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If your living spaces are already full of plants, you may be looking at adding some greenery to other rooms in your home—including the kitchen. And, like any other room in your home, your kitchen has its own microclimate, thanks to the amount of sunlight it gets, the access to fresh air, humidity levels, and the…


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8 stylish planters that totally zhuzh up your living space indoors Mon, 05 Apr 2021 06:00:57 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Style Shopping Home Decor Interior Design Home Design Gifts For Women Birthday gifts Gift Ideas For Moms Art + Decor Gifts For Teens + Tweens Gifts For Nanny Modern Innovative House Living Room Interior with Colorful Sofa Living Room Furniture Decor Through these cheerful house interior and furniture plans we were invited to see that there was several new design of a living room decorations complete with the furniture that completed the space too. Through this site we can see that the whole components were combining and complete one and other. Start from the interior decorations that use the thought of open plan, we can completed with the colorful furniture design inside on. Through these colorful sofa set designs we can give our family the bests place for getting a conversation and a place for relax and have fun. Actually, this sofa was decorated with the thought of sofa bed designs so that here we will see the additional space that make this sofa getting longer. Special for the innovative living room interior layouts we will see the glass material was tried to complete this space complete with the white color applications for the wall space. Designed for those who have a fashionable taste and love with the stylish appearance, we can try to check this decorative living room furniture decor complete with the modern interior designs ideas.

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Modern Dark Living Room Decorations Inspirations Take a look at this black exclusive living room decor that try to show off a new design of a space for welcome both our guest and our family. Even designed with the dark color applications, but this space was still looking decorative and comfortable to stay with. We can see from the furniture decorations that try to complete this space included with the interior layouts that looking support the concept of the space. Furthermore, the comfortable house interior plans of this place were looking more gorgeous since the designer was tried to place several additional decorations here. We can see the high tech of home theater with several supporting furniture was filling out these gorgeous living room layouts. As unique decorations, we can see also the book-rack that try to make this living room looking more awesome and decorative. The wall decal from the using of the wall rack will rob our attentions. As the complete layouts, now we can try to check these dark mysterious house living space designs through both of these fashionable living room space inspirations and modern living room designs ideas.{via}


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Luxury condominium boasts "open concept bathroom" with no walls or doors

In college, my friends lived in a dodgy apartment where the bathtub was in the kitchen. But that's nothing compared to this newly-renovated luxury condominium in Boston that features an "open concept" first floor bathroom with no walls and no privacy, except for a thin piece of frosted glass beside the toilet. — Read the rest

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Tesla Model S Prototype Spotted With Fabled Steering Yoke Several weeks ago, Tesla officially announced planned updates to the Model S and Model X as part of a comprehensive refresh. The vehicles would be getting more interior screens, improved software, and a top-of-the-line “Plaid” trim. Customers are also supposed to be given the option of purchasing a butterfly-shaped steering rig — which was quite the […]

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Mon, 01 Mar 2021 15:30:26 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Updates Tesla Autos Model S Model X Tesla Motors Interior Design News Blog Refresh Product Planning Yoke Steering Wheels Steering Yoke
5 work-from-home interior design trends on the rise Mon, 01 Mar 2021 03:01:25 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Sponsored Radio Agent Interior Design Sotheby's International Realty Daniel Gale Leading in Luxury Sponsored Sections Mott & Chace Sotheby's International Realty Donna Conway Los Feliz Brokerage Mia Cottet Wendy Wenger "The asymmetry of the table not centered under the window is troubling, no?" Said R C Belaire, looking at this photograph in yesterday's Lunchtime Café


Meade had, in fact, been troubled by the asymmetry, and, even before seeing Belaire's comment, had embarked on the project of repositioning the table. Here's Meade's photograph, to dispel all your troubles that are about window-table asymmetry at Meadhouse:


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The Landing is bringing shoppable social and collaboration to interior design Monetizable mood boards might sound like the moonshot idea that no one asked for, but when you think about it, the vision is already informally happening in various corners of the internet. A young generation of users shops with community in mind, whether that’s buying merchandise from your favorite influencers or giving into those Instagram advertisements after spending way too much time on the grid.

As more users think of shopping as a social, digital-first activity, The Landing, a seed-stage startup coming out of stealth, is hoping to win over those who have an affinity for designing homes and spaces. On The Landing, users can create, and shop from, room designs to help furnish their homes.

Image Credits: The Landing

“There’s no contextually rich, visual shopping destination, where you could curate and discover and share and shop all in one place,” co-founder Miri Buckland said. The Landing hopes to be that destination.

Started by Buckland and Ellie Buckingham, The Landing is launching with $2.5 million in financing, in a round led by Aileen Lee at Cowboy Ventures. Lee will be taking a board seat. Other investors include Dara Treseder, the CMO of Peloton, Manish Chandra and Tracy Sun, the founders of Poshmark, Unshackled, Designer Fund, and Progression Fund.

The Landing began as a pandemic pivot. Buckland and Buckingham were always interested in solving the pain point of contextual furnishing for users, but began by physically moving people into apartments and helping them set up different furniture. Then, the pandemic hit and limited the ability to do high-touch services. Buckingham says that this was “potentially the best forcing function” to focus on what kind of business The Landing wanted to be.

“I don’t need to be the person moving into your apartment with a couch,” she said. “It was about the importance of empowering creativity and empowering individuals to create digital and physical spaces.” That’s when they dropped the moving service business, and instead used furnishing as a vector to solve the problem of contextual and social e-commerce.

It’s a smart idea that has not gone unnoticed. Houzz, a Sequoia-backed home improvement startup, connects users to products from third-party retailers as well as services from architects, designers, or contractors. There’s also Modsy, which has raised north of $70 million to date, which helps users virtually redesign their homes.

Buckingham worked for Modsy when she was at business school, where she first started noticing that she disagreed with the startups’ main thesis.

