Bloglikes - Infertility en-US Thu, 15 Apr 2021 18:05:08 +0000 Sat, 06 Apr 2013 00:00:00 +0000 FeedWriter Mike Huckabee Hasn’t Changed Much Over the past four years, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has become a reliable defender of Donald Trump and Trumpism. He recently aroused the ire of Beth Moore and hundreds of other Twitter users with a  trademark bad dad joke tweet implying that Chinese people get special privilege from corporate America. The tone of the tweet appears to minimize the recent wave of anti-Asian attacks.

Mike, I’ve shared a meal with you at your beautiful table. I’ve heard you profess Christ as Lord. This is entirely antithetical to the gospel.

— Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM) April 4, 2021

He’s back at it again today with this tweet.

Breaking wind from CNN! Coke will announce name change today to “Woke-A-Cola” which has been approved by the Chinese Communist Party & by the leftist loons who the company bows to more than their actual customers. #CancelCulture

— Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) April 5, 2021

Actually, totured reasoning isn’t anything new to Huckabee. The same guy who once half-joked that he wished he could force people at gun point to listen to David Barton’s lectures, once defended the police for shooting two black youth for stealing beer.

While I cannot say how this came to me, I here reproduce a column Huckabee wrote in 1975 which justifies the police shooting of two black young men who were caught stealing beer. One of the young men, 17, was killed. Huckabee actually says the shooting was the fault of the boys. Because they stole beer, they deserved to be shot, he reasoned. In the real world, it is hard to imagine white boys being shot dead for stealing beer.

Huckabee’s insensitivity to race as an issue in this shooting sounds sadly contemporary. White boys stealing some beer — or abusing an animal as Huckabee’s son was once accused of doing — might be slapped on the hands or given probation, but deadly force was used with these black young men.

Huckabee’s defense of the officers was that they couldn’t tell if the young men were black or white. This seems to be a ridiculous assertion. According to Huckabee, the boys were ordered to stop but ran. The officers surely saw them when they ordered them to stop. They were close enough to shoot them.

Stealing beer shouldn’t trigger a death sentence. Instead of calling for an investigation, Huckabee used his influence as a white minister to defend deadly force for a minor crime, quite possibly with racial bias. I realize this is long time ago, but apparently Huckabee hasn’t changed much.

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How to build a custom deer fence for your garden How to build a custom deer fence for your garden

When I started my garden, I had a fence using T posts and plastic deer fence. It worked for deer, but didn’t keep out smaller animals that would come in underneath it. This year, since I was expanding the garden, I wanted to improve the deer fence as well. We decided to build a permanent wood and welded wire fence that extended underground with hardware cloth.


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Eric Metaxas Goes Anti-Vax Not only has Eric Metaxas become a conspiracy theorist when it comes to the 2020 presidential election, he apparently has gone full anti-vax.

I told you about his move into this world back in 2020. Now Metaxas is telling his followers not to get vaccinated.

Don’t get the vaccine. Pass it on.

— Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) March 29, 2021

Hat tip to Joemygod for this. I am blocked by Metaxas so I didn’t see it.

In May 2020, Metaxas had Kent Heckenlively on his radio show and gave him a 36 minute commercial for the anti-vax movement. Heckenlively was allowed to provide a full recitation of the anti-vax catalog of false claims and half-truths. Now it seems Metaxas has fully sided with the fringe and may push some people over the anti-vax edge.

He just keeps finding the edge of the fringe and jumping off.

It's not a vaccine. Pass it on.

— Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) March 29, 2021

The article that Metaxas links to is not by a scientist or virologist but by a conspiracy writer. In it, he writes:

It [the vaccine] is not a vaccine. Vaccines are actually a legally defined term. And they’re a legally defined term under public health law. They’re a legally defined term under CDC and FDA standards, and a vaccine specifically has to stimulate, both an immunity within the person receiving it but it also has to disrupt transmission. And that’s not what this is.

Here is the CDC definition of a vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.

While there is a question about transmission with these vaccines, these questions don’t render the vaccine not a vaccine. Past vaccination efforts have had inconsistent results when it comes to transmission immunity. See this Scientific American article for more on that topic.

This 2009 scientific virology paper casts doubt on the notion that transmission prevention is a requirement to be a vaccine:

The benefits of reducing person-to-person transmission in the context of either an epidemic or a pandemic are clear. It is therefore appropriate that one of the main aims of vaccination is to limit transmission. Nevertheless, the efficacy of vaccines in blocking viral spread, either to or from the vaccinated individual, is not traditionally assessed in preclinical or clinical trials.

Beneficial? Yes. Required or “traditionally assessed?” No.

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Matt Walsh Owns Himself Isn’t this what is called a self-own?

Every time I argue that uninformed voters should be weeded out with testing, I’m accused of racism. But if you call that racist, what you’re saying is that you think minorities are uninformed. That’s not my view, it’s yours, you bigot. My focus isn’t race, it’s competency.

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) March 26, 2021

Well, Matt, who will decide who is competent and informed? Judging by your tweets, I don’t think you are informed so, sorry, no vote for you.

Conservative gadfly Walsh is accused of racism because his suggestion has been used before for racist intent. Literacy and competency tests were used beginning after the Civil War to exclude blacks from voting. Whites judged the answers to ridiculous questions (see some examples here) with the transparent purpose to keep blacks from voting. Walsh deserves all the ridicule he gets.


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Empathy is Not a Sin I am late to this strange party.

There is a kerfuffle going around about empathy being a sin. Some theodudes think it is and most people know it isn’t. I am not going to get into it too much, but here are a couple of links to the empathy is sin crowd.

Reformed pastor and apoligist James White says empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another” and is sin:

When you start with man as image-bearing creature of God, you can understand why sympathy is good, but empathy is sinful.

Do not surrender our mind to the sinful emotional responses of others.

Minnesota pastor Joe Rigney sat down with Doug Wilson to declare empathy a sin in this odd exchange.

Rigney: That’s right. And the, and I think that actually is the most relevant difference between them because, so empathy is the sort of thing that you’ve got someone drowning, or they’re in quicksand, and they’re sinking. And what empathy wants to do it jump into the quicksand with them, both feet, and-and it feels like that’s going to be more loving, because they’re going to feel like, I’m glad that you’re here with me in the quicksand. Problem is you’re both now sinking. Wilson: Right. Rigney: Right. Whereas, if you do, I’m going to keep one foot on the shore, and I’m actually gonna grab onto this big branch, and then I’ll step one foot in there with you and try to pull you out. That’s sympathy, and that’s-that’s actually helpful. But to the person who’s in there, it can feel like you’re judging me. Wilson: So sympathy’s clearly hierarchical. Rigney: Right. It implies that one person is the hurting, and one person is the helper. Wilson: Right. Rigney: And, and no, and that’s part of the problem is no one wants to feel like they’re the hurting. We want to equalize everything. And so, and so empathy demands, get in here with me, otherwise you don’t love me. Wilson: But what do you lose— when you get in there with them, and you’re all in, they’re drowning, they’re in the quicksand, they’re in the trouble, and you identify with them completely.

Rigney went around a little with Karen Prior here.

What the theodudes seem upset about is that they seem to believe empathy puts the person who understands another’s feelings and experience on the same level as the person who is being understood. They want to be in authority.

Equality. What a concept.

Furthermore, they seem to think empathy means accepting everything anyone else does without moral evaluation. Or at least James White seems to think that. White goes out on the porch of his blog and yells at all of the empaths on his lawn, screaming:

We are not to weep with the bank robber who botches the job and ends up in the slammer. We are, plainly, to exercise control even in our sympathy. We are not to sympathize with sin, nor are we to sympathize with rebellion, or evil.

