and amateurs alike.

    But above all, they're far more comfortable than their yesteryear counterparts - and they've taken design cues from shoes used by runners. When you consider golfers could be walking the equivalent of almost a 10K road race each time they play 18 holes, borrowing design elements from a running shoe (which are much more comfortable) isn't all that surprising.

    Just as the shoes themselves innovated, the number of available styles has multiplied as well. With great variety, however, comes the stress of making sure you're buying the right pair suited to your game.

    To help, I've rounded up five of our favorite pairs from brands like Adidas, Puma, and Skechers, each with their own benefit for golfers of any skill level. At the end of this guide, I've also included a few tips on how to shop for golf shoes and what to keep in mind.

    Here are the best golf shoes: Updated on 4/13/2021 by Rick Stella: Updated the section on how to shop for golf shoes, added links to other Insider Reviews golf coverage, updated the intro for relevancy, checked the availability of each recommended shoe, and updated the pricing. The best overall best golf shoes


    The Skechers Go Golf Elite 2 golf shoes provide a high level of performance and support while you golf, and they're also extremely comfortable.

    Pros: High level of comfort for a full round of golf, provides strong waterproof capabilities, perfect shoes for those who will walk the course, will give you a nice level of support in the midsole

    Cons: Spikeless design doesn't have quite the traction of a spiked shoe, toe box is a little tight

    Regardless of whether you're walking the golf course or riding in a cart, you'll be spending plenty of time on your feet. That makes comfort incredibly important in your golf shoes. The Skechers Go Golf Elite 2 spikeless golf shoes nabbed our top spot thanks to being comfortable enough for long days on the greens.

    Aside from comfort, the shoes also feature a waterproof and breathable style that makes them great for any weather condition. Skechers designed the Go Golf Elite 2 to have a leather upper segment that's fused to the sole which provides the waterproofing. This allows them to hold up in the rain but is meant more for those early morning rounds on dewy grass. 

    The shoe's midsole provides just the right mix of comfort and support, too, to keep your feet happy as you play all 18 holes. You can buy the Go Golf Elite 2 in multiple color combinations, sizes, and in men's and women's designs.

    The best spikeless best golf shoes 2


    The Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoes are comfortable for walking but feature an innovative sole that gives you more traction than most spikeless shoes.

    Pros: Impressive spikeless design of the sole creates hundreds of points of contact with the ground for a smooth swing and extra support for walking, highly comfortable shoe, waterproof leather construction

    Cons: Price point is a little high for spikeless shoes, sizes tend to run a little small

    Spikeless golf shoes certainly feel comfortable when you're walking on the course but traction is a hit and miss proposition with them. Ecco decided to make traction a priority with its various spikeless golf shoes, culminating in the Biom Hybrid 2.

    Ecco spent plenty of time designing the sole of its Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoes to help you with traction on the course. This research culminated in the creation of unique Traction Bars which give you the grip you need to have a sturdy swing.

    With the recently released Biom Hybrid 2, Ecco extended the Traction Bars around the heel of the shoe to improve the balance of its spikeless shoes even more, slightly tweaking the design of its original Biom.

    The redesigned pattern of the spikeless sole on these golf shoes helps you maintain a better level of traction during your swing while allowing you to walk naturally.

    You'll especially appreciate the shoe's two-piece sole, which creates a mixture of extra firm support for your golf swing on one side and a softer part comfort while walking. The placement of the two parts matches the different movements you make when swinging the golf club versus walking. 

    The Biom Hybrid 2 has 800 points of contact with the ground, which gives you a high level of traction. Yet, these shoes are comfortable enough to wear away from the course, too.

    The upper portion of the shoe consists of durable yak leather, which is also breathable. Ecco uses Hydromax technology to keep the yak leather pliable and to give it waterproof capabilities. 

    The best spiked best golf shoes 3


    The high-quality construction and inexpensive price tag of the Adipure Flex spiked golf shoes should put Adidas on your radar for golf gear.

    Pros: Great price point for spiked golf shoes, extra grouping of spikes near the heel helps to deliver good traction for power, waterproof design works especially well in cold and rainy weather

    Cons: Low handicap players may want more traction in the toe area, arch support could be better

    If you feel more comfortable playing golf with a true spiked golf shoe, the Adidas Adipure Flex golf shoes are your best bet, offering an excellent mixture of performance, comfort, and affordability. 

    These shoes are also waterproof, which is helpful when playing in wet conditions early in the morning or after a rainstorm. If you're wearing a spiked golf shoe, you're probably already concerned about keeping your traction in wet conditions, so the waterproof capabilities in these shoes are important.