“Their motto was basically a digital rendition of an existing human service,” she said. “And I came away from the experience not super convinced that the service model was the scalable, future answer to consumerization of access to design.” She noticed that the younger generation was looking for a self-serve, customizable answer, instead.

Miri Buckland and Ellie Buckingham, the co-founders of The Landing.

The Landing is launching with creative tooling capabilities, which allow users to build and design spaces within its platform. In the coming months, the team is focused on adding a social layer atop the design tool, with features like profiles, discovery, fede, and commenting.

The Landing’s Slack channel is currently being used to discuss these features and what is most in-demand from early users.

The founders aren’t worried about a lack of demand, or only being a platform for the few times that people furnish their homes throughout their lifespan. As Buckland pointed out, people browse Zillow all the time, and have Reddit channels about dream homes, creating designs, and more. The startup is aiming to serve that population as well — the dreamers and not just the realists.

Thu, 25 Feb 2021 10:28:25 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs TC Real Estate Tech CMO Reddit Zillow The Landing Interior Design Aileen Lee Early Stage Buckingham Buckland Modsy Cowboy Ventures Lee Tracy Sun Dara Treseder Miri Buckland Ellie Buckingham The Landing Peloton Manish Chandra Ellie Buckingham
The 9 best Airbnbs in Orlando, from a family home with its own arcade to a condo right by Disney Springs If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

best orlando airbnbs


  • Thanks to its world-class theme parks, Orlando is a popular year-round destination.
  • The city can be expensive during peak times, but we found top-rated Airbnbs under $300 per night.
  • Experts and the CDC also say Airbnbs are safer than hotels due to minimized contact with others. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Orlando remains one of the most-visited cities in the United States. The proliferation of world-class theme parks has meant decades of development and ever-increasing visitor numbers. Theme park capacities are more strictly controlled right now and some live entertainment is on hold, but nevertheless, people are looking to take advantage of fewer crowds and shorter lines for the bigger theme park rides.

Florida has been one of the more aggressive states in terms of reopenings and Disney World has been open again since July, albeit with new COVID protocols in place. 

Even as the vaccine rolls out, no trip is 100% safe, and there is always a risk of exposure to the virus. It is important that visitors pay close heed to the protocols and hygiene practices suggested by organizations such as the CDC and WHO. Masks are required everywhere in the main theme parks, and all attractions will have guidelines and signage to promote safety and social distancing measures. Orlando is a potential hotspot, and anyone traveling there should comply with local guidelines and consider their own personal risk factors before booking a trip.

That said, there is still a healthy demand for Airbnbs in Orlando, and experts and the CDC say that private vacation rentals are a safer option compared to large hotels and resorts at this time. Staying in a private rental certainly allows more control over personal space and less mingling with the general public. 

When booking via Airbnb, guests can rest assured that the company has rigorous new procedures for all hosts. These are part of the company's Enhanced Cleaning Protocol. However, it's still wise to double-check and confirm the specific protocols that your individual host has in place.

The city of Orlando has a good selection of affordable Airbnb options for all types of travelers, including solo adventurers, couples, and families.

We compiled our top picks for Orlando Airbnbs based on the following criteria:

  1. Airbnb listings are for the entire home/apartment, per current expert recommendations.
  2. These homes offer strong value. Every listing is under $300 per night (though prices can go up during peak seasons), and each is highly-rated, with a review score of 4.6 or higher.
  3. Every listing has air conditioning and a good range of modern conveniences and standout amenities.
  4. Properties are well-appointed, stand out either for design or location (or both), and are close to top attractions, like the theme parks.
Here are the best Orlando Airbnbs, sorted by price from low to high. Family condo with pool one mile from Disney Springs, $89 Condo_one_mile_from_Disney orlando airbnb


Book this family condo starting at $89 per night

One of the more taxing things about a family vacation to Orlando is traveling to and from the theme parks, so it pays to look for places close to the action so that you can spend more time enjoying your trip. This modern condo is incredibly affordable and can serve as the ideal base for your group.

Sleeping up to six people and located just one mile from Disney Springs, this place comes with everything you could need for fun family times. The big ticket item is the shared pool that makes for a relaxing place to enjoy some downtime and end-of-day relaxation. The apartment itself comes with a hot tub and bunk beds that the kids will love, all framed by high-end, contemporary decor, like a plush gray couch, glass dining table, and pop art pieces. There's even a small balcony for enjoying the view.

Located in a gated community, availability is good through February and March and wide open from April onwards.

Rating: 4.95

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: This home participates in Airbnb's Enhanced Clean program, meaning the host is committed to a rigorous cleaning protocol developed with leading health and hospitality experts.

Tree house tiny home, $92 treehouse tiny house airbnb orlando


Book this tiny tree house starting at $92 per night

Tiny house living is all the rage, and this rustic, forest-themed unit is a stylishly memorable way to see what all the fuss is about. The woodland-esque home is actually a renovated carriage house that dates back to 1926.

Dark wood, exposed beams, and an explosion of plant life make for a wonderfully evocative interior design, and it almost feels like a real tree house. The plush living space and four-poster bed with designer mattress are smartly slotted to maximize the 260 square-foot space, and the comfort levels belie the size. 

Downtown Orlando is just a five-minute drive away, and the theme parks are all within easy striking distance.

The house is understandably very popular and is booked up until April and May, when dates start to open up a little more.

Rating: 5.0

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: This home participates in Airbnb's Enhanced Clean program, meaning the host is committed to a rigorous cleaning protocol developed with leading health and hospitality experts.

Retro Palm Beach-style apartment, $95 Palm BeachStyle Apartment orlando airbnb


Book this retro apartment starting at $95 per night

This apartment is a stylish homage to Old Florida, with vintage charm throughout that mixes high-end kitsch with bright colors.