But the new cultural (and it has flown into the church as well) orthodoxy is: you shall empathize. You shall enter into the emotions of others AND YOU SHALL NOT MAKE JUDGMENTS ABOUT SAID EMOTIONS. By so doing YOU SHALL VALIDATE ALL HUMAN EXPERIENCES AS SUPREME. The greatest sin of all today is to say, “The emotions that person is experiencing are the result of sinful rebellion against God, and hence do not require my validation, support, or celebration.” HOW DARE YOU! That is the great rule I stepped upon, and must now pay the price.

I’d like to say I know how you feel, James, but I don’t.

Empathy is Not Sin

Empathy isn’t acceptance of things you don’t agree with. Empathy doesn’t require you to give up any position you might otherwise have. For instance, parents can empathize with their wayward children (“when I was your age…”) and still adminster correction and direction. When parents communicate their understanding with care, it helps build relationship even when restrictions need to be imposed.

Empathy is simply understanding the inner world of other people. It is all about being able to relate to them and understand what they are going through. It quite important in human functioning and when absent is associated with cruelty and antisocial behavior.

When Joe Rigney and Doug Wilson talk about someone jumping into quicksand with both feet, they are not describing empathy; they instead describe impulsivity. Sympathy or empathy might move a person to prosocial behavior, but strategy to conduct the behavior is another matter. A thoughtful person would perform the rescue safely; an impulsive person might just jump in. Both would be empathic, but only one would live to tell about it.

Understand this; empathy is good.


Here are some articles on empathy and related topics.

Empathy-related Responding: Associations with Prosocial Behavior, Aggression, and Intergroup Relations

Empathy in Narcissistic Personality Disorder: From Clinical and Empirical Perspectives

Why empathy has a beneficial impact on others in medicine: unifying theories

Prosocial motivation: Is it ever truly altruistic?

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Withdrawing Support for John Herold as a Hearing Voices Movement Facilitator, Teacher, or Leader Continue Reading →]]> Thu, 25 Mar 2021 11:40:08 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Health John Infertility Will Hall John Herold Kate HillMarch How I organize my seeds and plant information How I organize my seeds and plant information

If you have many different types of plants that you are growing, it can get confusing. I will show you how to organize your seed packets and all of your plant details, while making the information easily accessible from anywhere. I will also give you my template to use.

Physical Seed Organization and Storage

This was the easy part.


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LAUNDRY DETERGENTS HARM FERTILITY However, you may be interested to know that what makes your clothes look and smell so great could be Sandy Robertson's Fertility Bodywork, click here
a problem not only for your health and fertility, but also for the environment. Here is an article that discusses some of the dangers lurking in your laundry soap.  When I was trying to conceive, I tried to use only a minimal amount of detergent.  Baking soda and vinegar make great laundry detergents!  I am so much more aware now of those overwhelming scents. Now that I have reduced my use of these products, I can smell them on other people.  It is almost overpowering.
Here are just a few of the chemicals discussed in the article:
Phenols: According to the National Institutes of Health, phenol is toxic and people who are hypersensitive to it could experience death or serious side effects at very low exposures. Plus, it is rapidly absorbed and can cause toxicity throughout the entire body. Typically, death and severe toxicity result from phenol's effects on the central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, lungs and kidneys.
One common surfactant in U.S. laundry detergents is nonyl phenol ethoxylate (this chemical has been banned in Europe, and was found to slowly biodegrade into even more toxic compounds). Studies have found that this surfactant stimulates the growth of breast cancer cells and feminizes male fish.
Are chemicals in commercial laundry detergents leaving your clothes dangerously clean?
Optical brighteners: These synthetic chemicals convert UV light wavelengths into visible light, which makes laundered clothes appear whiter (although does not actually affect the cleanliness of the clothing). They've been found to be toxic to fish and to cause bacterial mutations. Further, they can cause allergic reactions when exposed to skin that is later exposed to sunlight.
Phosphates: These chemicals are used to remove hard-water minerals to make detergents more effective, and to prevent dirt from settling back onto clothes during a wash. A major problem with them is that, when released into the environment, they stimulate the growth of certain marine plants, which contributes to unbalanced ecosystems. Many states have banned or restricted the use of phosphates for this reason, and you may see laundry detergents advertised as "low-phosphate" or "phosphate-free."
Sodium hypochlorite (household bleach): This is a chemical precursor to chlorine, which is highly toxic and involved in more household poisonings than any other chemical. When it reacts with organic materials in the environment, carcinogenic and toxic compounds are created than can cause reproductive, endocrine and immune system disorders.


[Author: Sandy Robertson]

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Here is an interesting article about mentally controlling your fertility:
From the article:
Think of it this way… If you tell your body that you want to have a baby, its job is to prepare. You will ovulate, your uterus prepares and creates a lining, and you might start eating a little bit more or feel a little more tired. This is your body’s way of preparing for what you asked from it. If you are sure that you want to get pregnant, then your body should cooperate with that mental affirmation and you will get pregnant. If there is any doubt in your mind, the chances lessen.
If you tell your body that you don’t want to have a baby, your bodies job is to make sure there is no secure place for an egg to plant itself. This doesn’t necessarily prevent conception, but even if it does occur, the egg has no where to grow and develop and is just pushed out with your period. Such as a ‘blight ovum’. If you are sure you don’t want to get pregnant, then your body should cooperate with that affirmation and your chances of getting pregnant become very low. If there is any doubt in your mind, the chances increase.
This would explain the occurrences when women get pregnant on birth control, or do not get pregnant without birth control. Or how a woman who found out about an unwanted pregnancy, might suddenly miscarry.
The idea is that you can tell your body what you want it to do, and it will do it. As long as you keep the affirmations going. Wanting to be pregnant should be clear in your mind, and you should repetitively tell your body that. If you don’t keep up the affirmation, your body might go back to its instinctual schedule and catch you off guard.\

Click here for Sandy Robertson's Resources

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Pregnancy Over 40, Plant Based Estrogens Phytoestrogens are plant based estrogens which are also called "dietary estrogens" when consumed.
Soy foods contain phytoestrogens and I did make soy a part of my diet while trying to conceive.
If You're Trying To Get Pregnant, Phytoestrogens May Be A Good Addition To Your Diets   However, since that time, I've read some articles on how soy may be detrimental to fertility (as with See Sandy Robertson's Fertility Bodywork Here
much research, if you look long enough, you can always find opposing viewpoints).
There are differing opinions on soy for fertility This article seems to support the use of soy in women because of something called "isoflavones" which are phytoestrogens.   Please note:  most sources seem to agree that soy may have a detrimental affect on men's fertility. Read more:
In a study at University Hospital in Perugia, Italy (Fertility & Sterility 2004), women who were undergoing IVF treatment (fertilization of the egg takes place outside the body and is implanted in the uterus) were given progesterone with 1,500 mg of soy isoflavones, while the control group was given progesterone and a placebo. Progesterone is required to assist with the implantation of the embryo in the uterus, and it became apparent that the soy isoflavones assisted with greater fertility and birth success rates.
The study assessed rates of embryo implantation, biochemical pregnancy (based on hormone levels), actual pregnancy (seeing an embryo with heartbeat via ultrasound), miscarriage, and delivery. Women who had received the isoflavones had significantly higher rates of pregnancy and delivery than the control group. Thirty percent of the study group gave birth, compared to 16 percent in those who received no soy supplementation. The soy phytoestrogens, while having no adverse side effects, may have a hormone-like activity in the body and consequently enhance fertility for women in an IVF program. Further study is encouraged to understand how phytoestrogens exert their positive effects.