    With seven spikes on the sole of the Adipure Flex, you'll receive good traction on the green, in the fairway, while driving, and all over the course. Three of the spikes are tightly bunched in the heel area, giving you extra traction for generating power. These shoes perform especially well in cold and wet conditions.

    These shoes give you a nice level of comfort, too, as they each feature a sock liner that molds to your foot. Adidas sells the Adipure in several different colorways, making them suitable to match a variety of personal golf styles. 

    The best for comfort best golf shoes 4

    New Balance

    When you walk 18 holes, you're almost traveling as far as you would in a 10K road race, and the New Balance Minimus shoes deliver in keeping you comfortable the entire time.

    Pros: Good price point for golf shoes, very comfortable style of golf shoes made for walking the golf course, excellent waterproof capabilities, flexible sole means you don't need a break-in period

    Cons: Spikeless design may not deliver the traction you need, the longevity of these shoes is questionable

    If you've ever shopped for running gear, you know the name New Balance. This shoe company is popular among runners looking to stay comfortable over long distances. And when you consider the fact a golfer might walk 5 to 6 miles during an 18-hole round of golf, it's easy to understand the importance of comfort in a golf shoe.

    As such, it's probably a no-brainer to see the New Balance Minimus golf shoes end up on this list as our pick for most comfortable. After all, the company already has proven its ability to create comfortable running shoes that are designed for going the distance in comfort.

    The Minimus is a spikeless golf shoe, and New Balance's designers took advantage of that by creating a flexible sole that further contributes to the comfort of the shoe. The flexible sole means that these shoes don't require a break-in period.

    You can purchase the Minimus golf shoes from New Balance in multiple colors and sizes, and you can select from men's or women's shoes.

    The best for stability best golf shoes 5


    Spikes that flex independently inside the sole of the shoe help the Puma Ignite Pwradapt golf shoes conform to any lie you'll find on the golf course.

    Pros: Unique design of the spikes gives you an incredibly solid base, completely waterproof design, extra support and padding in areas where the foot is typically under stress, comfortable shoes

    Cons: Can feel the spikes when walking on firm ground, the sole may be too flexible for some golfers

    When you're trying to drop that long 4-iron shot onto the 18th green for bragging rights, you know you'll need a little extra power in your shot. The last thing you want to do is slip or fall slightly off-balance on your downswing because then you'll end up in the sand trap.

    To gain that extra power, you need solid footing and stability throughout your swing. The newly designed Puma Ignite Pwradapt golf shoes use a unique design in the spikes to give you an impressively stable swing.

    Each of the seven spikes built into the sole of the Ignite Pwradapt is attached to a disc that can move independently inside its base, matching the angle of the ground each part of your foot is using. Think of these flexible spikes kind of like the rotating heads in an electric shaver that flex up and down to match the contours of your face.

    Even though the sole is the highlight, the rest of the shoe features mesh for breathability, as well as some useful waterproofing throughout. Puma didn't ignore comfort, either, and built this model with the same Ignite foam cushion found in previous models, giving it additional cushioning in the mid-sole.

    Additionally, the Ignite Pwradapt shoes provide support in the areas of the shoe where feet typically are under the most stress, making it more comfortable to walk long distances.

    How to shop for golf shoes

    In the 1990s, metal spikes gave way to plastic spikes, and around 2010, spikeless shoes began to appear on the golf course. Choosing between spiked and spikeless golf shoes will be your most important choice when buying golf shoes.

    Spikes in modern golf shoes often consist of plastic with five or six prongs per spike. You can replace these plastic spikes once they become worn or lost. A spike will help you maintain traction on the ground in wet weather, in tall grass, on hills, or when you have an odd lie.

    Spikeless shoes are the more comfortable type of golf shoes, as they most resemble other types of athletic shoes. Rather than a waffle tread like you might find on a basketball or tennis shoe though, a spikeless shoe has nubs and bumps on the sole of the shoe, creating contact with the ground without being uncomfortable for walking. You can wear spikeless golf shoes anywhere, which many people like.

    A spikeless golf shoe generally offers more comfort than a spiked golf shoe. However, if you want the most traction when swinging a golf club, especially on a power shot, spiked golf shoes outperform spikeless golf shoes.

    When shopping for golf shoes, you'll also want to think about comfort, style, and waterproofing (especially if you plan to golf in a region that sees a lot of annual rainfall and precipitation). 

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