Coral shades mix with tropical motifs such as pineapples and flamingos. Statement furniture pieces such as funky mirrors and egg-style easy chairs with cozy green pillows complete the look. The retro glamor brings to mind a seaside version of "Mad Men," elevated with an interior designer's eye.

The modern comforts will appeal to couples looking for a quirky but welcoming place to stay, and the location in Winter Park is just outside downtown Orlando, so it's well situated for nights out enjoying the dining and nightlife scene. The place also comes with beach essentials should you want to explore further.

Availability is great from early March onwards.

Rating: 4.94

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: This home participates in Airbnb's Enhanced Clean program, meaning the host is committed to a rigorous cleaning protocol developed with leading health and hospitality experts.

Lakefront tiny home, $100 Lakeside tiny house orlando airbnb


Book this lakefront tiny home starting at $100 per night

This tiny house is called The Ritz, a name that reflects its many alluring features. Though it calls itself a tiny home, it's actually fairly spacious, with two bedrooms and room for up to five guests to stay very comfortably. The most obvious five-star attraction is its location on the sunny shores of Lake Fairview, a tranquil spot to retire to after a day at the parks.

The Ritz boasts a host of high-end fixtures and fittings, such as a modern stainless steel fridge and Italian tiling throughout. The open-concept plan is full of light, and two distinct bedroom areas, including a loft, mean there's still plenty of privacy to be found. Picture windows show off the neighboring scenery and extras such as a kayak and fishing poles make the outdoor life accessible.

The house has a few days available in February and March, but really opens up from April and May onwards.

Rating: 4.83

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: This home participates in Airbnb's Enhanced Clean program, meaning the host is committed to a rigorous cleaning protocol developed with leading health and hospitality experts.

Family-friendly dome for nature lovers, $125 Geodesic Dome, orlando airbnb


Book this dome house starting at $125 per night

Eco-conscious nature lovers will be thoroughly charmed by this rustic-looking geodesic dome that offers one of the region's most distinctive accommodation options. Located in Clarcona, just to the north-west of downtown Orlando, this unusual pad is built into its own tree-framed cove, with birds, butterflies, and exotic foliage abounding.

The dome houses up to six guests, and the organic-looking exterior gives way to a thoroughly modern and clean interior. A yellow and gold color palette mixes with light wooden floors to create a bright, joyful ambience. Leather sofas and modern fittings are arranged around all manner of cute nooks, and families especially will love the ample space.

It's not too rural, though, and the place boasts fast Wi-Fi and modern conveniences.

There's some availability for March and April, but the property really opens up from May onwards.

Rating: 4.97

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: This home participates in Airbnb's Enhanced Clean program, meaning the host is committed to a rigorous cleaning protocol developed with leading health and hospitality experts.

Townhouse with a private pool, $134 Outstanding Townhouse orlando airbnb


Book this townhouse starting at $134 per night

A wealth of elements come together to make this an especially appealing listing. To start, the interior design hits urbane, sophisticated notes that swerve the tackiness that resort rentals often default to. Leather sofas and assured, earth tones result in a chic, mature look.

It's a huge, five-bedroom property that can house up to 13 guests, and there's a playful side to some of the bedrooms, with Star Wars and Disney motifs that kids will love. A lovely, open-plan design floods the place with light and the covered, private pool is a serious perk for post-park relaxation.

Lake Buena Vista and all its attractions are right on the doorstep and the central Orlando location is tough to beat.

There's very good availability throughout March and from April onwards.

Rating: 4.86

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: This home participates in Airbnb's Enhanced Clean program, meaning the host is committed to a rigorous cleaning protocol developed with leading health and hospitality experts.

Smart home with a luxury pool, $177 Luxurious Smart Home with pool, orlando airbnb


Book this smart home starting at $177 per night

There's a definite adult feel to this self-described 'Smart Home'. The owners have incorporated the latest technology and some impressive, custom-made designs to create a pad that young, hip guests will especially enjoy.

Up to eight guests can stay here across three bedrooms. The real crown jewel is the backyard space. The pool and hot tub are lit with colorful, fiber-optic lights that can be controlled via your phone. The yard has bespoke fixtures and includes a hibachi grill, as well as a swim-up bar with six seats. Outdoor air conditioning and a fog machine also add to the tech-savvy allure.

The high-end design stretches through into the interiors as well, with spa-like bathrooms and trendy furniture, such as the booth-style dining table and dark bedframes complemented by white rugs and wooden floors. Located just north of Downtown Orlando, this house is a steal for the right group, and there's good availability from March onwards.

Rating: 4.66

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: This home participates in Airbnb's Enhanced Clean program, meaning the host is committed to a rigorous cleaning protocol developed with leading health and hospitality experts.

Historic and chic apartment in Winter Park, $225 Architecturally Distinct Apartment, orlando airbnb


Book this historic apartment starting at $225 per night

This historic Winter Park apartment features original Spanish roof tiles and whitewashed century-old brickwork. This is a rare chance to stay in a historic Floridian building, with design features such as the striking cypress wood ceilings and beautiful French doors that open up onto the brick patio.

It's especially ideal for a couple looking for something a little more romantic than the norm, and the interiors are a carefully integrated take on contemporary chic. Whites and creams provide a great background for the original features, and the wooden panels of the kitchen add a touch of class.

The dining and nightlife of Park Avenue, the main drag in Winter Park, are just a block away, with Downtown Orlando just a short drive beyond that. 

There is great availability from March onwards.

Rating: 4.96

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: This home participates in Airbnb's Enhanced Clean program, meaning the host is committed to a rigorous cleaning protocol developed with leading health and hospitality experts.

Spacious house with an arcade, $285 best orlando airbnbs


Book this house an arcade starting at $285 per night

It's hard to imagine a more kid-friendly rental than this huge house that even comes with its very own arcade. We're not just talking two or three games, either. There's a whole range of stand-up video game units. Plus, there's also a covered pool outside, and the home boasts its own theatre with cinema-style seating with massage chairs and a big screen.