[Author: Sandy Robertson]

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News Reports: India’s Tax Authorities Take Control of Gospel for Asia’s Cheruvally Estate in Alleged Money Laundering Case According to news reports out of India this morning, government Income Tax Department has confiscated the Cheruvally Estate and another 2,000 acres of land  belonging to Believers’ Church in the state of Kerala. This action, according to reports, is tied to the governments ongoing investigation of a money laudering scheme involving allegedly $821-million in foreign donations. Believers’ Church is run by K.P. Yohannan who is the founder and CEO of Gospel for Asia, headquartered in Wills Point, TX.

In November 2020, the Income Tax Department raided Believers’ Church and Yohannan’s homes and due to suspicion of a money laundering operation. According to this recent report, Yohannan was supposed to return to India for questioning in December 2020 but failed to do so. According to this report, he is at the Wills Point headquarters.

The allegations are similar to those at issue in the RICO lawsuit settled in 2019 with GFA. In that case Garland and Phyliss Murphy accused the mission giant of failing to spend donations as promised and diverting money to other projects in India. The $37-million settlement was followed by a similar suit in Canada which is ongoing.


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MID-CYCLE OVULATION BLEEDING, IS IT NORMAL? Slight bleeding around ovulation can be a normal part of the process. However, if you are trying to conceive, it might be something to get checked out since it could be a sign of underlying problems like or 

Sandy Robertson's Pregnancy Meditation
endometriosis. Read more:
Sometimes, during the middle of a woman’s menstrual cycle, when she is ovulating, she may have some bleeding. Ovulation bleeding is different from the regular menstrual flow. Ovulation bleeding tends to be pink to red in color. Ovulation bleeding is lighter than menstrual flow. Ovulation bleeding typically will last for one to two days.

A variety of factors can cause ovulation bleeding. For most women who experience ovulation bleeding, the cause is not clear. It may be related to the emergency of follicles. Hormones prompt ovaries to produce around 20 follicles that contain an immature egg, and out of this only one follicle matures. It is during this process of maturing and bursting out from the follicle that pain or bleeding occurs. Ovulation bleeding that is severe or that lasts longer than a couple of days can be a symptom of certain medical conditions, including endometriosis.
Bleeding episodes that are 2 weeks apart suggest that there may be a lack of ovulation altogether. A variety of conditions can cause this, including irritation to the cervix, polyps in the cervix, or polyps in the uterus.


[Author: Sandy Robertson]

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The Master’s University President Sam Horn Resigns This just in from TMU and TMS:

March 1, 2021. Special Update From the TMUS Board of Directors:

On Friday, February 26, the Board of Directors received a letter of resignation from our TMUS president, Dr. Sam Horn. The board is grateful for the several important institutional milestones that were reached this past year, including the school’s reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the reaffirmation of accreditation by WSCUC. This past year has been one of the most challenging years in higher education and we are grateful for our entire leadership team during this unprecedented time. In the coming days, the Board of Directors will appoint an interim president and begin the process of looking for the next president. Pray for us as we seek what is best for the future of both TMU and TMS.

This doesn’t sound like a joyful send off.

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Have You Asked God Yet To Bless You With A Baby? Guest Post By Veronica Anusionwu
Many women facing infertility and miscarriage have asked everyone to help them have a baby except God.
They have asked their husbands, their doctors, friends, "Please Help me to have a baby", But I want to See also the Fertility Shop for Sandy Robertson's Book, Video, Audio
ask you a question, have you asked God to give you a child?
I want to use this bible story of female infertility to encourage you.
This is about a lady named Rachel. The bible says "When Rachel saw that she was not bearing Jacob any children, she became jealous of her sister, because her sister had children.
So she said to Jacob, "Give me children, or I'll die! Jacob became angry with her and said, "Am I in the place of God, who has kept you from having children?" Genesis 30:1-2.
When she got tired of infertility she cried out for help. But she only reached out for the wrong person.
Her husband became angry with her and said, "Am I in the place of God, who has kept you from having children?
I have since discovered from my own life experience that a man is only a tool in the hand of God.
Many times our hearts can be set in the wrong direction, and this affects our outcome in life. Today, I want to encourage you to come to God and ask him for a baby.
You may be facing miscarriage, female infertility, hormonal imbalances, polycystic ovarian problems, or even secondary infertility. You can pray in faith and ask God to heal you.
This is what the bible offers you, Jesus says,
1. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Luke 11:9 2.
And whatsoever you shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. John 14:13 3.
These are just a few of God's promise that if you ask him, he will do it for you. He has promised you and God does not lie. I have since learnt that there are times our inability to ask God limits what God can do for us.
You may say, what of all those teenagers that get pregnant everyday? Do they really ask God? Well, we cannot judge our circumstance by another persons standard. But we can deal with God on an individual level, which is what pleases him the most. Now back to the story of Rachel in the bible. After her husband pointed her to God as her source, she turned her face towards God, knowing only he could give her a baby.
she changed her focus and continued to pray to God. The bible tells us this, "Then God remembered Rachel, he listened to her and opened her womb".
She became pregnant and gave birth to a son and said, "God has taken away my disgrace". She named him Joseph, and said, May the Lord add to me another son.
God removed the disgrace of infertility from her life. He can do the same for you. He loves you so much.
Please believe me when I tell you this, God truly loves you. You may say, Veronica, you don't even know me, I am so bad. Well, he still loves you.
Let nothing stop you anymore from coming to God. He is waiting to hear your voice. Talk to him today. God bless you! _______________
Veronica Anusionwu has devoted a portion of her life to bringing spiritual solutions from the bible to help many people. She is the author of "Woman You Are Not Infertile" a book that has helped many women overcome infertility. Her book "Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive" covers all area of (Childbirth for the older woman). Sign up for her free weekly newsletter by visiting
Article Source:

[Author: Sandy Robertson]

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WOMAN HAS SURPRISE BABY AT 48 She has some younger children also, but she writes about different stages of her pregnancy. This  Sandy Robertson's Fertility Bodywork click here
pregnancy appears to be a surprise. Read more:
"I'm still in denial that I'm ­having a baby, although the evidence is now ­overwhelming. Baby-shaped limbs can clearly be seen pushing against my abdominal wall. I ask other women I know if they couldn't grasp they were having a baby until it popped out. I think for me it has always been like this, but if so, why didn't I realise I was weird before?
Other mothers of my generation seem, like me, to only really have engaged with their babies after birth. Younger mothers are more likely (in my limited sample) to not only know the sex of their baby but to name it and then talk about it, as if it's real. "Ollie hasn't arrived yet," they will say, as though their baby has a tendency to be late.

 from:  (

[Author: Sandy Robertson]

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Update on the John MacArthur Went to Memphis the Night of Martin Luther King, Jr’s Murder Story Recently, Grace to You Executive Director Phil Johnson publicly questioned John MacArthur’s account of his whereabouts and activities on the night Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered. In the past, Johnson has sharply criticized others, including me, for doing this. Since at least 2007, John MacArthur has claimed that he traveled to Memphis, TN with Charles Evers and John Perkins on the night Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. He said he stood where James Earl Ray shot the fatal bullet.

Civil rights icon Charles Evers denied that he went to Memphis with MacArthur. John Perkins has refused to comment on the record but empowered his daughter Deborah Perkins to speak for his foundation on the matter. She told me that Charles Evers denial is accurate.

In a recent interview with Justin Peters, Johnson was asked about MacArthur’s story. I have a transcript of what he said beginning at 51:40 and will comment below.

I think it’s possible that John has compressed the timeline of those events in his mind but he absolutely did go with John Perkins and his team to Memphis and stand on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel. He says within hours, I think it might have actually been within 48 hours or 72 hours after the assassination, it was right afterwards, and John describes how the blood stains were still on the balcony and that’s a matter of historical fact.

In fact, I read one story that I’m eager to find the facts on this one. But that in order to preserve some of the stuff people in the area had actually cut that piece of concrete with the blood stain out and moved it, removed it, and it’s been replaced where it originally was at the Lorraine Hotel and covered up with plexiglas so you can see the blood stain, apparently even until today.

There’s an article online titled something like, ‘the blood stain that won’t go away’ or something like that so can read about the facts of that.

But anyway, he, John describes how he was in the room where, uh, James Earl Ray shot the fatal bullet. Here’s how I know John’s memory on it isn’t exactly precise in every detail. ‘Cause he said he stood on the toilet where – he he he was in the room where the toilet was that James Earl Ray stood on when he shot MLK. The fact is he [Ray] was standing in the bathtub, There is a toilet right next to I, but he was, he was standing in the bathtub.

Little facts like that, that I think John misremembers, but the fact is, he was there, and there are other eyewitnesses who will verify that.

One of them is the president of Shasta, I think it’s called Shasta Bible College. Okay so, let me read this. The president of Shasta Bible College, his name is David Nicholas. He was part of that team that John was with when he was when all of that happened, and he has written a fairly thorough account of that summer with John Perkins. I say fairly thorough, it’s a letter. He wrote a lengthy letter to his constituents and described some of the same events that John described. And when I saw this letter. I took it to John and I said, “Do you remember this guy?” and John goes, “Oh yeah, I remember, we went to college together.” Uh so, And he mentions that he was there. John was there. They went to the assassination site and all that. So he tells the same story John does.

This is confirming eyewitness testimony which I have sent to some of these people who are insistent on you know calling John a liar and all that.

There is this Detwiler guy who puts stuff out all the time. And uh you know, they simply ignore any testimony that would corroborate John MacArthur’s account, and cite the testimony of people who say they don’t remember John being there, as if that’s somehow proof that John MacArthur’s lying about this.

It’s not a lie. He may have some incidental details wrong, but I think we all have fuzzy – uh the details of our memories from 50 years ago are, tend to be a little bit fuzzy. That’s more than 50 years ago, isn’t it. That’s 53 years ago…So if you wanted to pick apart John’s story say it couldn’t have been hours later, well, it depends on what you count as hours. If it was 72 hours later, it actually, it’s credible. And in fact there are photographs of the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, within days after the assassination, loaded with people looking and seeing and wanting to visit…

The other eyewitness Johnson mentioned here is David Nicholas, who was then the Director of Admissions at Los Angeles Baptist College. Nicholas, who is now president of Shasta Bible College, said he accompanied MacArthur on some of his preaching trips to MS and claimed in a June 2020 letter to Shasta constituents that he was along with Perkins and MacArthur on this trip to Memphis.

Despite what Johnson says here, Nicholas’ account is at odds with MacArthur’s. MacArthur makes it sound as if the group went to Memphis the night King, Jr. was murdered, whereas Nicholas (see the full letter here), said they went “later” (no closer to the murder than the next day after the 10am meeting with the sheriff). The whole account of how they heard of the murder is different than MacArthur’s. The account of the arrest is also different. Here is the relevant information from the letter:

One night after our team ministered at Voice of Calvary Church, we walked in the darkness to our car (there were no street lights in the black quarter of Mendenhall) and started to leave. Almost immediately, bright red lights came on behind us. It was the local Sheriff. He pulled us over and asked for John MacArthur’s driver license. This was a problem because John had unintentionally left his license back at our motel. The Sheriff then demanded that we show up at his office the following day at 10:00 a.m. Our entire team arrived on time and as we walked in, the officeradio was blaring out the news that Rev. Martin Luther King had been assassinated in Memphis. We were shocked by this news but astounded by the jubilant reaction of the law enforcement officers in the Sheriff’s office. Why? Because when we failed to join their jubilation, the Sheriff was not happy. He informed us that he knew why we were there in Mendenhall (assuming we were civil rights workers helping John Perkins). I’ll never forget the name tag on his uniform. It said, “Sheriff Willis.” He continued by telling us, “I’ve been Sheriff of this town for 25 years and my daddy before me and my granddaddy before him. You step out of line one time and we’ll take care of you and do it all legal-like.” He then threatened to beat us, mentioning the use of a belt, which was probably an idle threat since there were five of us; and after John MacArthur produced his license, we breathed a sigh of relief as we left his office. All we wanted to do was to assist John Perkins in reaching the black community for Christ, and being from CA where attitudes were far different, we were shocked by the Sheriff’s reaction both toward the assassination of MLK and us!

Following our encounter with the Sheriff, John Perkins suggested we visit his friend, Charles Evers, Mayor of Fayette, MS, brother of American civil rights activist, Medgar Evers, who was assassinated July 2, 1963 in Jackson, MS. He drove all five of us through the barricades erected to control the crowds of black folk protesting the death of Dr. King. There we were, five white guys being driven by a black man, something that in those days was certain to raise suspicion. As we drove through they yelled out, “Are you guys “soul?” We quickly answered, “Yeah, we’re “soul.” When we finally made it to Mayor Evers’ office, John Perkins introduced us and as we sat before him sharing why we were there, a red phone rang on his desk. It was President Lyndon Baines Johnson, begging Mayor Evers to come to Wash., D.C. and help quell the protests there. Mayor Evers replied, “I’m sorry Mr. President, I can’t come. I have my hands full here.” Later we traveled to Memphis and stood on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel where Dr. King was shot and looked out the window of the bathroom of the rooming house where James Earl Ray aimed his .30-06 at Rev. King. But as a result of that meeting with Mayor Evers, our team, including John MacArthur, myself, and three other musically talented men from BIOLA University, were asked to speak and minister in music at public school assemblies all around Jackson, Fayette and Mendenhall.

These details are the kind that can easily become altered by time. My issue here is not that small details may have been rearranged by time. I write to update my previous posts on the subject with these acknowledgements by Johnson and the new information from Nicholas.

I also note that Johnson is free to question MacArthur, but the motives of others are insulted when they do. Unknown to me, Johnson told blogger Brent Detwiler that I made “evil insinuations” in my article on this topic when I reported what John Perkin’s daughter Deborah said she was authorized by John Perkins to say about the subject. Johnson also told Detwiler that I made no effort to get John Perkins to answer the question: “Is it true that you went with John MacArthur to the Lorraine Motel in the wake of the MLK assassination?” That statement was false when he made it, and it remains so.

John Perkins’ Puzzling Silence

One of the aspects of this story that remains puzzling to me is why John Perkins has refused to comment directly. If his experience corroborates MacArthur and Nicholas, then what does he gain by remaining silent? When I asked Deborah Perkins about this, she said John MacArthur was a friend of Dr. Perkins and that was all they wanted to say. However, this line of responding implies that Dr. Perkins’ candid response would not be favorable to their friendship. If Perkins’ reply would support MacArthur’s account, why wouldn’t a friend say so?