The house can host up to eight people and, with three bedrooms, there's privacy and space for everyone to spread out. The kids can truly look after themselves in a place like this, located in the residential but well-connected Winter Hills neighborhood.

There's some availability for February through April, with more dates opening up for the summer.  

Rating: 5.0

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: This home participates in Airbnb's Enhanced Clean program, meaning the host is committed to a rigorous cleaning protocol developed with leading health and hospitality experts.

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DIY or Hire? 8 Projects for First-Time Homeowners

Although there are many joys and excitements associated with the purchase of your first home, there are just as many new processes that you must learn. From analyzing inspections to renovating rooms, there are many things involved in home ownership. With numerous DIY projects on the docket, it can be difficult to know when to hire help versus when to complete something on your own. In this article, we will share eight projects for first-time homeowners. In addition, we will share which projects you should do on your own and which projects you should have assistance for.

Hire: Relocation Process

If you are moving into a home, you likely have many things to bring with you, and the process can take a long time. From packing boxes, loading trucks, unloading trucks, and unpacking boxes, you will spend endless hours with this endeavor. Consider receiving free estimates for your next move. There are many brands that provide full moving services to customers at an affordable rate. This service will save you a large sum of time and money and time in the long run.

DIY: Interior Painting painting

Although interior painting may be tedious, it is definitely a doable DIY project for homeowners. Hiring help is typically very expensive, so it is worth the time it takes to paint the interior walls on your own.

Hire: Tree Removal

It may be possible to remove small trees and bushes from around your home on your own. Removing large trees is a tedious process. These trees must be removed properly so they do not damage your yard or your residence.

DIY: Planting Trees

You can plant trees, bushes, and flowers throughout your front and back yard. Do some research to determine the types of plants that will grow best in your climate and landscape. Try planting strategically so that everything that grows will frame the house proportionally.

Hire: Exterior Painting

Although interior painting is doable, exterior painting is a little more complicated. Before painting, you must pressure wash the entire residence thoroughly. Next, you need to paint the trim and tape off the spaces that will not be painted. After prepping the area, the entire surface can be painted. Since this is a cumbersome process, it is important that you hire adequate help.

DIY: Designing The Space blueprints

Nowadays, there are so many inspirational design blueprints that can be found on websites like Pinterest. Since there are so many accessible blueprints on the internet, you can design your home without the help of an expert.

Hire: Deep Cleaning

Before moving into your home, hire professional cleaners to deep clean the space. When you move into a new home, you want to start on a fresh foot in terms of cleanliness. Reputable cleaning companies will purify hard to reach areas such as fans, windows, and baseboards. 

DIY: Ripping Out Carpet

If there are rooms that are layered with grungy carpet, you can easily rip it out on your own. You can replace the old carpet with new carpet or luxury vinyl plank flooring. Both of these options can be installed easily.


When you move into a home, you must make a list of the DIY projects that you want to complete. Based on the time and money you have available, you can choose the things you want to complete on your own versus the things you need assistance with. By making a list of priorities, you can determine the order in which you want to complete these projects. 

The post DIY or Hire? 8 Projects for First-Time Homeowners appeared first on The Fashionable Housewife.

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Here’s the home design trend homeowners regret the most Thu, 28 Jan 2021 11:16:21 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs UK Design Home Decor Lifestyle Radio Interior Design Home Design Trends 2021 Home Design Trends HomeNow Industrial Home Design Contemporary White Interior Decor Designs with Plain Ideas These clean and clear house decor layouts will inspire us with gorgeous look of a house design. The main component of this house combine with the decorative appearance of house interior and decor plans will be completely rob our attention. Though use white color application, here we can see several new ideas that complete with stylish and fashionable look. Start to see these bedroom layouts; here we can see the decorative bedding style with simple decorations plans. There were the contemporary house decorating plans that can be applied for both our living room and bedroom space. The simple design of bedding and chair furniture will complete our inspirations in bright and clean. Furthermore, these plain white decor ideas can be combining with contemporary appearance of supporting house decor. Those thoughtful ideas will be complete for us after we were come in to this site and see the real evidence of these comfortable white decor inspirations.{via}

Mon, 18 Jan 2021 03:52:36 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Books Living Room Interior Design Home Decorating Ideas Decor Ideas Chair Furniture Bedroom Space House Design Thoughtful Ideas Decorative Appearance Decorative Bedding House Interior
Best Living Room Designs with Luxury and Modern Decorations Layouts This best living room decor will be applicable if we can choose which one the best one for our house style. Here we can see several inspirational designs that if we were looking down the glance of this decoration we will aware that this living room layout was come from the simple thought. These pictures were invite us to see clearly and deeply that this simple thought was result a decorative look of a living room space. There were the elegant house decor plans that cover with purple sofa furniture appliance. The huge space was complete rob our eyes. Furthermore, both of these luxury living room designs and modern living room ideas were combine with modular house furniture appliance white the decorations was based on the owner pleasure. Closer with these futuristic living room layouts we will see the minimalist thought with maximize functional space. Now, we can get these complete layouts through these minimalist house decor pictures.{via}

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Fri, 15 Jan 2021 03:28:54 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Books Interior Design Minimalist House Home Decorating Ideas Sofa Furniture Living Room Ideas Living Room Decor Living Room Designs Room Layouts Functional Space Inspirational Designs
Young Interior Designers Bring Life To Interior Design

Young interior designers bring much in the way of authenticity and innovative trends when it comes to the world of interior design. The youthful spirit pervades innovations in this field. There are a number of ways in which young designers are bringing new ideas to the table.

We will discuss some of these in detail below.

Farm Themes.

Another young trend in interior design is the farm theme. This theme features farm-themed items like farm print wallpaper and pillows embroidered with images of farm animals. Another common feature of this theme is the usage of a barn door for accent decoration.