The entire interview with Phil Johnson:

Wed, 24 Feb 2021 16:16:25 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Health John Jackson Johnson Memphis Christ Infertility King Martin Luther King Jr Shasta Ray Perkins John MacArthur Willis Rev Martin Luther King Lorraine Motel MacArthur Nicholas Deborah Mendenhall Detwiler John Perkins Biola University Lorraine Hotel Phil Johnson Evers Lyndon Baines Johnson Medgar Evers Charles Evers James Earl Ray David Nicholas King Jr Deborah Perkins MacArthur John Perkins Justin Peters Johnson Shasta Bible College Okay Shasta Bible College David Nicholas He Los Angeles Baptist College Nicholas Voice of Calvary Church Charles Evers Mayor of Fayette Jackson Fayette Brent Detwiler John Perkin
When we think of a "locked" house, the image of a literally secure house comes to mind; one that you Sandy Robertson's You Can Get Pregnant Over 40 Naturally
can only enter by breaking a lock to get in. This term "locked" house or "locked phase" has a totally different meaning in feng shui theory.
The lock refers to a phase when the occupants are metaphorically under a type of "house arrest." Some translations called it the "imprisoned" phase. During the "People Lock" the occupants will suffer more health and relationship problem than in times when the People Lock is not in force.
During a "Money Lock" the occupants can suffer financial difficulties that would not be a problem when that same house is not in the Money Lock phase.
Every single house, every single structure on the planet will go through both People Lock and Money Lock phases, no matter how good the house is deemed by feng shui standards most of the time.
These Locked phases can last for one day, one month, one year or a twenty year cycle and these phases can be calculated in classical, traditional feng shui. Sometimes it is referred to as Xuan Kong or the Flying Star School. Factoring issues of timing is what makes it non-obvious. In other words, the house does not change in its appearance to reveal that it has entered a Locked Phase.
As an example, all houses that faces North which were built between 1924-1943, are currently in a 20 year People Lock that started in 2004 and will continue until 2024. Another example is that all houses that face Northwest which were built between 1984-2003 are also currently in a 20 Year Lock (for Money) that started in 2004. In any given Era, there will be several houses types that are currently in a Lock Phase.
Whether a house is in a one year lock or a 20 year lock, the remedy is the same: The occupant needs to hear and see circulating water. This is one reason why fountains, aquariums and outside water features can be so helpful. There are in fact bad locations inside and outside when it comes to water (stay tuned for my article on water).
But for the purposes of releasing or lessening the affects of the Locked Phase, any type of water feature will help that situation. And how does one know if their water feature has worked? As an example, if a couple has been living in a house that is in a long term People Lock, they will usually have difficulty conceiving. When the water feature gets installed, pregnancy happens shortly thereafter.
With finances, if occupants have been enduring a long term Money Lock on their house, the installation of a water feature can be experienced in a tangible increase income or other financial windfalls.
Learning how to figure out if your house or business is experiencing one of these locked phases is fairly easy. Both Feng Shui for Skeptics as well as The Feng Shui Continuum show readers how to calculate this.
At Feng Shui Solutions, we are also happy to determine this for you by just supplying us with accurate information about the age of your home and its magnetic compass orientation. ____________________
Kartar Diamond is a classically trained consultant and author of four books with workbooks and other home study training materials on the way. Kartar works with local, national and international clients, both in person and over the internet.
Article Source:

[Author: Sandy Robertson]

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HOLISTIC PATH TO PREGNANCY Meditation and Visualization for Pregnancy click here
 The following article caught my eye and it discusses everything from nutrition, to massage, to meditation. Most things I recommend in my book don't require the services of paid professionals, however, this article talks about some of the therapies that are out there should you decide to use them. Read more: 

Having a child can be all too easy for some people, and painfully difficult to impossible for others. Fortunately, there are many alternative approaches to fertility to try alongside even the most invasive fertility treatments. However, it important that all caregivers involved—conventional and holistic alike—are aware of what each other are doing so as to maximize the chances of a safe and positive outcome. 
Holistic approaches to fertility and healthy pregnancy typically concern at least one of these four goals: 
1. Enriching Soil and Seed 
Many holistic health approaches emphasize the importance of a healthy body, mind and spirit in order to make both sperm and egg as vital as possible. Certain holistic practitioners emphasize making dietary changes; I recommend consulting a holistic nutritionist or a naturopathic doctor for advice on foods that promote healthy fertility. Taking herbs that are said to balance the body’s hormones and promote fertility is another popular option. In this case, it’s a good idea to seek out a traditional western herbalist, acupuncturist, or traditional Chinese herbalist who specializes in fertility enhancement. Also, some practitioners recommend addressing potentially harmful environmental factors, such as lead or pesticide exposure by checking your blood lead levels and choosing whole, organic foods over processed foods. 
2. Unblocking 
This school of thought says that there is some kind of block that is preventing pregnancy from happening. Practitioners of Maya Abdominal Massage consider the block often to be physical. They believe that the uterus can get prolapsed and that their form of massage can help realign it and promote fertility. To find a qualified Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner near you, visit Practitioners of acupuncture, yoga, reiki, qi gong, crystal therapy, or homeopathy can see fertility problems as an energetic blockage, and apply their techniques to unblock this stuck or stagnant energy. And finally, the block can be seen as an emotional one, that can be opened through emotionally releasing approaches such as breathwork or expressive therapies. 
3. Addressing Emotional Overload 
It’s very understandable that having difficulty getting pregnant can make people feel sad, angry, guilty, lonely, or anxious—or all of the above! Since high stress is clearly not the most hospitable environment for sperm and egg, stress surrounding repeated attempts at pregnancy can create a vicious cycle. Some people have broken this cycle by signing up with a Mind/Body fertility program, which helps them relax more and think more positively. Mindfulness meditation also can help you face these difficulty emotions more effectively. Additionally, modalities such as hypnotherapy and talk therapy can notch the stress down, as can many other healing approaches such as bodywork, t’ai chi, aromatherapy—anything that can help one relax and renew. 
4. Connecting with a Bigger Picture 
These approaches aim at tapping positive forces deep inside yourself and beyond yourself. Some people have reported success through imagery exercises—imagining, for example, a vibrant fertilized egg settling onto a nourishing uterine wall. Others have used prayer or ritual to help reach a stable fertility. One ritual, for example, would be to acknowledge the great chain of ancestors and helpers that got you here, and to thank them in some symbolic way. Another approach could be to ask the universe why your attempts at viable pregnancy have been so difficult, and then look for answers—in your intuition, in meditation or prayer, in visualizations, in your dreams, or in what you might spontaneously feel like drawing, writing, or expressing in other ways. 
Why some of these approaches help some people but not others remains a true mystery, and it’s hard to point you to any particular modality without knowing an individual’s particular health history. For those who are having trouble conceiving or who are miscarrying, I recommend trying at least one approach from each of the four categories above. The beauty of these approaches is that many work very well with each other and are compatible with western medical approaches. 
All too often, science and society falsely see fertility problems as exclusively as the woman’s problem. This is a heavy and unfair burden that only adds to the stress. Remember that it’s the man’s problem too, and I recommend that both partners who are trying hard to have a child explore some of the above approaches together. And with sperm counts declining in our country, it’s society’s problem too, and up to all up to all of us to help restore balance to our planet and support its collective fertility in any way we can. 

from Holistic Approaches To Fertility And A Healthy Pregnancy 
by Karlo Berger (

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Reframing the Trump Prophecies: When Prophecy Fails Julia Duin, who has a long history of stellar religion writing, yesterday published at Politico a deep dive into the world of Trump prophets and prophecies.  I urge you to take the time to read it. The business of the charismatic church right now is in disarray because the prophets can’t get their prophecies straight. Some think Trump is about to return to the throne and others think those prophets are foolish.