The farm theme features pastel colors and rustic colors, as well. Flower arrangements are used in this theme, too. There is ample usage of pastels, specifically in window draperies. You can find this theme in the interior design projects of many young designers.

Cottage Core.

Cottage core is a trend that highlights the aesthetics of the turn of the 20th century. Featured themes include pastoral themes, back to nature, and modest Victorian. This is a trend that is quite popular among youth right now.

Cottage core trends include floral wallpaper, muted earth tones, and the usage of antique tapestries. It also features fresh, as well as dried flowers. The overall look is antiquated, yet youthful and fresh.

Nautical Theme.

Another trendy theme among young interior designers is the nautical theme. Young designers may use items that are reminiscent of the ocean or life at sea. These items can include nautical sculptures in a bottle or antique supplies once used on a ship.

The nautical color scheme includes many shades of blue, such as turquoise and powder blue. Additionally, it includes shades of white and tan. Nautical themes often include striped designs between blue and white.

The nautical theme is very trendy in contemporary times. It brings about sentimental thoughts about vacation trips to the beach. It also touts a hip store that is reminiscent of antiquated coastal lifestyles.

Black and White Theme.

Another popular theme among young interior designers is the black and white theme. This features high contrast designs using only the colors black and white. The theme is very posh and contemporary. It is popular, especially among young professionals.

The theme includes sculptures and accents that are either black or white. It may feature stripes in these colors, as well. These high contrast shades make for an excellent dramatic look in interior design. The aesthetic is modern and streamlined.

One way to use this theme is to take a black couch with white pillows or white throw blankets. Another way to embellish upon this theme is by integrating black accents upon a white lampshade. You may feature black beads or embroidery upon a white lampshade.


Another popular interior design strategy is using only one color in your decorating, yet in many different varying shades. You may be able to furnish your home with a green couch, then decorate your drapery with like-green curtains and accent the room with a mint green lampshade.

Monochrome is a good look because it is very stylish and can be done in a DIY fashion. You may find that monochrome is a good choice if you are thrusting the majority of your decorative pieces. Monochrome gives a chic and modern look to the interior design space. It is a very young trend, popular among young interior designers.

Young Interior Designers Have the Way in Terms of Trends.

Young interior designers truly do pave the way in terms of trends within this field. Certain trends that are especially popular right now within interior design are cottage core, farm style, black and white, nautical, and monochrome. These are some of the trendiest looks on the interior design market today. You may find that employing these trends in your own home design will create a good look within the house.

Your guests are sure to appreciate the aesthetic of these particular interior design fashion trends. Each trend has its own distinct style that lends itself to fashionable design. In order to help your home maintain the most contemporary appearance, it is recommended to design your home in one of these styles.

The post Young Interior Designers Bring Life To Interior Design appeared first on Young Upstarts.

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Home startup Parachute sells more than sheets and towels - you can buy its handwoven, responsibly made rugs starting at $89 When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

parachute rugs


In 2014, online home startup Parachute launched with an assortment of luxury sheets that would change the way we sleep. In its short history, it has rapidly introduced more products to improve how we make and live in our homes, including fluffy, absorbent towels, table linens, soft baby sheets, and at the beginning of last year, the ambitious endeavor of an eco-friendly mattress

Its most recent new collection continues this steady revival of home products. Parachute now sells handwoven rugs made by Fair Trade-certified manufacturers in four styles, each available in three to five sizes and ranging in price from $89 to $1,299. 

After a months-long search, the company found its ideal rug manufacturer in an 80-year-old heritage textiles maker in Panipat, India, otherwise known as "The City of Weavers" and "Textile City." There, rugs craftsmanship isn't just a trade - it's woven into the very culture of its people. 

parachute rugs 5


Each of the rugs made for Parachute can take three to four weeks to handcraft. The process includes hand-separating, dyeing, and spinning the wool, then hand-weaving cotton and wool into a rug using traditional looms. The rugs are made with 100% natural fibers and without chemicals or synthetic materials, as with all Parachute products. 

With this small collection, the company highlights the value of responsible production- in both the social and environmental sense of the word - and reminds you of the care you should take in shopping for your home.

A rug can seem like just another home accessory to check off your list, which is why many people often end up with cheap rugs that neither look good nor last very long. But like your sheets, towel, or mattress, it's something that will add immediate as well as long-term value to the place you return to each night. 

By offering sustainably made rugs in a variety of styles to suit your interior design aesthetic, Parachute is making the process of rug shopping simple and transparent. Rather than buy an overpriced or shoddy rug from a source you don't know you can trust, you can get a beautiful, durable, and well-priced one from a company with a proven track record.

Each rug comes with a 90-day trial, free shipping, and free returns, and you can pair it with its Nonslip Eco Rug Pad ($29-$119). 

Learn more about Parachute's rugs below, or shop them all directly here.  Textured Wool Rug parachute rugs 1


Textured Wool Rug, $129-$1,299, available at Parachute

Add some texture contrast to the room with this tufted line style. It's 85% wool, so you'll experience fluffy softness you wouldn't expect from a rug that looks so sophisticated. 

Striped Flatweave Rug parachute rugs 3


Striped Flatweave Rug, $53-$509, available at Parachute

Dusky, versatile shades of pink and blue mean this patterned rug will match with nearly any other furniture and decor in the room. It's best for low-maintenance types since it doesn't shed much and is easy to vacuum. 

Medallion Wool Kilim parachute rugs 2


Medallion Wool Kilim, $89-$429, available at Parachute

This bold, geometric rug looks great as a runner (2.5' x 9') in your hallway or in any other room that could do with a subtle touch of color. 

Braided Wool Rug parachute rugs 4


Braided Wool Rug, $289-$1,299, available at Parachute 

Think of your favorite chunky knit sweater. Now imagine that warm, cushioned, and textured feel under your feet. The hand-braided detail is charming and homey, and the rug is available in a room-brightening Ivory or dark and sophisticated Platinum. 

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Wed, 23 Dec 2020 13:13:08 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Home Home Decor Trends Startup Bedroom Home Office Interior Design Connie Chen Insider Picks 2020 Home (Reviews IP Roundup Panipat India
This home paint startup is a millennial haven - it offers highly curated colors and bundles supplies for easy shopping When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

backdrop paint


When I was a kid, I loved walking through the paint section at the hardware store, hoarding and ruffling through thick bundles of paint chips. It was like picking out colors for my paint-by-numbers coloring book.

If only that same enthusiasm still applied today, when choosing the right color will determine the feel and style of your home (no pressure) and the labor of painting entire walls is a tad more intensive and expletive-ridden than plopping down in front of a coloring book. 

Husband-and-wife duo Caleb and Natalie Ebel are the cofounders of Backdrop, a new direct-to-consumer paint brand that's reimagining the home paint shopping and user experience. Having painted every home and apartment they've ever lived in, they wanted to create the brand they wish they could have used then. 



Caleb was formerly at Warby Parker, while Natalie was the CMO of nonprofit Pencils of Promise. Unlike Nicole Gibbons, the founder of competing online paint startup Clare, they're not interior designers, but they're able to leverage their personal perspectives as homeowners who've painted every house they'd ever lived in.

Backdrop sells three types of paint for the interior and exterior of your house, for a total of six: Standard Finish (low-sheen, semi-matte), Semi-Gloss Finish, and Primer. The Standard wall paint is available in a curated collection of 50 colors, which have names like 36 Hours in Marrakesh (warm, earthy pink) and Skywalker (muted, light blue with green undertones).

You won't have to purchase a whole gallon ($59) immediately, though. Backdrop sells 12-inch-by-12-inch square adhesive samples, which cost $3 each. Both the paint and samples come with free shipping, and any expedited orders come with small fees.

backdrop 3


Once you've determined which colors you want, you can use the site's Calculator to figure out how much paint and how many supplies you need. In addition to gallon-sized buckets for interior paints or 5-gallon sized containers for exterior paints, Backdrop offers brushes, rollers, and other accessories to aid you in your room makeover. The 11-Piece Essentials Kit ($45) bundles them all together at a discounted price. 

The paint itself comes in rectangular, easy-pour buckets that don't require a tool to open or close. The paint is low-VOC, which means it has low impact on indoor air quality, and it's also Greenwise-certified, which means it meets high levels of performance and environmental standards. Made with a water-based, acrylic resin formula, it's easy to apply, highly pigmented, durable, and quick-drying. 

In addition to the better-for-you formulas, Backdrop's paints also support the International Rescue Committee, a non-profit that helps those who have been displaced by conflict. 

The artfully designed and easy-to-navigate site is similar to that of many other popular online startups and shows that Backdrop is leaning towards a younger generation of shoppers and homeowners more squarely in newly formed camp that believes paint can be fun, influenced by culture, and driven by design. 

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Tue, 22 Dec 2020 15:36:24 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Home Home Decor Trends CMO Bedroom Home Office International Rescue Committee Warby Parker Bathroom Interior Design Marrakesh Home And Kitchen Skywalker Natalie Clare Caleb Connie Chen Nicole Gibbons Product Card Insider Picks 2020 Home (Reviews Natalie Ebel Backdrop Backdrop
Backdrop vs. Clare - how the two home paint startups compare When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

Backdrop vs Clare 4x3 Clare vs. Backdrop

Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

Until recently, direct-to-consumer startups in the home and kitchen industry have mostly focused on the same few areas:

But as millennials start buying their first homes, it didn't take long to discover that every part of shopping for something as innocuous as paint, even when it came to choosing colors, was stressful. In 2018, Backdrop and launched to relieve the stress of poring over 10 similar shades of blue once and for all.

These startups focus on curation, quality, and simplicity rather than excess choice, and hope to change the way we shop for paint and infuse some enjoyment into the whole process, from picking out colors to getting up on that ladder and painting the walls.

They're not promising that watching the paint dry will be the most exhilarating experience of your life - that part's still pretty boring - but they are betting that you'll ultimately step back, admire your work, and think, "That was 100 times easier than the last time I tried to paint this room." 

Since they both launched around the same time and have similar value propositions, we've broken them down on all the factors you should care about, including price, color options, and additional tools and resources. 

Read more about Backdrop, then shop home paint at Backdrop hereRead more about Clare, then .  See the differences between Backdrop and Clare, below.  Who's helping you shop for paint? backdrop



The founders of Backdrop are husband-and-wife duo Caleb and Natalie Ebel, who have backgrounds from Warby Parker and Pencils of Promise, and are approaching paint from the perspective of ordinary consumers. They've painted every house they've ever lived in, so they're very familiar with the many points of friction in the paint-shopping experience. 


founder Nicole Gibbons is an interior designer who has appeared on HGTV, The Rachael Ray Show, and Elle Decor. Her expertise in interior design helps reveal to shoppers the potential joys of shopping for paint and the transformative power of color.

Types of paint sold and how much a bucket costs clare paint buckets



Backdrop sells six types of paint: Standard Finish (low-sheen, semi-matte), Semi-Gloss Finish, and Primer for the interior of your home, and the same for the exterior. Each gallon of interior paint comes in a rectangular, easy-pour bucket and costs $59. Exterior paint comes in a 5-gallon container and costs $325.

Shipping and returns are free. 


sells four types of paint: Wall Paint (low-sheen, semi-matte), Trim Paint (semi-gloss), Primer, and Ceiling Paint. The wall and trim paints gallon come in a cylindrical bucket and cost $54, while the primer and ceiling paint at $42.

Shipping is free on orders over $100, and returns will encounter a $7 per gallon restocking fee.

Color and sampling options clare vs backdrop 7



Backdrop features a curated collection of 58 colors, which you can sort by type of color (e.g. neutral, bold) or hue (e.g. red, green). 