I am not very bothered by this. I have never had much confidence  in modern day prophets. Although I think some of them are good guessers, I doubt any of them have an inside line on God’s will. They all wanted Trump to win so badly that they groupthought their way into near unanimous predictions of a Trump landslide. They were listening to each other, not God or the majority of Americans who were fed up with the Narcissist in Chief.

Some like Jeremiah Johnson can admit this, but others like Johnny Enlow and Greg Locke are providing evidence for cognitive dissonance theorists. The key source for understanding reaction to prophecy discomfirmation is Leon Festinger’s book, When Prophecy Fails. Festinger and his co-authors describe the distress true believers experience when their prophecies fail. I can also recommend in Religion Dispatches a nice summary of more recent work of prophecy disconfirmation which provides a fuller account of the bizarre reactions to prediction failure.

Magnitude of the Dissonance

Let me share a short portion from When Prophecy Fails:

Theoretically, what is the situation of the individual believer
at the pre-disconfirmation stage of such a movement? He has a
strongly held belief in a prediction – for example, that Christ will return -a belief that is supported by the other members of the movement. By way of preparation for the predicted event, he has engaged in many activities that are entirely consistent with his belief. In other words, most of the relations among relevant cognitions are, at this point, consonant.

Now what is the effect of the disconfirmation, of the unequivocal fact that the prediction was wrong, upon the believer? The disconfirmation introduces an important and painful dissonance. The fact that the predicted events did not occur is dissonant with continuing to believe both the prediction and the remainder of the ideology of which the prediction was the central item. The failure of the prediction is also dissonant with all the actions that the believer took in preparation for its fulfillment. The magnitude of the dissonance will, of course, depend on the importance of the belief to the individual and on the magnitude of his preparatory activity.

In the type of movement we have discussed, the central belief
and its accompanying ideology are usually of crucial importance in the believers’ lives and hence the dissonance is very strong and very painful to tolerate.

Festinger predicts that the magnitude of the dissonance generated by prophecy disconfirmation will hinge on the importance of the belief to the individual. He says the person’s central belief and accompanying ideology are of crucial importance. As is very obvious for all to see, the dissonance for the Trump prophets is “very strong and very painful to tolerate.” For Trump prophets, it appears that their central ideology is about Trump being in charge. Instead of Christ, they have put their trust in Trump.

The focus on Trump at all costs is what is so frustrating to other charismatics like Michael Brown. Brown and some others are forming a rival group of prophets who know the election is over and, despite their apparent belief in predicting other futures, are trying to keep some real in reality. From Duin’s Politico article:

In a December 15 article, Michael Brown, a longtime charismatic revivalist and scholar in Charlotte, North Carolina, had sharp words, warning co-religionists: “There is no reality in which Trump actually did win but in fact didn’t win. … To entertain possibilities like this is to mock the integrity of prophecy and to make us charismatics look like total fools.”

In his interview with Duin, Brown seems to describe well the primary ideology held by the Trump prophets:

 “How did we become so politicized?” he wonders. “How did so many of us end up with an almost a cultlike devotion to a leader, compromise our ethics for a seat at the table and drape the Gospel in an American flag?”

Actually, Brown should know the answer to this in that he often defended Trump against criticism during his term. However, he now sees accurately the result. Reality is here. Trump lost. For some, however, Trump became so integral to their religion that they can’t quit him. They can’t see reality without him. The dissonance is to great. To recognize Trump’s loss might do damage to their faith in God.

At some point very soon, there will be a final disconfirmation. Some will go quietly. Some will accept reality. Some will blame the Satanic forces of their ideological opponents. While I doubt any of these public preachers will give up the gravy train of their ministry, many every day Christians who have been hoodwinked by these false prophets might indeed resolve the dissonance by deciding that none of that god stuff was ever true and become another casualty of the Trumpvangelical transformation.

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PELVIC ADHASIONS AND INFERTILITY Pelvic adhesions can occur all around the reproductive organs. These adhesions can hook organs together almost like a spider web. This interesting picture gives a good visual of what adhesions look like.
Women's Health Information, D. Ashley Hill, MD
from the site:
See also the Fertility Shop Pelvic adhesions can be filmy (kind of like sheets of saran wrap), or thick. Some contain small blood vessels. If they involve the fallopian tubes, they can cause infertility or lead to tubal (ectopic) pregnancies. If they are above the liver they can cause pain with deep breathing. If near the vagina, there can be pain with intercourse. And, if they involve the intestines, there can be pain with exercising, reaching for objects above one's head, or when stretching. 

They are diagnosed by laparoscopy (putting a thin tube in the belly button to look around the pelvic area during surgery), and are treated by cutting with small scissors or other cutting devices. Unfortunately, sometimes they return, and in these cases either further surgery, or treatment with various pain medications is used. Gynecologists know that for reasons we don't understand the female organs tend to produce scar tissue when irritated. For this reason, we take great care in handling these organs and tissues during surgery, to minimize the chance of scar tissue formation.
See also, Fertility Massage which may break up adhesions

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HAVING BABIES OVER 40 IS VERY NORMAL 98fm (Dublin)I'll have to admit, I've never been to Ireland, but I was happy to be a guest on their show where the discussion for the hour was having babies over 40 - the challenges vs. the rewards.
On the show, I told my story of how I had my daughter at the age of 44 after going through fertility  Check out Sandy Robertson's Collection of  Fertility Products
treatments and how I conceived naturally after embarking on an all-natural protocol. A big focus of the program was whether or not their listeners thought 40 was too old to have a baby.
played "devil's advocate" and asked me if I thought it was selfish to have babies when I may not be around to see them grow up. Most of the listeners who called in thought it was fine and were quite supportive (A 22 year old called in and said his mother had him at the age of 50! He was the youngest of 8). There was also a reproductive endocrinologist on the show who was actually quite positive (where was he when I was going through fertility treatments?) By the way, when the DJ asked if I was being selfish to have a baby at my age, I told him about an article I have posted on my website which talks about how women who have their first child over the age of 40 are statistically 4 times more likely to live to be 100 than women who have babies in their 20's and 30's. Part of this is thought to be because older women who have children are more motivated to stay healthy and in shape It's also thought that the surge of estrogen in pregnancy may have a rejuvenating effect on your body. Additionally, older mothers tend to have fewer children which is less wear and tear on your system.
So the next time you happen to be in a position of defending your decision to conceive over the age of 40, just rattle off a few of those numbers. Granted, you don't have to explain "nothin' to nobody" - but it may help change the general attitude that 40 may be too old to have a baby. Most causes of early death are preventable. High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and many cancers can be prevented with the right lifestyle choices. Everyone with a child worries about dying before your child grows up - but I think women over 40 actually take the steps to do something about it.

[Author: Sandy Robertson]

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Owen Strachan’s Public Theology Owen Strachan is a professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Southern Baptist school in Kansas City, MO. There, he leads something called “The Center for Public Theology.” Today his public theology showed up in the following tweet:

If you were gaslit for suspecting a sinister movement colluding to unseat Trump: you were wronged.

TIME magazine has revealed the left’s winning plot that includes big media, big tech, big business, religious & “racial justice” leaders:

God help us.

— Owen Strachan (@ostrachan) February 5, 2021

The Time article in question describes a brilliant and successful effort by many people to safeguard the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. As people in the real world know, Donald Trump lost his bid for a second term in an election that was what former Homeland Security official Christopher Krebs called “the most secure in American history.”

With this Time magazine article, we have a more informed idea of factors which led to the security of that election. We also have information about how the right of minority voters were protected and encouraged. Guess what? Evangelical supporters of Donald Trump were not cited for helping to stop voter suppresion or provide truthful information to the public.