To preview how a color would look on your wall, you can order a 12"x 12" adhesive sample for $3. All samples ship for free. 


offers a similarly curated collection of 58 colors. They're grouped automatically by color, which might be easier to shop visually than on Backdrop's site, but you can also sort by hue or undertone (e.g. warm, cool). 

Clare's adhesive samples measure 8"x 8" and also cost $2 each, with free shipping.  

What the paint is made from and how it applies clare vs backdrop 4


In terms of the paint itself, there's not a huge difference in the composition and how they apply, but there are subtle differences in the VOC count and what certifications each company holds. The certifications both indicate that the paint has been rigorously tested under laboratory conditions and meets standards for performance and environmental safety. 


Backdrop's paint is:

  • A low-odor, acrylic, water-based formula that applies and washes off easily and is highly pigmented
  • Low-VOC
  • Greenwise certified

paint is:

  • A low-odor, acrylic, water-based formula that applies and washes off easily and is highly pigmented
  • Zero VOC 
  • Greenguard Gold certified
Figuring out how much paint you need  backdrop



Use Backdrop's Paint Calculator, which asks whether you're painting a room or just a wall, how many people will be doing the job, and the measurements of the space, to calculate how many gallons you should order and any other tools you might need. 


Before you even start shopping, you can take , an eight-question quiz that gives you personalized color recommendations based on the type of room you're painting, your style, and other preferences.

Then, on each product page, there's an "Estimate Quantity" tool you can use to calculate how many gallons you should order. It also asks for the room's measurements and takes doors and windows into consideration. 

Other tools and accessories you can shop clare vs backdrop 6


Unless you already have painting supplies that you love, you'll be able to shop tools like rollers and tape directly on these websites. 


Backdrop sells one main Essentials Kit, which has 11 pieces, costs $45, and includes tape, paintbrush, large roller frame, two large roller covers, roller cover, roller handle, tray, and three tray liners. 

You can also get these supplies, as well as a few others (putty knife, spackle + sandpaper kit, painter's shirt), à la carte. 

The brand has also a short-sleeve painter's shirt in collaboration with the clothing label Coming Soon.


sells four different pre-set kits, ranging from $15 to $54. has eight pieces, costs $54 and includes a plastic drop cloth, tape, 2" paintbrush, 9" roller frame, 9" roller cover, 9" metal tray, 9" tray liner, and 2-4' extension pole. 

You can also get these supplies, as well as a few others (mini roller frame and cover), à la carte. 

Clare also sells merch and is a gray sweatshirt that reads "indoor person."

The bottom line backdrop paint


Shop home paint at Backdrop 

If you like larger paint samples, want a larger selection of supplies and tools, and are looking to spend a little less on the entire process. 


If you're not sure yet what color you want to paint your space, appreciate the expertise and perspective of an interior designer, and want more paint color and paint type options. Taking shipping and painting supplies into account, Clare is slightly more expensive to shop at, but it might be worth it for indecisive shoppers.

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Mon, 21 Dec 2020 10:33:12 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Reviews Home Home Decor Trends Bedroom Home Office Warby Parker Bathroom Interior Design Hgtv Home And Kitchen Clare Caleb Rachael Ray Show Leesa Connie Chen Nicole Gibbons IP Graphics Insider Picks 2020 Home (Reviews Backdrop Alyssa Powell Business Insider Backdrop Clare Backdrop Boll BranchCookware Natalie Ebel Clare Backdrop Backdrop Backdrop Backdrop Backdrop VOC Greenguard Gold Backdrop Backdrop
Grandmillenial? Japandi? 7 home design trends to usher in 2021 Fri, 04 Dec 2020 14:59:39 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Lifestyle Radio Interior Design Hgtv Forbes Home Design Kitchen Design Select Home Design Trends Japandi Veranda Magazine 2021 Color Of The Year Cottagecore Grandmillennial Style Home Design Trends 2021 Alpaca carpets, Saint Laurent surfboards, and Basquiat paintings: Meet the interior designer who worked with Kylie Jenner on her lavish mansion in one of LA's ritziest suburbs Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

Lu Tapp

  • Martyn Lawrence Bullard is one of the most prolific interior designers in the world.
  • His clients include Kylie Jenner, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Cher, Tommy Hilfiger, and even Kid Rock.
  • In an interview with Business Insider, Bullard talked about his design principles and his famous work on Jenner's Hidden Hills home, Cher's LA condo, and Tommy Hilfiger's Miami escape pad. 
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

In 2018, Martyn Lawrence Bullard was designing a home for a 21-year-old client who had some unusual requests for a starter home — she wanted to fill it with Damien Hirsts and silk Patagonian carpets.

Of course, it was a then-pregnant Kylie Jenner, who at the time had an estimated net worth north of $800 million. And for her Hidden Hills home, he knew he had to bring his A-game. 

"It was very important for me to be very respectful and to make sure that we brought her the best of the best of things," Bullard told Business Insider. "I wanted to make the house playful …  a super-customized home, with a playful young edge, but sophisticated still." 

Kylie Jenner Martyn Lawrence Bullard Kylie Jenner on the cover of Architectural Digest revealing the inside of her Hidden Hills home, designed by Bullard.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

And so he worked tirelessly, helping the young mogul fill her home with Basquiats, Warhols, and Hirsts.

He picked out the silk, alpaca, and shearling Patagonian carpets which were then laid throughout the home.

He carefully situated the dining room chairs, each customized and upholstered in various shades of pink, from cerise to powder, dyed to match the colors found in her lip kits. 

Kylie Jenner Martyn Lawrence Bullard 1 Jenner's dining room, including chairs that Bullard died to match her lip-kit colors.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

The result was a home that, in early 2019, graced the cover of Architectural Digest. It became one of the biggest interior design stories in the history of magazines — amassing over 1.6 billion impressions within the first month of its release.