Strachan’s public theology laments the “sinister” efforts to increase voter participation as a “plot.” What the Time article documents is an effort to combat lies and disinformation and make sure all legal voters used their privilege. Apparently, these strategies were quite successful in countering voter suppression tactics aimed frequently at minority voters.

In my Twitter response to this tweet, I asked Strachan how telling the truth and fighting against voter suppression can be considered a sinister plot. He rarely ever answers those who question him so I don’t expect a response. But I offer that question to any Trump supporting evangelical. If your public theology is to lament legal get out the vote efforts and the dissemination of truth because your candidate didn’t win, then what religion are you with?



Fri, 05 Feb 2021 16:29:53 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Health Twitter Time Homeland Security Strachan Time Magazine Kansas City Donald Trump Infertility Trump Owen Strachan Christopher Krebs Center for Public Theology Today
GETTING PREGNANT INVOLVES PATIENCE AND LOTS OF WAITING I think I got pretty good at pinpointing my fertile time, but all in all, there's a lot of waiting around. Before ovulation, you're waiting for those days when intercourse is mandatory. Even after ovulation, there's about a two week wait before you can do a pregnancy test. I can't tell you how many explatives came out of my mouth when I did get my period all those years. I didn't know who to be mad at...myself, God, the universe, my husband...etc. etc. etc.
So what can you do while you're waiting around?
1. Keep yourself busy with things you enjoy. I love decorative painting (with non toxic paint) and I redecorated my sister's entire house.
2. My husband and I went on a number of weekend getaways.
3. Reconnect with people you haven't seen for a while (especially those without children). It's nice to be around others who aren't into "kiddie" talk especially when you're feeling down about not being able to  Fertility Shop, click here for more information
get pregnant.
4. See a movie (even if you go by yourself)
5. Cook some healthy meals - I used a lot of my "downtime" to cook vegetables and other healthy meals which helped me to stick with my healthy diet.
6. Organize and declutter your house - you'd be surprised how much better you feel when your home is in order. Do you have a room designated for your future son or daughter? Make sure it's in good shape - decorate it (not necessarily in baby decor). I had a room set aside for a nursery. It was a total mess since I sorted laundry in it. I found some flowery fabric, cleaned it up and decorated it. I think on some level, babies want an inviting environment to come into.
7. Work on creating your family tree. I contacted as many relatives as I could find to get the names of my ancestors. I also collected a number of pictures of distant ancestors which I now display on a large dresser in my bedroom. I'm so happy I did this because I know one day, my daughter will appreciate seeing all these pictures (and there's no way I would have time to do this now). This was a time consuming but very fun project. With all of the technology out there you can duplicate some very old photos to near new condition. 
Those are just some ideas. Only you know what you enjoy. Keep living your life, it will lift your spirits.  It seems like it was when I was busy doing something fun and/or interesting, I didn't obsess on getting pregnant -- and wouldn't you know it -- that's when I would.

[Author: Sandy Robertson]

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HAVE YOU CONSIDERED ADOPTION?? NO!  It's just that when I was trying so hard to get pregnant, if someone said "have you considered adoption?"  MEDITATION AND VISUALIZATION FOR PREGNANCY
it was absolutely devastating. First of all, I never considered adoption. It's not because I have anything against it, it's just that I had already been on such a roller coaster ride of ups and downs with infertility and miscarriage, I couldn't even imagine starting a whole new process of paperwork, social workers, home visits, and a birth mother. I just wanted to smack whoever said "have you considered adoption"?
Ok, enough ranting, it's just that when you're certain that you can succeed in getting pregnant, having someone suggest adoption is a slap in the face. It's almost like they're telling you that you need to move on and "give it up". I kept my struggle with infertility and miscarriage very private for this very reason. I didn't want unsolicited advice. One person who suggested adoption to me was a physician assistant who I saw after one of my miscarriages. She was a quite rough around the edges and bit of a loose cannon. There I was grieving my lost pregnancy and instead of saying something truly consoling, her adoption comment left me feeling like I was at the end of the road. I never went back to that clinic and I now always insist on seeing a doctor, not a PA. 
Anyway, I should mention that I've known many people who have happily adopted. I know people who've adopted older children, I known people who've done foreign adoptions, and I've seen many open adoptions where the birth mother is very much a part of the child's life. It can work beautifully. It's just that considering adoption needs to be your decision. Every person/couple struggling with infertility knows that adoption is an option. I guess most people who ask if you've considered it just want to help. Let them know that you understand your options and you'll arrive at your own decision when the time is right.
See also the Fertility Shop

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Surrogacy in New York. What you Need to Know Now! UPDATE

February 2021

Part I

In just a couple of weeks compensated surrogacy will be legal in New York!

I don’t know if you heard, but The Child Parent Security Act (the “CPSA”) was passed by the New York legislature last year and signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo.  The CPSA goes into effect on February 15th, 2021 and it makes compensated surrogacy legal in New York!

For those of us who needed third-party assisted reproduction to build their families, and for those of us who practice assisted reproduction law, the CPSA marks an historic change in New York law.  The CPSA brings New York law with respect to third-party assisted reproduction into the 21st Century (along with literally almost every other state in our country).

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion among surrogacy agencies, IVF clinics, and even attorneys about the CPSA.  A lot of misinformation is being circulated about the CPSA and as a result it’s getting a bad rap.  I would like to take a few moments to clarify some stuff because I think a lot of people are being incorrectly advised against entering into a surrogacy arrangement in New York.  In fact, during a recent Continuing Legal Education Seminar I attended about the CPSA, a New York State Judge made a really great point about the benefits of the CPSA that reassured me about being able to protect my client’s rights under New York law.

The Judge said that, as compared to an adoption proceeding which seeks to establish a legal parent-child relationship where none exists, the CPSA confirms a legal parent-child relationship that already exists.  Take a moment and wrap your brain around that for a second.  New York just went from criminalizing compensated surrogacy to assuming that a properly arranged surrogacy arrangement that complies with the CPSA, presumes that the intended parents are the legal parents of the baby being carried by the gestational surrogate.  Wow!

If the parties to the surrogacy arrangement cross all their “t’s” and dot all their “i’s” and present a petition for parentage that shows that they are in “substantial compliance” with the CPSA, a judge in New York doesn’t have any purview or authority to do anything other than sign a Judgment of Parentage (even as early as the first trimester of a surrogate’s pregnancy! Although I personally wouldn’t advise my clients to file the petition until the second trimester of pregnancy because I am superstitious[1]).  As an attorney who is used to having to argue with judges over the legality of compassionate surrogacy and parental rights under New York law, and as an infertile woman who was forced to make decisions about how she was going to build her family because of the former prohibition against surrogacy in New York, this is music to my ears!  I can hear Frank Sinatra singing it now:

Start Spreading the News

I’m Leaving [for the clinic] Today

I Want to Be a Part of It

New York New York!


So, let’s take a dive into the CPSA and straighten-out some of the confusion!

One of the great features of the CPSA is that it contains the first ever “Surrogate Bill of Rights”.  The CPSA is the first statute in this country that codifies certain aspects of surrogacy arrangements and require that they be respected for the benefit and safety of gestational surrogates.  The Surrogate Bill of Rights is designed to ensure that surrogates in New York are not taken advantage of and are protected both physically, emotionally and financially.  I love the idea of the Surrogate Bill of Rights.  But I think it is the Surrogate Bill of Rights that might be confusing people and making them think New York remains a surrogacy unfriendly state.