"That's a billion more than any other design story at the time," Bullard said.

Kylie Jenner Martyn Lawrence Bullard 2 Jenner's bar area, with, among other things, a custom Saint Laurent surfboard.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

But it was just another day on the job for Bullard, as Jenner is just one of many celebrities on his roster of clients. There's also the likes of Cher, Tommy Hilfiger, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Ellen Pompeo, Kid Rock, and Ozzy Osborne.

This doesn't even count his hospitality endeavors — the Jimmy Choo boutiques in London and Osaka, and posh hotels in Switzerland, the land of high-end lodging.

'Each project is very, very individually thought out and designed'

Bullard likes individuality, and when he's working with a client, he makes sure that the home is a reflection of their tastes and style rather than his own. 

"I ask questions like 'What is your favorite restaurant? What is your favorite place to go on vacation?' Lots of things like that, that will give me a general picture that, when I put that jigsaw puzzle together, it starts to formulate who that person is," he said. 

Bullard has been a go-to for celebrities since he moved to Los Angeles over 20 years ago to start up his interior design company. Since then, he has made connections with the biggest names in the world and has been able to customize some of the plus riche residences on the planet. 

 Kourney Kardashian 021 Martyn Lawrence Bullard Outside area of Kourtney Kardashian's Calabasas home.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

"Each project is very, very individually thought out and designed," he said. "The most important part of design is that you have a connection with your clients — to make sure that you're on the same page, whatever that page may be." 

Raising the stakes for Bullard is the fact that a house is not just a home for many of his celebrity clients — they also have to replace some of the amenities that non-famous people take for granted. Kylie Jenner and Cher, he notes, cannot just go to the local theater, or the local grocery store, and now he's building beauty salons, gyms, and movie theatres into his clients' homes.  

Cher Sierra Towers Martyn Lawrence Bullard 2 The bedroom in Cher's former Los Angeles condo, including the walls sourced from Rajasthan by Bullard.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

"Your life is not your own anymore," he said. "Their homes have to become their sanctuaries. They have to become the places that fulfill as many of their needs as possible." 

Some of Bullard's most famous creations are the three homes he created for Cher, including the condo in Los Angeles that she sold in 2013 for $5.25 million. According to the Los Angeles Times' Jack Flemming, the condo spans two stories and is complete with two bedrooms and 1.5 baths. 

"She said to me that she wanted to live like the first wife of a Maharajah," Bullard said. "So I took that directive and went to India and bought the facade of the palaces from Rajasthan, which we brought back … to make the walls in her apartment look like an Indian palace."  

Cher Sierra Towers Martyn Lawrence Bullard Cher's old bathroom, with a tub made from 19th-century stone.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

He then installed a floating bed, and colonnades painted to show Indian deities and goddesses. As recounted by Nancy Collins for Architectural Digest, her tub was made with 19th-century stone, and the kitchen was concealed with hand-carved latticework. The guest room featured a 16th-century Chinese opium bed.

"To design for a true diva in every sense, like Cher, is an amazing thing to do," he said. "You get to create pure fantasy but on the level of great luxury." 

'My taste is all over the place, ever-evolving' 

Then there was Tommy Hilfiger's great Miami mansion, which was completed with scratch-and-sniff banana wallpaper in the bathroom. The home sprawled 14,00 square feet, complete with seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, and hit the market in 2018 for $23.5 million.  

"It's always amazing to work with a fashion designer because you work with a fellow creative," he said. "And you end up with this great unspoken synergy between each other." 

Tommy Hilfiger Martyn Lawrence Bullard 2 One of seven bedrooms in Tommy Hilfiger's Miami mansion.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Bullard described the home as a playpen — "the ultimate fun house." The guest rooms were yellow-and-white polka dots, while the living room had an enormous Caleigh rug that was dyed in shades of pink, purple, and orange to match the colors in a Warhol painting on the wall. 

"This house had a real '60s-'70s, Studio 54 vibe, yet, because it's on the beach, it still had that element of being kind of a groovy beach house," he said. "When you have clients that are adventurous, you end up with not only an incredible experience but also an incredible result." 

Tommy Hilfiger Martyn Lawrence Bullard Hilfiger's living room, featuring a Caleigh rug dyed pink, purple, and orange to match a Warhol painting.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

And as for Bullard's own homes, well, those too are glamorous escapades. There's his Spanish-Mediterranean-styled Villa, with high-vaulted ceilings covered in black and white Moroccan geometric.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Palm Springs home

Douglas Friedman

His home in Palm Springs has a sunken conversation pit, draped in cerise pink linen with black-and-white marble. It pays homage to the "James Bond '60s vibe" and even has Italian glass chandeliers pendant from the ceilings. 

"My taste is all over the place and ever-evolving," he said. "A designer's home is really their experiment. It's that place that you use as an experiment before you do that experiment on your clients." 

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Wed, 02 Dec 2020 09:18:10 +0000 BlogLikes - Find Most Popular Blogs Feature Design London Entertainment La India Los Angeles Trends Wealth Switzerland James Bond Miami Warhol Kardashian Kylie Jenner Cher Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger Los Angeles Times Interior Designer Kourtney Kardashian Interior Design Mediterranean Palm Springs Jenner Osaka Rajasthan Jimmy Choo Patagonian Ozzy Osborne Architectural Digest Calabasas Hidden Hills Bullard Nancy Collins Arts & Culture Martyn Lawrence Bullard Damien Hirsts Kylie Jenner Khloé Dominic Madori Davis Douglas Friedman BI Select Jack Flemming Kourtney Kardashian Cher Tommy Hilfiger Bullard Martyn Lawrence Bullard Cher Tommy Hilfiger Khloe Kourtney Kardashian Ellen Pompeo Kid Rock Martyn Lawrence Bullard Bullard
How to Pick the Best Light Bulb for Every Room

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