Remember I said that the Surrogate Bill of Rights codifies certain aspects of surrogacy arrangements?  These aspects of surrogacy arrangements weren’t created for the first time in the CPSA.  Rather, the Surrogate Bill of Rights takes existing legal concepts that are addressed in almost all gestational surrogacy agreements, and instead of leaving it up to smart lawyers and surrogacy agencies to address these concepts in the gestational surrogacy agreement, the CPSA requires that we do it so nothing slips through the cracks.  While the Surrogate Bill of Rights is groundbreaking in terms of the fact that it is required by New York State law, the rights enumerated in it are nothing new or different to surrogacy or Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law.

The Surrogate Bill of Rights guarantees (among other things) that surrogates be provided independent legal counsel, medical and psychological counseling, life and health insurance, and the right to make decisions that affect her health and well-being.  As an experienced ART attorney, I can tell you there is nothing new about any of this.  I think one thing that may be concerning people unfamiliar with ART law is that under the Surrogate Bill of Rights, the surrogate has sole decision-making authority when it comes to her body and management of the pregnancy.  This type of decision-making authority sounds kind of frightening if you are an intended parent.[2]  However, it is important to note that this concept already is addressed in almost all gestational surrogacy agreements written in the United States.

I recently heard that a clinic is advising intended parents not to undergo surrogacy in New York because the CPSA gives the surrogate the right to terminate a pregnancy.  I am guessing this issue originates in part of the Surrogate Bill of Rights that addresses the surrogate’s right to make decisions about her healthcare.  I have news for you folks.  All surrogates have the exclusive right to choose to terminate a pregnancy or refuse to terminate a pregnancy.  United States Constitutional Law requires that a woman have the right to make this decision for herself and her body, even if she’s carrying someone else’s baby.  This is nothing new in ART law.

The Surrogate Bill of Rights just makes sure everyone addresses this in the gestational surrogacy agreement and that all parties to the surrogacy agreement understand that it is her body and she has the legal right to make medical decisions with respect to her body. When this is addressed and discussed up front in the gestational surrogacy agreement, problems later on during the surrogacy journey can be avoided.  The fact that the CPSA mandates that this be included in surrogacy contracts, is doing nothing other than that which best practices in ART law already embraces.  Again, nothing new here folks.

Other concerns have been raised about who can enter into a surrogacy arrangement in New York, and some people are upset that the CPSA has some arguably restrictive language about who can enter into a surrogacy arrangement in New York.  But let’s take a look at this for a moment before we decide that New York remains a surrogacy-unfriendly jurisdiction.  The CPSA requires that:

  • The Surrogate be at least 21 years of age and a lawful permanent resident of New York; and,
  • At least one intended parent must be a legal resident of the State of New York for at least 6 months prior to execution of the surrogacy agreement; and,
  • All parties to the surrogacy agreement must be United States Citizens or lawful residents of the United States.

Okay, yes, it is kind of a big bummer that internationally-based intended parents cannot enter into a surrogacy arrangement in New York absent one of them having a legal residence in New York and some form of lawful basis for residing in the United States and New York for at least six months (Visa anyone?).  At present surrogacy is limited to arrangements between lawful residents of the United States who have a legal residence in New York.

While that doesn’t necessarily negatively impact intended parents who reside in New York, it does impact New York surrogates who might like to carry a child for intended parents who live somewhere other than New York.  I have heard that people are being told that the CPSA only permits surrogacy arrangements between New York residents and prohibits all out-of-state residents from entering into a surrogacy arrangement with a New York surrogate under New York law.

Let me bust this myth open as well.

The CPSA does not prohibit a New York surrogate from carrying a baby for an out-of-state intended parents.  She absolutely can.  What might get a little complicated, however, is how parental rights are established in this type of situation.  Establishing parental rights in this scenario is not going to be as easy as the Judge described it in my CLE seminar, but it can be done.  If you have experienced ART attorneys in New York working with you (and one in the state in which the intended parents reside), the intended parents will be established as the legal parents of the baby the surrogate carried.  The CPSA does provide for the establishment of parental rights in surrogacy arrangements that do not “substantially” comply with the CPSA.

In our scenario with out-of-state intended parents working with New York surrogates, parentage will be established based on the intent of the parties at the time the surrogacy agreement is entered into and the best interests of the child.  These two standards, intent and best interests, are fundamental principles of ART law.  Indeed, there is ample case law (law made by judges as opposed to by statute) in New York and around the country that says the intent of the parties as expressed in a contract or other writing entered into prior to the time the child is conceived through third-party assisted reproduction, will be enforced.  Thus, if you enter into a gestational surrogacy agreement and clearly express everyone’s intent that the intended parents are the parents and that the surrogate and her spouse or partner don’t want to be the parents, then under New York law, the court must enforce the parties’ intent as expressed in the gestational surrogacy agreement and determine that the intended parents are the baby’s legal parents.  Assuming that the surrogate is not contesting parentage and there are no scary facts that would indicate the child would be unsafe[3] growing up with his/her parents, then the judge should issue a Judgment of Parentage notwithstanding the fact that the intended parents aren’t New York residents and the gestational surrogacy agreement is not in substantial compliance with the CPSA.

Quite honestly, establishing parental rights for out-of-state intended parents happens all the time in surrogacy arrangements.  It is really rare for all parties to a surrogacy arrangement to reside in the same state.  Sometimes that means it is a more complicated process to establish parental rights (as is the case here), but at the end of the day parental rights are established.  In ART law, everything is state specific.  In fact, sometimes it is not just state specific but county and judge specific within the state!  Despite the annoying residency provisions, at least the CPSA provides clear guidance on how you establish parental rights when there isn’t substantial compliance with the statute.  And that is a big step-up from those states in which you literally don’t know what you’re going to have to do in order to establish your parental rights until you know what judge has been assigned to your petition.  I will take my chances with out-of-state intended parents under the CPSA any day compared with the insecurity of not knowing how it’s all going to play out until you have a judge assigned in a specific court in a specific county (talk about nail biting)!

So, I hope we have busted a couple of big myths about the CPSA and this unfortunate and unfounded idea that surrogacy in New York is something to avoid.  There are other issues with the CPSA that I will address in Part II of this blog (like insurance, agency licensure, and escrow management) but for the moment I think we made some headway in redressing these horrible allegations about the CPSA and New York surrogacy law.

And for what it is worth, there is a group of New York attorneys, NYAAFF (New York Attorneys for Adoption and Family Formation), of which I am a member, who are working on a “clean-up” bill which seeks to resolve some of the concerns people have about the CPSA, like that pesky little residency requirement.  I have tremendous faith in NYAAFF (heck, the CPSA wouldn’t exist without some of its members!) and I am optimistic that the residency requirement will be modified at some point in the near future.[4]

But even if the CPSA stays exactly as it is today, we’ve come a long, long way.  This is truly an historic moment in New York.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Embrace it!

I’ll Make a Brand New Start in Old New York

If I Can Make it There

I’ll Make it Anywhere

It’s Up to You

New York New York


[1] No matter when you file the petition, the Judgment of Parentage doesn’t become effective until the moment of birth.

[2] For purposes of this blog, I frequently refer to intended parents in the plural, as in a couple (whether heterosexual or same-sex, married or unmarried).  Please note that the CPSA also provides for the establishment of parental rights for single parents, not just two-parent families.

[3] An examination of the “best interests” of the child looks to many aspects of parentage and the family situation, the prospective safety of the child is just one example cited for purposes of this blog.

[4] To be clear, the citizenship part of the residency requirement is not among the issues being discussed in the clean-up bill.

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